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					       Neurotransmitter Balancing,
          Implemented Properly:
      An Indispensable Clinical Tool
                                   by Pam Machemehl Helmly, CN
     Introduction                               behaviors     including   anxiety/         ability to comply with health care
        Identifying       and        treating   depression,     thought   process,         regimens, making it crucial to address
     neurotransmitter (NT) deficiencies         attention problems, and aggressive         underlying NT issues early on. Yet
     and imbalances represent a vast            behavior. "These improvements              many clinicians lack the know-how to
     new frontier in upgrading health           suggest that amino acid therapy            do so successfully.
     care. It's only in the last five years     has promise as an intervention for             As one of the few clinicians with a
     that easy-to-use, accurate, and non-       behaviorally disordered children,"         full-time practice devoted exclusively
     invasive tests for neurotransmitter        the researchers concluded. The             to this specialty, I've been active in
     deficiencies have become available.        study findings have been published         this field since its infancy. 1 founded
     Yet, such tests are under-utilized, and    in the Journal of Alternative      and     my Texas-based online company,
     many practitioners remain unfamiliar       Complementary     Medicine.         Dr.    Neurogistics, to meet the needs of
     with NT treatment. Even though it's        Purvis' research^ confirms what            both clinicians and patients. For
     relatively new, a number of studies        I've observed in my own work with          testing, we rely on labs that utilize the
     in this burgeoning field confirm its       over 4,200 clients in the last eight       authentic German assays supported
     powerful effects.' -                       years: a significant part of a patient's   by normative data to ensure accurate
        A recent study of 78 Russian            emotional health is determined by his      results and optimum ranges.
     orphans (adopted into the US),             (or her) brain chemistry. Achieving        Moreover, all protocols we generate
     conducted by Dr. Karyn Purvis              psychological balance is just one          are based on an extensive logic I
     at Texas Christian University,             of the countless health benefits           developed and individually fine-
     demonstrated treatment efficacy.           attainable through addressing brain        tune for each patient to insure that
     The children had severe behavioral         chemistry.                                 nothing is missed, and our scientific
     disorders, triggered in part by NT            NT imbalances cause (and                team reviews every protocol.
     imbalances, which were identified          contribute to) an astonishingly wide
     through urine testing and addressed        range of ailments and symptoms,            Neurotransmitter Depietioos
     through supplementation. In the            including     depression,    anxiety,      In Brief
     study, the children were divided into      ADD/ADHD, fatigue, lack of drive,             Neurotransmitters      are brain
     two groups. Immediately after initial      restlessness, anxiety, sleep cycle         chemicals      that     communicate
     testing, the treatment group received      disorders, migraine headaches,             information      throughout        the
     neurotransmitter support for two           palpitations,    immune       system       brain and body, relaying signals
     months. The control group was              suppression, hormonal imbalance,           between neurons. Functioning in
     tested, but then waited two months         focus issues, memory loss, poor            dynamic balance are two kinds of
     before receiving the supplements.          coordination and motor skills,             neurotransmitters: the excitatory
         After two months, the treatment        weight gain, food cravings, eating         (such as norepinephrine). which
     group showed significant improve-          disorders, weight loss, addictions,        stimulate, and the inhibitory (such as
     ments in both their neurotransmitter       and chronic pain. Many of these            serotonin), which calm the brain to
     test results and in certain tested         symptoms undermine a patient's             balance mood. When the excitatory

78                                                                                                       TOWNSEND LETTER - JANUARY 2007
   neurotransmitters are overactive,          Evaluation and treatments based        Testing
   the inhibitory become depleted.         on only one cornerstone would at               I'm well able to evaluate the merits
   By signaling the sympathetic and        best be incomplete or imprecise and,       of different testing options, since
   parasympathetic nervous systems,        at worst, potentially harmful, as can      over an eight-year period, I've seen
   NTs act to regulate cardiac function,   be seen from the following case:           over 8,500 results from varied testing
   breathing, and digestion, along with                                               modalities. In my view, the 24-hour
   mood, sleep, concentration, and even     Case # 1                                  urine testing was of limited use. When
   weight. When out-of-balance, they can       At age 86, Tom, a retired engineer,    NT testing and evaluation were first
   trigger many diverse symptoms, and       had sleep disturbances, waking            developed by some of the luminaries
   that's why treating them offers the     every couple of hours throughout           in Neurotransmitter Science, 1 was
   single most significant improvement     the     night. Though impressively         fortunate to enter this new field, and
   in overall patient care. Scientists     independent and highly functional          work and learn from these pioneers.
   have estimated that as many as          for a man his age, he also reported
   86% of Americans may experience                                                        Urinary neurotransmitter testing
                                           that his memory was slipping a bit.        provided the first non-invasive and
   suboptimal neurotransmitter levels.     Had I relied solely upon a checklist
   Stress, poor diet, neurotoxins,                                                    accurate guide to brain chemistry.
