Facial Waxing (DOC download) by liaoqinmei


									Facial Waxing
                                                            Tools needed:
                               Microwavable wax                    Eyebrow razor
                               Muslin cloth cut into strips        Salon quality scissors
                               Wax remover                         Eyebrow brush/comb combo
                               Applicator sticks                   Tweezers

Start out by cleansing the area you want to wax with soap and water. Allow for the area
to dry thoroughly. Heat your wax in the microwave for no more than 1 minute and 20
seconds. Let stand for about 30 seconds to ensure consistency. Stir thoroughly with
your applicator stick. Remove a small amount of the wax from the container using the
applicator stick. Blow it to cool it off it is still too hot for your taste. Apply the wax to
your eyebrow area in the same form you would like your eyebrows to be. If you like
them straight then apply the wax straight across if you prefer an arch then apply the wax
in an arch shape. Take the muslin strip and place it on the waxed area pressing it into
place 2 or 3 times to allow a good bond. Count to 3 and then
firmly pull the strip in the opposite direction. If working on the left
eye pull to the right – if working on the right eye pull to the left.
(REMEMBER firm but not fast and hard, doing so will result in the
loss of skin!) If you pull to gently nothing will come off and you
will be left with an eyebrow full of wax. Once both eyes have
been waxed, use the tweezers to pluck any stray hair that the
waxing did not remove. Now add the wax remover to your
eyebrow and work it across the skin for about 1 or 2 minutes
using your fingernails to remove any residue. Once you feel the wax has been
sufficiently removed clean off the tweezers to remove any residue. Now you can use
your eyebrow razor to get any hair the waxing and tweezing left behind to ensure a
clean hairless finish. (REMEMBER this is a razor so be gentle) Finally use the comb
side of your eyebrow brush/comb to comb thru the eyebrow hold at the bottom and
use the scissors to trim off the additional for a uniform length. Once complete use the
brush side to smooth out. Use the same waxing procedure to wax your upper lip. Since
the hair on the upper lip is much thinner the waxing should remove it all.

Be extremely careful with this process. Serious damage can occur.
Hot wax is just that, HOT! Do not allow the wax to spill out onto
anything as it is extremely difficult to remove even with the wax
remover. Use the lid of the wax container to lay your wax laden tools
until they can be cleaned.

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