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									THE RESUME
A resume is an advertisement of who you are in terms of your competencies, accomplishments, and future capabilities.
Employers want to know your capabilities in order to predict future performance in their organization. Consider your resume
a preview. Employers spend, on average, 20-30 seconds (or less) reviewing your resume the first time they see it. If it doesn’t
catch their attention in that short amount of time, they may never give it a closer look.

A well-designed resume should be a clear and concise summary of your experiences, skills, achievements, and qualifications.
Your resume will serve the following purposes:

        Self-inventory: You will be better prepared to discuss your abilities and career goals once you’ve analyzed your
        present and past experiences.
        Extended calling card: When sent with a cover letter, a resume introduces you as a candidate and encourages an
        invitation to interview.
        Interview agenda: An employer will use your resume as a guide during an interview.
        Reminder: Your resume will be useful to an employer as you are considered for a position after an interview.

An effective resume, above all else, accurately reflects who you are. Let your own creativity and the image you wish to present
be your ultimate guide. Remember, to get the most from your job or internship search, you have to market yourself
effectively. A targeted and well-written resume is the foundation of a directed and successful job search.

The information in the following sections is designed to assist you in developing a resume that will gain attention from
employers while at the same time accurately communicate your skills and abilities. Once you complete a rough draft of your
resume, please stop by Career Services and let us help you to polish it. Good luck!

The best place to start in preparing your resume is to take an inventory of your past experiences. Career Services offers self-
assessment exercises that can help you determine how you want to market yourself, including what areas to emphasize and
highlight in your resume. Make an appointment with a professional career advisor if you want to use any of the self-
assessment exercises. Make sure you consider all of your past experiences, including your level of involvement, leadership or
responsibilities, the tasks or duties performed, your accomplishments, and specific skills and abilities used (e.g. analytical,
research, creative).

A resume worksheet has been included on page 9 of this booklet to use as a brainstorming tool. Peer advisors are available in
Career Services by appointment to assist you in creating a typed draft of your resume. We strongly advise that all students also
meet with a professional staff member to review their resume and discuss related career issues.

Keep your resume short. One to two pages is acceptable. Most undergraduate students should keep to one page, however;
if you have a substantial work history, don’t sell yourself short. If you use a two-page resume, make sure that the most
relevant information is on the first page and be sure to include your name and the page number on remaining pages.

First impressions are critical. At first glance the resume should appear professional and easy to scan. The layout of the
resume should flow logically.

All resumes should include contact information, education, and experience. Resumes should NOT include personal
information such as marital status, age, birth date, health, children, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or race. A
photograph should not be included with your resume.

Know yourself and for what purpose you are preparing your resume.

Know your audience. The focus of a resume should be a specific position for a specific employer and/or field. Think about
what you have to offer an employer and make it the main focus or find an effective way to draw attention to it.

Remember: you have the final say on what your resume looks like. Most “rules” can be broken if you have a good

The visual impact of your resume is just as important as its form and content. Focus the reader’s attention through the
effective use of margins, indentation, capitalization, underlining, bullets, and bold face type. Make sure you are consistent in
form, and in spacing between entries, headings, and sections. Keep in mind that many employers only do a 20-30
second scan of resumes the first time through, so yours should be neat and easy to read.

Your resume must have no mistakes. Try proofreading backwards, word by word. Remember - you’re representing yourself
on paper, and you want the impression to be one of competence and ability. A neat, presentable, high-quality resume is one of
the best ways to get your foot in the door of any job or internship opening!

        Overall Appearance and Style
        Ideally, you should maintain a one-inch margin all the way around the page. If you need a little extra room, you can
        make your margins as small as .5 on all four sides of the page, but no smaller.

        The information closest to the top and left of the page stands out the most, so make sure you put the most important
        information there. It may require you to create appropriate headings such as “Relevant Experience” in order to get
        the most significant experience closest to the top of the resume.

        Your headings should be appropriate and they should stand out on your resume. The headings help employers find
        the information they are looking for quickly.

        Leave enough white space on your resume to keep it from looking crowded; however, too much white space in one
        area can draw the reader’s eye away from important information. To prevent this problem, try to keep the
        information on your resume balanced on the page.

        You should always use a heavy (24 pound) bond paper. Typically, the corporate world prefers white, ivory, or light
        gray. If you are in a less conservative field, you can be a little more daring and creative with your use of color, but
        keep your paper color light so that it can be photocopied easily. Paper should always be 8 ½ x 11 in size.

        Font Style and Size
        The font you choose should look professional and be easy to read even when faxed or copied. Avoid fancy script
        styles since they are difficult to read and can be distracting. Commonly used fonts are Times Roman, Palatino,
        Garamond, Arial, and Helvetica. Try to stick to only one font style on your resume. Use ALL CAPS, bolding, SMALL
        CAPS, italics and different sized fonts to draw attention, but use them sparingly and consistently.

        Resume text should be written between 10 and 12 point font. Smaller fonts are too difficult to read. Larger fonts
        look loud and bulky. You may use fonts one or two sizes larger than your text for headings and several sizes larger
        for your name.

        Always use a laser printer to print your original. Professional copies from a laser printed original are acceptable.
        Resumes should always be printed single sided. A final copy of your resume should be laser printed on high-quality
        white or ivory paper.

        You should not staple multiple pages of a resume together. You should never mail your resume without a cover
        letter. Folding your resume is acceptable but not preferred. You should mail your resume with a cover letter in a 9” x
        12” or in a matching #10 envelope.

Choosing a format needs to be based on a solid understanding of yourself, the purpose of your resume, and your audience.
You need to choose a format that will best communicate your qualifications to the employer.

A chronological resume lists your experiences under each heading in chronological order beginning with your most current
experience. Especially in a chronological resume you may want to use special categories of experience (e.g. Relevant
Experience) to assure that your most relevant experience is near the top.

A functional resume emphasizes your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments while downplaying your actual position and
employer. The functional format is useful for someone with little actual work experience or experience related to their field of
interest. The focus of the functional resume is on transferable skills.

Most St. Lawrence students use a combination resume that features both experience and skills. The combination approach is
most useful if your experience is very diverse and in a variety of functional areas. You may choose to use skill headings, for
example, and then list experiences that are related to that particular skill. You may also list your experience in reverse
chronological order and include skill areas with your descriptions.

This information is used to identify who you are and make it as easy as possible for the employer to reach you. You should
never use a heading such as “Resume” or “Personal Data Sheet of . . .” If it is not obvious that this document is your resume,
you need to start over!