                                           to determine Tom's protocol, I could       In a recent Townsend Letter article
   genetic predisposition, age, drug       have easily been mislead by his
   use (prescription and recreational),                                               (October 2006), Julia Ross critiques
                                           symptoms and might have treated            urine testing as inaccurate. It's
   and     alcohol      and     caffeine   the wrong neurotransmitters or
   intake can significantly deplete                                                   certainly true that it took a few years
                                           under-dosed him. His test results          to determine sound reference ranges,
   neurotransmitters levels.               revealed that extremely low levels of      but given the rapid evolution in this
                                           norepinephrine (and serotonin) were        field, it's a mistake to dismiss the
   Defining a New Approach                 causing his sleeplessness. If I used a    current state-of-the-art testing based
      When it comes to balancing           checklist without these test results,     on poor results of the past. In recent
   brain chemistry, treatment must         1 might have treated serotonin            years, urinary testing has provided
   be based on an accurate analysis        and dopamine          only - which        a reliable basis for treatment. Today,
  rather than guesswork. For example,      would have delayed improvement.           there are over 500,000 cases collected
  some practitioners routinely address     As a result, he might well have           by three labs that document the
  weight loss and carbohydrate             discontinued treatment. Instead,          validity of both the testing method
  addiction        with      glutamine     with the lab results pointing to low      and corresponding treatment.
                                           norepinephrine as the causative
  supplementation.      But     without    factor, I first treated his serotonin         In her article, Ross also claims that
  knowing an individual's precise          levels and then, later, added             a symptom checklist alone is more
  glutamate levels, this can be risky.     excitatory support. Soon after, his       reliable, but I strongly disagree. Prior
  Glutamine can convert to glutamate,      sleep began to improve. Today. Tom        to the advent of urine testing, like the
  and exacerbate symptoms such             sleeps through the night without          early pioneers in this field, I utilized a
  as anxiety, restlessness, and sleep      waking and reports that his memory        checklist for symptoms. But no matter
  cycle issues. Without NT testing and     has also improved dramatically.           how good the checklist, it wasn't
  a comprehensive approach, it's easy                                                sufficiently accurate to alleviate
  to make mistakes.                            Mastering the art of accurately       my patients' symptoms. Although,
      With over 200 plus neuro-            synthesizing and interpreting NT          today, I use a questionnaire to help
  transmitters,individualexacerbations     results takes years, and there's no       screen lor appropriate tests, as well
  to the 200th power can occur.            substitute for clinical experience.       as to monitor treatment results,
  Neither the symptom picture nor the      While     some      companies     and     there's no point in "guessing" which
  individual numbers alone can tell        laboratories offer a dozen or more        neurotransmitters require balancing
  you exactly how to restore balance.      standing protocols for use with           when you can know with scientific
  What's more, the relationship and        certain ranges of test results, in        certainty. Moreover, an incomplete
  ratios between the neurotransmitter      my opinion, these don't accurately        picture can lead to inaccurate
  levels is key - not just the levels      capture that complexity. To date, lab     treatment, as in the following case:
  themselves. Assessing and treating       personnel do not have any clinicai
  the overall picture is not "plug and     experience to draw from when              Case #2
  play." Successful NT treatment has       they create protocols. That's why            Claire, a young professional in
  four cornerstones:                       clinicians should not fully rely upon     her mid-thirties presented with high
                                           lab report protocols, although In the     anxiety and carbohydrate cravings.
  1. Proper urine testing with values      absence of proper training, many
     based on accurate normative data                                                Based on a checklist alone, 1 might
                                           do. The Neurogistics Brain Wellness       have assumed I should give her
  2. Symptom picture and patient           Program was created as a service to
     history                                                                         GABA and perhaps glutamine. Yet
                                           clinicians tofillthis gap.                the test results reveaied a serotonin
  3. Customized protocols based on
     the two cornerstones above and                                                  deficiency, while the patient's GABA
     guided by clinical expertise                                                    level was fine. Why risk creating
  4. Targeted supplementation

                                          treatment tooptimizetheir brains and        crying out for help. "We are a high-
Neurotransmitters                         their response to stress. Companies         intensity, stressed-out family," Mike,
                                          rely on our services to improve             the father, (aged 45) bluntly told me.
                                          overall job performance. What's             He had a low libido, while Barbara, the
more glutamate (as can occur with         more, testing can reveal incipient          mother, (aged 43) was significantly
glutamine supplementation) when           problems. 1 often see executives at         overweight. Gabe, their son, (aged
serotonin was the major culprit?          the top of their game, just humming,        13) was defiant, irritable, and
Elevated gtutamate can increase           with test results revealing serotonin       unfocused, with behavioral problems
anxiety, and in this case, Claire         at a low of 42. If they later experience    experienced at home and in school.
would not have experienced long-          a major stress, they may find it hard       Family members were argumentative
term resolution from treating             to recuperate. Detecting the problem        and irritable with frequent high-
                                          and treating it early present a             decibel explosions.
