Terminus Dispute Template by rottentees


									                             Terminus Dispute Template
                                 (Do not include anything highlighted green)
            (Highlighted blue represents items that you need to customize with your information)

     <Name of Credit Bureau>
     <Credit Bureau’s Address>
     <Credit Bureau’s City, State, and Zip Code>

     To Whom It May Concern:

     I recently reviewed my credit report and noticed a/some/several derogatory account(s)
     listed that should no longer be reporting because the date of last activity(ies) is/are past
     the legally allowed term for reporting. Please remove the following account(s) ASAP:

     (insert each account name, account number, and last date of activity)

     Enclosed, you will find a copy of my social security card and driver’s license to verify my

     <Your full legal name>
     <Your permanent address>
     <City, State Zip>

     Thank you for your prompt response to this request of great importance.


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