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                                  World News Roundup


     ‘Space tourism’

 Russia plans
 orbiting hotel
 ZHUKOVSKY, Russia, Aug 19,
 (RTRS): A hotel in orbit, lunar
 sightseeing flights and luxury
 rides into the cosmos — all are
 part of Russia’s vision to ensure it
 is not left behind in the growing
 space tourism industry.
    Russian firms unveiled their
 plans at the country’s premiere air
 show this week at Zhukovsky,
 outside Moscow, saying the race
 was on to build a new craft to take
 people into space following the
                    retirement     of
                    Nasa’s      space
                    shuttle in April.
                       RKK Energia
                    unveiled plans
                    for a replace-
                    ment shuttle and
                    said it hoped to
                    build an orbit-
      Kostenko      ing hotel with
 room for seven guests by 2016.
 Other plans include flying tourists
 to the dark side of the moon and,
 by 2030, to Mars.
    “Space tourism is a real and
 fast-growing business,” said
 Sergei Kostenko, head of
 Russian         firm         Orbital
 Technologies, said at the MAKS
 air show. “Whoever builds the
 first new spaceship now will reap
 big dividends.”
    Although Russia currently
 holds a monopoly on rides to
 space aboard its Soviet-designed
 Soyuz, it starts at a disadvantage .
    Foreign experts say they doubt
 Russian firms can achieve their
 ambitious goals because they lack
 funding and even Russian offi-
 cials said it would be hard to rival
 US private sector firms now com-
 peting for contracts with Nasa.         This NASA image obtained Aug 18, shows a composite image of Chandra data in blue and                                   Observatory found that this pulsar, known as PSR J0357+3205 (or PSR J0357 for short), appar-
    Funding for the US space pro-        Digitized Sky Survey data in yellow. The position of the pulsar at the upper right end of the tail is                  ently has a long, bright X-ray tail streaming away from it. PSR J0357 was originally discovered by
 gramme is much higher and Nasa          seen by mousing over the image. The two bright sources lying near the lower left end of the tail are                   the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope in 2009. Astronomers calculate that the pulsar lies about
 is expected to forge ahead with         both thought to be unrelated background objects located outside our galaxy. A spinning neutron                         1,600 light years from Earth and is about half a million years old, which makes it roughly middle-
 building a new generation of craft      star is tied to a mysterious tail — or so it seems. Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray                             aged for this type of object. (AFP)
 capable of travelling into deep
 space, with flights into low Earth
 orbit outsourced to private firms.
    “The US has more possibilities                                                                              Archaeology
 than us right now,” said Alexander
 Derechin, deputy chief designer
 for Russia’s partly state-owned
 space contractor RKK Energia.
    He said the United States had
 made a “very wise decision” in
                                                                                                                             Unusual, stunningly personal discoveries put on display
 planning a state-funded spaceship
 for deep-space flight and that
 Russia faced tough competition
 from companies such as Boeing
 Co and Lockheed Martin as well
 as start-up firms.
                                                                                               Archaeologists comb POW camp
           Competitive                                                                         SAVANNAH, Georgia, Aug 19,                  of a grocery store in Michigan.            real historical treasures.                   scratched the surface. In July, they
    “But we must make a state-                                                                 (AP): When word reached Camp                   “These guys were rousted out in the        That changed last year when               used a metal detector to sweep two
 funded spaceship, though in such                                                              Lawton that the enemy army of Gen           middle of the night and loaded onto        Georgia Southern archaeology stu-            narrow strips about 240 yards
 a way that it is also commercially      In this undated photo provided by                     William T.Sherman was approach-             trains, so they didn’t have time to load   dent Kevin Chapman seized on an              (meters) long in the area where they
 competitive. It is a very difficult     Georgia Southern University, an                       ing, the prison camp’s Confederate          all this stuff up,” said David Crass, an   offer by the state Department of             believe prisoners lived.
 task,” Derechin said.                   1863 Grocer’s Token made of bronze                    officers rounded up their thousands         archaeologist who serves as director       Natural Resources to pursue his mas-            They found a diamond-shaped 3rd
    A decade after it flew the first     is shown at Camp Lawton a Civil                       of Union army POWs for a swift              of Georgia’s Historic Preservation         ter’s thesis by looking for evidence         Corps badge that came from a Union
 US millionaire to space in 2001,        War-era POW facility, near Millen,                    evacuation; they left behind rings,         Division. “Pretty much all they had        of Camp Lawton’s stockade walls on           soldier’s uniform. Nearby was the
 Energia plans a six-person shuttle      Georgia. This token was issued in                     buckles, coins and other keepsakes          got left behind. You don’t see these       the park grounds.                            ring with the same insignia soldered
 which it said would offer a softer      Niles, Michigan by C.A. Colby & Co                    that would remain undisturbed for           sites often in archaeology.”                  Chapman’s work stunned the pros           onto it.
