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FuRnituRe Outdoor Furniture Made with Futuristic Material.
         the                  evolution
of  Wood.   nature is a merciless perfectionist. unfortunately, it could not con-

            sider the production of outdoor furniture, when inventing wood.

           Therefore, we boosted evolution a little and after more than 10

            years of intensive research developed Resysta.

            Resysta looks and feels like wood, but is 100 % wood free. This fibre

            reinforced hybrid material is made of approximately 60 % rice husk,

            approximately 22 % common salt and approximately 18 % mineral

            oil - which makes it sustainable on the one hand, as well as extremely

            resistant to sun, rain, snow and salt water on the other hand. unlike

            tropical wood, Resysta is not subject to any fluctuations in size cau-

            sed by humidity. Therefore it is swell-, splinter- and crack-free – the

            perfect preconditions for a durable surface. furthermore, Resysta

            only requires minimal maintenance.

            not a single tree needs to fall for Resysta. Thus, everyone buying

            furniture made of Resysta contributes to the protection of the tropical

            rain forests. owing to this, we devoted the Resysta Collection 2010

            to animals, whose living space is more and more destroyed by

            clearing: Manati, Caligo and Amur are just a few examples. Wait and


 approx. 60 % rice husk + approx. 22 % common salt + approx. 18 % mineral oil = Resysta

                                                                                          T h e e v o l u T i o n o f W o o d.   3
                                                                                                                                             Manati         Massive Lightness      6
                                                                            »Realize your
                                                                            and you Can                                                      Amur       Outdoor Lounge Feeling    14
                         a Difference«                                                                                                       Panthera             Smooth Shapes   20

                                                                                                                                             Caligo       Fleet-Footed Design     32

                                                                                                                                             Panda        Comfort Meets Design    38

                                                                                                                                             Raya     Comfortable Objectiveness   42

                                                                                                                                             Bow    An Exciting Alliance          46
    Misprints, typographic errors and omissions excepted; subject to delivery capacities. Aberrations to the original colours are based on
                                                       printing techniques. Copyright reserved. Reprints, even of extracts are prohibited.   Spa   Relaxed Elegance               50
4                                                                                                                                                                                      ConTenT   5
                                   element –
                              is in its
                               owing to its composition of rice husks, which do not absorb any

                               water, Resysta is completely water resistant.

                               Therefore, our Resysta furniture is perfectly suitable for

                               maritime areas close to the ocean as well as other wet areas.

                                                                                                 With a surprising lightness,
                                                                                                 these animals,
                                                                                                 weighing up to 1500 kgs,
                                                                                                 are floating through
                                                                                                 the Amazon.

Manati   Massive Lightness

                                                                                                                                M A n AT i   7
As its eponym implies, Manati offers
                 massive lightness –
 an elegant combination of Resysta
    with the water and dirt repellant
                  textilene MBM Tex.

                                        Stacking Armchair Manati
                                                   Table 90 x 160
                                                 nAMe    9

                  our rendezvous with life

                  is taking place in the here and now,

                  just where we are

                  at the moment.


                                                         lounger Manati

10   M A n AT i                                                           M A n AT i   11
                                 C o l l eC T i o n M A n AT i
                                       Sessel Manati stapelbar     100 x 180/240-Resysta gelattet
                                       Stacking Armchair Manati    extension Table
                                       59,5 x 64 x 96,5            100 x 180/240- Resysta with slats
                                       23,5“ x 25“ x 38“           180 x 100 x 75
                                                                   71“ x 39,5“ x 30“

                                       Stuhl Manati klappbar       Tisch 90 x 160-Resysta gelattet
                                       folding Chair Manati        Table 90 x 160-Resysta with slats
                                       56 x 63 x 92                160 x 90 x 74
                                       22“ x 25“ x 36“             63“ x 35,5“ x 29“

                                       Sessel Manati klappbar      Tisch 90 x 90-Resysta gelattet
                                       folding Armchair Manati     Table 90 x 90-Resysta with slats
                                       56 x 63 x 92                90 x 90 x 74
                                       22“ x 25“ x 36“             35,5“ x 35,5“ x 29“

                                       Hochlehner Manati           Tisch 90 x 160-Glas sandgestrahlt
                                       Reclining Armchair Manati   Table 90 x 160-Glass sandblasted
                                       61,5 x 67 x 110,5           160 x 90 x 74
                                       24“ x 26,5“ x 43,5“         63“ x 35,5“ x 29“

