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									Thrust boring

                Thrust boring is a trenchless technology.
                Through the compact design of the thrust
                boring machine and its economic effectiveness
                during operation thrust boring is an alternative
                to the open trench method and to micro

                There is a wide range of applications for the
                thrust boring method:

                       Non-Steered (unguided) thrust borings
                       Guided vertical thrust borings
                       Pilot thrust borings

                In addition to thrust boring MAX STREICHER
                GmbH & Co. KG aA also applies pipe
                ramming and horizontal directional drilling
                                                During the thrust boring pipes are pressed hydraulically
                                                operated into the ground. With a cutting head aligned to
                                                the respective soil conditions and an auger inside the
                                                cuttings are removed and transported into the start pit.

                                                The thrust boring machine is designed for two in-
                                                dependent ways for steering. Thereby an exact laying of
                                                supply and disposal lines can be realised optimally.

Guided vertical thrust borings:
Using a vertically steerable cutting head it is possible to lay down-grade lines with a
very low gradient.

Pilot thrust boring:
The pilot rod can be exactly steered horizontally as well as vertically. The product pipe will be installed
in a guided way.

After pilot drilling, the borehole is reamed up using fluid horizontal drilling technology.

Technical Data
Forward thrust:                   2000 kN

Retraction force:                 1500 kN

Torque:                          35000 Nm

Pipe OD to be jacked:            DN 600 - DN 1400

Length:                           up to 100 m

Pipe materials to be jacked: Steel pipes
                             Steel concrete pipes
                             Polymer concrete pipes
                             Stoneware jacking pipes

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