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					                                                    chronic migraine diagnosis - Solar Flares And Migraine Headaches

                                             Solar Flares And Migraine Headaches
                                      You probably already know what solar flares are. Those violent explosions in the Sun's
                                      atmosphere release huge bursts of energy that can match that of millions of hydrogen bombs
                                      released in unison. Solar flares heat the Sun's gas to temperatures of many millions of kelvins.
                                      They speed up electrons, protons, and ions to near the speed of light, and produce tremendous
                                      electromagnetic radiation.

                                      Possible but Unproven While researchers admit that there may well be a connection between
                                      solar flares and migraine headaches, the evidence is not yet clear. Of those who do keep
                                      migraine headache diaries, The more interesting an article, the more takers there are for the
                                      article. So we have made it a point to make this article on chronic migraine diagnosis as
                                      interesting as possible!

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                                        This author read a personal account story on the Internet of an individual who was watching 
                                      television one evening, having not the slightest hint of a migraine headache. The news
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                                      anchor announced a forecast of intensified solar flares, and warned migraine headaches
                                      sufferers that solar flares and migraine headaches come hand in hand. As we got to writing on
                                      chronic migraine diagnosis, we found that the time we were given to write was inadequate
                                      to write all that there is to write about chronic migraine diagnosis! So vast are its resources.

                                      Sun flares affect geomagnetic fields, but what do they have to do with migraine headaches?
                                      Are there such things as solar flares migraine headaches? The length of an article is rather
                                      immaterial about its response from people. People are more interested in the matter about
                                      chronic migraine diagnosis, and not length.

                                      Solar Flares and Migraine Headaches One observation linking GMA and migraines found that
                                      more severe migraine headaches are seen at hospitals on days with high levels of GMA. That
                                      means that when solar flares influence "active" or "stormy" levels of geomagnetic activity,
                                      doctors and nurses can prepare for patients with more serious migraine headaches to present
                                      themselves for treatment.

                                      "Sure enough," the TV viewer wrote. "Shortly after that, I got a terrible solar flares migraine
                                      headache." Conclusion of the Matter Solar flares have been proven to cause disturbances in the
                                      human body. There is no doubt of that. Whether or not solar flares cause migraine headaches
                                      is yet to be proven, but there is some evidence that they may be triggers for at least some
                                      individuals. People are inclined to think that some matter found here that is pertaining to
                                      chronic migraine diagnosis is false. However, rest is assured, all that is written here is

                                      and the Severity of the Migraine Attack", Headache February 1987, pp 87- Stoupel, E., et al.
                                      ( Migraine headaches can be triggered by a variety of internal and external stimuli. For some
                                      migraineurs, it may be caffeine, chocolate, or red wine. For others, it might be stress or the
                                      let-down period that follows on the heels of stress. Many who suffer migraine headaches claim
                                      that weather is a major trigger for them. It might be a storm here on earth or solar flares, a
                                      storm on the sun. When they keep diaries, their migraine headaches enter the pages
                                      according to patterns of weather or solar flares.
                                      When Dr. Patricia B. Prince and her colleagues of Boston's Children's Hospital set out to
                                      examine the relationship between headache and weather, they found that patients often
                                      believed weather was triggering their migraines headaches. However, when patients kept
                                      migraine headache diaries, that was proven in only about 20 percent of cases. Dr. Prince and
                                      her team believe that at least some migraineurs, when searching their memories for a likely
                                      trigger, may "selectively recall only the attacks that support their prior beliefs." With people
                                      wanting to learn more about chronic migraine diagnosis, it has provided the necessary
                                      incentive for us to write this interesting article on chronic migraine diagnosis!


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                                      The relationship of solar flares and migraine headaches is strong. It has been shown that there
                                      is significant correlation between the two. An interesting study of this correlation is given in
                                      the following article: Kuritzky, A., Y. Zoldan, R. Hering, E. Stoupel ( . "Geomagnetic Activity

                                      Geomagnetic activity is categorized by four levels: 1. quiet 2. unsettled 3. active 4. stormy
                                      Geomagnetic Activity and Your Health We have not actually resorted to roundabout means of
                                      getting our message on chronic migraine diagnosis through to you. All the matter here is
                                      genuine and to the point.

                                      If you and your doctor pay close attention to your journal, it may help you prevent the onset
                                      of solar flare-related migraine headaches. About the Author: This article has been written
                                      with the intention of showing some illumination to the meaning of chronic migraine
                                      diagnosis. This is so that those who don't know much about chronic migraine diagnosis
                                      can learn more about it.

                                      Geomagnetic Activity It has long been recognized that the earth's magnetic field affects life on
                                      our planet. That magnetic field is not always the same, though. It varies in intensity.
                                      Sometimes it is stronger. At other times, it is weaker. These variations are called geomagnetic
                                      activity or GMA. A great deal of GMA is influenced by the Sun, especially by solar flares. It is
                                      the normal style of writers to add additional information with the intention of lengthening
                                      the length of an article. However, we have provided a short and concise article with only
                                      required information on chronic migraine diagnosis.

                                Version - may be to pay close attention to the own sensitivity to solar flares.
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                               a solar flares migraine headaches journal,
                                      headache. Do not keep track of solar flares that may be coming, as this may trigger self-
                                      fulfilling expectations of migraine headaches. After a headache is past, go back and check
                                      whether or not there were solar flares when it began. If you cannot trust yourself not to look
                                      ahead, have someone objective check the information for you.

                                      © 2007, Anna Hart. Member of a "migraine family," sympathizer with all migraineurs,
                                      and a frequently-published author, Anna invites you to read more of her articles about the
                                      causes of migraine headaches at If you cannot connect
                                      solar flares and migraine headaches in your own case, and
                                      emotional-migraine-37/"> would like to read about a different migraine headache trigger,
                                      visit Anna's blog now.



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