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					                                    MAGAZINE                OF ST. CECILIA ACADEMY                      WINTER                   2009

     SCA has set the dates for its 150th anniversary celebration.

    yesterday                                                                                            today

                                             The Winter Dance Court from
                                             Th       t              t
                                             The Winter Dance Court from
                                             1975, from left seated, Terri      Class o
                                                                                M a r y a m 0 0 8 g ra d u at e s
                                    of the   Patton, ’79, and Lisa McInturff,                                     Haley D
                         was one cilia                                                      Yoon an
      Nell ie Doyle               . Ce       ‘76, standing Paula Goodrich, ‘76,                      d Gina
                                                                                                                Thomp vis,
                        tes of St                                                                                      son.
      firs t g ra d u a                      Donna Dortch, ‘77, and Beverly
      Ac a d e m                             Ford, ‘ 78.

Annual Report • Soccer & Track Facility Groundbreaking • Fine Arts presents Cinderella
                                                                            *                                Harpstrings
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                                                                                                             Ha pstrin         m me 2008
                                                                                                                            Su mme r 20 08
Letter from Sister
February 2009

Almost 150 years ago, four Dominican sisters traveled from
Ohio to Nashville to found a school for girls, a school that
would educate and form strong young women of faith to
impact the culture and society around them. Soon after
its founding in 1860, it endured the ravages of the Civil
War, some of which was fought near the school’s backyard.
Since then it has continued to educate thousands of young
women, enduring and growing through times of depression,
war, and civil unrest. It will endure beyond all of us who
write and read this. And we, for a brief time, get to share
in its history and be part of its traditions. This is what we
celebrate in the 150th sesquicentennial celebration of St.
Cecilia Academy.

In the Old Testament, anniversary celebrations were called
Jubilees. They were marked by a sense of homecoming to
familiar traditions and ancestral places. In this same spirit,
we use this issue of HarpStrings to announce the major
events of our 150th celebration and to invite you to attend.
Return to St. Cecilia Academy and share in the celebration
of the Cecilian tradition.

An internal committee has been meeting for over a year to
lay the groundwork for the celebration. A larger committee
made up of alumnae, parents, students, and staff is presently
  eshing out the details of the full celebration. Enclosed in
this publication is a timeline of the major events, running
from May 2010 to June 2011.

I invite you to look over the “Save the Date” information and
begin planning now for times and ways you can celebrate
your heritage as a St. Cecilia alumnae or friend and come
join in as a St. Cecilia family member for life. It promises to
be a great celebration. I hope to see you there.

In anticipation of our sesquicentennial year,

Sr. Mary Thomas, O.P.

St. Cecilia Academy students release balloons to celebrate being named a
Top 50 Catholic high school in the U.S. this fall.
                                                                                      Table of
                                                                                      Mark Your Calendar!               2
                                                                                      SCA has set the dates for its
                                                                                      150th anniversary celebration

                                                                                      Teacher Spotlight:                3
                                                                                      Susie Schultheiss

                                                                                      Cinderella:                       4
                                                                                      St. Cecilia Academy dazzles
                                                                                      audiences with a classic
                                                                                      Cinderella production

                                                                                      Track & Field:                    6
                                                                                      SCA breaks ground on new
                                                                                      soccer field and track facility

                                                                                      Achievements                      7

                                                          Sister Mary Albert, O.P.,
                                                                                      Annual Report                     10
                                                            stands at the balloon
                                                                  release ready to
                                                           celebrate the school’s
                                                               fourth designation     Letter from the
                                                             as one of the Top 50     Alumnae director                  15
                                                           Catholic high schools
                                                                   in the country.

        Principal           Director of Enrollment   Director of Alumnae
Sister Mary Thomas, O.P.        Management                Relations
                                 Betty Bader            Chenoa Jacobs
  Dean of Academics
 Sister Anna Laura, O.P.                                  Director of
                              Athletic Director
                                Jerry Landers                                                4210 Harding Road
                                                     Barbara Esteves-Moore
   Dean of Student                                                                           Nashville, TN 37205
                           Director of Development     Graphic Designer
                                                                                               (615) 298-4525
    Michael La Haie
                                Debbie Lassiter                                    
                                                        Brooke Rainey
>> Feature

     Jubilee 2010-2011: A Sesquicentennial Celebration
     Sesquicentennial Celebration Director Michelle Barber, with the help of a planning committee, has been working on St.
     Cecilia Academy’s upcoming 150th jubilee anniversary. They have released the following dates for events planned during the
     celebration. Please mark your calendar to attend as many of these events as you can.

                                                                       • Heritage Day

      Save the dates!                                                   Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010 on The Dominican Campus
                                                                        This will be a community-wide event taking us back
                                                                        to the early days of the school complete with period costumes
      • May Crowning 2010                                               and activities.
        May 1, 2010 at St. Cecilia Academy
        May Crowning is celebrated at the beginning of each
        May to honor the Virgin Mother Mary. This will be              • Alumnae Memorial Mass
        the 150th ceremony held at SCA.                                 Nov. 7, 2010 at St. Cecilia Motherhouse
                                                                        This annual event honors the St. Cecilia alumnae who
                                                                        have passed away in the previous year. The Mass this
      • Annual Alumnae Luncheon                                         year will honor all St. Cecilia alumnae.
        June 12, 2010 at SCA Chapel
        To celebrate the school’s 150 years, there will be a fashion
                                                                       • Historical Drama
        show that will include SCA uniforms throughout the years.
                                                                        Nov. 12-14 & Nov. 19, 2010 at SCA Theater
                                                                        The fall production is an original work being written,
      • Founder’s Day                                                   produced and directed by drama teacher Cathie Correia
        Aug. 17, 2010 at St. Cecilia Academy                            Stamps to tell the history of St. Cecilia Academy.
        This is the celebration of the exact date 150 years after
        the Sisters arrived in Nashville in 1860. It will be           • St. Cecilia Day Celebration
        an exciting day to be on campus.                                Saturday evening, Nov. 20, 2010
                                                                        St. Cecilia’s feast day has historically been honored with a
                                                                        Mass and a ne arts assembly. In celebration of the 150th
      • Historical Lecture Series
                                                                        anniversary, alumnae will perform as well. All alumnae are
        Sept. 2010 – April 2011 on The Dominican Campus
        Stay in touch for more details.

                                                                       • SCA Homecoming Event
                                                                        Jan. 2, 2011 at St. Cecilia Academy

                                                                       • Graduation 2011
                                                                        May 20, 2011 at St. Cecilia Academy
                                                                        This is the 150th commencement of St. Cecilia Academy.

                                                                       • Annual Alumnae Luncheon
                                                                        June 11, 2011at the St. Cecilia Motherhouse
                                                                        This event features Mass and tours at the St. Cecilia
                                                                        Motherhouse, where St. Cecilia Academy was located
                                                                        in its early years. Lunch will be served at the Maxwell
                                                                        House Hotel.

                                                                       Sister Columba and Mother Philomena stand on the lawn in front
                                                                       of the Motherhouse – then also the St. Cecilia Academy boarding
                                                                       school – in 1863.

 2         Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                                 Teacher Profile <<
Teacher Spotlight:

Susie Schultheiss

Susie Schultheiss works with Hannah Granbery, Gabriella Diaz and Emily Edwards in her classroom.

Math teacher Susie Schultheiss is one of           Mrs. Schultheiss said she loves teaching Mrs. Schultheiss said one of her favorite
those teachers whom you never forget.              because she loves to watch students when memories from her career at SCA is a skit
                                                   they nally understand a concept.         her students did one year.
This is her 20th year at SCA, having
begun teaching in the 1989-1990 school             “I love the ‘aha moment’ when a concept         “I loved when during a student skit
year.                                              that I am teaching is understood by             portraying the faculty; a student dressed
                                                   my students,” she said. “I love the             like me and had a squirt bottle just like
During her tenure at St. Cecilia she               environment that teaches to the whole           me,” she said.
has taught Geometry, Math IV, Algebra              girl - academically through her mind,
II, College Algebra & Trigonometry,                physically through athletics and physical       “Susie and I began teaching at SCA on
Introduction to Calculus, Statistics, and          education, and spiritually through her          the same day in the fall of 1989, and
Geometry Honors.                                   faith.”                                         I quickly found her to be a steadfast
                                                                                                   friend,” said Mr. Francis Horn, who
“I had her for Geometry,” said Amy                 Mrs. Schultheiss was born in Madison,           teaches history at SCA. “She is so very
Delvin, SCA ’93, who is now a junior               Wis., and was greatly in uenced by              conscientious about everything from the
high English teacher at Overbrook                  her father who was a professor of               math her students are coping with, to
School. “She has a spirit about her that           mechanical engineering at the University        accounting for a ton of cookie dough.
you can tell she really enjoys her work            of Wisconsin.                                   Her sense of humor is contagious; and,
and genuinely cares about how her                                                                  most importantly, she can laugh at
students are doing.                                She graduated with honors and a                 herself.”
                                                   bachelor’s degree in mathematics from
“She explained the subject well and                the University of Wisconsin. She then           Drama teacher Cathie Correia Stamps
didn’t move on until we understood it              earned a master’s in mathematics from           calls Mrs. Schultheiss a “treasured friend.”
completely! And, I remember she was                the University of Cincinnati.
always available for extra help if you                                                             “She works untiringly for her students so
needed it (which I did). I will always             She married David E. Schultheiss, M.D.,         they can achieve success.”
remember her fondly as a superb                    and had two children Michael and Lisa.
teacher.”                                          Both of her children are now married.