                                         Wholesale Groceries and Bakery. It                                                                   Camp Lawton’s obscurity helped
 landing for the super-rich than its     circulated for the value of a cent.                   nearly 150 years.                                                                      as he uncovered much more than the              The artifacts also have yielded
 40-year-old Soyuz craft. It said it     Camp Lawton was built by the                             Archaeologists still are discover-       it remain undisturbed all these years.     remains of the stockade’s 15-foot pine       clues to what parts of the North the
 hoped it would be operating by          Confederacy to house about 10,000                     ing unusual, and sometimes stun-            Built about 50 miles (80 kms) south        posts. On neighboring land owned by          POWs came from, including the
 2015.                                   prisoners of war. But it abandoned                    ningly personal, artifacts a year after     of Augusta, the Confederate camp           the US Fish and Wildlife Service, he         token issued by a grocery store in
    “People paying for the most          after being used for only about six                   state officials revealed that a gradu-      imprisoned about 10,000 Union sol-         dug up remnants of the prisoners             Niles, Michigan, that customers
 expensive ticket in the world must      weeks in 1864 before Union Gen                        ate student had pinpointed the loca-        diers after it opened in October 1864      themselves — a corroded tourniquet           could use like cash to buy food.
 be comfortable, not scared,” said       William I. Sherman’s army arrived                     tion of the massive but short-lived         to       replace       the    infamous     buckle, a tobacco pipe with teeth            Stamped on its face was the mer-
 Vladimir        Pirozhkov,       who         and burned the camp. (AFP)                       Civil War camp in southeast                 Andersonville prison in southwest-         marks in the stem and a folded frame         chant’s name: G.A. Colbey and Co
 designed the model of the shuttle                                                             Georgia’s Atlantic coast.                   ern Georgia. The new camp lasted           that once held a daguerreotype.              Wholesale Groceries and Bakery.
 on show this week.                                                                               Discoveries made as recently as a        barely six weeks before Sherman’s             “They’re not just buttons and bul-           Similarly, there’s a buckle that
    “This is just a glance at the                                                              few weeks ago were being displayed          army arrived and burned it during his      lets,” Chapman said. “They’re little         probably clasped a pair of sus-
 future, but it is the ultimate trans-                                                         Thursday at the Statesboro campus           march from Atlanta to Savannah.            pieces of the story, and this is not the     penders bearing the name of
 portation dream. It should be                                                                 of Georgia Southern University.                           Historical                   story of battles and generals. This is       Nanawanuck             Manufacturing
 desirable.”                                                                                   They include a soldier’s copper ring           Barely a footnote in the war’s his-     the story of little people whose             Company in Massachusetts.
    Russia cannot sell tourist seats                                                           bearing the insignia of the Union           tory, Camp Lawton held a low prior-        names have been forgotten by histo-             Hooks and buckles that appear to
 until 2013. It is carrying European                                                           Army’s 3rd Corps, which had fought          ity among scholars. Its exact location     ry that we’re starting to piece togeth-      have come off a Union knapsack also
 and US astronauts — for more                                                                  bloody battles at Gettysburg,               was never verified. While known to         er and be able to tell.”                     hint that, despite harsh living condi-
 than $50 million a ride — on its                                                              Pennsylvania,       and     Manassas,       have been near Magnolia Springs               A year later, Chapman says he and         tions, captors probably allowed their
 single-use Soyuz capsule, the                                                                 Virginia, and a payment token               State Park, archaeologists figured the     fellow archaeology students working          Union prisoners to keep essentials
 only way of getting to the                     Root                  Parmesan
                                                                                               stamped with the still-legible name         camp was too short-lived to yield          at Camp Lawton still have barely             like canteens and bedrolls.
 International Space Station since
 the US shuttle was retired.
    Russian officials say at least
 one of four US companies at the
                                                 Discovery                                 ended around the late 1990s and the 2000s     2010 tied with 2005 for the hottest year     the Earth and changing the climate in sev-        As the temperatures soared in the
 forefront of the commercial                                                               were far hotter.                              on record. Gases from the burning of fos-    eral ways, according to the overwhelming       2000s, the species studied moved faster to
 space industry could develop                                                                 US government weather data show the        sil fuel, especially carbon dioxide, are     majority of scientists and the world’s top     cooler places, Parmesan said. She pointed
 space taxis by 2016 to take astro-      Animals move away from warming:                   last decade was the hottest on record, and    trapping heat in the atmosphere, warming     scientific organizations.                      specifically to the city copper butterfly in
                                         Animals across the world are fleeing global                                                                                                                                                 Europe and the purple emperor butterfly
 nauts into low Earth orbit, up to                                                                                                                                                                                                   in Sweden. The comma butterfly in
                                         warming by heading north much faster than
 an altitude of about 2,000 kms          they were less than a decade ago, a new                                                                                                                                                     Britain has moved more than 135 miles
 (1,250 miles).                          study says.                                                                                                                                         ‘Wildlife traffic’                      (217 kms) in 21 years, Thomas said.
