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October 2009                                                                     Volume XXI, Issue #2

                     Upward Bound SLC Retreat
  In This Issue:     By: Paoge Moua, SLC Vice-President

  UB SLC Retreat        O    n Friday, October 2nd, seventeen Student Leadership Council (SLC)
                             members headed to Edenwood Center for our annual SLC Retreat. During
                     this fun-filled day, we were able to get to know our SLC peers by working together
      -pages 1 & 3
                     through team building games. After the activities, we had a board meeting to plan
  Remembering A      the upcoming holiday party.
  Special Man
                        The trip began when we were
     -page 2         picked up in a yellow school bus
                     after school. Everyone was so
  Bridge Parent/     caught up in conversation, that the
  Guardian Meeting   trip to Edenwood was as quick as a
      -pages 3 & 4   breeze. We stepped off the bus and
                     met the facilitator, Ann. She led
  ACT Refresher      us to a small cabin where the first
                     few activities took place. We began
     -page 4
                     by playing a “Get to Know You
                     Game.” Everyone was paired up
  Mentor Spotlight   with the person next to them. We SLC encourages their fellow members on
    -page 5          had to find out what our partner’s the high ropes course.
                     favorite dessert was and come up
  Thank-you,         with a word that best described them. It was really fun because we learned more
  Upward Bound       about each other.
     -page 6
                        Next, we played another game where everyone had to fit inside hula hoops. At
                     first, the game was easy because there were a lot of hula hoops so the group could
  Bridge Day I       easily fit inside the multiple hula hoops. As the number of hula hoops decreased,
      -page 6        the game got harder. We were eventually left with one hula hoop. We discussed a
                     lot of great strategies on how to get every member to fit inside this one hula hoop.
  Graduate Update    Eventually, we figured it out and won the game. This game was a fun challenge
     -Page 7         because we had to work together and listen to every idea in order to successfully
                     complete the game.

  a u t u mn            Another game we played was a blind-fold game. The objective of this game was
                     to form a square with a tied rope. This game involved a lot of team effort. We had
  2                  to figure out how each team member could contribute to the team. After winning
  0                  this game as a team, we headed outside for yet another game. In this game, we were
  0                  supposed to walk downhill while tied up. Ann then guided everyone towards the 45
  9                  ft high rope course. She explained the rules and procedures since we were going to
                     be so high up. Even though it was cold outside, everybody was up for a challenge.
                                                                                 continued on page 3

October 2009                    St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                       Page 1
                                                                              A Special Man
                                                    By: Mari Tototzintle

                                                        On June 24, 2009, the St. Olaf College TRiO and GEAR
                                                    UP communities lost a big supporter, Dr. Mark Schelske. This
                                                    was a rough time for many students, teachers and Upward
                                                    Bound (UB) staff. For those of you who are not aware, Mark
                                                    was one of the original founders of the St. Olaf College
                                                    Upward Bound program. He spent his life committed to the
                                                    fight for equal educational opportunity for low-income, first-
                                                    generation, and underrepresented college students.

                                                         Recently, the St. Olaf community honored Mark’s life by
                                                    dedicating a beautiful tree in his name. The tree is located
                                                    between the Old Science Center and Buntrock Commons,
   This beautiful oak tree was dedicated            next to the Chime Tower. Following the tree dedication,
   to the work and life of Mark Schelske on
                                                    Mark’s friends and family made their way to Regents Hall to
   October 23rd, 2009.
                                                    visit with each other and share stories and pictures of Mark.
                                                    I wanted to share with UB students and families some of the
                                                    wonderful things Mark did for UB.

    I started working for the Upward Bound summer program back in June of 2000. Each year, prior to the
students arriving on campus, the UB summer staff spent countless hours learning about TRiO history, liability
issues, boundaries, ethics, and most importantly how to have a fun and safe summer. We learned about all of this
from our trainer and dear friend, Mark Schelske.

