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              June 26, 2006 / volume 58, number 33                                                                                                                www.emory.edu/Emory_rEport


                                                                                                                        National debate camp
                                                                                                                        means more than words
                                                                                                                        By Beverly clark
                                                                                                                                                                  private and public school
                                                                                                                                                                  students who come to hone
                                                                                                                        Vanaye Kelley likes to talk—a             their debate skills.
                                                                                                                        lot. The rising 10th grader from               More than half of the
                                                                                                                        Milwaukee, Wis. found the                 ENDI students come from
                                                                                                                        perfect outlet for her energy             Urban Debate Leagues (UDL),
                                                                                                                        during the past two weeks at              a national urban education
                                                                                                                        the Emory National Debate                 reform movement founded in
                                                                                                                        Institute (ENDI), an annual               1985 as a partnership between
                                                                                                                        program that has spread the               the Barkley Forum and the
                                                                                                                        gospel of debate as a teaching            Atlanta Public Schools that has
                                                                                                                        and learning tool to school               spread to cities across the
                                                                                                                        systems nationwide for 39                 country. Kelley was part of a
                                                                                                                        years.                                    contingent of 135 students and
                                                                                                                             “My friends told me it               teachers from the recently
                                                                                                                        would be boring, but they’re              formed Milwaukee UDL—the
                                                                                                                        wrong. They said I’d be missing           20th city to join the movement.
                                                                                                                        out on a lot of fun, but educa-                More than 360 middle and
                                                                                                                        tion is going to get you more             high school students and
                                                                                                                        places in life than spending              teachers from 17 states partici-
                                                                                                                        time on the street,” said Kelley,         pated in ENDI. This year’s
                                                                                                                        whose competitive energy was              institute included a residential
Bryan Meltz

                                                                                                                        evident behind her raw skills             program on the Emory campus,
                                                                                                                        last week in one of her first             day programs for middle
                                                                                                                        debates.                                  schoolers at Pace Academy and
              Vanaye Kelley and other students from Milwaukee, Wis. prepare for an upcoming debate at the Emory              The institute is a center-
              National Debate Institute, a two-week summer intensive program run by the Barkley Forum that
                                                                                                                                                                  another at Benjamin S. Carson
                                                                                                                        piece of Emory’s debate                   Honors Preparatory School for
              brings more than 360 students from across the country to Emory. Milwaukee is the site of the 20th         program, known as the Barkley
              Urban Debate League, a national urban education reform movement founded at Emory in 1985.                 Forum, and attracts both                  See BarklEy Forum on page 4

              alternativetransportation                                                                                                                           campusplan

              N. DeKalb Mall Park-n-Ride shuttle kicks off                                                                                                        Clifton Road
                                                 at large. It begins a new era in
                                                                                                                                                                  project begins
              By DaviD payne
                                                 the transportation Emory will
                                                 provide,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                                  next summer
                      mory has taken a bold           Park-n-Ride shuttle buses                                                                                   By ron sauDer
                      step forward to expand     will run approximately every
                      its alternative transit    20 minutes from 6:30 a.m.
              options for commuters who          until 7 p.m. (except midday
                                                                                                                                                                  The longest journey begins with
              currently drive to campus. On      between 11 a.m. and 1:30
                                                                                                                                                                  a single step.
              Monday, June 19, the Univer-       p.m., when they will run every                                                                                        The 10-year march toward
              sity opened the first of sev-      40 minutes). If an employee                                                                                      Emory’s capital projects that un-
              eral future Park-n-Ride lots at    works late unexpectedly after                                                                                    derpin the strategic plan, includ-
                                                 7 p.m., an escort service is                                                                                     ing up to 10 new undergraduate
              North DeKalb Mall and began
                                                 available to bring commuters                                                                                     residence halls, several science
              shuttle service directly from
                                                 from Emory directly to their
                                                                                                                                                    Bryan Meltz

              the mall to campus.                                                                                                                                 buildings, a new theology com-
                                                 cars.                                                                                                            plex, a new Emory Clinic and a
                   Both the Park-n-Ride lot
                                                      For a complete shuttle                                                                                      new Emory University Hospital,
              and shuttle service are free
                                                 schedule, visit www.epcs.          Left to right: Randy Wilson, Laura Ray, Jean Saint-Dic and                    has begun.
              and available to anyone who
                                                 emory.edu/alttransp/               Anthony Lemmons rose bright and early Monday, June 19,                             The first element of the new
              wants to use them.
                                                 route_pnr_nDekalb.htm.             to take the first North DeKalb Mall Park-n-Ride shuttle.                      healthcare complex will begin
                   “This first Park-n-Ride
                                                      The 200 parking spaces                                                                                      in the summer of 2007, with the
              lot is located strategically for                                      nexus or hub for shuttles on    nate 200 vehicles from cam-
                                                 reserved for commuters                                                                                           demolition of the Turman Resi-
              many Emory commuters and           at North DeKalb Mall are           campus.                         pus. That’s the equivalent of                 dential Center at 1770 Haygood
              will be particularly useful for    identified with Emory Park-             The new shuttle routes     removing double the number                    Drive. The 1964- and 1982-vin-
              commuters who currently use        n-Ride signage and located in      are expected to be particu-     of cars in the University’s Bois-             tage buildings have not aged well
              Lawrenceville Highway and          the northeast corner of the        larly useful for commuters      feuillet Jones parking lot from               and need either massive renova-
              the Stone Mountain Freeway         mall parking lot bordered by       who can walk to their jobs      campus.”                                      tion or replacement, says Vice
              as they approach Emory,”           Lawrenceville Highway and          from Woodruff Circle. Other          Prior to the increase in                 President for Campus Services
              said Laura Ray, associate vice     North Druid Hills Road, near       existing shuttle service from   parking rates scheduled for                   Bob Hascall. The decision to
              president for transportation       Macy’s. Commuters can also         Woodruff Circle is available    Feb. 1, 2007, the expanded                    remove them sets the table for
              and parking.                       access these spaces from Stone     for those who work along the    shuttle fleet represents a cost-              many ensuing changes, all of
                   Ray said she is encour-       Mountain Freeway/U.S. High-        Clifton Corridor, such as the   free commuting option for                     which are designed to support
              aged by the early interest in      way 78 as they pass North          Center for Disease Control      employees that will encourage                 Emory’s vision while keeping
              the new Park-n-Ride shuttle        DeKalb Mall.                       and Prevention, Children’s      them to leave the driving to                  the clinic and hospital opera-
              service.                                This lot is monitored by      Healthcare of Atlanta and the   Emory.                                        tions running like clockwork for
                   “Not only is this going to    mall security as well as Emory     American Cancer Society.             The North DeKalb Mall                    faculty, staff and patients during
              ease the hassle of commuting                                               “There will be a cu-       lot is the first of several to                the period of major construction.
                                                 parking security services.
              for a few hundred Emory em-                                                                                                                              “This is an exceedingly in-
                                                      Shuttle service takes com-    mulative positive effect on     open. Additional Park-n-Ride
                                                                                                                                                                  teresting project for the Univer-
              ployees, but it also is another    muters nonstop from the Park-      the overall traffic along the   shuttle service will be offered
                                                                                                                                                                  sity and Emory Healthcare, both
              step toward reducing traffic       n-Ride lot to Woodruff Circle,     Clifton Corridor with these     at Northlake Mall and South
                                                                                                                                                                  because of the project’s scale and
              along the Clifton Corridor and     in front of Emory Hospital.        new transit options,” said      DeKalb Mall. Both locations                   because of the intricate staging
              improving the quality of life      Woodruff Circle is envisioned      Ray. “When fully utilized,
              for Emory and the community        as an expanding primary            this Park-n-Ride will elimi-    See park-n-ridE on page 5                     See CliFton projECt on page 4
2    June 26, 2006                                                                 EmoryReport
arounDcampus                         firstperson mary loftus                                                                                                   emoryvoices
ideas on improving
clifton corridor?
The Clifton Community Part-
nership (CCP) has launched
                                                   Of hybrids and hydrangeas                                                                                  What do you think of the
                                                                                                                                                              N. DeKalb Mall Park-n-Ride?

