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					                                       The Woodside Connection
                  School                                                                          Home

         Woodside Elementary School, 42 Barrows Drive, Topsham, ME 04086
                         (phone) 725-1243 (fax) 721-9206

Home: (n) A place where one lives; a residence. An environment offering security and happiness.
School: (n) A building housing an educational institution. A community’s center for professional learning.
Connection: (n) The state of being connected; a line of communication between two points.

                                                       No School Dates: Nov. 11, 23, 24, 25.
          Richard W. Dedek II
          Principal, Woodside School                       Web sites of the month:

                                                           Woodside’s Web Site is the place to go to learn more
              In this issue:                               about our school. There you will find links to
                                                           teachers who have web sites (including Mr. Dedek’s).
                     Message from the Principal           Coming soon to our site will be “Woodside Wishing
                                                           Well” a place to see WES teachers’ wishes for their
                     October/November Events
                                                           classrooms, grade level, or school. You’ll also find past
                      Updates                              copies of the Connection linked off Mr. Dedek page.
                                                           Please visit!
                     Important “Quick” Notices
                     Partnership Corner
                     A Healthy Pack (notes from Nurse Naomi)
                     Woodside School Happenings

               “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”–Benjamin Franklin
Message from the Principal

Dear Families, Faculty and Friends of Woodside,

       Welcome to the October / November Connection. It has been such a
wonderfully busy time here at Woodside, so much has happened at the start of the
school year, it is hard to believe we ‘re already half way through the first trimester!
There is so much to update you on, but let me begin by sharing something that is
most important to me: time spent with family and friends.

                                       A few weeks ago I had the chance to reconnect
                                       with a great old friend, Mark Berry, and his
                                       family. Mark is pictured to the left with my
                                       son, Finn(cranking the cider press), daughter,
                                       Piper, and Mark’s son, Asa. Just below and to
                                       the right are 6 ½ bushels of Macs and a few
                                       Cortlands. We pressed apples all day at Mark’s
                                       house way-up-down-east and ended up with
                                       enough apple cider, sauce, butter and crisp to
                                       get both families through most of the winter.

                                       I mention this not only to reinforce how
                                       important quality time is with your own
                                       friends and family, but to illustrate the lasting
                                       power of friendship. Mark and I met in
                                       second grade at Blue Point School in
                                       Scarborough, Maine.

(Coincidentially, Blue Point School is Mary Belanger’s (kindergarten teacher) Alma
Mater. If you go, look for the plaque with Mary’s name on it as Citizen of the Year,
19..... something/something!)

         Right now, here at Woodside School, friendships are being forged that may
last a lifetime. Encourage your children to be a good friend and to make and
develop relationships of trust and mutual respect. Practicing these skills now can
do more that just be eduational, they can prepare you for a lifetime of shared
experiences and unexpected joys.

       So, if you haven’t for awhile, call that old friend or classmate. Catch them up
on your life and times, and ask them how they are doing. Make sure you let your
kids know, and teach them that friendship and family is important to you.

See you around the school,
- Mr. Dedek
October/November Events ~                     Calendar Update


10/29 WES Silpada Happy Hour (teachers only 3:45-4:45)
10/29 Movie and Pizza Night in the Gym (“How to Train Your Dragon” kids 5:00)
10/29 Silpada Jewelry Sale Event (5:00 Parents)

11/8 Romeo’s Night - Proceeds to Benefit Student Activities.
11/9 Woodside Partnership Meeting – 3:30pm-5:00pm Woodside Library
11/11 No School, Veterans Day Holiday
11/18 Late Night Book Fair and Conference Night
11/19 Ist Trimester Ranks Close
11/22 Late Night Book Fair and Conference Night
11/23 ½ day for elementary students (dismissal at 11:30am) elementary
11/24 No School (elementary)
11/25-26 Thanksgiving Break

12/3 WES Contra Dance - (live caller, live music, great family fun, dancing, and bake
sale - details to follow)

Important “Quick” Notices:

Woodside Partnership Meeting: November 9th (3:30-5:00pm)
        Please join us in the Woodside Library from 3:30-5:00 pm for Woodside’s
next Partnership meeting. Help us build the partnership between the school and the
community, plan events, coordinate volunteer efforts, and meet community
members. Child Care provided (please call 725-1243 to reserve space for your child
so we can estimate snacks and number of staff needed – We had 16 last time, it was

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution
enough to mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
Building Improvements

        I’ve been working closely with buildings and grounds since beginning last
year as Principal and I’m very pleased to report that some much needed building
improvements have been addressed. Among the list include: new siding for the
whole school (almost completed), new boiler (will be completed by next week),
upgraded high speed internet connection (installed on Oct. 8th), and repairs to the
streetlight (over the Woodside sign on Barrows Drive). In addition, we are hopeful
that the MSAD 75 Board of Directors will approve my request to address the front
driveway paving needs. Anyone who drives or takes a bus into Woodside has seen
and felt the deteriorating pavement; it is looking hopeful that next year’s budget
may address this growing need. Thank you for your support as we not only
maintain a safe and appropriate education, but also a safe and appropriate building
for your children.

