Nerve_ muscle tests pinpoint problems

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					Nerve, muscle tests pinpoint problems

           r. Ronald Bingham, who practices at EMG       Mississippi and
           Clinics of Tennessee, specializes in          Missouri.
           electromyography — a test that evaluates         With such a high
the health of the muscles and the nerves.                demand for quality
   “We see patients who have pain, weakness or           nerve and muscle
numbness in the arm or leg,” says Dr. Bingham, the       testing, EMG Clinics
clinic’s founder.                                        of Tennessee prides
   Dr. Bingham’s clinic primarily tests nerves and       itself with its policy
muscles for irregularities. “We measure how long it      for patient waiting
takes an electrical impulse to go from one point to      time. “We try to
another,” he says. “Abnormal nerves conduct slowly.      schedule patients so
Muscles will produce abnormal signals when they          their wait time is less           Dr. Ron Bingham
have been injured.”                                      than 20 minutes,” says Dr. Bingham. “Our staff is
   Conditions evaluated at the clinic include carpal     very friendly. We accept patients with virtually every
tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy at the elbow,          type of insurance plan and we try to make same day
peripheral neuropathy, cervical and lumbar               appointments available.”
radiculopathy, individual nerve injuries, and any           EMG Clinics of Tennessee has technicians
problem that involves pain, weakness or numbness in      certified by the American Association of
the upper or lower limbs                                 Electrodiagnostic Technologists (AAET) to help
   “We perform a full and complete evaluation,           perform the nerve conduction testing.
whether it is a nerve or muscle problem,” says Dr.          “We are one of few clinics in Tennessee to employ
Bingham. “We then report the findings directly back      certified nerve conduction technologists,” Dr.
to the referring physician. Although we may help the     Bingham says.
referring physician with treatment options and              Complementing the certified, professional staff is
diagnosis, we are primarily a diagnostic clinic and do   state-of-the art equipment. “Computers have
not treat the patients who are sent for testing.”        revolutionized testing,” says Dr. Bingham. “We used
   The clinic receives referrals from more than 300      to do a lot of things manually, but computers help
physicians throughout West Tennessee. “Area              make measurements of nerve function quickly and
physicians depend on EMG Clinics for reliable and        accurately. We can better determine what’s wrong.”
quick results to assist them in the treatment of their      The equipment is also mobile. “Our equipment
patients,” he says.                                      used to be the size of a washing machine,” Dr.
   With its main site in Jackson, EMG Clinics of         Bingham explains. Now, all the instrumentation
Tennessee also has locations in Dyersburg, Paris,        plugs directly into a laptop sitting on a rolling desk
Savannah, Union City, Lexington, Parsons, Selmer         that can be taken anywhere.
Bartlett, and Southaven, Mississippi, and regularly         Dr. Bingham often has immediate access to test
sees patients from as far away as Kentucky,              results while the patient is still in the clinic.

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