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									                    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How secure are my transactions?
A. Religare brings you the highest standards of security, which is a worldwide standard of
security adopted by all international online trading sites.

We use two levels of securities on our web site: Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit
encryption technology to provide you the higher commercial available security standard on our
web site. SSL forms a secure tunnel for information, which ensures that that no one can gain
access to the information being shared by the client over the net. The 128-bit encryption
encrypts every alphabet or number typed by the client on his/her computer while transacting at
our site. Currently, 128-bit encryption is the strongest form of encryption available, and to date,
there have been no reports of any hacking incidents through it.

Q. How frequently can I know the status of my ledger account?
A. Once you start trading, you can know the status of your accounts online at any time.

Q. What is a contract note?
A. It is a statement of confirmation of trade(s) done on a particular day for and on behalf of a
client. A contract note is issued in the prescribed format and manner, establishing a legally
enforceable relationship between the member and client in respect to the trades stated in that
contract note. Contract notes are made in duplicate, where the member and client both keep
one copy each. Contract notes should be preserved carefully for future records and even for tax

Q. Can I track my portfolio at Religare?
A. Yes, Religare has introduced an online portfolio tracking software. This allows you to track all
type of securities including shares, mutual funds and derivatives. The software also allows for
automatic updates of stock prices and the net asset values of mutual funds.

Q. What research information and database will Religare provide?
A. Religare provides a wide range of information on what’s happening in the market. This
includes: stock quotes, intraday charts, market reports, live news, information on gainers &
losers, advances & declines, only buyers & sellers, stocks that are at 52-week high or low,
global markets, ADRs, board meetings, latest results and corporate announcements.

In derivatives, we offer intraday charts, F&O summary, derivatives reports, derivatives strategy,
information on active futures and options contracts.

You can also read IPO news and analysis, find information on the IPOs that are open currently
and IPOs that are slated to hit the market.

In mutual funds, you can find the net asset value (NAV) of funds, study the best performing
funds, and which new fund offerings are open currently. You can also research fund schemes in

Besides research reports and recommendations on companies and industries from our team of
analysts, you can also conduct fundamental and technical analysis on companies yourself. We
have provided information on the financial health of companies, which includes profit & loss
account, balance sheet, latest quarterly results, and check out their management team &
history. Use our charting tools to study technical.

Q. How do I get online confirmation for orders and trades executed?
A. You can check the status of your orders on the website. You can check the price, time and
quantity of the orders executed. At the same time, you will also receive e-mail confirmations of
the trades executed (trade by trade or one consolidated confirmation at the end of the day). The
contract note will be delivered to you either by email or post. If any errors are observed, you
have to bring the same to our notice through an email or write to us within 24 hours of receipt of
the contract.

Q. What happens if I enter my trades after trading hours?
A. You can place your orders even during non-market hours. You can place your orders via
internet through our website or using Call N Trade service during trading hours .

Q. Will the details of my transactions be given to any external source?
A. No, your transaction details can be accessed by only our select staff, an auditor, the
regulatory authority, and an agency of Government of India and under direction of any court of
law. As a general rule, transaction details are given to regulatory authorities and government
agencies only when they are specifically asked for, and not on a regular basis.

Q. How do I set a password of my choice?
A. Your Login password, Trade Password and User Id will be sent to your registered address
along with the welcome kit by courier. This will also contain the Product Demo CD that will help
you get started with our product. Once you have received them, you will have to change the
passwords after the first login for security reasons. You will be required to set an alphanumeric
password of your choice.

Please Note: Your Login Password will expire every 15 days and you will have to set a new one
each time.

Q. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
A. In case you have forgotten your password, kindly click on the link - FORGOT PASSWORD
on the login page.

You will be led to a screen as shown below:

On this page, enter your Login Id (User Name) and then enter your registered email id. Click on

Once this is done, a new system generated login/trading password will be immediately emailed
on your email id registered with us. You may login to your account and change your password
to a new one of your choice.

Q. What needs to be done if an error message like ‘Invalid email id’ is displayed while
using the ‘Forgot Password’ link to get the new system generated login and trading
A. This kind of an error is reflected due to mismatch in the email id you type and the one in our
records. You can confirm your registered email id with our Customer Care desk (1860-25-88888)
after required verification.

If there is a change in your registered email id you can modify the same by using the ‘My Profile’
link in the ‘Services’ section under Backoffice menu.Please change your password once you log in.

Q. How can I change my password?
A. You can change your password anytime. In fact we strongly advise you to periodically
change your password for added security. You can change your login and trading password
online at any time by using the ‘Change Password’ option in the ‘Tools’ section in Race Basic
& Lite and ‘Trade’ section in Race Pro. As per the “New Password Policy” laid down by SEBI,
it is mandatory to change your password every 15 days. After the 15th day whenever you logon
to the site, you will be prompted to change the password.

Your password must have minimum 8 characters and not more than 12 characters. The
password will have to be alphanumeric, and preferably with one special character.

Q. What are the different Equity Trading Products available with R-ACE?
A. Currently we have defined three products for all clients:

a. Delivery:

   i.   Exposure in delivery would be 0.99 times;
  ii.   Buying allowed in all scrips except ‘Z’ category shares;
 iii.   Selling allowed in all scrips available in DP-POA or Beneficiary. Shares would be
        compulsorily sent to DP-POA (in instances where he has bought today and sold
        tomorrow, his scrips would lie in Beneficiary);
 iv.    Booked Profit/Loss would instantaneously increase/decrease limit in clients account.
  v.    Credit for sale would be provided to client
 vi.    Futures & Options Margin to be calculated on SPAN Margin

b. Intraday:

    i. Exposure in intra-day would be up to 6 times on selective scrips.
    ii. Selective scrips are would be allowed for intra-day trading

       iii. Auto-square-off of all intra-day orders at 3:10 (Timings are subject to change as per the
               market conditions)

c. Obligation

  i.      Client can sell un-settled buying positions through this.

- BTST will be allowed on selected scrips.
- Trade to Trade Category scrips: Intra-day square-off wouldn’t be allowed in T2T scrips

Q. Do I get exposure on stock margin in R-ACE?
A. Yes exposure is given on stock margin in RACE after the applicable haircut.

A. Maxtrade is a product under which clients are provided with 20 times of Exposure against
their deposit in NSE and BSE, this is extra leveraged intraday products for jobbers & day

Under Delplus, clients are provided with 4 times of exposure on their total deposit on delivery

Q. What are the different banks with which funds transfer facility is available?
A. If you have a bank account with any of the ones that have been mentioned below, you may
seamlessly transfer funds to your trading Account through the Payment Gateway.
1. HDFC Bank
2. ICICI Bank
3. Citi Bank
4. Axis Bank
5. IndusInd Bank
6. Corporation Bank
7. Bank of Rajasthan

Q. What is Call N Trade?
A. Call & Trade is a service offered by RACE for its customers, which provides customers with a
facility to trade over the phone.

Our Call N Trade number is 1860-25-88888. You can call from any corner of India by reaching
us on our 'Call N Trade' Helpline and our trading executives will execute your trade transaction
over the phone, on the basis of your instructions.

Q. What are the charges for availing Call & Trade facility?
A. Please click here to view the charges applicable.

Q. What are the brokerage charges?
A. Click here to view the brokerage structure.

Q. How would extra brokerage be refunded?
A. Volumes of the client would be checked at the end of every calendar month, and in case his
volumes are above pre-defined criteria, we would refund his brokerage. Please note that we
would refund brokerage only, extra service tax (if any) wouldn’t be refunded. Further interest
wouldn’t be credited on extra brokerage that is being charged during the month.


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