2009 exhibitors - TVET Events by liwenting


									Organisation                                Contact Person                            Contact number Yes    No
1494 2AY                                    Simon Corr                                      60234111
A/W Community College                       Claire Cooper            02 6043 8200
AWAIRH - Albury Wodonga Allies In Rural Health                                            357541602
AFL Sports Ready                            Paul Broderick                                386633037
A/W Regional GP Network                     Ali Jansen                                     60491903 yes
Surveying task force                        Lauren Cockerall                              393268173
ATEL                                        Lucille Trevaskis                            6040240814
Australian Brick & Blocklaying              Jane alexander                                392095948
Australian College Hair & Beauty            Jessica Wallace                                60244022
Australian Psychology Society               Lea Casey                                     418967953
Border Architects Group                     Telons 60215811 Kevin                          60246566 ?
Charles Sturt University                    Rebecca Gale Collins                           60519962
Civil Contractors Federation                Faye Doherty                                  398195170
College of Creative Arts & Tech             Chris King/tom travica   (03) 9815 2228
Country Energy                              Vivienne Thatcher                             263383558
Defence Force Recruiting                    Nathan Carpenter                               60514999   yes
Dpt Ageing Disability & Home Care           Genief Cornish                                 60417730   yes
Department of Education                     Joan Lyons                                     60514322   yes
Furnishing Industry Assoc Aust              Robert Cole                                   243402000   yes
Hospitality on Wheels - part of Steel Steel Joy Campbell             (02) 6056 1944
Hume Animal Hospital                        Jenny Oeser                                      60254088 yes
Hume Building Society                       Anna Newth                                       60513226 yes
Jacob Group of Companies                    Abby Pasqualotto            On Maternity Leave - 60559999

John Hossacks Funerals                     Kelly lees                                       6041 3855
La Trobe University                        Leo Whyte                                        60249785 yes
Lutheran Aged Care                         Need Name                                        60421188
Murray Allied Health Rural Society         contact CSU                                   need number
Mars Petcare                               Erin Bye                                         60555195
Master Builders Association                Jarrod Flannigan                                394114522
MEGT                                       Ty Boddenberg                                    60564355 yes
Mission Australia Apprenticeships          Susan Bruce               02 6041 5155
MP Personnel & Training                    Ernist Whitehead                                60416286
Murray Arts Inc                            Vivien Naimo                                    60215034 yes
Murray Goulburn Co-Op Ltd                  Jane Delaney                                    60279255
Murray School of Education            contact CSU           (02) 6051 6000
National Bank of Australia            Lindsay Miller        02) 6058 6700
National Dairy education              Donna Jack                              need number
NSW Fire Brigade                      Cpt Chris Brosolo                          60252443 no
Parks Victoria                        John Mcdonald                             357208190
Riverina Institute of TAFE            Jane Childs                                60582868 yes
Rural Ambulance Victoria                                                     phone number
Rural Skills Australia                Gordan Griffin                            358211522
School of Environmental Science       contact CSU           (02) 6051 6000
Smartair                              James Butler                              60212929 yes
SP-AUSNET                             Sarah monaghan                           396956418
Wodonga Real Estate                   Clinton Harvey                            60561888 yes
BAE Systems (was Tenix)
UNSW Rural Clinical School            Nanette Sweeney                           60421311 yes
Victorian Police                      Srgt Ceryn Campbell                       60492600 yes
Wilson Transformer                    Shane Clarke                              60245944 yes
Wodonga Institute of TAFE - BCSI      Katie Griggs                                       yes
Wodonga Institute of TAFE - TRAVEL    Katie Griggs                                       yes
Wodonga Institute of TAFE - TERT ED   Katie Griggs                                       yes
Woolworths Wodonga RDC                Ben Randell                               60428216
YES                                   Jude Wilson                               60586270
workways youth pathways               Steven Gardiner                                    yes

same contact number - both at CSU
cannot find
email address                 fax                         Other info
                                                         Message left
reception@awcc.edu.au         02 6056 1612              Check Number
                                                        Check number

                                                 Not near Noisy Army Truck

                                                         message left

                                                           message left
                                                 Not willing to be the only ones

