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					      Cyberbullying Law & District

• State legislation required
  school districts to adopt
  policies by August 1, 2003
  that prohibit harassment,
  intimidation & bullying
• State legislation effective
  August 1, 2008 added
  “electronic means”
• WSSDA sample policy – on
  school grounds & during
  school day
Cyberbullying Law & District
         • SPS Policy/Procedures for
           3200, Students Rights &
           Responsibilities updated to
           include “electronic means”
         • Annual Notification of Policy
           3200 updated
         • A Matter of Respect student &
           staff brochures revised
         • Staff/student annual anti-
           bullying, harassment &
           intimidation training updated
Building Protocol


       Building Administrator

  Staff REPORT to building administrator
          The Question


Where does home and school begin and end?
How many are you aware of your
building's Safe School plan?
Have you observed cyber-bullying at
your site?
The First Amendment may protect
cyber-bullying activity.
Formal discipline may be imposed
when substantial and material
disruption at school or interference
with rights of students to be secure.
Should schools incorporate
prevention & education strategies in
their Safe School plans to address
cyber-bullying and related online
Cyber-savvy Kids
Cyber-bullying in School

           Brent Howard
               ESD 101
 Instructional Technology Specialist
Ad Council – Talent Show
 Cyber-bullying: sending or posting harmful
 material or engaging in other forms of
 social aggression using the Internet or
 other digital technologies.
                               (Nancy Willard, 2007)
       Forms (types) of Cyber-bullying

 Flaming                Outing   & Trickery
 Harassment             Exclusion

 Denigration            Cyber-stalking

 Impersonation          Cyber-threats
 Text/Picture   Messaging     Chats

 E-mail                       Polls/Rating          Sites
 Instant   Messaging          Discussion        Boards
 Social   Network Sites       Online   Gaming

                                         Hot or Not
Hot or Not?
                           Online Communities
                    Bebo

                    MySpace

                    hi5

                    Facebook

                    Livejournal

                    YouTube

                  “I won’t tell you who I am, but check up on my profile for the latest
                  gossip CMS Students
                     Hello Loves, Halloween is tomorrow
I Ah-bviously
                     I wonder what everyone will be wearing…
can’t tell you
who I am, but I
can tell you         B looked pissed at the end of 7 th period – apparently she had to play goalie. Hmm lets all shed a
                     tear for her. (Notice freshly dyed hair)
that I go to
CMS – hmmm
or maybe             J was caught throwing a fit in the hall today – over what you may ask? Ask her yourself.

CHS….?               Apparently the Twins were both whispering to A and the Ice Queen about…me? I told you all I
                     would never tell my name.
People tell me
things, I find
out – I blog it      B flirting with N again, I personally think he doesn’t like her that much – you all know it’s true.

here                 K was hugging one of the twins today. I wonder if it was the one who is going out with J- or are
                     they still together?

                     Looks like A got a haircut…the layers don’t really work for her. She would have been better off
                     getting a dye job – or her highlights retouched.

                  “I won’t tell you who I am, but check up on my profile for the latest
                  gossipas; B Students
                  Known CMS
                  Personality; intelligent, shy, but can teat anyone to pieces.
I Ah-bviously     Known for; Her cute looks; (not exactly hot by any means…) Cold hazel eyes that
                  change color from dark brown to the deepest blue. That adorable pigeon-toed gait
can’t tell you    and her mocking cat-like smile that everyone knows so well. Of course, how could
who I am, but I   we forget her love of shorts and sports wear? Does she know track season isn’t until
can tell you      Signature; Her jeering smile, and pigeon toed step
that I go to      Love life; Not exactly single, everyone knows she is after N
                  Friends; with everyone – except a few choice people like D and the Ice Queen
CMS – hmmm
or maybe          A soccer ball is usually by her side as she as she is strutting with her shorts and
                  hoodie (is that all she owns?) down the hall beside J. S is always in her space; and
CHS….?            is always sucking J’s butt. B’s short gleaming black hair is of course, routinely
People tell me    placed on top of her head in a small pony-tail. Her fringe is in her bitter hazel eyes
                  as she smiles at her friends and pretends to know what is going on; but is really
things, I find    lost in her own thoughts.
out – I blog it
                  Known as; The Ice Queen
here              Personality; Cruel, can be sweet if she likes you; which she probably doesn’t
                  Known for; her beautiful misty sea green eyes, stunning physique and disgusting
                  pitilessness that she has had since kindergarten; I guess she is just a people
                  Signature; Dreamy green eyes
                  Love life; This girl can get whoever she wants; if you are currently with her –
Cyber-bullying    prepare to be out in a matter of days.
                  Friends; everyone who knows not to stand in her way
                 Sep 7, 2008 9:38 AM

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                 This is the VIRGIN LIST! What you do is repost this list with your name and tell
                 if you think that the person b4 you is a virgin or not...AND IF YOU OPEN THIS
                 LUCK! REPOST @S THE"VIRGIN LIST"

                  Amanda—f*** im first :(
                  Amber (yaya)—f*** no this girl aint no
                  Nikk--Not a chance.
                  Savannah- No way.
                  Jimmy-- Ain't no way unless she is the
                  Virgan Marry!!! lol
                  ****-- Umm, Im going to have to,
                  prolly not
                  Wendy Cutlip- naw i doubt it
                  Chuck - hook me up with this girl above
Cyber-bullying    wendy lol.. and nope
           Impact of Cyberbullying

      More severe that face-to-face
          Anonymous
          24/7
          You can’t see me….I can’t see you…

      Affects school climate
          Poor academic performance
          Attendance issues
          Student conflict

What are your stories and examples?

   With those around you discuss:
         Your stories and examples.
         How it effected you or others you know.
         How was it handled?
         Was this the best way to handle the problem? Why?

   Be prepared to share your thoughts and examples with the group!
Other Consequences…
What kids can do if they become a
victim of cyber-bullying:
  •   Don’t retaliate!

  •   Stop communicating with the bully.

  •   Block the bully.

  •   Tell parents and a trusted adult at school.

  •   Save all written communication for proof.

  •   If necessary contact law enforcement.
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