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September Issue 2008                                

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· Buying & Selling     Introduction
  Heat Treat Shops
                       Carburizing of Windmill Gears. One of the brightest spots for
                       captive and commercial heat treating these days is heat
· Used Equipment       treating of gears for the booming wind energy industry. The
                       sheer size of these gears (we now routinely get inquires
                       about heat treating of gears up to 6’ in diameter and on
· Business             occasion up to 10’ diameter) appears to have caught most
  Opportunities        heat treaters off guard with a “scramble” these days to find
                       furnaces that can handle parts this size. So how the heck do
                       you heat treat a part this size? Traditionally they (and pretty
· Advertising,
                       well all large gears for that matter) have been heat treated in
  Articles & Much
                       pit carburizing furnaces, a proven long standing technology.
                       We were fortunate enough to receive from Udo Brenner,
                       Managing Director of “Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems
Visit us for daily     Inc. USA” some well thought out comments about why you
updated                would use pit furnaces to heat treat larges gears (Aichelin is
information            one of the largest builders of new furnaces in the world and
                       has a great deal of experience with pit furnaces).

Contact us:
“High efforts were made during the last 20 years to improve both the process
technology and the furnace design of pit furnaces. Pit furnaces have become
indispensable in the windmill business for the carburizing of large gears. Demands to
increase gear diameters to more than 60” and load weights above 50,000 lbs. makes
this type of furnace the most beneficial and competitive. Pit furnaces, specially
equipped with a retort and inner guiding cylinder, are proven heat treatment
furnaces. Accordingly, they are utilized in many heat treatment facilities for
windmills, worldwide.

The pit furnace offers other benefits in addition to higher total load weights and bigger
gear diameters. As no transfer mechanism is required inside the pit furnace,
maintenance is greatly reduced. The alloy retort allows a potentially faster carbon
increase due to reduced brick surface. This also provides for a reduction of moisture
content as can be found in bricked furnaces. The furnace retort is easily replaced, and
does not require as long of a shut down as to replace the furnace bricks. An inner
guiding cylinder improves the flow guidance of the process gas and also improves
control and uniformity of the temperature profile. The lifetime of the bricks and
heating elements are therefore extended.”

As is always the case there is not 100% agreement on this issue. For instance Bill
Disler, Vice President Sales and Technology at “AFC-Holcroft” in Michigan believes
that batch IQ furnaces are the way to go as you can see from his comments below:
(AFC-Holcroft is probably the largest new furnace builder in North America and has
very extensive experience in most types of furnaces including batch IQ’s).

"The heat treat activity in the Wind Energy market has become very exciting. It is
clear that not only has demand exceeded supply for the time being, but I believe that
the demand for improved quality of these very large parts has exceeded, or is at least
being limited by the capability of conventional equipment. Conventional equipment,
such as pit furnace systems, have distinct limitations and inherent drawbacks,
however they are often considered the only sound method available to carburize and
quench such large parts economically. We believe that the quality requirements and
raw size of the components in this market segment require significant changes in the
conventional thinking so that heat treat equipment manufacturers can more efficiently
address the challenges our customers are dealing with. The introduction of new
equipment concepts can address the demand for improved gear performance and
economical processing. This can be our contribution to continue helping windmill
manufactures to grow in the global field of alternative energy. This has been one of
AFC-Holcroft's focuses and I am excited about our new developments."

When considering which is the better way to go it is important to note that Batch
Integral Quench furnaces have changed substantially over the years in terms of
capacity. A few short years ago a very large batch IQ furnace had working dimensions
of 36” X 72” X 36” with a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds. A large furnace by
anybodies standards but plainly not large enough for the largest windmill gears. This
has changed with Batch IQ’s in operation with working dimensions of roughly 6’ cubed
with plans in the works for even larger. So what you have at the end of the day is a
long term solution in the form of pit carburizing furnaces with an alternative now in
the shape of batch IQ’s. Each has advantages and each has a proven track record.
Time will tell what the market decides.

Heat Treat News

What's Upcoming? We have a number of news items slated for the next couple of
weeks. A few that come to mind are some photos of a commercial heat treater in
Peru, South America, an update about how heat treaters in the US Northwest are
doing these days and we are going to look at an article we did many years ago
entitled “is there any money in commercial heat treating" and ask our readers for
comments about how margins today compare to those 7 or 8 years ago. Also in the
works are some thoughts about whether you should use a pit furnace or a batch IQ
for heat treating windmill gears and some photos of the 25th anniversary party being
hosted by Dibalog in Heidelberg, Germany (energy optimization systems). This is
going to be attended almost exclusively by European heat treaters so we’ll give you a
feel for the European market next week. September 2/08

Used Equipment Available. Two additional items added to our impressive list of
used heat treating equipment. A CI Hayes Continuous 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace and a
Surface 5600 CFH Endo Generator. We have a good condition Holcroft Mesh Belt
Temper Furnace located in Eastern Europe. Effective very recently three items on the
site have new very attractive asking prices. A CI Hayes Temper 24" x 36" x 24" is now
$9,000 which is an excellent price for a unit in this good of shape. An excellent
condition Vac Aero Vacuum unit is now $35,000 and an immaculate CI Hayes Vacuum
Oil Quench is now $49,000.We now have an asking price for a good condition Wellman
6 Bar Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace and the vendor will consider terms which is
quite unusual in this industry. The owner of a Surface Combustion 1 Bar Vacuum
Furnace will now consider any reasonable offer, although in our opinion this is already
very well priced We have seven good condition Pyradia Draw Ovens and two
Aluminum pusher Furnaces that have just been added to the site. On our continuous
page we have listed a very nice 7,000 pound/hour Cast Link Belt Line. If you are in
the market for one the price has been drastically reduced. Carbottoms are relatively
hard to find but we now have two more to offer on our Batch Page. A 1996 C.I. Hayes
Hydrogen Mesh Belt Furnace and a Despatch 500F Walk-in Oven are reasonably new
additions. An exciting offer based upon the enormous amount of demand for pit
furnaces are two very large, excellent condition pit tempering furnaces. September

Business Opportunities. We have an immediate opening for a Senior Vacuum
Project Engineer. We have two new positions available the first is a Mechanical
Engineer with Premier Furnace Specialists and the second a Sales Rep for Solar
Manufacturing. How about a captive heat treater in the Chicago area that has
Annealing Capacity Available? It might work out very well for another manufacturer
with medium quantities to anneal. Another opportunity? how about this one? Business
and Applications Manager/Wesgo Metals. While we never planned on becoming a site
for the latest positions available in the heat treating industry it would appear to be
happening as we are adding 4-5 new positions available per week. A Brazing Products
Manager is needed for a company located in Northern Detroit. Boy do we have
positions open these days, just today we added another 3 very attractive job postings.
For today we have added business opportunities including a Regional Sales Manager
position with ABM Induction, a Product Sales Manager for a company located on the
west coast and a large heat treat facility in New England looking for a Quality Control
Manager. Ipsen needs a Technical Manager interested in developing market-changing
technologies NADCAP is looking for Aerospace Experienced Consultant Auditors for
their heat treating program. Phoenix Heat Treating Inc is looking for Sales/Marketing
Individual. Thermal Processing located in Clintonville, WI is looking for a Business
Unit Manager. Experienced Fastener Professional Engineer with 35 years of
experience is looking for employment. Klein Tools is looking for a Heat Treating
Supervisor with at least 5 years of experience. A commercial metal heat-treating
company located at Pomona, California is looking for an Maintenance Engineer.
September 2/08

Bodycote/West Coast USA. Want to know what one of the world’s largest
commercial heat treaters has planned for their operations on the west coast of the
USA? Skip Jones, West Coast Regional Manager Bodycote gives us a bit of an insight
below. These comments came from It’s an interesting
market California and very different from most other areas of North America in that
there is virtually no automotive work and jobs tend to be smaller and far more diverse
than most other regions. September 2/08

"Bodycote Thermal Processing announces their West Coast Operations are embarking
on a major initiative for integrating and expanding their eight California locations.
There has been growing concern amongst the supplier base that capacities in heat
treating and related services to the aerospace and commercial markets are
diminishing. To reassure our customers, Bodycote is planning a comprehensive
modernization upgrade program with extensive equipment replacement to meet the
growing needs of the titanium and aluminum aerospace and commercial markets. Not
only are our facilities being renovated, relocation of operations are underway with
additional staffing taking place. The recent consolidation of San Diego and Tarzana are
the first steps of this expansion plan. To demonstrate this commitment, Bodycote has
recently commissioned their new Nadcap approved NDT services unit for MPI,
Passivate, and Nital Etch services at the Huntington Park facility. We expect to have
the Huntington Park copper plating facility expansion completed by November 2008.
Our Santa Fe Springs Romandel location has increased capacity by commissioning two
tip-up furnaces for an additional 60 tons of metal processing per year."

John Hubbard, CEO Bodycote, International. Friday we had a very interesting
news item about Bodycote International (commercial heat treating) selling their
testing division and the CEO John Hubbard, retiring when a replacement is found.
People love a good conspiracy theory and the fact that John is retiring prompted at
least 10 E-mails to us asking about “the real, inside story”. We received a few theories
but at the end of the day we don’t believe there is an “inside” story. John is 60, has
been CEO of Bodycote for approximately 6 years now, has a house and a wife in
Texas, USA and probably just wants to go home (Bodycote of course is based in the
UK). He’s done a good job and we firmly believe that he made the decision that he
has done what he set out to do and wants a change. September 2/08


Pat Torok/United Process Controls. We have a news item today of interest to
pretty well everybody in the heat treating controls business. Pat Torok who has been
involved in the controls business for many, many years has left his position at
Danaher Controls to take a job with UPC as VP. We have personally known Pat for
quite some time and have a very high opinion of his capabilities. We dug through our
archives and actually came up with a picture of Pat taken at a heat treat show in
Detroit, Michigan, USA in the fall of 2007. September 2/08

                    Gord Montgomery (, Pat Torok

"United Process Controls is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Torok to
the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Heat Treat for the UPC group. Pat
joins us with over 25 years of experience in the design, marketing and
implementation of metals heat treat process controls and sensors. Pat's previously
held positions within the group companies include a 13 year tenure at Marathon
Monitors where he co-authored the industry's first heat treat specific data acquisition
system-Process Master. He held various other positions within MMI including VP of
sales and marketing. Pat was President/Owner of Triadx manufacturing where he
developed the FurnaceDoctor® heat treat gas analyzer, and later became VP of
Engineering and Technology for Furnace Control/Waukee. Pat recently joins us from
Danaher Industrial Controls (West/Partlow/PMA) where he was Director of NA
Systems Business. "Bringing into UPC such a knowledgeable and energetic person as
Pat Torok is a boost to our already very strong management team," said Paul
Oleszkiewicz, Vice President of UPC, "Our global position of leader in heat treatment
controls is enhanced by his experience." Pat will be charged with development and
implementation of a unified market strategy for North America. UPC group companies
include Marathon Monitors, Furnace Control, Waukee Engineering and PE."

Temptab. You might have noticed our newest banner on the site “Temptab” (just
below). They have such a cool product that we have to mention it. Basically what they
have to offer are small tabs that would be placed in a load in a heat treating furnace.
The tabs (which are disposable) record the temperature in the furnace thus providing
a simple expensive way to do a uniformity study. First time we have run across such a
product. September 2/08


Bodycote International to Sell Testing Unit/John Hubbard to Step Down.
Several months ago UK based, Bodycote International (commercial heat treating, Hot
Isostatic Pressing and testing labs) announced it’s intention to sell their testing
division. It would appear that an agreement has now been reached as you can see in
the press release below (available in it’s entirety at In
our opinion these are the main points of the announcement; August 29/08
-the sale price of £417 million exceeds expectations of £400 million
-the fact that most of the sale price of the testing unit is targeted towards the
commercial heat treating segment is most interesting. Bodycote has always been
clear in their objectives, expand into the growing Asian and Eastern European markets
(with some focus on South America), invest in areas and technologies with higher
profit margins and take a good hard look at their North American operations which
have not performed as well as other areas chiefly because of a tough economy.
-the resignation of CEO John Hubbard when a successor is found. Our humble opinion
is that Mr. Hubbard (who we named as the most influential individual in the worldwide
heat treating industry some time back) has done an excellent job of focusing the
company during some good and bad times. While Mr. Hubbard’s future plans our
unknown to us we would find it difficult to believe that he will resign himself to a
lifetime of daytime game shows.

"Bodycote plc ("Bodycote") is pleased to announce that it has entered into a
conditional agreement for the sale of its Testing Strategic Business Unit ("Testing
Business") to Clayton, Dubilier and Rice (acting through CDR Tabasco Limited, a
company incorporated by Clayton Dubilier & Rice Fund VII LP to effect the acquisition)
("CD&R") for a consideration of approximately £417 million on a cash and debt free
basis and a vendor loan note ("VLN") in respect of 65 acres of surplus land in
Mississauga, Canada (the "Sale"). Following the Sale the Board proposes to return
approximately £260 million to Shareholders (equivalent to 80 pence per share).

-the consideration for the Sale comprises approximately £417 million in cash payable
on completion, subject to the adjustments set out below, and a vendor loan note in
respect of 65 acres of surplus land in Mississauga, Canada;
-the sale price of approximately £417 million reflects the high quality of the Testing
Business and Bodycote's success in executing its strategy to build the Testing
Business across a range of disciplines and geographies;
-the Sale, which is conditional on the approval of Bodycote's Shareholders and the
receipt of certain regulatory approvals, is expected to complete before the end of
October 2008;
-the Board has assessed the capital structure of the Company in determining the
quantum of the return of cash to Shareholders, whilst having regard for the need to
maintain flexibility to continue to execute its strategy to develop the Thermal
Processing Strategic Business Unit ("Thermal Processing Business");
-following the Sale, Bodycote expects to accelerate the improvement in the financial
performance of the Thermal Processing Business as a result of increased focus,
through increasing the amount of high added value and speciality processes, further
expansion in emerging markets and by restructuring underperforming facilities,
especially in North America;
-the Board believes that the financial performance of the ongoing Group will enable
the continuance of a progressive dividend policy, targeting dividend cover of 2.0 to
2.5 times;
-following completion of the Sale, Bodycote intends to return 80 pence per share to
Shareholders (approximately £260 million). The Board intends that the proposed
return of cash will be effected through a B share scheme. A separate circular giving
details of the B share scheme and related share consolidation will be posted to
Shareholders as soon as practicable after completion of the Sale;
-In addition, John Hubbard has confirmed his intention to step down as Chief
Executive Officer when a successor is found. The search to select a person to execute
the ongoing strategy is well advanced and the new Chief Executive Officer is expected
to be announced shortly."


Queen City Steel Treating Co./Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a very strange market for
heat treating in North America these days; many commercial heat treaters are finding
an incredible month followed by a terrible month-all over the map. By and large
though most shops are doing reasonably well with a certain number adding capacity-
such is the case with Queen City Steel Treating. Under the leadership of Judy Rudy
and partners Queen City has fairly recently added a large 20 tray pusher furnace to
their plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to this they have added batch IQ and
pusher capacity to their division in Cookeville, Tennessee, Quality Metal Treating Inc.
If you recall Quality was bought by Queen City back in early 2003. August 28/08

Len Ohrin. While we never met Len obviously he was a very well liked guy based
upon the wonderful comments we have heard about his. Here is another from the
COO of Ipsen International, North America. August 28/08

"Greetings Gord, I would like to add some comments regarding the passing of Len
Ohrin. Len was truly a rare spirit and an inspiration to many of us. Working nearly
every day into his 80’s he was unable to shut off his love of designing thermal
processing equipment. Many design standards that people take for granted today
came from projects quietly developed by Len 20-30 years ago. His accomplishments
even during the last year match those achieved in some lifetimes. Just this year, Len
was instrumental in developing creative solutions for a Pratt & Whitney project . Dick
Trask, Lead Project Engineer for Pratt told me today that “Len was very quiet in his
manner, but when he spoke, everyone knew to listen. Chances are, if you knew Len,
then you would remember the first day that you met him. He will be greatly missed.”

Len was the first to jump in the car to help convey his new ideas to customers and the
fire in his eyes was always brightest when he found the path through an engineering
challenge. I am an avid runner but will never match Len’s highlight reel. Between the
ages of 60 and 75 Len ran 20 marathons. Legend has it that a young buck from our
sales team, half of Len’s age, started running with Len occasionally and decided to
join him for the Boston Marathon. When the race was over Len couldn’t find him and
finally they met up when Len found him in the medical tent connected to an I.V.
recovering from the race. So much for trying to keep up with him. Len’s spirit, smile
and love for life will be missed by all of us. Geoffrey Somary, COO Ipsen,Inc."

Boronizing. This is a process that we know very little about-the subject came up
because of a question further down this page. This reply offered some suggestions.
August 28/08

"I can explain how gas quenching works with a vacuum furnace, but I'm probably not
the right guy to advise you on boronized materials. But my guess is, if you are
quenching quickly enough with oil to make the boronized surface brittle, then you'll
probably quench quickly enough to make it brittle with a gas quench as well. Gas
quenching is an oil-free way of getting similar quenching speeds to oil. (Note: I spoke
to a metallurgist for one of the largest heat treaters in the US and his opinion was the
same as mine. Chances are that no matter what material you have and what type of
furnace you use, you'll soften the substrate with your 800-900C process. And no
matter how you subsequently try to harden the substrate, you are probably going to
make the boronized layer brittle. But we could be wrong! Neither of us have much
experience with boronized material.)"

Len Ohrin. From Fred Roth at Ipsen International (new furnaces) comes this sad
news item about a long time Ipsen employee. "Len had worked for Ipsen / Abar for
over 30 years and had designed or behind the designs of our continuous aluminum
brazing furnaces as well as unique furnaces requiring movement of the work load
either in or out of the furnace. He will be missed by the Ipsen family." August 27/08

“Leonard J. Ohrin of Roslyn and McAdoo passed away Saturday evening at Hazleton
General Hospital. Born in Audenried, he was the son of the late John and Catherine
(Lesko) Ohrin. Leonard was a member of Our Lady Help of Christians Roman Catholic
Church, Roslyn. A veteran of World War II, he served in the Army as a medic in the
Philippines and Japan. Leonard was a graduate of Temple University, Philadelphia. He
was employed as a designing mechanical engineer by Ipsen Co., Ben Salem. In
addition to his parents, Leonard was preceded in death by his first wife, Agnes Ohrin;
a sister, Helen Matsko; and a brother, John S. Ohrin. Surviving are his wife, Dorothy
(Danishefsky) Ohrin; sisters, Elizabeth Machey, McAdoo; and Catherine Simmons and
her husband, John, McAdoo; and nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held
Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. from Damiano Funeral Home, Blaine and Cleveland streets,
McAdoo. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. in Church of All
Saints, McAdoo. The Rev. Richard Brensinger will be the celebrant. Interment will take
place in St. Mary of the Assumption R.C. Cemetery. McAdoo. Friends may call at the
funeral home Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. A Christian wake service will be held.”

Mattsa/ALD-Holcroft. Lets go to Mexico for a small news item about a company
called Mattsa, one of the largest if not the largest new furnace builders in Mexico Mattsa operates as a new furnace builder and also as a heat
treat rep firm. For a number of years now they have been the ALD-Holcroft rep
(Vacuum Carburizing Systems) in Mexico-now they are going to step it up a notch and
also offer service and spare parts support in Mexico. We would expect to have more
news items about Mattsa in the future. August 27/08

Bill Jones/Executive Leaders Radio Program. There are very few in this industry
with the knack for “publicity” as Bill Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres (vacuum heat
treating) and Solar Manufacturing (new vacuum furnaces). Recently Bill and his wife
Myrtle were interviewed by a radio station in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The interview
basically covered how Bill started his company and achieved what he has. For the
complete interview please follow the link at the right side of the page entitled
"Executive Leaders Radio Talk Show".

Endothermic Atmosphere vs.; Nitrogen/Methanol. Another new link (again on
the right side of this page) touches on a hot topic of conversation these days, the
relative cost of Endo atmosphere as opposed to Nitrogen Methanol. Want to figure out
which makes more sense? Fill out the chart and you will know exactly which makes
mores sense. August 27/08


Equipment Wanted. It’s surprising how often when we advertise for equipment
wanted that a reader will come up with some very helpful suggestions. For that
reason today we are asking for your help in finding used items. Please keep in mind
that this is not a “charitable event”. If you come up with a fit everybody wins. August

a) Electrically Heated Oven. Capable of 2100F with working dimensions of 6’ X 6” X 6’.

b) Aluminum Wheel Processing Line. This is an item we are still looking for. While a
continuous line would be of most interest a drop bottom oven with working
dimensions of 7” cubed is also a possibility.

c) Endothermic Generator. Gas fired capable of 7500 CFH. Brand is not an issue.

d) Aluminum Line. This line is required for T6 heat treating of cylinder heads and each
basket will need to have dimensions of approximately 1,384 (L) x 1,124 (W) x 717
(H) in mm.

Martensite. Except for metallurgists we doubt whether the average heat treater is
going to be very concerned with who was the first to observe martensite. Still though
a little bit of trivia about the industry. August 26/08

"Gord, Good morning - a quick comment on David's little piece. I was a have always
been under the impression that martensite was first observed and named by Floris
Osmond in 1898 who described the characteristics of several microstructural
constituents observed in steels. Following the mineralogical approach he named these
constituents: sorbite after Henry Clifton Sorby, troostite after Louis-Joseph Troost and
martensite after Adolf Martens, all three having been deeply engaged in the new
science of metallography since the 1860s."

