GANS Board Meeting Georgia Association of Nursing Students (DOC) by pengxiuhui


									                                                    GANS Board Meeting
                                                             September 16, 2000
                                                           Emory University, Atlanta

I. President Karl Lipinski called the meeting to ordert at 11:20. The meeting was held at Emory University School of Nursing in
Atlanta, Georgia.

II. Role Call

           President-Karl Lipinski
           1st VP-Cindy Kirkpatrick
           Treasurer-Lisa Wilder
           Secretary-Katie Orr
           BTN Director-Lisa Jones
           Community Service Director-Melody Martin
           NDD-Donna Reynolds
           NEC West-Amy Richter
           NEC East-Jennifer Ashley
           GNA Advisor-Carolyn Hiscox
           GLN Advisor-Cindy Green

           In Attendance:
           Dallas Regan-Emory University
           Deborah Osgood-Emory University
           Mayanne Biaett-MCG Athens

  III. The board reviewed and approved the minutes from the August Executive meeting.

      IV. Board Reports


        1st Vice President-Cindy updated the board on the convention. She told us the total registration to date and the total hotel
        bookings to date. She also presented a general outline of the expense account for convention.

        2nd Vice President-Katie Orr presented Abbie's board report. She reminded the board about the equipment that would be
        needed at convention. She also asked Karl to contact Ms. Shaw concerning transporting her to the convention. Abbie
        updated the board about the focus session schedule and topics being presented.

        Treasurer-Lisa provided the board a detailed sumary of all the GANS accounts. She provided both a copy of the check
        register and the reconciliation report for each account.

        Secretary-Katie Orr completed the minutes from the 1999 Annual GANS Convention. She also compiled the minutes for
        the August board meeting.

        Community Service Director-Melody Martin found a speaker for Inner Harbour's presentation at convention. She also
        finalized arrangements for the Blood Drive at convention.

        EKG Editor-Cindy Green presented James' board report. James updated the web including the latest convention
        information. He also is working to finalize the convention book. A copy was available for review by the board. James is
            waiting for the final advertisements to be submitted.

            BTN Director-Lisa Jones

            NEC-Amy Richter gave the NEC board report. She announced the positions that will be pre-slated at convention as well
            as the open offices. She reminded the board to encourage members to run from the floor at convention. Amy is also
            preparing the certificates to honor the speakers at the convention.

V. Unfinished Business

                            a motion was made by Katie Orr to reimburse Lisa Wilder for the Quicken program and that the program
                            will become the property of the GANS treasurer. The motion was seconded and carried.
                            B. A motion was made by Katie Orr to accept the Treasurer's report as written. The motion was seconded
                            and carried.
                            C. A motion was made by Katie Orr to excuse Abbie Miller and James Green from the September board
                            meeting due to family and work complications. The motio was seconded and passed.
                            D. Carolyn Hiscox discussed options for food at the faculty meeting at convention. It was decided that box
                            lunches would be available for purchase at a cost of $6.50 for the faculty.
                            E. The board held an open discussion about onsite planning for the convention. Susie Goethe from
                            Armstrong Atlantic State University has agreed to assist with onsite coordination at convention. Cindy
                            Kirkpatrick will contact Susie with further details.

     VI. New Business
     A. A motion was made by Melody martin that the Executive Board of GANS officially recognize the nurses of the USS
     Hope by giving a monetary donation to the World War II memorial and presenting a USS Hope representative with a plaque.
     The monetary donation will consist of funds collected at convention from various GANS chapter. The motion was seconded
     and carried.
     B. Melody also asked a board member to meet Twill Haynes before convnetion to pick up artwork for the silent auction.
     C. karl announced that his mother will be endowing a scholarhsip for GANS honoring men innursing. The award will be
     available to constituents at the 2001 GANS convention.
     D. The board held an open discussion concerning room assignments at convention.
     E. Karl asked the board for input about reimbursement. The board decided to reimburse members for travel to and from
     monthly meetings at a rate of $0.15 per mile. The board also agreed to cover any travel or hotel costs at NSNA convention
     in Salt Lake that wasn't covered by the student's school.
     F. Melody Martin asked the board to bring any donations for the silent auction to convention.
     G. The board reviewed our "To Do" list for convention including things to bring to Jekyll Island and people to contact
     before convention.

   VII. President Karl Lipinski adjourned the board meeting at 2:00. The next board meeting will be at the 2000 GANS
   Convention, October 11, 2000 at Jekyll Island.

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