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					Volume 1, Issue 4th Qtr                                                                                                               Page 5

How to Make and Use a “Fluffy Fondant” Feeder                                                           2010 Bee School
An easy way to make sugar candy/fondant, by Everett
                                                                                                        Northern Bee School
I learned about this feeding      mix the fondant. The result is    2 pieces, 3/4" x 2-1/2” x
                                                                                                        Davies Career and Technical
method from Mel Disselkoen        a no-mess, no cooking re-         18-3/8”
when he presented it at the       quired, easy to handle solu-      Note: Adjust the length di-         High School, Lincoln
November 2009 Indiana             tion. All you need is a           mensions to fit your regional       Wednesday Evenings -
Beekeepers’ Association           screened feeder frame             standard sizes. Most bee            March 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31
Meeting at Turkey Run State       (some call it a shim), or         boxes are 16-1/4” x 19-
Park. I loved the idea the        empty shallow or medium           7/8” so the above will yield a
moment he presented it!           super, with a screen attached     box that size.                      Southern Bee School
There were several speakers       to the bottom. To save on                                             URI East Farm, Building 75,
                                                                    Hardware Cloth to make a
leading up to Mel’s presen-       equipment many keepers put
                                                                    screen for the bottom:              Kingston
tation, “Out-Breeding Mites       granulated sugar on the
and Over-Wintering Bees”,         inner cover or directly on the    1/4" or bigger mesh cut to
                                                                    16-1/4” x 19-7/8”                   Wednesday Evenings -
(www.mdasplitter.com),            frames over newspaper, but                                            February17th, and 24th,
where Indiana bee keepers         screened frame feeders            Note: Some call this, “chicken
                                                                    wire.” Although not technically     March 3rd., 10th, and17th
talked about candy boards.        make removal for inspection
Candy boards must be              quick and easy. They also         correct the less stiff chicken
popular in this region be-        allow the fondant to absorb       wire will do the job. You just
                                                                    need a screen material that         CCRI—offered by CCRI as a
cause there were several          heat and moisture from the                                            non-credit course at the War-
elaborate top feeders and         bees. Your inner and outer        will hold the weight of the
                                                                    sugar and whose mesh is wide        wick Campus.
brood frame feeders pre-          covers simply stack over the
                                                                    enough to allow the bees to
sented and for sale. I’ve         feeder in the normal order.
never liked candy boards          Drill a hole in your feeder       freely pass through. Bee
because the “candy” re-           and you now have both a           space is 1/4" so we need a          Are You Winter Ready?
quires cooking and the result     moisture vent and upper           mesh that is at least that wide.
is as hard as a rock. I’ve        entrance! Just one word of                                                Entrance reducers should
often wondered if bees un-        caution… Make sure you can        You will need nails or screws           be in
der starvation stress could       plug the hole with a wine         or staples to nail the frame            Mouse guards on
muster enough water to dis-       cork or cover it up with duct     together. Galvanized or
solve the candy and even if       tape when the bees are fly-       coated fasteners are best to            Wrap or provide wind
they could, why add more          ing. Neighboring bees             prevent rusting.                        breaks if exposed to pre-
stress by giving them what        quickly figure out that there                                             vailing winds
amounts to a big lollipop? It     is a free source of food          Fluffy Fondant:
has been said that all bee-       available to be robbed, so        White granulated sugar                  There should be 60-lbs
keeping is regional! In Rhode     only open the holes in the        (table sugar), 5-lbs                    plus of honey
Island we use fondant which       dead of winter when the           Cold tap water, 1-cup
is purchased from a bakery        bees aren’t flying. How deep      Pail in which you mix the           Feed dry food if stores are
wholesaler                        should your screened frame        sugar and water                     light
(www.bakersniche.net). Fon-       feeder be? Mel recommends         Stir until mixed. No cooking!
                                                                                                        Should screened bottom
dant is a mixture of white        2-1/2”. This depth holds          No hot water.