        Your name should be in bold type and larger than the rest of the type on the page. Give your formal first and last
        name. You may include your middle name or initial if you like. If you are commonly known by your middle name, it
        is appropriate to write the initial of your first name followed by your middle and last name (e.g. J. Roger Smith).

        List your complete address. Include and label both your current and permanent addresses, if applicable. This will
        make it easier for employers to contact you during breaks and after graduation. Avoid abbreviations; although, you
        may use United States Postal Service standard abbreviations for states (e.g. IA, IL, WI, CO, NY).

        Telephone Numbers
        Always list your telephone number and area code. If it is a cell phone, you should identify it is a cell phone number
        on your resume (e.g. (Cell) 555-555-5555). Most companies prefer the convenience of contacting applicants by phone.
        If you have roommates, let them know when employers might be calling you so they can answer the phone
        appropriately and take good messages. If you have an answering machine or voicemail, make sure you have an
        appropriate message for greeting employers.

        E-mail Addresses
        Include your preferred e-mail address in the heading if you are able to check it on a daily basis during your job search.
        If you check one e-mail address regularly, center it below your name so it is clear that it is your preferred address. If
        you use two separate e-mail accounts, it is acceptable to list both, but be certain that both are appropriate, professional

        URL Addresses
        Include a URL address on your resume if you have a well-maintained, entirely professional resume site or electronic
        portfolio. This can be particularly important for those seeking careers in web design or related fields.

        Sample Contact Information Section
                                                        John H. Smith
                 Current Address                                                          Permanent Address
                 CMR 3344                                                                  456 Graduate Court
                 St. Lawrence University                                                  Anytown, NY 78901
                 Canton, NY 13617                                                              (234) 567-8901
                 (315) 229-4444                                                           johnsmith@aol.com

Objectives are an optional part of your resume. An objective consists of one to two sentences highlighting the type of
position for which you are searching. Objectives can also be labeled Professional Objective, Job Target, Job Objective, Career
Objective and Position Desired. An objective is especially useful to have on a resume that you may be handing out without a
cover letter such as at a career fair. However, a mailed resume should never be sent without a cover letter and does not need
an objective. The objective should be clearly stated in the cover letter.

        Sample Objective Statement
                 To secure a position as a retail management trainee for a large national department store
                 utilizing communication, organizational, and customer service skills.

For the recent college graduate with little practical experience, educational credentials are a primary asset, and thus should be
placed near the beginning of your resume. You need only to include institutions that have granted or will grant you a degree.
You do not have to, but can include transfer institutions. Your high school education generally should not be included on
your resume once you have begun a college degree, however, if you attended a private/independent school, you may also
choose to list this information. You must include in this section your degree, graduation date, and major/minor. All other
elements are optional.

        Your resume is a professional document, so just as you do not abbreviate throughout the rest of your resume, you
        should not abbreviate your degree. Write the degree in full (i.e. Bachelor of Arts, etc.)

        Seniors should indicate the month and year of their graduation. Underclass students should indicate the anticipated or
        expected month and year (e.g. Anticipated May 2011).

        Majors and minors should be listed after your degree (Bachelor of Arts, Psychology). Minors should be listed below
        your major.

        Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)
        Include your GPA only if it is at least a 3.000. Do Not round up your GPA, you must report it on your resume like it
        is reported on your transcript. You may wish to highlight a GPA above 3.500 with bold or italics. Be sure to indicate
        on what scale your GPA is calculated (e.g. 3.500/4.000), as not all institutions use a 4.0 scale. You may list both your
        Major GPA and your overall GPA, but never list just your major GPA.

        Identify and list all academically related and/or relevant honors or awards. You may also want to include in this
        section other college honors such as appointments to special committees, sports achievements, and leadership awards.

        Course Highlights
        List only those courses that significantly add to your resume. Course highlights are especially important if you do not
        have a lot of experience in your academic field. Otherwise, you should utilize the space for more important
        information. List the most important courses at the top and to the left, where they will be seen first.

        Special Categories
        Depending upon your major and types of experience, other special categories may be appropriate to your resume such
        as honors thesis, foreign language, international travel, study abroad, computer skills, and certifications.

        Sample Education Section
                St. Lawrence University                                      Canton, NY
                Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Global Studies                      May 2010
                Minor: Sociology

Your experience should be organized so that your most relevant experience is highlighted first. You may highlight experience
gained through an internship, work-study position, volunteer work, or part-time employment. Experience under each heading
should be in reverse chronological order. Therefore, you may need to create special categories or sections to assure that the
important information on your resume is read first.

You should include any experiences on your resume that show your preparedness to enter your particular career field. Start by
listing all your part-time and full-time work experience, internships, work-study, volunteer work, and leadership experience.
Then choose those that best highlight your skills and abilities. You do not have to include everything – you’re writing a
resume, not an autobiography.

        Always use your most impressive title. If you were an intern for a company but your title at the company was Special
        Project Coordinator, use this title rather than Intern. However, do not make up titles for your resume. Fabricating
        titles is just like fabricating any other information on your resume – unethical and risky.

        Company Information
        Company information is normally listed after your title in a resume. However, if the names of the companies or
        organizations are more impressive than your title, you may want to list the company first.

        Include only the name of the company and its city and state. Use the full name of the company rather than acronyms,
        particularly if it is a local company or organization (e.g. TAUNY – Traditional Arts in Upstate NY). Acronyms are
        acceptable only if the company is nationally known by its acronym (e.g. IBM).

        Dates should be consistently formatted throughout your resume. Do not use abbreviations for months. Appropriate
        formats for dates include listing beginning and ending months and the year (e.g. January - May 2007), the season and
        the year (Summer 2006), indicating academic years (Academic Years 2007-2008), or just a single month and a year
        (March 2008). If you are listing a current position, indicate beginning month and then “Present” to show that you are
        currently holding that position (e.g. February 2008 - Present).

        Dates are important and should always be included on your resume; however, they are not the most important
        information. You may want to italicize dates to set them apart from the more important information.

         You should use concise statements beginning with bullets and action verbs (see page 8) to describe what you did in
         each of your positions. Unless you are presently in a position, list each statement in past tense. Be as descriptive as
         possible and put your most significant tasks or accomplishments first. Use numbers and statistics where possible to
         help quantify your accomplishments (e.g. ‘Managed committee budget’ becomes ‘Managed $60,000 budget’). Do not
         use periods at the end of statements. They are not complete sentences.