                                       Fußauflage Manati           Tisch 90 x 90-Glas sandgestrahlt
                                       leg Rest/Stool Manati       Table 90 x 90-Glass sandblasted
                                       50 x 49 x 44                90 x 90 x 74
                                       20“ x 19,5“ x 17,5“         35,5“ x 35,5“ x 29“

                                       Liege Manati
                                       lounger Manati
                                       200 x 76 x 92,5
                                       79“ x 30“ x 36,5“

      folding Armchair Manati
          folding Chair Manati
 extension Table 100 x 180/240
                                                                                                       M A n AT i   13
   Outdoor Lounge Feeling

                               Maximum                                 Look
                                As far as its look is concerned, Resysta is supremely so-

                                phisticated. in this line, we combine a noble surface with

                                seating comfort – not only an eyecatcher, but also a feast for

                                the senses! Amur leaves nothing to be desired. in terms of

                                maintaining Resysta, the most important thing is: lean back

                                and enjoy!

                                                                                                 owing to the steady clearing,
                                                                                                 the living space of the Amur leopard
                                                                                                 is getting smaller each day.

                                                                                                                                        AMAuR   15
        lounge feeling for endless summer nights:
the classic and clean features of the Bauhaus style
                                        and Resysta.

                                                               lounge Armchair Amur
                                                                 Corner Module Amur
                                                                 Middle Module Amur
                                                       lounge Table Amur 80 x 60 and
                                                           lounge Table Amur 80 x 80

                                                                    nAMe   17
       ColleCTion AMuR
          lounge Armchair Amur     Loungesessel Amur
             Corner Module Amur    lounge Armchair Amur
             Middle Module Amur    87 x 87 x 71
       lounge Table Amur 80 x 60   34“ x 34“ x 28“

                                   Eckmodul Amur
                                   Corner Module Amur
                                   87 x 87 x 71
                                   34“ x 34“ x 28“

                                   Mittelmodul Amur
                                   Middle Module Amur
                                   75 x 87 x 71
                                   30“ x 34“ x 28“

                                   Loungetisch/Hocker Amur 80 x 80
                                   lounge Table/Stool Amur 80 x 80
                                   80 x 80 x 32
                                   32“ x 32“ x 13“

                                   Loungetisch/Hocker Amur 60 x 80
                                   lounge Table/Stool Amur 60 x 80
                                   80 x 60 x 32
                                   32“ x 24“ x 13“

                                                                 AMuR   19
Panthera   Smooth Shapes

                           »innovative new                         Designs
                                       are possible
                           with Resysta«
                                                               Carsten ovensen,
                                    internationally honored designer of Panthera

                                                                                   Black panther in his
                                                                                   free hunting grounds.

                                                                                                           PA n T h e R A   21
        Panthera perfectly translates the material
 characteristics of Resysta: the rolling legs appear
           dynamic and elegant at the same time;
seats and back rests are covered with the durable
    MBM Tex which underlines the smooth design.

                                                       Stackable Armchair Panthera Tex
                                                          extension Table 100 x 180/240
                                                                     lounger Panthera
                                                                    end Table Panthera

                                                                       nAMe    23

     his gaze, going past those bars, has got so misted

     with tiredness, it can take in nothing more.

     he feels as though a thousand bars existed,

     and no more world beyond them than before.

     Those supply powerful paddings, turning there

     in tiniest of circles, well might be

     the dance of forces round a centre where

     some mighty will stands paralyticly.

     Just now and then the pupils' noiseless shutter

     is lifted. - Then an image will indart,

     down through the limbs' intensive stillness flutter,

     and end its being in the heart.

