The feast of Jesus' baptism marks the end of the Christmas season by pengxiuhui


									   "The person who is trustworthy in very small
    matters is also trustworthy in great ones"
                                                                           Sunday Collections                            $6,475.00 
                                                                           2nd Collection: Facility Maintenance          $1,020.00 
     You should know where your own existence comes
                                                                              Spanish Mass                                 $322.00 
from, breath, intellect, and what is most precious of all:
knowledge of God; from where comes hope of the                                Visayan Mass                                 $150.00 
kingdom of heaven and of beholding the glory that, at                         School Support Sunday                         $97.00 
present, you see only dimly as in a mirror but that,                          Candles                                      $638.50 
tomorrow, you will see in all its purity and brilliance                       Marriage Offering                            $250.00 
(1Cor 13,12). From whence does it come that you are a                         Mass Intention Offering                      $355.00 
child of God, inheritor along with Christ (Rom 8,16-17)                       Baptism Offering                             $100.00 
and, dare I say it, that you yourself are a god? Where                        Religious Education Fees                     $140.00 
does all this come from, and through whom?
                                                                              Sweet Bread Sale                           $2,740.00 
                                                                             TOTAL INCOME                             $12,287.50 
      Again, to speak only of things of lesser importance,
those that are obvious: who granted you sight of the                          THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY!
beauty of the heavens, the movement of the sun, the
cycle of the moon, the countless stars and, in it all, the                            Christ the King School Journal
harmony and order governing them?... Who gave you
the rain, the cultivation of the land, food, art, laws,              “And the master commended that dishonest steward for acting
cities, a civilized life, close relationships with people like       prudently. For the children of this world are more prudent in
yourself?                                                              dealing with their own generation than are the children of
                                                                                           light.” Luke 16:8-9
      Isn't it from he who, before all else and in return for
all his gifts, requires of you to love humankind?... When            The school office was transformed into a
he, our God and Lord, is not ashamed to be called our                polling place this past week as students
Father, are we going to deny our brethren? No, my                    participated in “Kids Voting” Hawaii!
brothers and friends, do not let us be dishonest stewards
                                                                     This program, now in its second year at
of the good things confided to us.
                                                                     Christ the King School, allows students
                                                                     to vote for candidates in the primary and
                                                                     general election. Students log on to a computer, navigate
                                                                     their way to the website, pull up their ballot, and off they
                                                                     go voting for the candidates of their choice. Students
                                                                     learn very early in life the importance of their voice in
                                                                     democracy. It is incredible!
                                                                     The ECRA Writing Assessment will be administered to
              May the Lord’s healing and life-giving touch be upon   students in 2nd through 6th grade on Tuesday, September
               those whose cross is too heavy to bare. Amen.
Vicky Abalos, Cecilia Abut, Nimfa Alviedo, JoJo Apo, Kawika
                                                                     21st. This assessment is conducted throughout the Diocese
Arcia, Fred Asuncion, Nestor Ayson, Alfonso Banaag, Abigail          of Honolulu annually in September.
Bautista, Elena Blando, Sivina Bonilla, Ellena Borling, Leonida
Calso, Lizel Calso, Canavieral Family, Angela Catchapiro,            Have you purchased a Takamiya Beef Teriyaki and Rice
Zacarias Chichioco, Jr., Aaron Cruz, Dr. Robert Dahl, Edi Engel,     Plate ticket from one of our students? If you purchase a
Bennie Fernandez, Cindy Feliciano, Thomas Fevella, Emily             ticket now, it costs only $6.00! If you purchase a plate at
Fernandez, Jezel Mae Gapero, Angelina Garcia, Catalino
Garcia, Sheila Tsubota Garcia,         James Gilbert, Imelda
                                                                     the fair it will cost $7.00. This is the Parent Teacher
Guerrero, Father Ron Guzman, Rosie Hughes, Edward                    Guild’s first major fundraiser for the year! We humbly
Kahakawila, Elizabeth Kahoohanohano, Pedrito Lucas, Avelina          ask your support in purchasing tickets from our students
Lucero, Cheryl Malasig, Victoria Martin, Elizabeth McCorkle,         and their families. Sr. Catherine will also be selling
Earl McFarland, Clifford Nae’ole, Tuakiangaha Olakauatu,             tickets after Sunday Masses.
Caroline Oliveira, Maxi Ollero, Jaime Piano, Tailia Purdy,
Veronica Rivera, Samuel Shortz, Carmen Singson, Arthur
                                                                      We continue to enroll students in Kindergarten – 6th grades for
Souza, Tita Ann Swor, Aurea Tagorda, Juana Tagud, Judith
Thomas, Tonia Urayanza, Esther Williams, Richard Yadao,
                                                                                         School Year 2010 – 2011.
Francine Yagodich.                                                    Please call the school office at 877-6618 for more information.
                                                                                  Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                 REST IN PEACE:                                                                   Accredited by
          Arthur Souza, Larry Makinano,                                         Western Catholic Educational Association
                 Domingo Guiwa                                               The Western Association of Schools and Colleges
                    Faithfully in Christ,                      Parking Lot. Funds raised will help support
                 Bernadette Lopez, Principal                   the Knights here at Christ the King. Call
                                                               Norman Franco at 357-6676.

