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Euro-Mediterranean by hedongchenchen


                                                                  Trade & Partnership Fair

                                                                                                       PREVIEW 1-31 May 2010
                             LIVE INTERACTIVE 1                            June to August 31 2010

                                                                              NORWAY                   FINLAND
                                      KINGDOM                                      SWEDEN
                                                         DENMARK                                        ESTONIA
                         IRELAND                                                               LITHUANIA
                                              BELGIUM                                                          BELARUS
                                                                     CZECH REP.
                                                                                    SLOVAKIA                                         RUSSIA
                                     FRANCE                          AUSTRIA

                                                SWITZERLAND       SLOVENIA         HUNGARY                                UKRAINE
                 SPAIN                                                       BOSNIA & HERZ.          ROMANIA
          PORTUGAL                                                                  SERBIA & MONT.

                                                                                    ALBANIA      BULGARIA

MOROCCO                            TUNISIA

               ALGERIA                                                                                                   TURKEY

Co-ORGANISED                                                                                                                          SYRIA


The Euro-Mediterranean
Trade & Partnership Fair

   Bringing your business to hundreds of thousands of buyers,
   customers, governmental offices, ministries, NGOs, promotional
   agencies, services, sourcing agents and suppliers from across
   Europe and the Mediterranean.

    TECHNOLOGY          LICENSING                 OEM
    CONSTRUCTION        TOURISM                   INVESTMENT
According to the International Monetary Fund, Europe is now the world's largest economy. A major
force in international trade and investment, Europe generates 30% of the world's gross product
(GWP). Bilateral trade between Europe and the countries in the Mediterranean region has seen
consistent annual growth, even during the 2008-2009 global economic downturn. The Euro-
Mediterranean market now spans from Ireland to Russia and from Iceland to Egypt, which means
immense opportunities are now available to businesses and investors.

The Euro-Mediterranean Trade & Partnership Fair is an online business matching trade exhibition
and forum specifically designed to enable Mediterranean enterprises to establish contacts with
European enterprises, and for trade and investment organisations to seek partners for franchising,
joint ventures, licensing, import-export arrangements and subcontracting. The fair is also an
opportunity to discover and research opportunities currently offered by governments and munici-
palities throughout the region. Finally, the Euro-Mediterranean Trade & Partnership Fair is also
designed to stimulate European investment in the Mediterranean., a pioneer
in international interactive online trade exhibitions, fairs and shows, has organised this unique
forum in association with chambers of commerce and business organisations throughout Europe
and the Mediterranean.

The Euro-Mediterranean Trade & Partnership Fair is also of particular interest to agents, export-
ers, importers, SMEs, traders and wholesalers in search of new markets in developed EU coun-
tries. Exhibiting at the trade fair gives SMEs exposure to a market in excess of 500 million
buyers and consumers sourcing an incredible number of goods and services, including:

          Agriculture & Fishing                    Household Appliances
          Art, Antiques & Handicrafts              Industrial Machinery
          Baby Products, Toys & Gifts              IT & Telecommunications
          Building & Construction Materials        Media, Planning & Publishing
          Chemicals & Raw Materials                Medical Supplies
          Commodities                              Office Supplies
          Consumer Electronics                     Outdoors & Athletics
          Cosmetics & Toiletries                   Renewable Energy Products
          Equipment, Tools & Supplies              Safety & Security
          Fashion, Jewellery & Accessories         Scientific & Laboratory
          Food & Beverage                          Shoes & Leather Goods
          Furniture, Interiors & Carpets           Sports & Fitness
          Hair & Beauty                            Textiles & Garments
          Higher Education                         Travel & Leisure
          Home & Garden                            Watches & Clocks
          Hospitality & Catering                   Wood Processing & Furniture

         The Experience
         The key to success in the 21st century marketplace is finding the perfect partners for your enterprise and
         opening up new markets. The Internet, more than ever, is an integral business tool.

         Reach International Markets Easily
 is the leader in international interactive online trade exhibitions, fairs and shows. Our
         platform gives you immediate access from your computer to thousands of potential business partners world-
         wide, including clients, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers.

         By employing up-to-the-minute Web 2.0 technology, we connect your business with potential customers and
         partners around the globe. Our platform makes things simpler for your business. We empower your company
         to achieve its goals and grow organically.

         With an ever-decreasing amount of resources and a challenging economic environment, your potential
         customers are likely to look to virtual events for the opportunity to:

               meet new and existing suppliers
               enter new markets
               develop new contacts
               showcase products and services
               acquire market intelligence

         Target Your Audience Effectively
 online exhibitions are an innovative, effective marketing tool that enables you to reach
         your target audience and generate qualified leads. We provide you with a complete registration system,
         which enables you to track attendee activity details.

 supports all of its virtual events with extensive global marketing and promotion. Our
         goal is simple – to give you better, lengthier exposure while saving you money and time, thus giving your
         company a significant return on investment.