a new, interactive Web site to
generate dialogue, share ideas                                                           And since my Highlander              So long Brickstore, hello
and information, and post
                                                                                   seats seven, counting the little     suburbia. The land of big
notices of upcoming events and
                                                                                   pop-up row in the rear, I can        lawns, finished basements, and
                                                                                   look conscientious without           Bush-Cheney campaign signs
     The goal of the CCP is to
                                                                                   actually sacrificing any conve-      without slashes or sarcastic
encourage vitality and vibrancy
throughout the Clifton Cor-                                                        nience.                              slogans. This is my current half-
ridor by focusing on activity                                                            Extra seats and lower emis-    acre lot in life.
centers (entertainment, shops,                                                     sions to boot!                             Car-pooling is out of the
restaurants); transportation                                                             Gas-electric hybrids are all   question with my flex-time
choices that provide alterna-                                                      about compromise—they save           schedule and deadline writing
tives to single occupancy                                                          gasoline because they have           jags.
vehicles; pedestrian-friendly                                                      smaller engines that operate on            So, barring a bus (or bet-
streetscapes; and housing op-                                                      both gas and electricity stored      ter yet, a San Francisco-style
tions that allow people to live                                                    in a battery, but they don’t         trolley) that picks me up at

closer to campus.                                                                  need to be plugged in because        my corner and delivers me
     This site provides inter-                                                     the motor doubles as a genera-       to a MARTA station, or the
ested parties an opportunity         mary loftus is associate editor               tor.                                 early arrival of the Brain Train,
to share ideas and collaborate       of Emory Magazine, and lives in                     The superior environmen-       I knew I was stuck driving
about what is working and            Lilburn with her husband, two                 tal choice, of course, would be      myself to work for a while lon-
what needs improvement along         kids, a Border Collie mix, four               electric cars that operate solely    ger.                                 the first day was good. I was real-
the Clifton Corridor. Log on         cats and a cockatiel.                         on battery power. But they                 With gas hovering near         ly looking forward to it. It’s very
and share your thoughts: Visit                                                     still need to be plugged in fre-     $3 a gallon and my dilapi-           convenient. as long as the Park n’
www.cliftoncommunity                                                               quently because batteries pack       dated minivan cruising past          ride is available, I will continue

partnership.org.                             he President drives a                                                                                           to use it.
                                                                                   a lot less power per pound than      the 100,000-mile mark, I was
                                             hybrid, just like me.                 gas; it would take a thousand-       highly motivated to find a ride
award for excellence                            No, not George W.                                                                                                                 Maria Jenkins
                                                                                   pound battery to store as much       to work that was easy on my
in scientific research                                                                                                                                                   acquisitions & bindery
                                     Bush—James W. Wagner. I                       energy as one gallon of gas.         conscience and my checking
ceremony June 28                                                                                                                                                        Health Sciences Library,
                                     know this because people                            Hybrids, like the perfect      account.
Marc Chimowitz and William           have seen him wheeling                        relationship partner, even antic-          I understand that driving
Kelly are this year’s recipients     down N. Decatur in his spiffy                 ipate their own needs—they           is still a bad choice compared
of the Albert E. Levy Scientific     silver Toyota Prius, parking                  draw energy from the battery         to walking, biking or mass
Research Award recognizing ex-
                                     in his reserved space at the                  to accelerate the car, or slow       transit, and look forward to a
cellence in scientific research.
                                     Administration Building, and                  the car down and return energy       day when my regular routine
     Each year, two of Emory’s
                                     hopping back in to drive home                 to the battery. In effect, my        allows for more of the latter,
faculty members, one junior
and one senior, are selected by      to Lullwater.                                 hybrid recharges itself every        less of the former.
the University Research Com-             Senior Vice President                     time I brake or even take my               And, if I had momentarily
mittee to receive the awards.        and General Counsel Kent
     The ceremony, at                Alexander also drives a Prius,                hybrids, like the perfect relation-
3:30 p.m., on Wednesday,             although his is more of a cham-
June 28, in the School of Public     pagne color, according to my                  ship partner, even anticipate their
Health Rita Rollins Room, will       sources.
feature talks by the recipients          I don’t have a reserved                   own needs—they draw energy
specific to the scientific con-
tributions for which they are
                                     parking space, but I do have a
                                     hybrid—a metallic blue 2006
                                                                                   from the battery to accelerate
being awarded.                       Toyota Highlander Hybrid that                 the car, or slow the car down and
     Chimowitz will speak on         averages 30 miles to the gallon.
“Advancing the Treatment of          Not bad for a car that can carry              return energy to the battery.
Intracranial Arterial Steno-         a whole Brownie troop.
sis,” and Kelly will speak on              Even better than its effi-
“Mechanisms of Germ Cell             ciency and utility is the fact                foot off the gas.                    forgotten that my eco-gesture        It was wonderful! It actually took
Repression in C. Elegans.”           that, for the first time in my                     The best part is that the       is a relatively tiny one, there’s    me less time to get here than
                                     motoring life (which historically             Highlander Hybrid is rated as        always my dad, the realist, to       driving in, parking and walking,
                                     has found me behind the wheel                 a Super Ultra Low Emissions          remind me.                           or taking a shuttle from the park-
                                     of a second-hand Toyota hatch-                Vehicle, releasing 80 percent              “I got a hybrid!” I            ing garage. I feel so fortunate to
                                     back, a stripped-down Altima,                 fewer smog-forming emissions         announced to him on the              have a public transit option at
     EmoryReport                     and a couple of minivans), I am
                                     driving a cool car.
                                                                                   into the environment than con-
                                                                                   ventional SUVs.
                                                                                                                        phone a few weeks ago.
                                                                                                                              “It won’t help,” he replied.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bonita Feinstein
                                           I know this because people                   And now for the ugly                  “Oh, come on, it’ll help a                leukemia research nurse
           acting Editor:
                                     point to it in parking lots. A                truth: Lower emissions are           little,” I said.                               Winship Cancer Institute
         Nancy Seideman
    nancy.seideman@emory.edu         co-worker asked to test-drive                 important because I commute                “Nope. Too little, too late.
                                     it over lunch. A parent at my                 nearly 40 miles roundtrip to         Even if everyone you know
                                     daughter’s school genuflected                 work every day.                      got a hybrid. Even if the whole
                                     in front of it and said, “I am                     I’m not proud. I’ve seen        world got hybrids, and cut fos-
              Designer:              not worthy.” And an alumna’s                  the bumper stickers that say,        sil fuel consumption by half.
             Christi Gray                                                          “Commuters Go Home.” I’ve            OK, well, that might help. But
                                     husband ventured to ask if
      christi.gray@emory.edu                                                       experienced Highway 78 dur-          only if that happened.”
                                     he could look under its hood
                                     while I interviewed his wife.                 ing a rainstorm behind a three-            Still, I love my hybrid.
                                           Hybrid sport utility vehi-              car pileup. I’ve exceeded my               The way it turns off at
       Photography Director:                                                       free cell-phone minutes chat-        stop signs and traffic lights
                                     cles are the Lamborghinis of
           Bryan Meltz
                                     the suburban set, the station                 ting during traffic jams.            then glides forward with that
                                     wagons of the sustainability                       It’s not that I don’t want      smooth electric golf cart sound.
                                     brigade, the minivans of the                  my job and my home to be in          The nifty little diagram on my
                                     Gaea millennium. I wish that,                 close proximity to one another.      dash that shows when energy
         Editorial assistants:       like VW bugs, they came with                       My ideal would be a             is flowing from the battery to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    All Photos by Brian Meltz

           Diya Chaudhuri            built-in bud vases where I                    quaint bungalow in Decatur           the engine, or from the engine
           Jessica Gearing           could place fresh daisies and                 where I could walk my Border         to the battery. The less frequent
                                     hydrangeas.                                   Collie over lunch, hang out at       trips to the gas station, since
                                           Hybrids are the way SUV-                the Brickstore Pub, and have         I only have to fill up once a
    Emory rEport (USpS705-
    780) is published and distrib-   driving suburbanites say, “Yes,               urban backyard chickens, like        week instead of twice. The
    uted free to faculty and staff   I’ve read all of those alarming               my friend Allison Adams of           more frequent requests of,
    of Emory University, weekly      articles on global warming,                   the Academic Exchange—who            “Can we take your car?”              It is a great idea and I have told
    during the academic year,        and I’ve seen that lonely polar               bikes to work on most days.                And I know that one
    semimonthly may-August;                                                                                                                                  everyone in my office to use it.
                                     bear on the one ice flue left in                   The benefits of my hybrid,      day, when I cross paths with         I will continue to use this service
    by the office of University
    Communications, 1627 N.          Antarctica, and I’ve thought                  sadly, wilt in comparison.           President Wagner on the              on a daily basis.
    Decatur road, Atlanta, GA        longitudinally about the sev-                      But I have logistical prob-     Clifton Corridor or Vice
    30322. periodicals post-         enth-generation principle, and I              lems, like a limited budget, a       President Alexander maneu-                              Tyhuna Tyree
    age is paid at Atlanta, GA.      have switched to energy-saving                house in the ’burbs, two kids        vering out of a parking space                            receptionist
    postmaster: Send off-campus                                                    who love their public (read:         by Everybody’s Pizza, we will
                                     compact fluorescent light bulbs                                                                                                Undergraduate Admissions
    address changes to Emory
    report, c/o Development          in my home just like Laurie                   free) schools, and a husband         nod in recognition, one hybrid
    Services, 795 Gatewood,          (Mrs. Larry) David asked me                   with an office near Perimeter        driver to another.
    Atlanta, 30322.                  to.”                                          Mall.                                      Even if I am only leasing.
                                                                                     EmoryReport                                                                               June 26, 2006     3

             emoryprofile maurEEn kEllEy

             International hero                                                                                                                                By