                                                                                                                   HarpStrings * Win te r 2009    3
>> Feature

      St. Cecilia Academy dazzles audiences with
      a classic Cinderella production
                                      St. Cecilia Academy Players presented Rodgers &
                                      Hammerstein’s Cinderella to sold-out audiences for two
                                      weeks this fall. The cast of 37 girls (and a few guest males,
                                      including Mr. Francis Horn) brought the fairy-tale to
                                      life through the wonderful music and interaction with

                                      Cast members appeared at Davis-Kidd bookstore for a story
                                      time and held a tea for young Cinderella fans prior to one of
                                      the matinees.

                                      “It was really neat to see the innocence of the children
                                      who came to the shows and the tea,” said Kendra Schulz,
                                      who played Cinderella. “They really believed we were the
                                      characters from the play.”

                                      “This show is timeless and has an appeal to a large audience,
                                      especially young girls,” said St. Cecilia Academy Fine Arts
                                      Chair and Drama Teacher Cathie Correia Stamps, who
                                      directed the show. “The storyline is similar to the Disney
                                      version but the songs are completely different.”

                                      For senior Andrea Wheatley it was her last musical at SCA.
                                      “It’s all really fun because you’re with your friends,” said
                                      Andrea, who played Cinderella’s stepmother. “I liked the
                                      reactions of everyone in the audience.”

                                      The cast began rehearsing the musical in September. Two
                                      shows during opening weekend were canceled when senior
                                      Julia Moore Hall’s father, the Rev. Robin Hall, passed away
                                      unexpectedly. The show continued on during the second
                                      week, even adding a few shows. Hall gave wonderful
                                      performances as one of the stepsisters.

                                      “The cast and crew of Cinderella, as well as myself, were
                                      inspired by Julia’s return to our show after her father’s
                                      passing,” Mrs. Stamps said. “Her charismatic and quirky
                                      performance as Portia delighted the audience; I know Rev.
                                      Hall was watching with pride and joy in spirit.

                                      “Rev. Hall loved to watch both his daughters (Julia, ’09, and
                                      Arial, ’04,) in the plays at SCA,” Mrs. Stamps added. “He
                                      was one of our most devoted audience members. The SCA
                                      Theatre Guild family and I extend our love and prayers to
                                      Julia, Arial and Mrs. Hall.”

                                      Cinderella, played by junior Kendra Schulz, sings a song in an early scene of
                                      Cinderella as she dreams of attending the prince’s ball.

  4       Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                                                      Cinderella <<

Catherine Louk performs as the Fairy Godmother during story         The cast of Cinderella sings one of the large musical numbers in the play. From left top,
time at Davis-Kidd in the Mall at Green Hills.                      Rachael Foley, Olivia Chan, Caitlin Lovell, Ellie Vaughn, Brynn Wilkinson, Caroline Nevin; Front
                                                                    Taylor Ely, Laura Chapman and Elaine Davis.

Kendra Schulz sits with two little fans during Tea With Cinderella before one of the matinee               Senior Julia Moore Hall gave a hilarious and inspiring
performances.                                                                                              performance as one of the wicked stepsisters in Cinderella.
                                                                                                                             HarpStrings * Win te r 2009               5
>>   Achievements from 2008-2009
                                                            game against Wilson County Central           as well as rewarding,” said Michael
                                                            by 100 points. The SCA Quiz Bowl             Hook, program director for WNAB. “The
                                                            team includes: Seniors Raina Burley          opportunity to showcase these kids’
                                                            and Miranda McDonald; Juniors                incredible talent to our community with
                                                            Claire Horell, Rosie Smith and               an entertaining new game show is just too
                                                            Laura Williams; and Sophomores               good to pass up. We are really grateful
                                                            Nicole Campeotto, Elizabeth Lund,            to the wonderful people at West eld
                                                            Alwyn Mothershed, Brigid Wahl                Insurance for helping to make this
                                                            and Monika Weisman. Sister Mary              program a reality.”
                                                            Barbara, O.P., is the Quiz Bowl
                                                            sponsor.                                      The program, sponsored by West eld
                                                                                                         Insurance, featured 13 weekly episodes,
SCA Quiz Bowl team members participated and                 The CW58 show featured match-ups             each featuring a match between two of
won their first Quiz Bowl challenge this fall. They are
from left, Sponsor Sister Mary Barbara, O.P., Nicole      between the best and brightest students        the 26 participating schools. The fast-
Campeotto, Brigid Wahl, Elizabeth Lund and Claire         in schools across Middle Tennessee as          paced questions and answers included
Horrell.                                                  they competed for a traveling trophy           topics like literature, mathematics,
Quiz Bowl wins its first contest                          and academic grants totaling more than         history, science, and even popular culture.
                                                          $31,000.                                       Quizmaster (and local meteorologist seen
St. Cecilia Academy formed its rst Quiz
                                                                                                         on Tennessee Mornings) Craig Edwards
Bowl team this fall to participate in a                    “We want to show our viewers that             asked the questions.
new half-hour quiz bowl program on                        academic achievement can be exciting
local television. The team won its rst

St. Cecilia Academy swim team wins division championship;
diver finishes 5th in state
The Scarab Swim Team won the Middle Tennessee High School                       School Invitational, nishing ninth in the Excel event and fth
Swim Association district championship after a historic winning                 for Middle Tennessee.
season. In addition, freshman Haley Turner nished the Middle
Tennessee Diving Championships in fth place overall and                          Members of the swim team are: senior Leah Moran;
quali ed for state.                                                             juniors Gabby Cheij, Emily Dicks, Johanna Gerbic,
                                                                                Charlotte Hassett, Kendall Kelly, Rosie Smith, Mary
The swim team of 20 girls beat out Hillsboro High School,                       Crum and Amanda Morris; sophomores Cate Hargrove
which has won the division for the past several years, for the                  and Morgan Poteet; and freshmen Betsy Brewer, Ali
division championship. Coach Pam Ligon said the growth in                       Caprioli, Maddie Clark, Veronica Diaz, Ellie Fike,
the team made the difference this year. Diver Haley Turner, an                  Mary Elizabeth Wesley, Alex Wall, Haley Turner and
SCA freshman, competed in the Excel Invitational and the High                   Elizabeth Hallock.

6         Winter 2009 * HarpStrings                                             The Class of 2008 celebrates after commencement in the SCA courtyard.
                                                                                                                             Achievements <<

                                                                   Fellow junior Mary Crum said working at the campus for one
                                                                   day opened her eyes. “It was interesting because you don’t
                                                                   really stop and think about what the lives of the homeless
                                                                   are like.” Amie Pike, director of student leadership activities,
                                                                   said the day is just an extension of what students already do
                                                                   throughout the year. SCA students are required to volunteer
                                                                   70 hours of service over four years. Freshmen and sophomores
                                                                   participated in a day of service during Interim. Service work
                                                                   ranges from tutoring Hispanic children and working at
                                                                   homeless shelters to traveling service trips.

                                                                   17 St. Cecilia Academy choir members selected for
                                                                   Seventeen St. Cecilia Academy choir members earned a seat
                                                                   in at least one of the Middle Tennessee Vocal Association state
Seniors Hadiya Housepian, left, and Ragan Todd were                choirs. SCA singers earned 13 of the 72 female slots in the
recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program this fall.
                                                                   freshman honors choir.
Two St. Cecilia Academy seniors recognized by
National Merit program                                             “In particular, I found this group of freshmen to be some of
Two St. Cecilia Academy students were recognized by the            the most gifted and enthusiastic I’ve ever taught,” SCA Choir
National Merit Scholarship Program for high scores on the          Director Jeanette MacCallum said.
PSAT. Senior Ragan Todd is a commended scholar in the
                                                                   The students who were selected for the Mid-State Choir
2009 National Merit Scholarship Program. Senior Hadiya
                                                                   are: Julia Moore Hall, Annabelle Absar, Elaine Davis,
Housepian was recognized as a 2009 National Achiever. These
                                                                   Gabby Cheij, and Olivia Reed. Senior Julia Moore Hall was
students are recognized for their exceptional academic promise
                                                                   also selected for the All-State Choir. Annabelle Absar, Elaine
demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the
                                                                   Davis and Gabby Cheij were selected as alternates to the
qualifying test used for program entry, the 2008 PSAT.
                                                                   All-State Choir. Selected to the Freshman Honors Choir are:
                                                                   Abby Beasley, Angellena Berberich-Eerebout, Autumn
St. Cecilia Academy named a Top 50 Catholic high                   Childress, Emily Beavers, Maggie Ward, Meg Jarratt, Ali
school for fourth time                                             Caprioli, Bridget Simpson, Caitlyn Lovell, Dory Miller,
This fall St. Cecilia Academy was named a Top 50 Catholic          Francesca Brogden, and Nicky Guglielmi.
high school in the nation for the fourth time since 2004. The
school celebrated with a balloon release, which included
300 red biodegradable balloons tied with red biodegradable
ribbons.The purpose of the National Catholic High School
Honor Roll, organized by the Acton Institute, is to recognize
and encourage excellence in Catholic secondary education. It
is a resource for parents and educators that distinguishes those
schools that excel in three categories: academic excellence,
Catholic identity, and civic education.

