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					Dallas-Fort Worth
Private School Directory
Akiba Academy                             Anderson Private School for the Gifted,    972-771-5501                          Contact: Karen Vandiver
12324 Merit Dr.                           Talented, and Creative                   
214-295-3400                              14900 White Settlement Rd.,                Contact: Laurie Wilder                Specialty: ACE curriculum                      Fort Worth                                     Grades/Ages: K–12th
Contact: Mark Stolovitsky                 817-448-8484                               Specialty: Christian school                        Grades/Ages: Infant–K                 Bending Oaks High School
Specialty: Jewish school                  Contact: LeVonna and Dr. William C.                                              11884 Greenville Ave., Ste. 120
Grades/Ages: Infant–8th                   Anderson                                   Arlington Faith Academy               972-669-0000
                                                    5100 Hwy. 287, Arlington    
The Alexander School                      Specialty: Gifted and talented             817-483-0119                          Contact: Ande McNamara
409 International Pkwy., Richardson       Grades/Ages: K–12th                        Contact: Rita Pickett       
972-690-9210                                                                         Specialty: Abeka curriculum           Specialty: Small, relaxed, and flexible                   Ann & Nate Levine Academy–A Solomon        Grades/Ages: K–8th                    Grades/Ages: 7th–12th
Contact: David Bowlin                     Schechter School            18011 Hillcrest Rd.                        Ashbury Academy Montessori            Bent Tree Child Development Center
Specialty: College prep                   972-248-3032                               219 Executive Way, DeSoto             17275 Addison Rd., Addison
Grades/Ages: 8th–12th                                 972-780-4700                          972-931-0868
                                          Contact: Anna Popp, x 138              
Al-Hedayah Academy                                   Contact: Lakshmi Witharane            Contact: Donna Buss
8601 Randol Mill Rd., Fort Worth          Specialty: Jewish school              
817-265-6667                              Grades/Ages: Infant-8th                    Specialty: AMS member                 Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                                                      Grades/Ages: Infant–8th
Contact: Julia Nusrallah                  Apple Creek Private Preschool Allen                                              Bent Tree Episcopal School                    802 S. Alma Dr., Allen                     Ashley’s Private School               17405 Muirfield Dr.
Specialty: Islamic school                 972-396-0099                               310 W. Beltline Rd., Cedar Hill       972-248-7610
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–9th                          972-291-1313                
                                          Contact: Carol Thies                       Contact: Sharon Ashley                Contact: Monica Dalton
All Saints Catholic School                       
7777 Osage Plaza Pkwy.                    Specialty: Preschool                       Grades/Ages: Toddler–4th              Specialty: Christian school
214-217-3300                              Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K                                                       Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                                                  Autism Treatment Center
Contact: Mary Reiter                      Apple Creek Private Preschool              10503 Metric Dr.                      Berean Christian Academy                   7797 Stonebrook Pkwy., Frisco              972-644-2076                          1000 E. Sixth St., Irving
Specialty: Catholic school                972-334-0005                                         972-438-1440
Grades/Ages: K–8th                              Contact: Dr. Carolyn Garver 
                                          Contact: Karen Barron                            Contact: Leon Adkins
All Saints Catholic School–Fort Worth                       Specialty: Autistic treatment
2007 N. Houston St., Fort Worth           Specialty: Preschool                       Grades/Ages: Toddler–21 yrs.          Specialty: Christian school
817-624-2670                              Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K                                                       Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6 yrs.                                                      Balch Springs Christian Academy
Contact: Xavier L. Rodriguez              Arbor Acre Preparatory School              11524 Seagoville Rd., Balch Springs   Beth Torah Preschool & Kindergarten   8000 S. Hampton Rd.                        972-286-8511                          720 W. Lookout Dr., Richardson
Specialty: Catholic school                972-224-0511                               Contact: Rev. Preston Henderson       972-234-1542
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                                 Grades/Ages: K–12th         
                                          Contact: Mary Beth Cunningham                                                    Contact: Esther Cohen
All Saints’ Episcopal School                       Barbara Gordon Montessori School
9700 Saints Cir., Fort Worth              Specialty: Students with average to        1513 Hall Johnson Rd., Colleyville    Specialty: Jewish preschool
817-560-5700                              above-average IQs with dyslexia and        817-354-6670                          Grades/Ages: Infant–K                           ADD                              
Contact: Linda Sherlock                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                     Contact: Brenda O’Kelly               Bethany Christian School                                                                        3300 W. Parker Rd., Plano
Specialty: Episcopal school               Arbor Creek Montessori School              Grades/Ages: Infant–6th               972-596-5811
Grades/Ages: K–12th                       2713 Cookscreek Pl., Farmers Branch                                    
                                          972-406-8522                               Becky’s North East Private School     Contact: Dr. Marvin Effa
American Heritage Academy                              1923 Higgins Ln., Fort Worth
2660 E. Trinity Mills Rd., Carrollton     Contact: Angela Romine                     817-831-1122                          Specialty: Christian school
972-416-5437                                        Contact: Gean Fuqua                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                          Specialty: Montessori curriculum           Grades/Ages: Infant–K
Contact: Constance Williams               Grades/Ages: Infant–3rd                                                          Bethel Early Learning Center Inc.                                                              Bedford Christian School              11211 E. Northwest Hwy.
Specialty: Christian school               The Ark at First United Methodist Church   2503 Bedford Rd., Bedford             214-348-8375
Grades/Ages: K–12th                       of Rockwall                                817-267-1840                
                                          1200 E. Yellow Jacket Ln., Rockwall                          Contact: Cathy Burgess

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                                                                                  Rockwall Christian Academy—Warren Montessori School of Frisco

