Annual Exams System Report Template by rottentees


									The Annual Exam Systems Report

       This template is a guide to the contents and format for an exam systems report.
       The report could also include statistics on passes and fails – but this should not be
       the report’s main purpose, nor should it be a substitute for this information.

                                       The Annual Exam Systems Report

         Area                           Items to cover
         Statistics                     All by subject/department:
                                        • Numbers of candidates entered for exams
                                        • Numbers of component entries
                                        • Late entries
                                        • Unexpected entries
                                        • Access arrangements and special consideration cases
                                        • Enquiries about results (EARs)
                                        • Appeals
                                        • Incidences of malpractice
                                        • Fees charged (including late/unexpected entries)
         Personnel                      • Staff involved (including non-teaching staff)
                                        • Staff turnover
                                        • Training undertaken
         Internal communication         • Methods of communication – what went well, what didn’t,
                                          fitness for purpose
                                        • Internal constraints
         External                       • Methods of communication – what went well, what didn’t,
         communication                    fitness for purpose
                                        • Delivery of confidential exam material
                                        • External constraints
                                        • Despatch of scripts to examiners
         ICT                            • Hardware – what works well, what doesn’t, what is needed
                                        • Software – what works well, what doesn’t, what is needed
                                        • Training undertaken
         Exam regulations               • Were these adhered to?
                                        • Were there particular problems associated with their
                                        • Were arrangements for the secure storage of papers
                                          and scripts effective?
                                        • Issues arising from JCQ inspector’s report
         Annual schedule                • Did it work?
                                        • Were all key dates identified and adhered to?
         Risk assessment                • Were all key risk areas identified?
                                        • Were contingency plans adequate?
         Resource requirements          • Quantity and quality of human resources, for example
                                        • Quantity and quality of physical resources, for example rooms
         Problems                       • Causes
                                        • Resolutions
                                        • Lessons for the future
         Summary                        • What went well, what didn’t
                                        • Suggested improvements
                                        • Overall effectiveness
                                        • The exams office’s financial performance against budget
External Invigilators and the Exams Office             Establish the position and authority of the
                                                       external invigilators within the centre by:
Here are some good practice pointers to building
sustainable working relationships between              • introducing them to the head of centre
external invigilators and exams office staff, who      • introducing them to candidates and centre
may be responsible for employing them.                   staff. At the very least, the SEI should be
  Agree the remuneration package for                     introduced to candidates and staff so it is
  invigilators. Consider payment by the session          known who will be conducting the exams         Peter Sergeant,
  rather than by the hour, as the latter could                                                          Undermaster,
                                                       • providing identity badges like those used by   Loughborough
  involve invigilators giving up a half day for just     permanent members of staff (academic and
  an hour and a half’s work. Other conditions of                                                        Grammar School
                                                         administrative). These should indicate
  employment may include the provision of                seniority where appropriate.
  lunches and refreshments, car parking and
  adequate breaks.                                     The SEI should be the central point of
                                                       contact for EIs – for employment requests
  Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks must
                                                       and signing up to particular exam sessions.
  be made when recruiting EI personnel (see
                                                       The SEI might keep the EI team informed A cost is involved, so consider
                                                       regarding future invigilation requirements and
  giving would-be EIs the opportunity to sample
                                                       maintain a team database for the exams office.
  their new role under the supervision of CRB-
  checked staff first. A centre that insists on EIs    It is equally important, however, that
  paying for their own CRB checks is less likely       invigilators feel they can relate to the exams
  to be successful in attracting staff than one that   officer directly so they can pass on comments
  covers this cost.                                    and suggestions freely.

  Make sure all invigilators know their duties         Make sure the centre’s academic and
  and responsibilities. With these established,        administrative staff know EIs are likely to be
  the senior external invigilator (SEI) can assume     sharing the centre’s amenities and facilities
  a large portion of the administrative burden         during exam times, and that the relevant
  due to the employment of external invigilators       permissions are sought.
  – for example, by arranging cover for the
  timetable of exam periods, monitoring the EIs
  who do the invigilation, logging the hours for
  each EI and providing the exams officer with
  a consolidated list of hours on a regular basis.
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