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					                                Minutes of the Disciplinary Meeting

                                 Held on: 8th December 2010
                            Location: League Office, Peterborough
                                    Start: 7pm End: 8pm

In attendance: G Adams (Disciplinary Director), D Stapleton (Chairman), A Mutton (Finance
Director), J Douse, N Vasey (Facilities/Referee Director), C Wilson and W Newey (Development

Apologies: L D’Errante, P Clarke, P Spridgeon and D Barfoot

The Discipline Director opened the December meeting and welcomed the committee members.

Call to Order – Quorum Present

                       Approved                Approved
     Month                                                             Cautions           Dismissals
                      Registrations            Transfers
November 2010              85                     22                      149                   9
    Total                 1957                    63                      518                  30

        Premier Team of the Month for                           Sportsmanship of the Month for
              November 2010                                            November 2010
             Pinchbeck United FC                                       Warboys Town FC

    Problem                        Action Taken                      Disciplinary Decision
    Langtoft United FC 2 vs.       Langtoft United Football          Dealt with by Lincolnshire FA case
    Stilton United FC 1            Club has been charged with        proved.
    4th September 2010             playing an ineligible player.     J Douse did not participate in
    Division One                                                     discussion.
                                                                     Langtoft United Football Club has
                                                                     been found guilty as charged as per
                                                                     Rule 8m
                                                                     Fined £60
                                                                     3 Points Deducted for playing an
                                                                     ineligible player
                                                                     1 Points Deducted
                                                                     3 Points awarded to Stilton United
                                                                     Football Club
                                                                     Fixture not to be re-arranged
    Ramsey Town Reserves           Ramsey Town Reserves              Huntingdonshire FA found no further
    0 vs. Eye Sports & Social      have been charged with            action to be taken due to incorrect
2   Reserves 3                     playing a player while under      notification of suspension dates.
    25th September 2010            suspension, all information
    Comb One                       passed onto County FA

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     Problem                        Action Taken                             Disciplinary Decision
     Peterborough Rovers FC 5       Riverside Rovers FC have been            Huntingdonshire FA found
     vs. Riverside Rovers FC 1      charged with playing a player while      incorrect notification of player
     16th October 2010              under suspension, all information        suspensions, therefore no
     Division Two                   passed onto County FA                    further action to be taken.
     Oundle Town Res 1 vs.          Observations received from               Dealt with by Northampton FA.
     Ramsey Town A 1                Referee regarding the consumption        Oundle Town Football Club
4    16th October 2010              of alcohol at the match.                 warned to future conduct.
     Comb Three                     Correspondence received from
                                    Oundle Town FC
     Thorney Res 1 vs.              Thorney Football Club has been           The Chairman and Secretary of
     Powerleague Res 5              charged with playing an ineligible       Thorney Football Club attended
     23rd October 2010              player.                                  the Disciplinary Meeting to give
     Comb Three                                                              their observations.
5                                                                            Cambridgeshire FA found
                                                                             incorrect notification of player
                                                                             suspensions, and Club warn as
                                                                             to future conduct, therefore no
                                                                             further action to be taken.
     FC Inter 2 vs. Kings Cliffe    Letter received from FC Inter            Charge been raised by
     FC 3                           Football Club regarding the              Northampton FA.
     30th October 2010              behaviour of the Kings Cliffe            Awaiting County decision
6    Division One                   Football Club manager. Kings Cliffe      before action can be taken on
                                    FC has been asked for the                Club.
                                    observations. Observations
                                    received and discussed in depth.
     Eye Sports & Social Res        Eye Sports & Social Reserves have        Northampton FA took no
     3 vs. Long Sutton Res 1        been charged with playing a player       further action as suspension
7    6th November 2010              while under suspension, all              discrepancy not corrected by
     Comb One                       information passed onto County FA        them.
                                                                             No further action
     Leverington Sports ‘A’ 0       Leverington Sports ‘A’ have been         Leverington Sports ‘A’
     Vs Oundle Town Reserves 2      charged with playing an ineligible       The Club has been found guilty
     13th November 2010             player. Leverington Sports ‘A’           as charged as per Rule 8m
     Comb Three                     accepted Charge.                         Fined £60
                                                                             1 Points Deducted
                                                                             Fixture not to be re-arranged.
     Peterborough Sports            Letter received from Peterborough        Thorney FC to be invoiced by
     Parkway FC 8 vs. Thorney       Sports Parkway FC regarding              the League for damages.
     FC 0                           damage received to Dugout from a
9    20th November 2010             Thorney FC player. Letter received
     Division One                   from Thorney FC apologising to
                                    Peterborough Sport Parkway FC
                                    and the League.
     Thorney Reserves vs.           Late postponement of fixture by      J Douse did not participate in
     Stilton Reserves               Thorney Reserves, observations       discussion.
     20th November 2010             received.                            Thorney Reserves
     Comb Three                                                          1 Point Deducted
                                                                         Fined £60 plus expenses
                                                                         Points awarded to Stilton
                                                                         United Reserves
                                                                         Fixture not to be re-arranged.
     Postponed Match ‘s             Correct procedure followed and explanation received and accepted
11   27th November 2010             for all dates.
     4th December 2010

12) Email received from R Windle regarding the insurance implication of playing illegal players –
Forward to all Clubs, Board members and Referees for information

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                                            Reminder to all Clubs

Rule 17F - The consumption of alcohol on match days must be limited to within the social club only.
It must not be allowed for supporters to consume alcohol in the ground and surrounding areas. Any
violation of this Rule will be reported by any Official of the league or Referee. This will result in the
Club being liable to a fine of not less than £50.00.

                         The next meeting of the Disciplinary – To be arranged

G Adams                                                                                   C Wilson
Disciplinary Director                                                                     Vice Chairman

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