         Sample Accomplishment Statements

    •    Worked in a team environment to facilitate introductory level biology course enrolling over 50 students. Held office
         hours, tutored students, conducted review sessions, graded student assignments, and proctored exams
    •    Organized morale-building activities for approximately 500 dancers during 36-hour dance marathon designed to raise
         money for local children’s hospital. Event raised over $200,000 in 2000 and $250,000 in 2001
    •    Assisted customers in locating store merchandise, processed customer transactions, and maintained personal cash
         drawer. Consistently met or exceeded sales quota. Received four employee-of-the-month awards
                                                                     Indiana University Choices and Challenges: Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Students

        Sample Experience Entry
   Community Assistant                                                             Academic Year 2007 - 2008
   RESIDENTIAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
      • Fostered an environment conducive to academic and social development for residence hall of 150 students
      • Counseled students and served as a resource for their academic personal concerns
      • Communicated and promoted the mission and policies of Residential Learning Communities, Division for
         Student Life, and St. Lawrence University

Any campus activities of which you have been an active member and leadership positions you have held should be highlighted
here unless you have chosen to include them in your experience section or in a special leadership section.

         You should list the full name of the organization and be minimally descriptive (e.g. Beta Beta Beta Biology Honorary).
         Do not use acronyms.

         Because leadership skills are often important to employers, you may wish to list your leadership positions in bold. If
         you have not held any leadership positions, you may just list the organization or you may write “member.”

         Be sure to include the dates of your membership and any particular leadership positions you held. You should keep
         the same format for these dates that you used in the rest of your resume.

         Sample Activities Entry
                 Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity                                           October 2005-Present
                        President, September 2007 - Present
                        Service Chairperson, September 2006 - May 2007

Your references should be a separate page of your resume document. You should have between three and five references.
For each reference, you should include their name, title, institution/organization/company, address, and phone number with
area code. You should also include their e-mail address, if they check their e-mail regularly. You should list your best and most
applicable references first. If it is not obvious what relationship you have had with a reference (i.e. they have left the company
at which they supervised you), it is appropriate to indicate (i.e. ‘Supervisor at Marro’s Restaurant’).

        Selecting References
        Choosing good references is an important part of the resume process. You should choose people who know you
        well, can compare you to your peers, and who have direct knowledge of your skills and abilities. Good choices are
        faculty advisors, organization advisors, and former or current supervisors. Try to get a mix of people from different
        areas of your life (i.e. not all professors). Someone in your field of interest who has supervised your work is the best
        choice. Make sure that you ask individuals if they are willing to serve as a reference before you list them as a refernce.
        Make sure you provide them with a copy of your resume when it is completed.

        Sample Reference
                                                        Roger Smith
                                                    Management Associate
                                                    American Business, Inc.
                                                     789 American Way
                                                    Anywhere, NY 01234
                                                       (567) 890-1234

Action Verbs
    accelerated      consolidated   financed           marketed       renovated      uncovered
    accomplished     constructed    fixed              maximized      repaired       unearthed
    accounted for    consulted      followed           mediated       reported       unfurled
    achieved         continued      forecast           mentored       represented    unified
    acquired         contracted     foresaw            met            rescued        updated
    adapted          controlled     formulated         modeled        researched     upgraded
    added            convinced      forwarded          modified       resolved       used
    addressed        coordinated    fostered           monitored      resulted in    utilized
    adjusted         copied         found              motivated      restored       weighed
    administered     corrected      founded            moved          returned       welcomed
    advised          counseled      gained             negotiated     revealed       won
    aided            counted        gathered           netted         reviewed       worked
    allocated        crafted        gave               observed       revised        wrote
    alphabetized     created        generated          obtained       saved
    analyzed         critiqued      governed           offered        saw
    anticipated      dealt          graded             opened         scheduled
    applied          debated        greeted            operated       screened
    appointed        decided        grossed            ordered        scrutinized
    appraised        defined        guided             organized      secured
    approved         delegated      handled            originated     selected
    arbitrated       delivered      hastened           overcame       sent
    arranged         demonstrated   headed             oversaw        separated
    assembled        designed       heightened         paid           served
    assessed         determined     helped             painted        serviced
    assisted         developed      hiked              participated   set
    assumed          devised        housed             perceived      shaped
    assured          diagnosed      hunted             performed      shipped
    attained         digested       identified         persevered     shored up
    attended         diminished     illustrated        persuaded      showed
    audited          directed       implemented        photographed   sifted
    authored         discovered     improved           piloted        simplified
    authorized       documented     improvised         pioneered      smoothed
    awarded          drafted        included           planned        sold
    balanced         dramatized     incorporated       played         solved
    began            drew           increased          policed        sought
    boosted          drew up        indexed            prepared       specified
    bought           dropped        indicated          presented      spoke
    briefed          drove          influenced         prevailed      started
    brought          earned         informed           processed      stopped
    budgeted         edited         initiated          produced       straightened
    built            elected        innovated          profited       streamlined
    calculated       eliminated     inspected          programmed     studied
    cataloged        employed       instructed         projected      submitted
    caught           encouraged     insured            promoted       suggested
    caused           enforced       interpreted        proofed        summarized
    chaired          enlisted       interviewed        proved         supervised
    changed          ensured        introduced         provided       supplied
    checked          entered        invented           publicized     supported
    chopped          established    investigated       purchased      surveyed
    chose            estimated      joined             qualified      targeted
    clarified        evaluated      judged             quickened      taught
    classified       examined       kept               raised         tested
    cleared up       excelled       labored            ran            tightened
    closed           executed       launched           rated          took
    coached          exercised      learned            read           took over
    collected        expanded       lectured           realized       totaled
    combined         expedited      led                reasoned       toured
    communicated     experimented   licensed           received       tracked
    compared         explained      lifted             recognized     trained
    completed        explored       located            recommended    transferred
    composed         expressed      logged             reconciled     transformed
    computed         extracted      looked             recorded       translated
    conceived        facilitated    made               recruited      traveled
    conceptualized   familiarized   maintained         redesigned     treated
    concluded        fashioned      managed            reduced        troubleshot
    conditioned      figured        manipulated        referred       tutored
    conducted        filed          mapped out         related        typed

                                                                The Resume Worksheet
 Fill out this worksheet the best you can. You may not fill up the whole thing, or you may need more spaces then are provided, both of
                                    which are perfectly fine. Feel free to include extra notes if needed.
             Once you are finished, bring in the worksheet to meet with a Peer Advisor and create your professional resume!