    Although many UB students don’t realize it, Mark was very
connected to you. Over the years, my past predecessors, Katie Olives,
Heather Campbell, and myself often shared student stories with Mark.
He always loved hearing about all of the great things happening with
Upward Bound. He cared about your successes, applauded your
graduations and if you came to St. Olaf, welcomed you to campus and
supported you through graduation. Although Mark was a very busy
man, during the summer program he spent as much time as possible
with UB to provide staff support and encourage students to work hard.
He also often stopped by during our annual “Cry Fest.” The summer program was something Mark took a lot of
pride in because he was one of the key elements to the success of our program.

        Mark is one of the main reasons that St. Olaf Upward Bound is successful. He is also the main reason we
hire such great staff. Over the years, Mark has definitely played a huge role in who was recruited and interviewed
for summer jobs. He recommended energetic, caring, hard-working people who he knew would relate well to the
students and the rest of the staff. Many of us owe much of our “Summer Happiness” to Mark Schelske. I know
I do. He is missed immensely.

October 2009                             St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                       Page 2
SLC Retreat, continued from page 1
It took a while for everyone to climb the rope course, but it was
worth it. There was a lot of encouragement from the members
on the ground and everybody went outside of their comfort
zone to try it. It was great to see everyone so supportive and
daring. When we were finished, we went inside the main
building. We all sat down for a small discussion about what
we had learned that day. It was great to hear a lot of different
thoughts about the activities and teamwork.
                                                                SLC gets down to business and holds their
   After the discussion, the SLC members prepared for the first first board meeting of the year.
meeting of the year. While we read over the SLC mission
statement and procedures, we had a wonderful meal of make-your-own burritos. The food was amazing. After
the meeting, everybody got back on the bus and headed back to school. Although everybody was tired, it was
still a great day.

Bridge Parent/Guardian Meeting
By: Kia Thao

    Applying for college and financial aid can be a long    taxes early so that students can get good financial aid
and scary process if you don’t know what to expect.         packages from colleges. The
To help ease the worries, Upward Bound held a Bridge        sooner the FAFSA is submitted, the more money they
parent/guardian meeting in the Central High School          will have available to pay for college.
library on Monday, October 5th. During the meeting, we
discussed the whole college application process and the      To completely understand why early completion
numerous financial aid opportunities that are available  of the FAFSA is so important, UB Academic Advisor,
for students.                                                            Kia Thao, talked about the process
                                             If you and your class after the FAFSA is submitted and the
    After a few slices of pizza for dinner, of 2010 student different types of financial aid available
parents/guardians gathered together to missed the Bridge to students. After submitting the FAFSA
listen to the Upward Bound staff explain
                                             Parent/Guardian application, students can find out their
the type of assistance UB gives to Bridge                                Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
students during the college application Meeting,           contact EFC is the amount of money the family
process. Staff assured students and your UB Advisor as is expected to pay for college. For the
parents that the Upward Bound staff are soon as possible.                majority of Upward Bound families, the
here to help students with applications,                                 EFC is often low, meaning that colleges
financial aid, scholarships, and college essays.         will have to find a way to help the student afford college.
                                                         When students receive their financial aid packages
    To ensure that Bridge students complete and from colleges, they will find that the packages include
submit everything on time, UB Academic Advisor, different types of financial aid. Two types are grants
Grant Kemen, stressed the importance of attending and scholarships, which are “free money” that students
upcoming seminars such as Bridge Day I and II and don’t have to pay back. Another form of financial aid
FAFSA Night. FAFSA Night, which is in February, is a low-interest loan that students will have to pay
is extremely important for parents to attend because back. Another possible source of financial aid is work-
this is the day where the Free Application for Federal study, which is having an on-campus job. The money
Student Aid (FAFSA) application can be completed the student earns from working is taken out of their
and submitted online to colleges for financial aid. It’s tuition.
extremely important for parents to file 2009 income                                        continued on page 4