    “We don’t want to come late to          About 2,000 species examined are                                                                                                                                                            Stanford University biologist Terry
 the market,” Derechin said.             moving away from the equator at an aver-                                                                                                                                                    Root, who wasn’t part of this study but
    Orbital Technologies said the        age rate of more than 15 feet (5 meters)                                                                                                        Three suspended                             praised it as clever and conservative,
 planned new spacecraft would be         per day, about a mile per year, according                                                                                                                                                   points to another species, the American
 able to take VIP clients to a hotel     to new research published Thursday in the                                                                                                       ARUSHA, Tanzania, Aug 19,                   pika, a rabbitlike creature that has been
 it plans to build in orbit 217 miles    journal Science which analyzed previous                                                                                                         (AFP): Tanzania has suspended               studied in Yellowstone National Park for
 above Earth, catering for guests        studies. Species are also moving up                                                                                                             three wildlife department officials         more than a century. (AP)
 paying about $1 million for a five-     mountains to escape the heat, but more                                                                                                          over an illegal shipment of                                 ❑     ❑     ❑
 day stay.                               slowly, averaging about 4 feet a year.                                                                                                          wildlife to Qatar in November
                                            The species — mostly from the Northern                                                                                                       2010, a minister told parliament.           Herder finds baby mammoth: A
    Orbital Technologies’ Kostenko       Hemisphere and including plants — moved                                                                                                            “They are suspended pending              reindeer herder in Russia’s Arctic has
 said the space hotel would be           in fits and starts, but over several decades it                                                                                                 the conclusions of investigations           stumbled on the pre-historic remains of a
 more comfortable than the space         averages to about 8 inches (20 centimeters)                                                                                                     into their actions,” Natural                baby woolly mammoth poking out of the
 station, but did not promise luxu-      an hour away from the equator.                                                                                                                  Resources and Tourism Minister              permafrost, local officials said on Friday.
 ry — vacationers would still have          “The speed is an important issue,” said        In this undated photo combination provided by the National Oceanic and                        Ezechiel Maige told a parliamen-               The herder said the carcass was as per-
 to eat space food, take sponge          study main author Chris Thomas of the             Atmospheric Administration show magnificent views of an orange goo that                       tary session late Thursday that             fectly preserved as the 40,000-year-old
 baths and use vacuum toilets            University of York. “It is faster than we         appeared Aug 3 along the shore of the village of Kivalina, Alaska. The goo                    was broadcast on national televi-           mammoth calf Lyuba discovered in the same
 because of weightlessness.              thought.”                                         turned out to be fungal spores, not millions of microscopic eggs as indicated                 sion. The three suspended are               remote region four years ago, authorities
                                            Included in the analysis was a 2003            by preliminary analysis, scientists said on Aug 18. Further tests with more                   the head of the wildlife depart-            said, adding that an expedition had set off
    Foreign space officials and                                                            advanced equipment showed the substance is consistent with spores from
                                         study that found species moving north at a                                                                                                      ment Obeid Mbangwa and two                  hoping to confirm the “sensational” find.
 experts said they doubted Russian       rate of just more than a third of a mile          fungi that create rust, which accounts for the color, said officials with the                                                                “If it is true what is said about how it is
                                                                                                                                                                                         of his colleagues.
 firms would be able to replace the      (500 meters) per year and up at a rate of 2       National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The substance quickly dis-                      Maige said at least 116 animals          preserved, this will be another sensation
 40-year-old Soyuz, much less            feet (0.61 meters) a year. Camille                sipated from the village lagoon and the Wulik River. But many of Kivalina’s                   and 16 birds, some of them pro-             of global significance,” expedition leader
 launch a space platform, as quick-      Parmesan of the University of Texas,              374 residents worried about the long-term effect on the water quality — and                   tected species, were illegally              Natalia Fyodorova said in a statement on
 ly as planned.                          who conducted that study, said the new            some wildlife, fish and plants they use for food — from a phenomenon they                     exported from Kilimanjaro airport .         the Arctic Yamalo-Nenetsk region’s offi-
                                         research makes sense because her data                                      had never seen before. (AP)                                                                                      cial website. (RTRS)

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