Home Address                                                                                                                                     Campus Address
Street Address
                                                                                              Name                               CMR            , 23 Romoda Drive
                                                                                                                                                Canton, NY, 13617
City, State, Zip                                                                          E-mail Address

                                                                                          Phone Number

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
Bachelor of                       Degree, Anticipated May/December
GPA (optional): .     /4.000     Major GPA (optional): .      / 4.000
Study Abroad:                                                                         ,                               ,                         ,
                                           Institution Name                                                City                   Country             Semester

Honors/Awards (i.e. Dean’s List, Scholarships, Inductions):

Internship/Work Experience
                   ,                                                                                              ,          ,
                   Job Title                                  Organization/Company Name                               City       State (abv.)          Dates

Responsibilities include(d):   ●



                                     ,                                                                            ,          ,
                   Job Title                                  Organization/Company Name                               City       State (abv.)          Dates

Responsibilities include(d):   ●



                                     ,                                                                            ,          ,
                   Job Title                                  Organization/Company Name                               City       State (abv.)          Dates

Responsibilities include(d):   ●



                                     ,                                                                            ,          ,
                   Job Title                                  Organization/Company Name                               City       State (abv.)          Dates

Responsibilities include(d):   ●


Campus Activities (i.e. clubs, organizations, athletics, Greek life)
                         ,                                                                        , St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
    Position Title (i.e. Member, Secretary)                Club/Organization Name                                                                         Dates

Responsibilities include(d):         ●



                                              ,                                                   , St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
    Position Title (i.e. Member, Secretary)                Club/Organization Name                                                                         Dates

Responsibilities include(d):         ●



                                              ,                                                   , St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
    Position Title (i.e. Member, Secretary)                Club/Organization Name                                                                         Dates

Responsibilities include(d):         ●


Volunteer Work
                                              ,                                                                ,                       ,
                    Title                                     Organization/Company Name                                    City            State (abv.)   Dates

Responsibilities include(d):         ●

                                              ,                                                                ,                       ,
                    Title                                     Organization/Company Name                                    City            State (abv.)   Dates

Responsibilities include(d):         ●

Computer Skills (i.e. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, SPSS)

Language Skills (i.e. Fluent in French, Advanced Spanish, Basic Italian)

Special Training/Certification (i.e. CPR, First Wilderness Responder)

Additional Information (i.e. Related Coursework, Research Projects, Conferences, Professional Associations, Publications, Presentations)

                                                     JANE SEYMOUR
Campus Address                           Jseym04@stlawu.edu • Cell (555) 229-5906                             Permanent Address
CMR 1234                                                                                                       1841 Saints Avenue
Canton, New York 13617                                                                                    College Town, TX 12345

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY                                                           Anticipated Graduation: May 2008
Bachelor of Arts                                                                                 Cumulative GPA: 3.156/ 4.000
Major: Government

Study Abroad- Kenya Semester Program
    • Conducted research on improving the structure of Kenya’s judiciary system
    • Visited court proceedings and interviewed lawyers about the political struggle between the Executive and the Judiciary

                                                   RELATED EXPERIENCE

The Legal Aid Society of New York, Legal Assistant Intern, New York City, NY                                        Summer 2007
    • Assisted an immigration attorney by undertaking administrative duties
    • Researched various topics on immigration law
    • Attended court trials with a law guardian at Brooklyn Criminal and Family court

Cornell University Pre-Law Program, Participant, New York, NY                                                       Summer 2007
   • Completed a three week course taught using the Socratic method
   • Gained a comprehensive grounding in fundamental legal concepts and techniques
   • Earned an internship after the course to gain insights into the day-to-day work of a lawyer

Student Judiciary Board of St. Lawrence University, Justice, Canton, NY                                     Fall 2005-Spring 2007
    • Studied and acquainted with university rules and regulations
    • Assessed security safety write-ups and listened to fifteen cases per session
    • Sanctioned students for improper behaviors according to school's regulations


Mgekenrenyi Community Development Program, Intern, Tavita-Taveta, Kenya                                                  Fall 2007
   • Interviewed fifteen members of a farming community to help prioritize the community’s needs
   • Offered critical feedback to the director about involving more community participation in projects
   • Revised and reviewed program documents

Fund for Social Change-Partnership for Family Support and Justice, Intern, New York City, NY              Summers 2005 & 2006
   • Prepared outreach strategies to inform the residents of three homeless shelters about community resources
   • Reviewed proposals and interviewed potential grantees

Highbridge Community Life Center, Grantee, Bridge Builders Collaborative Mini-Grants Funds, Bronx, NY             Summer 2006
   • Researched effective activities and excursions for participants
   • Wrote a proposal to receive funding for the Downtown Project, which aims at taking disadvantage children to cultural events

                                                   HONORS AND AWARDS

Higher Education Opportunity Program Student of the Year Award (Highest Academic Achievement)                   Spring 2005- 2007
Jeffrey Campbell Award (Appreciates the leadership and academic achievement of students of color)                     Spring 2006
Bradley Evers First-Year Award (Outstanding leadership and contributions to campus)                                   Spring 2005

                                                    CAMPUS ACTIVITIES

Advocate, Advocates Program to Respond to Sexual Assault                                                        Fall 2004- Present
Residential Advisor, St. Lawrence University Residence Life                                                Fall 2005- Spring 2007
Vice President, Black Student Union                                                                   April 2005- September 2006
                                                        AGNES RICHARDS
                                              123 Political Lane, Washington, DC 20015
                                        Cell (555) 555 - 5555 • agnes.richards@gmail.com

EDUCATION AND HONORS                          ____________                        ___________________________________
St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude, May 2010
Cumulative GPA 3.XXX/4.000 Major: Government Omicron Delta, Inducted Spring 2007, Pi Sigma Alpha, Inducted Fall 2008
Washington, D.C. Semester, Transforming Communities Program, American University, January 2008–May 2008 GPA: 3.XX/4.00

INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE                        _____________                       ___________________________________
U.S. Senate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Washington, DC                                                September 2009 – December 2009
STAR Fellow
   •   Implemented a proactive grants outreach process to assist in securing funds for Upstate NY economic development projects
   •   Managed targeted emailing lists within Intranet Quorum (IQ) of upwards of 100,000 constituents each
   •   Attended Senate Committee on International Violence Against Women, outlining the committee’s business in memos to
       the office’s policy advisors and drafted letters for the Department of Justice for the Senator and her Legislative Aides
EMILY’s List, Washington, DC                                                                                     June 2009- August 2009
Web/Press Intern
   • Tracked Netroots (blog) content for endorsed candidates and relevant news to produce daily blog report for 500+ viewers
   • Created profile content for candidates and elected officials & produced images for website and email programs
   • Targeted members on new media venues such as Twitter and Facebook
Running Start, Washington, DC                                                                                 January 2008- August 2008
Intern and Program Coordinator
   • Determined honorees and solicited donations for annual Women to Watch Awards resulting in record attendance
        and donations over $100,000
   • Selected students and speakers for Young Women’s Political Leadership Retreat and Path to Politics seminars
   • Drafted curriculum and oversaw budget for summer programs
   • Researched political candidates and prepared press releases and blog entries on women's political issues

CAMPUS LEADERSHIP _______________________________________________________________ __
Thelomathesian Society, Academic Affairs Chair (student government)                                         January 2007-May 2009
   •    Delegate committee tasks and attend tripartite meetings with university administrators and deans
   •    Recruited for Babson College Core Commitment Forum to improve SLU’s academic honesty and social responsibility codes
Class Council, President, Class of 2010                                                                        April 2007-May 2009
   •    Represent student body at Board of Trustees and Faculty Committee meetings
   •    Plan events and programs with members to offer social events and leadership programs for campus community
Advocates Program, Chair: Sexual Assault Awareness                                                         January 2007 – May 2009
   •    Coordinated and completed 15 hour AWARE training for student advocates on dealing
        with relationship violence and stalking related issues
Calling All Saints, Canton, NY                                                                         September 2006-January 2007
    • Solicited donations from St. Lawrence University alumni and parents for the annual fund

WORK EXPERIENCE____________________________________________________________________ _
Career Services: St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY                                                          August 2008-May 2010
Peer Advisor
   • Provide one-on-one career development services to students, including resume and cover letter critique and internship searches
Admissions Office: St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY                                                       January 2007- May 2010
Admissions Tour Guide
    • Lead individualized tours to serve as personal liaison between institution and prospective students
    • Communicate with prospective students to inform them of academic, co-curricular and athletic opportunities offered
Calling All Saints, Canton, NY                                                                            October 2006-January 2007
    • Solicited donations from St. Lawrence University alumni for the annual fund
Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) # 72, Fryeburg, Maine                                                 June 2005- Present
Substitute Teacher (winter/school breaks)
    • Supervised classes of 15 to 25 students in elementary and middle schools
    • Assisted learning-disabled students with extra help in math, reading, and writing
    • Reported progress of academic and social aspects of school day to faculty member

SKILLS____________________________________________________________________________ ______
ARCOS & Front Page Website Building; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint; research abilities; blog writing; oral communication
                                                    Lauren B. Saints
11 Saints Drive                                  LaurenBSaints@gmail.com                                  Cell: 555-555-5555
Canton, New York 13617                                                                                   Home: 555-555-5555

        St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
        Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Performance and Communication Arts, Magna Cum Laude, May 2010
        Major: Performance and Communication Arts, GPA: 3.XXX/4.000
        Study Abroad: London Semester Programme (Fall 2008)
Academic Honors
        University Scholar, St. Lawrence University                                                      Summer 2006-Present
        Dean's List, St. Lawrence University                                               Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
        Presidential Freedom Scholarship, Kiwanis International                                         Summer 2006- Present
        Kiwanis Scholarship, St. Lawrence University                                                    Summer 2006- Present
        St. Lawrence University Book Award, St. Lawrence University                                     Summer 2006- Present
Related Work Experience
       Admissions Intern, St. Lawrence University Admissions                                                     Summer 2009
       • Was selected as one of six interns out of a pool of 33 applicants to work for 12 weeks as a full-time employee
       • Analyzed the interview yield process for the Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
       • Developed and maintained strong relationships with prospective students and families
       • Conducted campus tours daily
       • Competed five short-term and long-term projects to market and promote the Admissions office
        Admissions Counselor Search Committee, St. Lawrence University Admissions                                Spring 2008
        • Represented the student workers of Admissions on the Committee
        • Participated in the interview and hiring process of two Admissions Counselor
        Tour Guide/Admissions Ambassador Team Leader, St. Lawrence University Admissions                   Fall 2007-Present
        • Facilitate and oversee the contact made with prospective students interested in the arts
        • Have written over 550 letters/emails to prospective students
        • Lead tours several hours each week
        • Have lead 190 campus tours
        • Produce short-term projects for Admissions Counselors
        Student Panelist, St. Lawrence University Admissions                                                Fall 2007-Present
        • Serve as a panel member during Admissions Visit Days and Open Houses
        • Promote the international study and arts programs and discuss personal reasons for choosing St. Lawrence
Work Experience
      Substitute Teacher, Gouverneur Central School District, Gouverneur, NY                            Winter 2009-Present
      • Administer class work for grades 6-12
      • Responsible for the supervision and safety of students
        Intern, New End Theatre, Hampstead, London, UK                                                              Fall 2008
        • Assisted with the direction of a new production
        • Analyzed scripts for possible future productions
        • Helped with marketing and basic office work
        Reunion Weekend Student Worker, St. Lawrence University Alumni Office                     Summers 2007-2009
        • Ushered visiting alumni around St. Lawrence University community during Reunion Weekend
        Assistant to the Doctor, Dr. Robert Saidel, Canton Optical, Canton, NY                          Summers 2007-2008
        • Administered preliminary eye exams
        • Answered phones and scheduled eye exams and helped with basic office work
Activities / Campus Involvement
        Senior Class Council                                                                                 Fall 2009-Present
        Pub 56 Planning Committee                                                                            Fall 2009-Present
        Concert Band (Solo Clarinetist)                                                                   Spring 2008-Present
        Sophomore Panelist to the Board of Trustees                                                     Fall 2007-Spring 2008
        Laurentian Singers (President Fall 2009-Present)                                                     Fall 2006-Present
                                                       FRANK R. HENRY
                                     frank.r.henry@gmail.com Cell phone: (315) 796-6178
                                  Permanent Address: 5555 Frank Road Henryville, NY 13555
                             Campus Address: CMR 3743 St. Lawrence University Canton, NY 13617

St. Lawrence University (SLU), Canton, NY
Bachelor of Arts                                                                                                             May 2010
Major: Economics, Minor: Mathematics
Cumulative GPA: 3.XXX/4.000 Class Rank: X/504
Study Abroad: London Programme, St. Lawrence University                                                                    Spring 2008