St. Mary of Carmel                       214-381-4973                         Contact: Jerry Barge                     Trinity Episcopal Preschool
1716 Singleton Blvd.                          3425 S. Bellaire Dr., Fort Worth
214-748-2934                             Contact: Fred Meyers                 Specialty: Christian school              817-926-0750                 Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th        
Contact: Deanna Santini                  Specialty: Catholic school                                                    Contact: Lynn Allen                       Grades/Ages: K–8th                   Temple Christian Schools       
Specialty: Parochial school                                                   6824 Randol Mill Rd., Fort Worth         Grades/Ages: Infant–K
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   St. Philip’s School                  817-457-0770
                                         1600 Pennsylvania Ave.                             Trinity Valley School
St. Monica Catholic School               214-421-5221                         Contact: Tammy Materne                   7500 Dutch Branch Rd.,
4140 Walnut Hill Ln.                                    Fort Worth
214-351-5688                             Contact: Michele Rochon              Specialty: Christian school              817-321-0100                         Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th        
Contact: Michael Burns                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th                                                        Contact: Judith Kinser                                                     Temple Emanu-El Preschool      
Specialty: Catholic school               St. Pius X Catholic School           8500 Hillcrest Rd.                       Specialty: College prep
Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                 3030 Gus Thomasson Rd.               214-706-0020                             Grades/Ages: K–12th
St. Patrick School                                 Contact: Shelly Sender                   Tyler Street Christian Academy
9635 Ferndale Rd.                        Contact: Carol Newman                        915 W. Ninth St.
214-348-8070                                   Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    214-941-9717            Specialty: Catholic school                                          
Contact: Sister Bernarda Bludau          Grades/Ages: K–8th                   Temple Shalom Preschool                  Contact: Karen Arenegger,                                              6930 Alpha Rd.                           elementary; Kelly Betts, secondary
Specialty: Parochial school              St. Rita Catholic School             972-661-5025                   
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   712 Weiler Blvd., Fort Worth               Specialty: Christian school
                                         817-451-9383                         Contact: Bonnie Rubinstein               Grades/Ages: Toddler–12th
St. Paul the Apostle               
720 S. Floyd Rd., Richardson             Contact: Charlene Hymel              Specialty: Jewish school, NAEYC          Unity Day School
972-235-3263                      accredited                               6525 Forest Ln.                  Specialty: Catholic school           Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K               972-233-7106
Contact: Carol Regeci                    Grades/Ages: K–8th                                                                                                    Today’s Child Montessori School          Contact: Jenny Olmsted
Specialty: Catholic school               St. Rita Catholic School             2808 Trinity Square Dr., Carrollton
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   12525 Inwood Rd.                     972-416-8449                             Specialty:
                                         972-239-3203                           Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.
St. Paul Christian School                             Contact: Dr. Zarifa Karim
6565 Independence Pkwy., Plano           Contact: Pam Neville                Ursuline Academy of Dallas
972-491-5443                                     Specialty: Montessori curriculum         4900 Walnut Hill Ln.                      Specialty: Catholic school           Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    469-232-1800
Contact: Barbara Shakal                  Grades/Ages: K–8th                                                  
Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                                         Torah Day School of Dallas               Contact: Michele L. Snyder
                                         St. Thomas Aquinas                   6921 Frankford Rd.             
St. Paul Lutheran School                 3741 Abrams Rd.                      972-964-0090                             Specialty: All girls, college prep
1800 West Fwy., Fort Worth               214-826-0566                                            Grades/Ages: 9th–12th
817-332-2281                                       Contact: Rabbi Y. Udman                         Contact: Patrick Magee                               Vanguard Preparatory School
Contact: Judy Wendt                          Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                 4240 Sigma Rd.                   Specialty: Parochial school                                                   972-404-1616
Specialty: Lutheran school               Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th             Trinity Baptist Temple Academy 
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                                                        6045 W.J. Boaz Rd., Fort Worth           Contact: Rosalind Funderburgh
                                         St. Vincent’s Cathedral School       817-237-4255                             Specialty: Special needs
St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy           1300 Forest Ridge Dr., Bedford                        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
6900 U.S. Hwy. 287, Arlington            817-354-7979                         Contact: Michael Crain
817-561-3500                                                      Walden Preparatory School                      Contact: Lynn Buffington              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                  2567 Valley View Ln.,
Contact: Lisa Richards                                                                    Farmers Branch                Specialty: Parochial school          Trinity Christian Academy                972-233-6883
Specialty: Christian, college prep,      Grades/Ages: Toddler–10th            17001 Addison Rd., Addison     
ACSI member                                                                   972-931-8325                             Contact: Pamala Ezell
Grades/Ages: Infant–12th                 Starwood Montessori School        
                                         6600 Lebanon Rd., Frisco             Contact: Mary Helen Noland               Specialty: Prepatory school
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School    972-712-8080                           Grades/Ages: 9th–12th
1201 S. Cherry Ln., Fort Worth            Grades/Ages: K–12th
817-246-2032                             Contact: Anita Khandpur                                                       Warren Montessori School of Frisco                      Trinity Christian School                 10247 Warren Pkwy.,
Contact: Rona Jongewaard                 Specialty: Montessori curriculum     1231 E. Pleasant Run Rd.,                Frisco                      Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th             Cedar Hill                               214-387-8202
Specialty: Catholic school                                                    972-291-2505                   
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   Temple Christian Academy              Contact: Kitty Randhawa
                                         1010 Bellaire Blvd., Lewisville      Contact: Kathleen Watts        
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic School   972-436-3480                       Specialty: Montessori curriculum
8151 Military Pkwy.                          Grades/Ages: Toddler–12th                Grades/Ages: Infant–1st

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Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Directory

The Weekday School of Lovers Lane       West Plano Montessori School                       214-691-6950
United Methodist Church                 3425 Ashington Ln., Plano              Specialty: Montessori curriculum
9200 Inwood Rd.                         972-618-8844                           Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th               Contact: Amy C. Smith
214-706-9568                                                                                 Contact: Reena Khandpur                White Rock North School                Specialty: Learning differences
Contact: Linda Altick                       9727 White Rock Tr. 214-348-7410       Grades/Ages: 1st–12th               Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Grades/Ages: Infant–5th                 Grades/Ages: Infant–3rd                Contact: Amy Adams                     Yardley Montessori School
                                                                          102 Dobbs Rd., Lake Dallas
Wesley Christian Academy                Westminster Presbyterian Preschool &   Grades/Ages: Infant–7th                940-321-0280
1508 E. Mayfield Rd., Arlington          Kindergarten                                                        
817-468-1900                            8200 Devonshire Dr.                    Willow Bend Academy                    Contact: Laura Leigh Yardley
Contact: Jack Howard                    214-350-6155                           2220 Coit Rd., Ste. 500, Plano                    Contact: Cristine L. Watson, M.S.      972-599-7882                           Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Specialty: Home-schooling program                    Grades/Ages: Toddler–9 yrs.
Grades/Ages: 2nd–12th                   Specialty: General curriculum          Contact: Ed and Tena Pilkington
                                        Grades/Ages: Infant–6 yrs.                   Yavneh Academy of Dallas
Wesleyan Academy                                                               Specialty: Individualized curriculum   12324 Merit Dr.
1615 W. Airport Fwy., Irving            The Westwood School                    Grades/Ages: 5th–12th                  214-295-3500
972-252-4733                            14340 Proton Rd.                                                                     972-239-8598                           Windsong Montessori School             Contact: Don O’Quinn
Contact: Janet Manfull                         2825 Valley View Ln., Ste. 100,               Contact: Heather Lourcey               Farmers Branch                         Specialty: College prep
Grades/Ages: Toddler–5th                     972-620-2466                           Grades/Ages: 9th–12th
                                        Specialty: IB/Montessori     
West Academy                            Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th               Contact: Jere Albanesi                 Zion Lutheran School
3825 McCart Ave., Fort Worth                                                     6121 E. Lovers Ln. 214-363-1630
817-924-3535                            White Rock Montessori School           Specialty: Montessori curriculum                     1601 Oates Dr.                         Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th               Contact: James L. House
Contact: Dr. Sylvia West                214-324-5580                                                                             The Winston School                     Specialty: Lutheran school
Grades/Ages: 9th–12th                   Contact: Sue Henry                     5707 Royal Ln.                         Grades/Ages: Infant–8th

             Dallas Pediatrics &
      Infectious Disease Associates
                    Faryal Ghaffar MD
       Board Certified in Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases

    • Birth to Adolescent Medicine
    • Well Child Check Ups
    • Sick Visits with Same Day Appointments
    • Pediatric Infectious Diseases
    • Immunizations
    • Asthma Management
    • Ear Infections
    • Acute Care
    • Only Pediatric Travel Clinic in Metroplex

          “Best Doctors for Your Kids”
               – D Magazine July 2002

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   Accepting New Patients
   For Appointments Call       (817) 416-5554

         Baylor Grapevine Medical Center POB Building
     1600 W. College Street, Suite 280 • Grapevine, TX 76051