                                          Rainer Maria Rilke

                                                                          Reclining Armchair Panthera Tex
                                                                                     leg Rest Panthera Tex
                                                                            extension Table 100 x 180/240
     Printed with the kind approval of insel verlag

24   PA n T h e R A                                                                        nAMe    25
                                           Stacking Armchair Panthera
                                               Table Panthera 90 x 165

Panthera   Sessel Panthera Tex stapelbar
                 Tisch Panthera 90 x 165
                                                            PA n T h e R A   27
                  2 Seater Bench Panthera
                end Table Panthera 49 x 49
                                             Co l l eC T i o n PA n T h eR A
                                                                                                               Ausziehtisch Panthera
                                               Sessel Panthera stapelbar     Sessel Panthera Tex stapelbar     100 x 180/240
                                               Stacking Armchair Panthera    Stacking Armchair Panthera Tex    extension Table Panthera
                                               62,5 x 62 x 89                62 x 64 x 89                      100 x 180/240
                                               24,5“ x 24“ x 35“             24,5“ x 24,5“ x 35“               180 x 100 x 76
                                                                                                               71“ x 39,5“ x 30“

                                               Hochlehner Panthera           Hochlehner Panthera Tex
                                               Reclining Armchair Panthera   Reclining Armchair Panthera Tex   Tisch Panthera 90 x 165
                                               62 x 81 x 108                 62 x 82,5 x 108                   Table Panthera 90 x 165
                                               23,5“ x 31,5“ x 41“           24,5“ x 33“ x 43“                 165 x 90 x 76
                                                                                                               65“ x 35,5“ x 30“

                                               Fußauflage Panthera           Fußauflage Panthera Tex           Tisch Panthera 90 x 90
                                               leg Rest Panthera             leg Rest Panthera Tex             Table Panthera 90 x 90
                                               48,5 x 47 x 45                48,5 x 47 x 45                    90 x 90 x 76
                                               19“ x 19“ x 18“               19“ x 18,5“ x 18                  35,5“ x 35,5“x 30“

                                               Liege Panthera                Liege Panthera Tex                Beistelltisch Panthera
                                               lounger Panthera              lounger Panthera Tex              end Table Panthera
                                               118 x 63 x 89                 72 x 206 x 100                    49 x 49 x 45
                                               28“ x 81“ x 39,5“             25“ x 81“ x 39,5“                 19“ x 19“ x 18“

                                               2 Sitzer Bank Panthera                                          Tisch Panthera 144 rund
                                               2 Seater Bench Panthera                                         Table Panthera 144 round
                                               72 x 206 x 100                                                  Ø 144 x 76
                                               48“ x 24“ x 35“                                                 Ø 57“ x 30“

                                                                                                               Tisch Panthera 120 rund
                                                                                                               Table Panthera 120 round
                                                                                                               Ø 120 x 76
                                                                                                               Ø 47“ x 30“

28   nAMe
            Panthera                                                                                                 PA n T h e R A   29
     Better Processing
the Better Wood

     for thousands of years, wood has been one of the most

     important working materials to humankind. now, the long

     tradition of woodwork is being revolutionized with Resysta.

     like nature´s model, Resysta is processed in a joinery; it can

     be drilled, planed and sawed.

     The distinct advantage is this: Resysta is crack- and splinter-

     free, off-cuts and waste are 100% recyclable. All these

     characteristics make Resysta the better wood.

                                                                       Resysta is processed like wood by wood-
                                                                       processing companies whereas the
                                                                       procedure from the raw material to the
                                                                       finished product hardly differs from wood.

                                                                                                 The BeTTeR Wood    31
Caligo   Fleet-Footed Design

                                           A Good                            Feeling
                               with   Resysta
                                      Resysta does not only look like wood – it also feels like it.

                                      in order to achieve the typical »wood feeling« a roughened

                                      special procedure is applied. To touch Resysta does not only

                                      feel good, it also surpasses nature´s model in this respect.

                                      Thanks to its special composition, the surface stays free

                                      from cracks and splinters in the long term. injuries caused by

                                      wooden splinters are therefore a thing of the past. even after

                                      years, the future material ensures an agreeable feeling.

                                                                                                       The tropical rain forest gives home
                                                                                                       to innumerable kinds of butterflies -
                                                                                                       one of them is Caligo idomeneus,
                                                                                                       with a wing spread of up to 14 cms.

                                                                                                                                               CAliGo   33
ColleCTion CAliGo
                                         Sessel Caligo stapelbar
                                         Armchair Caligo stackable
                                         61 x 65 x 86
                                         24“x 25,5“ x 34“

                                         Stuhl Caligo stapelbar
                                         Chair Caligo stackable
                                         45 x 65 x 86
                                         18“ x 25,5“ x 34“

                                         Tisch Caligo 100 x 220 klappbar
                                         Table Caligo 100 x 220 foldable
                                         220 x 100 x 77
                                         87“x 39,5“ x 30“

                                         Tisch Caligo 92 x 160 klappbar
                                         Table Caligo 92 x 160 foldable
                                         160 x 92 x 77
                                         63“ x 36“ x 30“

             Modern and comfortable
   at the same time: Caligo convinces
            with its appealing shapes.