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award                                                                              Spring 2010
Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Mu Epsilon Inductee                                                                                   Spring 2010
Omicron Delta Kappa and Omicron Delta Epsilon Inductee                                                        Spring 2009 – Spring 2010
Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges                                                              Spring 2009
Dean’s List                                                                                                     Fall 2006 – Spring 2010
Sesquicentennial Scholar                                                                                        Fall 2006 – Spring 2010

                                                      INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE
Lockheed Martin Corp, Program Finance Intern, Syracuse, NY                                                               Summer 2009
• Compiled and analyzed COS and ROS for unprofitable Repair projects, and calculated ITD and YTD losses
• Explored individual project costs and summarized results in multiple spreadsheets
• Evaluated the status and potential opportunities presented by projects

Barclays Capital, Money Markets Intern London, England                                                                      Spring 2008
• Rotated around several desks of the Money Markets division learning roles and responsibilities of traders
• Formatted and analyzed various spreadsheets representing risk, P & L, and corporate and treasury repo
• Researched role of central banks in global financial crisis and compiled a presentation

                                                         WORK EXPERIENCE
Career Services, Peer Advisor, St. Lawrence University                                                         Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
• Aid students in developing resumes and cover letters, and explain how to approach the internship process
• Improve resume and cover writing skills through weekly training, and develop internship marketing strategies

Town of New Hartford Parks and Recreation, Park Attendant and Park Co-Director, New Hartford, NY             Summers 2004 – 2008
• Supervised co-workers, organized games and activities, and took care of children on trips
• Directed trips, communicated with parents, budgeted park funds, and executed transactions of $500 and more with organizations

Eastern Economics Association 36th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA                                             Spring 2010
• Presented a paper titled “Determinants of Consumer Attitudes Towards E-Commerce” and discussed undergraduate research

Senior Year Experience (SYE) Honors Economics Research, St. Lawrence University                                 Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
• Utilized Consumer Expenditure Survey data to analyze how farm households make consumption decisions

The 2009 College Fed Challenge Competition, Co-Presenter, New York, NY                                                        Fall 2009
• Compiled and presented an economic and appropriate monetary policy action report, modeling the Federal Reserve Bank

                                                         CAMPUS ACTIVITIES
Crown Royalties Investment Club, Vice President                                                            Fall 2007 – Spring 2010
• Learn risk and strategy, portfolio arrangements, and sector investing while maintaining a $40k portfolio
• Analyze the aerospace and defense industry and provide weekly summaries and investment recommendations

SLU Men’s Track and Field, Varsity Athletes                                                            Spring 2007 – Spring 2010
• Attend practices and work with teammates and coaches to surpass prior personal and team achievements

Reading Buddies, Reading Buddy                                                                                Spring 2009 – Spring 2010
• Aid my 10-year-old buddy in developing effective reading skills and foster recreational reading

Computer: Microsoft Office, Mac OS X, Windows, LATEX, STATA, Minitab, R
Language: Studied Latin for four years
                                               Audrey M. Cutler
Home Address                                      acutler@stlawu.edu                                    Campus Address
148 Cutler Lane                                   Cell (555) 123 - 1234                         CMR 15, 23 Romoda Drive
Cutlerville, TX 55555                                                                                 Canton, NY 13617

    St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
    Bachelor of Arts, May 2010
    Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: African Studies
    Major GPA 3.XXX/4.000, Overall GPA 3.XXX/4.000
    • Dean’s List                                                                      Spring 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009
    • Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society                                    Spring 2009 - Present
    • Liberty League of the National Collegiate Athletic Association All Academic Team            Fall 2008 - Fall 2009
    Study Abroad - Kenya Semester Program                                                        Fall 2008 – Winter 2008
    • Studied and interned in Kenya learning about the culture, environment, and development of the country
    • Traveled to Tanzania to learn with hunter-gatherers and to Amboseli National park
    • Participated in a rural and urban home stay as well as a one-month internship

    Planned Parenthood of the North Country New York (Canton, NY) Volunteer                             Fall 2009 - Present
    • Assisted with office filing and paperwork
    • Learned about the Family Planning Benefits Program, office billing, and patient appointments
    Westover School (Middlebury,CT) Class Agent Volunteer                                         Summer 2006 - Present
    • Fundraise among classmates for the Westover School Annual Fund
    World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (Ireland) Volunteer                                           Summer 2009
    • Acted as a farm hand on two small scale organic farms in Inishowen and Carrigtwohill, Ireland
    Family Health Options Kenya (Nakuru, Kenya) Intern                                                        Winter 2008
    • Aided in Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV/AIDS and other STIs for commercial sex workers
    • Helped to educate youth on safe sex practices
    Kenana Knitters (Njoro, Kenya) Volunteer                                                                    Winter 2008
    • Assisted a non-profit that employs local women to produce high quality knit products for first world countries
    Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation, Volunteer                                                                   Spring 2007
    • Participated in creative activities with underprivileged and oppressed Mohawk children aged 6-18
    • Wrote a research paper on obesity among Mohawk youth as a result of the environment and genetics

    St. Lawrence University Alumni and Advancement Services Office (Canton, NY) Assistant               Fall 2007 - Present
    • Compiled mailings and filings of and for alumni and parents
    Westover School Alumnae and Development Office (Middlebury, CT) Assistant                        Summers 2004 - 2009
    • Worked in editing the annual magazine, office mailings, and database clean-up and entry
    Pomperaug River Water Shed (Southbury, CT) Assistant to Dr. Marc Taylor                                  Summer 2007
    • Exposed to filing and organization of office paper
    Johnny’s Dairy Bar (Middlebury, CT) Waitress                                                             Summer 2007
    • Served and cashiered ice cream and fast food
    Women in Science and Engineering Camp (Middlebury, CT) Camp Counselor                           Summers 2003 - 2007
    • Acted as a teacher’s assistant, dorm assistant, and recreation assistant for 10-14 aged girls

    Women's Varsity Squash                                                                             Fall 2006 - Present
    • Captain (Spring 2009 – Present)
    • Liberty League of National Collegiate Athletic Association First Team
    • Liberty League of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Rookie of the Year
    Sister of Kappa Delta Sigma Sorority                                                               Fall 2007 - Present
    • Delegate to the Standards Committee and Pan-Hellenic Council
                                            WARREN RESEARCH
CAMPUS ADDRESS                                         research@stlawu.edu                                     HOME ADDRESS
CMR #5555, 23 Romoda Drive                                 555-123-1234                                        1234 Warren Drive
Canton, NY 13617                                                                                               Research, IL 55555