SCA Day of Service begins
The SCA junior class spent Sept. 11, 2008, working in the
community as a day of service to others.

“I worked at the Campus for Human Development. We
cleaned, served lunch to the homeless and organized mail,”         The St. Cecilia Academy choir members who earned a seat in at least one of
                                                                   the Middle Tennessee Vocal Association state choirs are, from left, back row,
said Kendall Kelly. “It really made you appreciate what you        Angellena Berberich-Eerebout, Emily Beavers, Abby Beasley, Maggie Ward,
have. Some people have to work so hard just to get food.”          Olivia Reed, Annabelle Absar, Ali Caprioli and Julia Moore Hall; front row,
                                                                   Bridget Simpson, Autumn Childress, Dory Miller, Caitlyn Lovell, Nicky Guglielmi,
                                                                   Elaine Davis, Meg Jarratt. Not pictured are Francesca Brogden and Gabby Cheij.

                                                                                                          HarpStrings * Win te r 2009           7
>> Announcements

               The Dominican Sisters, Faculty,
               Staff, Students and Friends of
           Overbrook School & St. Cecilia Academy
                 Invite you to join us for a
            Groundbreaking Ceremony
                                                         for the
                   Soccer Field &Track Project
                       Monday, February , ,  p.m.
                                            The Dominican Campus
                                              Harding Road
                                                () -
                                              Reception to follow

     St. Cecilia Academy and Overbrook School will break ground for a new track and soccer field on Feb. 23, 2009. The athletic
     field project will feature a new regulation size soccer field with amended soil for a more forgiving playing surface as well as
     improved water irrigation. Relocation of the present field will allow for the addition of an eight-lane asphalt track around
     the field. A rubberized topping on the track will provide comfort for the athletes as well as durability for the track surface.
     The field will include dual high jump and long jump areas as well as areas for shot put and discus.

     An extensive landscape buffer will be included along the neighboring Cherokee Avenue residential area. As with the field,
     the landscaped areas will be irrigated. A sidewalk system will connect the Overbrook School to a concrete surface at the west
     side of the track for bleachers. Provisions will be made for a 3,700 square foot field house in Phase Two. The entire project
     is being built in coordination with the overall campus master plan and will be the first part of that plan to be implemented.

     The project will take between five and seven months to complete. The field will be sprigged and cultivated throughout the
     summer to prepare for use during the Fall 2009 playing season. Work is scheduled to begin Feb. 24, 2008. We hope you
     can join us for the official groundbreaking ceremony at 2 p.m. on Feb. 23, 2008 on the current soccer field.

 8         Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                           Teacher Profile <<

St. Cecilia Academy teachers traveled around the
globe to enrich and renew their education
For the St. Cecilia faculty, summer is not usually filled with trips to the pool. Instead, most
teachers spend their summers traveling and learning.

Here are just a few of their recent excursions this past summer:

• World Language Department Head               Catholic Studies program toward a             choreographed Cinderella at Camp St.
Carole Begley attended the 81st annual         master’s degree in Catholic Studies.          Cecilia.
American Association of Teachers
of French convention held in Liege,                         • Athletic Director Jerry        • Chamber ensemble director and
Belgium. She also graded AP French                          Landers conducted                private music director and teacher
exams for the College Board.                                sports camps and took the        Sherry Merideth attended an intensive
                                                            basketball team to a camp in     Suzuki training institute in Chicago. She
• Science Department Head Becky                             Transylvania University.         completed levels 5 and 6 in training that
Simon attended a workshop on advanced                                                        included 30 classroom hours and 16
astronomy at Vanderbilt University.                         • Art teacher Barbara            hours of observation.
                                               Airhart Gronefeld attended the Art
• Spanish teacher Teddie Clark traveled        Educators’ Forum sponsored by the             • Religion teacher Sister Mary
with her family to Salzburg and Vienna,        Ringling College of Continuing and            Barbara, O.P., traveled to Sydney
Austria and to Prague in the Czech             Special Programs in the Blue Ridge            Australia for three weeks as a pilgrim
Republic for 10 days. They toured the          Mountains of North Carolina which             volunteer for World Youth Day. 250,000
ancient Melk Monastery, monuments,             included one intensive week of studio         Catholic youth from all over the world
castles, museums, and more.                    hours, guest artist lectures and individual   gathered in Sydney, Australia with Pope
                                               critiques.                                    Benedict XVI for the week-long World
• College counseling assistant director                                                      Youth Day celebration.
Diane Connolly took two classes at             • Spanish teacher Nora Jimenez
UCLA toward UCLA’s College Counseling          Contreras graded Advanced Placement           • Assistant Chorus Teacher Dawn
certi cate program, the only program of        exams for students across the country.        Seidenschwarz attended the National
its kind in the nation. She also traveled to                                                 Convention of the American Guild of
10 college campuses including Harvard,         • Choir teacher Jeanette MacCallum            Organists in Minneapolis.
Yale, Princeton, College of the Holy           attended a choral educator’s workshop at
Cross, Boston College and Fordham.             the University of Kentucky in Lexington       • Cathie Correia Stamps performed
                                               studying choral literature, pedagogy and      in Pull-Tight Players, Inc. production of
               • Maggie Kuyper took            conducting. The workshop culminated in        The Importance of Being Earnest as Lady
                ve masters of education        a public concert by the participants.         Bracknell for which she received Best
               classes at Trevecca                                                           Supporting Actress at the annual Knot
               University. She nished her      • Academic Dean Sister Anna Laura,            Awards Banquet. She also attended the
               masters in December.            O.P., spent six weeks studying at the         Tennessee Arts Academy in Theatre and
                                               University of Notre Dame in South Bend,       took master classes in Improvisation,
                • Religion Department          Ind., in the ACE (Alliance for Catholic       Shakespearean Dialogue and Monologue
Head Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P., spent          Education) Leadership Program. She            Mapping.
10 weeks at the University of Mississippi      took three courses and studied with
in Hattiesburg, working towards her            administrators from Catholic Schools          • Sister Mary Thomas, O.P., attended
master’s in science and mathematics            around the country.                           a conference on faith and culture in
education.                                                                                   Grand Rapids, Mich. She also attended
                                               • Sister John Catherine, O.P., took           a School Law Symposium hosted by the
• Science teacher Sister Mary Albert,          history courses at UT-Knoxville.              NCEA.
O.P., went to the University of St.
Thomas and took two courses in their           • Jennifer Alexander taught dance and

                                                                                                          HarpStrings * Win te r 2009     9
                                                                     ANNUAL REPORT

Senior Allie Saxon, name Spirit Queen during Spirit Week, shows her school pride.

                                                    ANNUAL REPORT
  From Debbie Lassiter in the Development Office:                                   Our commitment to our mission grows even stronger in
  On behalf of Sister Mary Thomas and the annual fund parent                        challenging times when the needs of those we are charged to
  volunteer committee, thank you to everyone listed here that                       help are greater, and your support becomes even more critical
  made a gift this last scal year. We are very grateful that 100%                   to our ability to continue ful lling our mission. We are so
  of the faculty and staff, and 82% of our current parents made a                   grateful for your generous past support that has helped sustain
  gift during this scal year along with faithful alumnae and other                  and grow our effectiveness in reaching out to those in need of
  friends of St. Cecilia Academy. The annual fund is the most                        nancial assistance.
  important source of unrestricted funds available to the school.
  We truly appreciate and value your partnership with us.                           As this current year unfolds with it’s economic challenges,
                                                                                    we need your support more than ever. Like you, we are more
  As the world becomes more uncertain, we cling to what is                          cautious about making expenditures, and like you we are
  certain; our faith, our family and the meaningful relationships                   mindful of our responsibility to preserve St. Cecilia’s nancial
  that have impacted our lives the most. The current St. Cecilia                    health and stability in these trying times. If you would like
  parents have been saying that they appreciate the stability and                   more information about ways to make a gift to St. Cecilia
  support that St. Cecilia Academy offers their daughters. We                       Academy either as an annual fund gift or planned gift, please
  are thankful to be able to serve these bright young women and                     call Debbie Lassiter, director of development at 615-383-3230,
  their families.                                                                   ext. 524 or email