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                                                                                                                                                                      Akiba Academy—Christ Our Savior Lutheran School                                       214-905-3094                                                    Contact: Phyllis Potts                                           Center for Creative Living School
Grades/Ages: Pre-K                                                                                                        2401 Oakland Blvd., Fort Worth
                                                              Contact: Karen Clark                                            Specialty: College prep                                          817-534-2189
Bethesda Christian School                                                                Grades/Ages: K–12th                                    
4700 N. Beach St., Fort Worth                                 Specialty: Hearing, speech, and                                                                                                  Contact: Dian McClain
817-281-6446                                                  language disorders                                              Care Child Development Center                                                         Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                                       1504 E. Campbell Rd., Richardson                                 Grades/Ages: K–8th
Contact: Vicki Vaughn                                                                                                         972-644-0766                               Calvary Christian Academy                                                                            Chase’s Place
Specialty: College prep                                       1401 Oakhurst Scenic Dr., Fort Worth                            Contact: Tresia Eason                                            14210 Marsh Ln., Addison
Grades/Ages: K–12th                                           817-332-3351                                                                                      972-243-2676
                                                                                              Specialty: Christian care                              
Bishop Dunne Catholic School                                  Contact: Sue Tidwell                                            Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                            Contact: Elizabeth Goodson
3900 Rugged Dr.                                                                                                                               
214-339-6561 x 292                                            Specialty: Christian school                                     The Carlisle School                                              Specialty: Developmental disabilities                                                  Grades/Ages: K–12th                                             4705 W. Lovers Ln.                                               Grades/Ages: Pre-K–14 yrs.
Contact: Richard Mullin                                                                                                       214-351-1833                                              Calvary Lutheran Churchand School                               Contact: Dr. Richard Carlisle                                    A Child’s Garden Montessori School
Specialty: College prep                                       9807 Church Rd.                                                                                          1935 Old Denton Rd., Carrollton
Grades/Ages: 7th–12th                                         214-343-7457                                                    Specialty: Summer enrichment                                     972-446-2663
Bishop Lynch High School                                      Contact: Jim Henrickson                                         Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                            Contact: Lori Duncan
9750 Ferguson Rd.                                                                                                                                    
214-324-3607 x 139                                            Specialty: Parochial school                                     Carpe Diem Private School                                        Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                           Grades/Ages: K–9th                                              271 Renner Pkwy., Richardson
Contact: Tricia Roos                                                                                                          972-664-0203                                                     The Children’s Center                                   The Cambridge School of Dallas                                                               1423 San Saba Dr.
Specialty: Catholic school                                    3202 Royal Ln.                                                  Contact: Lyn Voegeli                                             214-823-2119
Grades/Ages: 9th–12th                                         214-357-2995                                                                  
                                                                                             Specialty: Multidisciplinary curriculum                          Contact: Laurie Bones
Brilliance Preschool and Academy                              Contact: Soo Chang                                              Grades/Ages: Infant–K and                              
14450 Marsh Ln., Addison                                                                     after school                                                     Grades/Ages: Toddler–5 yrs.
972-488-1277                                                  Specialty: Christian classical,                                     college prep                                                    Carrollton Christian Academy                                     Children’s University
Contact: Penni Nelson                                         Grades/Ages: 5th–12th                                           2205 E. Hebron Pkwy., Carrollton                                 4621 Park Springs Blvd., Arlington                                                                                                            972-242-6688                                                     817-784-6655
Specialty: Abeka curriculum                                   Cambridge Square Private School of                                                          
Grades/Ages: Infant–4th                                       DeSoto                                                          Contact: Jane Funk                                               Contact: Regina Wright
                                                              1121 E. Pleasant Run Rd., DeSoto                                                          
The Brook Hill School                                         972-224-5596                                                    Specialty: Christian college prep                                Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th
P.O. Box 668, Bullard                                                                        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
903-894-5000 x 42                                             Contact: Debby Wilhite                                                                                                           The Children’s Workshop                                                                       Carrollton Montessori                                            1409 14th St., Plano
Contact: Tory Frazier                                         Specialty: Robotics and engineering                             1938 E. Hebron Pkwy., Carrollton                                 972-424-1932                                        Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                                        972-492-5150                                           
Specialty: College prep                                                                                                                                            Contact: Jo M. Howser
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                                       Campbell Christian Academy                                      Contact: Mayra Zondowicz                               
                                                              6623 Villa Rd.                                                                                   Grades/Ages: Infant–5th
Buckingham North Christian School                             972-596-5863                                                    Grades/Ages: Toddler–4th
5500 Lavon Dr., Garland                                                                                                                              Choices Leadership Academy
972-495-0851                                                  Contact: June Campbell                                          Carrollton Montessori at Dickerson                               18106 Marsh Ln.                                                            1410 MacArthur Dr., Carrollton                                   972-662-0665
Contact: Michelle Chapman                                     Grades/Ages: Toddler–3rd                                        972-242-0358                                                                                                                                                                                             Contact: Karen Harkey
Specialty: Christian school                                   The Canterbury Episcopal School                                 Contact: Nancy Eftekhari                               
Grades/Ages: K–8th                                            1708 N. Westmoreland Rd., DeSoto                                                                Specialty: Handicap equipped
                                                              972-572-7200                                                    Specialty: Montessori curriculum                                 Grades/Ages: 5th–8th
Burton Adventist Academy                                                                 Grades/Ages: Infant–6 yrs.
4611 Kelly Elliott Rd., Arlington                             Contact: Rev. Dick Cadigan                                                                                                       Christ Our Savior Lutheran School
817-572-0081                                                                      Cassata Learning Center                                          140 S. Heartz Rd., Coppell                                         Specialty: Co-ed college prep                                   1400 Hemphill St.,                                               972-393-7074
Contact: Dr. Gerald Coy                                       Grades/Ages: K–12th                                             Fort Worth                                                                                                                                                     817-926-1745                                                     Contact: Karen Delaney
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                                       Canyon Creek Christian Academy                                                      
                                                              2800 Custer Pkwy., Richardson                                   Contact: Angela Fowler                                           Specialty: Christian school
Callier Child Development Preschool                           972-231-4890                                                                              Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K
1966 Inwood Rd.                                                                                       Grades/Ages: 9th–12th

   For the purposes of this directory, “infant” refers to children from birth to 2 years old, “toddler” refers to 2- to 4-year-olds, and “pre-K” includes 4- and 5-year-olds. Inclusion in this directory should not be construed as an endorsement by
   D Magazine. Specialty information, where listed, has been provided by the school. Every effort has been made to be timely and comprehensive, but this list is not necessarily a complete or accurate representation of all independent
   schools in the area. School administrators are encouraged to send an e-mail to with corrections for possible inclusion in future editions of the Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Handbook.

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Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Directory

