Publicity Received by dfgh4bnmu


									                                                                                                     Publicity Received
          Event Type                        Client/Benefit                Time          Local Press              Regional Press           International
                                                                          Frame                                                                   Press
•   Arwa Mineral Water Launch                 Coca Cola Benefited:                                         Dubai          Business       CNN       Business
    and Press Conference                •   Local publicity for new                     All print and                Channel story                    Story
•   Re-launch of Coca-Cola Plant            product                                      non print media   Al    Jazeera,   Qatar,
                                                                           June 02
                                                                                                              Kuwait TV, Oman TV
•   PITA participation at Gitex                PITA and PalTrade:                                          Dubai,     MBC,    Gulf                     ITP
    Dubai 2002-2003                     •   Local and International                                        News, Al-Khaleej, Al-
                                            Publicity Promotion of                      All print and      Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-
                                            Palestinian products                         non print media   Hayat     of   London,
                                                                                                           Arabiya Live, CNBC,
•   Launching of Palestine Office                              PITA                     All print and      MBC,     Dubai,    Abu
    at Dubai Internet City                                                               non print media   Dhabi, UAE print media
•   Signing Ceremony between                      PITA and PalTel                                          Dubai          Business
    PITA and PalTel for the                                                             All print and                     Channel
    development of the Internet in                                                       non print media
•   Campaign to Free equipment          PITA,    Paltel,    Paltrade,                                      PR             newswire            PR newswire
    seized at Israeli ports for PITA,                      JAWWAL                                          Distribution in U.K,
                                                                                        All print and
    Paltel, Paltrade and JAWWAL                                         November-02                        Spain, Belgium, France,
                                                                                         non print media
                                                                                                           North Africa, Arab Gulf
                                                                                                                   Area, and Israel
•   Launching    of   Al-Kholood              JAWWAL benefited:
                                                                                        All print and
    Garden in honor of martyred         •   Public awareness             August-04
                                                                                         non print media
    children                            •   Good will w/ public
•   Replacing Israeli Cell Phone              JAWWAL benefited:
                                                                                        All print and
    Campaign                            •   Public awareness
                                                                                         non print media
                                        •   Good will w/ public
•   Lawsuit Against Israeli Cell                        JAWWAL                          All print and      Israeli Press, MBC, AL        Financial Times,
    Phone Companies                                                                      non print media    Jazeera, Dubai, Nile TV              Ha'aretz,
•   Awards       Ceremony    for               JAWWAL benefited:                                                 All Arab Channels
                                                                                        All print and
    Courage in Journalism               •   Public awareness              March-02
                                                                                         non print media
                                        •   Good will w/ public
•   Launching      Ceremony of                   USAID benefited:                                                           Al Jazeera                CNN
    USAID projects to help the          • Good will w/ public                           All print and
    Palestinian economy                 • Public awareness of                            non print media
                                            USAID activities
•   Video Conferencing-Gaza BZU         Paltel benefited:                                                  _   MBC- Feature Story        -          Reuters
    students w/Parents in Gaza-         • Sales        for   video                                         _   Al    Jazeera-Feature     Print/TV
    Mock Graduation Celebration             conferencing                                All print and          Story                     -    ABC     USA-
                                            technology went up             July-01      non print media    _   Dubai, Nile TV, Al        Feature Story
                                        • Good will w/ public                                                  Hayat of London