October 2009                              St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                       Page 3
Bridge Parent/Guardian Meeting, continued
   As students begin to receive financial aid packages                   universities. Don’t cross off private colleges until you
from different colleges, it’s important to know that a                   have seen the financial aid packages they give you
less expensive public university will not necessarily                    first.
be the cheapest school to attend compared to a private
college. Usually, private colleges have more money to                              There was a lot of information presented at this
give out and more scholarships and grants than public                           meeting because the college and financial aid application
                                                                                process is long and difficult. If you have any quesitons,
                                                                                                                please do not hesitate to
                                                                                                                contact us at our toll-free
                             Remember to save those                                                             number 1-800-827-8658.
                                                                                                                For     parents/guardians
           *For every self-
                              stamped envelopes!                                                                who were unable to
   addressed stamped envelope                                                           *That means if you      attend this meeting, it
  that is turned into Mari, Kia, or                                                    collect 5 envelopes,     is important that you
 Grant your name will be entered                                                         your name will be
           into a drawing.                                                               entered 5 times!!
                                                                                                                contact us immediately to
                                       You can get your name entered in a                                       schedule a meeting with
                              drawing for just turning in the self-addressed stamped                            an Upward Bound advisor
                            envelope you receive from Upward Bound when we mail you                             as soon as possible.
            permission slips. The next drawings will be held in May. Good Luck to Everyone!

ACT Refresher                          On October 15, Upward Bound
 By: Grant Kemen                   seniors attended the ACT Refresher
                                   seminar at Central High School.
Students who planned on retaking the ACT learned about new strategies
and techniques to help them obtain better scores. Upward Bound full-
time staff, past UB summer staff, and current Central student teacher,
Taylor Reece, helped run small group sessions for different areas of
the ACT.

    Students first came together as one large group for a general
overview of the ACT and listened to tips about time management.
Next, students were led through the science section of the test and went through practice sections, asking questions
about various graphs and charts. After the science review, the students were separated into small groups. They
worked with a staff member for 50 minutes, rotating through reading, English and math.

                                                          After that, it was time to go over the writing portion. UB talked
                                                     about the challenge of having 30 minutes to write a clear and concise
                                                     essay. We reviewed the format of a five-paragraph essay and worked
                                                     through the creation of a solid outline. Students then had to set up a
                                                     sample outline and choose a point of view to defend. The topic was
                                                     whether or not to have school uniforms. After students created their
                                                     outline, they defended their viewpoint to a small group. It was great to
                                                     see the students get so passionate about the issue.

                                                          Overall, it was a very successful day of brushing up on test-taking
                                                     skills. It was great to see students working hard in order to improve
                                                     their scores.

October 2009                                   St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                                        Page 4
             Taylor Reece
              This month’s mentor in the “Spotlight” is Taylor            a sophomore at
              Reece. His mentee is Meng Ka Lee, a junior at               Pacific    Lutheran
              Humboldt Secondary School.           Taylor started         University (PLU) in
              mentoring with Upward Bound this summer,                    Washington State. Like
              immediately after he graduated from college. He             her brother, Hannah also wants
              attended St. Olaf College, where he majored in              to work with adolescents but in the social work
              Math and Computer Science. Taylor chose St. Olaf            field.
              College because of its friendly atmosphere and
              strong math program. He is currently in the process         In his spare time, Taylor enjoys technology, music,
              of getting his 5-12 teaching license while student          puzzles, soccer and cooking. While he has not had
              teaching at Central High School in St. Paul. It has         the chance to play soccer since UB, he still loves to
              been great having Taylor at Central because he has          play. Since he is living on his own this year, he has
              been able to use his math expertise to help tutor our       learned to be a great cook. He says that we are all in
              Upward Bound students on Thursdays.                         for a treat next summer at cultural night!

              Taylor was born in Los Angeles, and his family moved        When asked about the mentoring program, Taylor
              around the country before coming to Minnesota               says that he loves receiving mentor letters reminding
              when Taylor was an eight-year-old. Taylor spent             him of fun summer times. He has taught with UB
              his formative years in Northfield with his parents          the past two summers and intends to continue. Last
              and younger sister, Hannah. His mom is the music            summer, he taught math and PSE. He is excited for
              minister at his church and he wishes that he had            the next mentor event, which is at Goldy’s Game
              inherited her music skills. His dad is a professor          Room next month. We are really excited to see all
              of Greek and Latin at St. Olaf. Taylor’s sister is          the mentors and mentees there!