                                                             CAliGo   35

         luck is like a butterfly.

         if you want to catch it, it always slips away again.

         however, if you are patient,

         it might settle on your hand of its own volition.

         nathaniel hawthorne

                                                                CAliGo   37
Panda   Comfort Meets Design

                                                                  for the             Place
                               of   Luck
                                    if you want to be happy for an hour,

                                    have a glass of wine.

                                    if you want to be happy for three days,

                                    hold a celebration.

                                    however, if you want to be happy all life long,

                                    have a garden.

                                                                                      The environmental protection union
                                                                                      classifies the giant panda as »very endangered«
                                                                                      in the red list of endangered animals.

                                                                                                                           PA n d A   39
          design can also be comfortable
which is proven by the seating line Panda.
             The armrests of the weather
                                             Co l l eC T i o n PA n dA
 resistant Mirotex armchairs are covered
                  with Resysta – a trendy
       and low maintenance combination.
                                                              Sessel Panda
                                                              Armchair Panda
                                                              52 x 47 x 86
                                                              20,5“ x 18,5“ x 34“

                                                              Tisch Robusto 100x180
                                                              Table Robusto 100x180
                                                              100 x 180 x 75
                                                              39,5“ x 71“ x 29,5“

                                                              Tisch Robusto 100x220
                                                              Table Robusto 100x220
                                                              100 x 220 x 75
                                                              39,5“ x 86,6“ x 29,5“

                         Armchair Panda
                 Table Rubusto 100 x 220

40    PA n d A                                                                      PA n d A   41
       Comfortable Objectiveness

                                    the tropical                       Rain Forests
                                             Around the globe, interrupted only by the great oceans, a

                                             wide belt of primeval forest covers our earth – the tropical

                                             rain forests. They are home to innumerable, partly unknown

                                             kinds of plants and animals. This »green lung« absorbs a

                                             huge amount of carbon dioxide and is essential in order to

                                             maintain climate. Saving the tropical rain forests is easier

                                             said than done, as long as the demand for tropical woods is

                                             still increasing. With Resysta, everyone can contribute to the

                                             protection of the rain forests, since it is absolutely wood free –

                                             not a single tree needs to fall for it. for more information

                                             please go to

                                                                                                                  owing to the climatic changes
                                                                                                                  the living space of the
                                                                                                                  Amazon skate is more and more

                                                                                                                                                  R AYA   43
         Raya                          C o l l e C T i o n R AYA
          The straight construction
of aluminium and Resysta give Raya
           its own, special glamour.

                                                                         Sessel Raya
                                                                         Armchair Raya
                                                                         54,5 x 65 x 90
                                                                         21,5“ x 25,5“ x 35,5“

                                                                         Tisch Raya
                                                                         Table Raya
                                                                         90 x 160 x 74
                                                                         35,5“ x 63“ x 29“

                                                                         Tisch Raya
                                                                         Table Raya
                                                                         90 x 90 x 74
                                                                         35,5“ x 35,5“ x 29“

                                                        Tisch 90 x 160

                                               Armchair Raya
                                          Table Raya 90 x 160

                                                                                                 R AYA   45
                             without                                               Limits
                               dramatic, flowing curves, floating – with Resysta, design

                               limitations are a thing of the past. The resulting light and

                               dynamic shapes open a new horizon in designing outdoor

                               furniture. however, one does not have to do without the look

                               and feel of wood. The most beautiful example: the rolling,

                               stackable Bow lounger.

Bow   An Exciting Alliance

                                                                                              BoW   47
                                                            ColleCTion BoW

                                                                   Liege Bow
                                                                   lounger Bow
                                                                   77 x 102 x 100
                                                                   80“ x 30“ x 39,5“

                     lounger Bow – stackable and with
a rolling shape, a design which can hardly be realized
          with wood. furthermore, this unique lounger
           has rolls which are integrated in the profile.