Boronizing. We know nothing about the boronizing process which is why we are
hoping that our readers can answer this question from a manufacturer who is sending
out his heat treating. August 26/08

"Hi Gord! We haven’t met before, I was directed to your website from one of our local
heat treatment companies, ******* Heat Treating. I have a question regarding re-
heat treatment on various metals after they have been boronized. I’m not sure how
familiar you are with boronizing, but we are having an issue with losing strength in
our base material. This is due to the fact that we are heating the material upwards of
8-900°C and slow cooling. The reason we do not quick cool or oil quench the material
is because this will cause the boronized layer to become more brittle. My question to
you is, I was wondering if you had any insight on how we might be able to re-heat
treat our product, after it has been boronized, to regain some of the lost base
strength. The suggestion that came from my contact at ********Heat Treating was a
gas quench in a vacuum furnace because this would not be as harsh as a molten salt
bath or oil quench, do you have any thoughts on this? I am not too familiar with the
gas quenching process in a vacuum oven, which is also why I am contacting you now
to see if you would be able to pass on some information on how this process works. If
you could you please pass on your thoughts as well as any other suggestions you
might have on the equipment and processes we are going to need in order to solve
our issue I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Gord! I look forward to hearing back
from you.”


When was martensite discovered? We have a history lesson today from David
Pye, a lesson about one of the most important facets of heat treating-the formation of
martensite. August 25/08

Answer: Iron has been worked for approximately 4500 years or so (give or take a
year or two). The real usage of iron was brought into fashion around 12ooBC. The
reason being that it was extremely difficult for the earl blacksmiths to smelt the iron
from the recovered ore. Combined with this was the inability to achieve temperatures
high enough to melt the iron from the host rock. (3200˚F, 1760˚C). The principle
source of thermal energy was wood and charcoal. The ancients did not know how to
raise the temperature, as the bellows to heat the fire were only 50% efficient. It took
a considerable amount of time to develop an air blower that would deliver air to the
fire all of the smelting time. Once the iron had been smelted for the host rock, it could
then be forged. The ancient blacksmiths did not realize that while the iron was being
heated in the fire, it was absorbing carbon from the wood and charcoal fire, thus
making the article being forged, into steel. (Steel is simply an alloy of iron plus
carbon). This was simply transforming the iron to steel by carburization.

In India, the early blacksmiths developed a steel which was known as Wootz steel.
(3500 years ago) Today we know it better as Damascus Steel. This steel is carbon rich
with approximately 1.00% carbon present. The Arab traders took samples back to
Arabia when they travelled the Great Silk Route across northern India, to and from
China. When they worked the steel it developed a beautiful, random pattern on the
steel surface, which is well known to knife makers today. The primary use of the
‘steel’ was to make tools such as armor, weapons, pots and agricultural implements.
These really were the first toolmakers. Steel then became a ‘material of choice’ over
bronze (an alloy of copper and tin) because it was stronger, harder, and more

There is excavated evidence of ancient articles that have been discovered and
metallurgically examined. It was seen that martensite, as we know it today, was
present, especially near the steel surface of the implement. Martensite was discovered
because of early microcopy at the turn of the last century by a German metallurgical
engineer named Adolph Martens. He made the exciting observation of martensite in
its many forms, the phase that we know as martensite was named in his honor for his
significant contribution to metallurgy. There have been many fine metallurgical
engineers who have made significant contributions’ to the science of metallurgy.
Adolph Martens was such a person.


Cutting Specialists Inc., McKenzie, Tennessee, USA. So often captive heat
treating is "the lost child" of manufacturing, the department that is last to get any
capital improvements, which is always a shame (from our standpoint) but
understandable being that the common perception is that heat treating does not add
to manufacturing capacity. For this reason it is always refreshing to see a company
that invests in their heat treating department and even brags about it. Such is the
case of Cutting Specialists Inc., a manufacturer of lawn mower blades and other
similar items. A quick look at their website
shows you their new furnace loader (might be a "High Tech Loading System"-hard to
tell from the single photo and also a picture of their new continuous draw furnace.
Refreshing to see indeed. August 25/08

Hot Isostatic Pressing. This past week we had a news item about “Hipping” and
spotlighted a company in Washington state USA, Bodycote that has a truly impressive
facility (one of many). In our previous article we mentioned how Bodycote is far and
away the largest player in this very specialized market. Nothing leads us to believe
that this is not correct however a reader pointed out that they are not the only
company in the US doing this and gave us some examples of other companies also
offered the same process. One final note worth mentioning is the fact that this is NOT
a process you want to get into unless you really know what you are doing. With
pressures of up to 30,000 PSI no mistakes can be made. August 22/08
“There are quite a few HIP units in the USA (it really got its start in the Mid Ohio area
in the early 1970's). Some of the companies that are commercial heat treaters that
offer both HIP and Vacuum furnace work include:

Lake City Heat Treat (Warsaw, IN) they just bought a 2nd unit from Avure (formerly
ABB from Sweden) that will be a duplicate of one they bought in the late'90's. This is
a family owned business that has really grown over the past 15 years.

Howmet (Whitehall, MI) although not a true commercial HT shop, they do HIPPING
work and have 5 or 6 units.

Pressure Technology (Concord, OH) has 4 HIP units and they have their main facility
in Warminster, PA (at least 3 units - HIP are here)

The HIP industry is very small and very inbred (sound familiar?) but it would be a nice
side bar to investigate on your side of the line. There are only 3 or 4 major
manufacturers that qualify as HIP companies (American Isostatic Presses - Columbus,
OH), EPSI (Haverhill, MA), Pressure Tech makes their own, another Mfg in California
(can't remember the name), and the BIG ONE in Sweden - Avure (they have gone
through a number of ownership changes in the past 5 years - formerly called ABB)."


Stress Relieving on the QEW. A friend in the industry happened to be driving on
the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) highway yesterday (this is the main highway in
Southern, Ontario, Canada) when he was passed by several fire trucks. Being
naturally curious about what all the fuss was about he followed the fire trucks and
what did he find? Stress Relieving on the highway. What had happened was a
transport truck owned by All Source Heat Treat (commercial heat treating) of St.
Catherines had caught on fire with a full load of parts to be stress relieved. It must
have ruined the day of Wayne Howard, the owner of All Source. August 22/08

What is meant by High Temperature Carburizing? David Pye, world famous heat
treat consultant is going to tell us. August 21/08

"Answer: High Temperature carburizing is a metallurgical thermal process that takes
advantage of the fact that, the high the process temperature, the faster the diffusion
rate. It is based on the classic and traditional (yet simple) Harris formula: Case Depth
= Square root of time X factor (temperature derived). The process can only be carried
out effectively in a vacuum furnace simply because of the materials of construction of
an atmosphere furnace do not permit high temperature operations at elevated
temperatures. The high temperature carburizing process is usually carried out at
temperatures approximately 1900˚F to 1950˚F. (1035˚C to1065˚C)."
Pacific Northwest Annual Golf Tournament. Not even sure whether this event has
a name but every year for the past number of year’s heat treaters in the Pacific
Northwest area of the USA get together for an annual golf tournament. This year
featured roughly 50 heat treaters generally divided up by company. For instance Met-
Tek fielded several teams, Bodycote was there, Stack Metallurgical and a number of
others. Excellent day and a good time was had by all. Yours truly, Gord Montgomery?
Not being a golfer the highlight of my day was banging a drive off the golf cart and
killing somebody’s beer. When you start off with low expectations they are generally
fulfilled. August 21/08

        Left Photo: Far Left: Jeff Lane, GM-Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc.
                         Jerry Shriner, Owner - Met-Tek, Inc.
               Bruce Sorenson, Owner - Pyro Instrument Service Co.
           Far Right: Richard Shew, QA - Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc

     Right Photo: Left: George Raimer, Retired, Former owner of Met-Tek, Inc.
              Right: Bob Grammer, Grammer Vacuum Technologies

                      Left Photo: Jason Shriner Met-Tek, Inc.

        Right Photo: Bruce Sorenson, Owner - Pyro Instrument Service Co.

       Left Photo: On ground: Bruce Sorenson, Owner - Pyro Instrument Co.
     Standing L: Bruce Davis, Sales Manager, Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc.
 Standing C: Steve Hess, Retired Maintenance Manager, Stack Metallurgical Services,
     Standing R: Jeff Lane, Facilities Manager, Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc
   #27 Seated: Doug Lane (cousin of Jeff Lane and not in heat treating, so a guest)
            Far Right: Eric Wiegele is a furnace operator at Met-Tek, Inc.

     Right Photo: Far Left: Dennis Cerveny, Titanium Vacuum Heat Treat, PCC
                                Structurals, Portland
         Left Center: Bruce Haphey, Operations Manager, Bodycote Camas
             Right Center: Joe Dyer, General Manager, Bodycote Camas
         Far Right: Mike Landis, Special Outside Consultant, Bodycote Camas

                 Left: Bob Grammer, Grammer Vacuum Technologies
                 Right: Mark Manning, Beaver Heat Treat Corporation


Ipsen International/New Order. We make a mistake-we correct it. Very recently
we mentioned about how Ipsen International (Rockford, Illinois, USA) had landed a
large order from an aerospace company for a carbottom vacuum furnace for
processing titanium. This item caught us of guard as we do not think of Ipsen for car
bottom vacuum furnaces. It would appear that this was incorrect and while Ipsen did
receive an order some time back our understanding is that it was for several front
loading vacuum furnaces (anywhere up to 4) 24' deep (amazing) and that they will be
for processing titanium. This order will probably never see a press release owing to
the secrecy of the buyer but if we get any further details we will let you know. August

Met-Tek, Inc./ Clackamas, Oregon, USA. We now feature our last profile of a West
Coast Heat Treater, Met-Tek a commercial shop near Portland, Oregon. If a picture is
worth a 1,000 words you now have at least a short story based upon the pictures
below of Met-Tek. This company is owned by one of the most outgoing, friendly guys
we have met an individual by the name of Jerry Shriner a long time heat treater. To
the pictures below the only other interesting tidbit of information we can add is that
within days Jerry will be receiving a brand new Beavermatic Batch IQ furnace to go
inline with his other units. If you find yourself in the Portland area and want to talk
about heat treating give Jerry a call, I would be amazed if he didn’t talk your ear off
and buy you a beer at the same time. While we saw a number of captive and
commercial heat treaters on the West Coast this past week as usual the captives
(which ranged from rocket engines to medical components) were all very leery about
photos of their operations, something which we respect although don’t necessarily
like. To conclude our series about Western USA heat treating Thursday of this week
we will have pictures of the annual “Northwest Heat Treaters” golf tournament.
August 20/08

Aalberts Industries/Financial Report. Heat Treaters outside of Europe can
certainly be forgiven for not knowing the name Aalberts, however it is a name you
should know as one of the 10 largest commercial heat treaters in the world and
undoubtedly the second largest in Europe. Based in the Netherlands, Aalberts has
roughly 50 commercial heat treating and surface coating plants including 3 in North
America, Ionic Technologies Inc., Greenville, SC and Accurate Brazing with two
locations in Greenville, SC and New Hampshire. Their latest financial reports are now
available on line at their website
The highlights are below but the tough part is separating the heat treating results
from the rest of the conglomerate. If you can decipher the results you will know how
the heat treating facilities did. August 20/08

Highlights of the first half of 2008
- Increase of revenue by more than 6% to EUR 913 million (10% at constant
exchange rates)
- Organic revenue growth of approximately 3% (at constant exchange rates)
- Operating profit (EBITA) up 9% to EUR 106 million
- Increase in net profit by more than 6% to EUR 67 million
- Earnings per share up 3% to EUR 0.65 (7% at constant exchange rates) -
Maintaining solid balance sheet ratios - Acquisitions Flow Control (Henco and Zawgaz)
and Industrial Services (IDE, Duralloy and Cotterlaz

Stack Metallurgical Services Inc. Continuing with our tour of western USA captive
and commercial heat treaters today we go to the big guys on the block, Stack
Metallurgical Systems Inc., (Stack) in Portland, Oregon. The largest in the Pacific
Northwest even their competitors would probably grudgingly admit that this is a very
impressive, well run company. When we visited this past week the owner, Dave
Ederer was amazingly forthcoming, hence the photos below of pretty much all areas
of the facility, from Batch IQ’s, Ion Nitriding, continuous to aluminum and Induction.
We’ll make a couple of comments about the pictures below; in one photo you see
what appears to be a brand new Ipsen vacuum furnace-as a matter of fact this is
brand new having entered production within the past few months. In another photo
you see you a very large Abar Ipsen 10 bar vacuum furnace. The interesting thing
about this furnace is that when it first entered production some years back it was the
first 10 bar vacuum furnace in production in a commercial heat treat plant in North
America. Stack has a long history in the Portland area and since it’s inception Dave
Ederer has invested (either as an outright owner or investor) in several other facilities
in the US and Mexico including Inland Northwest who we mentioned last week. All in
all Stack in our humble opinion deserves to be in the top 5% of commercial heat
treaters in the world based upon cleanliness, the state of the equipment and
professionalism. August 19/08

  Bob Grammer (Grammer Vacuum Technologies), Dave Ederer (Stack), Nels Plough
 (President, Stack), Pat Walsh (Metallurgical Consultant), Jeff Lane (Stack) and Gord


This was a news item we posted early last week, Bill Jones of Solar had some
comments (which we posted) further down this page and now Seco Warwick who
posted the original comments is responding to Bill's. Complicated enough? It makes
for very interesting reading as both of these individuals certainly know their stuff.
August 19/08

"Bill Jones' comments. In response to Bill's comments: This patent positions
SECO/WARWICK in the area of hydrogen quench and recycling in HPGQ furnaces
because we believe this technology will come into common use in the near future. We
developed this unique and marketable approach that will conserve energy while
producing high quality work while working with customers to improve both system
efficiency and final metallurgical results. Best regards; Maciej Korecki Ph.D., Research
& Development Director Seco/Warwick S.A. tel. +48 68 38 20 506 mob. +48 502 288
237 fax. +48 68 38 20 555 email: web:"

Inland Northwest Metallurgical Services Inc./Spokane, Washington, USA. The
common perception amongst North American captive and commercial heat treaters is
that the western USA is the land of “milk and honey” these days based upon the
healthy aerospace, defence, medical, cutlery/knife industries. There is some truth to
this (certainly compared to many other areas of North America) but western heat
treaters face the same challenges as others, price pressure and rapidly increasing
energy costs. Having said this we have yet to meet a captive or commercial heat
treater in this area whose is not having at least a “half decent” year. An example of
this is Inland Northwest a commercial operation in Spokane, Washington who is
finding business to be good-good enough to warrant an addition to their plant and
additional equipment. The photos below show where they are at and if you look
closely what the future holds for them. Look closely at the photo on the right and you
will see Inland's current plant (green border at the top of the building) and behind this
the almost completed addition which will more than double the size of the plant, an
addition which will house a number of additional furnaces. To the best of our
knowledge (which we in our conceit consider to be very extensive) Inland is one of the
only commercial heat treaters in this particular area and consequently they offer most
processes, batch IQ, aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating being the
main ones. All of this is run under a fellow by the name of Dan Tabish, President a
good competent heat treater who has been with the company since it was started a
number of years back-we believe about 15 years ago. You can see Dan in one of the
photos below along with the most prominent heat treat rep in this area, Bob
Grammer, Grammer Vacuum Technologies (Ipsen, SSI, Dibalog, Dry Coolers). Going
back to our original statement about the western US being a good area for heat
treaters, yes it is but heat treating in just about any area of the world has a lot of
challenges. August 18/08

Hardenability. So what does the term ‘hardenability’ mean? David Pye, Heat
Treating Consultant, and one of the top guys in the industry gives us a good
explanation. August 18/08

"What is meant by the term ‘hardenability’? The term ‘hardenability’ is a term used to
describe a steels ability to harden. The term does not mean how hard the steel can be
made. Hardenability is usually determined by the Jominy End Quench Test. This
means machining a steel test bar of the steel to be tested to specific dimensions.
(4inches long and 1 inch diameter) The bar has a flat milled onto the length of the
bar, followed by marking the bar every 1/16 inch along its length. This is followed by
heating the steel test bar to the appropriate austenitizing temperature, followed by
spraying a volume of water onto the end face of the test bar. The result will be that
the face that is quenched will be cooled rapidly and the cooling effect will be slower
along the length of the bar. After the bar has cooled, then hardness tests would be
conducted along the length of the bar (every 1/16inch). From the hardness test
results, a curve can be plotted. This would show the decreasing hardness along the
bar length. This is the steels ability to show the depth of hardening that would take
place across an equivalent diameter bar of steel. The addition of alloying elements will
affect the steels hardenability. It would also demonstrate the hardness values of a
piece of steel 8 inches in diameter form the outside diameter to the core of the 8 inch

Hot Isostatic Pressing. While many heat treaters would not consider Hot Isostatic
Pressing (hipping for short) to be “true” heat treating it uses heat and pressure to
alter the properties of metal so strictly speaking it is a form of heat treating. While a
very specialized process it is well known in certain applications such as high end
casting and “cladding” and is the only way to go. The undisputed worldwide leader is
none other than Bodycote International who certainly has well over half the
commercial worldwide market. We have heard about the technology for years but just
yesterday was the first chance we had to see it in operation-the Bodycote facility in
Camas, Washington, USA and it was well worth the visit. While a large, 10 bar state of
the art vacuum furnace is impressive to see a “hipping” unit operating at pressures up
to 30,000 PSI is truly impressive! This facility is the only one in the US that offers
both vacuum heat treating and hipping which is done in 3 or 4 very large units with
capacities of up to 30 tons. We could go on and on about this technology but for the
time being we will leave it at the fact that it is amazing to see, this plant is absolutely
immaculate and the total investment in this operation puts most heat treating
operations to shame. Wish we had more photos but we do have a couple below.
August 15/08
    Bob Grammer (Grammer Vacuum Technologies), Henry Peterson, Engineering
                    Manager, Bodycote, Camas Washington.

            Gord Montgomery,, Henry Peterson, Bodycote


Electricity Pricing. Energy in the long term is going up, this is a given. Whether it be
natural gas, propane or electricity heat treaters are going to be paying more and
consequently every single heat treater in the world is looking at ways to save a few
bucks. Concentrating only on electrical costs we see something interesting on bills,
something that quite a few consumers are not aware of-peak demand charges. In
very simplistic terms all consumers get charged for the amount of electricity they use,
what a reasonable percentage of users are not aware of is the dreaded peak demand
charges. What this is, is an additional charge that electrical providers tack on to your
bill, a charge based upon the highest demand a consumer uses in a given 15 minute
period in any month. To put it another way your electricity provider watches what you
use in a month, picks the 15 minutes that you used the most energy and charges you
at a rate far higher than normal. Call it money grab or look at it from their standpoint
which is that they have to have generating capacity for peak period which costs
money, either way it is very expensive for consumers. So as a user if you can keep
your electrical demands relatively constant you are way ahead of the game. Start
your furnaces at different times, stagger when you use them (if possible) anyway to
flatten out demand is going to pay back in spades. Something to keep in mind. August

Accurate Steel Treating, Inc./South Gate, California, USA. We had a look at
Thermal Vac (commercial heat treating, Orange, CA) earlier this week, lets now have
a look at another good sized commercial operation (60 employees) this one located in
South Gate which is just south of Los Angeles. This plant is 47 years old and is ranked
in the top 50 in the USA by MTI (Metal Treating Institute) in terms of sales. The
company is run by Ron Loynds, President and Mike Bastian, GM and VP. Looking at
processes the company has a pretty general mix, a number of vacuum furnaces,
batch IQ furnaces Ion and Gas Nitriding (as a matter of fact they made our HT news
page recently when they installed a brand new SSI Gas Nitriding control system) and
a number of associated processes. Looking at where they have been and where they
are going they have recently achieved ISO 9001, added additional property to allow
for future expansion and have seen sales steadily increasing. One real odd note (at
least for most commercial heat treaters in Canada and the US is the half walls around
some of the buildings. While it has been tried in Canada and Michigan the snow drifts
around the furnaces in winter have proven to be a problem. In the photo below you
see from left to right Gord Montgomery, Ron Loynds and Mike Bastian and on the far
right Rick Apodaca of Champion Furnace (furnace rebuilding). August 14/08


Scrolling down a few items you will come to a posting about a new patent Seco
Warwick has applied for concerning Hydrogen closed cycle hardening. Quite frankly it
did not mean a great deal to us but it certainly did to Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres
as you will see from his comments. August 14/08

“Reference Seco News Release Aug 12, 2008. It appears that US Patent 7,361,299 is
a rather complex method for storing and regenerating hydrogen gas where one uses a
vacuum furnace hot zone as part of the mechanism as in an experimental design.
Counter to the Seco News Release no claims are made in the patent as to alloy
quench rates, “difficult steel grades to harden”, or the method of “low part distortion”.
We are sure the patent has value for some applications but exactly how this fits the
day to day heat treating industry is not at all clear. William R. Jones, CEO, Solar
Atmosphere Inc., Souderton, Pa.”

