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Disposable Headwear by liaoqinmei


									                                                                          Sundries & Consumables for Industry
Disposable Headwear

Ref No.     Description                     Pack Qty        Colours

DM01        Double Stitched Mob Caps        100             White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

DM01BCM     As above with metal detectable strip            Blue

DM02        Bouffant Cap                    100             White, Blue, Green

DM03        Snood Caps                      100             White, Blue

DM04        Peaked Caps                     100             White, Blue

DM05        Peaked Airy Caps                100             White

DMNets      Retainer Hairnets               432             Blue, Brown

DK01        Surgical Mask with Loops        Box of 50       Blue, Green

DK01GT      Surgical Mask with Ties         Box of 50       Green

DK05WE      Beard Snoods                    100             White

DM07        Forage Caps - Paper Crown       100             Blue Stripe, Red Stripe, White

DM09        Classic Chefs Hats          50                  White
            200mm, 250mm, or 300mm height

DM01 Mob Cap           DM01BCM Metal              DM02 Bouffant Cap        DM03 Snood Cap        DM04 Peaked Cap
                       Detectable Cap

DM05 Peaked Airy Cap   Hairnet                    DK01 Surgical Mask       DK01GT Surgical    DK05WE Beard Snood
                                                  With loops               Mask with ties

DM07 Forage Hat           DM09 Classic             DM10 European                                           Accomplished
                          Chefs Hat                Chefs Hat
                                                                    direct ltd                             Reliable
                                                                             Tel: 0845 680 6036
                                                                               Fax: 0845 680 6034

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