                                                                                                        boards be closed? I think so.
granulated sugar and corn         about 25-lbs. The depth only      Make a frame from 1 x 3             I’ve observed faster build-up
syrup that bakers use to          governs how much or how           lumber. You want all the            on hives with closed up bottom
make cake frosting. We buy        little the feeder holds. I like   pieces to measure 2-1/2”            boards. Others keepers report
it in 50-lb blocks and it is      the 25-lb capacity because        wide (or close) and then cut        that bees do just fine with open
stiff but moist. The downside     it reduces trips to the apiar-    the pieces to length 2 @ 16-        bottoms.
of fondant is the 50-lb           ies. Mel also claims that he      1/4” and 2 @ 18-3/8”.
blocks. They require muscle       no longer uses liquid feed –                                          .
                                                                    Nail, screw or staple these
power to handle and cut up        ever! He said that the bees       pieces together to make a
the blocks and the process is     will draw foundation just fine    box that measures 16-1/4”
                                                                                                        Golden Pheasants
quite sticky! Mel’s formula to    using the fluffy fondant.         x 19-7/8” overall.
make what I call, “fluffy fon-    We’ll see next spring!                                                Call John
                                                                    (Note: The measurements that
dant” is much easier. So                                            I give you are for standard         (401) 364-7431
thanks to Mel, I now have my      Materials List
                                                                    size brood chambers. Since
winter feeding method down        Pine boards or plywood to         regional variations come up,
to a screened feeder frame,       make the frame:                   so please measure your brood
bag of sugar, cold water          2 pieces, 3/4" x 2-1/2” x
and a plastic pail into which I   16-1/4”                                      (Continued on page 10)
   Page 10                            RI Beekeepers’ Association Newsletter

What To Do If You Sus-
pect Foulbrood?                       Make a “Fluffy Fondant” Feeder, continued
Call Jim Lawson! See the side-
bar that lists the officers. Jim is   (Continued from page 5)             Corks can be purchased at         mix it!
our State Apiary inspector and                                            some hardware stores and
will help you deal with the           chamber first and adjust my         most arts & crafts stores. Any    Lay sheets of white paper
process of diagnosing and                                                 material is fine such as cork     towels in the bottom of the
                                      measurements to match.)
dealing with a myriad of dis-                                                                               feeder. Mel suggests plain
                                                                          or rubber stoppers. Some
eases and pests.                      In the end, you want a box          keepers also use a piece of       white paper towels since
                                      or “mini-super” that sits on        duct tape to close up the         there is no imprint whose ink
Contact Jim at DEM’s Division         top of the brood chamber                                              may be harmful to the bees.
                                                                          hole. Why do you want to
of Agriculture,                       (deep super). And the depth         close the hole? It is wise to     You could use newspaper so
(401) 222-2781                        (width of the individual                                              long as it isn’t printed. Some
                                                                          have this option in the early
                                      pieces) isn’t critical either. If   fall and spring. Hungry fora-     art suppliers have plain
                                      it is shallower it will hold less   gers will smell the sugar in      newsprint stock available,
                                      sugar and deeper will hold                                            but paper towels are readily
Where to Buy Fondant                                                      the feeder and attempt to
                                      more sugar. You could for           rob it. I close up my feeders     available in any grocery
and Sugar                             example use a old shallow           in the spring and fall to pre-    store. You only need one
                                      or medium super to accom-                                             layer, but 2-3 layers may be
                                                                          vent robbing, but open them
JAR Bakers Supply                     plish the same results.             up in the dead of winter to       formed as you overlap
12 Crow Point Road                                                        provide ventilation and up-       pieces to cover the bottom.
                                      Cut a piece of 1/4" hard-
Lincoln, RI 02865                                                         per entrance. Choose a hole-      The bees will chew through
                                      ware cloth 16-7/8” x 19-                                              the paper towels to reach
(401) 725-9660                        7/8” to match the size of           size that works for you and
                                                                                                            the sugar. You want just
Ask for Val                           your new feeder box (adjust         locate the hole in one of the
                                                                          short sides about 1/2" from       enough layers to prevent the
                                      measurements for regional                                             sugar from falling through
                                      differences). Staple the            the bottom. I locate the hole
                                                                                                            the hardware cloth as you
                                      hardware cloth to the bottom        towards the bottom to allow
You can also make your own                                                it to show when the telescop-     carry the feeder to your
version of fondant. See the           of the feeder box. To give                                            hive. Don’t be surprised if
                                      you a mental picture, the           ing outer cover is placed on
article in this newsletter.                                                                                 you find fluffy white paper
                                      result will be a sieve when         the hive. Center the hole left
                                                                                                            in the bottom board next
JAR also sells granulated sugar       you are done! Some people           and right.