Woodside School Hours:

       Please remember that morning drop-off should happen no earlier than 8:40
a.m. (9:40 a.m. on Wednesday late starts). There is no supervision prior to 8:40 and
children cannot be in the building unattended. Pick up time is between 3:15-3:20.
Please note, students arriving after 8:55 or picked up before 3:15 are marked in our
absent registry. Teachers will be teaching until 3:15 each day and dismissals
will begin after the bell at the end of day. All student late arrivals or early
dismissals must be accompanied by an official note in order to be excused.

Parking Lot Safety

       The Topsham Fire Department requires that we keep the driveway in front of
the school building clear of parked cars. (Please notice the signs that state this is a
bus only area). This is true not only during the school day, but also after hours. We
had an “afterschool alarm” recently, and parked cars in the driveway compromised
public safety. We all ask that you adhere to these safety rules.
       Please also respect the handicapped parking signs. We have a number of
families who require safe and appropriate access to the school. It is truly an
unnecessary hardship for those who require the spaces when they are filled by
drivers and passengers who are capable of walking.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
MSAD 75 School Board Meetings

MSAD 75 holds regular school board meetings to keep the community informed of
important school community planning, decision making, and events. Regular
meetings are usually held every other Thursday at 6:30pm. The next scheduled
meetings are:

Thursday, Oct 28 @ West Harpswell
Thursday, Nov 18 @ Williams-Cone School
Thursday, Dec 2 @ Woodside

Hope to see you there!

                            Woodside Partnership Corner:

       Our next Partnership meeting is Nov. 9, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the
Woodside School Library. This space in the Woodside Connection will be devoted to
news, events, and updates related to Partnership. Please consider joining in and
being a regular contributor to the Partnership Corner. Remember, we provide child
care by trusted staff member, Shannon Fitzpatrick. Please call to reserve space for
your children at 725-1243.

       Some highlights from our most recent Partnership Meeting on Oct. 12th

             Support from Partnership to bring both Ed Webster (Mountaineer,
              Author) who will conduct “Mt. Everest Base Camp” at Woodside this
              Winter, and ‘The White Shadow” Trick Basketball Star and Maine Red
              Claws “MC.” Both are staples in our Model of Success program.
             Finalized planned relationship between Woodside School and CREA
              (Cathance River Education Alliance) to provide all students in grades
              3-5 with Field Trip and Outreach Science Experiences.
             Staff Wishing Well development. Annie Young is creating a new web
              page to be linked to our site which will highlight ways you can directly
              support classroom wishes and needs.
             Updates from our successful and first annual Woodside Golf
              Tournament. We raised just under $400 in profit to support our
              student activities, but more importantly, we established a really fun
              event at The Meadows in Litchfield. A huge thank you to everyone
              who participated, as well as our business sponsor. The trophy is on
              display in the office.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
Partnership’s “Help Wanted” Board:

Organizing and                                distribution help for annual our
“Holiday Wreath Sale”. Please call Sandi Dorr at 725-1243 if you are interested.

We’ll be planning our annual dessert auction for February: If you would like to
donate a dessert, please contact Sandi Dorr to put your name on the list.

          Woodside Elementary School’s
                      Preschool Cub Club

Cub Club is a way for parents and in-coming
      Kindergarteners to make an early
   connection with Woodside School. The
 Club will be taking a hiatus until later this
school year when we begin to develop a list
of in-coming four and five year-olds. A huge
  thank you to Annie Young (WES parent)
 for coordinating this effort. If you have a
four or five year-old who will be starting at
  Woodside, please contact the office, and
   we’ll take your information to start the
registration process and pass your name on
        to Annie if you are interested.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
A Healthy Pack
-Notes from our Nurse or Wellness Partners

- What does 5-2-1-0 +8 stand for? Each day aim for 5 or more servings of fruits
and vegetables, 2 or less hours of recreational screen time, 1 hour or more of
physical activity, 0 sugar sweetened drinks – drink more water and low fat milk, and
8 or more hours of sleep each night.

                           October Nutrition Tips, 2010

Start your day off with a serving of fruit at breakfast. Can you name 3 fruits
                      you could eat with breakfast? Some good answers are:
                      berries in oatmeal, sliced kiwi, or bananas on toast. These
                      fruits are all 3 STAR foods.

                       Can you think of 5 vegetables you could pack with your
                       lunch? Some good answers are: carrots, cucumbers, snap
                       peas, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers. There is also
                       salad today with the school lunch. These vegetables are all 3
                       STAR foods.

An average student watches 20,000 commercials a year. Most commercials
aimed at kids are trying to sell junk food. How many commercials do you see
promoting fruits and vegetables? Be smart and go for the healthy foods.