                                                               •     Our  Annual  Marian  Festival  will  be  held  this 
                                                                     year  in  our  church  starting  October  1st.  We 
                                                                     invite  all  who  would  want  to  display  their 
                                                                     statues  to  contact  Carol  Ursua  at  870‐3497. 
                                                                     Deadline is September 24th. 
Registration Fees        Sacramental Fees_____                 •     Please join us. Beginning September 10th, Friday 
$20 One Child                   $5 First Reconciliation              at 6:30am, Saturday the 11th at 4:45pm, Sunday 
$35 Two Children                $5 First Communion
                                                                     the  12th  at  9:45am  and  continues  daily  at 
$45 Three children of more      $20 Confirmation I or II
                                                                     6:30am throughout the week. 
Registration for 2010-2011 Religious Education
Classes and Confirmation I and II will be taking place
                                                               PRE-SALE ORDERS $10 EACH                            Great
during church office hours. The office is open Monday
through Friday 8:00 am to 3:30pm and closed for                2011 Historic Maui County                          Christm
lunch – 12 noon to 1pm.                                        Catholic Church Calendar                           as Gift
                                                               Submission deadline for orders is September 27 to
                                                               our    office.    Please    visit   our   website:
        Wishing to be fully initiated into the        to view the calendar.
                  Catholic Church                              Rosemary Hogarty, wife of the late Bill Hogarty is
  *Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is for the          the artist of all the featured calendar paintings.
                  unbaptized adult                             Pre-Sale prices only good until the end of this
   *Adult Confirmation is for the Baptized Adult               month. Place your orders with the office with
 September 27, 2010            7pm in Hale Kamiano             payment and it will be delivered here instead of
    For more information contact Sister Angie at               paying for postage. After September 30th, price of
 877-3674 or to register come to the church office.            calendar goes up to $12 per calendar.
       Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats
          Healing the pain of abortion ~
              one weekend at a time                                           Christ the King Junior/Senior High 
                                                               We would like to welcome Janine Quedding, Jacquelyn
A Rachel's Vineyard (RV) weekend retreat for                   Quedding, Kaha’i Morales, Jay-mar Quedding and Michael
spiritual and emotional healing after abortion is taking       Ubilas to the ministry. Thank you for allowing us to journey
place on October 1-3, 2010 at a private retreat                in faith with you.
center in Honolulu. Weekend retreats offer a safe,             Our youth will team up with the Gandhi/King Maui Peace
supportive,         confidential       and          non-       Task Force in an afternoon of musical celebration in
judgmental environment where women and men can                 promoting peace and nonviolence on Monday, September
express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive           20, 2010 at 6:30pm at the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping
emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal          Center. Everyone is invited to enjoy our youth share their
                                                               heartwarming work of peacemaking through music and
and healing. Married couples, mothers, fathers,
                                                               dance for our local and visitor communities.
siblings and grandparents of aborted children, as well
as persons who have been involved in the abortion              Please join us with our energized youth choir giving all
industry have come to Rachel’s Vineyard in search of           thanks, glory and praise to our Mighty God during the 10 am
peace and inner healing. For registration and more             mass next weekend.
information please contact Lisa Shorba at (808) 349-                     COMING UP – YOUTH MINISTRY FAIR
5071 or e-mail: Scholarships                              OCTOBER 30 – 31, 2010
                                                               Our  Painting  Fundraiser  continues  throughout 
are available based on need. Please also visit our
                                                               the  year.  We  thank  those  who  have  taken  this 
website         at: "I
                                                               opportunity  to  help  our  Youth  Ministry  through 
experienced a great inner healing. I would highly              this  fundraiser.  To  get  a  quote  and 
recommend this retreat to anyone who has felt the              professional services contact Al or Frank. 
void and shame of the abortion experience. It is a                Day     Date      Time        Event     Where
wonderful way to forgive yourself, find the completely             Sunday     09/19/10   4:00pm       Practice:      Hall
unconditional love of Christ, and grieve your loss.” ~                                               Maui Peace
Anonymous testimony.                                               Tuesday    9/21/10      6:30-       Choir        Church
                                                                                          8:30pm      Practice
  Council #8578         Maui Knights of Columbus                   Friday     09/24/10   4:30p.m.     MHS JV        Stadium
Looking for New Knights for the Christ the                                               7:30 p.m.    &Varsity
King Chapter. Catholic Men: ages 18 and up.                                                           Football
Help is needed to man the County Fair                                                                  Game
                                                                   Saturday   09/25/10     1pm         Faith          St.
                              Formation   Anthony
For more info please call Bobbie Sensano at 264-
                    3929 or
         Albert Sensano at 264-3686.
     Youth Choir: Frank Chargualaf 281-0263

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