                                                                                                            spring. Oftentimes the bees
in 50 and 100 lb bags. Get            call hardware cloth chicken
                                                                          Make up the “fluffy fondant”      spit it out and it falls to the
the extra-fine (this is not con-      wire. Although this isn’t ex-       by mixing 1-cup of cold wa-       bottom! Some keepers think
fectioners) as it mixes more          actly correct it helps to get       ter to every 5-lbs of white       the bees didn’t eat the
readily in water.                     the idea across. Hardware
                                                                          granulated sugar. Simply stir     sugar. One taste will let you
                                      cloth is stiffer than chicken       the water into the sugar.         know that it is simply the
                                      wire and the holes are              Don’t heat it! Always use         chewed up white paper
Tom Dalton also has sugar,            squares instead of ovals. It
                                                                          white refined sugar (common       towel and not the sugar it-
Contact Tom at (401) 497-             really doesn’t matter which         table sugar) not brown sugar      self!
3822                                  one you use so long as the
                                                                          or brown natural sugar. In
                                      wire is stiff enough to sup-        general “brown” is a bad          Pour the fluffy fondant onto
                                      port the sugar and the holes        color regards sugar syrup         the paper towel lined
                                      are large enough to allow                                             feeder. You can use a spat-
                                                                          and corn syrup. It may indi-
                                      the bees to pass freely             cate that the harmful toxin       ula to level the mixture with
                                      through. Remembering bee            hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)       the top of the frame. You
                                      space, you will need a mesh                                           can “dig” a hole with your
                                                                          is present which can kill your
                                      that is 1/4" or bigger.             bees (Oliver, 2007). This is      fingers to expose the en-
                                                                                                            trance hole and bottom
                                      Now that you know which             the infamous toxin that has
                                                                          caused high fructose corn         screen to encourage the bees
                                      side is the bottom (the side                                          to use the entrance hole. This
                                      with the hardware cloth) you        syrup to have a bad reputa-
                                                                                                            is not necessary, but it seems
                                      can drill a hole into the           tion. MHF is produced from
                                                                          fructose by over-heating          like a logical thing to do!
                                      feeder that serves both as a
                                      moisture vent and upper             syrups and can be spotted         You can feed pollen substi-
                                      entrance. I like to use a 1”        as a slightly brown tint in the   tute patties with your feeder.
                                      diameter drill bit, but any         syrup. In any event, you will     Put the patties in the bottom
                                      opening 1/4" or bigger will         not have this problem with        of the feeder and then cover
                                      suffice. I use a 1” diameter        fluffy fondant if you stick to    them with the fluffy fondant.
                                      because it is easy to block         white granulated sugar, cold      I start feeding pollen substi-
                                      up with a wine bottle cork.         water and muscle power to         tute in February in Rhode
Volume 1, Issue 4th Qtr                                                                                                          Page 11

Make a “Fluffy Fondant” Feeder,                                   Recipe of the                     2009 - 2010
                                                                                                    Meeting Schedule
continued                                                         Quarter
                                 Disselkoen, Mel. MDA Splitter    Pumpkin Muffins                   All meetings are the second
                                 Nuc Box.                         (from Val Allison-Davis)          Sunday of the month at 2:00
You should check your feed-
                                 <www.mdasplitter.com>                                              unless announced otherwise.