                                  ‘ – a new way of doing business’
Live Online

Our virtual trade exhibitions recreate the environment, experience and functionality of a conventional,
‘physical’ exhibition.

Our platform is a three-dimensional, multi-user environment allowing live group and individual interaction,
making it easy for attendees to network with exhibitors, sponsors and other attendees 24-7.

Our live events feature fully customisable informative and interactive pavilions, an information centre, webinars,
discussion forums and the Helpdesk, which will assist you in building and hosting your
pavilion. We also provide you with daily analysis and evaluation of online visits to your pavilion.

All of our shows are absolutely free to visitors. Each live interactive event lasts approximately three months.
This means attendees have immediate and easy access to your corporate details, downloadable brochures
and catalogues, featured products, promotional videos and websites throughout the event.

Our Events
Event Types online events include both country-specific and industry-specific exhibitions. We facili-
tate cooperation and partnership fairs for different countries or business sectors, and we also host private
virtual trade shows on behalf of third parties. also runs virtual exhibitions concurrently
with physical exhibitions—these virtual exhibitions complement the physical exhibitions, making them avail-
able to a much larger audience for a much longer period.

Organisation and Marketing Activities
Prior to building and hosting our virtual events, we undertake extensive research of current global economic
conditions. We evaluate business trends, recent developments and gaps in the marketplace, in order to
develop real opportunities for our customers.

Our partners include business consultants, government organisations and trade associations around the
globe. Our sales representatives actively create the support and credibility that attracts the highest-calibre
decision makers to our exhibitions

We develop strategic marketing and communications plans with our partner advertising and media agencies
worldwide. Once we determine the nature of each event and its target audience, we promote the event via
the most effective marketing channels available, before and during the event:

    direct email campaigns
    telephone invitations
    marketing events
    news channels
    offline press release distribution
    SEO and PPC initiation
    social media outreach
    specialized press ads
    strategically placed banner ads on key relevant websites

         Calendar of Events 2010

         1   May    –    31   Jul     International Furniture & Interiors 2010
         1   Jun    –    31   Aug     Euro Mediterranean Trade & Partnership Fair 2010 (PREVIEW 1-31 May 2010)
         1   Jul    –    30   Sep     Global Travel, Tourism & Hospitality 2010
         1   Aug    –    31   Oct     International Property & Real Estate 2010
         1   Sep    –    30   Nov     Global Technology (ICT) 2010
         1   Sep    –    30   Nov     International Eco Products & Renewable Energy 2010
         1   Oct    –    31   Dec     BRAZIL EXPO SHOW
         1   Oct    –    31   Dec     International Fashion & Accessories 2010
         1   Oct    –    31   Dec     International Food & Beverage 2010
         1   Nov    –    31   Jan     International Wellness and Health Tourism 2010
         1   Nov    –    31   Jan     Best of Africa 2010
         1   Nov    –    31   Jan     Expo Canada Online 2010
         1   Nov    –    31   Jan     INTERWOOD: Wood & Furniture Industry Show
         1   Dec    –    28   Feb     Best of China 2010
         1   Dec    –    28   Feb     USA Exports Show 2010
         1   Dec    –    28   Feb     International Automotive & Components 2010

         Our Company
         Who we are
         IMC Business Global Plc is a European public company based in Cyprus. was founded to
         build on the success of IMC International Merchandising Centre, a Cyprus company with more than 20 years’
         experience organising successful conferences, events, exhibitions and international trade fairs worldwide.
 now employs more than 100 people worldwide. We have created significant momen-
         tum, with the assistance of international trade associations and the support of government organisations
         and embassies. In addition to our Nicosia headquarters, we also maintain offices in Beijing, Mumbai, New
         Delhi and Wroclaw, Poland, with IT Development & Support centres in Nicosia and New Delhi. continues to expand rapidly, with new offices planned for Moscow and Sao Paolo, and
         an additional IT Development & Support centre currently under development in Dalian, China.

         Some of our strategic partners are:
            The All India Association of Industries (AIAI).
            Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI).
            Minerva Merchandising Company Pvt. Ltd, India.
            The China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC).
            The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce.
            The Franchising Association of India (FAI).
            The Project Exports Promotion Council of India (PEPC).

         Landmark International Launch of
         The successful launch of culminated with our ‘Best of China’ Exhibition in September
         2009, which saw the participation of 3,700 exhibitors and an average of 20,000 unique daily trade visitors
         from 180 countries.