Steve Driscol/Thermal Vac, California, USA. We’re going to have a lot more
details about this operation in the very near future but for the time being this is what
we can tell you. Located in Orange, CA Thermal Vac specializes in brazing applications
but is also involved in commercial heat treating. President and owner is Steve Driscol
(second from the left in the picture below), on his right is his son, Sean Driscol
(Furnace Manager), on the far right Tim Coe and on his right, Gord Montgomery
( As we say more on Thermal Vac in the next little bit but we will take
this opportunity to say more about Tim Coe. Manufacturers rep in CA, Tim worked
with VFS (new vacuum furnaces) and Seco Warwick (new furnaces) for many years
before becoming an independent rep a couple of years back. He now reps for Ipsen
International (new furnaces), Dibalog (energy optimization systems) and Custom
Electric (electric furnace elements). He is pictured in the one photo below with his wife
Jody, dog Chloe and his boat in the background. August 13/08


Sheila Giordano/Namac Corp. Sheila we have run across before from her days at
Plansee Corp (moly), Namac we had not run across before until quite recently. August

"Nanmac Corporation, leading supplier of thermocouples to industry since 1956,
recently hired Sheila Giordano as Senior Account Manager, to service Nanmac's
growing client base in the Heat Treating Industry. Ms. Giordano joined the company
on August 1, and brings nearly a decade of experience in the High Temperature
Thermal Processing Industry with Plansee USA (formerly Schwarzkopf Technologies)
and has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia calling on
end users and manufactures of high temperature furnaces and other applications
related to thermal processing. According to Ms. Giordano "It is an exciting change for
me as Nanmac has a renowned reputation for its distinctive engineering expertise in
the high temperature thermal processing industry, with an array of temperature
sensors and related equipment, accessories, and calibration services. Nanmac's
customers are many of the same I have called on for years. Ms. Giordano will be at
Furnaces North America on October 21-22 in Nashville (Booth #140), meeting with
clients, partners etc. To make an appointment, please call her at 508-872-4811 x275,
or email her at"
Old Hickory Heat Treat/Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA. Tennessee is not
exactly a hotbed of commercial or captive heat treating, still it comes as a surprise
that this commercial heat treater recently closed their doors. Old Hickory is owned by
the same individual who owns Dixie Heat Treat in Florence, Alabama, USA. At this
point in time we are not sure why Old Hickory closed. August 12/08


Seco Warwick.     August 12/08

August 11, 2008 Meadville, Pennsylvania Danville Metal Stamping has placed an order
for a mesh-belt conveyor-type annealing furnace for the continuous process-annealing
of nickel-based alloy strip. Danville Metal Stamping produces a variety of metal
components for the aerospace and gas turbine industries, including Pratt & Whitney,
General Electric, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Siemens Westinghouse, and Rolls-

SECO/WARWICK’s Thermal Process Team designs and manufactures a wide variety of
heat treating equipment configurations with and without the addition of protective
atmosphere. Specialists in applications for automotive and aerospace components,
tube and pipe manufacturing, electrical steel components and other unique and
divergent applications, the Team can offer many types of quality furnace systems
including roller hearth, rotary retort, rotary hearth, mesh belt, specialty box, bell and
pit furnaces along with custom designed furnaces, all developed specifically to meet
each user’s plant, process and energy requirements. Visit the Thermal Process Team
at "

SYSTEM FOR HEAT TREATMENT IN VACUUM Patent #US 7,361,299 For Immediate
Release Monday, August 11, 2008 Meadville, PA USA SECO/WARWICK has recently
patented a hydrogen closed-cycle hardening system where the heat treatment process
is performed in vacuum, and the hydrogen atmosphere is recycled. This system
produces excellent process results because the cooling cycle is performed in
hydrogen. The most useful application is for steels that are difficult to harden in other
gases, and the user does not want to use an oil quench for environmental reasons.
Gas quenching consistently provides superior metallurgical results in terms of
uniformity and low part distortion. How It Works The hydrogen closed-cycle hardening
unit consists of a vacuum oven having an internal quenching and circulation system
that is adjusted to operate under a pressure of 2 MPa, the internal quenching and
circulation system being fitted with conduits and valves for feeding and discharging of
a quenching atmosphere; wherein: the oven is fitted with a hydrogen inlet line or a
nitrogen inlet line and an operating gas outlet line; and wherein: (a) the oven is
connected on one side to an inlet pipe, (i) the inlet pipe has a low-capacity fan; (ii)
the inlet pipe is connected to a first conduit between two valves in the first conduit;
and (iii) the first conduit is connected to a unit including a first container and a second
container such that the first conduit is connected to the first container beyond one of
the two valves in the first conduit and the first conduit is connected to the second
container beyond the other of the two valves in the first conduit; (b) the oven is
connected, on an opposite side from the connection to the inlet pipe, to an outlet
pipe; (i) the outlet pipe is connected to a second conduit between two valves in the
second conduit; and (ii) the second conduit is connected to the unit including the first
container and the second container such that the second conduit is connected to the
first container beyond one of the two valves in the second conduit and the second
conduit is connected to the second container beyond the other of the two valves in the
second conduit; (c) the first container is connected to a third conduit that contains a
valve and a flow meter, the third conduit connecting to an external hydrogen source;
(i) the first container is equipped with a first independent heating and cooling system;
(ii) the first container contains a metal alloy that absorbs hydrogen as a high-pressure
hydride, for which an equilibrium pressure of a reversible formation/dissociation
reaction is about 0.01 to about 15 MPa at a temperature in a range of about 298 to
about K.; (d) the second container contains a metal alloy that absorbs
hydrogen as a low-pressure hydride, for which an equilibrium pressure of a reversible
formation/dissociation reaction is about 10.sup.-6 to about 2 MPa at a temperature in
a range of 293 to about K.; and (i) the second container is equipped with
a second independent heating and cooling system; and (e) the first container and the
second container are connected by a fourth conduit that contains a valve and a gas
flow meter. The measurements of hydrogen losses in the hardening process carried
out in the closed-cycle hydrogen unit according to the invention have shown that the
use of conjugated systems of metallic low-pressure and high-pressure hydrides, with
the temperature range of the equilibrium pressure of the reversible
formation/dissociation reaction of the low-pressure hydride being wider for each
hydride systems than that of the high-pressure metal hydride, makes it possible to
reduce the hydrogen losses to 5% at most of the total hydrogen quantity used in the
process. At the same time, the use of the closed-cycle hydrogen unit eliminates the
hazard of explosion or firing during the oven discharge. Moreover, the use of the
system of mutually conjugated low-pressure and high-pressure metallic hydrides
makes it fully possible to safely store hydrogen in a combined condition for any long
period of time between subsequent hardening processes."

Ipsen International/New Orders. Rockford, Illinois, USA Ipsen (new furnaces) is
having a banner year. We've had a number of announcements about new orders for
the company this year and below is another announcement. We also can say that
Ipsen has another very impressive order in house-an order for which we believe no
press release will ever be issued. This is an order from an aerospace company for a
large carbottom vacuum furnace for processing titanium. Again probably this one will
not see the light of day other than on "The Monty". Jumping to the photo below from
Ipsen what the heck do the signs that the individuals in the photo are holding actually
say? August 11/08

"Ipsen delivers a new state-of-the art TurboTreater® model H6660 2-Bar with a work
zone size of 48” W x 48”H x 60” L and gross load weight capacity of 3,500lbs, the first
TurboTreater® in the Houston area serving the power generation market. This unit
will be used for brazing and heat treating of power generator components at Leading
Edge Turbine Technologies. “The best-in-class rapid quench capability of the
TurboTreater® furnace allows us to achieve optimum metallurgical properties on
gamma-prime strengthened superalloy turbine buckets and blades which should
provide our customers maximum durability and component life.” says Greg Gaul,
Engineering Manager, of Leading Edge Turbine Technologies. Leading Edge Turbine
Technologies is an independent industrial steam and gas turbine repair company that
provides high-quality repair services for the power generation, pipeline, petro-
chemical and paper mill industries. The Ipsen TurboTreater® is equipped with a highly
efficient graphite hot zone assembly utilizing carbon composite materials for durability
and high performance. The Ipsen design utilizes a gas distribution plenum coupled
with a 200HP cooling motor to deliver the cooling gas quickly and uniformly to the
work load with no moving mechanical components. Superior pumping performance
includes a 35” diffusion pump and a mechanical pump package that is equipped with a
VFD for accelerated pump down times from atmosphere to cross over. The
CompuVac® control system with a 17” color touch screen includes standard features
such as in-process recipe editing, data collection and trending, DIGITRIM™ tuning,
virtually unlimited recipe storage all housed in a UL listed control panel. Whether you
are looking to upgrade your current equipment or embark on a new unit, Ipsen
delivers. Ipsen, Inc. maintains manufacturing plants in Rockford IL and Souderton

Janusz and Nancy (Liang Zhi Ling) Kowalewski/Seco Warwick. Janusz of Seco
Warwick (new furnaces) is very well known in the industry for his knowledge of heat
treating furnaces. Nice guy and nobody's fool (don't jump all over us this is a
compliment). Looks like Janusz and his wife Nancy will be moving to China to handle
things for Seco Warwick in Asia which leads to the obvious conclusion that Seco
regards this as a very important market for them. August 11/08

"Jeff Boswell, SECO/WARWICK Group President has announced the transfer and
promotion of Janusz Kowalewski and Nancy (Liang Zhi Ling) Kowalewski. According to
Mr. Boswell, “One of the major goals of SECO/WARWICK Group is the creation of an
efficiently functioning global organization through the integration of all
SECO/WARWICK companies. In order to better facilitate the integration of our China
joint venture, Janusz and Nancy Kowalewski have been transferred to
SECO/WARWICK Tianjin, effectively immediately. Janusz will assume the position of
Vice General Manager. Janusz will be responsible for the sales and
marketing activities, planning, operation and achievement of company
goals, and assure that SECO/WARWICK Tianjin functions effectively within
the integrated global operation. Nancy will assume the position of Office
Manager. She will be responsible for providing human resource, financial
and general office management support to the senior management of
SECO/WARWICK Tianjin. Janusz and Nancy will be residing with their
family in Tianjin, China.

Janusz Kowalewski, Vice President, Vacuum Systems, has most recently served as the
USA Vacuum Team Leader. He has been employed by SECO/WARWICK since 1990 as
Sales Project Engineer, International Manager and the Director of Pacific Rim
Operations in Beijing, China. After his tenure in China, Kowalewski served as High
Pressure Quench/Vacuum Carburizing Product Manager and Applications Engineer. Mr.
Kowalewski holds a Bachelor of Science from Edinboro University, and an MBA from
Gannon University. An active member of both MTI and ASM, he has authored many
articles on vacuum technology and serves on the editorial committee for Heat Treat

           Nancy Kowalewski (Liang Zhi Ling), Asia Market Manager, has worked for
           SECO/WARWICK since 1995, beginning as Project Manager in Beijing until
           1998, when she returned to the USA, where she currently serves as Asia
           Market Manager. Mrs. Kowalewski earned her Bachelor of Science in
           Finance from Taiwan University and an MBA from Gannon University.

           SECO/WARWICK Worldwide manufactures industrial heat processing
equipment including heat treat furnaces, vacuum furnace technology, atmosphere
generators and aluminum reverb melting and holding systems. SECO/WARWICK
provides heat treating equipment and services worldwide for customers involved with
primary aluminum, aluminum recycling, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat
treating, HVAC, electronics, lighting, medical equipment and nuclear applications."


Vacuum Carburizing Symposium. You might have noticed our banner add from
ALD-Holcroft concerning their upcoming vacuum carburizing symposium. ALD is of
course one of the giants in the vacuum carburizing industry and has put together a
very well organized seminar. This will take place in Dearborn, Michigan, USA
September 23 and 24. If you have any questions feel free to E-mail our good buddy
Bill Gornicki at ALD Holcroft and pose your questions to
him. August 11/08

Vacuum Carburizing. David Pye, well known heat treat consultant had some
comments recently about why you would go the route of vacuum carburizing. Don
Jordan of Solar Atmospheres (vacuum heat treating) was kind enough to provide us
with a few more thoughts on the matter. August 8/08

"I would like to add a comment to David Pye’s analysis on the buzz with low pressure
vacuum carburizing. What David says is all correct, but in addition vacuum carburizing
is particularly well suited for processing high quality, high alloy steels, such as;
Pyrowear 53 & 675, Vasco X-2, and M50NiL, currently used in aerospace gearing and
bearing applications. The precise controls of the vacuum process allow for boost /
diffuse steps of any length of time, thus accurately and repeatably controlling the size
and dispersion of carbides. With these higher alloy steels it is quite challenging to
control carbide formation using conventional atmospheric gas carburizing methods,
which is run to a set carbon potential. Furthermore, many of these higher alloy steels
require a pre-oxidation heat treatment prior to conventional carburizing to “break
through the passive barrier film” or “to activate the surface” for carburizing. This
produces IGO and adds a large process variable to quality. With vacuum carburizing,
heating to the carburizing temperature in partial pressure hydrogen, as Solar
Atmospheres does, readily depassivates the surface (activates it) allowing for
immediate high quality carburization from the start of the process, with no IGO or
pre-oxidation processing variable. Don Jordan, Vice President / Corporate Metallurgist,
Solar Atmospheres, 1969 Clearview Rd. Souderton, PA 18964 T: 215-721-1502 x 206
F: 215-723-6460"

SSI. The story below tells you everything about how SSI in Cincinnati, Ohio has
received an award as being one of the top exporters in the state. All the details are
below, we can’t add to them but we will say that it is a good picture of Damian
Bratcher, International Sales Manager for SSI. August 8/08

"Governor Announces Excellence in Exporting Winners First year for two Exporters of
the Year. Columbus – Ohio’s strong exporting industry relies on the vision, tenacity,
and innovation of its individual exporting businesses, large and small. Governor Ted
Strickland today honored 24 of those Ohio businesses with the 2008 Governor’s
Excellence in Exporting award for superior performance in exporting and contributions
to Ohio’s economy. Strickland announced the winners at an awards ceremony this
afternoon at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium in Columbus. “Ohio is the eighth-largest
exporting state in the country, a distinction largely due to economic partners like our
2008 Excellence in Exporting winners,” said Strickland. “I want to thank them for their
hard work and commitment to success and their contributions to keeping Ohio’s
economy strong and competitive.” Since 1986 the Governor’s Excellence in Exporting
Awards program has recognized companies and organizations of all sizes that have
shown superior performance in exporting or heightened awareness of exporting as a
vital component of the State’s economy. In the past the Exporter of the Year award
went to one Ohio company that exemplified the State’s commitment to international
trade. This year is the first year the program honors an Exporter of the Year in a
Small & Medium Business and a Large Business category. The winners include Select
Sires, located in Plain City (Union County) for Small & Medium Business Exporter of
the Year, and The Lincoln Electric Company, located in Cleveland (Cuyahoga County)
for Large Business Exporter of the Year. “Ohio has a distinguished reputation for being
a national leader in exporting,” said Lt. Governor Fisher, who also serves as Director
of the Ohio Department of Development. “These winners today show the many
opportunities businesses of all sizes and industries have to succeed in Ohio.” Ohio is
the eighth-largest exporting state and is the only state with exports that have
increased every year since 1998. In 2007, Ohio companies exported $42.4 billion in
goods, an increase of 11.1 percent over 2006."

ASM/Surface Cleanliness. October 29-30/08 ASM will be hosting a get together at
Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA to discuss
developments & Applications when it comes to Cleaning requirements for heat
treating. For all the details we would suggest Cleaning Requirements for Heat
Treatment- Developments and Applications August 8/08
"Temperance, MI. 1 August 2008 Rolled Alloys announces the recent acquisition of
Clama Trade, located in Melegnano (Milan) Italy. As part of Rolled Alloys, this location
will continue operations and be known as Clama Trade. Clama has been a significant
independent service center providing the Italian and southern European market place
with a wide range of expertise and inventory for over 25 years. Clama Trade specialty
products include corrosion resistant and high temperature service nickel based alloys
and duplex stainless steels. Clama stocks these grades in plate, sheet, bar, flanges,
fittings and welding materials. Clama Trade has a 10,000 square foot facility (plus
3500 square foot offices) with access to processing equipment that permits sawing,
shearing and cutting of both flat and long products. Rolled Alloys is an internationally
recognized supplier of heat resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature and
titanium alloy products. Rolled Alloys operates facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Texas,
Connecticut, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Canada, China, England, France, Germany,
Italy, The Netherlands, Scotland, Singapore and Spain." August 8/08


Gleason Works/Rochester, New York, USA. When you think of press quenching
systems you think of Gleason Works, a 100 year old company based in Rochester, NY,
USA. What you might not think of is a very respectable captive heat treater and more
recently also a commercial heat treater. Captives generally do not make good
commercial heat treaters but Gleason would appear to be bucking the trend. This is
the background info, the “meat” of this story is the photo below which shows the most
recent change to their heat treating department and also highlights a trend in the
heat treating industry. What you are looking at is Gleason’s most recent purchase, a
brand new Endothermic Generator, painted, tested and ready for shipping. The trend
this shows is one we have talked about many times over the past 2 years-the
stampede from Nitrogen/Methanol systems to Endothermic generators because of the
enormous difference in the price of the gas produced. August 7/08
Bob Fincken (SSI), Doug Rutter and Eric Kowalski (Gleason), Gord Montgomery

Nevada Heat Treat/Ipsen International. If you cruise through our news items of
last week you will see a note about Nevada Heat Treat and their sister company
California Brazing and the number of new vacuum furnaces they have bought in the
past few years. When we mentioned the newest acquisition by Nevada HT we
promised you a complete press release from Ipsen International about the latest sale.
You will find it below. August 7/08

"Ipsen Supplies Third TurboTreater® to Nevada Heat Treating (Rockford,
IL). Ipsen delivered another vacuum furnace to Nevada Heat Treating, a H5448 2-
Bar Quench TurboTreater® Horizontal Vacuum Furnace. This enhanced
TurboTreater® has a work zone size of 36” wide x 36” high x 48” deep with a gross
load weight capability of 3,500 lbs at 2400°. The unit offers reduced power
consumption, compact floorprint, and quick hot zone removal in less than one hour for
maintenance. The vacuum furnace system includes robust graphite heating element
assembly and an energy efficient 2” thick graphite thermal insulation pack composed
of a carbon composite hot face backed by four layers of graphite felt. The insulation is
housed in a carbon steel gas distribution plenum for uniform gas distribution into the
workload. The Ipsen CompuVac™ control system offers many features including
DigiTrim automatic multizone tuning feature, virtually unlimited recipe storage, real-
time and historical trending and modem capability for remote diagnostics. The control
console is UL listed and the unit is designed and engineered to meet AMS 2750 D code
requirements. Nevada Heat Treating, Inc. provides heat treating services for a broad
range of industries which includes some of the most advanced heat treating and
brazing equipment in the world. The Ipsen TurboTreater® was purchased to service a
large aerospace contract which was awarded after more than a year of process
development with their Tier I customer. Ipsen was able to expedite the H5448 build
and delivered it within 8 weeks from receipt of purchase order. Between its California
and Nevada facilities, this is 7th vacuum furnace Nevada Heat Treating, Inc and
California Brazing has purchased in the past 5 years.

Vacuum and Atmosphere Services Ltd/Fire. VAS is a top notch furnace
rebuilder/rep firm in West Midlands, UK. We know them on a personal level and have
a high opinion of the company. Unfortunately they just suffered a real misfortune in
the form of a devastating fire. They have included a statement and some photos of
the fire damage. To this we can add that they will be taking this opportunity to greatly
enlarge the size of their building-perhaps there is a silver lining after all. One of the
pictures below shows a refurbished Ipsen VTTCK224 which was due to go to Taiwan
last Friday 1st August. It was due to be fitted with a SSI control system last week
but!!! August 6/08

"The offices of Vacuum and Atmosphere Services Ltd suffered a severe fire on Friday
25th July. The fire destroyed the office area with a loss of records. The workshop,
stores area and stock for WIP were also severely damaged. Whilst we have retrieved
all information via our established back up system, we anticipate that there may be a
slight delay in fulfilling current orders. We will contact you individually to discuss. Our
on site engineering will remain largely unaffected, and we will continue to offer full
We hope to be fully operational by Friday 8th August. For updated information please
visit our website We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this
may cause should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us."

Used Equipment
Unlike used equipment dealers, puts buyers and sellers of used heat
treating equipment together on a commission basis. This means that buyers get the
benefit of lower overheads and as a seller you receive what your equipment is worth-
not what a dealer will pay you for it. All in all a win/win situation for all parties. If you
don't see what you are looking for let us know and we will find it for you.

Before listing we will require a signed copy of the "Terms and Conditions". When
listing equipment please use our Feedback form (click on "Listing Equipment" under
the category dropdown box) or fax Victoria 905-403-0812 all pertinent information
including asking price (which we strongly recommend) age, condition and if possible
photos. At the top of this page you will find links to the different categories of used
equipment. For sellers please keep in mind that this is NOT an exclusive sales
agreement     -   if  we    don't   sell  it   we    don't   get    paid   -   PERIOD.

Notice: We have attempted to describe all equipment accurately from the information
we have available. Any mistakes are unintentional. We do not guarantee the accuracy
of the information, nor can we guarantee the performance of the equipment or
suitability to your application. The equipment is sold as-is, where-is. We strongly
encourage your personal inspection of the equipment before purchase.
Item #B240 Tempering Oven. Car Bottom Style Draw Furnace. Working dimensions of
21’6” long X 5’ wide X 4’ high. Built in 1978. Operating temperature of 1400F. Two
direct fired burners, 1 million BTU’s each firing into a “hot box”. 2 recirculating fans in
the roof. Controls are RKC, Johnson and Honeywell. Interior is fibre board covered
with SS sheet. 575V, 30 amp, 3 phase. Temperature uniformity is 10-15+-. Currently
installed and in operation. Asking $35,000.

Item #B239 Tempering Oven. Car Bottom Style Draw Furnace. 1995 vintage, working
dimensions of 12’ deep X 5’ wide X 4’ high. 1 one million BTU direct fired burner firing
into a “hot box”. Interior is fibre board covered in SS sheet. 1 recirculating fan.
Capable of a 10,000 pound load. Currently installed but not in use. Requires a new
controller. Asking $20,000.

Item # B238 Batch Austemper Line. AFC batch IQ furnace with working dimensions of
36” x 48 x 30”. Weight capacity of 2,000-2,500 pounds. Model UBQA 364830. This is
a complete austemper line and includes autstemper furnace, preheat, washer, salt
reclamation system, charge car, scissors lift table, trays, fixtures and salt. This is in
good condition and was operating until very recently. Complete and ready to go.
Asking $200,000US.

Item #B237 Custom Hydrogen Atmosphere Bell Furnace. Excellent for small brazing
jobs, 2250°F, 14" Diameter x 18" High Work Zone, Electric, 230V/2 Phase, FLA 75,
Water-cooled base & Retort Flange, Furnace Outside Dimension is 34" Dia. x 36"H,
Pad is 28" Dia. x 10"H, \Overall is 34" Dia. x 48"H. Single Zone of Control, Control
Penel includes Honeywell Chart Recorder and Honeywell UDC Control/Overtemp, Great
unit that needs minor work. Good overall condition. Price: $4,800 Location: West
Coast U.S.

