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									Template Letter

To whom it may concern

Dear Employer

Re Swine Influenza- requests for medical certificates

Your employee, who is a patient of this practice, has told us that you are requesting that they
provide a medical certificate to confirm that they are not infectious, or are no longer infectious, from
swine flu.

I would refer you to all information issued by the government on this matter. In particular you might
care to visit the NHS Choices website at www.nhs.uk. This will advise you that patients are most
infectious from swine flu up to 7 days before the onset of their symptoms and are no longer
infectious once their symptoms are gone. GPs are not in a position to give any further information
over and above this in respect of their patients’ infectivity and it is completely pointless asking your
employees to provide medical certificates from their doctors. Moreover, whilst health services are
fully stretched dealing with the current pandemic situation, your request that your employee
provides you with such a certificate adds another totally unnecessary burden on GP services and is
extremely unhelpful.

If you really do feel that you must have a medical certificate to confirm lack of infectivity then this
should be arranged through your usual occupation health channels and not by asking your
employees to obtain one from their GP. If you insist on a GP’s certificate then this services is not
provided under the NHS and we will have to issue a private certificate. However we do not think it is
fair to ask our patients to pay for this service and would request that you reimburse them our
current professional fee for a private medical certificate which is currently (INSERT PRACTICE FEE)

We trust this clarifies this situation for you.

Yours faithfully

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