                                                                            BoW    49
                               A        Year-long
                          timeless                     Beauty
                            Resysta has been constantly tested in different climatic

                            zones for more than 10 years. Worldwide, architects, city and

                            landscape planners are convinced. hoteliers and SPA resorts

                            are amazed. Resysta passes the test!

Spa   Relaxed Elegance

                                                                                            S PA   51
                                            Co lleCTio n SPA

                                                    Liege Spa
                                                    lounger Spa
                                                    67,5 x 206 x 84
                                                    26,5“ x 81,5“ x 33“

             Pure relaxation with the low
maintenance combination of Resysta and
   MBM Tex. This lounger can be adjusted
around the head and knees and perfectly
                     adapts to your body.

                                                              S PA   53
            »Resysta is extremely
                     and provides for an especially
     Technical and ecological assessment of the new material Resysta.

     Resysta looks like wood and offers       alternative to tropical wood. owing to these characteristics,      Both components of Resysta, the polymeric material as well as        Resysta is extruded in different
                                                                                                                                                                                      profile shapes.
     high mechanical strength, thermal        Resysta is especially suitable for outdoor use, e.g. it can        the reinforcing fibre, are 100% recyclable, as the thermoplastic

     stability as well as chemical            be utilised for garden furniture, outdoor flooring, as well        material can be transformed into other products as necessary.

     resistance. unlike wood, Resysta is      as wellness and pool areas. furthermore, products made of          These results show that relatively, Resysta provides for an

     swell-, splinter- and crack-free, does   Resysta provide for an especially beneficial eco-balance. in       especially beneficial eco-balance, which is further enhanced by

     not grey or fade and withstands          terms of hygiene, Resysta also offers superior characteristics,    its durability, low maintenance and the absence of insecticidal

     fungal decay. Products made of           as it is not harmful to health and does not emit noxious           and fungicidal preservatives. in short: Resysta deserves the title

     Resysta are therefore very durable       substances into its surroundings. like most synthetic materials,   »The better wood«.

     without requiring special care and       the polymeric material part of Resysta is made of petroleum.

     maintenance. This material is a real     Therefore, only a minute quantity of crude oil is necessary.

54                                                                                                                                                                                                                       R AT i n G   55

                                                                                                                                                                A Labour of                                   Love
                                                                                                                                               for   Material                                                                                          Grundierung Resysta 25 ml
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       first Coat Resysta 25 ml

                                                    One            Material,                                                                         in the course of time, tropical wood underlies the natural

                                                                                                                                                     process of decay, no matter if oiled or refined. depending
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Schutzlasur Resysta 25 ml

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Protection Glaze Resysta 25 ml
                                                                                                                                                     on the air humidity it expands or tightens slightly. further-

                                                                                                                                                     more, the surface gets rough, cracks and becomes more and

                                                                                                                                                     more delicate.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Grundierung Resysta 250 ml
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       first Coat Resysta 250 ml

                                                                                                         Besides our wide range of outdoor           not Resysta – the material does not absorb any humidity and is

                                                                                                         furniture, we also carry Resysta            therefore the perfect basis for any kind of surface treatment.

                                                                                                         flooring. decks of ships, house                                                                                                               Schutzlasur Resysta 250 ml
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Protection Glaze Resysta 250 ml
                                                                                                         facades, wellness and wet areas

                                                                                                         are further examples for the future

                                                                                                         application of Resysta.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  upon demand, Resysta can be cleaned

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with water and refreshed with Resysta
                                                                                                         however the future will look like –                               Resysta Surface – after several years of weathering
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Care Products.
                                                                                                         it is sure to incorporate Resysta.

                                                                                                                                                                           oiled Teakwood – after several years of weathering

                                                       Resysta flooring is slip resistant under humid
                                                    conditions, which makes it especially suitable for
                                                                                       wellness areas.

                                                                                                                                                                 Wood with thick-film glaze - after several years of weathering
56   T h e f u T u R e i S C A l l e d R e SYS TA                                                                                                                                                                                                  T h e f u T u R e i S C A l l e d R e SYS TA   57
• 100% wood-free

• weather resistant

• water resistant

• dimensionally stable

• salt water resistant

• splinter-free

• swell-free

• crack-free

• rot-free

• minimal maintenance required

• resistant to insects and fungal decay

• recyclable

                               spencer interiors
                               Vancouver BC Canada
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                               > fax: 604 736-1338
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