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        A fruit is actually the sweet, ripened ovary or ovaries of a seed-bearing plant. A vegetable, in contrast, is an
herbaceous plant cultivated for an edible part (seeds, roots, stems, leaves, bulbs, tubers, or nonsweet fruits). So, to
be really nitpicky, a fruit could be a vegetable, but a vegetable could not be a fruit. Most fruits are sweet because
they contain a simple sugar called fructose, while most vegetables are less sweet because they have much less
fructose. The sweetness of fruit encourages animals to eat it and thereby spread the seeds. Fruits that are often
thought to be vegetables include: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, avocados, peppers, peapods, and pumpkins.

Monday – Students were introduced to a new game Penny Power. Everyone took turns rolling a plus/minus die and a
regular die to see if they needed to add or subtract pennies from his or her board. The first player to collect all fifteen
pennies to cover their board was the winner. Classroom snacks were separated by food groups by the students. We
practiced counting by 5’s to 100. We practiced counting to record how long it took to travel from one place to another.
Each student wrote a story about what they would buy if they could buy anything. I was surprised by the variety: students
choose everything from a cookie or a couch to a new pet or even a new kitchen! Reading groups did very well with their
new books. Our classroom is transforming into a branch of Key Bank, complete with a teller's desk and a safe.

Tuesday – Students colored 100 objects in preparation for our celebration of our hundredth day on Friday. We continued
our work using counting as a way to measure time. Students recorded the amount of time it took them to cross the room,
walking, tiptoeing and one additional method they got to create themselves. Close examination with magnifying glasses
of dimes revealed a lot of unique symbolism. Students learned the torch stood for knowledge, the olive branch
represented peace and the oak branch stood for strength. We even compared President Eisenhower's haircut with
Abraham a Lincoln's and Thomas Jefferson's. Using our Key Bank, we discussed three ways to pay for things (money,
checks, and credit cards). Our centers this afternoon included creating a sign for our branch of Key Bank, working with
numbers to 100, creating words, reading our books to an older student and sequencing stories in the correct order.

Wednesday – Everyone enjoyed our morning assembly in the gym. It was nice to have everybody together to celebrate
all of the students’ good work as well as all the February birthdays. S.M.I.L.E. packets went home with four new
students. Remember, they are due back on Monday or Tuesday, so I can get them ready to go home with four new
students the next Wednesday. Kylee was chosen as Artist of the Week on her detailed work of coloring 100 items. We
practiced our new rhyming book for Book Buddies. Students did an in-depth comparison of George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln. The class practiced counting pennies and identifying the difference among a penny, nickel and dime. I
played banker as the students exchanged pennies for other coins.

Thursday – We had a fantastic time on our Hannaford field trip. The children experienced firsthand a wide variety of
goods and services available at Hannaford grocery store. Students tasted and examined goods ranging from cookies,
cakes, and bread, to cheese, lobsters, and apples, to cheese sticks, ham, and chocolate. Hannaford provides a large
selection of services: making cakes, baking muffins, cleaning produce, creating individual fruit baskets, cooking lobsters,
making hamburger, filling prescriptions at the pharmacy, carrying groceries to people's cars, finding lost children, and
much more. We saw a fork lift raise a heavy palette to the ceiling; we watched a machine crush boxes; and we got to use
the scanner at the check out! Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who helped on this trip to Hannaford's.

Friday – Today is the 100th day of school! Activities included: 100th Day crown; show, weigh and compare 100
collections before eating a special 100-snack mix; drawing themselves at one hundred years old; creations with the
number 100; counting by tens to 100; making a hundred hands poster; connecting 100 unifix cubes; and sorting 100 items.
We ended the day with counting and passing along 100 hugs! Students did a lot of work on the 100th Day of school.
Everyone enjoyed the Race to a Dollar game. Students roll the die to see how many pennies they could earn. They then
converted their pennies into dimes. Students counted the dimes by tens to 100. We read two books with our Book
Buddies today. Homework for the weekend is to read their new books with at least two people. Thursday March 4th is
our field trip to Key Bank. Due to the very limited space, I will not be asking for volunteers for this trip.

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