The Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Burning Fat

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					            The Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Burning Fat
                                       By Graeme Downie

1. You are Not Setting Specific, Measurable & Achievable Goals....

    Goal setting is the most over looked, yet by far the most important reason as to why you are
    not getting results in the gym. Most of us have used the term ‘toning up’ to describe out
    training goal. However, this is not a specific or measurable target. A more fitting aim would
    be to say “I would like to drop my body fat percentage by 8% by the 5th June 2011 whilst
    maintaining my lean muscle mass”. In doing so, you are programming your mind to
    achieving a precise objective, which will help you strive to make the right decisions in your
    training and nutrition to achieve them.

    Another mistake people often make is focusing on ‘Weight Loss’ as opposed to ‘Fat Loss’ –
    which are two totally different things. ‘Weight Loss’ is often achieved through calorie
    restricted, low fat diets, such as the Special K diet. Some of the weight loss achieved through
    this sort of eating plan can come from muscle mass and bone mass – effectively making you
    a weaker version of yourself, with little or no change in your body fat percentage.

    Achieving Fat Loss is a more difficult (but still achievable!) proposition; as long as your
    training program and nutrition plan (such as those administered through my Personal
    Training Packages) is correct. This brings me on to Reason #2....

2. You Diet is Not Facilitating Fat Loss....

    Most people on a fat loss journey are still eating high carb, low protein, low fat diets,
    thinking it is the most effective way to becoming lean. However, this couldn’t be further
    from the truth.

    In Lehman’s terms, carbs are your body’s preferred fuel source, so if there is a constant
    supply of them being stored in your body, you are never going to be able to efficiently burn
    body fat (your body’s secondary fuel source). Switching to Low Carb Nutrition allows your
    body to better burn fat as fuel, thus getting you leaner, quicker (as well as improving energy
    levels, mood & Athletic performance).

3. You are Not Training Properly....
   Do lots of Cardio Training and you’ll get shredded abs and lean arms, Right? Well, not quite...
   Again, it is another common misconception in the fitness industry that cardio training
   (treadmill, bike, cross trainer) is the best way to burn fat. Ask yourself the question – have
   you ever gotten lean from doing cardio training? Or has that pouch of fat along your lower
   abs remained? Your training plan needs to be structured around resistance training
   (weights), using the correct set/rep ranges, exercise selection and rest periods. This type of
   work burns off stored carbohydrate energy (Body’s 1st fuel source) quickly, thus allowing
   body fat (Body’s 2nd fuel source) to be burned off through cardio/interval training toward the
   end of your workout. Also, make sure your changing things up in your training program.
   Most guys I know have been using 3 sets of 10 reps since Shell-Suits were in fashion.

4. You Are Not Consistent.....

   It’s easy to train hard, eat well and stick to a supplement protocol for two weeks; but that
   won’t get you results. If you want to see noticeable results (such as dropping your body fat
   percentage by 8% for instance) then sticking rigidly (no cheating, no alcohol, no ‘treats’) for a
   minimum of 6-8 weeks is a must. Alot of trainees think that if they can train 3 times and eat
   clean from Mon-Fri, that come Saturday it’s OK to have a Chicken Chasni and 12 Budweisers.
   If you’re committed to achieving your goals, you’ll know that that six pack isn’t going to
   appear by following this method. Granted, sticking closely to a solid plan for 8 weeks is going
   to be tough, but most would agree that it would be worth the pain when your showcasing a
   lean physique down Strathy park this summer!

5. You’ve Never Had A Biosignature Assessment.....

   Biosignature Modulation, as it is known, is an unrivalled method of ‘Spot Reducing’ body fat
   from specific areas on the body (thighs, bum, belly, love handles, chest). The Assessment
   involves having a simple bodyfat test done. The data collected is then processed through
   software, which shows us why you are storing fat on your problem areas. From here, we can
   determine which training, nutrition and supplement protocols need to be administered to
   help spot reduce body fat from these problem areas.

   Again, a misconception runs through the fitness industry that advises people to do isolation
   exercises on areas to spot reduce fat (think people with bigger tummies doing endless
   crunches, or guys with fat on the pecs doing tonnes of press ups). Unfortunately, this will
   never work. Fat and muscle are two separate entities, and working a certain muscle will not
   reduce the fat that covers it. To Spot Reduce Body Fat, Biosignature is the only answer.

   There are only a handful of Biosignature Practitioners in Scotland, of which I am one.

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