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   Newsletter for Wilton Method Instructors—Independent Account Group
                                    March / April 2010

2010 will be another interesting year for Independent shops. We are
ramping up for the launch of our refreshed curriculum on June 1. Beginning
in April and going through May, you’ll be receiving more information, both
from me and our Educational Marketing department. Please watch for
these announcements and follow any instructions carefully. Our intention is
to set you and your store up for the best possible success with classes.

Your store will receive product lists for ordering supplies in late April in
preparation for their orders in May.

Many have asked about the class order. Wilton has removed the numbers
from the refreshed courses specifically to avoid the assumption that classes
must be taken in a specific order. Students should take Decorating Basics
prior to Flowers and Cake Design or Gum Paste and Fondant. If a student
has taken Course 1, they could take Gum Paste and Fondant or Flowers
and Cake Design without problem.

If you are asked by a customer if they should wait to take classes, tell them
“no”. Our current curriculum is relevant and exciting. Don’t postpone the

I hope signs of spring are starting to show up where you live. Here in the
Seattle area, our flowering cherry trees are blooming and most of my bulbs
are growing (that is the ones that the dog has left alone).

As always, if you have any questions about what is in this newsletter,
please contact me.

   In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
                                           Tracking your Wilton classes is one of your most important
            Fern Riggio                    responsibilities. Because of this, you’ll always find something
   Senior Class Marketing Supervisor       about tracking here, on the second page of our newsletter.
            1303 235th Place SW
             Bothell, WA 98021             In preparation for the refreshed curriculum in June, we’re updating
            Phone: 425-486-6057
             Fax: 425-402-6454             the tracking and student attendance forms. We’ll have complete
       E-Mail:          instructions for you as June approaches, but you will be asked to
              CMS # 14304017               use up the forms you currently have before ordering new.
The best times to reach me by telephone
in the office are:
Monday            11:00am - 3:00pm PST     The lower part of your tracking form is for any comments or notes
Tuesday           11:00pm - 3:00pm PST     you have. I would appreciate it if, when you have zero students,
Wednesday         11:00am - 8:00pm PST
Thursday          11:00am - 3:00pm PST     you let me know why students didn’t register for class. Simply
                                           writing “no sign ups” won’t work. I need to know why. On the
             Anna Smith                    other hand, if you had more than expected students, let me know
Assistant Class Marketing Supervisor
        Phone: 915-822-2040
                                           why or how that happened as well.

         Rosalinda Caballero                          Thank you for your cooperation with tracking.
      Class Marketing Supervisor            Your tracking responsibilities are outlined in the Instructor Manual.
        Phone: 210-438-5543

                                    2010 Student Enrollment                                     YTD 102%
    Stu        811

    Plan       791     849     1113       1314   803   997    935    842   1068   1116   1095   787     11710

  To plan     102%

            In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
Page 2                                                                                     Independently Speaking
Congratulations to the following award winners on our team.

Maria Lambton—Rookie of the Year

Sherri Berri—Supervisor Special Recognition
Maria Luisa Gonzalez—Supervisor Special Recognition
Karen Younce—Supervisor Special Recognition
Jane Zody—Supervisor Special Recognition
Rosanne Zinniger—Main Supervisor Special Recognition

Rookie of the Year is awarded to an instructor assigned to a store
that has been open for less than 12 months. The winning
instructor has the highest average number of students per month.                    Jenny Johnson
                                                                                   AIM-Train questions
Supervisor Special Recognition awards are based on several                   9:00am-3:00pm M-F Mountain Time
criteria that is specific to each supervisor. I look at tracking first. If
an instructor has tracked all classes correctly and on time, she or                   Wilton Brands
                                                                                    2240 W. 75th Street
he is in the running. I then look at classes offered, student                       Woodridge, IL 60517
enrollment and generally being on top of things. Responding to                         ATTN: MS-7
                                                                                     Fax 630-810-2547
surveys and questions promptly, etc. Having a lot of students               
doesn’t automatically assure being the recipient of the award.
                                                                               Prospective Instructor Referrals
Effort is also taken into consideration.                                              1-800-737-2253

                                                                                      Instructor Orders
Thank you Rosanne, Jane, Karen, Maria, Sherri, and Maria for                            1-800-794-5866
being model and successful WMI.                                                        (Credit Card only)

                                                                                      Tracking Supplies
                                                                                      Fax 630-810-2547
                   Cancel vs. Postpone                                                   Toni Lindsey
                                                                                     800-772-7100 x2472

Please make sure you use the correct terminology when                               Product Questions
conversing with the store and with your students.                      contact us
                                                                                Wholesale Customer Service
Cancel - to decide or announce that a planned event will not take
place; call off                                                                  Instructor Support Material
                                                                                      Fax: 630-529-1575
Postpone - to put off to a later time                                           Phone: 1-800-866-4WILTON
                                                                                Username: Your WMI number
                        We’ve had some very confusing                              Password: wiltonmethod
                        circumstances pop up because the
                                                                                 Newsletter Web Addresses
                        instructor wanted to “postpone” a class for a                   Dec Orator II
                        week to try to increase enrollment..              
                                                                                    Login: wiltonmethod
                        However, she used the word “cancel” and                   Password: wiltonmethod
                        therefore the store and the students thought
                                                                                  Independently Speaking
                        the class was cancelled in its entirety.        

