An Innovative Invention That Became a Promotional Favorite by illustrasiaku


									Custom Imprinted Sticky Notepads: An Innovative Invention That Became a Promotional Favorite

You'll find nary an office desk without at least one sticky note pad on it or in its drawers. This humble little invention
put its maker at the top of the list of the world's biggest players in the stationery products industry. Not only have they
become an indispensable office item, custom imprinted sticky notepads are one of today's most frequently-purchased
promotional products.

Sticky notepads are one of the most widely-known and notable examples of branding success. The 3M company
developed a low-tack adhesive which can easily be stuck to and removed from other items and pieces of paper. It
applied strips of this adhesive to the backs of regular sheets of note paper. Users could simply pull off a sheet and
stick that sheet to something else without tape, thumbtacks, staples or other conventional methods of attaching paper
to an object.

The original 3M version began as 3 inch by 3 inch sheet of yellow note paper pads. They were so successful that
they began producing the "Post-It" brand of adhesive paper in various other sizes and colors.

The concept became so successful, in fact, that consumers frequently refer to all sticky notepads as "Post-Its" or
"Post-It notes" even though the name is owned by the 3M company. It actually held an exclusive patent on the
product until the 1990's. When the patent expired, numerous other stationery manufacturers released their own
versions of the product.

Today the sticky notepad (also referred to as adhesive notepads or repositionable notepads) is a staple of the
business and home office alike. They are widely used by a variety of different industries for hundreds of different
applications. Their major appeal, however, is still the ability to leave a quick note for someone without having to use
tape or other conventional attachment methods.

Because they became an instant hit with consumers, custom imprinted sticky notepads soon became a popular
advertising item. Business owners began purchasing custom imprinted sticky notepads to hand out as promotional
products and to use in their own workplaces.

They continue to outsell many other types of promotional products. They make superb advertising gifts for several
reasons. First, they are small enough to be transported conveniently. Shipping costs for 1000 custom imprinted sticky
notepads are considerably less expensive than for 1000 custom logo mugs.

Because they are small and compact, they are convenient for handing out to potential and existing customers. They
are easily transported to trade shows or events where businesses tend to hand out promotional products. They also
make easy mail-out promos. In fact, in many cases they don't even require extra postage to mail out to customers.

They're also relatively inexpensive to purchase. Even with logo imprinting, dozens of styles of custom imprinted sticky
notepads cost under 50 cents per unit to purchase. Even small businesses can afford to invest in them.

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