                        Do you get hungry at tutoring? Wish you could munch on snacks while doing your homework? Well, it’s
$ Fundraising Time! $

                        that time of the year again!! The Student Leadership Council (SLC) will start fundraising for the Bridge
                        Scholarship in November. SLC will open the SLC Store at each school during mandatory tutoring day.
                        SLC members will be selling the following snacks:

                                                                  Granola Bars- $0.75
                                                                  Fruit Snacks- $0.50
                                                                     Chips- $0.75
                                                                    Cookies- $0.50
                                                               Rice Krispie Treats- $0.50
                                                                  Juice Boxes- $0.75
                                                                  Bottled Water-$1.00

                        Don’t forget to bring money to tutoring and support the Upward Bound Bridge Scholarship.

 October 2009                                         St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                           Page 5
Thank you, Upward Bound!
By: Enrique Robles                                                   Have YOUR Article
       On behalf of my family, I, Enrique Robles,                    Published
would like to thank the St. Olaf Upward Bound
program, especially Student Leadership Council                       Do you want to see your name in print?
(SLC), for fundraising last fall for Gabriela Romo’s
kids (my cousins) Anastacio, Arianna, Amaya, and                     Do you want a chance to have your
Lisandra. I am grateful for what the SLC members                     thoughts and ideas published in the
have done to make things easier for our family.                      Upward Bound newsletter?
Gabriela was a member of Upward Bound (class of
1995). She always had a smile on her face, always                    Each month, Upward Bound staff will vote
stayed positive, and never backed down from a                        on ONE student article to publish in our
good opportunity.                                                    monthly newsletter. Submit your article to
                                                                     Grant or Kia by the end of the each month
 (Gabriela Patricia Romo March 17. 1977 -                            for your chance to be published in next
September 30. 2008)                                                  month’s newsletter!

 Bridge Day I                   Even if it is 8 a.m. on a Saturday, our Upward Bound students are positive
                             and alert. On Saturday, October 17th , Upward Bound held our first Bridge Day
  By: Grant Kemen            at Humboldt Secondary School. Bridge students are seniors who are getting
                             ready to “cross the bridge” into college. Fueled by bagels and orange juice, they
  came ready and willing to tackle their college applications.

      Students were each assigned a tutor to help navigate their college essays and résumés. Tutors helped
  with essays for the common application and supplements for the schools to which students were applying.
  The seniors worked hard, completing many rounds of edited revisions. Their essays were MUCH improved
  when everyone was done for the day.

      Working on essays for four hours can work up an appetite, which was addressed by indulging in a lunch
  buffet. After lunch, work progressed to college applications, ranging from Minnesota State Universities,
  Common Application schools and the University of Minnesota. Everyone made great progress on their

      The day was a successful start in the long journey toward acceptance into college. Special thanks to
  former Upward Bound students and now current St. Olaf freshmen: Josh Titus, Domonick Fields and Awet
  Ghirmai, as well as current St. Olaf students Rachel Gleason, Monica Southworth, Taylor Reece, Lisa
  Drewry and Alondra Lopez for helping our students with the college application process.

                                                                           Ger Vang
        November                                                           November 11       Ana Martinez

               Birthdays!                                 Shong Lee                          November 28
                                                          November 20            Davee Devose
                                                                                 November 1