Item #B236 Carbottom Furnace. This 25 year old OSI Manufactured furnace has a
work zone of 49"w x 66"L x 70"H. Elements need to be verified. Door operation poor.
Overall condition fair. Asking Price: 8,000US

Item #B235 Ipsen T-4 Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace (standard height). 1960
Ipsen Model T-4-600-CGM Endo Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, previously
certified for doing Boeing work, work zone: 24"W x 36"D x 18"H, 1750°F, Gas-Fired
Radiant Tubes, Has recently had new alloy burner tubes, new brick and new ceramic
hearth. Overall Footprint: 7'W x 15'6"L x approx. 12'H, No Pit Needed. Pyronics
burner control, Carbon Control. Operational. Location: Pacific Northwest Asking Price:

Item #B232 Despatch Car Bottom Oven. Working dimensions of 10” 6” wide X 50’
long X 10’ high. Outside dimensions of 18’ wide X 51’ 4” long X 17’ 3” high. Gas fired
with a maximum operating temperature of 1250F. 480V/3ph/60cycle. Furnace is fibre
lined with 2 zones of control. Two doors, one at either end and two cars. Free
standing control panel with Cutler Hammer Panel Mate PLC Controller, Chessell digital
round strip chard recorder, Honeywell digital overtemps. Excellent condition! Asking
price: $137,500.00US.

Item #B231 Lindberg Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace. Lindberg, Model 13-CT-
243618-18AQ-2 Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, In/Out Design, Electric Radiant
Tube Design, 65kW, Surveyed Range: 1200°F to 1850°F, Carbon Control System,
Quench Oil Cooler, Quench Oil Heater, Rapid Recovery (from cold to temperature in 2-
1/2 hours), Controls: West 6700 and West 6100, Truline Chart Recorder, Overall
Footprint: Approx. 9-1/2ftW x 13-1/2Ft L x 10ft-10"H No Pit is Needed, Recently Re-
bricked, Operational for Demonstration Price: $35,000 Will be painted before removal
for shipment

Item #B230 PKM-75 Atmosphere IQ Furnace. Pacific Scientific, Model PKM-75GRT,
Gas-Fired, Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, Work Zone: 24"W x 36"L x 22"H,
2100°F max., Straight Thru design, Eclipse Burners, 615,000 BTU/hr, Quench oil
heater, Quench Oil Cooler, Powered Load Table, Carbon Control System, Quench Oil
Filtration, Dual Gas Cooling Fans, 2-Speed Quench Agitation, Brick Condition: "Good",
Overall Footprint: 8'0"W x 20'L x 10'2"H, No Pit is Needed. Manuals and Drawings
Included. Operational for Demonstration. Price: $65,000 Will be painted before

Item #B228 Sunbeam Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace. Priced to Sell, Used
Sunbeam Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace, Work Zone handles approx. 24"Wide
x 48"Deep x 24"High baskets, Automatic Load Transfer, Marathon Monitors "Carbpro"
Carbon Control and Probe Burn-off System, Current owner purchased but never
hooked it up. Some wiring required, and needs mechanical work. Gas-Fired with
Recuperated Burners and U-Tubes, Top Cool Chamber (no fan in top cool), Brick-lined,
MMI Unipro Temperature Control and Quench Oil Temperature Control. Honeywell Hi-
Limit. Chessel Strip Chart Recorder. Door Opening is 28"W x 27"H. Price: $9,500US
Immediate Availability, Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #B223 Pacific Scientific 500lb. Atmosphere Integral Quench Furnace.
Refurbished 1976 Pacific Scientific Model PKM-50 Electric Endothermic Atmosphere
Integral Quench Furnace, with top cool capability for loading during gas cool cycle, 76
kVA, 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 1950°F, for Carburizing, Deep Case Hardening, Neutral
Hardening and has enrichment gas addition and control for Carbo-Nitriding. Work
zone is 24"w x 36"l x approximately 20"h. It takes a 24" x 36" grid and basket.
Outside dimensions (footprint) are approximately 9'w x 19'l x 11'hl. It has a stand-
alone control cabinet that is 5'w x 7'h x 20"deep. Finally, the power panels are
approximately 5'w x 8'h x 2' deep. 500 lb. Capacity, with Quench Oil Temperature
Control system with heating and cooling of quench oil (SBS Cooler), Front end loading
and unloading with motorized drive table, Carbon Control System with Honeywell
controls and new SSI Gold Probe oxygen sensor, Brick-Lined and brick is in good
condition, Honeywell temperature control and high limit, operational and can be
demonstrated. Approx. 15 spare heating elements and 6 spare oil heaters. No water
cooling (safety issue). All cooling is done by SBS oil cooler. It is currently set up for
using endothermic gas. It has an endothermic gas flow meter, a natural gas flow
meter, an air flow meter, and an ammonia flow meter for carbonitriding. Price:
$14,500US Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #B218 Surface Combustion Pit Carburizer.
This is a gas fired unit with working dimensions of 36" X 72". Overall in not bad
condition, but all the instruments are missing and will need to be replaced. Currently
located in a heat treat shop but not installed.

Item #B212A Ipsen 30" Tall, Gas-Fired Atmosphere Carburizing Line with Top Cool.
Line #1: Ipsen Model RT-4-GS(30") Gas-Fired, Radiant Tube Atmosphere Hardening
Furnace with Top Cool Feature. 30" Tall work zone. Work Zone is 24"W x 36"D x 30"H.
Includes Gas-Fired Temper Furnace, Ipsen Model DLR-4(30")G, SBS oil cooler, misc.
alloy grids, baskets & fixtures. Carbon Control Panel, and a Union Carbide
Nitrogen/Methanol Mixing Panel (endo gas source). Includes track loader. Price:

Item #B212B Ipsen T-4, 30" Tall Gas-Fired Atmosphere Lines with Top Cool. Line #2:
Ipsen Ipsen Model RT-4-GS(30") Gas-Fired, Radiant Tube Atmosphere Hardening
Furnace with Top Cool Feature. 30" Tall work zone. Work Zone is 24"W x 36"D x 30"H.
Includes Gas-Fired Temper Furnace, Ipsen Model DLR-4(30")G, SBS oil cooler, misc.
alloy grids, baskets & fixtures. Carbon Control Panel, and a Union Carbide
Nitrogen/Methanol Mixing Panel A few years newer than Line #1. Includes track loader
and a walk-behind Loader Price: $54,000US

Item #B204 Batch IQ Furnaces Ipsen Batch IQ Furnaces.
(2 Available). Available are one Ipsen T-7 with working dimensions of 30" wide X 48"
deep X 22" high and 1 T-8 units with working dimensions of 30" X 48" X 24" high.
Both furnaces are electrically heated, and range from 1982 vintage to 1989, complete
and overall in good condition. Currently they are not installed, they are packed and
braced for shipping which means no rigging costs. Each comes with an SBS quench oil
cooler and the Ipsen "Carboprof" atmosphere control system. Asking price for each is
$35,000 USD.

Item #B190 Blue-M Hot-Cold Dual Chamber.
Model WSP109C-5. Electrical: 240/1Ph/60hZ. Electric Fuel. Maximum Temperature:
Cold = -75°C TO 0°C Hot = 85°C TO 200°C. Zones: (2) Hot - Cold. Type of Control:
Blue-M Control for hot. Honeywell Diatrol for Cold. 2 Timers for Hot - Cold. Excellent
Condition. Asking Price: $10,500.00US.

Item #B189 Lindberg Box Furnace.
Model 363624-E14. Working Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 24". Power required: 230 volt
50 kw 3 phase. Temperature range: 1400°F. Description: Box furnace with brick lined
heating chamber and air operated vertical rise door. Spare elements. This furnace
was previously used in an Aerospace company. Controls: Enclosed panel with
Yokogawa UT-15 Temperature controller, Barber Colman 560 Hi-Limit. Good
Condition. Asking Price: $12,500.00US New Price: $9,500.00US

Item #B181 Dayton Process Retort Furnace
with heat source, retort and lid only. Needs a control system and gas panel. Max
operating temperature 2000 degrees F. Retort size 46" diameter x 51" deep. Heating
elements on sides and bottom. Asking $19,000 US.

Item #B180 VAC AERO Vertical Retort Furnace
with Avesta 253MA retort working size 32" high X 29" diameter. Retort equipped for
vacuum pumping (pump not included). Max operating temperature 2000 degrees F.
Water cooled o-ring seal on retort lid. Cooling stand. Power supply: Hunterdon
transformer 150kVA, 3 phase, 60 Hz, primary input voltage 575V. Honeywell DCP700
controller. Gas control: 3 rotometers - one Matheson 0-4 scfm air, two Air Products
HA6 0-150 graduation. Attached picture is when the furnace was in production, the
control panel on the right is part of the system. Capable of Nitrogen or Argon addition.
Very good condition. Asking Price: $19,000US.

Item #B152 Pacific Integral Quench Furnace.
PKM-50-CRT. Work Area: 24"W x 20"H x 36"L. Outside dimensions: 96"W X 135"H x
360"L. Max. Temp: 1900°F. Controls: Honeywell 2000 & 3000 strip chart. With carbon
control (Accu-Carb) by Furnace Control, dual agitators. New Price: $19,500US

Item # B144 Accu-Therm / Thermcraft BHSF-242436-1371 Controlled Atmosphere
Heat Treating Furnace.
Temperature Capability: 1400-2500ºF
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 25ºF. Chamber Size: 24" H x 24" W x 36" L. Flame
Supervision Interlocks. Automatic Flame Curtain Using Natural Gas or Propane.
Automatic Ignition of Flame Curtain and Burn-off. Shell made of continuously welded
3/16" plate steel - front frame of 3/4" steel plate 1-1/2" thick silicon carbide plates on
elevating piers make up the hearth. Wall and roof insulation rated to 2800ºF. New
Price: $17,000US

Item #C221 Aluminum Pusher Furnaces (2 available). Built by Harris Metals/Lindberg.
Both are single row units. Currently in indoor storage but working when removed from
service. Overall dimensions (for shipping) are 8’W x 27.5’L x 11.3’H. Working
dimensions (basket size) 24” X 24” X 24”. Asking $30,000 US each. Please contact us
for more details.

Item #C220 C.I. Hayes Hydrogen Mesh Belt Furnace (Humpback Style)
Built in 1996
24” wide belt
2100F Max.
Three zones of control (Honeywell Instruments)
100% Hydrogen atmosphere (could run others as needed)
Water cooled cooling section
Nitrogen purge
Kanthal SiC heat Elements (spares included)

System has mainly been used for high volume annealing of stainless steel. However,
other processes such as brazing or hardening of high hardenability materials is
possible as well.
Price: $125,000.00
System is still installed and running if a demo is needed.

Item #C219 ABBOTT MODEL 6ZSCR-18-432HH6-VC-2150. 18" wide belt, 4"+ opening
over the belt, 432" heating chamber (silicon carbide muffles), six zones, 36" long vari-
cool with 162" of additional cooling including two curtain boxes. 2150 deg.F. max
temp., piped for dissociated ammonia atmosphere and nitrogen purge, 335 kw @
480/3/60,Honeywell UMO 800 controller/programmer, OAD: 84" w x 90" h x 720" l.
Currently used for annealing knife blades but with a little effort a metallic muffle in the
front half of the heating chamber could be added for debinding and sintering of PM
parts. Asking price: $160,000.00US OBO
Item #C217 Surface Combustion 36" Cast Link Belt Heat Treat System. Includes
automatic Walmil Parts loader, hardening furnace with quench, rotary drum parts
washer and belt temper. Work Area: 36"W x 6"H x 25' of heating (hardening
furnace). Hardening Furnace: 36" Cast Link Hardening furnace with 25' heating, this
unit has fans in zone 2 and 3. Unit is gas fired with Eclipse recuperated burners and
quench tank. Conveyor: Rotary drum washer and Surface Combustion 48" wide
tempering furnace. Tempering furnace Model #E15TR54. This unit is approx. 27' long
and has a maximum temperature of 1500°F. Unit is electric with approx. 12" of
clearance over belt. Unit appears to be in good condition. Includes Nitrogen Methanol
panel. Custom built dip/spray washer with unit. Barber-Coleman controls. Asking
Price: $195,000US

Item #C216 AGF Rotary Retort Furnace. Hardening furnace model #280CA. 21'
Length x 6' Wide. 400 Pounds per hour. Natural gas operated. Pacific Scientific
Company Draw Furnace Model #PE-30-185-RD. 21'7" Lenght x 7'9" Wide. Natural gas
operated. Currently in storage. Vendor is anxious to sell. Most offers will be seriously

Item #C215 AGF Rotary Retort Furnace. Hardening furnace model #RC-1814 RV. 23'
Length x 5'7" Wide. 500 pounds pre hour. Natural gas operated. Draw Furnace Model
# RCTSD-3018. 24' lenght x 5'4" wide. Natural gas operated. Oil Quench. Currently in
storage. Vendor is anxious to sell. Most offers will be seriously considered.

Item #C214 AGF Rotary Retort Furnace. Hardening furnace model #RC-2414-RV.
25'6" Length x 12' wide. 700 Pounds per hour. Natural gas operated. Draw furnace
model #RCTPS-SD-3018. 22'10" Length x 5' wide. Natural gas operated. Oil Quench.
Currently in storage. Vendor is anxious to sell. Most offers will be seriously

Item #C213 AGF Rotary Retort Furnace line. 11ft 10” Long x 30” dia. hardening
retort. Nat. Gas fired, 15 direct fired burners, North American. 2000°F max operating
temp. DC VF Drive. Honeywell controls and paper chart recorder. Full control panel
with contactors. Ran on Endo, Natural gas and Nitrogen atmosphere. 1980s vintage.
Shut down in Oct. 07. It has a 1 yr old retort and trunion assys., new chains and
sprockets and combustion blower, over $200,000 invested in it in 2006. Rotary feeder
with timers on the charge end. Tube and shell heat exchanger. All 480V 3 phase.
Includes quench tank and conveyor. Seco Warwick quench control panel for temp. and
agitation. Spray washer by MetalWash. CEC, draw furnace. 20ft long x 6ft wide, 10ft
high. Electrically heated with 4 controlled heater banks. Omega controls. Retort has a
DC VF Drive. One circulating fan. Furnace is +-2°F, max of approx. 600°F. 480 V 3
phase. Screw type discharge conveyor. Best Offer.

Item #C212 Holcroft Mesh Belt Annealing Furnace. Nitrogen Atmosphere, 1650°F.
Electrically heated. 72” wide belt, 9” high over belt, 24’ heated section. 8’ cooling
section. Consider this in good overall condition. Asking $175,000 USD.
Item #C211 Holcroft Austempering Lines (3 available). This is a cast link belt furnace,
electrically heated with an operating temperature of 1750F. Belt width is 48” X 21’
long (heated length). Automatic shaker pan loading system. Salt quench tank with
discharge conveyor. Wash tank with conveyor. Rinse tank w/conveyor. Parts dryer
with conveyor. Height over belt 7-3/4". Asking price $210,000 USD loaded on to a

Item #C210 CM High Temperature Pusher Furnace. Model # 488-120-3Z-480V-3PH-
A. Tray size 8” X 12” X 5/8” alumina. Preheat is 90” long with 3 zones of control,
1100C operating temperature, 66KW. High heat is 120” long with 3 zones of control,
operating temperature is 1800C, 135KW. Height over hearth is 7”. Automatic doors at
both ends and atmosphere flushing and burn-off stacks. Atmosphere is Hydrogen with
a Nitrogen purge. There are two cooling sections with a total length of 120”. Screw
drive pusher and load return conveyor system. Overall dimensions are 87” high X
132” wide X 57’ long. The furnace was tested for operation at 1800C but only used for
2 years at 1200C. Asking price is $310,000 USD or best offer.

Item #C209 Cast Link Belt Line. This is a complete cast link belt line rated at 7000
lbs / HR.
LOADER: Loader is 84” wide x 48” deep x 42” high. This has a mechanical clamp down
for the bins. Bins can be placed in dumper. Bin is locked in Dumper 180º to dump the
product in a hopper. Hopper is plastic lined so as not to damage the fine threads on
Weight control to the furnace is by Metro weight control system. From hopper product
is put on a vibratory feeder, weighed and goes to another vibratory feeder, weighed
again, and then it trickles down to washer. On the loading system number of lbs
required for loading is punched in and computer updates the files every 20 sec. to
give an accurate load to the furnace.
WASHER: Wash tank is 132” long x 46” wide x 51” high. It has a steel belt conveyor
39” wide.
GAP MISER: Parts from washer fall on a gap miser conveyor which feeds parts to the
furnace. This is a mesh belt 226” long. This transfers the part to the cast link belt.
With this system parts fall gently on the cast link belt and gap time is reduced. Parts
do not roll off like in conventional cast link belts. Belt is 52” wide and 226” long. 96”
of this belt goes inside the furnace. Parts get pre-heated in this area and belt
discharged on to cast link belt. Height of discharge is minimal.
HARDENING FURNACE: This has a cast link belt 52” wide; length of heat zone is 38’
with 4 zones of controls with Zone 1 9 Burners Zone 2 6 Burners Zone 3 6 Burners
Zone 4 6 Burners Tubes are U tube cast with heat recuperators. Controls of carbon
potentials and temperature control is via Honeywell controllers. SCADA system is by
Metro weigh scale. Load can be monitored through the furnace for temperature belt
speeds carbon potential feed rate live with software in the computer. Burners are
Unirad Maxon burners. Belt is supported on 29 rollers on top and there are 17 return
rollers in the bottom. Bearings on the rollers except the drive rollers are carbon
QUENCH: Quench tank is approx. 7000 gallons with 2 propellers. Pressure from the
back of chute can be utilized for agitation. This eliminates the mixing of parts. Quench
conveyor is 60” wide and is steel Hinged belt. Heat exchanger is air cooled. End of
furnace to beginning of pre-wash is 251”.
POST WASHER: Parts from quench fall on a washer conveyor mesh belt 72” wide.
Washer belt is 108”. Tank size is 72” x 57” x 80” high.
TEMPER: Temper has 3 zones of control each with separate safety control. 3 fans with
20 HP motor. Temper belt is 84” wide mesh belt. Mesh belt rides on steel rod
conveyor with side links 3” high. Temper has a heat zone 39’ long.
SOLUBLE OIL CONVEYOR: This sits at the end of Temper. This is a metal hinged
Mayfram belt 30” wide. This is set 90º to the furnace.
Total length of furnace if put in one line except soluble oil conveyor is 17.5’. Burners
tubes and rollers all can be removed from one side. Furnace can be installed in a U
configuration also. Asking Price is $400,000.00 USD

Item #C208 9" Lindberg Belt Atmosphere Furnace: 1995 Lindberg Belt Atmosphere
Furnace, Currently with 8" Wide belt, Model # 85409, Max. Temperature Rating:
2060°F Electric Heat, Globar™ Heating Elements, 480V/3Ph/ 112 kW (95kW Heating),
271 Amp. New muffle in 2005, new elements in late 2007, New 314 SS belt in Nov.
2007. 24" Preheat Zone, 72" High Heat Zone, 14ft Cooling Zone, Currently operating
with Endothermic Gas, Overall Footprint Size: 41"W x 69"H x 35ft. 4in. L, Type S
control thermocouple. Marathon Monitors Dual-Pro Controller. Belt Speed Range: 1 to
10 IPM, Endothermic Gas Consumption: 375 CFH, Overall Weight: 8,500 lb. Cooling
Water Requirement: 6.7 GPM at 50 PSI, 55°F Condition Ratings: Overall - Good,
Muffle- Good, Insulation - Excellent, Elements - Excellent, Belt - Excellent. Furnace
can be demo operated until moved into storage. Includes approx. $5,500 worth of
spare parts (List Available). Location: Western U.S. Price: $19,500 Includes loading
onto your truck.

Item #C206 Area Electric (now Sinterite) Sintering Furnace. Built in 1994 this is a
Model SRPM 18 – 6Z unit. 18” wide belt with 3 preheat zones, 3 hot zones, and water
cooling jackets. SCR controlled, 265 KW 480V-- 3PH. 2050°F with a
hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere. Length of front drive end 7’. Preheat section 8’ long.
Hot Zone section 16’ long. Cooling section 29’ long. Main control panel 6’L x 20”D x
6’H. Atmosphere panel 5’W x 10”D x 6’ 6”H It does not have a belt but the muffles are
in good shape. Currently in indoor storage. Asking price is $18,000.00 USD.

Item #C205 Pifco Rotary Hearth Sintering Furnaces (2 available). These electrically
heated furnaces are approximately 20 years old and were built by Pifco (now part of
AFC-Holcroft). Both units are the same. Hearth OD is 8’ and ID is 4’8”. Outside
diameter is 13’ and height is 8’ 7”. Both furnaces are capable of 2500F. Atmosphere is
Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Nat. Gas, mix manifold /flow scopes on each zone. Voltage is
460/3 phase. Heating is by U element “Globars”. Spang transformers/SCR’s.
Overtemp controls on each zone. Please note that zone walls have been removed from
both furnaces although they can be replaced. Door opening is 9” X 11”. Furnaces
utilize a common control panel. Hearth drive is a 460V AC frequency drive. Furnace
#1 was rebuilt in 2002 and Furnace #2 was rebuilt in 2001. Furnaces are currently
not in operation. Asking $30,000 USD each.

Item #C204 Holcroft Gas Fired Atmospheric Annealing Furnace. Maximum
temperature 1450 Degrees F., Maximum length 27' 6", 4-zone. Opening 8" H x 80" W.
1561 lbs per hour, conveyor speed 8.3' through 24.9' per hour. 30' charge table.
Compete with Maxon gas valve, exhaust hood blower and Holcroft control panel.
Serial Number CJ 4614, Build 1992. This unit is still installed. Asking $245,000 USD.