                                                                                                                                                               As a recipient of one of the
                                                                                                                                                               coveted Atlanta Business
                                                                                                                                                               Chronicle Health-Care Hero
                                                                                                                                                               awards Maureen Kelley
                                                                                                                                                               isn’t necessarily the type
                                                                                                                                                               of hero you would see on
                                                                                                                                                               the cover of Life magazine,
                                                                                                                                                               although some expecting
                                                                                                                                                               mothers would disagree.
                                                                                                                                                               As a clinical associate pro-
                                                                                                                                                               fessor in the Nell Hodgson
                                                                                                                                                               Woodruff School of Nurs-
                                                                                                                                                               ing, Kelley is an interna-
                                                                                                                                                               tionally-recognized educa-
                                                                                                                                                               tor in nurse midwifery.
                                                                                                                                                                    One of many land-
                                                                                                                                                               mark programs Kelley has
                                                                                                                                                               instituted, The Centering
                                                                                                                                                               Pregnancy program pro-
                                                                                                                                                               vides a group approach to
                                                                                                                                                               prenatal care by bringing
                                                                                                                                                               together up to 10 women
                                                                                                                                                               for midwife-facilitated
Kay Hinton

                                                                                                                                                               sessions where health as-
                                                                                                                                                               sessment, education and
                                                                                                                                                               support are stressed.

                    estled at the front of her    while at Crawford Long, is         is Kelley’s turn to be recog-             “Part of the initial reaction     Center for Disease Control and
                    desk among the clut-          a landmark program that            nized—not that her excellent         is fear,” Kelley said, adding that     Prevention, Emory School of
                    ter of Maureen Kelley’s       provides a group approach          work is anything new. After          overcoming that fear, as the stu-      Medicine and Future of Russia
             third-floor office in the Nell       to prenatal care by bringing       spending the first part of her       dent did, is an important learn-       Foundation), the hospital at
             Hodgson Woodruff School of           together up to 10 women (and       career focused on her specialty      ing experience, and there is no        Balashikha has been trans-
             Nursing is a roughly 8-inch-         often their partners) for mid-     of nurse midwifery, about six        reason to be ashamed. “But she         formed from a basic hospital
             high block of etched glass           wife-facilitated sessions where    years ago she took an inter-         was able to look very deeply           to a perinatal center. Perinatal
             attached to a wood base.             health assessment, education       national trip that shifted her       into herself. That was amazing.”       centers offer referrals and treat-
                  Upon closer inspection,         and support are stressed.          focus somewhat and has taken              Honing that ability to look       ment for high-risk mothers
             the etching in the glass reads            And last year, Kelley         her to destinations ranging          into oneself is a goal Kelley          and critically ill newborns, and
             Atlanta Business Chronicle           was named to Independence          from Jamaica to Russia.              tries to help her students             Balashikha is quickly becoming
             2006 Health-Care Hero. The           Chair in Nursing, which is              On that first trip—to           accomplish.                            an important destination for
             award is angled so that its front    endowed by the Independence        Ethiopia, where Kelley helped             “At first you’re just
                                                                                                                                                                 midwives and for women who
             points directly at Kelley’s door-    Foundation of Philadelphia to      train local midwives—she             shocked at what’s going on,
                                                                                                                                                                 may have difficult pregnancies.
             way.                                 build the capacity of nursing to   stretched herself in a lot of        then you are angry,” Kelley
                                                                                                                                                                      While the technology avail-
                  In Kelley’s unassuming          serve vulnerable populations       ways. And it’s that sort of expe-    said, describing the emotional
                                                                                                                                                                 able at Balashikha is state of
             world, this qualifies as boastful.   and develop nursing practice       rience she tries to instill in the   path her students take while
                                                  and scholarship.                                                        staffing the clinic. “Students         the art, at least as important,
                  “It was a great honor,”                                            Emory nursing students with
             said Kelley, clinical associate           These are just two of the     whom she works.                      ask, ‘How can this be happen-          Kelley said, is the family-cen-
             professor in the Nell Hodgson        reasons Kelley was nomi-                “It’s a transforming expe-      ing to people who are human            tered care women are now
             Woodruff School of Nursing.          nated for a Health-Care Hero       rience to put students in a          beings?’”                              receiving.
             An internationally recognized        award. The May 25 award            situation with which they are             “Then they come to an                  The approach at Balashikha
             educator in nurse midwifery          ceremony is perhaps akin to        unfamiliar and ask them to           understanding about it during          is to treat childbirth as a natu-
             (she also is chair of family         the Academy Awards. Winners        think about social justice and       the week, and that understand-         ral event and that nurturing a
             and community nursing in the         aren’t announced until the         health care delivery issues in a     ing continues after they leave.        woman properly—particularly
             nursing school and previously        evening the awards are handed      different context,” Kelley said.     One student wrote ‘the brothers        a new mother—is a crucial part
             served as director of Crawford       out. Before each award is pre-     “It’s just an amazingly enrich-      treated people by treating their       of their well-being.
             Long’s nurse midwifery ser-          sented, the nominees’ photos       ing experience for everybody.”       spirit and providing love and               “Women won’t be isolated
             vice), Kelley has spent more         are beamed onto a large screen          Each spring, Kelley hosts       support. They showed us that           in labor; they have someone
             than 20 years on Emory’s fac-        and their bio is read. When        an alternative spring break          we all possess these very pow-         with them who cares about
             ulty. She not only has instituted    all that’s done, an envelope is    where she leads a group of 10        erful tools and that these tools       them,” Kelley said, listing some
             innovative prenatal-care health      opened, the recipient named,       to 15 nursing students who           can have a huge impact on the          of Balashikha’s planned inno-
             programs at Emory, but also          then said recipient weaves         work with a missionary center        human spirit and the healing           vations—none of which are
             assisted organizations in other      through the crowd, ascends the     in Jamaica that cares for physi-     process.’ These students are dif-      unfamiliar to mothers in the
             nations to develop their health      stage and collects her or his      cally and mentally handicapped       ferent people after having this        United States. “Prenatal educa-
             care delivery mechanisms.            award.                             children and adults.                 experience and it’s a privilege        tion for couples has recently
                  The Health-Care Hero                 Aside from the dramatic            Although Kelley said the        supporting them through it,”           been initiated. Labor, delivery
             awards are presented annu-           presentation, winning one          brothers run the center in such      she said.                              and recovery rooms are being
             ally by the Atlanta Business         of the prestigious awards is       a “joyful” way that much of               Another of Kelley’s               built. The doctors and midwives
             Chronicle to recognize out-          enough to swell the head of        the place’s inherent depression      international efforts is the           are excited about offering this
             standing achievements in the         even the most deferential per-     (some children as old as 9 are       Balashikha Project, which takes        type of patient-centered care to
             field of medicine. Often, award      son, but Kelley keeps things in    confined to cribs) is softened,      her to the outer suburbs of
                                                                                                                                                                 pregnant women in their area.”
             recipients are the behind-           perspective.                       the difficult conditions can be      Moscow as part of an interna-
                                                                                                                                                                      Kelley’s next interna-
             the-scenes professionals who              “Everyone who is nomi-        challenging for the students.        tional project to address signifi-
                                                                                                                                                                 tional trip is a slightly more
             rarely make headlines. Kelley        nated does amazing work—                Kelley has stacks of stu-       cant public health challenges
                                                                                                                                                                 personal one. In mid-July, she
             received the 2006 award for          every single person they named     dent journals illustrating this      in Russia. Birth rates there are
             Allied Health Professional,          in every single category,” said    point, and her stories about         declining. Life expectancy for         will be taking a mission trip to
             which honors individuals in          Kelley, who earned her BSN         former students are fascinating.     men is dropping. The popula-           Guatemala, were she will help
             ancillary professions such as        from Creighton University,              One student wrote that she      tion as a whole is aging. Kelley       staff a health clinic as well as
             nursing or physical therapy.         a master’s in maternal child       was initially scared and uncom-      said the goal of the Balashikha        meet with many of the area’s
                  While the Health-Care           nursing from the University        fortable, but by the end of the      Project isn’t to encourage             midwives.
             Hero award has spread Kelley’s       of California, San Francisco, a    week she wrote that “through         Russian women to have more                  “No one who knew me
             name and work outside the            midwifery certificate from the     this experience, I learned about     babies, but rather to ensure that      when I was 20 would think
             Emory campus, her accom-             Downstate Medical Center in        caring for people—in those           the babies who are born are            that I would be in Ethiopia [or
             plishments have long been            Brooklyn, N.Y., and a Ph.D.        moments when you are holding         much healthier.                        Russia] when I was 50,” Kelley
             known in the nursing school.         from the Medical College of        someone’s hand—those are the              Through Kelley’s work             said. “But life presents you with
                  The Centering Pregnancy         Georgia.                           times that we truly make a dif-      (collaborators include the             opportunities and this has been
             program, which she instituted             Perhaps, but this year it     ference.”                            World Health Organization, the         a wonderful one.”
4   June 26, 2006                                                       EmoryReport
                                                                                Goddess of love finds her head
Improved traffic lights                                                                                                                             S
                                                                                                                                                   omeone should have
                                                                                                                                                   told Aphrodite, the