     St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York                                                                        May 2011
     Bachelor of Science, Major: Biology Minor: Educational Studies                                           GPA: 3.XXX/4.000
     Dean's List: Fall 2008, Spring 2010
        Danish Institute of Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark                                                         Spring 2010
     • Omicron Delta Kappa, Kalon-Kixioc Circle, St. Lawrence University                                               Spring 2010
     • Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, St. Lawrence University                                                          Spring 2010
     • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges                                                  Spring 2010
     U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Intern, Livermore, California                                         Summer 2010
     • Serve in a 10 week research project entitled “Gas Breath Trace Analysis for Biomedicine and Counterterrorism”
     • Work cooperatively with professional scientists and other interns at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop
        innovative biomedical diagnostic techniques and counterterrorism technology
     • Represent women in science as one of only 100 interns selected to participate in summer research throughout the nation
        U.S. Department of Energy, Intern, Oak Ridge, Tennessee                                                     Summer 2009
        • Participated in 10 week research project entitled “Crystal Growth Optimization of Phospholipase A2 for Neutron
           Crystallographic Analysis”
        • Worked alongside a professional mentor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop laboratory protocol, conduct
           research, and achieve project goals
        • Operated laboratory equipment and technological resources independently
        • Designed an education module integrating science and technology into a high school level classroom
        • Presented discoveries during an oral presentation and poster symposium at the Spallation Neutron Source
        • Abstract publication pending in the 2009 Journal of Undergraduate Research
     Career Services Office, Internship Development Assistant, St. Lawrence University                         Fall 2008 to Present
        The Shoe Dept., Sales Associate, Rutland, Vermont                                                    Fall 2005 to Fall 2008
        Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop, Shift Leader, Rutland, Vermont                                        Spring 2007 to Fall 2007
     American Chemical Society, Secretary                                                                   Fall 2008 to Present
     • Record meeting minutes, initiate club correspondence, and assist in leading chapter meetings
     • Plan and host campus events as well as community service activities centralized around math, science, and technology
        The Hill News Campus Newspaper, Columnist                                                              Fall 2009 to Present
        • Investigate and explore current social and academic concerns and address through meaningful literary responses
        • Enhance active writing voice, critical analysis skills, and journalistic integrity
        St. Lawrence Equestrian Program, Member                                                                Fall 2007 to Present
        • Participate in weekly practices, stable upkeep, and equestrian management
        • Responsible for well-being, care, and fitness of over 50 horses at campus facility
        First Year Class Council, Student Representative                                                  Fall 2007 to Spring 2008
        • Nominated by fellow classmates to serve as student representative and administrative liaison
        • Represented the entire class of 2011 by organized and launched campus wide events to promote community awareness
        • Refined leadership qualities, critical thinking, and communication skills
      Foreign Language: Basic knowledge of Danish, French and Spanish language
        Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Fathom 2, ANOVA, Minitab, LoggerPro, Adobe Photoshop
                                                     ALICE J. SAX
                                                        MUSIC RESUME
Campus Address                                         ajsax@stlawu.edu                                          Home Address
CMR 000, 23 Romoda Dr                                   (315) 229-0000                                           124 Piano Lane
Canton, NY 13617                                                                                                Flute, TN 11111

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY                                                                                  May 2011
Bachelor of Arts                                                                                   Cumulative GPA: 3.xxx/4.000
Major: Performance and Communication Arts (GPA: 3.xxx/4.000)
Minors: Music and African Studies
Study Abroad: Kenya Summer Program, St. Lawrence University                                                          Summer 2009
Awards: University Scholar; Ives Society

ENSEMBLES                                                                                                                 ____
Up Beats – St. Lawrence University                                                                            Fall 2009 - Present
• Co-founded the first ever co-educational A Cappella group at St. Lawrence
• Auditioned and selected 18 members and obtained club status from the University
• Arrange music, organize concerts and events, and direct members during rehearsal and concerts
Laurentian Singers – St. Lawrence University                                                                  Fall 2008 - Present
• Rehearse and perform ensemble and solo repertoire for a minimum of five hours per week
• Learn and rehearse music outside of group rehearsals
Singing Sinners – St. Lawrence University                                                                Spring 2008 - Fall 2008
• Member of all female A Cappella group
• Helped discern vocal parts by ear and made suggestions concerning technique
• Aided in the planning, organization, and advertising of concerts and events

MUSICAL THEATRE                                                                                                           ____
Lights Up: A Musical Review – St. Lawrence University                                                                Fall 2008
Cast Member
• Performed the solo song Still Hurting from "The Last Five Years" and two group numbers from “Rent” and “Hairspray”
Beauty and the Beast – Community Theatre, Canton, NY                                                                 Summer 2008
Annie Get Your Gun – Canton High School, Canton, NY                                                                   Spring 2007
Cinderella – Community Theatre, Canton, NY                                                                           Summer 2006
Ugly Stepsister Joy
Meet Me in St. Louis – Canton High School, Canton, NY                                                                 Spring 2006
Rose Smith
Bye Bye Birdie – Canton High School, Canton, NY                                                                       Spring 2005
Rose Alvarez
Crazy for You – Canton High School, Canton, NY                                                                        Spring 2004
Tap Dancing Follies Girl

MUSIC HONORS                                                                                                              ____
Area All State (NY): Voice – Spring 2006 and 2007
Ives Society – Music Honors Society at St. Lawrence; Inducted Spring 2008
Voice: Private lessons for two years at St. Lawrence University
Piano: Private lessons for eight years with Barbara Burdick, Canton, NY (Intermediate Level)
Trumpet: Basic skill level
Technology: Basic arranging and composition skills with Sibelius; basic knowledge of Garage Band and Logic Express
                                                                         ALEXANDER T. RAIN
                                                              Home Address: 1444 House Lane, Rainville, AL 12345
                                                     School Address: CMR 123, 23 Romoda Drive, Canton, NY 13617
                                                                                           Phone: 555-123-1234
                                                                                       E-mail: arain@stlawu.edu
St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
Bachelor of Arts, May 2012
Major: Government
Study Abroad: Thailand, Fall 2010
Honors: Dean’s List, Fall 2009 & Spring 2010
Higher Education Opportunity Program – Sophomore of the Year, 2009 - 2010

Center for Civic Engagement, Community Mentor, St. Lawrence University                   Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
   • Worked with community partners to mentor students participating in Community Based Learning programs
   • Participated in monthly community service projects