Item #C203 2100°F Belt Atmosphere Furnace. Completely Reconditioned. Lindberg™
20" Wide x 12" High Belt Atmosphere Furnace, Electric (Globar elements), 2100°F
(may be 2150°F) Max. Temperature, 10ft Heating with 30ft Cooling, Set up for
Exothermic (combustible gas) atmosphere, Burn-off, Guillotine End Doors, SCR
Control, Complete rebuild included but was not limited to: new brick, new cooling
muffles, new elements, new belt, etc. Does not require a muffle, Contact us for full
details. Reconditioned, packed and ready for quick shipment. Price: $75,000US
Location: Midwestern U.S. (Harrisburg, MO)

Item #C202 Electric Furnace Co. EFC, Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace.
Used for Copper tube annealing. 120ft including charge and discharge roller tables.
20ft heating zone, 75 Ft. cooling zone. Max. 3700 pounds per hr. Used 4% Exo gas.
max 1650°F. 10 top, 10 bottom straight, non recuperative burner tubes, North
American burners. 2 roof mounted fans in heating zone, 4 in cooling zone. Stainless
steel curtains on charge and discharge. New brick, rolls and most tubes in 1999.
Recently cleaned and painted. Unit shut down in Jan. 06. 1964 original model. Spare
include 10 rolls, 10 tubes, 1 fan, full change out of cooling tubes and 7K#s of 310ss
trays. No water leaks in furnace when decommissioned. Blower and water cooling
tower is included. Controls: Allen Bradley PLC for roll drives. Waukee flow meters. 2-
Honeywell UDC zone temp. controls, 2 Honeywell paper chart recorders. Asking Price
for C202 & C202b (below) is $119,000 USD.

Item #C202b Seco Warwick Exothermic Generator. 20,000CFH max. North American
burner and 1999 model flame controls, safeties. Unit decommissioned in Jan 2006 in
full working order. 1970 model. Asking Price for C202(above) & C202b is $119,000

Item #C194 AFC Mesh Belt Austemper Line.
Operating life of equipment was 1979-2005. Equipment was in full production until
plant shutdown. The equipment was refurbished in 2002 by Great Lakes Company
(located in the Detroit area). Rework on the austenitizing furnace consisted of all new
Yokogawa temperature control instruments with paperless temperature and carbon
control recording, all new recuperated radiant tube burners, re-work of cold belt
return and water sealing under the furnace. Original AFC hand drawings are available.
Original AFC operating instructions are available.
Technical Details
Austenitizing Furnace
• Production capability is 900 pounds per hour based on belt loading of 10#/ft2 and
time in the furnace of 26 minutes.
• Furnace belt 36” wide x 16’-8” effective length. Roller hearth design with variable
• Three (3) zones of temperature control with one (1) zone of automatic carbon
• Paperless recording of temperature and carbon.
• Burner input of 2,500,000 Btu/hour with 5 HP combustion air blower.
Austemper Tank
• Capacity of 85,000 pounds of salt. Insulated tank with a maximum temperature of
• Quench conveyor is 42” wide with variable speed control.
• Quench curtain pump is 2 HP. Salt agitation pump is 18” diameter propeller with 7½
HP motor.
• Gas fired heating system is 1,000,000 Btu/hour with 3 HP combustion air blower.
• Individual temperature controls and separate gas safety train.
Holding Tank
• Capacity of 85,000 pounds of salt. Non-insulated tank.
• Gas-fired heating system, 1,000,000 Btu/hour.
• Temperature controls, combustion air blower and gas safety train shared with the
austemper tank through a selector switch.
Wash Tank and Rinse Tanks
• Capacities 1200 gallons of water.
• Mesh belt conveyors 42” wide with fixed speeds.
Asking Price: $250,000 USD.

Item #C193 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Tube Furnace.
Model MY-0002.528. 2-1/2" ID tube x 28" long heating chamber, 1700 deg. C, 10.5
kW, single zone control with overtemp. Protection, 75"h x 32"w x 91"l, auto tray
loader, hydrogen atmosphere with nitrogen purge. Price: 18,000.00US OBO.

Item #C192 Holcroft 2 Row Pusher Carburizer.
This line was new in 1995 and has a tray size of 24" x 30", with a clearance height of
18". Each row holds 19 trays. The Furnace is designed for a gross heating capacity of
1050 lbs./hr. at 1700 Deg F. Zone 1 has a heating capacity to heat parts to 1700 Deg
F. This furnace has five zones Zone 1 Heat to 1700 Deg Zone 2 Carburize at 1700 Deg
F Zone 3 Carburize at 1700 Deg F Zone 4 Carburize at 1700 Deg F Zone 5 Diffuse at
1650 Deg F. The temper is designed to yield 1,050 lbs./hour gross at 350 Deg F. The
maximum operating temperature of the tempering furnace is 750 Deg F. Furnace is
currently installed. Asking price $175,000 US.

Item #C184 New, 2001 Model Year, Surplus 1700°C CM Pusher Furnace.
2001 CM High Temperature Furnaces. Atmosphere Pusher Furnace, Model: 4612-96-
4Z, Electric Heating, 480V/3Ph, 250 kVA, 1700°C, SCR Control, Pushes 12” x 12”
work carriers, Approx. total heated length: Preheat (5 zones) approx. 12 ft Long, Hi-
Heat (4 zones) approx. 10 ft Long. Cooling Section approx. 14ft long, (*Used for only
a few weeks since new because the owner did not win the business contract bid for
which it was purchased), Still in Like New Condition, Floor Space Requirement is
approx. 9 ft Wide x 56 ft Long x 8 ft High, Set up for multiple input gases: Hydrogen,
Argon, Nitrogen, Methane. Honeywell temperature control, Includes 2 built-in dew
point instruments, and a Sierra Instruments “Flo Box®” Mass Flow Controller for
hydrogen, nitrogen and methane. Spare Parts Kit. Excellent Condition, Installed and
could be demo operated. This furnace is still on the books for a fairly high value. But
before you automatically dismiss it, if you have a need for this type of equipment,
consider that: 1. This furnace is still substantially less money than a new one (approx.
$200,000 savings) 2. You don't have to wait half a year for another one to be built, 3.
It's already completed its "shakedown cruise". The bugs are out. 4. The technology
used is still state-of-the-art, and the manufacturer can still support it. 5. Leasing
options are available for this furnace, just as they would be for a 2007 model. (If you
aren't aware of the advantages of leasing, ask us. You can step into a piece of
equipment like this with no capital expenditure. Tax benefits are substantial.) Asking
Price: $497,000US. Location: Western U.S. Immediate Availability.

Item #C182 C.I. Hayes 1500°C (2732°F) Atmosphere Pusher Furnace. 1993 C.I.
Hayes Atmosphere Pusher Furnace, Type: MY-040860-60PH, Max. Temp: 96" Long
Preheat: 1093°C (2000°F); 96" Long High Heat: 1500°C (2732°F), Atmosphere:
Nitrogen and Dissociated Ammonia, Opening: 12" Wide x 6" High, Currently using 6" x
6" alumina parts carrier plates. Electrical Rating: 81 kW, 460Volts/3-Phase/60Hz, 305
Amp. Preheat Chamber, High Heat Chamber, Dual Water-Jacketed Cooling Chambers.
Pusher Drive with Automatic Return Conveyor with Indexing, Preheat has Gas-Tight
Metallic Muffle, High Heat has Molybdenum Elements. Price: $110,000US Location:
Western U.S.

Item      #C180     HARPER       Gas     Fired     Pusher      Furnace     System.
Model GOU-297360-PT-THK-33-FDE consisting of Main Twin Pusher, Entrance
Chamber, Heating Chamber, Twin Hearth, Process Muffle, Exit Purge Chamber, Exit
Cross pusher and drive, Natural Gas heated section, High-heated section length 390
inches, Ten (10) zones of independent control in heated section, Gas tight entrance
bellow assembly to take muffle expansion, Gas tight high temperature alloy process
muffle for atmosphere containment, Electric power supply connection is
460V/3Ph/60Hz, 3 wire. 1,472 °F operating temp / 1,600 °F max temp. 1.4 Million
BTU Capacity. System overall dimensions are approx. 262" Wide x 140" High x 62 FT
Long. All zones are fully baffled and have independent temperature controls. In order
to achieve optimum temperature uniformity within the process load space, the heating
chamber has sufficient room over and under the load for excellent cross-radiation and
reflection of heat. This unit was manufactured in 1994 but was not put into service.
New, the furnace system would be approximately $1,500,000 US. Vendor is asking
$300,000US for everything on an "as-is" basis, but will consider offers. Vendor can
upgrade per customer's requirements.

Item #C179 2400°F Atmosphere Belt Brazing, Sintering, Heat Treating Furnace.
1997 Sinterite™ Model PM12HT-4Z, Atmosphere Belt Furnace, 12" Wide, 8" High
Opening, Rated for 2400°F with ceramic belt (not included), currently has 2000°F
max. metal belt. Electric Heat, 6 Zones of Control (2 Preheat, 4 High Heat), 2 Heating
Chambers (Preheat & High Heat), Initial Cooling Rate 75°F/min., SCR Power Control,
Heating: 182 kW, 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 220 Amps, Control: 2000 VA, 120V/1Ph/60Hz,
16.7 Amp, Cooling Length: 14 feet Gases: Nitrogen 1500 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage:
1140 SCFH Hydrogen 100 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage: 60 SCFH Natural Gas (if
needed): 5 CFH, 1.0 PSI, Typical Usage (if used): 2.5 CFH Utilities: Water - 10 GPM at
10 PSI; Electrical - 220A, 480V/3Ph, 182 kW; Natural Gas (Pilots): 20 CFH at 10 PSI
Production Rating: 90 lb/hr up to 2400°F Belt Width: 12", Belt Speed: 1/4" to 1-1/2"
per minute Original belt loading density: 12 lb/sq. ft. Max. Opening: Est. 3" High New
muffle, new cooling chamber, new elements recently. New spare belt. Asking Price:
$110,000US Location: Western U.S. New Details

Item #C178 Pacific Scientific Rotary Retort Furnace.
Endothermic Atmosphere Rotary Retort Furnace, Throughput ~300 lb/hr, Owner has
gone through the equipment thoroughly in preparation for start-up. But minor
rewiring remains for furnace to be ready to operate. Pacific Northwest Location.
Asking Price: $55,000US.

Item #C167 Shaker Hearth Hardening Line.
400 lb/hr Sunbeam Shaker ("Shuffle Hearth") Hardening Furnace Line, Includes
Automatic Part Loader, Electric Shaker Furnace, 1800°F, 112 kW, Quench Tank with
Dragout Belt, Rotary Parts Washer and 1000°F Continuous Belt Temper Furnace, 50
kW. Overall Line Length, if in straight line is approx. 61 ft. Overall Height is approx.
8ft-6in., Max. Overall Width is approx. 7ft-3in. with piping. Still under power for
demonstration. Extra spare shaker hearth and spare belt for temper. Price:
$50,000US whole line.

Item #C128 Ipsen P-6 Pusher Furnace.
24” X 24" X 18" high, holds 6 trays. 1969 Vintage. Three heat zones each with a fan
(although the first zone fan is missing). The second zone needs some rebricking. 16 of
the 32 tubes are new. Instruments include 3 Honeywell UDC 2000 hi-limit controllers.
Charge zone has a Honeywell 4500 circular chart recorder. All 3 zones are Honeywell
type digital controllers. The carbon sensor is Honeywell controlled. All mechanical
parts, (quench drives, etc.), were in good working order when shut down. Fair
condition overall. Asking Price: $16,500US

Item #C127 Ipsen P-4 Pusher Furnace.
27” X 30" X 18" High. Holds 4 Trays. 1975 Vintage, in operation until October 2004
when it was shut down. Excellent operating condition although the front arch needs
some minor repair. Front zone instrument is a Honeywell DR4300 circular chart
recorder. The controllers and hi-limits are Honeywell UDC type. Currently in indoor
storage. Asking Price: $22,000US

Item     #C103     Electric  Furnace    Co.    Roller    Hearth     Normalizing    Line.
This line, which was purchased new approximately 10 years ago was only used for a
very brief period of time and is in immaculate condition! Originally sold for $2 million
US it is complete and currently in indoor storage. All electric with heavy duty rolls on
9" centers it has an atmosphere cool and a temper. Uses 36" X 36" trays. 40" wide
work zone, 20" high, 3-4,000 pounds/hr. Brick lined with an operating temperature of
1650F. Vendor is asking $450,000US. Complete drawings are available on request. If
you are looking for a large normalizing line and are considering new I would suggest
that this is a good way to save $1.5 million. By the way the company that
disassembled the furnace took video tape for reassembly purposes.
Uses a 36" x 36" tray with a 20" high door opening. A typical roller hearth cycles at a
preset time and advances the load, one tray at a time, through the furnace. Based on
the dimensions, the normalizing furnace should hold 13 trays at a time and the
tempering furnace should hold 16 trays. If you advance the normalizing furnace every
18 minutes, you will move a tray through the furnace in about 4 hours. If you
advance the tempering furnace every 15 minutes, you will move a tray through the
furnace in about 4 hours.
Both the high heat and the temper have atmosphere. The high heat max temperature
rating is at least 1650°F. New Information & Pictures

Item #T182 Williams Temper Furnace. Gas fired with working dimensions of 36” wide
X 48” deep X 42” deep. Operating temperature of 1400F. Air operated vertical lift
front door. Heat is provided by 2 gas burners firing from the roof and circulated by a
belt driven circulating fan. Interior has light weight refractory walls, door and roof,
brick floor and a SS inner shroud. 460V/3PH/60CY. Honeywell UDC digital
temperature and overtemperature controls.

Item #T181 Holcroft Mesh Belt Temper Furnace. Electrically heated with a rated
capacity of 8200 pounds/hour (3722 kg/hour). Maximum operating temperature of
800F (426C). Built in 1979, rebuilt in 1988. Overall dimensions 49’ (15 meters) long,
18’ (5.5 meters) wide. Working dimensions of 8’ (2,4 meters) wide, 34’ (10,64
meters) long, 16” (0,4 meters) high. 3 zones of temperature control, Elimko
temperature controls. The oven is still installed, in production and is in good condition.
Available November/December 2008. Location-Eastern Europe. Asking $35,000 USD

Item #T180 Pyradia Draw Ovens (7 available). All approximately 9 years old and
currently installed but not in operation. 6 have working dimensions of 48" X 48" X 57"
high. One has working dimensions of 48" X 96" X 57" high. All are electrically heated.
Maximum operating temperature of 500F. Asking price for the smaller units is $4,000
each, for the larger unit $7,000.00. Consider these in good to very good

Item #T179 Despatch 500F Walk-in Oven.
Despatch Walk-In Oven, 500ºF Max. , Work Zone: 66”W x 72”H x 108”L,
Model: PSC 3-31H, Ser. # 132697, 68 kW Heating, Heating Amps: 81.8
Total Motor Amps: 14.2, 480Volt/3Phase/60Hz,
Overall Size: 104"W (includes panel) x 11'6"H x 9'8"L, Electrically Heated Walk-In
Oven with Double Doors On Both Ends, This ovens is solvent rated and has a powered
exhauster mounted on top. Top mounted heater box with recirculating fan distributes
horizontally through the oven. Controls: Mounted in an enclosure attached to the side
of the oven includes a Honeywell UDC digital temperature cont- roller, Honeywell UDC
digital high limit and Honeywell digital DR 4200 round chart recorder. All necessary
pushbuttons, motor starters, relays, contactors etc. are also contained in the same
enclosure. A fused disc- onnect is mounted above the panel.
Price: $16,500 Location: Northwestern U.S.
If interested please contact Bob Grammer:

Item #T178 Pit Temper Furnaces (2 available). Built by Lindberg in 1987. Model #12-
RO-60144-14. Serial numbers serial 25913 , 25915. Working dimensions of 60"
diameter x 144" deep. The furnaces are fiber lined and electrically heated. Maximum
rated temperature is 1400F. The recurculating fan in each is in the bottom and the lid
is mechanically lifted and then moved to the side with an electric motor. Excellent
condition. Asking $45,000 USD each.

Item #T177 30x30x30 Gruenberg Box Temper Furnace. Gruenberg Model B120c100,
Serial # 25629, 1200°F max. Temp., Temper Furnace, Recirculation Fan, Work Zone:
30" W x 30" D x 30" H, Overall Size: 42"Wx6'Dx5'H, Electric, 230V/3Phase/12kW,
Practically new condition, not used by current owner, Operation has been verified,
Controller is European (German?) and owner can't figure out how to fully operate it.
(Controller would be easy and cheap to replace.) New in mid-1990's. OEM still in
business to support this unit. Price: $3,900 Location: West Coast U.S.

Item #T176 Lindberg Pit Temper (Air atmosphere) Furnace. 1250°F, Gas-Fired,
Eclipse 600,000 BTU/hr Burner, Work Zone: 32" Diameter x 42" High, Overall
Dimensions: 4ft W x 10ft D x 8ft H, Barber-Coleman 560 Temperature Controller with
Honeywell UDC Overtemperature Controller, Honeywell Circular Chart Recorder, Fair
Condition. Interior of furnace is a little banged up, but still works fine. Location: West
Coast U.S. Price: $4,500 Offers Considered

Item #T175 Box Draw Furnace. 1970 vintage, working dimensions of 5’6” deep X
9’6” wide X 4’6” high. Operating temperature of 1400F. 2 direct fired 1 million BTU
burners. Brick lined. Controls are RKC, Johnson, Honeywell and Fireye. 575 volt, 30
amp, 3 phase. Currently installed and operating. Best offer.

Item #T174 Aging Ovens (3 available). These precipitation furnaces were used for
aluminum aging. All are identical and 1977 vintage. 1 direct fired 1 million BTU burner
in each. Operating temperature 600F. Controls-RKC, Johnson, Honeywell. 575 volt, 60
Amp, 3 phase. Working dimensions of 12’6” deep X 10’ wide X 8’ high. One
Recirculating fan. Interior is fibre board/mild steel. Units are installed and operating.
Asking $5,000 each.

Item #T173 Tempering Oven. Car Bottom Style Draw Furnace. Working dimensions of
21’6” long X 5’ wide X 4’ high. Built in 1978. Operating temperature of 1400F. Two
direct fired burners, 1 million BTU’s each firing into a “hot box”. 2 recirculating fans in
the roof. Controls are RKC, Johnson and Honeywell. Interior is fibre board covered
with SS sheet. 575V, 30 amp, 3 phase. Temperature uniformity is 10-15+-. Currently
installed and in operation. Asking $35,000.

Item #T172 Tempering Oven. Car Bottom Style Draw Furnace. 1995 vintage, working
dimensions of 12’ deep X 5’ wide X 4’ high. 1 one million BTU direct fired burner firing
into a “hot box”. Interior is fibre board covered in SS sheet. 1 recirculating fan.
Capable of a 10,000 pound load. Currently installed but not in use. Requires a new
controller. Asking $20,000.

Item #T170 Precision Quincy Tempering Oven. Model 42-1000. Working dimensions
of 42 x 42 x 42 inches. Electrically heated 480V/60/3 phase. Operating temperature
of 1000°F. Built in 1985. Asking $19,000 USD or best offer.

Item #T168 Despatch Car Bottom Oven. Working dimensions of 10” 6” wide X 50’
long X 10’ high. Outside dimensions of 18’ wide X 51’ 4” long X 17’ 3” high. Gas fired
with a maximum operating temperature of 1250F. 480V/3ph/60cycle. Furnace is fibre
lined with 2 zones of control. Two doors, one at either end and two cars. Free
standing control panel with Cutler Hammer Panel Mate PLC Controller, Chessell digital
round strip chard recorder, Honeywell digital overtemps. Excellent condition! Asking
price: $137,500.00US

Item #T167 Beavermatic Tempering Oven. Model 24x36x24GIT work load area 24" x
36" x 24"h, 750# gross load rating, operating temp. 350-1400 deg. F, 480,000 BTU
indirect gas fired, 10,000 BTU after burner retrofit package, 2 HP alloy circulation fan,
NEMA 12 cabinet with Erotherm controllers & overtemp. Instruments, Honeywell
circular chart recorder. Purchased in 2002, has less than 200 hours use. Overall
dimensions are 6'-0"W X 5'-11"D X 8'-6"H. Asking Price: $25,000.00US

Item #T166 Recirculating Air Belt Tempering Furnaces (2 available). While one was
built by Standard Fuel Engineering and the second by Therm Alliance for all intents
and purposes both are virtually identical. Overall furnace width inside 6’ 6”, conveyor
width 6’, height above belt 12”, furnace overall width 11’ 6”, overall furnace length
52’, overall height 11’, furnace length 42’. Capacity at 400F 5,000 pounds/hour.
Maximum operating temperature 750F. Electrically heated, maximum heating input
400KW, 480/3 phase/60HZ. Recirculating fan capacity 40,000 CFM. The Standard Fuel
Engineering was built in 1977 and the Therm Alliance was new in 1994. Price at that
time was $171,600.00 USD. Both ovens are in good shape and ready to go although
not currently operating. Asking price for the Standard Fuel unit is $30,000 USD.
Asking price for the Therm Alliance furnace is $57,000 USD. Contact us at The Monty
for more detailed information.

Item #T164 CI Hayes Temper Furnace. Model HBO-242436-12 Tempering Oven. Work
zone is 24 " x 24 " x 36 " Long. New in 1989. Electrical 600 V, 3Ph, 60 Hz, 40 KVA.
Maximum operating temperature is 1150F. Currently installed and in excellent
operating condition. Asking $15,000.00.