trim time, stress                                                                                                                              Greek goddess of love,
                                                                                                                                               to follow her heart but
                                                                                                                                               not to lose her head in
By nancy seiDeman                                                                                                                              the process.
                                    new signal plans and install                                                                                    Lucky for Aphrodite,
                                    equipment upgrades. As a                                                                                   the Michael C. Carlos
                                    result, a comparison study in                                                                              Museum will help

        on’t worry about speed-     April revealed significant over-
                                                                                                                                               her— or at least a statue
        ing up to make that         all improvements:
                                                                                                                                               of her—find her head
        green light.                • 31 percent reduction in
     Through a coordinated            average travel time;
                                                                                                                                                    After submitting the
effort between Emory and            • 40 percent increase in
DeKalb County, traveling on                                                                                                                    winning bid for the rare
                                      average trip speed;
several roads around Emory          • 55 percent reduction in                                                                                  and beautiful marble
will soon be easier. Beginning        average delay time; and                                                                                  sculpture at a Sotheby’s
in April, you likely noticed a      • 55 percent reduction in                                                                                  auction earlier this
positive change in traffic pat-       average stops.                                                                                           month, the museum dis-
terns thanks to a collaboration          For example, afternoon                                                                                covered they could pur-
between Emory and DeKalb            peak travel time eastbound be-                                                                             chase the head—which
County that has significantly       tween the intersection of North                                                                            had been separated
reduced travel time within six      Decatur/Haygood and North                                                                                  from the body—from a
major corridors in the Clifton      Decatur/Webster was shaved                                                                                 private collector.
community.                          by nearly five minutes—as was                                                                                   The acquisition
     Working with the county,                                                                                                                  ensures the statue will
                                    travel time southbound on Clif-
Emory engaged the consulting
                                    ton Road between Briarcliff                                                                                be complete and on
services of GCA, Inc. to
                                    and North Decatur.                                                                                         public view for the first
develop and implement new
                                         The consultants estimated                                                                             time in possibly 170
timing plans for 33 signals
within an area bounded by           that motorists traveling in the                                                                            years.
Lavista Road on the north,          six corridors during these peak                                                                                 “This is a historic
                                    times will save nearly 327,000

Clairmont Road on the east,                                                                                                                    acquisition. Through
North Decatur Road on the           hours and about 196,000 gal-                                                                               the extraordinary gen-
south and Briarcliff Road on        lons of gas each year. Reducing             erosity of Mrs. Michael C. Carlos, Emory has acquired the most complete version of
the west.                           idling time and acceleration                the Capitoline Aphrodite in the United States and one of the loveliest of this type in
     The consultants conducted      cycles also decreases the re-               the world. The statue is an icon of Greek art–indeed of Western art in general,” said
travel time studies on typical      lease of air pollutants.                    Jasper Gaunt, curator of Greek and Roman art at the Carlos.
weekdays during three peak               Emory and DeKalb County                    The Aphrodite sculpture first appeared in a published art catalogue in 1836. At
times (morning, noon and            will continue to work together
                                                                                that time it still had its head, which subsequently became detached under unknown
afternoon). Based on the find-      to monitor travel flow and
                                                                                circumstances. It was in researching the statue that Sotheby’s specialists recognized
ings, the consultants worked        make quick adjustments as
                                                                                that, by coincidence, the head had been sold in a 2002 auction. When contacted, the
with the county to implement        needed.
                                                                                owner of the head agreed to sell it to the successful bidder so the statue again would
                                                                                be complete.
CliFton projECt from page 1              “That will be step two,”                   Upon arrival in Atlanta, Carlos conservator Renée Stein will examine the pieces
and sequencing that will be         said Fox. “First we get step one            to assess their structural and surface conditions, and clean them. A plan then will be
involved,” said Michael Mandl,      right.”                                     devised for reuniting the head with the figure. The museum will announce a date
executive vice president for fi-         “We are building a world-              when the complete sculpture will go on view in its galleries of Greek and Roman art.
nance and administration. “Peer     class University, including
universities have proved that       facilities for transforming
major additions and renovations     health and healing in the 21st
to academic medical centers can     century,” said Michael M.E.         BarklEy Forum from page 1            (more than 100 colleges and           as clearly and quickly as
be accomplished while main-         Johns, CEO of the Woodruff                                               universities recruit students in      possible. The faster you talk,
taining normal clinical opera-      Health Sciences Center and          students living in Atlanta           UDL populations for college           the more facts you can build
tions. We will benefit from their   chairman of Emory Healthcare.       Housing Authority communi-           debate scholarships).                 into your argument.
experiences and introduce a few     “That new model of healthcare       ties. That UDL program in                 Like the accomplished                 Ayers and her ENDI debate
new wrinkles of our own.”           depends totally on our abil-        particular was wildly popular        debater and coach she is, Wade        partner Ayanna Ingraham, a
     John Fox, CEO of Emory         ity to provide a new level of       and drew twice as many               has the facts to back the claims.     student at DeKalb County’s
Healthcare, added that, “the        convenience, satisfaction and       students than expected.              Three years of statistics from        Stephenson High School, both
trustees have made it clear that    quality for patients. That in            Since its founding, UDL has     Carson Prep’s Computer                said debate has helped them
we must proceed through this        turn hinges on our ability to                                            Assisted Debate program,
                                                                        successfully reached thousands                                             learn new things, kept them on
process in a deliberate step-wise                                                                            which has reached 184 students,
                                    work in more highly-integrated      of inner-city middle and high                                              track with academics and taken
fashion with periodic reality                                                                                show that debate participants
                                    teams of doctors, nurses, staff     school students. More than 300                                             them out of their communities
checks on funding, feasibility                                                                               had substantial increases in
                                    and allied health professionals.    schools now have chapters, and                                             to meet new people from
and advisability. We will always                                                                             reading scores with many
                                    Everyone is important, and we       the movement represents the                                                different backgrounds.
be planning many steps ahead,                                                                                moving as much as three grade
                                    are paying heightened attention     most explosive growth in high-                                                  The young debaters of
but our ability to get to the end                                                                            levels in nine months, and an 82
                                    to the everyday logistical needs    school debate in the 69-year                                               ENDI head back home with
depends on world-class execu-
                                    everyone must solve to be ef-       history of the National Forensic     percent decrease in discipline        stronger debate skills, but also a
tion at every stage. Convenient
                                    fective at their jobs.”             League.                              referrals. The White House also
and accessible transportation                                                                                                                      better understanding of each
                                         Turman residence halls              “UDL is ultimately a            selected the Computer Assisted
for our patients, doctors, nurses                                                                                                                  other. The institute’s long,
                                    currently house nearly 600          vehicle to provide a quick,          Debate project as a signature
and staff will be job one, and                                                                                                                     intense days are as much about
                                                                        competitive way of giving kids       program for the Helping
that’s where we are starting.”      undergraduates who will be                                                                                     molding new and experienced
                                                                        incentive to build critical          America’s Youth Initiative this
     With the Turman checkers       accommodated elsewhere, in-                                                                                    debaters as it is about breaking
                                                                        thinking and research skills,”       past year.
removed from the board along        cluding the first new freshman                                                                                 down barriers, said Wade.
                                                                        said Melissa Maxcy Wade,                  Southside High School
Haygood Drive, space will be        residence hall and Clairmont                                                                                        “Mixing them up together
cleared for construction of a                                           director of forensics at Emory       student Robin Ayers is a
                                    Campus, beginning in the fall                                                                                  is hugely important. Students
new 720-space parking deck.                                             and the godmother of urban           product of the Carson program
                                    semester of 2007. The name                                               and the Atlanta UDL. Wade             from diverse backgrounds work
That deck, in turn, is expected                                         debate. “There are 40,000
                                    of Pollard Turman—an Emory                                               said Ayers is emerging as one of      as teams—cooperation that
to be available to support the                                          students involved in urban
                                    alumnus, Sports Hall of Fame        debate today; we want to make        the best urban debaters she has       allows them to become friends
clinic and hospital needs by        member, and long-time trustee                                                                                  around a common task and gain
summer 2008. It will be con-                                            it 10 million and bring it to        ever seen, and is in a sense the
                                    of the University—will continue     every kid who can benefit from       face of the future for competi-       respect for one another. The
nected by a pedestrian tunnel
                                    to be honored with the naming       it.”                                 tive debate.                          suburban kids and inner-city
to the eventual site of the new
                                    of the first new residence hall          Wade and her team of                 Ayers seems shy and              students learn that their
clinic and hospital on the east
                                    in the Freshman Village, now        dedicated debate coaches, many       reserved until she hits the           preconceived notions about
side of Clifton Road.
     The new spaces will be         under construction next to the      of them products of UDLs, have       makeshift podium during an            each other are usually com-
needed to replace parking           Dobbs Center.                       a missionary’s zeal for spread-      ENDI practice round. After            pletely wrong. It doesn’t matter
which will be lost, in the physi-        Emory officials emphasize      ing the profound benefits of         taking a deep breath, she lets it     where you’re from; it’s about
cians and Scarborough parking       that all of these projects, while   debate training: increased           rip, words flowing in a torrent       working hard together for a
decks and in one-third of the       approved conceptually as part       verbal, analytical, research and     as she builds her case and picks      common goal,” she said.
Lowergate deck beginning in         of the master plan, must still      critical thinking skills; greater    apart the argument of the             “Through debate, we are
2008, when site preparation is      come back to the board for          confidence; higher grades;           opposing team.                        opening up the conversation
scheduled to begin for the new      architectural design and funding    fewer discipline issues; and              Elegant rhetoric isn’t part of   across the socioeconomic
clinic.                             approval. Step by step.             offers of college scholarships       the formula; it’s about speaking      divide.”
                                                                                      EmoryReport                                                                   June 26, 2006    5

