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									Romantic suspense a woman fiction

The term women’s fiction is used to refer to any kind of literature which is
meant for the female audience. Some people identify women’s fiction as a
specialized genre which has similarities with other genres but it manages to
stand out from the rest on account of its strong female protagonist, issues
like birth, death, family, love, career, motherhood, etc, discussed and the
insightful tone of the writing. Women’s fiction, however, is not the same as
women’s writing. Women’s writing is used to refer to literature that is
written by women but not necessarily targeted at women.

Romance novels, a genre whose primary focus is on relationships and the
romantic love between the main protagonists, have an optimistic ending
which is emotionally satisfying. The main conflict of the novel as well as the
climax involves the theme of love. Romantic suspense, on the other hand, is
a sub-genre of romance novels. Romantic suspense novels involve a certain
sense of mystery that surround the main theme of love. In such novels you
will find the female protagonist being victimized in a crime and she seeks
help from the hero to solve the mystery.

As romantic suspense novels are basically an extension of the romance
novels, the romantic relationship between the hero and heroine lie at the
core of the story. Their relationship causes an impact on the investigation
that they are carrying out and vice versa. With every decision taken the
tension rises and propels the story forward. As mystery is an integral part of
any romantic suspense novel, such stories are plot driven rather than
character driven. Thus, romantic suspense books contain the perfect
balance of love and mystery. They seamlessly combine these two genres and
make for an interesting read. Romantic suspense books mainly end with the
crime mystery being solved and the hero and heroine united in love again.

Chick lit is a literary genre which is written and read by women. It is often
perceived as being too full fluff and is regarded by many as ‘trash’. It started
as an American college slang which was first published in the year 1988. It
is a particular category of women’s fiction which deals with the modern,
contemporary women. It portrays its female protagonists, not as victims of
situation, but as strong, independent-minded individuals who can take
charge of any situation they land themselves in. Chick lit encompasses a lot
of modern day issues faced by women including broken relationships,
single motherhood, career struggles, etc.

Chick lits are hugely different from romantic novels. While romantic novels
focus on the relationship between the male and female protagonists of the
story, a chick lit’s prime focus is the female protagonist. A love story may or
may not be there in the backdrop. The more important issue here is the
struggles faced by the heroine in her life and how they define her personal
and professional life. Chick lits usually end on a positive note.

Jane Rosenthal is an award winning poet, radio journalist, a romantic
suspense author, and an educator. She received a degree in Creative
Writing from San Francisco State where she studied with Frances Mayes.
She also loves to write on about women’s fiction. Anyone who loves,
reading, writing, gardening and believes in changing the world one small
step at a time should write her at

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