Item #T162 Mocco Drop Bottom Furnace. Mocco Thermal Industries, drop bottom,
aluminium solution treatment furnace for sale. Working dimensions 700mm wide x
900mm high x 1,000mm deep (27" x 35" x 40"). Foot Print: 6,000mmL x 3,000mmW
x 6,000mm H. Load Weight: <500kg. Temperature: 545deg C +/- 5deg C. Power:
76kW Voltage: 240 / 415 V Phase: 3phase Process Gases: Nil, no atmosphere control
required Water Quench: 4,500 litre Agitator: 1kW Heater: 5kW Pump: 3,500rpm
Mechanical Drive 1kW. Asking Price: $45,000US. Vendor will dismantle and load into a

Item #T161 Despatch Oven. Model PWB2-63-1E. Line voltage 480V, 3 phase, 60Hz
Electric control voltage 120V, 1 phase, 60Hz Heater 28.9 Amps, Motor 1.7 Amps,
Total Motor 2.5 Amps. Maximum Temperature: 350°F. Overall dimensions: 76"W x
42"D x 84"H. Working Dimensions: 48"W X 36"D X 61.5"H. Type of control: Partlow
MIC-6000 Honeywell DR-4200 Chart Recorder. Excellent Condition. Asking Price:
$8,500US New Price: $6,500US

Item #T159 Despatch V-34 Standard 500’F MOT batch oven.
E&G. 36”W x 36”D x 36”H inside dims. 3 adjustable shelves, indicating controller, high
limit, motorized exhaust. Refurbished, 90 day warranty. Asking Price: $4150.00US
Item #T149 CEC Type Box Draw Furnace.
Gas Fired. Size I.D.: 24" wide X 36" long X 24" high. Maximum temp.: 1000°F.
Controls: Honeywell digital Temperature Control, Honeywell Digital Overtemperature
Control And Honeywell Dr4200 Round Chart Recorder. General: Air Operated Vertical
Lift Front Door. Gas Heated, The Interior Is Lined With Light Weight Refractory, (2)
30" Long Roller Rails And A Belt Driven Circulating Fan In The Roof. Outside
dimensions are 9’ High x 7’ long x 6’ wide. (These take into account all piping and the
control cabinet which is on the side of the unit). F.O.B.: Ohio. Asking Price:

Item #T148 Pacific Scientific Temper.
Model PKMD-50, 23" wide X 36" long x 18" high, Gas fired. 1972 Vintage. 1250 F
operating temperature. Asking Price $6,000US.

Item #T129 Lindberg Box Temper.
Estimated to be almost 20 years old but surprisingly enough don't think it was ever
used and the internals certainly look brand new. Working dimensions of approximately
12" X 12" X 18" high. Operating temperature of 1400°F. Asking Price: $6,000
Canadian (a little over $5,000.00 US). Immaculate condition.

Item #G144 Surface 5600 CFH Endo Generator. Atmosphere control and water
cooling. Gas Fired. Pumps are new, catalyst is new and retorts are in good shape.
Please note that in the photos the top hats have been removed for shipping which of
course means a visual inspection of the catalyst and retorts is very easy. Asking
$25,000 USD.

Item #G143 Surface Combustion Endothermic Gas Generator. Surface Combustion
Endothermic RX Gas Generator, Size: S-3-N, 3600 CFH, (currently scaled down to
2400 CFH), 3-Tube unit, One retort tube needs replacement, S/N AC42245-1, Overall
size is 8'W x 7'D x 12'H with cooler (can be relocated for less height), As-Is, needs
minor instrumentation work but combustion equipment is still intact. Can be rebuilt or
used for parts. Air cooled (no water or fans) Location: West Coast US Price: $4,950

Item #G142 Ammonia Dissociator. Lindberg HYAM Ammonia Dissociator. Type 16-RO-
1000-HYAM. While we don’t have a great deal of information about this unit it was in
working order when it was removed from service, the lid insulation, breakers and
gauges were replaced and overall it is in good condition. Asking price $5,000.00 USD.

Item #G140 1000 CFH Electric Endothermic Gas Generator. Used Pacific Scientific
Endothermic Gas Generator, Model EN1000, Electric, 120V/2-phase, 15kW, 1 Zone,
1950°F max., S/N P-2214, Elements in good condition (new in July, 2004), Retort &
Catalyst probably due soon for change, Rebuilt mixing pump installed in May 2003,
Air-cooled heat exchanger (no moving parts), Honeywell controllers, Operations
manual & wiring diagrams included. Includes 480V/3phase              to   120V/2phase
Transformer. Asking Price: $6,500US Location: Northwestern U.S.

Item #G138 Seco Warwick Exothermic Generator.
20,000CFH max. North American burner and 1999 model flame controls, safeties. Unit
decommissioned in Jan 2006 in full working order. 1970 model.

Item #G137 Ammonia Dissociator, Sunbeam
Model AME-20, 2000CFH, 36 KW, 480/3/60, Approx. Dim. 90"H x 76"W x 46"D, WT.
4200 #, refurbished with 30 day warranty. Price $21,500 US

Item #G136 Surface Combustion 5000 CFH Endo generator.
This generator appears to be in excellent condition. Gas fueled. Barber-Coleman strip
with digital recording instrumentation and over-ride controls. Max. temp: 1950°F.
Approx. outside dimension: 8'5"W x 10'1"H x 8'11"L. Air cooled. Asking Price:

Item #G127 Gas Atmospheres Nitrogen Generator.
Model HND600. Brand new in 2001. Capacity estimated at 6000 CFH. Some spare
parts are also available. Excellent Condition. New this was just under $200,000.
Asking Price: $75,000US

Item #I139 Ajax High Frequency Induction RF Generator. Upgraded 1969 Ajax
Induction power generator, 50 kW/450 kHz, Model 51RF50, Ser.# H41940A, 450kHz,
460V/3Ph/60Hz Input power, 138 Amps, Total 110kVA Input, Tube-Style with spare
$2,000 tube, Upgraded from original mechanical contactor switching to SCR switching,
Operations manual. Price: $3,500 for quick sale

Item #I138 Dual Position Induction Scanner/Pop-Up Unit. Quantik “Scan Plus”
Induction Scanner and Lift-Rotate Positioner for both scan heating with spray quench
and single-shot hardening with dunk quench. A unique capability that most scanners
don’t have. Part Scan Length is 16”. Dual position scanner with 6” centers. Maximum
part weight is 25 lb. or maximum total spindle part weight is 50 lb. Closed loop
temperature control for quench liquid, Closed loop servo drive with up to 7” per
second travel rate, Operator interface screen with easy to use menu programming,
stainless steel main frame tank, integral bus bar for induction coils, load-matching
support shelf. Overall size is 48”W x 36”D x 76”H, and weighs approximately 850 lb.
(RF Generator sold separately below) Price: $6,500 for quick sale

Item #I137 Inductoheat Lift and Rotate Machine. 40KW, 25 Khz Unipower power
supply. Capable of handling parts 12" long with a maximum weight of 5 pounds. Miller
Re-coil inductor mount, single position tooling. Pneumatic or manual indexing. Fixed
AC motor rotation. Solid state quench temperature control system. Single 450 volt, 3
phase power connection. Unipaq power supply cooling system. Digit metering of
power supply and quench functions. Annunciator type fault control with individual
indicators. Run less than 200 hours. Excellent condition. Asking $12,500 USD.

Item #I136 Inductoheat Uniscan II Units (2 available). These are identical units
approximately 16 years old. Models BSP5-75-25 dual spindle scanners with 36" of
travel and integrated DI water circulation systems. 75KW, 25 KHz power supplies
which can be converted to 150KW, 10KHz by changing output transformer, Tank
Capacitor and series capacitors. Currently removed from service and in a heated
warehouse. Both units need some work on scanner side (due to transportation
mishandling). This work can be done by any small shop by good maintenance people.
S/N of one unit is L7372. Asking $35,000 USD each. Vendor is available for service
and start up assistance.

Item #I135 Lepel LSS-7.5 Induction Heating Power Supply. 10 KVA, 230 volt, 16
amps, 60 hz, 3-phase. In like new condition. Manufactured in 1992 but never used.
Asking Price: $5000US.

Item #I134 Denki Kogyo / DENKO Induction Hardening Systems (2). 50Kw 100 kHz
TG3-100-50 II with integrated gantry parts loaders for Toyota differential line. 2005
“as new“ condition-never in production. Includes: 2 station HT and parts loading.
quench and water cooling unit with 2 heat exchangers, quench and cooling water
circulating system, Showa exhaust system, and touch panel controls. Mitsubishi PLC
Complete set of manuals for each machine. While this is very specialized equipment
we can truly say that it is state of the art and in immaculate condition. Best offer.

Item #I129 Lepel 25kW, Medium Frequency Induction Unit. Used Lepel Model LSP-12,
25kW/30kHz, All Solid State Induction Generator, 460V Input, 3-Phase, 33kVA Typical
Applications: Brazing, Annealing, Soldering, Heat Treating, Price: $16,900US
Location: Western U.S.

Item #I128 Lepel 15kW, RF Induction Unit. Used Lepel Model LSS-15, 15kW/50-
200kHz, All Solid State Induction Generator, 230V/480V Input, 3-Phase, 20kVA, 4
GPM/30PSI waterflow requirement, Overall Size: 25"W x 25"D x 32"H, 180 lb. Same
model as typical (newer) units shown in photo below. Typical Applications: Brazing,
Annealing, Soldering, Crystal Growth, Heat Treating, Catheter Tipping. Price:
$11,900US Location: Western U.S.

Item #I126 Lepel Induction Heating Generator. Model T-20-3-KC-TL 46KVA, 480V,
58Amp. 1 extra spare vacuum tube, 1 remote control console with timers for heat and
quench cycles.
1 self contained cooling water refrigeration unit consisting of:
- 2ea. 5 ton independent refrigeration units
- Stainless steel glycol tank
- Automatic temperature control of distilled cooling water
- Turbine circulation pump
- Misc. tools including Lepel made induction coils and adapters
- Manuals and schematics
In Excellent condition. Asking $9,900.00 US.

Item #I124 3 kW/ 50-485 kHz Induction Heating Units. 2 Each, (new in 2000)
Ameritherm Nova StarR 3kW, 50-485 kHz Induction RF Heating units, Each has
generator, 10 ft cable and heating station, 220V 3 phase operation, Automatic
resonant frequency tuning, Generator Dimensions: 17" x 8.6" x 27.1", Std. Heat
Station Dimensions: 4" x 8" x 5". Shipping Wt.: 100 lb. Rack Mountable. Asking Price:
$3,900.00US/each (Terms or Rental/Lease Available). Additional units may become
available. Contact Us.

Leak Detectors
Item #L103 Veeco Helium Leak Detector. Veeco Model MS-20T, Turbomolecular-
pumped Helium Mass Spec. Leak Detector, Portable unit with cart and roughing pump,
Needs Filament Change (new ones included), Price: $5,100 As-Is or consider offer
Alternate Price is $9,400 with 6 Mo. Warranty Rebuild (2-3 week estimated lead time
for rebuild) Location: West Coast U.S.

Item #L102 Veeco Leak Detector. Veeco MS-20, Bench Model with digital display,
Diffusion Pumped, includes roughing pump, Has gross leak checking capability, Starts
up in approx. 10 minutes. Rebuilt Price: $8,800 US rebuilt with 6 month warranty.
1 Week ARO For more information, email us at The Monty and include the Item #.

Item #L101 Alcatel Leak Detector. We have an Alcatel Model ASM110T
Turbomolecular-pumped helium leak detector available in rebuilt, warranted
condition. Operates using a throttle valve for leak testing at higher pressures, 5
minute start-up, Quiet, Good Shape, Bench Model, Alcatel 2008 Mechanical
pump, Price: $8,450US rebuilt with 6 month warranty 2 Weeks ARO.

Item #M231 Sigma System Freezer. Sigma Systems Corp. Model M17CC-3 Liquid
Nitrogen Freezer, Ser # 5663, 240V, 20 Amp, Work Zone is 19”W x 19”L x 24”H.
Price: 1,450 for quick sale Immediate Availability, Location: Portland, Oregon

Item #M230 C.I. Hayes Oven. Well below value for quick sale.
C.I. Hayes Air-Circulated Oven, Type : OL, S/N 16264, Work Zone: 24” X 24” X 24”
240V/3ph/60Hz, 14Amp. Price: $1,250 Immediate Availability. Location: Portland, OR
Item #M229 Cast Alloy Trays. 13 ea. 24 x 24” cast alloy trays from a Holcroft Pusher
in HU along with 8 ea. 10” High 330 corrugated boxes. All are new. Trays are HU,
boxes are 330 with mesh bottoms. Market price today: ~ $ 27,000.00 Asking: $

Item #M228 McQuay Chiller. Model # ALR050C 50 ton capacity Air Cooled Water
Chiller with: 4 Cooling Fans, 2 Compressors for refrigerant (R-22), 1 Heat Exchanger,
2 Water pumps for process and system control panel for pumps. Unit purchased new
in 2003, never installed! Asking Price: $17,500.00US. If interested, please contact us
at TheMonty.

Item # M224 Pit Furnace Fixturing. Available are three never used nesting pit furnace
baskets in RA330 material. Baskets are 20” tall x 51” ID x 54” OD. There are egg
crate bottoms with screen on top of the egg crate. They interlock in a stack, and can
be lifted separately, as one. Asking $27,000 USD.

Item #M223 Inconel insert for a pit type furnace. It is in perfect condition and has
been used for Air Tempering only. The side is solid material as the pictures show and
the bottom is a heavy cast grate material. Inside Dimensions: 36" Deep by 33"
Diameter. Asking Price $4500.00US.

Item #M221 B.O.C./Edwards Vacuum Pumping System. Blower Stokes Model
900.607-001x5, Serial# RS 0037762. Pump Ser.# 12297439. 20 HP, 1750 RPM
motor. Manufactured 2006. Asking $18,000.00US

Item #M220 Cincinnati Sub-Zero Freezer. 1988 Cincinnati Sub-Zero Freezer, Model T-
21-2-2-EXP-S/WC, S/N 88-11124, Certified in range of -30ºF to + 25ºF, Surveyed at
+/- 10ºF, 460V, 3-Phase, 60Hz, 15Amp, Work Zone Size: 24"W x 60"L x 26"H Price:
$7,500US Immediate Availability, Location: Portland, Oregon.

Item #M219 SBS "Quench Air" Air/Oil Heat Exchanger. Rated for a continuous furnace
of 4,000 pounds. Outside dimensions of 15’ long X 5’ wide with 3 fans. Approximately
10 years old. This was installed and running until just a few months ago. Currently in
storage. New this would be about $15,000 USD. Asking $2,000.00 USD. Immediate

Item #M217 Alnor Dewpointer. Used Alnor Dewpointer, Model 7000U, in good working
condition. 110V A/C, alt. 6 Volt Battery Operation, circular calculator, filter and filter
material, tube connector Price: $950.00US As-Is, with 30 day right of return for full
refund. Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Item #M215 Complete Surface Combustion 7200 CFH Generator Pumping System.
Includes the roots blower, Motor, all regulators, flowmeters that were installed with
the system. Also included will be the motor starter for the mixing pump. Asking Price:
$2,500US New Price: $950.00US OBO

Item #M211 Moly Nuts. 1/4-20 Moly nuts 4.50 ea, 3/8-16 Moly nuts 8.00 ea, 1/4-20
x 1" Moly studs 3.00 ea, Prices are F.O.B. South Gate CA.

Item #M203 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Unit/TURNER ENVIROLOGIC.
A rather unusual item. Very briefly this unit is used to burn VOC's from solvent based
coating processes. This system was new in 2004 and was only used for 6 months. The
current vendor purchased it and never installed it, currently it is being stored in an
indoor heated warehouse. It is in excellent condition, complete and fully operational. A
new unit this size would be approximately $220,000 US, vendor is asking $75,000 US.
Please let us know at "The Monty" if you require further details.

Item #M197 VFS Moly Elements.
(2) new factory moly elements for a model HL36HS vacuum furnace. Asking Price:
$800.00US each. F.O.B. South Gate CA.

Item #M193 ITE Distribution Panel.
1600 AMPS 227/480 Voltage, 11 breakers ranging from 100 to 400 Amps. 1974
Vintage. Excellent condition. Asking Price $6,000US.

Item #M175 Vanadium carbide system
fits in an area 25 x 50 feet. The coating line measures 8 feet x 28 feet, and consists of
a pre-heating furnace, the vanadium carbide coating vessel, an oil quenching tank and
a wash station. Assembled loads are moved from station to station using an overhead
hoist. Controls for the line may be housed in a remote location.
View of line from pre-heat furnace
The specifications for the production system are as follows:
1. Direct Fired Gas Preheat Furnace.
· Temperature of Operation: 650°C (1200°F) · 425,000 Btu/hr input · Work chamber
36 inches X 36 inches X 36 inches · Automatic cover drive
2. Gas Fired Retort Furnace for VC coating
· Temperature of Operation: 1065°C (1950°F) maximum · Type 310 alloy retort, 24
inch diameter X 36 inch deep, 3/8 inch thick · Two zone gas fired burner system (total
750,000 BTU/hr gross) · Work locator and support rails for positioning fixtures ·
Automatic cover drive
3. Radiant Tube Gas Fired Oil Quenching Tank
· Designed to quench 1000 pounds maximum from VC treatment temperature ·
Operating temperature 200-250°F, variable speed quench agitator · Internal bath size
60 inches X 72 inches X 48 inches deep ( quenching shroud 36 inches X 36 inches X
36 inches),
Oil capacity 850 gallons. · Rated at 300,000 BTU/hr heating capacity · Air cooled
quench oil heat exchanger
4. Radiant Tube Gas Fired Hot Water Rinse Tank
· Internal size 42 inches X 42 inches X 56 inches deep · Rated at 65,000 BTU/hr,
180°F operating temperature · Submerged spray educator system
5. Load/unload Station for Fixture
6. Variable Speed Mixer for VC Salt
7. The equipment was designed by Metlab. The equipment was manufactured by
Upton Industries in Detroit.
3. The pot size, as shown is 24 inches diameter by 36 inches deep x 3/8 deep. The
retort for the system currently needs repair/and or replacement.
The equipment is approximately three years old, and has seen relatively light usage.
Except for the retort, it is in almost new condition.
Asking Price: $85,000.00US.

Item #M164 AGF D/A Generator.
1500 CFH. Model 7.5 Serial#831341.Natural gas Fired. Retort recharged in 1995
using Koeble nickel catalyst. At the same time the electrical system and valve system
were also rebuilt. Since that time it has really not been used. Appears to be in good
shape although it is missing the controller (an Omega CN 4401TR-A) and the blower is
missing. Shipping weight 2,000 pounds, overall height is 7' 2". Electrical ladder
diagram available. Asking price $9,000 US.

Item #M149 Surface Combustion Charge Car.
Single ended unit for use with a Surface Super 30 Allcase furnace. 575V. In operation
until very recently. Currently in indoor heated storage. Reasonable condition. Asking
$9,000 US.

Item #M148 Surface Combustion Washer.
For use with a Super 30 Allcase furnace. Early 1980's vintage, spray only, electric with
2 new heaters. Model VC-42278-1. 65 KW, 480 Volt. 200F maximum operating
temperature. Good condition. Asking $10,000 US.

Item #S007 Salt Bath System. Automatic Upton used for only 3 years. Capable of
Austempering/Martempering. Excellent instrumentation package complete with Pre-
Wash, Pre-Heat, High Heat, Quench, Air Cooled Station, Temper, Post Rinse and
wash. Swing arm transfer mechanism, side mount hoist, rated at 800 lbs/hr complete
with canopy enclosure load & unload station. Asking Price: $135,000.00

Item #S006 Molten Salt Bath. Molten Salt Bath comes with 2 rinse tanks. This system
is gas fired. It comes complete with overhead crane and catwalk. This 4 year old
machine has lots of new parts and was engineering by Kolene Corp. Designed for
cleaning parts. Work area of 6’ X 6’ X 6’. Currently installed but not in use. Salt
capacity is 30,000 pounds and the salt is available. New design tank with angled
bottom. Capable of 900F. Comes with numerous spares including 7 new burner tubes.
Asking price $295,000 USD, new this would be approximately $700,000. Excellent
condition. Further details available upon request.

Item #S005 Ajax Salt Bath Furnace. Type HX. Working dimensions of 12” diameter X
24” deep. Maximum temperature 1650°F. Pot is constructed of Inconel material. Salt
Furnace Power: 25Kw, Volts: 460, 3 Phase 60 Hertz 32 Amps. Also included is some
high temperature neutral salt and some Quick Cure 275 salt from Hubbard-Hall.
Purchased new in 2002 for $16,000 USD. Asking $4,600 USD.

Item #S004 Automated Straight Salt Line. Consists of preheat, high heat, quench,
draw, rinse an rust inhibitor tank. Installed but not running. Line was shut down
within the past 2 months. Capacity is 800 pounds/hour. High heat has working
dimensions of 24" wide X 24" long X 30" deep. Complete, ready to go and in good
condition. All offers will be considered!

Item #S003 Upton Industries Automated Salt Line. This was brand new in 2003 and is
currently installed but not in use. It has a rated capacity of 1200 pounds/hour and the
high heat pot has dimensions of 27" Wide X 23" Long X 30" Deep. The line includes a
prewash, preheat, high heat, quench, draw, rinse, rust inhibitor tank and dryer. The
high heat was operating at 1600F and the quench is rated up to 900F. New in 2003
this line was over $500,000 USD. Best offer. MUST GO QUICKLY!

Item #P105 Wilson Superficial Hardness tester.
Series 500, Model 8503-S. Asking price: $1,000US. Location Cleveland.

Item #P104 Wilson Rockwell Hardness tester.
This is a series 500 unit, Model 8503-R. Asking price: $1,000US. Location Cleveland.

Vacuum Furnaces
Item #VF184 CI Hayes Continous 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace. This is a used, 1985,
C.I.Hayes, model CVPQ-091872, 2 bar pressure quench furnace system rated for
2400'F and continuous, batch-indexing operation. Every 15 to 20 minutes another
completed load exits the furnace and a new load enters the furnace. Each load is 9"
high x 18" wide x 24" long with a gross weight capacity of roughly 125 lbs. Ideal
customers are those who vacuum braze (i.e., fuel filter canisters), who need to thru-
harden machined parts (pins, shafts, tool steels, high speed steels, etc.) or who need
to bright vacuum anneal. The equipment is fully connected and running parts -
available for immediate resale. (Note: No vacuum pump sold with package....
customer wants to hold onto his pump as a back-up for other vacuum pumps in their
shop.) There is a large spare parts list - including a spare, never used, fully relined
heating cage, heating elements, hearth rails, etc.

Item #VF183 Wellman 6 Bar Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace. This is a 6 bar bottom
loading vacuum furnace built in 1988 by Wellman, maximum load weight is 2000
pounds at 2400F. Working dimensions of 48" diameter x 54" high. Furnace is
currently installed but has only run one time since 2001. A few more details; surveyed
at +-10F at 2150F. Brand new Stokes 615 MHR. Rebuilt, never run, Stokes 412 HII.
Rebuilt Welch 1402. Rebuilt and cleaned Varian 18” Diffusion pump. Controller,
programmable Honeywell DCP 700. Televac II. GE Series One PLC; Full ladder logic
on floppy, CD, dedicated lap top computer and hard copy ($5,000 new). Furnace has
full manual, spare part list, broken down operations procedures. Hot zone is useable
but does require a burnout. Overall in very good condition. Price to come.