campusplan                                                                                                       humanresources

Emory Village renovation                                                                                         employees offered new way
                                                                                                                 to save for retirement
inches closer to new identity
                                                                                                                        eginning July 1, 2006 the roth 403(b), an after-tax retirement
                                                                                                                        contribution plan, will be available to Emory employees. this
                                                                                                                        new way to contribute allows employees to pay taxes now
                                                                                                                 on the money they set aside instead of at the time of withdrawal.
                                                                                                                 an employee can withdraw contributions—plus any earnings—tax
                                                                                                                 free after the account has been open a minimum of five years and
                                                                                                                 the employee has reached age 59½ .
                                                                                                                      unlike the roth Ira, there are no income restrictions on
                                                                                                                 contributing to the roth 403(b) if an employee is eligible to make
                                                                                                                 pre-tax contributions to the traditional 403(b). additionally, an em-
                                                                                                                 ployee may make contributions to the traditional 403(b) as well as
                                                                                                                 to the roth 403(b) as long as the combined contribution amounts
                                                                                                                 do not exceed the total Irs contribution limit for that year. (for
                                                                                                                 2006, the limit is $15,000 or $20,000 if the employee is 50 or older.)
                                                                                                                      the roth 403(b) is a great benefit for those employees who are
                                                                                                                 far from retirement, as it gives them longer to accumulate tax-free
                                                                                                                 earnings. It is also beneficial to those highly compensated employ-
                                                                                                                 ees who are not eligible for roth Iras, and for those who wish to
                                                                                                                 leave tax-free money to their beneficiaries.

                                                                                                                      starting July 1 fidelity and Vanguard will offer the roth 403(b).
                                                                                                                 (tIaa_CrEf will offer it later in the year.)
The rendering of a proposed Emory Village facelift shows an inviting, pedestrian-friendly facade.                     to assist employees in learning more about this option Hr is
The Alliance to Improve Emory Village hopes that plans like this and other renovations, such as                  hosting roth 403(b) Information sessions:
a traffic roundabout and removal of diagonal parking on North Decatur Road, will begin soon.
                                                                                                                 • fidelity: tuesday, June 27, 9–11a.m. and thursday, June 29,
                                                                                                                 2–4 p.m., room 201, nursing school
By michael terrazas                 process that has to occur when-          Fabrick said the Dowman
                                                                                                                 • vanguard: Wednesday, June 28, noon–2 p.m., room 201,
                                    ever you have federal monies,”      Drive project likely will start
                                                                                                                 nursing school
                                    said Morales, referring to a $2     before the roundabout con-
                                    million Livable Centers Initia-     struction. Once the traffic and              If you have any questions, contact the benefits office at