ers monthly to determine the                                      2 cps. Flour
rate of feeding. You may         Oliver, Randy. “Fat Bees         1-½ tsp cinnamon                  December 13th: Rocky Hill
need to recharge the feeder      (I-IV)”. ScientificBeekeep-      1 tsp baking soda                 Grange,
if they eat the sugar.           ing.com - Bee Nutrition.         ½ tsp salt                        Christmas Social
                                 <www.scientificbeekeeping.c      ½ cp chopped walnuts
Put the feeder on top of the                                                                        January 10th: Rocky Hill
                                 om>                              1 cp pumpkin
brood chamber. Which one is                                       1 cp honey                        Grange,
the brood chamber? Better        P.S. Please share this evolv-                                      How to make Creamed Honey
                                                                  ¼ cp vegetable oil
said, put the feeder on top      ing Apiary Tech Note with        2 eggs, slightly beaten
of the cluster of bees so they   others and provide feedback                                        February 21st: Rocky Hill
                                                                  ¼ cp milk                         Grange,
only have a short walk up to     about usage of the method,
                                                                  1 tsp vanilla                     Topic TBD
the feeder. Ideally, this will   clarity of wording, spelling,
be the top box, but it doesn’t   grammar, style of writing,       Stir together flour, cinnamon,    (Third Sunday of February)
matter where you place the       i.e., anything! Send comments    baking soda, salt and wal-        March 14th: Rocky Hill
feeder so long as it is over     to: everett@beehavin.com,        nuts.                             Grange,
the feeder. The shorter the      or to: Everett Zurlinden, Bee-                                     Topic TBD
walk the better chance you       havin’ Apiary, LLC, P.O. Box     In a separate bowl, blend
will have that the bees will     364, East Greenwich, RI          pumpkin, honey, oil, eggs,        April 10th: Location TBD
feed. Place your covers over     02818-0364.                      milk and vanilla until smooth.    Topic TBD
the feeder in the usual order.                                    Pour pumpkin mixture over         (Second Saturday of April)
Some keepers place a bur-                                         dry ingredients. Stir until       May 16th: Rocky Hill Grange,
lap grain bag or                 Tip: You can wrap your           mixed. Spoon into paper           Topic TBD
Homasote™ board over the         hive in a variety of             lined muffin cups, filling each   (Third Sunday of May)
feeder to further control                                         just below the rim.
moisture. This is helpful, but   materials. The most
not necessary, if you drilled    common is perforated             Bake at 350 degrees for
a hole in the feeder and the     roofing paper. This is           about 25 minutes or until a
                                                                  toothpick comes out clean.        Meeting Directions
hole is open in the winter.      an excellent material,           Let cool for 5 minutes before     December 13 @ 2:00 pm
Reference:                       but it can be stiff and          removing from pan. Let cool
Disselkoen, Mel. Presentation    leave black marks on             completely.                       Rocky Hill Grange
adopted, adapted and ap-         your hive. An alterna-           Frost with cream cheese           1340 S. County Trail (Rt. 2)
plied. Indiana Beekeepers’       tive is Tyvek house              frosting if desired.
Meeting, November 2009.                                                                             East Greenwich
                                 wrap. This material is           Cream cheese frosting: Beat
                                 more paper-like, but             8 oz. Cream cheese                Take I-95 points north or
About The                        completely durable to            (softened) with 1/3 cp honey      south. Take exit 8/RI-2S/
                                 the weather and comes            until fluffy.
Newsletter                       black on one side. You
                                                                                                    Quaker Ln (8 from the north,
                                                                                                    8A from the south) to East
Greetings from the new RIBA      can get Tyvek free
                                                                                                    Greenwich. Merge onto Rt. 2
Newsletter co-editors: Caro-     from some lumber
lyn Fluehr-Lobban                                                                                   South. Go through the light at
                                 yards if you ask them
(cfluehr@ric.edu) and                                                                               Division St. The Grange is on
Valerie Allison-Davis
                                 for the coverings they
                                 use for construction lum-                                          your left just after the shop-
(vallisondavis@aol.com). We
                                 ber packs such as                                                  ping center.
want your ideas and contri-
butions to make the Newslet-     2x4’s. They throw these
ter a means for better com-                                                                         Rocky Hill Grange
                                 covers away and are
munication and exchange
among Rhode Island’s bee-
                                 often willing to give
keepers.                         them to you for a
                                 “green” application!
We need YOUR help!