GABA. However, Claire enjoyed
full resolution of symptoms with          significant preventative.                       Testing revealed that all three
serotonin support.                            With women patients, 1 often find       family members had elevated
    Laboratory results reveal the         that after optimizing brain function,       norepinephrine levels, indicating
precise levels and ratios of the range    they can lower their hormone                adrenal stress, which fueled anger
of neurotransmitters. Those can't be      supplementation to physiological            and impulsivity. Mom's carbohydrate
derived or quantified from a checklist.   dosages (about 18 mg in the case of         cravings were due to low serotonin
In this, neurotransmitter treatment       progesterone, for example), rather          levels, while Dad and Gabe had almost
is just like other testing procedures.    than having to utilize the higher           identicaliy low dopamine levels, for
I wouid never use a questionnaire         prescription dosages. Why overload          Dad, low dopamine impacted his
to identify a pathogenic bacteria,        yourself with hormones (whether             libido, while for Gabe, it resulted in
parasite, or Candida. Instead, 1 would     bio-identical or equine), which the        ADD.
run a comprehensive diagnostic             body must metabolize to excrete and            Restoring her serotonin levels
stool analysis. I would feel remiss       carry a cancer risk, when through NT        helped Mom reduce her carb
in my duty if I did not use the best       balancing, you can use a physiologic       cravings, and lose weight. Dopamine
analytical tools available at any given    dose for its hormonal benefits?            support (with l-tyrosine) helped Dad's
time, and currently, for NT, the best          Finally,     appropriate     supple-   libido return. Following treatment
non-invasive method is urinalysis.         mentation is the fifth cornerstone         with 5HTP, phosphatidyl serine, 1-
                                           of successful         treatment. The       theanine and later !-tyrosine, Gabe's
Added Benefits of Testing                  supplements        we offer       target   increased serotonin and reduced
    In my opinion, it's not enough to      imbalances, while performing the           norepinephrine levels stabilized
merely identify a deficiency. Test         following:                                 his mood, significantly improving
results allow you to quantify a given      • omitting co-factors thai interact        his behavior and focus. Even his
excretion level. Without that number,          unfavorabiy with other practitioner-   grades improved. Finally, reducing
you might sub-therapeutically dose             recommended supplements,               excitatory neurotransmitter levels
a patient and fail to alleviate the        • eliminating ingredients potentially      for all family members reduced
symptoms. Conversely, giving too               problematic for certain health          reactivity, impulsivity, and anger.
liigh a dosage can also produce                issues (like autism),                  The yelling and screaming stopped.
problems, For example. Attention           • avoiding improper combinations of        After three months, Barbara Lester
Deficit     Hyperactivity      Disorder        inhibitory and excltatories offered     reported back to me that, "We're no
(ADHD) teens with drug and/or                  too early in treatment, and             longer overwhelmed by stress. This is
alcohol problems may have severe           • providing ingredient levels              the best thing that ever happened to
serotonin deficiencies. While it's             appropriate for certain ages or         us. Pam, you helped save my family."
sometimes advisable to put them on a           conditions.
                                                                                         With our comprehensive ap-
high dosage to bring back their leveis,                                               proach, neither practitioners nor
it's important to retest to assure that   Balancing Neurotransmitters for
                                          Family Health                               patients need ever be on their own.
the levels don't return too quickly. If                                               Via clear instructions, supplements,
that were to happen, they could very         Treating a whole family for              and prompts about when to transition
well flood serotonin receptor sites       neurotransmitter imbalances can             and re-test, patients can become
and experience the same depression        improve the relationships and               more self-assured. Practitioners are
and anxiety with which they initially     quality of family life. It's fascinating    trained and are always in the loop,
presented. Testing allows you to          to me how frequently testing reveals        able to adjust their patients' care and
appropriately adjust         treatment.   that family members share similar           address any problems.
Quantifying levels also indicates         neurotransmitter imbalances, al-
                                          though individual symptoms and                 "After using the Neurogistics Brain
when to expect improvement so that                                                    Wellness Program with my clients, I
 patients persist with treatment until    treatment needs differ.