Woodside School Happenings:
(details of recent and current events at school)

                  Motor Inclusive Learning at Woodside School

                                             Can anyone identify this object?
                                             This is one of our Kindergarten
                                             Motor Carts. This was an
                                             ingenious way to make sure that
                                             all Kindergarten students have
                                             necessary materials available so
                                             their teachers can practice motor
                                             inclusive teaching strategies.
                                             Thank you to District P.T. Dr.
                                             Kathy Murphy for consulting on
                                             the project.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
Universal Screening – A critical part of RTI (Response to Intervention)

       On Friday, October 8th, our grade level teachers took advantage of
Professional Development time to perform our first Universal Screening Protocol of
student reading skills this year. On this first of three Universal Screening dates, we
performed crucial components of our RTI (Response to Intervention) methodology.

       On Friday grade level teaching teams reviewed student data from every
student at every grade level. We developed learning growth targets for each grade.
We identified, aligned, and refined intervention groups for students who are not yet
meeting benchmarks. We shared overarching themes that grade levels are
experiencing this year as well as reviewed plans for increasing student achievement
at every level. In addition, our K-2 teachers experienced some of the best core-
reading professional development we’ve had in years by inviting Eric Lepis from
Teacher’s College , NY to review the Reading Workshop model. (We currently use
Teacher’s College methodology in writing, and are also engaged in a year-long
implementation of Reading Workshop in grades 3-5).

       All in all, Friday was a very productive day. As one of our USM ETEP
(University of Southern Maine Extended Teacher Education Program) student
teachers who observed our process put it, “I wish your parents could know how
much work your teachers put into these students. It’s incredible!” She was
impressed by the individualized attention the staff puts into our work with children,
and how fluent the staff is with group process, data management, and learner needs.
Without sounding too biased, I’m equally impressed with the wonderful Woodside

                          Assistance for Woodside Families
        Are you in need of assistance for your family as you get through this tough
economic climate?
        Are you aware of a family that might need some assistance but are not sure
what to do to help?
        The Woodside School is committed to connecting families with the resources
needed to support the healthy growth and development of children.
Helene McGlauflin, our school counselor, and Sara Eaton, our social worker are
familiar with resources in our community that help families meet their basic needs
for food, shelter and heat, and other needs related to various holidays. Below is a
short list of some of the community groups that assist families, which anyone can
call to access help.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
                                   General Help for Basic Needs
                                   Linda Dumont at the Topsham Town Office at: 725-
                                   1725, United Way
                                   phone number for any help: 211

                                   Specific Help for Holidays

                                   Salvation Army Bath/Brunswick Holiday Food
                                   Baskets and Toys. Thanksgiving and Christmas food
                                   baskets, and Christmas toys by application. Call 443-
                                   3611 for more information.

                                   Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program
                                   Thanksgiving Dinner & Baskets
                                   Thanksgiving baskets available by sign up. Call 725-
2716 for more information.

The Santa Claus Fund – Bath & Brunswick Elks
Holiday toys for children from ages 6 months to 13 in the greater Bath and Brunswick
area available by written request. Letter of request should include child's name, sex,
age, parent’s name, address, and phone number and should be mailed to The Santa
Claus Fund, Inc., PO Box 278, Brunswick ME 04011. Please call 725-4427 for more

Toys for Tots Coordination Center
Collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December and distribute
those toys as Christmas gifts to children in need in the local community. For information
on how to request a toy for your children or for the children of another family call 504-
2461 or email or visit

If you need help accessing any of the above help, please call Helene or Sara at school

5th Grade Student, Sadie Pressman, is organizing a “Pet Supply Drive” – Please
take a moment to read about her work and consider
helping the cause.

Woodside School – Topsham Me.

The Coastal Humane Society is an organization that rescues homeless, injured
and unwanted animals. They have devoted themselves to taking care of these
animals and it is sometimes hard for them to do so because they don’t always
have the supplies they need. The pet supply drive asks that you help them by
donating gently used pet toys, cleaning and office supplies. Here is a sample list
of items they frequently need:

“cat litter, canned dog and cat food, toys, chews, light colored bath towels, old,
quilts, blankets, feeding dishes, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, glass
cleaner, sponges, pens, markers, dry-erase markers, staples, index

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin
cards, notebooks, etc.”

(For a full list of all supplies please take a flyer from the pet supply box to be
located in the school lobby starting Monday, October 25th.)

Thank You! – Sadie, 5th Grade

NECAP Testing and AYP

       I am happy to report that Woodside Elementary School has once again made
the state required AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) on the NECAP academic
assessments. These assessments are a part of the Federal “No Child Left Behind Act”
and measure a school’s progress towards 100% of all students meeting the standard
in academics by the school year 2013-2014. We have also just wrapped up our
testing for this school. Each year the required percentage of students rises until
ultimately the expectation is 100%. While, as usual, I am very proud of our work
here at Woodside, I am also realistic that given our school profile, eventually we will
not be able to meet this standard.
       When that day comes I will be just as proud of what I know to be excellent
work on the behalf of our fine staff and outstanding students. Thank you for
recognizing the combined effort of our staff, students, and supportive parents.
Together, we’re helping to prepare all of our students to be life-long learners and
models of success.

 “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to
 mend them.” –Benjamin Franklin

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