Christ the King School                   Covenant Classical School             Specialty: Christian school              Specialty: NAEYC accredited
4100 Colgate Ave.                        126 North Judd St., Fort Worth        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–9th                   Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.
214-365-1234                             817-820-0884                                        Dallas Christian School                  East Dallas Community School
Contact: Gwyne Bohren                    Contact: Kathleen Marroquin           1515 Republic Pkwy., Mesquite            924 Wayne St.                            972-270-5495 x 266                       214-824-8950
Specialty: Parochial school              Specialty: Classical learning                  Contact: Mary Caroline Parker
Grades/Ages: K–8th                       Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th               Contact: Dana Mullican         
                                                                                 Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Christ Way Academy                       The Covenant School                   Specialty: Christian school              Grades/Ages: Infant–9 yrs.
419 N. Cedar Ridge Dr., Duncanville      3877 Walnut Hill Ln.                  Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
972-296-6525                             214-358-5818                                                                   East Dallas Developmental Center                    Dallas First Presbyterian Church         1926 Skillman Ave.
Contact: Sam Condo                       Contact: Karen Dalton                 Developmental Day School                 214-821-7766                408 Park Ave.                  
Specialty: Christian education           Specialty: Classical Christian        214-653-1390                             Contact: Kathy Fields and Pam Beaty
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                  Grades/Ages: K–12th         
                                                                               Contact: Carol Powers                    Specialty: Summer programs
Christian Childhood Development Center   Creative Children’s Center                   Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.
9015 Plano Rd.                           1015 Newberry Dr., Richardson         Specialty: Presbyterian school
214-349-4489                             972-235-0267                          Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                Eastridge Christian School                            Contact: Peggy Saucier                                                         2701 Town East Blvd., Mesquite
Contact: Judy Granger                    Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.           Dallas International School              972-681-5033                                                             6039 Churchill Way                       Contact: Kim Salazar
Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.               Creative Preschool Co-op              972-991-6379                             Specialty: Christian school
                                         1210 W. Belt Line Rd., Richardson        Grades/Ages: Infant–K
Cistercian Preparatory School            972-234-4791                          Contact: Julie Wallis
3660 Cistercian Rd., Irving           Episcopal School of Dallas
469-499-5400                             Contact: Lisa Keelan                  Specialty: Multilingual school           4100 Merrell Rd.                                  Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                  214-358-4368
Contact: Robert J. Haaser                Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                                                                                                     Dallas Learning Center                   Contact: Ruth Burke
Specialty: All boys, honor school        Cross of Christ Lutheran School       1021 Newberry Dr., Ste. 1, Richardson
Grades/Ages: 5th–12th                    512 N. Cockrell Hill Rd., DeSoto      972-231-3723                             Grades/Ages: Toddler–12th
The Clariden School                             Contact: Kathleen Kinard                 Fair Oaks Day School
100 Clariden Ranch Rd., Roanoke          Contact: Connie Strand                  7825 Fair Oaks Ave.
682-237-0400                            Specialty: Individualized programs for   214-340-1121                   Specialty: Lutheran school            each student                   
Contact: Charlane Baccus                 Grades/Ages: Toddler–4th              Grades/Ages: 8th–12th                    Contact: Tina Green                                                                                    
Specialty: Learning specialists          Crown of Life Lutheran School         Dallas Montessori Academy                Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                  6605 Pleasant Run Rd., Colleyville    5757 Samuel Blvd.                        Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K
                                         817-251-1881                          214-388-0091
Colleyville Montessori School                             Fairhill School and Diagnostic
4700 Glade Creek Dr., Colleyville        Contact: Jeff Pool                    Contact: James and Dina Paulik           Assessment Center
817-577-8353                                              16150 Preston Rd.                       Specialty: Lutheran school            Specialty: AMS teacher training          972-233-1026
Contact: Jolena Harris                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                program, MACTE accredited                                                              Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                 Contact: Jane Sego
Specialty: Montessori curriculum         The da Vinci School                                                  
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–K                     5442 La Sierra Dr.                    The Dallas North Montessori School       Specialty: Serving bright students with
                                         214-373-9504                          1149 Rockingham Ln., Richardson          learning differences
Country Day School of                           972-669-3322                             Grades/Ages: 1st–12th
Arlington–Montessori                     Contact: Mary Ann Greene    
1100 Roosevelt St., Arlington            Specialty: Science-based curriculum   Contact: Jo Ann Moffett                  Faith Christian School
817-275-0851                             Grades/Ages: Infant–K                               730 E. Worth St., Grapevine                                                                   Grades/Ages: Toddler–3rd                 817-442-9144
Contact: Joyce Hunt                      The Dallas Academy                                                                         950 Tiffany Way                       DeSoto Private School                    Contact: Tracie Smith
Specialty: Montessori curriculum         214-324-1481                          301 E. Belt Line Rd., DeSoto   
Grades/Ages: Infant–K                          972-223-6450                             Grades/Ages: K–12th
                                         Contact: Jim Richardson     
Covenant Christian Academy                    Contact: Kenneth and Carolyn Larson      Faith Lutheran School
901 Cheek Sparger Rd., Colleyville       Specialty: Special education                   1701 E. Park Blvd., Plano
817-577-3378                             Grades/Ages: K–12th                   Specialty: SACS accredited               972-423-7448                                                                 Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th       
Contact: Cindy Taylor                    Dallas Adventist Junior Academy                                                Contact: Timothy Merritt                         4025 N. Central Expwy.                Early Learning Center at       
Specialty: College prep                  214-528-6327                          First Christian Church                   Specialty: Parochial school
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   601 E. Main St., Richardson              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
                                         Contact: Darlene White                972-235-8233
                                       Contact: Kristen Pelto

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                                                                                                   Christ the King School—Highland Park Presbyterian Day School

Fellowship Christian Academy                           Glen Oaks School                         Contact: Diane Jacobs
1821 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.                     Specialty: Pre-prep                       12105 Plano Rd.                
214-672-9200                                Grades/Ages: K–8th                        972-231-3135                             Specialty: Christian school                                                                    Contact: Donna Sharber                   Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K
Contact: Shailendra Thomas                  Fort Worth Adventist Academy                          3040 Sycamore School Rd., Fort Worth      Grades/Ages: Infants–2nd                 Great Lakes Academy
Specialty: Christian school                 817-370-7177                                                                       6000 Custer Rd., Bldg. 7, Plano
Grades/Ages: Infant–8th                                         Glenview Christian School                972-517-7498 x 103
                                            Contact: Larry Howerton                   4805 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth   
Fellowship Christian Academy                Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                    817-281-5155                             Contact: Christina Casanova
1140 Morrison Dr., Fort Worth                                               
817-457-2345                                Fort Worth Christian School               Contact: Jerry Chenausky                 Specialty: Students who learn                               7517 Bogart Dr., Fort Worth            differently
Contact: Daphne St. John                    817-281-6504                              Specialty: Christian school,             Grades/Ages: 1st–12th
Specialty: College prep                                          ACSI accredited
Grades/Ages: Infant–12th                    Contact: Maryann Felps                    Grades/Ages: K–12th                      Greenhill School
                                                                                                       4141 Spring Valley Rd., Addison
First Baptist Academy                       Specialty: Christian school               Glenwood Day School                      972-628-5910
1704 Patterson St.                          Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   2446 Apollo Rd., Garland       
214-969-7861                                                                          972-530-4460                             Contact: Angela Woodson                           Fort Worth Country Day School             Contact: Donna Sharbev         
Contact: Susan Money                        4200 Country Day Ln., Fort Worth                         Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                       817-302-3209                              Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
Specialty: Christian school, college prep                                                                      Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home
Grades/Ages: K–12th                         Contact: Barbara Waldron Jiongo           Good Shepherd Catholic School            3846 N. Hwy. 144, Granbury
                                                           214 S. Garland Ave., Garland             254-897-4822
First Baptist Academy East                  Specialty: College prep                   972-272-6533                   
7894 Samuell Blvd.                          Grades/Ages: K–12th                     Contact: Sherrie Ivey and Jim Vaughan
214-327-8244                                                                          Contact: Mrs. Richardson-Bassett                           Fort Worth Montessori School                         Specialty: Childcare/school for children
Contact: Dolores Ackley                     6605 Danciger Rd., Fort Worth             Specialty: Parochial school              with behavioral problems                      817-294-9850                              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   Grades/Ages: K–12th
Grades/Ages: K–5th                
                                            Contact: Tsianina Beardsley               Good Shepherd Episcopal School           The Harrington School
First Christian Day School                                11110 Midway Rd.                         13341 Goodland St., Farmers Branch
1109 Brown St., Waxahachie                  Specialty: Montessori curriculum          214-357-1610 x 215                       972-484-4215
972-937-1952                                Grades/Ages: Birth–K                              Contact: Robin Harrington
Contact: Debbie Aday                                                                  Contact: Kathleen Whalen                 Grades/Ages: Toddler–K                              Fourth Street School            
Specialty: Christian school                 1401 Caplin Dr., Arlington                Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   Harvest Christian School
Grades/Ages: Toddler–12th                   817-275-2314                                                                       7501 Crowley Rd., Fort Worth
                                                  Good Shepherd Montessori School          817-568-0021
First Presbyterian Preschool                Contact: Stephany Cochran                 7701 Virginia Pkwy., McKinney  
1002 Park Blvd., Grapevine                                  972-547-4767                             Contact: John Winner
817-488-8526                                Specialty: Special-needs school                                 Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                    Contact: Laurann Sutton                  Specialty: Specialized learning classes
Contact: Deborah Kay                                                                  Grades/Ages: K–12th                         The Fulton School                         Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Grades/Ages: Infant–5yrs.                   1623 Laurence Dr., Heath                  Grades/Ages: Infant–8th                  Heritage Christian Academy
                                            972-772-4445                                                                       1408 S. Goliad St., Rockwall
First United Methodist Church Day                    Grace Academy of Dallas                  972-772-4305
School–Garland                              Contact: Joy Greenwalt                    11306-A Inwood Rd.             
801 W. Avenue B, Garland                           214-696-5648                             Contact: Anita Schmitt
972-494-3096                                Specialty: College prep                                             Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   Contact: Shelly Burns                    Specialty: Christian prep,
Contact: Cindy Gillis                                                                          multidenominational                     Garland Christian Academy                 Specialty: Christian school              Grades/Ages: K–12th
Grades/Ages: Toddler                        1522 Lavon Dr., Garland                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th
                                            972-487-0043                                                                       Highland Meadow Montessori Academy
Flower Mound Montessori School                      Grace Lutheran School                    1060 E. Highland St.,
1905 Justin Rd., Flower Mound               Contact: Russ Davis                       308 W. Park Row Dr., Arlington           Southlake
972-874-1464                                     817-274-1654                             817-488-2138                          Specialty: Christian school      
Contact: Talitha Ledet                      Grades/Ages: K–12th                       Contact: Cherry Stellmaker               Contact: Pat Howard                                                               chigginbotham@gracelutheran-   
Specialty: Montessori curriculum            Gateway School                                              Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Grades/Ages: Toddler–K                      2570 NW Green Oaks Blvd.,                 Specialty: Lutheran school               Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
                                            Arlington                                 Grades/Ages: K–8th
Fort Worth Academy                          817-226-6222                                                                       Highland Park Presbyterian Day School
7301 Dutch Branch Rd., Fort Worth                      Graham Cracker Express Preschool         3821 University Blvd.
817-370-1191                                Contact: Harriet Walber                   400 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson          214-559-5353                           Specialty: Learning disabilities school   972-235-2325                   
Contact: Nancy Palmer                       Grades/Ages: 5th–12th                          Contact: Debbie Walker