                                                                                      now view Neurotransmitter Balancing
they get results.                                                                     as a foundational requirement for
                                          Case #3                                     most individuals seeking to improve
   My many Type A clients (such as          When all three members of the
professional athletes) undertake NT                                                   their health and well-being. My
                                          Lester family came to me, they were

                                                                                                    TOWNSEND LETTER - JANUARY 2007
   practitioner group relies on this            with this expandingfieldof treatment.
   program for successful patient               Patients are also welcomed to access                         Neurotransmitters
   outcomes," says William L. Wolcott,          our services through our website
   recognized worldwide as a leading            program.                                             testing results, along with subjective
   authority in Metabolic Typing.                                                                    self-reports via a proprietary logic with
       "Running two multi-functional            For more information, please visit:                  resuits customized and reviewed by a
   clinics for twenty-five years, I'd long or call                         clinical team. We provide diagnostics,
  considered brain chemistry a missing          (Practitioner) Toll-free: 877-801-8076               treatment     protocols,     practitioner
   link in integrative health care. In the      (Patient) Toll-free: 888-257-9068                    reports, patient reports, prompts to
   last year, since I incorporated NT                                                                retest. and supplements to encourage
  treatment, my patients have finally          Pam Machemehl Helmly, CN, is a                        compliance, follow-through, trouble-
  received treatment for key health            graduate of Texas A&M University with                 shooting, and ongoing maintenance.
  problems that have troubled them             a degree in Scientific Nutrition, She has
  for years. The results are fantastic,        worked in the health care industry since              Notes
  and in some instances, nothing short         198L In 1997, she began to specialize in             1. Eienkov IJ. Wilder RL. Chrousos
  of miraculous. I've seen undiagnosed         NT balancing working with industry                      GP. Vizi ES. The sympathetic nerve
  bipolars' experience mood stabili-           pioneers. Since 2005, serving as Chief                  - an integrative interface between
                                                                                                       two supersystems: The brain and the
  zation for the first time in their lives."   Science Officer of Neurogistics. Pam has                immune system. Pharmacol Rev. 2000
  John Franzi, DC, Metabolic Typing            been a leader in the field of changing                  Dec;52C4):595-638.
  Advisor, Australia.                          the brain to improve mood, focus,                    2. PMszka SR. McCracken JT, Maas JW.
                                               enhance sports performance, and aid                     Catechoiamines In attention-deficit
      Based on my experience and               in the treatment of eating disorders.                   hyperactivity     disorder:     Current
  successful outcomes with even                                                                        perspectives. J Am Acad Child Adolesc
  difficult cases, I have no doubt that        Neurogistics was founded by Pam                         Psychiatry. 1996 Mar;35(3):264-7.
  NT balancing works. However, to              Machemehl Helmly, CN, and marketing                  3. David R. Cross and Karyn B. Purvis.
  achieve optimal results, it must be          and business expert, Carla Roberts,                     "Neurotransmitter Profiles and Behavior
  properly Implemented. I offer these          Neurogistics offers a comprehensive                     Problems In a Sample of Special Needs
                                               NT balancing program. Our turnkey                       Adopted Children." Texas Christian
  following guidelines for obtaining                                                                   University, March 2005.              ^
  a comprehensive approach and                 service includes a synthesis of objective
  ensuring that your patients reap
  the benefits of Neurotransmitter
  • Determine actual NT levels via                                    Tm depressed...
      an objective measurement; I'm
      one of 3,500 US practitioners            I'm anxious. I'm overweight. I'm tired
      who consider Neurotransmitter
      Urinanalysis the best non-                                   I can't sleep.                  I can't focus,
      invasive test currently available.
  • Beware of simple checklists/                              ...You hear this from patients everyday!
      questionnaires to replace
      analytical testing, as they                Now there's a COMPLETE approach to Balancing Brain Chemistry
      only reveal a partial and often
                                                                . SCIENTIFIC • PROVEN • EFFECTIVE • ALL NATURAL
      inaccurate view of the brain
      chemistry.                                           Naurogistics*" Brain Wallnats Program
  Don't settle for anything less than               The Only Comprehensive Turn-K9y Service for Practitioners
  • precisely customized protocols
                                                                               • Neuforransmltler urlnalysls testing
     incorporating complete patient                                • Individualized protocols by experienced clinical specialist
     history and NT test results,                                        • Unique patient reports: customized & detailed
  • solid clinical experience backing                  1                         • Targeted propietary supplements
                                                                               • Product shipping direct to patients
     all recommendations.                                                     • Managed patient retention program
  • supplementation based on                                                       • Extensive practitioner support
     clinically derived protocols, and                                                   • Worldwide network
  • patient follow-up to ensure
     compliance and success.
     Neurogistics also offers training                                              NEUROGISTICS
                                                                                    IHE BRAIN waiHESS PRObRAM
  and support to practitioners
  worldwide who want to integrate this                              The Complete Neurotransmitter Balancing Source
  modality into their practice, making                 Practitioners:                                                               Patients:
  it easier to achieve successful                                        
                                                       877-801-8076                                                              888-257-9068
  outcomes while learning and growing
                                                      PKA(.T!riONl-k Cl.kTM-'K.ATlON                             s OrriRih Mn.\mi.Y


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