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Design a Training Course Template by rottentees


									Design a Training Course Template
This guide for creation of courseware is a Microsoft Word file. Fill in the boxes to
answer the questions. Anything can be reviewed and revised during the processes in order
to improve the design.

What are the goals of this     At the end of the training the employee will be able to:

What are the skills that       The employee must be able to:
must be mastered?
(List in sequential order
from beginning objectives
to final objectives.)

Under each skill that was listed above, list subordinate skills.

What written resources and     List the written resources and web sites:
internet web sites must the
employee study or use?

Highlight the resources in yellow that must be memorized for testing.
Highlight the resources in green that an employee must demonstrate understanding of
application in a practical scenario.

What skills should the         List skills or knowledge the employee must already know:
employee be able to
demonstrate before

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