Item #VF182 Ipsen Vacuum Furnace Load Cart for H5448-2 TurboTreater. Ipsen
Vacuum Furnace Load Cart, Manual with hydraulic lift, Fits Ipsen H5448 size
TurboTreater vacuum furnace (or ?), New, never used, (hydraulic jack missing), Price:
$3,500 Location: West Coast U.S

Item #VF181 Surface Combustion 1Bar Vacuum Furnace. Model 1HVP-243618-2,
1980 vintage. Work zone of 24" wide x 36" deep x 18" high. Temperature 1200-
2400F. Blower 30 HP. Upgraded controls. The furnace is in excellent condition and
currently used daily for hardening tool steel. It will be offline mid August. It does need
a new hot zone. The shell was recently ultrasound tested and found to be in good
condition. Power requirements 170KW@480V 3PH 60Hz. Stokes mechanical pump
with blower. Unit operated on a closed loop cooling system. Graphite hot zone. Vendor
cooled at 10-12 PSI. Extras include replacement heating elements. Asking $35,000

Item #VF180 Abar 3000ºF, All-Metal HR-20x24 Vacuum Furnace. 1981 Abar Model
HR-20x24, 1-Bar Vacuum Furnace, Ser# BM-721, 3000°F Rating (3050°F Short
Term), All-metal 6-Layer Moly Hot Zone in good condition, Work Zone: 18"W x 10"H x
24"D, (wider alternate work zone by raising hearth level), Moly Elements and Moly
Hearth, 400 lb Load Rating at 2400°F, Honeywell DCP-551 upgraded temperature
control (out of panel in photo), Fredericks cold cathode/TC combination vacuum
instrument, Honeywell recorder(s), W-WRh control thermocouples, Single Owner since
new, Design Uniformity: +/- 10°F, Diffusion pumped with refrigerated cryotrap,
Varian/NRC Model HS-16 diffusion pump, Stokes Model 212MB mechanical pump and
blower pump package, vane-style holding pump, No gas-cooling fan or heat
exchanger (can be added at additional cost), 80 kVA VRT, heating power with SCR
rectifier, NEMA-12 Control Panel, Abar LT-20 Loader, Utilities: 115 kVA total power,
220V/3ph/60Hz input power, Water requirement is 15 GPM at 60-90 PSI, 90°F min.,
80-120 PSI Air, 25 SCF Nitrogen per cycle for backfill, OEM Parts & Service still fully
supported by Ipsen (Rockford, IL) 800-727-7625, ext 253 Price: $98,500US (discount
available if purchased before moved to storage) Location: East Coast US

Item #VF179 Ipsen VFC-321R Vacuum Furnace. Ipsen Model VFC-321R Work Zone:
24”W x 36”D x 12”H Max. Design Temperature (with current style hot zones): 2100F
Hot Zone Condition: Described as “good condition, almost as good as V1” (See above)
Furnace was running until just 4 months ago when removed to make room for a new
one. Operation was typically in the 1400-1650F range. Vacuum Pumps: 12” Varian
Diffusion Pump (Missing) Stokes 212H-11 Mechanical Pump with Gas Blower (Stokes
or Roots) is Missing Controls: Had been upgraded to computer based controls, but
computer, touch screen and PLC have been removed (were leased) and are not
included. Fenwal 921G Controller with Fenwal overtemp and Fenwal Diffusion Pump
Controller. We think all this needs is a temperature controller to put it back into
original Ipsen control configuration. All relay logic is still in place. Current Status:
Disassembled, Shrink wrapped and ready for loading Approx. Shipping Weight:
17,000 lb. Price: $32,000US (or buy both Item #VF178 and #VF179 together for a
discounted package price)

Item #VF178 Ipsen VFC-321 Vacuum Furnace. Ipsen Model VFC-321R Work Zone:
24”W x 36”D x 12”H Max. Design Temperature (with current style hot zones): 2100F
Hot Zone Condition: Described as “excellent, recently new” Hot zone was replaced and
only had a few runs before this furnace was put in mothballs for capacity reasons 3
years ago. Operation was typically in the 1400-1650F range. Has been stored in place
(indoors) and still connected until just recently disassembled for removal. Vacuum
Pumps: 12” Ipsen Diffusion Pump (removed from chamber for shipment) Stokes
212H-11 Mechanical Pump with Gas Blower (Stokes or Roots) Controls: Honeywell
7700 Temperature Control Current Status: Disassembled, Shrink wrapped and ready
for loading Approx. Shipping Weight: 17,000 lb. Asking Price: $45,000US (or buy both
Item #VF178 and #VF179 together for a discounted package price

Item #VF177 High-Temp Sintering Furnace. 2006 "The Furnace Source" High-
Temperature Sintering Furnace Barely Used - As New Condition 16" X 16" X 31"
Graphite Work Box Pallet full of Misc Graphite Trays for Production Cold Wall Furnace
Argon/Nitrogen Backfill Yokogawa Programmer to 2200 C Max Rated Furnace
Operating Temperature C-More Micro-Graphic Programming Software DirectSOFT5
Programming Software Thermocouple Retractor and Optical Pyrometer This vacuum
furnace is capable of achieving low vacuum levels and 2200 C Temperature Equipped
with mechanical vacuum pump and Roots blower Graphite Heater Elements Operates
at vacuum, partial pressure, or atmosphere The furnace is designed to run in rough
vacuum, partial pressure, or atmosphere whereby all valves and controls are directed
by the furnace's PLC. Partial Pressure - 2 Torr Roughing Torr Setpoint - 1 Torr The
"ding" in the lower panel was caused by a rigger - it has since been repaired. Winner
Pays All Freight and Rigging Package Sold "AS IS". Asking Price: $200,000US

Item #VF176 6-Bar Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace. 1996 Vac Aero, 6-Bar Pressure
Quench Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace, Model # VAH 4848 MP6, Work Zone: 36"W x
48"D x 30"H, (Alternate load size by raising hearth: 48"W x 48"L x 22"H), 2400°F,
200 HP 10,000 CFM External Cooling Blower, 480V/3Phase/60Hz, 285kVA, Hunterdon
VRT Power Supply, 2,000,000 BTU/hr Gas Cool Heat Exchanger, Load Rating: 2500 lb.
at 2400°F, Vacuum Pumps: Stokes 412-11 with Roots 615RGS Blower, Honeywell
S9000 Temperature Controller with UDC3000 Hi-Limit, Edwards AGC Vacuum Control.
Currently still installed, but will be removed for storage later in December. Removal
costs will be added to price. Includes water cooling system and Loader Price:
$295,000US Location: Midwestern U.S.

Item #VF175 Vac Aero Model HR-20 Vacuum Furnace. Work zone is 16 " wide x 12 "
high x 24 " long. Electrical 600 V,3 Ph, 60 Hz, 80 KVA. Gas quenching pressure 5" Hg.
New in 1978. Control System upgraded in 1993 includes AB SLC500 PLC with
Honeywell DCP-700 Programmer. PLC replaced in 2000. Hot Zone upgraded in 1997.
Included is a spare diffusion pump and spare parts valued at $10,000. Currently
installed and in excellent condition! Asking $45,000.00

Item #VF174 CI Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace. Model VSQD091824, built in
1989. Work zone is approximately 9" high x 18" wide x 24 " long. Capacity
approximately 200 pounds. Insulation is graphite, heating elements are solid graphite.
Maximum operating temperature is 2400 degree F. Hearth level is 48 1/2". Total
power 75 KW, connected load 60 KW (heating chamber). Operating range 500
microns. Voltage: 575v.
O/A Width: 12’-2”
O/A Depth: 14’-4” + 26” (Stationary roller table) + 30” (load cart) = 19’-0”
Vessel Height: 3’-0” deep pit + 9’-0” above floor = 12’-0”
O/A Height (with piping and relief valve): 3’-0” deep pit = 11’-2” above floor = 14’-2”
Roller table and load cart heights (from floor with vessel recessed 3’-0” into floor):
Our room size: 19’-6” wide x 24’-0” deep
Min. comfortable room size: 16’-0” wide x 23’-0”
Load Cart: Yes, Gas Quenching: Yes
Furnace is currently installed. Overall this unit is in excellent condition! Asking
Item #VF172 Ipsen Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace. Model VVFC(BL) 48X60(24)R.
For operating temperatures to 2400°F with inert gas partial pressures: Vacuum
Chamber - 76" diameter x 95" high, stainless steel with carbon steel water jacket. Hot
Zone - 48" diameter x 60" high, graphite element Graphite fiber insulation 3,000 lbs.
gross load at 2400°F Pumping System - Mechanical booster pumping system not
included 32" diameter, 32,000 l/s diffusion pump. Power Supply - 450 kW, 460 volts,
3 phase, 60 Hertz, VRT. Cooling System - 40hp, recirculated inert gas at 700 torr.
Control Instrumentation - Honeywell DCP700 temperature controller - Honeywell
DC300 overtemperature limit Vacuum Instrumentation - Televac II - 2 station TC
gauge. Asking Price: $50,000US

Item #VF169 Ipsen Model VFC-427-R. Built in 1966. Working dimensions of 24” X 36”
X 12”. Operating temperature of 2400°F. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. The hot zone has
been removed for maintenance. Construction is Graphite board with graphite rod
elements but it will require work. Asking $20,000US

Item #VF168 Lindberg 2 Chamber Vacuum Furnace. Working dimensions of 24” X 36”
X 20”. Capable of both .85 Nitrogen quenching and oil quenching. Operating
temperature of 2150°F. Complete but in need of some work. Asking $20,000.00

Item #VF167 Ipsen Model VFC-321. Built in 1966. Working dimensions of 24” X 36” X
12”. Operating temperature of 2400°F. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. Hot zone needs
work. Asking $20,000.

Item #VF166 Surface Combustion Vacuum Furnace. Working dimensions of 24” X 36”
X 12”. 2400°F operating temperature. 1 Bar Nitrogen quenching. Asking $20,000.00.
Complete but will need hot zone repairs.

Item #VF154 Large Diameter Crystal Growth Furnace based on patented process. Can
be used as a large vacuum annealer. 12 foot diameter by 16 foot tall. 2ea 20"
diffusion pumps and pneumatic valves. Comes complete with Allen Bradley Slick 500
control panel with ladder logic controlling two each 120KW power loops manufactured
by Spang Electronics. All schematics included. Vacuum levels sustained at 0.5mmTorr
at temps of 1600°C. Graphite resistive heaters used along with Polycarbon rigid felt
insulation. Asking Price: $110,000US

Item #VF144 CI Hayes Vacuum Oil Quench/Carburizing Furnace. Honeywell control
system. Working dimensions are 48" deep, 30" wide by 32" high. Equipped with an
automated vacuum carburizing system which was retrofitted approximately 5 years
ago by CI Hayes. The voltage is 480V 60 Hz. The maximum hot zone temperature is
2200deg F. It uses a 412/615 pumping system which is capable of 8.0 X 10-3 Torr.
The furnace includes two load carts and a batch gas fired wash system. Furnace is in
good operating condition and is currently in heated indoor storage. S/N 16099 Asking
Price: $89,000CDN New Price: $79,000CDN

Vacuum Pumps
Item #VP114 B.O.C./Edwards Vacuum Pumping System. Blower Stokes Model
900.607-001x5, Serial# RS 0037762. Pump Ser.# 12297439. 20 HP, 1750 RPM
motor. Manufactured 2006. Asking $18,000.00US

Item #VP113 BOC Edwards Vacuum Pump. Specs are: 900-612-030-XS 20 HP. Single
motor dual drive. BOC -900-607-001XS. MFG. Date 6/27/06. Asking Price:

Item #VP112 35" CVC Diffusion Pump & Torr Cryotrap. Warranty Rebuilt CVC Model
PMC-32C, 35 inch, 50,000 l/s, 440Volt Diffusion Pump, Direct replacement for Varian
NHS-35, with minor change in foreline piping length, Also available: Torr Vacuum
Products Model RVS322C Cryogenic Baffle All components are rebuilt, primed and
painted, ready for immediate use. (12 Mo. Warranty) Discounted price, only if you
purchase both at once is $23,900US Total West Coast Location (Coeur d'Alene, ID Zip
Price: Warranty Rebuilt
35" Diffusion Pump
                   $12,900US Alone
35" Ref. Cryobaffle
                    $13,500US Alone

After rebuild.

Business Opportunities
Senior Vacuum Project Engineer. This Company is an OEM of industrial heat treat
equipment with a Vacuum Product Department. The candidate must have proficient
engineering and management skills to effectively lead the strategy and execution of
vacuum furnace sale orders from product design to completion of installation and
start-up. Responsibilities include oversight of project sales, estimating, engineering,
design, and field service. Work with a technical staff of engineers, designers and field
service. Analyze technical engineering problems, and advise department employees of
possible solutions. Interface effectively with customers on critical issues. The
Company is looking for a candidate with 7+ years of mechanical engineering design
experience; with 5+ years experience reviewing vacuum furnace designs for form, fit,
and function; with 3+ years knowledge of the United States vacuum furnace market
and customer technical requirements. Competitive market salary, benefits and
relocation offered for the right candidate.

If interested please contact

Item #O386 Mechanical Engineer. Premier Furnace Specialists, Inc., an OEM of
Thermal Processing Equipment, is expanding the engineering team. We are looking for
a mechanical engineer, preferably with experience in designing heat treat equipment.
Duties would include:
      Mechanical design of furnace equipment and auxiliary components
      Research qualified vendors and follow-up on material orders
      Assist in preparation of technical proposals and equipment operating
      Assist in the de-bug and start-up of equipment
If you are interested, please submit your resume to:
23850 Freeway Park Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Tel: (248) 596-9000
Fax: (248) 596-9001

Item #O385 Sales Representatives. Solar Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of
vacuum furnace systems is expanding the U.S. sales team. We are looking for
manufacturer’s sales organizations and/or sales agents with experience in selling heat
treat equipment/supplies. If you are interested, please submit resume/line card to
Peter Reh, VP Sales at or mail to 1983 Clearview Rd., Souderton,
PA 18964.

Item #O384 Annealing Capacity Available. A captive heat treater in the Chicago area
who anneals stainless steel parts finds they have excess capacity. They process parts
in a humpback furnace using a mixture of 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. This
furnace has a 32" wide belt and can handle parts up to 28" long and 11 3/8" high. If
you would like a quote from this experienced heat treater please let us know at

Item #O383 Business and Applications Manager
Morgan Advanced Ceramics – Wesgo Metals
Wesgo is a world class manufacturer of high purity braze alloys and related products.
Our products are used in a variety of markets including medical, aerospace,
electronics and the power tube industries.
Wesgo is looking for a talented Business and Applications Manager to help identify
business opportunities to increase sales market visibility. Five plus years in a technical
field, preferably aerospace, electronic or medical. Experience in the metal joining
industry a plus.
Competitive salary with excellent benefits package.
Job description can be viewed at
Please send cover letter in MS Word to
Item #O382 Brazing Products Manager. Leading manufacturer of nickel-base brazing
alloys, since 1938. Position at corporate office in Northern Suburb of Detroit; requires
engineering degree and ten years experience in the brazing field. Responsibilities
include product and business development and providing technical support to sales
team. Travel required.

Company offers competitive salary & fringe benefit package Including health, vision
and dental insurance, profit sharing and 401-K.

Send resume and salary history to Wall Colmonoy
fax: 248-585-7960

Item #O381 REGIONAL SALES MANAGER. ABP is a rapidly growing, global
manufacturer of induction heating and melting equipment used in a wide variety of
industries. We are seeking a Midwest Regional Sales Manager to develop new business
and build on relationships with current customers. 3 to 5 years of successful field
capital equipment sales experience and an engineering degree or equivalent
experience is required, as is regional travel. Qualified candidates will possess
outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. We offer excellent benefits and
compensation is commensurate with experience. If you want to play a key role with a
growing, industry leader, please send resume and salary history to, or mail to:
Human Resources,
ABP Induction, LLC
21905 Gateway Road Brookfield,
WI 53045

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Item #O380 Product Sales Manager. Need individual, with promotional potential, to
plan and direct sales and service programs to promote new markets, and improve
company’s competitive position. Confers with potential customers to ascertain
equipment, supplies and service needs. Works with Engineering and other technical
staff to develop solutions for customer needs. Prepares detail technical and
commercial proposals. Selects and directs activities of international commissioned
sales agents/Reprs. Listens to and advises customers on types of equipment to
purchase. Reviews trade sources to keep abreast of technical developments. Develops
cost effective practices for dissemination of trade info. Advises senior mgt. of new
product initiatives and developments.

Company is located in a highly desirable area of the West Coast. Company is engaged
in the worldwide sales of metallurgical equipment designed for the specialty metals

B.S or M.S. degree in Materials/Metallurgical Engineering Or similar engineering
degree desired. 5-10+ years experience in furnace equipment or related capital
equipment industries or related specialty metals industries; preferably in a Sales and
marketing capacity. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills also required.
For consideration for this position email your resume to or
mail your resume to A. L. Singmaster Personnel Services; POB 708; Devon, PA 19333

Item #O379 Quality Control Manager. Large Capacity Heat Treat Facility located in
New England is looking for a Quality Control Manager. Qualified candidates should
have experience in vacuum and atmosphere heat treatment, and vacuum furnace
brazing with a thorough understanding of Nadcap and AS9100 requirements.
Ideal Candidate:
      Minimum of 5 years experience in quality position within a heat treat facility
      Bachelors Degree preferably in Metallurgical Engineering
      Familiar with Prime Aerospace and Industry Specifications
      Knowledge of an array of corrective action and problem solving methods
      APQP Process – PPAP functions
Duties and Responsibilities:
      Manage and directly Supervise all laboratory personnel
      Company Representative for all audits performed on site
      Process Improvement throughout the facility
      Maintain quality and corrective/preventative action system
      Supervisor pyrometry functions performed internally
Interested candidates should submit resumes to

Item #O378 Product Development Manager. Ipsen, the global leader in thermal
processing systems is looking for a Product Development Manager interested in
developing market-changing technologies. In this role, you will have the opportunity
to influence the company’s research efforts in several promising fields. The candidate
should have at least a Bachelor Science degree in related field such as metallurgy,
materials or chemistry, and a minimum 5 years experience. An advanced Engineering
degree (MS/PHD) or comparable experience preferred. Duties and responsibilities
include: provide technical information to customers and representatives on Ipsen
special equipment projects and processes, attend trade shows to determine
feasibilities of new processes and technical market trends, author technical papers on
regular basis, patent relevant innovations, work closely with R&D on current and
potential future testing programs to prove out new processes. Contact John Menne at to find out more about this exciting opportunity based in
Rockford, Illinois.

Ipsen designs and manufactures thermal processing systems for a wide variety of
markets including aerospace, medical, energy, chemical and automotive. With
thousands of installed systems worldwide, our heat processing technologies are
everywhere. Whether it’s innovating titanium knee implants, driving a car, developing
new jet engines or exploring outer space, Ipsen is there. Ipsen, Inc. maintains
manufacturing plants in Rockford IL and Souderton PA.

Item #O377 Aerospace Experienced Consultant Auditors. “Nadcap and You…Achieving
Excellence Together.”
Build Your Career with a Global Industry Leader. Performance Review Institute is
seeking Aerospace experienced consultant auditors for the Nadcap Heat Treating

As a Nadcap auditor, you will perform heat treating audits, complete audit reports and
have the opportunity to train associate auditors.
The ideal candidate will possess the following general background:
      Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field
      Understanding of Aerospace & General quality systems (ISO, AS/EN/JISQ9100)
      Familiarity with Prime contractor specifications
      Computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets, email and internet
      Desire to travel
      Multi-lingual a plus
      Strong interpersonal skills
The following are specific criteria for heat treating:
      Five (5) years "hands-on" experience (preferably in the aerospace industry) with
the following processes: Aluminum Heat Treating, Titanium Heat Treating, Heat
Resisting Treating, Heat Resisting Alloys, Brazing Alloys
      Understanding of AMS2750 or Prime Contractor Pyrometry specification
As an innovative industry leader, we are proud to offer our auditors:
      Flexible Schedules
      Competitive Daily Rate
      Paid Travel & Living Expenses
      Paid Annual Training
      No Need to Relocate
See why Nadcap has been attracting & retaining some of the best professionals in the
industry!    Apply    on-line    today,    via    our  auditor  recruitment   website,

Item #O376 SALES/MARKETING. Phoenix Heat Treating, Inc., has an immediate
opening for a sales and marketing individual. Good opportunity for someone versed in
commercial/aerospace heat-treating processing, and interested in relocating to
Phoenix Arizona. Please Contact Phoenix Heat Treating at mkissinger@PHXHT.COM

Item #O375 Business Unit Manager. Precision Thermal Processing located in
Clintonville, WI offers high quality heat treating services and extensive metallurgical
services such as: micrography, micro hardness testing, tensil testing, impact testing,
spectrograph, macro etching and failure analysis. We are currently looking for a
Business Unit Manager. Under the direction of the Vice President of Operations the
Business Unit Manager will provide administration of the business unit, have sales and
marketing responsibilities, and perform all duties related to production operations and
quality requirements within Precision Thermal Processing. The qualified candidtae
must have a bachelor's degree in metallurgy, mechanical engineering or at least 10
years of progressively responsible experience in the heat treat field, as well as,
experience in sales and marketing; production management; and business
management. Precision Thermal Processing offers a competitive wage and full benefit
package. Qualified candidates can email a cover letter and resume to
Item #O374 Experienced Fastener (Screws and Bolts) Professional Engineer. 35years
of in depth, initially hands on, background in the production of Specialty Fasteners for
a wide scope of industries. Participated in the actual building and outfitting of a
fastener plant starting with a 10,000ft2 and resulting in a 60,000ft2 state of the art
plant for build to print production facility. It has the ability to fabricate, heat treat,
apply electroplated surface finishes and certify the part in the on site accredited
laboratory. To the present day I am involved with many day-to-day activities including
General Administration, Quality Assurance, Forensic Metallurgy, Production Processes,
Quotations for Special Products, Sales and Sourcing of items the plant is not equipped
to handle. Some of my specific abilities include materials engineering, ferrous metals
heat treating, failure analysis, Technical Auditor for the Standards Council of Canada
and Honorary Instructor for the Materials Engineering Institute, a branch of the
American Society for Materials of Cleveland, Ohio. Please contact The Monty for a
resume – quoting Item #.