10         Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                    ANNUAL REPORT
                                                    ANNUAL REPORT

1860 Club -                              Charles & Agenia Clark                     Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Babb
($10,000 and above)                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cook Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fredrick Bader III
3 Anonymous Donors                       Mr. and Mrs. W. Lipscomb Davis III         Ms. Eve Harwood Bader, ’66
Capital Group Companies                  Deborah and C. A. Craig, II,               Allison and Sam Balthrop, ’69
Mrs. Agnes Eckhardt Nixon, ’40             Family Foundation                        Mrs. Catherine Haid Baltz, ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Parkes, ’78         Mrs. Karen Dobbs                           Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Banker
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William A. Dortch Jr., ’71    Mr. Paul T. Barber Sr.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Odie O’Neal Duke              Mrs. Judy Pickney Barnes, ’64
Coat of Arms Club -                      Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Brandon Durelli, ’91   Mr. and Mrs. Kimber I. Barton
($5,000 - $9,999)                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Fisher Jr., ’68     Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bass
1 Anonymous Donor                        Mr. and Mrs. James Franks                  Mrs. Carole Barrett Batson, ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edwards             Mr. and Mrs. Langley Granbery              Mr. and Mrs. Alan Beaty, ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Goodwin               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Grubbs Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Beavin
Joe C. Davis Foundation                  Stephen and Sandy Hobbs                    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Begley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mondelli               The Houghland Foundation                   Cathy J. Mayo Bell, ’86
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford F Roberson
                       .                 Brian and Kim Jenkins                      BellSouth
Dan and Kate Todd                        Kane Family Charitable Foundation          Ms. Jodie Beneke, ’71
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Kelly          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Benson, ’72
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kelly              Ms. Sandra B. Benson
Dominican Cross Club -                   Mr. and Mrs. Randy Laszewski               Mrs. Mary Taylor Bernasconi, ’82
($2,500 - $4,999)                        Mr. and Mrs. John Lund                     Mr. and Mrs. Philip Betbeze
American International Group, Inc.       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marchetti             Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bingham
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Atkins              Drs. Kathleen and Derek Marks, ’97         Mrs. Marie Daugherty Bishop, ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Burgess           Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ted Mayden             Mrs. Loretta Boer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Carden           Dolores D. McInturff                       Mr. and Mrs. V. Bonvissuto
Kim Coakley                              The Medtronic Foundation Matching Gifts    Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Borders
Bruce and Maggie Dicks                     to Education Program                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bourek
Dr. and Mrs. Davis Drinkwater            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nevin                  Mrs. Fakie Resha Bracey, ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Geny, ’77     Premier Orthopaedics & Sports              Mrs. Diane Hartnett Brady, ’55
Mark and Jill Hughes                        Medicine                                Carolyn and Jim Brake eld
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Johnson            Mr. and Mrs. Buist Fort Richardson, ’80    Mrs. Pamela Taylor Braun, ’62
Mr. and Mrs. William Knestrick           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rodgers             Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lawson            Mrs. Mary Jane Staed Smith, ’71            Mrs. Ellen Barnes Breshears, ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marzialo            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sumislawski            Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Brewer, ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moore                 W. R. Newman & Associates, Inc             Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Reeder Brooks III
Mark and Ann Morrison                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Waddill            Mr. Vallie C. Brooks
Dennis and Mary Jane Sander              Mr. and Mrs. James C. Worley, ’77          Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brown
Dr. Robert Wheatley and Dr. Sue Lee                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wright                                                        Ms. Elizabeth Durst Brown, ’85
WTC Foundation
                                         Harp Club - (up to $999)                   Miss Mary Friel Brown, ’32
                                         8 Anonymous Donors                         Mrs. Christine Pellettieri Browning, ’67
                                         Ms. Maureen Abbey, ’77                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Brunette
Shield Club -                            Ms. Patricia Absar                         Mr. and Mrs. David Bubas
($1,000 - $2,499)                        Ms. Lorelei Aden, ’66                      Mrs. Debbie Stewart Buck, ’77
4 Anonymous Donors                       Mrs. John W. Ahern                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Burdeshaw
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program   Mrs. Norma Petre Allen, ’37                Mrs. Karin A. Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Ian B. Bodell               Mrs. Mary Prue Polk Alley, ’66             Mrs. Barb Holzemer Burke, ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Brink            Mrs. Cary DeWitt Allyn, ’71                Miss Rachel Elizabeth Burkey, ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Bulso Jr.         Andy and Gretchen Anderson                 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burns
Dr. Howard Burley and                    Mrs. Holland Cochrane Anderson, ’60        Mr. Robert H. Burns
  Dr. Rhonda Cunningham-Burley           Mrs. Rae Lee Rolin Anglin, ’85             Ms. Kimberly Bussey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Clark              Mrs. Faye Orand Arrington, ’50             Thomas and Robin Caldarulo
                                         Ms. Mary Ann Atkins                        Mrs. Nancy Holzmer Calderon, ’72

                                                                                                         HarpStrings * Win te r 2009 11
                                                                       ANNUAL REPORT

     Mrs. Lisa Greene Caldwell, ’76                       Mrs. Marjorie Linx Currin, ’48                Mary Valentine Francis
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Calhoun                        Martha Wright Davidson, ’77                   Mr. George Franklin
     Mrs. Elizabeth Shea Campbell, ’79                    Mrs. Alicia Davis                             Mrs. Patricia A. Fredericksen
     Mr. and Mrs. Dean Campeotto                          Mrs. Emily Sanders Davis, ’54                 Mrs. Lillian Beck Freeman, ’43
     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Camplese                      Mr. and Mrs. Maclin P. Davis Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. James E. Freeman
     Ms. Ann Carlson                                      Mac and Vicky Davis                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Freeny
     Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Carter                           Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Davis                   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Fridrich
     Mr. and Mrs. William Carver, ’56                     Mrs. Nelly Grazioso de Lopez, ’54             Mr. and Mrs. James W. Frohnapfel
     Mrs. Amy Hargrove Cate, ’82                          Deacon Ronald B. and Dr. Karen K. Deal        Mrs. Lydia Malone Furlough, ’52
     Mrs. Helen Moore Cates, ’57                          Mrs. Josephine Dean                           Gannett Match
     Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Chance                         Mrs. Jane Derrick                             Mrs. Dolly Castelli Garay, ’98
     Ms. Lindsay Chance, ’86                              Mr. and Mrs. David M. Deutsch                 Mrs. Amanda Robertson Gaston, ’96
     Dr. and Mrs. George Cheij                            Ms. Marilyn K. Dicker                         Mr. and Mrs. Marbut G. Gaston, Jr.
     Mrs. Laura Sanders Christy, ’57                      Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Donnelly                                    .
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John F Gerbic
     Pam Christy, ’85                                     Mrs. Ramsey Burton Doran, ’69                 Donna Gerstner
     Mrs. Lorraine A. Cicotte                             Elizabeth R. Dortch , ’00                     Mr. Robert J. Gerstner
     Mrs. Dorothy Civils-Drane                            Mr. and Mrs. Thom Druffel                     Mrs. Gail Gibson-Milliron and
     Ms. Theodosia D. Clark                               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Duckworth               Mr. William Milliron
     Mrs. James P. Clarke                                 Mrs. Palmer Duffey, ’98                       Ms. Lisa Gillespie
     Mrs. Mary Ann Roberts Claxton, ’63                   Mr. William J. Dunigan                        Mrs. Jan Kirkpatrick Giordano, ’74
     Ms. Murray Clayton, ’83                              Mrs. Margaret Simpson Dunning, ’73            Mrs. Karen Abbey Giunta, ’82
     Mr. and Mrs. Guy Travis Clifton, ’96                 Robert Early and Kimberlee Maphis Early       Eric and Lisa Givens
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael F Cocanougher
                            .                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Edmonson, ’85          Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gary Glass
     Mrs. Cecil Billington Coleman, ’69                   Mr. and Mrs. William J. Elliston Jr.          Mrs. Cissa Flanigen Glenn, ’70
     Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Collins                       Mrs. Sue Ann Simpson Enneis, ’69              Dr. and Mrs. A. Joel Gluck
     The Colonna Club                                     Mrs. Laura Black Erhart, ’79                  Mrs. Jean Young Goad, ’42
     Mr. Doug Henard and Ms. Cornelia                     Estate of Evelyn Greer                        Mrs. Nancy Glenn Gollobin, ’71
       Coode, ’70                                         Mrs. Patty Carroll Farmer, ’66                Mr. and Mrs. William M. Goodyear Jr., ’67
     Mrs. Mildred Sharp Coode, ’42                        Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Farr                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Graham
     Mr. and Mrs. Ray Copeland                            Bob and Glory Farris                          Mr. John A. Grannis III
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cragon, ’78                       Mrs. Billie Wright Ferguson, ’51              Ms. Jane Grannis, ’69
     Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Craig II, ’65                     Ms. Ellen Butler Fernandez, ’67               Mrs. Mary Lou Roeser Graves, ’53
     Mrs. Billie Hardwicke Cross, ’30                     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ferris                Mrs. Edna L. Green
     Mrs. Inge S. Crow                                    Barbara Esteves-Moore                         Greg Nelson Insurance Agency
     Mr. and Mrs. John M. Crum                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flowers Sr.            Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gronefeld
     Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cullum                         Ms. Linda A. Fogarty                          Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Grubbs
     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cupit                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wayne Fontaine           Mr. Carlo Guglielmi
                                                                                                        Ms. Margery Hale
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. William Hance
                                                                                                        Mrs. Mary Catherine Bradley Hannon, ’48
                                                                                                        Lynne D. Hargrove
                                                                                                        Ms. Sarah Hargrove
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harness
                                                                                                        Mrs. Patricia Bass Harper, ’67
                                                                                                        Mrs. Ann Guepe Harris, ’63
                                                                                                        Dr. Kelley Harris, ’82
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gray Harris, ’64
                                                                                                        Ms. Gretchen Keras Hart, ’65
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hartman
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hassett
                                                                                                        The Hawthorn Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hayes
     The French Club celebrated the character Madeline with a tea party in the courtyard this
     fall. The members are, standing from left, Sponsor Carole Begley, Tilar Bell, Julia Morgan, Erin
                                                                                                        Mrs. Louise Bickel Hayward, ’37
     Silas, Alexa Rowe, Elaine Davis and, seated, Liz O’Brien and Sara Hartman.                         Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. He in