          In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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                                   The Scoop on Goals
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding goals.

Q. What is my goal?
A. Your goal is 10% more students than you taught last year. Goals for each month are posted on
   our team website.

Q. What if I didn’t teach last year, or didn’t have a class one month?
A. The minimum goal is 5 students in a month. So, if you’re new or didn’t have a class, your goal
   for the month is 5.

Q. Why do we have goals?
A. Goals are assigned to all instructors as well as supervisors to give us something to reach for. As
   you know, the purpose of our Class Program is to sell the Wilton product that is in the store.
   Reaching for the one extra student or scheduling an extra class helps the store sell more prod-

Q. What happens when I reach my goal?
A. Within our independent account group, reaching your goal each month during a quarter, will
   award you a gift in our “Go for the Gold” incentive program. As part of our national incentive pro-
   gram, reaching goal six times will award you a $50 Visa gift card. Reaching goal six additional
   times will award you a second $50 Visa gift card and a $25 bonus Visa gift card. Additionally, if
   you’re reaching goal, chances are you’re receiving more compensation as well.

Q. What happens if I don’t reach my goal?
A. If you don’t reach goal, it isn’t a big problem. We all want to receive the benefits of attaining a
   goal, but if you should fall short don’t worry. You will not lose your teaching position for not
   reaching goal.

                     Kids Camp Updated Materials
The Kids Camp is specially designed for children who are looking to learn a variety of
basic cake decorating skills. This is also a great way to encourage parents to sign up
for a 4-week course at your store!

Kids Camp sessions are Cupcake, Decorate with the Stars, Create with Fondant, Figure Piping and
Kids Choice.

              Updated projects for 2010 along with promotional materials will be available soon.
              More information will be posted to our account website and in the weekly PSST.

         In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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                            Whose Customers Are They?
You’ve been teaching Wilton courses at a store for some time and successfully too. But now you’ve
decided to move on to another location that may offer you better prospects or just a different
experience. You decide to take the list of customers who are interested in additional classes with

                           Please remember, that this list belongs to the store where they originally
                          registered, are the stores customers, and must stay with the store when
                          you leave. It is the stores property and belongs to them.

                           Wilton encourages you to keep a copy of student attendance forms for
                          your own records with the expressed purpose of contacting your students
                          should there be a need while they are taking a course at the store they

                                          New Logo
Wilton has adopted a new corporate logo and color to help with brand recognition. You’ll recognize
the starburst and there are a few subtle changes to the wording. And, the new corporate color is

As you’re using the logo on flyers to promote your classes, please use it in either purple or black.
This logo is available to download on our website or if you’d like I can send you a CD.

         In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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         How do I...
Order Tracking forms?

Tracking forms must be
ordered using the Tracking
Supplies Order Form. The
Tracking Supplies Order
Form can either be mailed or faxed. Please
note that Tracking Forms can not be ordered
through the Echosystem.

Order Attendance Forms and envelopes?                       Approved Project Classes
Same as the Tracking forms or you can visit             We only have FOUR approved Project and place your order.             Classes. They are Candy, Cookie, Cupcake/
Remember to access the website, you muster              Brownie and Gingerbread. If, on your tracking
enter your username, which is your Wilton               form you report fondant, decorate with the
Instructor Number and the password is                   stars, wedding, tiers or mini classes, you will
wiltonmethod.                                           not receive student enrollment credit.

Order Promotional, Sign Up Book or other WMI            As an instructor at an Independently owned
materials?                                              shop, you can also teach the three Comeback
                                                        Classes.    They are Candy, Royal Icing
Again, you need to access             the   Wilton      Flowers and Piping and Sculpting in
Echosystem to place your order.                         Buttercream.

Order Wilton product?

You can order Wilton product in one of two
ways; if you’re using a Wilton gift certificate, or
paying by check, you must use the WMI Order
Form. If you are paying with a credit card, you
can call your order in to customer service and
let them know before placing your order that you
are a Wilton Method Instructor.

Both the Tracking Supplies Order Form and the
WMI Order Form can be found at or ask me for a copy.


           In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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                                        Who Can Offer Wilton Classes?
                            Class marketing recognizes 4 types of accounts that can offer Wilton
                            1. Large Chain Stores (such as Michaels and JoAnn).
                            2. Regional Chain Stores (such as AC Moore, Bulk Barn and Hobby
                            3. Independently owned stores.
                            4. Community Education facilities (such as community centers and

                            The main difference between the accounts is that the first three are
                            retail stores and the third is not.
                            In order to be considered a viable Independent account there are
                            certain criteria that must be satisfied:
                                The location must be a store front.
                                The location must be open to the public during normal business
                                hours at least 5 days a week.
                                The location must have store signage visible to the public from the
                            Anything other than this is not an Independent account.