Item #O373 Heat Treat Supervisor. Klein Tools has been a leading manufacturer of
hand tools servicing professionals around the world for over 150 years. We are
seeking a heat treating professional to supervise our batch and continuous heat
treating production lines.
The qualified candidate must have at least five years experience in heat treating with
leadership skills in training, coaching, and developing employees. A high school
diploma or equivalent work experience and some form of heat treating school with a
certificate of completion is a must. Good analytical and math skills as related to
production are also required.
We offer a competitive salary, 401k, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement,
medical/dental/life insurance, and a challenging work environment. For consideration
for this opportunity, email your resume to or mail to Klein
Tools, Human Resources, 7200 McCormick Blvd., Skokie, IL 60076.

Item #O372 Maintenance Engineer.       We are a commercial metal heat-treating
company with long history located at Pomona, California, seeking a motivated
maintenance engineer to join our key management team.
  Pomona, CA
  Mon-Fri: 6.30am-3.00pm (some working outside normal hours)
  50,000.00 - 75,000.00 USD /year, depending on experiences. Medical, vacation and
paid holidays after three months;
The work is varied and the successful applicant will be responsible for the smooth
running and upkeep of plant and services at the site.
Your main responsibilities will include:
-plan the routine maintenance of plant, equipment and machinery
-attend breakdowns
-diagnose faults
-oversee time-critical repairs
-additional duties as outlined in job description
The successful candidate will have sound mechanical knowledge and a suitable
electrical qualification (IEE 16th Edition or equivalent). In addition to knowledge of
industrial electrical installations, experience of heat treatment furnaces, endo
generator or instruments for monitoring and controlling is an advantage.
You will be practical and self-motivated. Being able to work under his/ her own
initiative you will have excellent communication skills striving to provide the best
customer service.
We offer competitive salary and benefit packages commensurate with experience and
also the opportunity for further training and career prospects. We believe in
developing our people, harnessing their enthusiasm and inspiring them to excel.
To apply, send in your CV and Cover letter to:

Item #0371 Heat Treating Salesman with twenty plus years in the Industry is seeking
employment with the same as a multi state salesperson covering, Ohio, Michigan,
Indiana, Pennsylvania and Western New york for thermal processing of components
made for the Aerospace / Aircraft, Medical Implants and the Automotive Industries. I
am familiar with ISO 9000,TS,NADCAP approvals systems. If interested please contact
The Monty with your interests and forward your company name and contact

Item #O370 Heat Treatment Supervisors & Operators.
   • Brisbane, Australia
   • Experienced heat treatment operators
   • Assistance provided for relocation costs
We are seeking experienced heat treatment operators to work in our Brisbane plant.
Applicants require heat treatment experience of seven years or greater. All positions
are hands on and include manual labour as well as staff supervision. Experience
preferred in seal quench and vacuum operation. Salaries range from $40000 AUD to
$55000 AUD. Email to apply.

Item #O369 Heat Treating Source Wanted. A manufacturer in the Michigan area is
looking to heat treat and oil quench large diameter rings. There are both 9310 rings
about 120" in diameter and 15-5 rings also the same diameter. It is essential that the
15-5 rings be run in a Nadcap approved shop and certainly preferable that the 9310
rings also be Nadcap. While a commercial shop in Michigan is preferred operations in
nearby states will also be considered. If you can do this please let us know at
Item #O368 Various Heat Treat Positions. Specialty Heat Treating, Inc., a NADCAP and
TS certified commercial heat treater, with locations in Indiana and Michigan is looking
for experienced, team oriented personnel looking to help our company and themselves
grow. We have continuously been named one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies
to Work For in West Michigan and are searching for great people to help us keep up
this honor and high quality service to our great customers.
We are looking for experienced professionals in the heat treating industry for Plant
Management, Quality Management/Engineering, Maintenance, Inspection, and Furnace
Operation. To be considered or for more information, please contact Paula Smith,
Human Resources Manager, at
All positions with Specialty Heat Treating, come with a full benefit package, including
health, dental, life, disability, profit sharing, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, and paid
holidays and vacation. For more information on our company, please check out our
website: We look forward to hearing from you!

Item #O367 Quality Manager. A Heat Treat Company located in the Midwest is looking
for a Quality Manager. This person will be responsible for:
- Maintaining and managing Company quality systems (ISO/TS) to assure that all
products manufactured by the company meet customer specifications
- Interfacing with customers to find resolutions to problems with in-process or final
product acceptance.
- Managing a team of quality personnel and document control
Job Requirements:
- 5-10 years experience as a Quality Engineer or Quality Manager in a manufacturing
- Bachelors Degree preferred.
- Extensive knowledge of AS-9100 and all applicable military inspection and quality
- Fluent in root cause analysis and the 5 Why approach.
Interested individuals should contact “The Monty”.

Item #O366 Convection Sales Person. Due to our continued growth and success,
Wisconsin Oven Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer of industrial ovens and other
heat processing equipment, has an immediate opening for an inside Convection Sales
person to join our team and continue in our tradition of building the highest quality
Industrial Ovens. This multi-faceted role has a wide variety of job responsibilities
including: application and design of industrial convection ovens & oven systems, quote
preparation, account management and customer relations and a small amount of
travel required.
Qualifications: Experience required is at least three to five years of convection oven
sales. The successful candidate must have a history of, and demonstrate, excellent
verbal and written communication and inter-personal skills, and be able to effectively
communicate with vendors, customers and co-workers within a cooperative team
environment. The Sales Department operates in a fast paced environment. Candidates
must have the ability to maintain a high degree of focus, productivity, and accuracy
while completing their assignments.
Wisconsin Oven Corporation, a Drug Free Workplace, is a TEAM oriented, QUALITY
driven company that offers an outstanding benefits package including: Health
Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401(k) Savings program, 10 Paid Holidays per year, Paid
Vacation, Paid Life Insurance and Disability Policies. Wisconsin Oven Corporation is an
Equal Opportunity Employer. Those interested in pursuing a career with Wisconsin
Oven should e-mail a letter of introduction, your resume, and salary requirements to ,
apply in person between 8:30a.m.– 4:00 p.m., or mail the information to:
Wisconsin Oven Corporation Attention: Human Resources PO Box 873 2675 Main
Street East Troy, WI 53120

Item #O365 Technical Sales Engineer. Nabertherm is the world’s leading producer of
industrial and laboratory furnaces. Headquartered near Bremen, Germany we have
achieved double-digit growth rates over the past years in our key markets: Heat
Treatment, Technical Ceramics, Glass, Foundry, Laboratory and Arts & Crafts. Our
customers range from multinational corporations to early-stage start-ups. Nabertherm
supports the North American market through our office in New Castle Delaware and
through a network of channel partners.
We are currently looking to fill the following position: Technical Sales Engineer. You
should be experienced with capital equipment sales, the heat treatment or foundry
industry. You will be responsible for growing our sales in two of our major markets by
working directly with our customers and through our channel partners. You will
develop and administer marketing programs to enhance our exposure. You will work
closely with our team in Delaware and with the product managers in Germany to
achieve our overall corporate goals. This position is based at our office in New Castle,
Send resumes to:
Nabertherm offers a competitive salary and benefits package

Item #O364 Experienced Heat Treat Consultant. Marty Keylon has almost 30 years of
experience in the California heat treating market. He has done it all from setting up
heat treating shops from scratch, acting as General Manager for commercial heat
treating operations, rebuilding furnaces-you name it Marty has done it when it comes
to heat treating. After a brief sabbatical Marty is interested in different opportunities as
a consultant working with different Heat Treat Companies, acting as a project manager
for new projects or possibly accepting a full time position. More information available if
needed. Please contact The Monty if interested - quoting Item #.

Item #O363 Process Metallurgist. To provide leadership and support to all phases of
ferrous alloys (steel and cast iron) heat treat environment at our Advanced Heat Treat
Corp., Waterloo, Iowa facility, including supervision of lab technicians. Degree in
Metallurgy or related field as well as 5 years minimum experience in a manufacturing
heat treat environment. Please send resumes to: Check us out

Item #O361 Metallurgical Engineer with BS and more than 18 Years of Strong
Experience in Induction Heat Treatment Process Development of All Automotive Parts.
Expertise in the Following Areas: • ISO-14001&TS-16949,CQI-9 Audit • PPAP&DEO •
Quality, SPC • ISO 9001, QS9000, Ford Q-1 • Design and implementation of Induction
Heat treatment • AISI, ASE,ASM Please contact The Monty for a resume - quoting Item

Item #O359 BS Metallurgist with extensive experience in automotive, aerospace, and
commercial products. 30 years experience in heat treating, plating and surface
treatments. Extensive background in Induction hardening, carburizing and
carbonitriding (gas and vacuum), nitriding and nitrocarburizing (gas, vacuum, and
ion), through hardening, and annealing. Vacuum furnaces, IQs, Continuous, pits salt
baths, marquenches, car bottoms, bell furnaces, and high and low frequency induction.
Expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Long term experience in NDT- Mag.
particle, Penertant (Zyglo and visible dye), eddy current, Ultrasonics, Acoustic
Emmisions, and Radiography (real time and film). Extensive experience in Quality.
Familiar with ISO 9000 and TS 16949 quality systems. Former Quality Manager and
Quality Director. Process and new product development experience. Patents in
Nitrocarburizing, Joining, and Aircraft Propulsion. Willing to relocate for the right
opportunity. Please contact The Monty for a resume - quoting Item #.

Item #O358 An Experienced Engineer primarily in the field of vacuum technology,
having worked for BOC Edwards vacuum for almost 30 years, and am currently looking
for a new career. Over my career with BOC Edwards, I have led many teams of sales
and marketing professionals develop sound and profitable results. I believe I can help
any company establish new markets for their products and services and will endeavour
to deliver beyond expectations. In particular, I am an expert in the field of helium leak
detection, and dry pumping, and have taught many classes in the design and proper
operation of all types of vacuum equipment. I also have particular skills in the
following areas; Sales Management Marketing Management P + L Management Key
Account Management Strategic Planning Organizational Development Product
Management Channel Strategy Product Development. Please contact The Monty for a
resume - quoting Item #.

Item # 0357 President. A global provider of furnace process technology and equipment
is searching for a President to head up their North American Division.
The role of President will have complete P&L responsibility and oversee sales,
engineering and project management for customers in the NAFTA region.
The President will be expected to have existing relationships in the heat treat markets,
and be capable of high-level business development activities.
Performance Objectives: • Develop the furnace business serving the component heat
treat market in the NAFTA region. • Build the sales and engineering team necessary to
support the heat treat business. • Continue the development of global sourcing of
Desired Experiences: • Proven customer contacts in the heat-treat customer base. •
Technical competence in furnace processes and equipment. • Strong high-level sales
skills. • Capital equipment project management experience. • Understanding of global
business cultures. • Proven ability to grow a business through introduction of new
products. • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business is required.
The Company offers competitive compensation, including short-term performance
incentives, a quality benefits program and an exciting, challenging team environment,
with opportunity for advancement. The Company is an equal opportunity employer.
Qualified candidates should email their resume to:

Item #0355 AFC-Holcroft, the largest North American heat treat equipment
manufacturer, is interested in "A" level candidates for long-term career opportunities in
the capital equipment sector. Our customer base includes general manufacturing as
well as automotive, both in the U.S. and across the globe. We are searching for
candidates in the following areas:
Item #0355 Industrial controls engineer/software development individual. We maintain
a software section that requires innovative, computer savvy individuals both in design
and development as well as field implementation for PC-based systems communicating
to individual controls equipment for automation of both process and material handling
with multiple industrial platforms. Degreed engineer desirable but not mandatory.
Send resumes to: AFC-Holcroft Attention: Resumes 49630 Pontiac Trail Wixom, MI
48393 E-Mail: Fax: (248) 668-5590
AFC-Holcroft offers a full benefits package, competitive wages and bonus package.

Item #O354 Professional Salesperson looking to grow your business. Experienced in all
aspects of heat treating and has gained the respect of top executives in the metal
working industry. Along with a quality background, this gentleman has a proven track
record for increased sales. Other qualities include leadership, training and
management skills. If you are looking for a strong and experienced salesperson
contact The Monty for complete details and contact information, please include the
Item #.

Item #O352 Heat Treat Shift Supervisor. We are a growing Heat Treat Company in the
beautiful Fox Valley of Wisconsin with opportunities for you! The qualified candidate
must have at least five years experience in Heat Treating with leadership skills in
training, coaching, and developing employees. A High School diploma or equivalent
work experience and some form of Heat Treating School with a certificate of
completion is a must. Good analytical and math skills as related to production are also
required. Wages based on your current skills and experience.
Our employment package is filled with benefits to fit your needs; Health, Dental,
Vision, Short Term Disability and Life Insurance, 401(k) with 25% no-cap. Company
match, vacations, 9 holidays, weekly payroll, paid breaks, and always a good cup of
coffee and of course great people to work with. With these opportunities and benefits,
we would also consider moving means. We are a growing Equal Opportunity Employer
that would like to hear from you. Please respond to: Human Resources Manager, 2110
Harrison St, Oshkosh, WI 54901

Item #O348 Materials Engineer, presently employed with one of the leading
automotive components manufacturer since last six (6) years. I have additional two
(2) years of hands on experience as a metallurgist with two other organizations in
automotive industry. During these years, I have successfully led and / or contributed
to numerous projects related and to materials and processes development. While my
educational and prior work background has always revolved around heat treating and
surface modifications, I have served on variety of positions (both directly and
indirectly) including manufacturing, quality, product engineering, and research &
My educational background includes a masters degree in metallurgical and materials
engineering from one of top schools in Midwest United States. Additionally, I am
currently on my way to earn an MBA degree from another top business schools from
New England area. I am confident that having knowledge of business / operations
management is only going to help me excel in my technical job by leading and
managing activities that are in line with organizational and business goals.
I am seeking new career opportunities for mainly two reasons: to diversify my
experience by working on different challenges and to advance my career. With my
experience as a materials engineer and knowledge of business management I am
looking forward to take on different opportunities that entail increasing responsibilities.
Presently, I am authorized to work for any employer in the U.S., however, I am open
to relocation anywhere in North America. I am also willing to give a serious
consideration to right opportunities elsewhere in the world.
Please let us know if you would like to see his resume.

Item #O345 Maintenance Individual Looking for Position. This individual supervised the
maintenance department at a large commercial heat treat shop in Michigan from 2001
to the present. He was responsible for creating PM systems, ordering parts, setting up,
installation, trouble shooting and programming of PLC's. Experience with AB,
Honeywell, Yokogawa, BC, Marathon, Shinko and Cutler Hammer instruments.
Experience in rebuilding furnaces, burners and ignition systems. Experience in
temperature uniformity studies. Willing to consider relocating. If you are interested in
this individuals resume please let us know at The Monty & quote the Item#O345.

Item #O337 Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. (HTSU) is seeking a Technician to
perform calibrations, repair/corrective maintenance services for temperature control
systems and instrumentation at different client locations throughout the Southeast.
This field service position requires a focus on customer service and a quality conscious
work ethic. Overnight travel is required.
Our technicians calibrate, troubleshoot, install and service control instruments, as well
as perform temperature uniformity studies on industrial furnaces used for steel
processing. Wee utilize state-of-the-art equipment with a focus on electronic
technology for our primary source of data collection, management and communication
HTSU is a rapidly growing company with aggressive long-term goals. We employ
motivated and organized self-starters and offer opportunities for growth and
Ø      Must enjoy working with people and solving problems
Ø      Must have good electrical and mechanical aptitude
Ø      Must have basic computer skills for communication
Ø      Have the ability to work with basic hand tools
Ø      Knowledge in the use of test equipment such as millimeters/calibrators
Benefits and Compensation
HTSU provides comprehensive benefits package with competitive wages. Our benefits
Ø      Medical Insurance – Healthcare
Ø      Life Insurance
Ø      Paid Vacation
Ø      Personal Days
Ø      Sick Days
Ø      Holidays
Ø      Company Provided Vehicle
Ø      Daily Meal Allowances
Ø      401(k) Plan
Ø      Relocation Assistance (if applicable)
Please apply with résumé to Kevin Ruff eat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. Email:

Item #O335 Position available for General Manager of a southeast US.
Aerospace/Commercial brazing and heat treat facility. Candidates should have 5 years
minimum experience in this field with management and P/L responsibility. Sales and
engineering are the major focus required for this assignment. The aerospace and
commercial sales in this area are very strong and present a great opportunity for the
right person. Salary would be commensurate with experience. Company offers
competitive compensation with possible relocation available also. Please forward your
resume to The Monty along with the Item #.

Item #O324 Experienced Induction Heating Service/Installation Engineer Available.
• Performed equipment and system start-up at customer’s plant.
• Worked on medium frequency (0.7 KHZ – 30 KHZ), high frequency (100 KHZ – 400
KHZ) solid-state and Tube Oscillators (Power range from 5 KW to 1200 KW).
• Tested power supplies and systems in-house before shipping to customer.
• Conducted equipment runoff in-house as well as at customer’s plant.
• Troubleshoot equipment over phone and also by visiting customers all over the world
• Provided customers with training and support in the operation and maintenance of
the installed equipment.
Available On Contract or as Fulltime employee. Contact The Monty stating Item # if

Item #O250 Metallurgist Consultant.
Recently retired metallurgist wants to apply his knowledge to your problems. This will
keep him sharp and you profitable. Forty-years of experience in the following can be
yours: 1. Metallurgical Laboratory operations and supervision, 2. Heat Treat Process
Development from initial concept to finished product, with all processing, quality, and
production standards generated, and capital equipment purchased and installed, 3.
Conformance of all facets of material and metallurgical process to EPA, OSHA, and
Quality Requirements (QS,ISO, Customer Specific), 4. Experience in Vendor/Customer
Relations. Vendor survey, and Approval, 5. Experience in Failure Analysis. Most
experience in high- volume, automotive type product. I am very anxious to provide
this service to you on a per-job or part-time basis. Please contact the Monty & quote
the Item# to reach me.

Heat Treat Shops for Sale
Selling of Heat Treat Shops

WG Montgomery Ltd (The is the only company in the world that specializes
in putting buyers and sellers of commercial heat treat shops together. We have been
doing this for a number of years, have an impressive track record and will GUARANTEE
that we can send prospective, serious buyers your way.

Several commonly asked questions are below.

If you are interested in knowing more about what a Commercial Heat Treat Shop is
worth click here. Do you want to sell your Heat Treat Shop? Contact us.
What Is A Commercial Heat Treat Shop Worth?

We're going to have a rather Simplistic look at what a commercial heat treat shop is
worth and offer you a very cost effective way of getting a very precise idea of what
your shop is worth. Right off the bat, the worth of a Heat Treat shop or any business
for that matter is based upon performance. A business losing money is basically
worthless, a business making lots of money is worth a great deal. So we're starting off
with the basic premise that the value of a business is based upon profitability. When it
comes to commercial heat treaters, the general rule of thumb is that to a potential
buyer it is worth somewhere between 3 and 6 times EBIDTA (Earnings before Interest,
Depreciation, Taxes and Amortization). Keep in mind though that this multiple is based
upon an average profitability over the past 4 or 5 years.

From this starting point we throw in a few other factors such as capacity. A shop
running at less than full capacity (but still making money) is surprisingly worth more
than a shop running at full capacity. Logically this makes sense. A new owner can
increase sales and hence profitability without having to make a further investment into
the business in the form of more equipment.

Geography always is an issue. A shop in a growing healthy area seeing an increase in
manufacturing will always be worth more than an operation in an area seeing stagnant
growth. From our own experience, I can tell you that we get a lot of requests for
commercial shops in the US South east, an area seeing high growth and virtually no
requests for the US Northeast, an area seeing slow or no growth in manufacturing.

Capabilities are again another factor that always goes into the mix. Processes that are
growing such as vacuum heat treating, vacuum carburizing and Ion Nitriding will
generally appeal to potential buyer's far more than very basic stress relieving as an

Management. While the large HT chains might have the ability to drop in new
management to replace the outgoing owners, I have yet to see a case where having
the original management stay for some period of time was not an enormous plus.

Customers. Show me a shop (and I've seen this in the past) where 60% of the work is
coming from one customer with no long term contract and I will show you an operation
that is unsaleable. The best product mix would be a number of medium sized
customers (none amounting to more than 10% of total sales) involved in a number of
different industries such as aerospace and automotive.

Commonly Asked Questions

1) Is my inquiry confidential? 100% guaranteed! In all cases both potential buyer,
seller and WG Montgomery Ltd. will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement
before the 2 parties are put in touch.

2) Is there a fee involved? We charge a modest finders fee for our services. In some
cases this is paid by the buyer, in other cases by the vendor.

3) Will negotiations be conducted through WG Montgomery Ltd? Not unless you wish it.
Generally we put buyers and sellers together but we are not involved in the

4) How would WG Montgomery Ltd. go about finding a buyer for our operation? We
would first approach a number of potential buyers that we have worked with in the
past. In conjunction with this we would also put a description of your shop on the site
with an overview of your capabilities but not enough details to identify the shop.

5) As a potential buyer what if I don't see what I'm looking for on your site? Please let
us know what you are looking for and we'll see what we can do. We would like to
stress that we are aware of a few shops for sale which are not mentioned on our site.

6) For more details about our commission structure please let us know using our
Feedback Form.

In Parting,
We always enjoy comments, feedback and constructive criticism. Thanks for your
feedback and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to visit us daily

Gord Montgomery,
W.G. Montgomery Limited
Phone: 905 822-4004 Fax: 905 403-0812

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