•   Across      Borders   Project:      Paltel Benefited:                                                  _   Dubai                     Reuters
    Internet Connection between         • Good will                                     All print and      _   Al Jazeera
    Palestinian    Refugees    in       • Publicity abroad                 May 01       non print media    _   LBC
    Palestine/Lebanon                   • Promotion of Internet
                                                                                                    Publicity Received
         Event Type                       Client/Benefit               Time             Local               Regional Press        International
                                                                       Frame            Press                                             Press
•   Paltel/Jawwal Law suite Press       JAWWAL Benefited:                                             Ha’aretz,         Yediot   NPR. Reuters, AP,
    Conference                          • International Publicity                                     Ahranot                    AFP, ABC, FT,
                                        • Understanding         by                                    Jerusalem Post, Globes     Wall        Street
                                                                                    All print and
                                          Public of Jawwal’s                                          Israel TV 1&2 Israel       Journal, NYT
                                                                     October 2001   non print media
                                          cause                                                       Radio,
                                                                                                      Nile TV, Al Jazeera,
                                                                                                      MBC, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
•   Al Quds Development Fund            PBC Benefited:                                                MBC, LBC, Al Jazeera,
    Launch (Tourism Sector)             • Awareness in the Gulf                     All print and     Dubai, Al Hayat of         Not target
                                        • Assisted in fundraising      April 01     non print media   London, Al Sharq Al
•   AL   Khulud     Garden        for   JAWWAL Benefited:
    Martyred Children                   • Goodwill            from                                    For Launch only            For Launch only
                                           community                    May 02      Pre-event only
                                        • Changed perceptions
                                        PITA Benefited:                                               Palestinian Newspapers
•   Gitex:Business Networking           • Exposure locally and in                                     , Al Bayan, Gulf News,         Not target
    Dinner for 200 people                  Arab World                                                 Al Ithad of UAE
                                        • Gained credibility with                   All print and
                                           members                    October 01    non print media
                                        • Members           signed
                                           business contracts in
•   Al Aqsa Fund (Islamic               IDB Benefited:                                                MBC, Dubai, Abu
    Development Bank) Press             • Achieved independent                                        Dhabi, Al Sharq Al           Not target for
                                                                                    All print and
    Conference, Algiers                    character for fund                                         Awsat, Al Bilad, Arab          Algeria
                                                                      October 01    non print media
                                        • Dominated the press                                         News, Islamic News
                                           agenda in Algiers                                          Agency, Algerian Press
•   Crisis Communications,              JAWWAL Benefited:
    Lobbying, Advocacy & town           • Aversion of negative                                               Not target              Not target
                                                                                    All Print and
    meetings: Jawwal’s towers              press                       December
                                                                                    non Print media
    crisis in Beit Sahour and Jenin     • Creating alliances             2000
                                        • Leading the debate
•   Internal Communication:             JAWWAL Benefited:
    Morale assessment for Jawwal        • Changing attitudes           December     Internal Only          Internal Only           Internal Only
    Call Center via random tests        • Pride in Company               2000
•   Palestinian GITEX Dubai 2001,       PITA Benefited:                                               Dubai, Abu Dhabi
    2002, 2003 Press Conference         • Exposure locally and in     October 01                      Al Jazeera, MBC, LBC       ITP, GITEX Times
    (annual media event)                   Arab World                                                 Al Hayat, Al Sharq Al
                                        • Gained credibility with                                     Awsat, Gulf Times, Al
                                           members                                  All print and     Bayan, Gulf News, Al
                                        • Members           signed                  non print media   Ithad of UAE
                                           business contracts in

5th anniversary event of National       National      Beverage       August 03
Beverage Company/ Coca-Cola             Company/ Coca-Cola

•       Reception, big ceremony,                                                                      All print and non print    All wires and
                                                                                    All print and
        high level guests                                                                             Media working in           news agencies
                                                                                    non print Media
        (Diplomats and PNA                                                                            Palestine.                 working in
        officials) ,Press Conference.                                                                                            Palestine

•       Internal activities
                                                                                              Publicity Received
Event Type                          Client/Benefit                Time       Local               Regional Press             International
                                                                  Frame      Press                                          Press

                                    • Palestine International                                    Israeli Press: Haa’retz,   International news
•   Launching of Palestine                    Business forum      April 05                       Yada’ot Ahranot, Israeli   wire: Reuters, AP,
    International Business Forum                                                                 TV channel 2               AFP
                                    • Private Sectors from
•   A Swedish initiative towards      Palestine, Israel, and
    strengthening economic            Sweden launched the                    All print and       Swedish Press
    development in Palestine          forum and created a                    non print Media     Note: Press Release was
                                      focus group on the                                         distributed Via
                                      possibility of launching                                   newswire to all media
                                      economical projects for                                    outlets in Sweden (Over
                                      the development of                                         100 media outlets)
                                      Palestine Economy
•   Palestinian evening -World      Participants of         the   May 04     The event was
    Economic Form 2004.             WEF/Dead sea                             not open for the
•   (Creation of concept, event                                              media , but later
    management ,coordination                                                 received a good
    with the WEF management)                                                 coverage
                                                                             through       the
                                                                             news     releases
                                                                             created by ET
•   Launching of Corporate          PALTEL                          03                           Local and Arab Tv          Reuters, AP, AFP
    Social Responsibility                                                    All print and       stations
    program/                                                                 non print Media

•   Launching of Corporate          Paltel group                    05
    Social Responsibility Fund (2
                                                                             All print and
    million Dollar Fund)            (Paltel, Jawwal, Hadarah,
                                                                             non print Media
                                    Palmedia).                                                   Local and Arab Tv          Reuters, AP, AFP
•   Expotech 2005                   Paltrade ,Paltel,PICTI /IT      05                           All Local and Arab Tv      Reuters, AP, AFP+
                                    sector in Palestine                                          stations                   Other agencies

•   Prime Ministry Support plan.    Prime Minister Office           05         Not a target      Not a target               Not a target

The scope of work included the

•   Situation Analysis
•   Perception Research
    (Stakeholder Audit, Media
    Structuring the
    Communications Function
•   Streamlining the
    Communications Function
  - Training for the
    Communications Function
    and Cabinet Members and
•   Stakeholder and Influencer
                                                                                     Publicity Received
Event Type                           Client/Benefit              Time          Local           Regional Press     International
                                                                 Frame         Press                              Press
•   The Capacity and Institution   The Office of The President    August 06-    Not a Target       Not a Target     Not a Target
    Building Project ( Phase 1 )   Of     The      Palestinian   December 06
                                   National Authority
The scope of work includes the

•   Assessment    of   current
    situation and conducting
    needs assessment.
•   Developing a new structure
    for         Communications

•   Streamlining
    Communications Function
•   Provide capacity building.

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