       rom one perspective, the     tive (LCI) grant through the        streetscape improvements are             404-727-7613.
       changes that will start      Atlanta Regional Commission,        done (or, at least, well under
       happening soon in Emory      which he said was matched           way), that is when investors             new employee orientation revised
Village are six, maybe seven        by $500,000 from the county.        are likely to look harder at             starting July 10 the new employee orientation program for staff
years in the making. But for        “We had to essentially prove        the village. As explained in a           will be revised. orientations will now be held on mondays instead
some people, the re-imagining       that we’re not impacting the        May 24 public meeting, AIEV              of tuesdays and will be located in the rita anne rollins auditorium
of the small commercial area        historical nature of Emory’s                                                 at the rollins school of Public Health. the change was made to
                                                                        is attempting to have a “zon-
has been overdue for much           entrance [at Dowman Drive],                                                  accommodate schedules, provide more parking and to allow more
                                                                        ing overlay” placed over all of
longer than that.                   and there was a lot of paper-                                                participants to enroll in a timely manner.
                                                                        Emory Village—circumscribed
     “I think the first attempted   work that had to be filled out                                                    additionally, at the July 10 session there will be a new compo-
                                                                        as the area along North Decatur          nent of the program—a 30-minute shuttle tour of campus during
plan to improve Emory Vil-          and a lot of studies that had to    from the bridge over Peavine
lage was made over 30 years         be done.”                                                                    which a historical overview will be presented.
                                                                        Creek to the Bank of America,                 orientation is 8 a.m.–12:30 p.m. for more information, contact
ago, and they could never get            But what could happen
                                                                        and along Oxford from the                Hr at 404-727-7611.
it to work—they could never         sooner than the roundabout
                                                                        Georgia Power substation to
get everyone to agree to it,”       also will have a significant ef-
                                                                        1463 South Oxford—to allow               faculty staff assistance program is moving
said Stuart Meddin, owner of        fect on aesthetics: burying the
                                    village’s utility lines under-      for the kind of mixed-use rede-          on July 7, the faculty staff assistance Program (fsaP) is moving
several commercial properties
in the village and co-chair of      ground, a development Meddin        velopment it wants, and also to          from its current location in the Well House to their newly renovated
the Alliance to Improve Emory       called “fabulous.”                  impose standards on storefronts          space at 1762 Clifton road. services will begin at the new location
Village (AIEV), founded in               “It is being done because      and property uses.                       tuesday, July 11.
1999. “A lot of people have         of Emory,” Meddin said,                  Meddin acknowledges that                 to create awareness of the upcoming move fsaP, recently had
lived in this community for         explaining that the utility         the vacant properties (several           a contest to name their new location and develop a new tag line,
that long or longer, and they’re    relocation’s costs cannot be        of which belong to him) are              and the results are in:
thrilled. They’re saying, ‘It’s     paid for out of the LCI grant,      an unfortunate blight on the                  an overwhelming number of participants from both the uni-
finally happening.’”                so Vice President for Campus        current landscape, but he said           versity and Healthcare submitted the same location name, so hands
     By now, what is in store       Services Bob Hascall negoti-        some could be occupied as early          down the new location will be called the Emory Wellness Center.
for Emory Village is common         ated a deal with Georgia Power      as this fall, and at any rate he is           the winners of the new location name are nicholyn Hutchin-
knowledge: a traffic round-         to complete the project.            focusing on the village’s long-          son, senior editor, Winship Cancer Institute, and relindis Vando,
about in the main intersection;          Morales said the final         term future.                             medical technologist, Emory Healthcare. Due to the large number
improved streetscapes that          scope and schedule of the                “People come up to me               of responses with this particular recommendation each submitter
are inviting to shoppers and        utility relocation is still being   and ask, ‘Don’t you want [those          was placed into a drawing and two winners were drawn from the
                                    developed. It will necessitate                                               pool. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who
pedestrians; removal of the                                             empty properties] occupied?’
                                    some short-term pain as lanes                                                submitted suggestions.
diagonal parking along North                                            Of course I do,” Meddin said.
                                                                                                                      fsaP is reviewing the recommendations for a new tag line as it
Decatur Road; and, eventually,      occasionally will have to be        “But I’m more concerned that
                                                                                                                 is important to ensure that the right message is presented. Please
construction of mixed-use re-       closed along North Decatur          the appropriate mix of retailers         look for more information in the near future about this endeavor.
tail and residential space, along   and Oxford roads on both sides      and restaurants exists in Emory               for a map to the fsaP’s new location or for more information
with off-street parking facili-     of the main intersection.           Village over the next five, 10,          about the move, please visit www.emory.edu/fsap.
ties, that together will breathe         Indeed, once the jack-         15 years. We’re talking to peo-
new life into an underperform-      hammers start going, life at        ple who will be a great mix of
ing, potentially vibrant center     Emory’s main gate will get                                                   Katherine Hinson is director of communications for HR.
                                                                        retailers and restaurant people,
of activity.                        more interesting, as the Uni-       and they’re savvy enough to
     Originally, the traffic        versity also plans to completely    understand that yes, it’s going
roundabout was to be the first      rework the Dowman Drive             to be a hassle for six or 12             park-n-ridE from page 1             rent a ‘community vehicle’ by
domino, as plans called for         entrance in conjunction with        months while it’s under con-
                                    the roundabout construction.                                                                                     the hour and run errands or
construction to begin this sum-                                         struction, but they really want
mer. But the approval process       Dowman will be turned into a                                                 are expected to be operational      make trips off campus.
                                                                        to be there when it’s done.”             in August.                               For more information on
among all the private, local and    one-way, entrance-only road,
                                                                             AIEV’s website (www.                     Ray added that Emory is        the Flexcar fleet, visit www.
state agencies involved has tak-    paved over with red brick to
                                                                        emoryvillage.org) contains a             exploring other opportunities       epcs.emory.edu/alttransp/
en longer than expected, and        match Emory’s other pedes-
                                                                        downloadable report produced             for additional Park-n-Rides         flexcar.html.
now the best guess is that work     trian-friendly thoroughfares.
on the roundabout will start        The road will be rerouted to        by Peter Drey & Co. that out-            near Stone Mountain/Moun-                “This summer is going
next spring. Hector Morales, a      once again pass under the his-      lines the design standards and           tain Industrial Boulevard and       to be busy for us as we begin
former project manager at Em-       toric Haygood-Hopkins Gate,         business restrictions it hopes to        near Executive Park on North        offering Flexcar and the first
ory who now serves as senior        with its stately, sturdy marble     establish for the village (right         Druid Hills Road at I-85. Loca-     Park-n-Ride service and pre-
project manager at Silverman        signage that marks the Univer-      down to the species of trees,            tions are selected based on the     paring for several other shuttle
Construction (hired by DeKalb       sity’s front door. All parking      both small and large, to be              largest concentration of Emory      routes in the near future. We
County as the lead contractor       along Dowman up to South            planted along the streetscapes),         employees and students.             also will unveil an entirely new
for village renovations), ac-       Kilgo will be removed.              but consultants and AIEV of-                  For commuters who use          look for the shuttles with a new
knowledged that progress has             “We’re going to enhance        ficers at the May 24 meeting             the Park-n-Ride service but         name and marketing campaign
not occurred at the pace AIEV       the pedestrian aspects and ap-      were quick to add that every-            occasionally need to dash off       to increase the shuttle’s pro-
and the University wanted, but      peal of that area,” said Uni-       thing at this point is merely a          campus during work hours,           file,” said Ray. “We want these
he said there were hurdles that     versity Architect Jen Fabrick.      draft. All plans must be publicly        Emory’s new Flexcar service is      shuttles to be top of mind for
had to be cleared.                  “The whole entrance to the          vetted before DeKalb County              now available. Flexcar allows       commuters who want transpor-
     “There’s a development         University will be upgraded.”       gives its seal of approval.              those who work at Emory to          tation options.”
6   June 26, 2006                                                       EmoryReport

Research suggests neurodegeneration cause in Huntington’s
                                                                                                                           Juan Rong, doctoral stu-             However, when mutant
                                                                                                                      dent in the neuroscience gradu-      huntingtin is present, the re-
                                                                                                                      ate program, is the lead author      searchers have found that this
                                                                                                                      of the article. Senior author        disease protein stops HAP1
                                                                                                                      Li first discovered the protein      from fulfilling its trafficking
                                                                                                                      HAP1 as a postdoctoral fellow        function. HAP1 cannot prevent
                                                                                                                      in 1995. In previous articles, he    the degradation of TrkA. The
                                                                                                                      has identified the importance        insufficient amount of TrkA
                                                                                                                      of HAP1 to the normal func-          cannot maintain the normal
                                                                                                                      tioning of the hypothalamus, a       function of nerve terminals.
                                                                                                                      region of the brain that acts as          Although the discovery
                                                                                                                      a central switchboard to regu-       that HAP1 works as a trans-
                                                                                                                      late feeding and other body          porter and plays a crucial
                                                                                                                      functions. Earlier this year, Li’s   role in neuronal function was
                                                                                                                      group published an article iden-     obtained from cell models, it
                                                                                                                      tifying HAP1’s role connecting       will assist scientists as they
                                                                                                                      insulin to the hypothalamus in       continue to look for a cure
                                                                                                                      the journal Nature medicine.         for Huntington’s disease. Li’s
                                                                                                                           “This protein is very           current experiments involve
                                                                                                                      important,” said Li. “When an        selective HAP1 deletions from

                                                                                                        Bryan Meltz
                                                                                                                      animal does not have HAP1 it         neurons in animal models, and
                                                                                                                      dies after birth. Certainly, it’s    his results are sure to offer rel-
                                                                                                                      essential for differentiation and    evant clues to the mechanisms
Professor of Human Genetics Xiao-Jiang Li and his colleagues make progress in understanding the cause
                                                                                                                      survival of some neurons in the      behind Huntington’s disease.
of Huntington’s, which may be neurodegenerative, as published in the May 31 Journal of Neuroscience.
                                                                                                                      brain.”                                   “If we can find the patho-
By holly korschun                   to provide nutrients to growing     current pharmacological treat-                     In this latest paper, Li,       genesis for Huntington’s
                                    neurons or neurites. Without        ments do address symptoms,                    Rong and their colleagues used       disease, or if we know how the
                                                                                                                      cellular models to show that         mutant huntingtin affects the
                                    those nutrients, neurites fail to   scientists have been unable to

                                                                                                                      HAP1 normally links to trans-        transporting inside cells, maybe
      he severe neurodegen-         develop and mature neurons          stop the disease’s progression.
                                                                                                                      port proteins, including the         then we can find some effective
      eration associated with       degenerate.                             However, scientists at
                                                                                                                      growth factor receptor tyro-         treatment to prevent this kind
      Huntington’s disease may           Huntington’s disease was       Emory are making headway in                   sine kinase (TrkA), in growing       of defect,” said Li.
result from molecular muta-         first identified more than 125      the search for a cure. The find-              neurites. HAP1 protects TrkA              Research into other neu-
tions that block the transport      years ago, and often inhibits       ings that appear in the May 31                from degrading, ensuring the         rodegenerative disorders may
of nutrients within cells. Find-    speech, movement, reasoning         issue of the Journal of Neuro-                neurites continue to develop.        also benefit from a thorough
ings from the Emory School of       and memory. The result of an        science are the latest of more                This trafficking function is         understanding of HAP1. “This
Medicine indicate that the mu-      abnormal Huntington gene, the       than a decade of Huntington’s                 regulated by the addition of         work also has implications
tant huntingtin protein limits      hereditary disorder is estimat-     disease-related discoveries led               phosphate and oxygen to the          for understanding the normal
the efforts of the huntingtin-      ed to affect one out of every       by Xiao-Jiang Li, professor of                HAP1 protein, a process known        physiological processing for
associated protein-1 (HAP1)         10,000 people. Though some          human genetics.                               as phosphorylation.                  neuronal functioning,” said Li.

