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									What’s Happening (from page 1)

To receive announcements, meeting notices, minutes, and
                                                               Shop                                   April, 2006

"official" ELFCO information, join our yahoo group:

To join the ELFCO discussion group, email: AND see our
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                                                        ELFCO's Search for a General Manager
Linda Carrington
                                             The posting for an ELFCO General Manager in this newsletter also appears
Diane Demers
                                             on the Cooperative Grocers' Information Network (CGIN) website and in the
Kate Dennison                                March/April issue of Cooperative Grocer magazine (mailed to food co-ops on
Dave Finet                                   March 1, 2006). The ad has also been posted on the ELFCO Riseup and
Joshua Froehlich                             Yahoo lists and is also on the bulletin board at ELFCO. We will post in local
Holly Gist                                   newspapers and are exploring a few other venues as well.
Jeanne Hagadone
                                             The Board has finalized the job description. We are using "Hiring a General
Kelly Jaramillo
                                             Manager: a Toolbox for Boards of Directors of Natural Food Cooperatives,"
Michelle Jaramillo                           by Carolee Colter to guide us in this process. We are consulting with Peg
Brad Leap                                    Nolan of Cooperative Development Services (CDS) on the process for hiring.
Andy LeVoir                                  CDS is a nonprofit organization created and governed by the cooperative
Mike McCurdy                                 community of the upper Midwest for the purpose of developing cooperative
Liz O’Brien                                  businesses in all sectors of the economy. See:
Allison Singer                               Membership of the "Advisory Committee to the Board for Hiring a General
Marilyn                                      Manager" (the Advisory Committee) consists of Kriss Ostrom (Chair, ELFCO
Janet Weinstein                              Board), Darren Meahl (ELFCO Board member) and Marilyn (ELFCO Staff).
                                             Jack Laurent (General Manager of the Grain Train Co-op in Petoskey) is an
                                             advisor (non-voting member). The Advisory Committee will review
ELFCO BOARD OF DIRECTORS                     applications and recommend candidates to the full ELFCO Board of
                                             Directors. As specified in the ELFCO Bylaws, the Board as a whole decide
MargaBeth Cibulka - Treasurer                whom to hire; the Advisory Committee only advises the Board.
Mark Gillen - Secretary
I’Khala                                          -- Darren Meahl
Darren Meahl
Kriss Ostrom - Chair
Vacancy (at-large)
Vacancy (for paid ELFCO staff)


Please vote in the ELFCO Board member election (which ends April 23)!

Due to several resignations from the ELFCO Board of Directors since the April 2005 election, six of the seven board
positions are up for election (instead of the usual three or four). Why? Our bylaws specify that members appointed to
fill positions vacated by resignation serve only until the next annual election.

Six ELFCO members are running for five positions open to any ELFCO member. (MargaBeth Cibulka was elected to a
two-year term in April 2005 and remains in her position, so hers is the member seat not open this year.) Only ELFCO
paid staff members are eligible for the remaining Board vacancy, the staff Board seat.

Voting began in the store on April 9 and will continue in the store until 2:00 pm, April 23. The ballot box will then be
taken to the annual General Membership Meeting (Okemos Public Library, 4/23, 2:30pm) and voting will continue
there for 45 minutes (as specified by our Bylaws). Votes will be counted and Board members announced before the
end of the meeting.
                                                                                    -- Mark Gillen and Kriss Ostrom

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