12        Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                         ANNUAL REPORT

Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. He in
Mrs. Mary Cain Helfrich, ’86
Senator and Mrs. Douglas Henry Jr.
Ms. Janet P. Hensley
Chris and Danielle Herndon, ’97
Mrs. Suzanne Meifert Hester, ’76
Mrs. Joyce A. Hicks
Ms. Sue C. Hines
Mr. D. H. Hirsberg
Mrs. Jean Maudling Hite, ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Robert John Hoff
Tony and Sally Hoffman
Mrs. Virginia Alderson Hoffman, ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hollahan, ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Holland Jr.        Juniors Christine Tonnies, Catherine Louk, Eliza Nagle and Kendra Schulz worked at the Catholic
Graham and Heather Honeycutt, ’02         Charities Refugee Services in the ELL Center Newcomers Academy with children who have only
                                          been in the country for days or weeks and are not ready for school.
Mrs. Geraldine Grissom Hooks, ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Hoover                   Mrs. Carol Black Lawrence, ’74                     Anita K. Mitchell
Francis Horn                                Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lee                          Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Monette
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Horne                                        .
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Scott F Leftwich                      Dr. Tapria Moody
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Horrell               Miss Rita Lenahan, ’65                             Mr. and Mrs. Geren Moor
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Housepian              Mrs. Martha Kohl Lisle, ’68                        Mr. Richard T. Moore, Sr.
Miss Dorothy J. Hovious, ’33                Ms. Kelly Long                                                          .
                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. David F Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howell                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Louk                             Mrs. Patty Phipps Morel, ’74
Cara Lise Hudson, ’85                       Mr. Sam Lovullo                                    Mr. and Mrs. James G. Morrissey, ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Huffman             Mr. and Mrs. J. William Ludemann                   Mr. and Mrs. Loftus Andrew Morrissey
Sister Mary Thomas Huffman, O.P.            Mrs. George C. Luken                               Mrs. Cathy Braden Morse, ’65
The Hunt Family Foundation of               Mr. and Mrs. Doug MacCallum                        Mr. and Mrs. Hal Mothershed
  Nashville, TN, Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Albert Malone, ’51                    Mrs. Katherine Fitzgerald Murphy, ’92
Peggy Hunt, ’77                             Miss Jennifer K. Marchesi, ’88                     Mrs. Ann Seigenthaler Murphy, ’47
Mrs. Anne Catherine Holt Irvin, ’58         Mrs. Shirley Conway Markezich, ’52                 Ms. Sally Murphy, ’69
Mrs. Clair Petre Ivanov, ’60                Mrs. Terry McCaffrey Marston, ’68                  Ms. Colleen M. Murray, ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jack                 Mrs. Brooks Harlin Mathews, ’72                    Ms. Marilyn Murray, ’68
Frank R. and Lisa P. Janusa                 Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Matthews                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nagle
Mrs. Nora Jimenez                           Mrs. Isabel Landeo Maxwell, ’79                    Tricia Neal and Cedric Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Johnson III, ’68     Miss Kathleen May, ’04                             Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Norton
Mrs. Maura Zalud Johnson, ’76               Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Thomas Maynor, ’80              Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Nunan
Ms. Cathy Jordan, ’70                       Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold McBrayer                    Mrs. Felice Floyd Oldacre, ’74
Mrs. Beth Harwood Kastanotis, ’59           Mr. and Mrs. Guilbert McCarthy                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Olienchak, ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Kendall               Mrs. Aida Catignani McCarver, ’48                  Mrs. Gladys W. Oliver
Mrs. Peggy Byrne Keogh, ’45                 Mrs. Sean M. McCracken, ’83                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olienechak, ’83
Ms. Lindsay A. Kerrigan, ’03                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGee                         Mr. and Mrs. Jack A Oman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Killian                 Miss Mary Elizabeth McGinn, ’03                    The Rev. John Benedict O’Neill
Mrs. Rose Carver Kirkpatrick, ’49           Mr. and Mrs. Owen Patrick McGuinness               Mr. and Mrs. James Patrick O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Ed H. Kohl                     Mrs. Mamie Coode McKenzie, ’68                                    .
                                                                                               Mrs. William F Outlan
Mrs. Sadie Francis Kozak, ’43               Mr. and Mrs. Randall B. McKenzie                   Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Overby
Bob and Cathy Krumm, ’83                    Mrs. Ellen Coode McWhirter, ’65                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pancoast
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kuyper                 Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Mencio                     Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Phillips, ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Michael La Haie                Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. John S. Phipps Jr.
Ms. Marie La Vasque                         Mrs. Joanna Petre Meyers, ’25                      Dr. Laura Dray Pierce, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Landers                  Mildred Daly Milton Revocable Trust                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pike
Mrs. E H Lannom                             Mr. and Mrs. Bradford T. Miller, ’79               Mr. and Mrs. Maurice W. Pinson
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lassiter              Mrs. Sylvia Kanwischer Miller, ’79                 Mrs. Rosemary Walsh Plorin, ’85
Mrs. Danielle Laster-Broadwater, ’98        Mr. and Mrs. James Minutolo                        Ms. Marcie T. Poe

                                                                                                             HarpStrings * Win t e r 2009   13
                                                         ANNUAL REPORT