Summer research program SUREly impacts undergrads
 By Beverly clark                        Nearly 400 students            director of the Center for
                                    applied for 74 slots in the         Science Education, which
                                    annual program, which was           oversees SURE.

    n a crowded lab deep            established in 1990 through              “They are passionate
    within the Rollins Research     the support of Emory and a          about the program. Many love
    Center, Emory College           Howard Hughes Medical               to have undergraduates in
student Jim Zhong spends his        Institute (HHMI) grant.             their labs, since it helps them
summer surrounded by jars of        In addition to students from        to see their research through
fruit flies and larvae, doing the   Emory and other major               fresh eyes,” Marsteller said,
rudimentary work of breeding        research universities, SURE         adding that the dedication of
insects and preparing speci-        actively recruits women and         SURE faculty has helped
mens for research.                  minorities and seeks to bring       recruit hundreds of students
     But he also has spent a lot    in students from smaller            into science fields.
of time at the microscope           schools where research                   Former SURE student
working to document certain         opportunities are not as            Shana Kerr is one of them.
gene markers in fruit fly           comprehensive.                      Now an Emory graduate
embryos that may help explain            Zhong is working with          student in biochemistry, she
why our own genes sometimes         Barry Yedvobnick, associate         worked in a biology depart-
fail at their jobs. It’s the type   professor of biology, who uses      ment lab through SURE while
of exciting, hands-on research      fruit flies as a model system       a senior at Georgia Tech in
most young undergrads don’t         for higher organisms to study       2002. Kerr now spends her
                                    gene expression and function.       days studying messenger RNA
                                                                                                                                                                                           Bryan Meltz

     “The research is fun—it’s           Yedvobnick has mentored        transfer in yeast cells as part
new stuff, not just an experi-      a dozen SURE students since         of Associate Professor Anita
ment in a textbook,” said           1991, many of whom have             Corbett’s lab in the Biochemis-               Barry Yedvobnick, associate professor of biology, mentors rising junior
Zhong, a rising junior. “It’s       gone on to graduate or              try, Cell and Developmental                   Jim Zhong in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program.
been a good opportunity to get      medical school to pursue            Biology Program.
exposed to research and             science careers.                         “SURE was a very                         careers and the questions that       were accepted), and the Center
explore career opportunities.”           “An integral part of           positive experience. I really                 arise about authorship, funding,     for Science Education plans to
     Zhong is one of 74 college     research is teaching the next       felt that I was part of the lab               record keeping, misconduct           offer it more often, Marsteller
students from across the            generation of scientists,”          and was making an important                   and other issues.                    said.
country who are getting a taste     Yedvobnick said. “SURE is a         contribution. I always knew I                      At the end of the summer,            HHMI recently awarded
of life in the lab through the      great opportunity to find out if    was interested in science but I               each participant takes part in a     Emory a four-year, $1.9
University’s Summer Under-          you love science. My own            wasn’t sure what direction to                 formal research symposium            million grant that will provide
graduate Research Experience        undergraduate research led me       go in. The experience helped                  during which awards for              continued support for SURE as
at Emory (SURE). For 10             to where I am today—it was          me make a decision to go on to                popular science essays and           well as ongoing student
weeks, rising juniors and           the determining factor—so I         graduate school,” said Kerr.                  scientific posters are presented.    research, mentoring and educa-
seniors run experiments,            feel it’s vital for undergrads to        In addition to time on the               This year’s poster symposium         tion initiatives at the Center
document data and take              have such an experience so          bench, SURE students receive                  takes place Thursday, Aug. 3 in      for Science Education (see
advantage of the rare opportu-      they can explore science            training in research methods                  the Dobbs University Center.         sidebar on page 7). In addition
nity to work directly with          research as a possible career       and how to analyze their data                      A new aspect of SURE this       to HHMI, SURE is supported
leading researchers. From           path.”                              and create written and oral                   year is a mentoring workshop         by the National Science
testing new antidepressant               Yedvobnick is one of           presentations of their results.               for graduate students and post-      Foundation, Graduate Division
medication to studying the          several University faculty          They participate in weekly                    docs who are working with the        of Biological and Biomedical
neuroscience of bird song,          members who volunteer their         ethics discussions that allow                 undergrads. Demand for such          Sciences and individual
students are engrossed in labs      time and resources every            them to freely explore the                    training is strong (only 50          contributions by research
across campus.                      summer, said Pat Marsteller,        ethical aspects of research                   percent of those who applied         mentors.
                                                                        EmoryReport                                                                                  June 26, 2006   7

alternativetransportation                                                                                            foCus:informationtechnoloGy

Fast food waste makes for                                                                                            windows on the world:
fuel-friendly campus shuttle                                                                                         technology and the teaching
                                                                                                                     of foreign language

                                                                                                                            o many, thinking back on the experience of learning a
                                                                                                                            foreign language is to summon up memories of dusty
                                                                                                                            cramped cubicles outfitted with cassette players and re-
                                                                                                                     cently worn headphones. Voices intone into a microphone and
                                                                                                                     occasionally a voice crackles back through the ether, reviewing
                                                                                                                     pronunciation or vocabulary—a very unusual pedagogical expe-
                                                                                                                     rience for those who have experienced it.
                                                                                                                          leap forward to today’s language instruction and one ar-
                                                                                                                     rives at a totally different destination. Gone are the cubicles and
                                                                                                                     the cassettes and even the sweaty headphones. In their place
                                                                                                                     are web resources and online grammar exercises and streamed
                                                                                                                     audio files, all accessible to students any time, anyplace they
                                                                                                                     have appropriate network access. those studying without a
                                                                                                                     wired connection browse wirelessly, and to those totally un-
                                                                                                                     tethered, they listen to audio files on their iPod. It’s not only
                                                                                                                     about learning a different language and culture after all; it’s
                                                                                                                     about stepping into a new culture to learn the foreign lan-

                                                                                                       Bryan Meltz
                                                                                                                          the place where this transformation has been hosted at the
                                                                                                                     university is in the Emory College language Center. since plan-
2006 Emory alumnus Erik Fyfe’s determination to find useful fuel alternatives will result in about                   ning began for the facility more than five years ago, academic
45 percent of Emory’s 53 bus shuttles being biodiesel fueled, making the University’s entire shuttle                 and administrative Information technology (aaIt) has been
fleet alternatively fueled.                                                                                          working side by side with participating faculty navigating this
                                                                                                                     digital crossroads.
By Beverly clark                    tainability commitment, the         as the restaurant’s willingness                   Director of the language Center and Professor of french
                                    SACE model takes waste at its       to participate in the program.               Carol Herron speaks about the vision behind the founding of
                                    source, converts it to biodiesel,        “From the beginning,                    the effort: “from the outset, the center was seen as a gathering