          The President of the Parliament of Cyprus, Mr. Marios Karoyian, officially   The Vice-Minister of Commerce of China, Liang Wetao, and the Minister of Trade, Industry &
          launches at a press conference in Nicosia, Cyprus for     Tourism of Cyprus, Antonis Paschalides, look on as and CEATAC sign a
          foreign dignitaries and journalists.                                         milestone agreement.
Getting started
Sign Up
To exhibit at any of our online trade fairs, simply register online at or send a completed
registration form to us by email at You may also register by fax.

Once registered, you will receive log-in instructions and a password, so you can begin creating your pavilion!

Choose your Pavilion
Your pavilion is the online ‘area’ where you exhibit your products or services. There are two pavilion packages,
each tailored to suit your company’s needs:

                                       Both pavilion packages include:
                 Information Area (Company, Products, Services, Contacts, Website), Business card
                   Exchange, Virtual Briefcase, Appointment Facilities, Live Chat, Internet Phone.

                                                    Silver (€900)
                                                  2 display banners
                                              up to 50 featured items
                                            up to 10 document uploads
                                               up to 5 video uploads
                                              1 live text chat function

                                                 Gold (€1400)
                             [appear in up to 3 di erent exhibitions within the Fair]
                                                4 display banners
                                            up to 150 featured items
                                           up to 30 document uploads
                                              up to 20 video uploads
                                          up to 3 live text chat functions
                                    Prices are for the 3-month live interactive event.

Prices include participation in the live event (one-month interactive period) the preview period (one-month
preview before the event) plus 6 months online following the live event (the informative period). For more
details regarding our packages please visit, email us at,
or call us at +357 22 581 450.

Create Your Pavilion
Create your pavilion and company area using our simple online facilities. In addition to text and images, you
can also upload promotional material to the site and customise the pavilion’s design and colour scheme
according to your needs.

Once your pavilion is approved by and uploaded, your company is live in the relevant
virtual trade exhibition. You are now ready to connect with visitors, including potential customers, vendors
and strategic partners. Your company’s representatives should be logged-in as often as possible, in order to
derive the greatest benefit from our live interactive platform.

Our Helpdesk is available for technical support, to help you revise or update your pavilion, and for anything
else you might need during the interactive period and during the informative period. Email the Helpdesk at (24hr response time guaranteed) or call us
at +357 2258 1555.

Visitor Registration is also a simple process. Once a visitor completes our webform, they will receive an email
with a unique user name and password for instant and free access to the online event and all of its interac-
tive features.
                Our Strategic Partners:

         HEADQUARTERS - NICOSIA, CYPRUS         MUMBAI, INDIA                       BEIJING, CHINA                                TEHRAN, IRAN Building            903, Embassy Centre                 CEATEC Building                               Unit5, No. 208, Shohadaye
         16 Griva Digheni Ave.                  Nariman Point                       82, Dong an Men Ave.                          Jandarmery St.
         P.O. Box 24512, 1300 Nicosia, Cyprus   Mumbai 400 021, India               Beijing 100747, China                         12th Farvardin St. , Enghelab Ave.
         Tel.: +357 2258 1450                   Tel: +91 22 844407/ 8               Tel: +8610 8522 6245/ 244/ 882                Tehran-Iran, P. O. Box: 13145-198
         Fax: +357 2258 1500                    E-mail:   Fax: +8610 8522 6879                          Tel: +98 21 66976060 / +98 912
         E-mail:                                            E-mail:             3544582
         Web:            ISTANBUL, TURKEY                                                                  Fax: +98 21 66970742
                                                KTT Trade Center                    JAKARTA, INDONESIA                            Email:
         BRUSSELS, BELGIUM                      51 Setustu Inebolu St.              Indonesia Stock Exchange Tower 2
         Rue Victor Oudart, 7                   34427 Kabatas                       17th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman                NEW YORK, USA
         B-1030 Brussels, Belgium               Istanbul, Turkey                    Kav.52-53                                     150 East 57th Street, Suite 25A
         Tel: +32 2 335 1038/1039               Tel: +90 212 292 5589/163           Jakarta 12190, INDONESIA                      New York, NY 10022
         Mob: +32 (0) 497 48 21 11              Fax: +90 212 251 3888               Tel: +62 21 70893289 /                        Tel: (212) 842-4900
         Email:       Email:    +62 85885 313 888                             Fax: (212) 842-7106
                                                                                    Fax: +357 22 581464
         NEW DELHI, INDIA                       WROCLAW, POLAND                     Email:
         508 Ambadeep Building, KG Marg         ul. Hubska 44-48, D3/14
         Connaught Place                        50-502 Wroclaw
         New Delhi-110001, India                Tel: +48 71 769 84 18
         Tel: +91 11 4315 5666                  Mob:+48 880 974 482
         Fax: +91 11 4315 5655                  Fax: +48 713740244
         E-mail:      Email:

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