     Ms. Brooke Porter, ’93                   Mrs. Evelyn Petrucelli Spencer, ’64        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Walsh, ’77
     Mr. John F Power
                .                             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Sprouse, ’66        Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Corkran Warner, ’45
     Miss Teresa A. Punaro, ’46               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Spurgeon            Veronica B. and Jerry L. Wauford, ’58
     Mrs. Lynn Moll Rassieur, ’75             Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Spurlock, ’67      Mrs. Stacie DeGrella Weddle, ‘93
     Mr. and Mrs. Don Raymond                 St. Thomas 7:00 a.m Cardiac Rehab Group    Mrs. Ann True Wehby, ’79
     Mr. and Mrs. Fred Read                   Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Stacey Sr.       Sheryl Abbey Wehby, ’74
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Reed              Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stack              Diana Weisman
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Regan             Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stamps                  Mrs. Margaret Sutherland Wellborn, ’86
     Mr. and Mrs. Roger Reid                  Mr. John D. Starbuck Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. Otto Werrbach, ’45
     Sara Graf Remke, ’83                     Stay Tuned Inc.                            Mrs. Jenny Holditch Wesson, ’75
     Ridgeview Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steiner, ’48            Ms. Barbara West
     Mrs. Margaret R. Roberts                 Dr. and Mrs. Sherrill B. Stewart           Mrs. Mimi Burton Wheeler, ’66
     Mrs. Jenny Mondelli Robertson, ’88       Mrs. Julia Malone Stroud, ’74              Roberta Green and Bill Wheeler, ’71
     Peggy Lampley Robeson, ’60               Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stroup              Mr. and Mrs. Les Whitaker
     Mrs. Anne Kerrigan Robinson, ’66         Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Stuart               Ms. Bailey White, ’65
     Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robinson               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Stumb, ’60        Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Whitmore
     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Rolin            The Stumpf Family                          Mrs. Kathy Fox Whitney, ’82
     Ms. Mary Crain Rose                      Sugar Hill Farms                           Mrs. James J. Wieck
     Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Rowan, ’74             Jane H. Sullivan                           Mr. and Mrs. Don Williams
     Patrick E. and Adele J. Rowan            Mrs. Theresa Bell Sullivan, ’64            Mrs. Helen H. Williams
     Mr. and Mrs. James T. Russell Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. W. Laurence Sullivan, Jr.     Mrs. Shirley Vaughn Williams
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Ryan             Mrs. Stephanie Crews Sundock, ’83          Mrs. Betty O. Williamson
     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Sadler, ’69       Mrs. Sandra McMillin Sutterlin, ’64        Juanita Wilson
     Mrs. Melanie Liebhart Sadler, ’67        Target                                     Ms. Judy Wilson, ’68
     Dr. and Mrs. Harry Sanders               Mr. and Mrs. Everett E. Templeton          Mrs. Vicki L. Wilson
     Ms. Mary Sanders, ’67                    Mrs. Lucy Barrett Thomason, ’77            Mr. Robert R. Woodall
     Mr. and Mrs. R. Christopher Saxon, ’80   Mrs. Susy Reynolds Thombs, ’59             Mrs. Donna Brown Woods, ’66
     Mr. Joseph P. Sbuttoni, Sr.              Ms. Donna P. Thompson                      Dr. Patricia D. Woods, ’66
     Mrs. Therese Howell Scha uetzel, ’58     Thomson Tax & Accounting Corporate         Mrs. Patsy Batson Wrenne, ’53
     Mrs. Ellen Brown Schenk, ’60               Communications                           Joseph M. (Jack) and Cynthia L. Yackow
     Susan J. Schultheiss                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Tidwell, ’69       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Yackow
     Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schulz                Mr. and Mrs. Carter R. Todd                Mrs. Ellen McDonald Yandell, ‘80
     Mrs. Susan Durrett Scully, ’68           Mrs. Imelda Wehby Todd                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Yates, ‘56
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Semenick         Mrs. Margaret Campion Tolleson, ’42        Ms. Katherine Zimmer
     Mrs. Carolyn Graham Shanks, ’57          Ann Langdon Trent ‘85
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Shea             Mrs. Charlotte Whittington Troutman, ’37
     Ms. Sarah Shea, ’88                      Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tucciarone
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sheehan, ’79         Lizette Tucker
     Miss Aimee Shelide                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tully
     Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sherlock               Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Tully
     Mrs. Patsy Dunne Shipley, ’67            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Etten
     Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shofner              Mrs. Ginger Paris Van Sant, ’74
     Ms. Angela Siefker                       Ms. Frances Anne Varallo, ’63
     Mr. and Mrs. Steve Simms                 Mr. William P. Varley, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Simon             Pier S. Vaughn
     Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Simpson, ’46     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Volz, ’77
     Robbie & Leigh Sinks, ’20                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Vorholt
     Mr. and Mrs. James Smallwood             Mrs. Catherine Stuart Vrettos, ’98
     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edward Smith           The Wahl Family
     Mrs. Joan McCoy Smith                    Mrs. Beth Hailey Walker
     Mrs. Kathy Warner Smith, ’69             Ms. Joanne Collins Walker, ’52
     Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Smith                Miss Marye L. Walker, ’81
     Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Snyder              Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wall
                                                                                         Sophomore Sarah Grubbs plays soccer this fall.

14         Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                             Alumnae <<

Working for You
Dear fellow alumnae,

As we move toward our 150th anniversary
celebration I am filled with gratitude and
anticipation. I am very grateful for your
participation in our alumnae events and look
forward to seeing more of you in the future.

It has been a busy year. We paid homage to
tradition with our annual Easter Egg Hunt,
Alumnae Luncheon, and Alumnae Memorial
Mass. Two new events were created this year.
Ladies of all ages enjoyed an afternoon of
activities and refreshments with Cinderella just
before the matinee performance of the Academy’s
play. On the evening of Nov. 20 we held our
first annual vespers service in commemoration
                                                   Mary Ellen Brown Schenk, ‘60, Monica Lewis Nimmo, ‘ 60, Connie Overbey Luttrell, ‘61,
of St. Cecilia Day. Chenoa Jacobs our director     Joan Mezzatesta Eddins, ‘60, Peggy Lampley Robeson, ‘60, Judy Shanks Schenk, ‘60,
                                                   attended the annual Alumnae Memorial Mass.
of alumnae relations deserves credit for the
creation and execution of these events. I cannot
adequately express how blessed we are to have
her and how dedicated she is to our mission.
Please know that these events are planned to
help us stay connected to one another and our
shared history. Thank you for your continued
support. We look forward to seeing you in the
new year.

Allison Sheehan, ’79

President, St. Cecilia Academy Alumnae
                                                   Overbrook seventh-graders Micah                Alumna Katie Crenshaw Torbus, ’99,
                                                   Matthews, left, and Maddy Marchetti,           attended Tea with Cinderella with her
                                                   spent the night at St. Cecilia Academy         daughter Riley.
                                                   during “Wake Me Up at SCA” this fall.

                                                                                                   HarpStrings * Win t e r 2009        15
>> Alumnae

      More Alumnae Getting
      Involved at SCA
      By Chenoa Jacobs, Alumnae Director
      When students returned to campus this fall, alumnae did as
      well. This fall was packed with alumnae events both old and

      The SCA Alumnae Association held its rst set of class agent
      meetings at the White House with 25 agents attending. These
      agents will be volunteering in several ways: archiving old
      photographs, hosting parties at their homes to help identify
      some of the old photographs, and updating records.

      The annual Alumnae Memorial Mass at the Motherhouse
      was one of the largest attended events of the year with more
      than 200 people in attendance. Shortly after that event, the
      Alumnae Association hosted “Tea with Cinderella” prior to             SCA students, from left, Leah Moran, Claire Horrell, Eliza Nagle, Elizabeth
      one of the performances of the SCA fall musical, Cinderella.          Leftwich meet Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN, during Interim. Jill Bader, ‘01,
      Daughters, nieces, granddaughters and friends of alumnae              organized the internships for SCA students.
      came dressed in their favorite princess dress and colored
      pictures of Cinderella, met and took pictures with her, and           Betty Bader, director of enrollment management, and the SCA
      had a snack before heading off to the performance. This year          Ambassadors hosted a “Wake Me Up at SCA” sleepover party
      the Association held its rst Alumnae St. Cecilia Day Vespers.         for middle school girls interested in attending St. Cecilia.
      Alumnae gathered in the SCA Chapel for prayers on Nov.                The evening included a pizza party, attending a performance
      20, the evening before St. Cecilia Day was celebrated at the          of Cinderella, games, and a slumber party. Several alumnae
      Academy. Alumnae left work a little early to be on campus             volunteered to chaperone for the evening: Noel Pittman,
      for 20 minutes of prayers and a reception before heading              ’01; Sarah Vorholt and Lily Palmer, both ’02; and Mandy
      home for the evening. The event will likely become one of the         Laszewski, ’04. In addition, several dozen alumnae answered
      Association’s newest traditions.                                      the call to host a student for this year’s Interim. Interim is
                                                                            a six-day period following Christmas break when students
      While events are a wonderful way to reconnect with SCA,               explore non-traditional learning opportunities through
      more and more alumnae are coming back to SCA to help                  travel, internships, or special classes. Alumnae who hosted
      out with current student programs. For the rst time this fall         interns this year are: are Jennifer Niemeyer Harwell, ’89, at
                                                                            Nashville in Motion; Dolly Castelli Garay, ’98, at Vanderbilt’s
                                                                            Neuro ICU; Ann Cannon, ’84, at Redpepper, Inc.; Dr. Laura
                                                                            Pierce at Interfaith Dental Clinic, Lindsey Deweese at the
                                                                            Tennessee Society of CPA’s; and Jill Bader, ’01, on Capitol Hill
                                                                            in Washington, D.C. Many more alumnae volunteered to host
                                                                            interns but those listed above were able to t the needs of the
                                                                            students this year.

                                                                            Heading into 2009 and toward the Academy’s 150th
                                                                            anniversary celebration, the connection with alumnae grows
                                                                            more important. If you would like to volunteer to help at a
                                                                            school event, work as a class agent, or get involved in the
                                                                            planning of the sesquicentennial, contact Chenoa Jacobs at the
      Alumna Angela Cooper Plasko, ’90, attended Tea with Cinderella with
      her daughters Ella and Caroline.                                      Alumnae Of ce at 298-4525, ext 288.