      hanks to the idea and per-    and returns the useful fuel to      Emory’s dining and alternative               place for language faculty to share their experiences and strate-
      sistence of 2006 graduate     the same market. Relying only       transportation services have                 gies in ways that would cross traditional departmental boundar-
      Erik Fyfe, Emory will         on local, recycled waste sets       been interested in creating a                ies. Initially, technology, and the challenges that it posed, was a
soon use biodiesel made from        the Emory program apart from        sustainable biodiesel program,”              unifier that allowed us to talk about how our teaching practice
raw materials cooked up in the      other biodiesel projects that       said Fyfe. “I’ve been surprised              was changing. over time, our focus has shifted from considering
fry vats of local restaurants       produce virgin oils on a large      at how receptive people are                  change as a challenge to viewing it as an opportunity.”
and the University’s own kitch-     scale. To SACE’s knowledge,         to the idea. It’s been really                     the center has two staff members that support the technol-
ens to fuel much of Emory’s         Emory is the only institution       incredible to see it develop so              ogy outreach to language faculty, and a staff member, Juana
bus fleet. There’s little worry     of its size converting its own      quickly.”                                    Clem mcGhee, who handles program development and coordi-
about a fuel shortage: Emory        waste to biodiesel on such a                                                     nation. technology Director José rodriguez supports teaching
                                                                             Emory’s biodiesel program
dining services alone produce       large scale.                                                                     in the center’s three classrooms and plans the infrastructure and
                                                                        is attracting the interest of
about 5,500 gallons of used oil          Contributing to a healthy
                                                                        other schools and businesses,                the training required to step into new approaches to instruc-
every month.                        environment was especially
                                                                        including other Clifton Com-                 tion. multimedia Programmer Johnny Waggoner provides his
     The new biodiesel program      meaningful to Fyfe, an envi-
                                                                        munity Transportation Manage-                skill on the web, authoring many of the center’s key programs
is based on Fyfe’s senior honors    ronmental studies major who
                                                                        ment Association institutions                and coordinating the center’s online presence.
thesis. His research analyzed       grew up in Decatur.
                                                                        that are expected to contribute                   During the past three years, one of many projects for the
the potential for a community-           Fyfe was inspired to
                                                                        to the program as well.                      center has been the Italian Virtual Class. Working with senior
based biodiesel production          pursue the research when gas
                                                                             Once online in the fall,                lecturer Judy raggi moore and lecturer Christine ristaino,
program using a model devel-        prices spiked after Hurricane
oped by the Southern Alliance                                           about 45 percent of Emory’s 53               rodriguez and Waggoner have assisted in developing a multi-
                                    Katrina. “It was important to
for Clean Energy (SACE).            me to do research that would        bus shuttles will be fueled with             media, culture-based curriculum. as leader of the foreign study
     Emory will partner with        be both relevant and useful,”       biodiesel, making the univer-                program to Italy, raggi-moore uses the travel abroad to have
the local nonprofit SACE to         he said. Part of his study in-      sity’s entire fleet alternatively            her students interview and film native speakers to create an on-
launch a pilot program this         cluded a survey of local restau-    fueled (other buses already are              line curriculum that immerses students in native language and
summer.                             rants to find out the availabil-    using compressed natural gas or              culture.
     In line with Emory’s sus-      ity of used cooking oil, as well    electricity).                                     rodriguez looks at this strategy of cultural immersion and
                                                                                                                     reflects, “What’s so fascinating about my work is that providing
                                                                                                                     this experience of the culture, which is so critical to the method
                                                                                                                     of the center, depends on technology as part of the culture.
  howard hughes medical institute $1.9m                                                                              they are inseparable for so many of our languages.”
                                                                                                                          Herron, whose own focus is the impact of using multime-
  grant supports science education                                                                                   dia resources on learning outcomes, has been leading a three-
                                                                                                                     year study of the effect of technologically enhanced language

                                                                                                                     learning materials (tEll) on student language skills. Preliminary
        mory is one of 50 research universities in the nation to receive a share of $86.4 mil-
                                                                                                                     results for studies conducted in french and Italian suggest that
        lion for undergraduate science education from the Howard Hughes medical Institute
        (HHmI). Emory’s four-year, $1.9 million grant marks the fifth consecutive time since 1989                    there is a statistically significant improvement in the grammar
 the university has received the HHmI education grant, one of only a few universities to be                          skills of students who learn new structures using the center’s
 awarded consecutively.                                                                                              technologically-enhanced, problem-solving approach as op-
     Emory will use the grant to support ongoing student research, mentoring and education                           posed to those who have used the more traditional textbook
 initiatives as well as new program development and community outreach.                                              approach with its bundled exercises.
     “HHmI’s continued investment in Emory’s science education initiatives over the past 15                               for instruction in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi,
 years has been a catalyst for progressive and lasting change in undergraduate science edu-                          many of the online resources that rodriguez and Waggoner
 cation and outreach,” said Pat marsteller, director of Emory’s Center for science Education,                        help faculty to create represent the core resource for that
 which oversees the HHmI-funded programs. “the grants are critical to our continued success,                         language’s instruction. up to this time, few publishers have
 and have supported wide-ranging initiatives that have attracted more students to science                            either invested the time or talent to develop quality approaches
 careers and enhanced the knowledge of all students during a time when science literacy is                           or material that can be delivered online.
 vital.”                                                                                                                  the language center, affiliated with the Institute for Com-
     the HHmI grant will support Emory’s surE program—the summer undergraduate re-                                   parative and International studies (ICIs) as well as with aaIt, is
 search Experience—and enable it to include freshmen and sophomores. the Center for sci-                             located on the fourth floor of the Woodruff library and sup-
 ence Education also will develop certificate programs in teaching and mentoring for gradu-                          ports the following languages: arabic, Chinese, English, french,
 ate students and postdoctoral associates, and create undergraduate interdisciplinary science                        German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, latin, Persian,
 courses and research opportunities in strategic areas such as neuroscience, nanotechnology,                         Portuguese, russian, sanskrit, spanish, tibetan and yiddish. the
 cancer biology and genomics.                                                                                        center can be visited online at languagecenter.emory.edu
     the funds also will provide new opportunities for graduate students, undergraduates and
 faculty to work with teachers to improve middle and high school science, including summer
 internships for local teachers in research and curriculum development.
     HHmI has supported undergraduate science education at the nation’s colleges and univer-
 sities since 1988. through its undergraduate grants, the institute has provided 247 institutions
 of higher learning with nearly $700 million for programs that include undergraduate research
 opportunities; new faculty, courses and labs; teaching and mentoring training; and work with
 precollege students and teachers. —Beverly Clark
                                                                                                                     Alan Cattier is director of academic technology services.
     8         June 26, 2006                                                EmoryReport

               visual arts
                                         carlos museum exhibit
                                         “Cradle of Christianity:
                                         Treasures from the Holy
                                         Land.” Carlos Museum.
                                                                            for online event information, visit www.events.emory.edu.

                                                                            Events for the Emory Community
                                                                            thursDay, June 29
                                                                            surgical Grand rounds
                                                                            “Surgeons as Communicators.”
                                                                            Christopher Dente, medicine,
                                                                                                                  Academics.” 4:15 p.m.
                                                                                                                  Whitehead Auditorium. Free.
                                                                                                                                                               To submit an entry for the
                                                                                                                                                               Emory Report calendar,
                                                                                                                                                               enter your event on the
                                                                                                                                                               University’s web events cal-
    marBl exhibit                        Free; $7 suggested donation.       presenting. 7 a.m. Emory              weDnesDay, June 28                           endar, Events@Emory, which
    “Behind Many Veils: The Public       404-727-4291.                      Hospital Auditorium. Free.            clifton community                            is located at http://events.
    and Private Personas of W.B.                                            404-712-9126.                         meeting                                      cc.emory.edu/ (also acces-
    Yeats.” Level 10, Woodruff                                                                                    6 p.m. Miller-Ward Alumni                    sible via the “Calendar” link
    Library. Free. 404-727-6887.                                                                                  House. Free. 404-727-5166.
    through aug. 15.                         lectures                                                                                                          from the Emory homepage),
                                                                               special                            tuesDay, auG. 15
                                                                                                                                                               at least three weeks prior to
                                         weDnesDay, June 28                                                                                                    the publication date. Dates,
    carlos museum exhibit                women’s center lecture             monDay, June 26                       endnote workshop                             times and locations may
    “The New Galleries of Greek          “Sex, Hormones and Mood.”          panel Discussion                      11:30 a.m. 310 Woodruff                      change without advance
    and Roman Art.” Carlos               Sally Lehr, nursing, presenting.   “Looking Beyond the                   Library. Free. 404-727-6863.                 notice. Due to space limita-
    Museum. Free; $7 suggested           Time and location TBA. Free.       University: Discussions                                                            tions, Emory Report may not
    donation. 404-727-4291.              404-727-2000.                      on Careers Outside of                 ***please recycle this                       be able to include all events
                                                                                                                  newspaper.                                   submitted.

              Go eaGles! 2006 NCAA CHAMPS NCAA
                              CHAMPS NCAA CHAMPS

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bryan Meltz
Bryan Meltz

                                                                                                 Women’s Tennis Richelle Marasigan                         Men’s Tennis Yoji Masuoka
              Men’s Tennis


                                                                                                 Women’s Tennis Jamie Chan
              Women’s Tennis Huddle
                                                                                                             First time ever! NJCAA CHAMPS
                                                                                   Bryan Meltz


              Men’s Tennis Patrick Redmond                                                       Men’s Tennis and NJCAA Coach of the Year Brandon Feldman

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