                            Wilton courses may not be offered from a private home.

                            In order to be set up with a community education account, instructors
                            must first be actively teaching at a retail account. Additionally, the
                            community education facility must contact Wilton to request an
                            instructor. Please contact me if you have any more questions on who
                            can offer Wilton courses.

                             American Cake Decorating
American Cake Decorating magazine is offering all WMI the opportunity to
introduce your students to the information and ideas available through
American Cake Decorating and Mailbox News magazines. You can get free
copies of their new mini-magazine to hand out to your students by going to
click the Get Your “Free Taste!” icon and follow the instructions. By giving
them some basic contact information, you will be able to request a 3 months
supply of the free mini-magazines. Please note in the message portion that
you heard about this offer in your Wilton newsletter. Request your supply

         In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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                                     AIM-Train 2010 Update
         The 2009 AIM-trains wrapped up with a huge success. We are extremely pleased with
         the welcoming response and the enthusiasm which instructors have embraced the
         refreshed curriculum.
         If you have yet to attend an AIM-Train, please log into the website:
         username and password are both: wiltonmethod
         Request an invitation to a location near you as soon as possible. Reserve your spot
         today to avoid disappointment.

         Here is a list of the 2010 AIM-Train cities:

                          2010 Locations                  Event date         Event Days

                    Raleigh, NC                       Jan 30-31              Sat / Sun
                    Dallas, TX - A                    Jan 30-31              Sat / Sun
                    Dallas, TX - B                    Jan 30-31              Sat / Sun
                    Irvine, CA                        Feb 6 -7               Sat / Sun
                    Seattle, WA                       Feb 6-7                Sat / Sun
                    Monrovia, CA                      Feb 20-21              Sat / Sun
                    Nashville, TN                     Feb 27-28              Sat / Sun
                    Milwaukee, WI                     Feb 27-28              Sat / Sun
                    Grand Rapids, MI                  March 6-7              Sat/Sun
                    Kitchener/Cambridge, ON           March 6-7              Sat/Sun
                    Savannah, GA                      March 6 -7             Sat / Sun
                    Baltimore, MD                     March 6 -7             Sat / Sun
                    Lisle, IL                         March 13-14            Sat / Sun
                    Kansas City, MO                   March 13-14            Sat / Sun
                    Syracuse, NY                      March 13-14            Sat / Sun
                    Charlotte, NC                     March 20-21            Sat / Sun
                    Springfield, MA                   March 20-21            Sat / Sun
                    Tulsa, OK                         April 17-18            Sat / Sun
                    Markham, ON                       April 17-18            Sat / Sun
                    Bethlehem, PA                     April 18-19            Sun / Mon

I’ll be hosting Seattle, WA and Lisle, IL. If you’re in either of those areas I’d love to see you.

If you are unable to attend one of our AIM-Train sessions due to availability or location, please don’t worry.
Plans are underway to accommodate those who will not be able to attend an AIM-Train. We need you trained
as well, and as soon as the details have been finalized, you’ll be notified through our newsletters, websites
and weekly updates.
            In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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                                2010 General Class Schedule
This General Class Schedule is a recommendation to Wilton retailers participating in our Educational
Marketing Class Program. Please adapt this as needed to your local situation.

It is extremely important to follow the suggested start weeks below for the Legacy curriculum so you will be
completed with May classes in time to start the Refreshed curriculum at the same time as all other

              Jan       Feb     Mar       Apr        May        Jun        Jul     Aug       Sep       Oct     Nov     Dec

   Courses           Legacy Courses 1, 2, 3 & FGP                                 Refreshed Curriculum

    Tuition                     $40.00                                                      $45.00
                      Bring a Bring a                                    Bring a Bring a Bring a
   WILTON              Friend Friend                                      Friend Friend Friend
 Sponsored Free       Receive Receive                          Free      Receive Receive Receive               Free
Promotions Gift         Gift    Gift               Free Gift   Gift        Gift    Gift    Gift                Gift

   Ad Date 12/27        1/24   2/21       3/28       4/25       5/30      6/27     7/25      8/29     9/26     10/24   11/21

 Start Week   1/3       1/31   2/28       4/4        5/2        6/6        7/4      8/1      9/5      10/3     10/31   11/28

    Week      1/10      2/7     3/7       4/11       5/9        6/13      7/11      8/8      9/12     10/10    11/7    12/5
    Week      1/17      2/14   3/14       4/18       5/16       6/20      7/18     8/15      9/19     10/17    11/14   12/12
                                                                          7/11,    8/8,
 Kids Camp                     3/28                             6/27      7/18     8/15

 Store Paid
Promotions 2 for 1             $5 off    $10 off               2 for 1            50% off             $5 off

Some months you’ll have the opportunity to promote a combination of Course 1 and a 1-session class. Be
imaginative in your promotions.
For example: Make it a “2 classes for one price” promo, or work with the above suggestion that month. Of
course, you are not required to do this—it is just an additional promotional idea. Have fun!

          In collaboration with our retail partners, stage experiences that EDUCATE AND SELL.
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