 16          Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                                              Alumnae <<

                                                         SCA alumna selected as a
                                                         Fulbright scholar after working
                                                         to foster free trade in South
Jenevieve Doerr models some of the native products
                                                         “The doors we open and close each day
she helped to promote as a tradable good in South
                                                         decide the lives we live.” ~Flora Whittemore
Jenevieve Doerr, ’01, was recently awarded           thought so; I just needed to gure out how.
a Fulbright U.S. student scholarship to
Spain in business management by the                  “I began to research NAFTA, eventually
United States Department of State and the            writing my senior thesis on the ethics of
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship             the agreement. I took an internship with
Board. Doerr, who graduated from Boston              a Salvadoran non-pro t working in their
College, is one of over 1,450 U.S. citizens          fair trade program, helping to market and
who will travel abroad for the 2008-2009             sell its fairly traded goods from its partner
academic year through the Fulbright U.S.             cooperatives. Upon graduation, I moved to
Student Program.                                     Cusco, Peru to do pro-bono work writing
                                                     a small business plan for a non-pro t that      Jenevieve Doerr visits with SCA’s Dr. Robert Collins
The Fulbright Program, America’s agship              specializes in the preservation of textiles     during this fall’s golf tournanment.
international educational exchange program,          while creating a sustainable form of income
operates in over 155 countries worldwide.            for more than 550 weavers and their families. providing opportunities for people from
                                                                                                     all over the world to participate in cultural
This is not the rst time Doerr has studied           “My experiences have taught me that by          exchanges.
outside of the U.S. She participated in a            working through business and economics,
study abroad program on the U.S./Mexico              not against them, I can truly make a            “I was interested in applying for a Fulbright
border that got her interested in the North          difference. But I know I need to learn          Scholarship during my senior year of
American Free Trade Agreement. She ended             more. With a degree in international            college, but could never narrow down
up going back to South America after                 management, I will have the skills to do the    my list of possible project topics. Last
earning her undergraduate degree.                    best job possible, while helping as many        year, when I was looking at different MBA
                                                     organizations as possible.”                     programs, I discovered that my top choice of
“I had heard about NAFTA growing up,                                                                 International MBA program was partnered
but never really knew what it was,” Doerr            That’s where the Fulbright program comes in. with the Fulbright Exchange Commission. It
wrote to HarpStrings from Spain about how                                                            is truly the opportunity of a lifetime that just
she got interested in the subject. “A free           “The doors I have opened and closed in my       happened to present itself.”
trade agreement that reduces or eliminates           lifetime have led me to the life I live today,”
taxes on virtually all goods traded between          Doerr continued. “My choice to spend a          “My experience at St. Cecilia and Overbrook
countries? It sounded perfect, but if it was         semester on the U.S./Mexico border ignited      always taught me to strive to learn the truth,
as perfect as it seemed, why were thousands          a passionate desire to help those who may       and to be con dent in my abilities,” she
of Mexican nationals trying to cross into the        not have as many doors to open as I have.       said. “My time on The Dominican Campus
U.S. everyday? Why were people living in             With the help of the Fulbright and an           and the teachers I had at St. Cecilia always
cardboard houses? It all sounded so logical          International MBA, I will be able to open       demanded excellence, and always believed
and yet something needed to change. It hit           more doors for more people, and possibly a      we girls could do more. They instilled in me
me like a door in the face. Could I work             few new doors of my own.”                       a desire to succeed, a curiosity for learning,
through the system to change the system? I                                                           and the tools necessary to do so.”
                                                     Doerr said the program has a reputation for

                                                                                                                   HarpStrings * Win t e r 2009      17
>> Alumnae

      Class Notes
      Peggy DeFreece Dean, ’79,            and Julie, 4. Kathy works as an       Michelle Fontaine, ’01,
      recently saw her daughter Molly      ophthalmologist and ophthalmic        graduated from the University
      con rmed at St. Matthew Catholic     surgeon (who specializes in           of Virginia in 2005 with a
      Church in Charlotte, N.C.            glaucoma and cataract surgery) in     bachelor’s of science in electrical
      Molly loves music and took the       a large hospital in Antwerp, in a     engineering and earned her
      con rmation name of Cecilia. Her     team of 15 ophthalmologists.          master’s degree in electrical
      con rmation date also coincided                                            engineering in 2008. She married
      with St. Cecilia’s feast day.                                              Andrew Sallans in August 2008
                                           Erin G. Edwards, ’95,
                                                                                 at the UVA Chapel. She works in
                                           graduated with an MSJ degree
                                                                                 the National Ground Intelligence
      Amy Kysar Steckel, ’79,              from Northwestern University’s
                                                                                 Center for the U.S. Army and          Claire Davis, ’91, gave birth to Leyla
      now lives in Minneapolis. Her        Medill School of Journalism in
                                                                                 lives in Charlottesville, Va.         Catherine Davis Nov. 7, 2008. Leyla
      husband is vice president of         December. This fall, she worked                                             is already feeling the SCA spirit! Go
      business development for BAE         as a Web and multimedia                                                     Scarabs!
      systems. Amy is a volunteer at the   producer for the International        Kathryn Jean Clippard
                                                                                                                       Browning Songs,” followed by
      local hospital, for a homework       Herald Tribune in Paris, France.      McClelland, ’01, and Dr. Collin
                                                                                                                       pieces by John Duke, Vittorio
      center and for a local elementary                                          Matthew McClelland were
                                                                                                                       Giannini, Edwin Penhorwood
      school when she is not running                                             married on April 26, 2008, at St.
                                           Monica Fontaine Huson, ’98,                                                 and Andre Pevin. The 40-minute
      her Internet franchise.                                                    Rita’s Catholic Church in Santa
                                           graduated from the University                                               recital concluded with Samuel
                                                                                 Rosa Beach, Fla. The bride is a
                                           of Dayton in 2002 with a degree                                             Barber’s “Knoxville: Summer of
                                                                                 graduate of St. Louis University
      Kathy Hondeghem, ’89, is living      in chemical engineering and                                                 1915.”
                                                                                 and now a senior account
      in Lier, Belgium. She attended       married Ben Huson in 2005 at
                                                                                 executive with Fleishman-
      medical school at the Catholic       the Cathedral of the Incarnation.
                                                                                 Hillard, an international public
                                                                                                                       Sarah Case Kurek,
      University of Leuven. There          She currently works in the U.S.
                                                                                 relations rm. The groom is a          ‘39, shared this
      she met her husband, Johan           Patent Of ce as a primary patent                                            memory with SCA
                                                                                 graduate of St. Louis University
      Frans, (who is also a doctor) and    examiner and lives in Fishersville,                                         as it celebrated St.
                                                                                 School of Medicine and is now a
      married in 1997. They have three     Va.                                                                         Cecilia’s Feast Day
                                                                                 medical resident specializing in
      children: Thomas, 8, Margaux, 7,
                                                                                 ophthalmology at Washington           Nov. 21, 2008:
                                                                                 University in St. Louis.
                                                                                                                       “St. Cecilia’s feast day is of
                                                                                                                       special memory to me as that
                                                                                 Brigitte Fontaine, ’03,               was the day I first arrived as a
                                                                                 graduated with a bachelor’s of        boarding student at SCA. The
                                                                                   ne arts from the University of      year was 1935, and the start of
                                                                                 Dayton in 2007. She teaches           the four happiest years of my
                                                                                 K-6 art at Mont Eagle School          school experience. I graduated
                                                                                                                       in 1939.”
                                                                                 in Fairfax County, Va., a school
                                                                                 where most of her kindergartners      Her son Michael Kurek sent
                                                                                 do not speak English. She lives       greetings to SCA this fall, “As I
                                                                                 in Alexandria, Va.                    recall mom telling it, she arrived
                                                                                                                       by train at the Union Station
                                                                                                                       (now a hotel, then the only
                                                                                 Lindsay Kerrigan, ’03,                main hub of travel in and out
                                                                                 currently a doctoral candidate        of Nashville) and was met there
                                                                                 at the Indiana University School      personally by Mother Reginald
                                                                                 of Music, performed recently          Gorman (her cousin). Mom
                                                                                 as soprano, singing a program         later served a term as president
                                                                                 titled, “Songs of Love and Loss.”     of the St. Cecilia Alumnae
                                                                                 It began with a three-song set
 Kathy Hondeghem, ’89, and her family – husband Johan Fransren and their         by Amy Beach titled, “Three
 children Julie, 4, Thomas, 8, and Margaux, 7 – in Lier, Belgium.

 18          Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
                                                                                                                                      Alumnae <<

                                                                                                     Jean Maudling Hite, ’46, author of
                                                                                                     “We Love You St. Cecilia”

                                                                                                     Nancy Mudd O’Connor, ’76, sister
                                                                                                     of Mallory Mudd Martin, ’84, and
                                                                                                     Monica Mudd Bolin, ’87

                                                                                                     Jeanie Vaughn Prather, ’67

                                                                                                     Frances Rita Johnson Stevens, ’42,
                                                                                                     sister of Winifred “Wincy” Johnson
                                                                                                     Cumfer, ’43

                                                                                                     Georgia Laws Wilson, ’56

Sara Parish DeVries, ’01, was given a “Come for Coffee and Take a Peek” in Nashville after           Family of Alumnae:
her new baby Elisabeth Parish DeVries was born in Ecuador. Sara and her husband are doing            1890’s-1920’s
missionary work there. Pictured from left are Elizabeth Hance, Sara Brunette, Helen Adelman,         Richard L. Bevington, son of Mary
Elizabeth Parish DeVries, Sara Parish DeVries, Margot Gaston and Mary Ladd Kane. All the             Halloran Bevington (deceased),
women are members of the Class of 2001.                                                              ’15, and father of Carol Bevington
                                                                                                     Parriott, ’70

                                                                                                     Margaret “Lobby” Elizabeth Miller
                                                                                                     Wood n, granddaughter of Elizabeth
                                                                                                     Sullivan Jenkins (deceased), 1898,
                                                                                                     daughter of Elizabeth Jenkins Miller
                                                                                                     (deceased), ’24, sister of Mary Helen
                                                                                                     Miller Klem, ’62