October 2009                          St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                            Page 6
Graduate Update                                             would be AND exactly how UB explained it. “College
                                                            requires you to put in a lot of hard work and effort
By: Mari Tototzintle                                        to get the grade you want. At times, you may feel
                                                            overwhelmed with all the work, but just remember that
   We are proud to introduce you to one of our more         it’ll all be worth it in the end.”
recent graduates, Bethany Ortiz. Bethany graduated
from Humboldt High School in June of 2008, but           Bethany explained her typical day as, “Waking up
remains very connected to the UB Family.              at around 9am to study and brush up on homework.
                                                      Then, I attend class from noon till 3pm. After class, I
   Bethany is currently a Sophomore at Augsburg organize what homework I have due for the following
College in Minneapolis, MN. This semester,                         day of classes and I finish it that day so
she is taking courses in sociology, business                       that I don’t have to worry about it later.
and math. When I asked Bethany about her                           Wednesdays-I have class from 6-9pm, so
major and minor, she explained that she                            before class I work ahead on homework
remains undecided, which explains why                              assignments.” From the sounds of it,
her course load is in such varying areas of                        sounds like Bethany stays busy. UB likes
study. She is hoping to explore a number of                        busy. J
options before deciding on a major.
                                                                      When asked if Bethany misses high
   For those of you who remember Bethany,                          school, she explained that the only things
you may recall that she was very active in                         that she misses about high school are her
school and with extra-curricular activities.                       friends and UB. Now that she’s in college,
When asked about her involvement on                                she often wonders how she made it through
campus, Bethany explained that she                                 high school saying, “In high school you
participates in as many activities as she                          attend up to 5 classes per day for 5 days
can fit into her hectic schedule. Next year, when she a week, so 25 classes per week. Now, I only attend 5
moves back onto campus, she plans to become even classes total per week and that’s overwhelming for me!
more involved with Augsburg athletics.                So you high schoolers are my heroes.”

   I asked Bethany if she was enjoying campus life             Lastly, I asked Bethany to give current UB students
and she immediately responded with, “Yes, college is        some advice and this is what she had to say: “My advice
a blast. Although it’s a lot of work, you never get tired   for you UB students is to take ALL the advice that UB
of the freedom, making new and interesting friends,         gives you. They really do know what they’re talking
and hanging out. FYI: Work first, play later.” Bethany      about and everything I learned from the program is
mentioned that college is exactly what she imagined it      extremely useful and helpful for me in college.”

                                          Bridge Day
                                           College Applications

                                                                                                          Upward Bound Word Find
                                              Humboldt                                  Use the terms
                                                 Central                                from this
                                                   ACT Exam                             month’s
                                                      Resume                            issue of the
                                                        Scholarships                    newsletter to
                                                           Deadlines                    complete the
                                                              Tree Dedication           word find.
                                                               SLC Retreat              The first 5
                                                             Eden Wood                  students to
                                                          Mari                          turn a
                                                        Kia                             completed
                                                     Grant                              word find to
                                                  Admissions                            Grant, Mari,
                                               Holiday Party                            or Kia win a
                                             College                                    prize!

October 2009                          St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger                               Page 7
                                                                 St. Olaf College Upward Bound is a TRiO/Edu-
                       St. Olaf College
                                                                 cational Opportunity Program sponsored by the
                       TRiO Upward                               Education Department in the Social and Applied
                      Bound Messenger                            Sciences Division of the College. Upward Bound
                           est. 1989                             is funded by the United States Department of Edu-
                                            Program Staff        cation and St. Olaf College. St. Olaf College Up-
                                                                 ward Bound is an equal opportunity employer and
                                  Mari Tototzintle, Director
                          Grant Kemen, Academic Advisor
                               Kia Thao, Academic Advisor        St. Olaf Upward Bound participates in the Summer
                                                                 Food Service Program for Children. In accordance
                                         Newsletter Staff        with Federal Law and U.S. Department of Agricul-
                        Wendy Placko, Editor and Layout          ture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited
                        Denice Stocker, Editor and Layout        from discriminating on the basis of race, color, na-
                                                                 tional origin, sex, age, or disability. (Not all prohib-
                                                                 ited bases apply to all programs.)
The St. Olaf College TRiO Upward Bound Messenger is pub-
                                                                 To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA,
lished monthly September-May, except for two editions combined
                                                                 Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W,
into one for November and December. Editors reserve the right    Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue SW,
to add, change or delete articles for spacing and clarity. All   Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-
inquiries should be addressed to Mari Tototzintle, Director of   5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportu-
St. Olaf Upward Bound, St. Olaf College, 1520 St. Olaf Avenue,   nity provider and employer.
                 Northfield, MN 55057-1098.
                                                                                  (800) 827-8658
                                                                                  (507) 786-3708 FAX: (507) 786-3552
                                                                                  Northfield, MN 55057-1098
                                                                                  1520 St. Olaf Avenue
                                                                                  St. Olaf College
                                                                                  TRiO Programs/Upward Bound

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