DMAGAZINE.COM                                                                                                       Private School Handbook 2007 · D Magazine · 11
Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Directory                Holy Family of Nazareth School                        Contact: Mary Whitbeck
Grades/Ages: Toddler–4th              2323 Cheyenne St., Irving                Contact: Dr. Anthony Cammilleri
                                      972-255-0205                                  Specialty: College prep
Highlander School                                        Specialty: Special-needs school     Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
9120 Plano Rd.                        Contact: Belinda Carmical                Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th
214-348-3220                                                                               Lakehill Preparatory School              Specialty: Catholic school               Jesuit College Preparatory School   2720 Hillside Dr.
Contact: Jill Reed                    Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   12345 Inwood Rd.                    214-826-2931                                                  972-387-8700              
Specialty: Christian school           Holy Rosary Catholic School                        Contact: Susanne Seitz
Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th              2015 SW Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington      Contact: Mike Earsing     
                                      817-419-6800                                    Specialty: College prep
The Highlands School                                   Specialty: All boys, college prep   Grades/Ages: K–12th
1451 E. Northgate Dr., Irving         Contact: Lynn Day                        Grades/Ages: 9th–12th
972-554-1980                                                                              Lakeland Christian Academy            Specialty: Catholic school               John Knox School of Canyon Creek    397 S. Stemmons Fwy., Lewisville
Contact: Patricia Walter              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   Presbyterian Church                 972-219-3939                                              3901 North Star Rd., Richardson
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th               Holy Trinity Academy                     972-669-9454                        Contact: Tena Mitchell and
                                      13555 Hillcrest Rd.                          Debbie Miller
Highpointe Children’s Academy         972-490-7060                             Contact: Lynda Fleming    
711 W. Arbrook Blvd., Arlington               Specialty: Christian school
817-472-9494                          Contact: Dr. Gloria Bayouth              Specialty: Christian school         Grades/Ages: Toddler–5th                    Grades/Ages: Toddler–1st
Contact: Michelle Bechtel             Specialty: Christian school                                                  Lakeland Academy        Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th                 John Paul II High School            4271 County Rd., Ste. 2546, Quinlan
Grades/Ages: Infant–4th                                                        900 Coit Rd., Plano                 972-636-3777
                                      Holy Trinity Catholic School             972-867-0005 x 5153       
Hill School of Fort Worth             3815 Oak Lawn Ave.                             Contact: Norma Morris
4817 Odessa Ave., Fort Worth          214-526-5113                             Contact: Barbara B. Savage, Ed.D.
817-923-9482                                   Specialty: Montessori curriculum                    Contact: Edward J. Doherty               Specialty: Catholic, college prep   Grades/Ages: Toddler–7th
Contact: Judy King                                      Grades/Ages: 9th–12th             Specialty: Catholic school                                                   Lakewood Child
Specialty: Learning differences       Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   The Kessler School                  Development Center
Grades/Ages: 2nd–12th                                                          1215 Turner Ave.                    102 S. Beacon St.
                                      Holy Trinity Catholic School-Grapevine   214-942-2220                        214-824-6735
Hillier School Inc.                   3750 William D. Tate Ave., Grapevine            Contact: Karen Keener
3821 University Blvd.                 817-421-8000                             Contact: Dr. Marsha Lilly           Grades/Ages: Infant–5th
214-559-5363                                                 Contact: Sister Bernice Knapek           Specialty: NAEYC, SACS accredited   Lakewood Montessori
Contact: Davie Lee Giles                         Grades/Ages: Pre-K–4th              6210 E. Mockingbird Ln.               Specialty: Catholic school                                                   214-821-9466
Specialty: Dyslexia and language      Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                   The Key School            
learning concerns                                                              3947 E. Loop 820 S., Fort Worth     Contact: Nancy Garoutte
Grades/Ages: 1st–8th                  Hughes Road Montessori School            817-446-3738              
                                      1650 Hughes Rd., Grapevine                     Specialty: Montessori curriculum
The Hockaday School                   817-488-1008                             Contact: Maryann Key                Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th
11600 Welch Rd.                
214-360-6311                          Contact: Jill Rhodes                     Specialty: Learning differences     Lakewood Presbyterian School                      Specialty: Montessori curriculum         Grades/Ages: K–12th                 7020 Gaston Ave.
Contact: Jen Liggitt                  Grades/Ages: Infant–6 yrs.                                                   214-321-2864                                                     KinderCare                          Contact: Arnie Robertstad
Specialty: All girls                  J Early Childhood Center                 3501 N. Story Rd., Irving           Specialty: Classical Christian
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th               7900 Northhaven Rd.                      972-255-2134                        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
Holy Cross Lutheran School                          Contact: Pam Clark                  Legacy Christian Academy
11425 Marsh Ln.                       Contact: Tara Ohayon                              5000 Academy Dr., Frisco
214-358-4396                                    Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.         469-633-1330                      Specialty: Early childhood center                                  
Contact: Dennis Boldt                 Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                La Petite Academy                   Contact: Lesa Hooker                                                              1137 Park Blvd., Plano    
Specialty: Parochial school           J. Erik Jonsson Community School         972-423-9122                        Specialty: Christian school
Grades/Ages: Infant–6th               106 E. 10th St.                                    Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
                                      214-915-1890                             Multiple Locations
Holy Family Catholic School                     Contact: Caressa Lander             Liberty Christian School
6146 Pershing Ave., Fort Worth        Contact: Rosalba Alaniz                         1301 S. Hwy 377, Argyle
817-737-4201                                Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.         940-464-4540                         Grades/Ages: Toddler–4th                                           
Contact: Dr. John Shareve                                                      Lake Country Christian School       Contact: Carmen Goodson                  Jane Justin School                       8777 Boat Club Rd., Fort Worth
Specialty: Catholic school            1300 W. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth       817-236-8703                        Specialty: Nondenominational
Grades/Ages: K–8th                    817-390-2831                                           Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th