                                                                                                     Ben Harrington, brother of Sr. Mary
                                                                                                     Damian, O.P. (deceased), ’39

                                                                                                     Charles Anthony “Tony” Hostettler,
                                                                                                     husband of Christina Dobbs
                                                                                                     Hostettler (deceased), ’48, and
                                                                                                     father of Tina Hostettler Whitley,

                                                                                                     Walter L. Jungman, husband of
                                                                                                     Elizabeth Young Jungman, ’44
Heather Yopp, ’02, celebrates her recent wedding to Graham Honeycutt with her SCA
schoolmates, from left, Kyle Hutcherson Coste, Elise Howorth, Mary Mattingly, Megan Hatch,                     .
                                                                                                     Dr. Nick F Varallo, Jr., son of Frances
Lindsey Kerrigan, Lily Palmer, Katie Sullivan, Blair Rowan; front row, Aimee Shelide, Heather Yopp   Petrucelli Varallo (deceased),
Honeycutt, Amanda Jarrad and Jessica Liccup. All of the alumnae are from the Class of 2002           ’31, and brother of Aurelia Varallo
                                                                                                     Mariani (deceased), ’51, and
except Lindsey Kerrigan who graduated in 2003.

                                                                                                           HarpStrings * Win t e r 2009        19
>> Alumnae

      Frances Anne Varallo, ’63           Shirley G. Brantley, mother of     90’s-00’s                          Fred Young, grandfather of
                                          Dr. Kelley Brantley Harris, ’82    Augusta Brown Colvin,              Brittany Dobbs, ’04, and
      Jean Hix Worden, sister of                                             grandmother of Meaghan             Hayley Dobbs, ’08
      Gayle Hix (deceased), ’46,          James H. “Hollis” Clayton, Jr.,    Colvin, ’08
      and Carolyn Hix Formosa             grandfather of Lisa Clayton
      (deceased), ’49                     Henderson, ’84, Susan              Donald H. Deutsch, grandfather     Former faculty and staff
                                          Clayton Kennedy, ’88, and          of Leah Deutsch, ’08, and          Sr. Mary Eileen, O.P., former
                                          Carole Clayton Reinke, ’97         Rachel Deutsch, current            SCA piano teacher
      50’s-60’s                           Alexander B. Croce, father of
      Charles James Beardsworth Sr.,      Joan Croce Grim, ’72, and Dr.      William S. Frakes, father of
      father of Helen Beardsworth         Jean Croce Hemphill, ‘72           Elizabeth Frakes, ’04, Corinne
                                                                             Frakes, ’05, Maureen Frakes,
                                                                                                                SCA Class
      Baggett Carlisle, ’66, and
      grandfather of Phyllis Sloan        Sara C. Duke, mother of Melissa    attended, and Lillian Frakes,      of 1951
      Fridrich, ’89                       Duke Halliburton, ’76              current freshman
                                          Barbara W. Fridrich, mother of
      Mary Bryan Proctor Britt, mother
                                          Lisa Fridrich Grayson, ’78
                                                                             Rev. Robin Clay Hall, father of    needs your
      of Susan Britt Ritter, ’64                                             Ariel Hall, ’04 and Julia Moore
                                                                             Hall, current senior               help!
      Mattie Lou Moore Collins,           Marjorie Smith Bibb Gunnon,
      mother of Kay Collins               grandmother of Elizabeth           Mary S. Heckman, grandmother
                                          Elliston Josephson, ’75                                               Janis Arnold, ’51, was
      McGivaren, ’64                                                         of Katie Elliston, ‘04

                                          Lois Smith Nolan, grandmother                                         assistant editor of the
      Richard H. “Dick” Dunn, father                                         Frank O. Marcy, Jr., brother of
      of Mary Bess Dunn, ’66, and         of Cynthia Rose Murr, ’89          Anne Marcy, ’99                    Cecilian in 1951 and wrote
      grandfather of Genie Dunn
                                          Dr. Henry P. Pendergrass, father   Ila M. Sain Molteni, grandmother   the class poem under the
      Kastrup, ’92, and Melissa
                                          of Lisa Pendergrass Johnson        of Laura Molteni McKay, ’00,
      Dunn, ’00                                                                                                 direction of Sister Dorothea,
                                          (deceased), ’82, and Debbie        and Anna Molteni, ’04
      Copus Jean Fogarty, mother of       Pendergrass Reaves, ’83
                                                                                                                O.P. A lot of memories were
      Patti Fogarty, ’69 and Toni                                            William H. Newton, Jr.,
                                          Sophie G. Plaster, mother of       grandfather of Elise Howorth,      wiped out when she lost
      Fogarty, ’71
                                          Mary Joan Plaster, ’72             ’02
                                                                                                                her only copy of the Cecilian
      Margaret Gaffney, mother of
                                          Dr. Charles David Scheibert,       Julia Sills, mother of Whitney
      Peggy Forsberg Guyn, ’62                                                                                  when Hurricane Katrina hit
                                          father of Mary Louise              Sills, ’04
                                          Scheibert Gill, ’80                                                   her former home in New
                                                                             John Donald “Jack” Smith,
                                          Bernard Douglas “Doug” Shelton,    grandfather of Kelley Linehan,     Orleans. It would mean a
      70’s-80’s                           brother of Trisha Shelton
      Asa R. Ambrister, father of Betsy                                      ’06, and Teresa Linehan,
                                          Selph, ’72
                                                                                                                great deal to her to be able
      Ambrister Shirley, ’85                                                 current sophomore
                                                                                                                to retrieve a copy of the
                                          Thayer C. Smith, father of Betsy   W. Paul Stacey, Sr., husband of
      Mary Margaret K. Augustine,
                                          Smith Hunt, ’85                    Jean Stacey, SCA receptionist,     paper from someone who
      mother of Susan Augustine
      Mayes, ’71, and grandmother of                                         grandfather of Jean Augustine
                                          Mary Emily Taylor, mother of                                          had one and could part with
      Jean Augustine Taber, ’97, and                                         Taber, ’97, and Maria
                                          Myra Jane Taylor Muldowney,
      Maria Augustine, ’02                                                   Augustine, ’02                     it (or a copy of it someway).
                                                                             Edward Allen Taylor, father of     Contact Chenoa Jacobs in
      James Barr, father of Michelle      Peggy Cook War eld, mother of
      Barr Haase, ’79                                                        Ann Taylor Robinson, ’91
                                          Muff War eld Alsup, ’80                                               the SCA alumnae office at

      Raymond W. Beazley, Sr., father                                        Pauline I. Wilson, grandmother     292-4525 ext. 288, if you
                                          Kathryn W. Warren, mother of
      of Donna Beazley Drinkwine,                                            of Lindsay Wilson, ’05, and
                                          Edie Warren Spain, ’72
      ’71                                                                    Michelle Wilson, ’08               can help.

 20          Winter 2009 * HarpStrings
Golf Tournament 2008
                                                                                of Events
                                                                                Calendar of events
                                                                               * March 5                   Women and Financial Planning Lecture
                                                                                April 2-5                  The Miracle Worker
                                                                                April 4                    Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt
                                                                                April 17                   Dance Ensemble Performance
                                                                                April 25                   Prom
From left, Matt Miller, Mike Moran, Mike Marchetti, and Tony Pearson enjoy a
round of golf as a foursome.
                                                                                May 1                      May Procession
                                                                                May 16                     Sports Banquet
                                                                                May 22                     Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation
                                                                                June 6                     106th Annual Alumnae Luncheon

                                                                                See Web site for detailed calendar for events:
                                                                                *For more on the Lecture Series visit:

                                                                               SCA wants to hear from
                                                                               Send your information and exciting news to:

From left , Dane Lucas, Pat Skees, Dan Pawley, and Mark Pfeiffer, came from    Mail:
Kentucky to participate in the event.
                                                                                c/o SCA Alumnae
                                                                                4210 Harding Road
                                                                                Nashville, TN 37205

                                                                                or call (615)298-4525, ext. 288

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                                                                               e-newsletters? Please make sure we
                                                                               have your e-mail address so you can stay
From left, Mike Jacobs, Charlie Vaughn, Jim Jacobs and Blake Newton take a
break on the course. Mr. Vaughn is an SCA dad. His foursome was made up of
some of his work colleagues.

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          Nearly 150 years of memories...
Members of the 1961 Varsity Basketball Team are, front row, Ann Guepe,’63, Kay Murphree, ’64, Marjorie Black, ’62, Pat Corcoran, ’61, Lisa Braden, ’63, Jane Polk,
’62, Kathy Musgrove, ’62; back row, Betty Scheffer, ’63, Mary Holter, ’62, Pam Fields, ’62, and Rita Oakes, ’64; and center manager Virginia Ferrell, ’62.

       St. Cecilia Academy
       4210 Harding Road
       Nashville, TN 37205


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