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					  Re-Designing/Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space
                   Written Report
In this section, you are responsible to write an explanation of the choices you
made for your outdoor living space. You should discuss and explain the various
elements of design that are necessary when making choices around the following

   Existing Style of the Home – in this section, you should discuss the style of the
      home that you are living in and how your outdoor living space is created in order
      to fit into this style or to compliment this style. Think about the lines of the home
      and what you’ve done in your space to compliment this.

   Colour Scheme - Be sure that you do choose a colour scheme that will compliment
      the design of your home but will allow you to add your own personal fair. Your
      colour scheme must be consistent throughout your decorating and should fit into
      the style of your home. For example you would not want to use a Moroccan or
      Mexican colour scheme with a classical house! Your colour scheme must be
      included on your design board and can be taken from our samples, your own
      samples, books etc.

   Privacy Features – In this section of the written report you will look at what features
       you’ve included to give you some privacy in your outdoor living spaces. You may
       choose to use natural living plants, trees and shrubs to provide a beautiful and
       tasteful way to divide your property from your neighbours’ properties. In addition,
       some people use fences to sheets of latticing whereby they add clematis and
       other climbing plants to add beauty and privacy. Some properties also naturally
       add to privacy because of the layout and size. In addition, properties that back
       onto green spaces or forests also have a natural built-in feature.

   Lighting – Good outdoor lighting can make your outdoor area as usable at night as it
      is during the day. In your report you will discuss the types of lighting you are
      using. Maybe you’ve decided to include lanterns or lighting that you will use to
      light pathways, fixtures for the outside of your home, flood lights, spotlights
      disguised as rocks, hanging candle lanterns or hurricane table lanterns or rope
      lighting. Discuss why you’ve chosen these types of lighting.

   Storage Options – Be sure to discuss the types of storage you have in your outdoor
      living space that can accommodate your needs but will not deter from the beauty
      of your outdoor space. Storage can be done creatively using outdoor benches,
      attractive sheds or storage areas in concealed areas of your home.

   Patio Furniture and Accessories- The current trend has homeowners creating
      lush, relaxing, resort-like exteriors furnished with outdoor all-weather furniture,
      high performance outdoor flat screen televisions, fashionable accessories and
      rugs, ceiling fans, and outdoor lighting, all of which rival indoor furnishings for
      beauty and functionality. Describe the furniture and accessories you have used
      and how they fit into they assist in creating a relaxing you functional living space.
Patio Floor, Walls, or Shelter- In this section you will discuss the choices you’ve
   made for your patio floors, walkways, walls and any shelter spaces you’ve
   created. For example why did you choose the colour for the wall, the type of
   flooring or technique (ie. interlocking brick, painted concrete, stone). etc. If you
   are using an existing patio area, be sure to discuss how it already fits into your
   area and is suitable for your needs. Be sure to discuss additional shelter areas
   such as gazebos that you may have chosen and why you decided to add them.

Shrubs, Trees, Planter In this section you will discuss the special natural features
   that you are using to compliment your living space. How do these items add to
   the beauty of your space while still being functional.

Special features – kitchen areas, ponds, pondless streams, pools, gazebo, etc
   – Discuss the new or existing items in your outdoor living space that you’ve
   chosen and how this will add to the mood or functionality of your living space.
   Most people add the kitchen area, hot tubs and pools for entertaining purposes.
   Other people choose not to travel a lot in the summer and want their backyard to
   be their private resort. Pondless streams and ponds add a sense of serenity and
   peace to your backyard where you can relax and enjoy the natural sounds of
   nature. Be sure to identify why you’ve chosen the items you have.

Atmosphere or Mood– in this section of the report, you will be discussing the
   atmosphere or mood that you want to create in your backyard. For example, rope
   lights and lights strung in a shelter or from a patio umbrella tend to add to an
   already romantic mood. Perhaps you simply want a functional entertainment
   area that will be inviting to your friends. Whatever you decide upon, you should
   discuss it in this area.

Focal Point – Talk about one of the focal points you will have in your backyard area
     if you have more than one. Why have you chosen this to be your focal point—is
     it an area that you and your family will spend the most time in, is it a covered
     area that you will be entertaining in, etc. Discuss why this area makes sense to
     be your focal point.
viii)Pictorial Drawing– Your pictorial or one-point perspective drawing is an
     excellent way to see on paper just what you outdoor area will look like. Before
     you start drawing your area, it is important to choose a focal point of your choice.
     It could be a pool area with patio furniture and relaxing chairs, an outdoor kitchen
     area, a deck with patio furniture and planters, the choice is your! Be sure to
     include all accessories, shrubs, planter boxes, and furniture in your drawings. To
     be more effective, your pictorial drawing should be done in colour.

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