12 · D Magazine · Private School Handbook 2007                                                                                            DMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                                           Highland Park Presbyterian Day School—Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Lighthouse Christian Academy                                  Contact: Manooch Varasteh
5525 W. Illinois Ave.                     Contact: Suzan Meyer                     Contact: Christa Montague       
214-339-2207                                                    Specialty: Montessori curriculum                 Specialty: Children with learning        Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Grades/Ages: Infant–4th
Contact: Mary Ann Sariego                 differences                              Grades/Ages: Toddler–6 yrs.                Grades/Ages: K–8th                                                                 North Park Christian Academy
Specialty: Christian school                                                        Montessori Country Day School             7025 Mid-Cities Blvd.,
Grades/Ages: K–6th                        Merryhill School                         7400 Hawk Rd., Flower Mound               North Richland Hills
                                          6200 Stonehill Farms Pkwy.,              817-430-8340                              817-498-8399
Little Red Schoolhouse                    Flower Mound                              
412 S. Bryan-Beltline Rd., Mesquite       972-317-1122                             Contact: Bill Vesterman                   Contact: Jane Edwards
www.littleredschoolhouse-                 Contact: Teresa Cobb                     Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Specialty: Christian school                                       Grades/Ages: Toddler–3rd                  Grades/Ages: Pre-K–4th
Contact: Jaime Alford                     Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                                                 Montessori Episcopal School               North Park Presbyterian Day School
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–4th                    Merryhill School                         602 N. Old Orchard Ln., Lewisville        9555 N. Central Expwy.
                                          2121 Bay Hill Dr., Plano                 972-221-3533                              214-361-8024
Lobias Murray Christian Academy           972-867-1234                        
330 E. Ann Arbor Ave.                        Contact: Karen Morreira                   Contact: Tricia Dzina
214-372-6466 x 114                        Contact: Julie Massingill                                           Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Specialty: Presbyterian day school
Contact: Sharon Smith                     Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    Grades/Ages: Infant–1st                   Grades/Ages: Toddler–5 yrs.
Specialty: Christian school               Mesorah High School for Girls            Montessori School of Las Colinas          Northaven Co-operative Preschool
Grades/Ages: K–12th                       6921 Frankford Rd.                       4961 N. O’Connor Blvd., Irving            11211 Preston Rd.
                                          972-599-0031                             972-717-0417                              214-691-7666
Lucas Christian Academy                                 
415 W. Lucas Rd., Lucas                   Contact: Rabi Berry Kosowsky             Contact: Jolena Harris                    Contact: Kathy Delsanter
972-429-4362                                                            Specialty: All girls,                    Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Grades/Ages: Toddler–6 yrs.
Contact: Michell Morrical                 Jewish Orthodox school                   Grades/Ages: Toddler–K           Grades/Ages: 9th–12th                                                              The Notre Dame School
Specialty: UMS school, college prep                                                Montessori School of North Dallas         2018 Allen St.
Grades/Ages: 1st–12th                     Messiah’s Lambs                          18303 Davenport Rd.                       214-720-3911
                                          1801 W. Plano Pkwy., Plano               972-985-8844                    
Lutheran High School of Dallas            972-398-7560                                     Contact: Theresa Francis
8494 Stults Rd.                                   Contact: Monica Cook            
214-349-8912                              Contact: Gail Winningham                        Specialty: Special-needs school                                Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Grades/Ages: 6 yrs.–21 yrs.
Contact: Donna Frieling                   Specialty: Lutheran school               Grades/Ages: Infant–3rd                  Grades/Ages: Infant–K                                                              Oak Hill Academy
Specialty: Lutheran school                                                         Mount St. Michael Catholic School         9407 Midway Rd.
Grades/Ages: 7th–12th                     Miller Adventist Christian School        4500 W. Davis St.                         214-353-8804
                                          1471 W. Corporate Dr., Lewisville        214-337-0244                    
Mary Immaculate School                    972-353-3981                                          Contact: Pam Quarterman
14032 Dennis Ln., Farmers Branch          Contact: Melisandra Zubik                Contact: Gretchen Montgomery, MCSL
972-243-7105                                                      Specialty: Special-needs school                          Specialty: Christian school              Specialty: Montessori curriculum          Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th
Contact: Nancy Russell                    Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                                                                                                        Oak Lawn Child Development Center
Specialty: Catholic school                The Montessori Academy                   Nazarene Christian Academy                3014 Oak Lawn Ave.
Grades/Ages: K–8th                        3428 W. Arkansas Ln., Arlington          2001 E. Main St., Crowley                 214-521-0900
                                          817-274-1548                             817-297-7003 x 104              
McKinney Christian Academy                                                   Contact: Delores Beare
3601 Bois D’Arc Rd., McKinney             Contact: Pam Dunbar                      Contact: Karen Gleckler         
214-544-2658 x 4101                                                Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                 Specialty: Montessori academy            Specialty: Christian school
Contact: Kristen Frey                     Grades/Ages: Infant–6th                  Grades/Ages: K–12th                       The Oakridge School                                                                                             5900 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington
Specialty: Interdominational Christian,   Montessori at Sundance Square            Nolan Catholic High School                817-451-4994 x 704
college prep                              201 Jones St., Fort Worth                4501 Bridge St., Fort Worth     
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   817-334-0036                             817-457-2920                              Contact: Andy Broadus
Meadowbrook School                        Contact: Penny Boyce                     Contact: Moureen Barisonek                Specialty: College prep
5414 Northwest Hwy.                             Grades/Ages: Preschool–12th
214-369-4981                              Specialty: Montessori, affiliated with    Specialty: Parochial school
Contact: Sharon L. Goldberg               American Montessori Society              Grades/Ages: 9th–12th                     Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Grades/Ages: Toddler–K                    Grades/Ages: Infant–5th                                                            7625 Cortland Ave.
                                                                                   North Garland Montessori School           214-351-3396
Meadowview School                         Montessori Children’s House and School   1613 N. Garland Ave., Garland   
2419 Franklin Dr., Mesquite               7335 Abrams Rd.                          972-494-9300                              Contact: Brian Ouellette
972-289-1831                              214-348-6276                                    

DMAGAZINE.COM                                                                                                     Private School Handbook 2007 · D Magazine · 13
Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Directory