                                                   will ring back on Thursday
n/a                           (03) 9815 2229                check number
                                                          ring Wednesday
                                                   will ring back on Thursday

                              (02) 6056 2117             check number

                              6021 5211

                                                         messaga left

www.missionaustralia.com.au   02 6041 5066              check number
                                                         message left
                                                Careers in the Arts on Banner
n/a   n/a
n/a   (02) 6021 0523

                           cannot do cross border need to contact CFA

                       James away on a charter - flying@smartair.com.au
                              on leave until 15/7/10 message left

                                 Srgt Ceryn Campbell on leave
                                    Shane on hols 6 weeks

                                         message left
                                         message left
business                   contact person
Parker Hannifin

NE Water
Albury Library
Willmott Forests
Uncle Tobys
City of Wodonga
Law Society
Racing Victoria
Border Mail
Kennedy Meats

     Work Field - Occupation                               business in area
                               Mental Health Greater Albury, Albury Wodonga Health - Albury Campus, Emergency Departm
              nursing                             Albury Campus, Albury, Albury Community Mental Health
journalism                     Border Mail,
pre school teacher                       west albury preschool, albury pre-school, moresby park pre-school, Kids On Camp
agricutlure scientist          ?
chiropractor                                                                     ,           ,
                                                             Albury Chiropractic‎ Maguire Tim‎ Myrtleford Chiropractic Cent
costume designer               ?
lighting technition            ?
curator                        ?
orthadontist                                                                    ,              ,                 ,
                                                     Allan J Ward Orthodontist‎ Appleyard John‎ Wendy Song Dr‎ Strumen
dentist                                                                                    ,
                                                 Albury Dental & Community Health Centre‎ Albury Wodonga Health Public
event coordinator
fashion design
financial planner
flight attendant
food technology
personal trainer
pastoral care
software & web development
speech pathologist
sports physio
spray painter/panel beater
wine making /viticulture
sports management
lab technition
human resources
travel agent
graphic design
make up artist
dress maker
boat making
                     contact number                 yes        no           email address
                     (02) 60557100
                     (02) 6022 0555
                     02 6023 8333

                     02) 6022 9300

      business in area
 Albury, Albury Wodonga Health - Albury Campus, Emergency Department -
bury Campus, Albury, Albury Community Mental Health

preschool, albury pre-school, moresby park pre-school, Kids On Campus, springdale heights

                           ,            ,
        Albury Chiropractic‎ Maguire Tim‎ Myrtleford Chiropractic Centre‎

                          ,               ,              ,
 Allan J Ward Orthodontist‎ Appleyard John‎ Wendy Song Dr‎ Strumendo Danilo‎
                                     ,                                          ,
ury Dental & Community Health Centre‎ Albury Wodonga Health Public Dental Clinic‎
fax              notes

(02) 6024 7454
02 6023 8383

02) 6051 4199

02) 6022 9322
TIME                       SCHOOL                            NUMBER

9.00am - 10.30am           Xavier HS                                                  150
                           Albury Wodonga Catholic College                             15

10.00am - 11.30am          Murray High                                                 80
                           Marian College                                              28
                           Albury Wodonga Catholic College                             13
                           Billabong HS                                                70

11.00am-12.30pm            St Pauls College                                            25
                           Albury high School                110-150

12.45pm - 2.15pm           Albury Wodonga Catholic College                             18

1.30pm- 3.00om

NEW SOUTH WALES                                              VICTORIA
Albury High School                                           Albury Wodonga Community College
Billabong High School,                                       Beechworth SC
Border Christian College                                     Belvior Special School
Corowa High School                                           Bright P-12
James Fallon High School                                     Catholic College Wodonga
Finley High School                                           Corryong College
Kandeer School                                               Flying Fuit Flys School
Murray High School                                           Marian College Myrtleford
Oaklands Central School                                      Mt Beauty SC
St Paul’s College                                            Mt Carmel Christian School
The Scots School                                             Myrtleford P-12
Trinity Anglican College                                     Rutherglen HS
Urana Central School                                         Tallangatta SC
Xavier High School                                           Victory Luthernan College
                                                             Wodonga Senior Sec College
onga Community College

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