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					                                   CULINARY SKILLS – CHEF TRAINING
                                          Program Fact Sheet

Category                   Information
Program Name               Culinary Skills – Chef Training

Program Code               1071

Program Length             2 Semesters

Academic Start Date        Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Academic End Date          Friday, April 27, 2012

Breaks                     Thanksgiving: Oct-10-11    Christmas Break: Dec-19-11 to Jan-06-12   Family Day: Feb-20-12
                           Winter Study Break: Mar-12-12 to Mar-16-12   Good Friday: Apr-06-12
Tuition Fees               Semester 1 (Fall 2011) – $1,215.69         Semester 2 (Winter 2012) – $1.215.70

Ancillary Fees             Semester 1 (Fall 2011) – $420.50               Semester 2 (Winter 2012) – $365.50

Payment Deadline           Semester 1 (Fall 2011) – Jun-30-11             Semester 2 (Winter 2012) – Dec-02-11

Parking Fees               Per Semester – $79.10 (tax included)            Per Academic Year – $169.50 (tax included)
                           Daily Coin Lot Parking – $3.00 per entry
Books                      Semester 1 (Fall 2011) – $426.83                Semester 2 (Winter 2012) – $102.11

Program Related Supplies   Semester 1 (Fall 2011) and Semester 2 (Winter 2012) – $190.00
                           Knives - Chef, French 6 inch/10 inch, Boning Knife, $84.15
                           Paring Knife, Bread Knife $27.80
                           Lemon Zester/Lemon Decor (Channel Knife) $21.30
                           Vegetable Peeler, Apple Corer $12.30
                           Star Tube Sets #50
                           Plain Tube Sets #50
                           Rose Tube 3 sizes $3.54
                           Leaf Tube 3 sizes $3.54
                           Pastry Bag/Parisienne Scoops $23.05
                           Instant Read Thermometer $11.00

                           Uniforms: $417.68
                           4 Chef Pants (checkered or black) $91.96
                           4 Chef Hats (paper or cloth) $39.96
                           4 Chef Coats $103.96
                           Hair Net $5.00
                           12 Side Towels $20.28
                           4 Aprons $53.56
                           4 Chef Tie $27.96
                           Non-slip Close-toed Shoes $75.00
Miscellaneous Supplies     Approx. $50.00 per semester

KPI Employment Rate

Typical Employment         Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Health Care Facilities, Catering Services, Industrial Kitchens

Employment Titles          Chef, Cook, Baker

Type of Certification      Ontario College Certificate

Program Description        Students are provided with classroom training and hands-on experience in The Gallery, Sault
                           Colleges own restaurant. Students work hand-in-hand with our Hospitality Operations-Food and
                           Beverage and Hospitality Management-Hotel and Resort students to host a number of theme
Entrance Requirements   Ontario Secondary School diploma with Grade 12 English (ENG4C) and Grade 11 Math (MBF3C) OR
                        Mature Student Status (an applicant lacking the formal minimum admission requirements may be
                        admitted through the mature student application process. Mature Student applicants may be
                        referred to College Counseling for academic testing and a recommendation from the Counselor to
                        the Registrar for consideration in their admission. Mature applicants must still submit their high
                        school transcripts and may also be asked for a resume).

Other Information       For more information visit the Sault College website or
                        contact the Program Coordinator, Glen Dahl at 705-759-2554, Ext. 2580 or at

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