Specialty: Parochial school           Parkview Academy                        Preston Hollow Presbyterian School
Grades/Ages: K–8th                    950 N. Garden Ridge Blvd., Lewisville   9800 Preston Rd.                       Contact: Michelle Flores and
                                      972-436-7708                            214-368-3886                           Stephanie Sharp
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School                        
3320 Hemphill St., Fort Worth         Contact: Wilma Richardson               Contact: Kay Burns                     Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
817-924-5123                                               Specialty: Montessori and traditional   Specialty: Children with learning      Primrose School of Breckinridge Park
Contact: Trudy Miller                 Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.             differences                            4301 E. Renner Rd., Richardson                                                             Grades/Ages: K-6th                     972-671-5437
Specialty: Catholic school            The Peanut Gallery                                                   
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                13255 Noel Rd.                          Preston Meadow Montessori School       Contact: Mrs. Guy Siebenthal
                                      972-702-9063                            6912 Ohio Dr., Plano         
Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School          972-596-7094                           Grades/Ages: Infant–K
1003 E. Terrell Ave., Fort Worth      Contact: Latrina Helfrich     
817-923-0058                          Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.              Contact: Rebecca Bernard               Primrose School of Castle Hills                                                                   1824 King Arthur Blvd.,
Contact: Dr. Carolina Yusus           The Peanut Gallery                      Specialty: Montessori curriculum       Carrollton                    1855 E. Branch Hollow Dr., Carrollton   Grades/Ages: Toddler–K                 972-899-2273
Specialty: Catholic school            972-394-0613                                                         
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                Preston Royal Preschool                Contact: Jennifer Braun
                                      Contact: Karen Merolla                  5600 Royal Ln.               
Our Redeemer Lutheran School             214-987-3446                           Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
7611 Park Ln.                         Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.             Contact: Carol Stewart
214-368-1371                                                                  Specialty: Developmental care          Primrose School of Chase Oaks                         The Peanut Gallery                      Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K             6525 Chase Oaks Blvd., Plano
Contact: Carol Blackwood              2100 N. Greenville Ave., Ste 200,                                              972-517-1173                      Richardson                              Prestonwood Christian Academy
Specialty: Lutheran school            972-907-9891                            6801 W. Park Blvd., Plano              Contact: Rochelle Strandstra
Grades/Ages: Toddler–6th              972-820-5060                           Grades/Ages: Infant–10 yrs.
                                      Contact: Teresa Detrick       
Ovilla Christian School               Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.              Contact: Sharron Shaw                  Primrose School of Columbus Trail
3251 Ovilla Rd., Ovilla                                                      5330 Columbus Tr., Fort Worth
972-617-1177                          The Peanut Gallery                      Specialty: Christian school with       817-423-4000         2151 Rosemeade Pkwy., Carrollton        biblical worldview           
Contact: Donna Garrett                972-492-2448                            Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                                                       Contact: Steve Kline
Specialty: College prep               Contact: Teri Read                      Primrose School at Eagle Ranch
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                      3125 Eagle Ranch Blvd., Fort Worth     Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
                                      Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.             817-236-6760
Pantego Christian Academy                                                     Contact: Linsey Fielder                Primrose School of Coppell
2201 W. Park Row Dr., Arlington       The Peanut Gallery                                     275 E. Parkway Blvd., Coppell
817-460-3315 x 319                    5740 N. Colony Blvd., The Colony        Specialty: After school and summer     972-304-8888                       972-625-9867                            program                      
Contact: Steven R. Newby              Grades/Ages: Infant–K                  Contact: Sandra Boscamp                    Contact: Christie Adams                                              
Specialty: Christian school                 Primrose School at Heritage            Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th               Grades/Ages: Infant–11 yrs.             4700 Heritage Trace Pkwy., Keller
                                                                              817-741-5044                           Primrose School of Eldorado
Parish Episcopal School Hillcrest     The Peanut Gallery                  3999 Eldorado Pkwy., McKinney
14115 Hillcrest Rd.                   8061 Walnut Hill Ln.                    Contact: Christie Reiser               972-529-2091
972-239-8011                          214-696-2882                                 Grades/Ages: Infant–10 yrs.            Contact: Konrad Davis
Contact: Debby Trippet                Contact: Brenda Byrd                                                           Specialty: Early childhood education               Primrose School at Hidden Lakes        Grades/Ages: Infant–K
Specialty: Episcopal school           Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.              1100 Davis Blvd., Southlake
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–2nd                                                        817-337-4666                           Primrose School of Forest Creek
                                      Pebblecreek Montessori                      4100 Hedgecoxe Rd., Plano
Parish Episcopal School Midway        3901 Pebblecreek Ct., Plano             hiddenlakes                            972-208-1754
4101 Sigma Rd.                        972-867-3113                            Contact: Rosemary Briggle    
972-239-8011                                forestcreek               Contact: Susan Dendinger                Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.            Contact: Tedra Jackson
Contact: Marci McLean                                                         Specialty: Montessori curriculum        Primrose School of Bedford             Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.
Specialty: Epsicopal school           Grades/Ages: Infant–5th                 3916 Central Dr., Bedford
Grades/Ages: 3rd–12th                                                         817-545-5485                           Primrose School of Griffin Parc
                                      Preston Hollow                                 4625 Eldorado Pkwy., Frisco
Park Cities Day School                Presbyterian Preschool                  Contact: Robin Wilder                  214-618-2700
4011 Inwood Rd.                       9800 Preston Rd.                    
214-350-2503                          214-369-1395                            Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.            griffinparc                                                            Contact: Liz Donald
Contact: Karol Fuget                  Contact: Linda Cantrell                 Primrose School of Bent Trail                         18601 Preston Rd.                      Grades/Ages: Infant–K and
Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.            Grades/Ages: Toddler–5 yrs.             972-380-1275                           after school

14 · D Magazine · Private School Handbook 2007                                                                                              DMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                                            Our Lady of Perpetual Help—Robert Muller Center for Living Ethics

Primrose School of Hall Johnson          Contact: Lynne Groff                     Primrose School of Stone Brooke              Prince of Peace Christian School
2300 Hall-Johnson Rd., Grapevine                        5651 W. Virginia Pkwy., McKinney             4000 N. Midway Rd., Carrollton
817-416-0404                             Grades/Ages: Infant–K and after school   972-529-6863                                 972-447-0532 x 460                                                         
halljohnson                              Primrose School of                       stonebrooke                                  Contact: Marilyn Hancock
Contact: Molly Crego                     North Lewisville                         Contact: Wendy Ghattas                                 1480 N. Valley Pkwy., Lewisville                 Specialty: Christian school
Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    972-434-4001                             Grades/Ages: Infant–K                        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
Primrose School of Hickory Creek         northlewisville                          Primrose School                              Providence Christian
1011 Ronald Reagan Ave.,                 Contact: Jamie Bacon                     of Valley Ranch                              School of Texas
Hickory Creek                                    577 Cimarron Tr., Irving                     5002 W. Lovers Ln.
940-270-0444                             Grades/Ages: Infant–K, after school,     972-409-9577                                 214-366-2071                and summer programs                      
hickorycreek                                                                      valleyranch                                  Contact: Pam Floyd
Contact: Danielle Patterson              Primrose School of North Plano           Contact: Brenda Love                          5801 Coit Rd., Plano                                    Specialty: Classical Christian
Grades/Ages: Infant–K and after school   972-964-6826                             Specialty: After school, summer              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
Primrose School of Highland Village      northplano                               Grades/Ages: Infant–K                        Rainbow Connection Preschool
2100 Highland Village Rd.,               Contact: Carol Frye                                                                   1651 E. Campbell Rd., Richardson
Highland Village                                Primrose School of Walnut Creek              972-644-0283
972-317-9332                             Grades/Ages: Infant–3rd and              2201 Matlock Rd., Mansfield                         after school                             817-477-0880                                 Contact: Naomi Hurst
Contact: Rochelle Dotkin                 Primrose School of Old Orchard           walnutcreek                                  Specialty: Christian school
Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    1253 W. FM 3040, Lewisville              Contact: Kelli Blackwell                     Grades/Ages: Toddler–pre-K
Primrose School of Keller                      Specialty: Accredited                        Redeemer Lutheran School
905 Bear Creek Pkwy., Keller             oldorchard                               Grades/Ages: Infant–K                        4513 Williams Rd., Fort Worth
817-337-0717                             Contact: Michaelanne Cangelosi                                                        817-560-0032          Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    Primrose School of Wellington      
Contact: Patti Merryman                                                           3708 Flower Mound Rd.,                       Contact: Page Nickell                  Primrose School of Parkwood Hill         Flower Mound                       
Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    7451 Parkwood Hill Blvd.,                972-691-9595                                 Specialty: Parochial school
                                         Fort Worth                                         Grades/Ages: Toddler–5th
Primrose School of Lakehill              817-281-5322                             wellington
5349 Lakehill Blvd., Frisco                    Contact: Renee Brown                         Redeemer Montessori School
972-668-4300                             parkwoodhill                                    2700 Warren Cir., Irving        Contact: Robert Alonzo                   Specialty: After school, summer              972-257-3517
Contact: Renee Osborne                   Grades/Ages: Infant–K, after school,     programs                                  and summer programs                      Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                    Contact: Jennifer Davey
Grades/Ages: Infant–K and after school                                                                               
                                         Primrose School of Prestmont             Primrose School of West Allen                Specialty: Montessori curriculum
Primrose School of Las Colinas           4115 Ohio Dr., Frisco                    106 Tatum Dr., Allen                         Grades/Ages: Pre-K–3rd
700 Fluor Dr., Irving                    972-712-7746                             972-359-8805
972-831-1000                                             Richardson Adventist School      prestmont                                westallen                                    1201 W. Beltline Rd., Richardson
Contact: Marla Jenkins                   Contact: Kelly Reed                      Contact: Bethany Liles                       972-238-1183         
Grades/Ages: Infant–K and after school   Specialty: After school, summer          Specialty: Accredited by SAC/CASI,           Contact: Ruth DePaiva
                                         programs                                 NCACAST                            
Primrose School of the Mid-Cities        Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                Grades/Ages: Infant–K                        Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th
500 Mid-Cities Blvd., Hurst
817-485-8993                             Primrose School of Rockwall              Primrose School of West Carrollton           The Rise School of Dallas                 3115 Ridge Rd., Rockwall                 4028 Nazarene Dr., Carrollton                5923 Royal Ln.
Contact: Staphaine Barfknecht            972-772-0180                             972-939-4475                                 214-373-4666                 
Specialty: After school, summer          Contact: Christina Pilley                westcarrollton                               Contact: Dr. Peggy Dyer
programs                                   Contact: Judy Long                 
Grades/Ages: Infant–12 yrs.              Specialty: After school, summer               Specialty: Babies with Down syndrome
                                         programs                                 Specialty: After school, summer              Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K
Primrose School of NE Flower Mound       Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                programs
3939 Morriss Rd., Flower Mound                                                    Grades/Ages: Infant–K                        Robert Muller Center
972-691-3815                             Primrose School of Rowlett                                                            for Living Ethics                    8401 Liberty Grove Rd., Rowlett          Prince of Peace Catholic School              340 Country Club Rd., McKinney
Grades/Ages: Infant–5th and              972-463-2655                             5100 W. Plano Pkwy., Plano                   214-544-8338
after school                            972-380-5505                       
                                         Contact: Marilynn Aragon                                   Contact: Vicki Johnston
Primrose School of NE Green Oaks         rowlettschool@netsport.usa               Contact: Cindy Kirsch              
1900 NE Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington      Specialty: After school, summer                          Specialty: Open to home-schooling
817-543-2626                             programs                                 Specialty: Catholic school                   electives       Grades/Ages: Infant–K                    Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                       Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th

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Dallas-Fort Worth Private School Directory

Rockwall Christian Academy                Shelton School and Evaluation Center      Contact: Denise Rumple                     St. James Episcopal School
6005 Dalrock Rd., Rowlett                 15720 Hillcrest Rd.                            9845 McCree Rd.
972-412-8266                              972-774-1772                              Grades/Ages: K–12th                        214-348-1349                                                                           
Contact: Kay Conger                       Contact: Diann Slaton                     St. Alban’s Episcopal School               Contact: Loree Birkenback                                  5200 S. Bowen Rd., Arlington     
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   Specialty: Children with learning         817-460-6071                               Specialty: Epsicopal school
                                          differences                                      Grades/Ages: Infant–4th
Saint Andrews Episcopal                   Grades/Ages: Toddler–12th                 Contact: Jennifer Reed
School                                                                                   St. John the Apostle
727 Hill St., Grand Prairie               Sloan School                              Specialty: Epsicopal school                Catholic School
972-262-3817                              3131 N. O’Conner Rd., Irving              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                    7421 Glenview Dr.,                      972-659-1199                                                                         North Richland Hills
Contact: Deborah Danhof                                St. Alcuin Montessori School               817-284-2228                           Contact: Christy Sloan                    6144 Churchill Way               
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–6th                               972-239-1745                               Contact: Dr. Cindy Cummins
                                          Specialty: Christian school                   
Saint Timothy Academy                     Grades/Ages: Toddler–5th                  Contact: Dean Clayman                      Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
4550 Legacy Blvd., Plano                                                  
214-291-4701                              Smart Start Early Childhood               Specialty: Montessori curriculum           St. John’s Episcopal School                          Education Center                          Grades/Ages: Infant–8th                    848 Harter Rd.
Contact: Melody Davis                     109 E. Natches Trace Dr., Coppell                                                    214-328-9131                       972-459-5956                              St. Andrew Catholic School       
Specialty: Christian education for stu-                    3304 Dryden Rd., Fort Worth                Contact: Nancy Jacobs
dents with learning differences           Contact: Julie Schilling                  817-924-8917                     
Grades/Ages: K–7th                                           Specialty: Epsicopal school
                                          Grades/Ages: Infant–5 yrs.                Contact: Janet Camarillo                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
Santa Clara of Assisi                                                     
Catholic Academy                          SMU Summer Youth Programs                 Specialty: Catholic school                 St. Joseph Catholic School
321 Calument Ave.                         5236 Tennyson Pkwy., Plano                Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                   600 S. Jupiter Rd.,
214-333-9423                              214-768-5433                                                                         Richardson                                St. Augustine Catholic School              972-234-4679
Contact: Todd Higginbotham                Contact: Dr. Karen Vickery                1064 N. St. Augustine Dr.                                214-391-1381                               Contact: Charlene Boss
Specialty: Catholic school                Specialty: Summer programs                      
Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                    Grades/Ages: K–12th                       Contact: Mary Alice Vazquez                Specialty: Catholic school
                                                                                              Grades/Ages: K–7th
Schreiber Methodist Preschool             Southside Christian Academy               Specialty: Catholic school
4525 Rickover Dr.                         6851 Wichita St., Fort Worth              Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                   St. Luke’s Catholic School
972-387-8191                              817-551-1554                                                                         1023 Schulze Dr., Irving                Contact: Rhonda Estes                     St. Bernard of Clairvaux School            972-253-8285
Contact: Carol Ann Stewart                Grades/Ages: Infant–8th                   1420 Old Gate Ln.                                                                214-321-2897                               Contact: Kathy Valenzuela
Specialty: NAEYC accredited               Southwest Academy Learning Center      
Grades/Ages: Infant–pre-K                 600 S. Jupiter Rd., Allen                 Contact: Faustino Leos                     Specialty: Catholic school
                                          972-359-6646                                             Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th
Science School at Museum of                       Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
Nature/Science MNS                        Contact: Dr. Beverly Dooley                                                          St. Maria Goretti
1318 Second Ave.                                   St. Cecilia Catholic School                Catholic School
214-428-5555 x 1381                       Specialty: Students with dyslexia, ADD,   635 Mary Cliff Rd.                         1200 S. Davis Dr., Arlington                      and ADHD                                  214-948-8628                               817-275-5081
Contact: Christy McLaughlin               Grades/Ages: K–8th                                                                        Contact: Candice Barbosa                   Contact: Mary Ellen Doskocil
Specialty: Science/Spanish                Southwest Adventist Junior Academy        Specialty: Catholic school       
Grades/Ages: Toddler–1st                  1600 Bonnie View Rd.                      Grades/Ages: Toddler–8th                   Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th
Scofield Christian School                  Contact: Ronald Thibodeaux                St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School   St. Mark’s Catholic School
7730 Abrams Rd.                           Specialty: Parochial school               4019 S. Hampton Rd.                        1201 Alma Dr., Plano
214-349-6843                              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                    214-331-5139 x 24                          972-578-0610                                                             
Contact: Ray Klodzinski                   Southwest Christian School                Contact: Sandy Walkley                     Contact: Suzanne Bacot          6801 Dan Danciger Rd., Fort Worth      
Specialty: Christian school               817-294-0350                              Specialty: Catholic school                 Specialty: Catholic school
Grades/Ages: K–8th                              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–8th                     Grades/Ages: K–8th
                                          Contact: Cathy Severson
Selwyn School                              St. Ignatius College Preparatory           St. Mark’s School of Texas
3333 W. University Dr., Denton            Specialty: Christian school               8109 Shelton Dr., Fort Worth               10600 Preston Rd.
940-382-6771                              Grades/Ages: Pre-K–12th                   817-801-4801                               214-346-8700                                                                
Contact: Maribelle Robbins                Spring Creek Academy                      Contact: Victor Nguyen                     Contact: David Baker               6000 Custer Rd., Bldg. 5, Plano     
Specialty: College prep                   972-517-6730                              Specialty: College prep                    Specialty: All boys, college prep
Grades/Ages: Infant–12th                        Grades/Ages: 9th–12th                      Grades/Ages: 1st–12th

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