Higher Education Opportunity Program, Mentor / English tutor, St. Lawrence University                   Summer 2009
   • Tutored pre-freshman students in their college writing class
   • Monitored residential activity
   • Created an engaging living environment

Meals on Wheels, Canton, NY                                                                               Spring 2010
  • Prepared and served meals to community members, socialize and offer companionship

New York State Association for Retarded Citizens (NYSARC), Canton, NY                          Summer 2009-Fall 2009
   • Played games and participated in physical activities with the consumers

Roots of Wisdom Organic Community Garden, Schenectady, NY                                               Summer 2009
   • Helped weed, plant and maintain a community garden

Free Will Dinners Program, Canton, NY                                                                     Spring 2009
   • Participated in food preparation and served food to community members

McNair Horizons Scholars Program, McNair Scholar                                                          Spring 2010
  • Attended weekly meetings to gain knowledge of grad school applications and processes
  • Awarded research grant to work with university professor during summer 2010

International House, Resident                                                                  Fall 2009 – Spring 2010
    • Planned and participated in activities and events promoting various cultures on campus

Islamic Culture Club, Vice President (Spring 2010)                                            Fall 2008 – Spring 2010
    • Helped organize events promoting Islamic culture
    • Assisted president in leading meetings, creating committees and delegating tasks to members

The Hispanic Society, Secretary (Fall 2009)                                                    Spring 2009 – Fall 2009
   • Took minutes for the meetings and made contacts with other organizations
   • Helped organize events to show Hispanic cultures to faculty and students on campus
                                     M I C H A E L H. B E L L

EDUCATION       St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York                                      Expected: May, 2010
                Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics             Grade Point Average: 3.XXX/4.000

Honors          Dean’s List, St. Lawrence University: Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
                Omicron Delta Epsilon, International honor society for Economics, Inducted Spring 2009
                Sigma Alpha Pi, National leadership society, Inducted Spring 2009

Languages       Fluent Bulgarian, Basic German

Relevant        Data Structures                              Programming Languages (Spring, 2010)
Course Work     Database Systems                             Theory of Computation (Spring, 2010)
                Computer Graphics                            Linear Algebra (Spring, 2010)
                Computer Organization and Design             Quantitative Economics
                Algorithm Analysis                           Econometrics
                A Bridge to Higher Math                      Financial Economics

TECHNICAL       Languages: Java, C++, OpenGL, OpenGL Shading Language, HTML, SQL, PHP, MIPS assembly
SKILLS          Software: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
                Audition, GIMP, Meshlab, Blender, STATA
                Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows (the whole range), Ubuntu

Independent     Honors CS Senior Thesis, St Lawrence University                         August, 2009 – December, 2009
                Real-Time Simulation of Light Scattering by Dust Particles in a Darkened Room
                ⋅ Built on the SLU Fellowship project
                ⋅ Implemented trilinear filtering for smoother appearance of the 3D texture
                ⋅ Switched to more precise scattering data enabling a higher resolution texture and devised a binary
                  file loading method for faster access to the light scattering data set
                ⋅ Troubleshot and solved all issues concerning the simulation
                ⋅ Prepared a honors thesis paper intended for future publication

                SLU Fellowship, St Lawrence University                                        May, 2009 – July, 2009
                Real-Time Simulation of Light Scattering by Dust Particles in a Darkened Room
                ⋅ Submitted a research proposal and was consequently selected to be amongst the students to
                  receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner
                ⋅ Created an interactive three-dimensional simulation of a physical phenomenon
                     ⋅ Interpreted data generated by a photon mapper and composed a three dimensional texture
                     ⋅ Implemented a volumetric rendering method for displaying the texture
                     ⋅ Created a realistic 3D environment for the light scattering simulation
                     ⋅ Developed shader programs enabling view-dependent scattering and area lights
                     ⋅ Integrated intuitive controls and a convenient heads-up display
                ⋅ Presented a poster summary of the project during Family and Inauguration weekends in October

Collaborative   Empirical Project in Economics, ECON342 Econometrics                     January, 2009 – May, 2009
                Determinants of Consumer Attitudes towards E-commerce
                ⋅ Collaborated with a classmate throughout the project
                ⋅ Identified a suitable data set, one provided by the PEW Internet & American Life Project
                ⋅ Tailored the data set for our specific research topic using STATA
                ⋅ Ran regressions on the data and analyzed results
                ⋅ Prepared an empirical paper, gave a presentation, and created a poster summary of our findings
M I C H A E L H. B E L L                                                                                   Page 2

Internship    T-Soft Ltd., Quality Assurance Department, Sofia, Bulgaria               June, 2008 – August, 2008
              Quality Assurance Engineer
              ⋅ Analyzed customer’s requirements and wrote/changed test plans
              ⋅ Performed manual software tests and generated test reports
              ⋅ Reported software bugs in a bug database
              ⋅ Performed bug regression

              IBM Corp., Public Sector Business Department, London, UK                  April, 2008 – May, 2008
              Public Sector Marketing Intern
              ⋅ Researched and analyzed competitors’ strategic development
              ⋅ Organized meetings and prepared presentations and statistical spreadsheets
              ⋅ Managed and maintained database

Work-Study    Information Technology Department, St Lawrence University                   August, 2007 – Present
              Student Computer Repair Technician
              ⋅ Tutors faculty and staff on various computer software programs
              ⋅ Educates computer users to resolve a wide range of software problems
              ⋅ Configures and repairs a wide variety of technological equipment

              Owen D. Young Library, St Lawrence University                              January, 2007 – Present
              Student Research Assistant
              ⋅ Assists library patrons with scientific research and book reference
              ⋅ Arranges and maintains the library book collection
              ⋅ Trains students to use library database to do research

              Films Studies Department, St Lawrence University                   August, 2006 – December, 2007
              Teaching Assistant
              ⋅ Led a section of a Films Studies course attended by approximately 20-25 students
              ⋅ Handled the media viewing equipment and troubleshot any technical problems

              SLU Safety Team, St Lawrence University                             August, 2006 – December, 2007
              Student Patrol Member
              ⋅ Ensured the safety of the college students on campus and on special events and games
              ⋅ Assisted the security officers and the emergency medical technicians in critical situations

LEADERSHIP     National Society of Leadership and Success, St Lawrence University
              IT Coordinator, Founding Board Member                                 August, 2008 – August, 2009
              ⋅ Acted as a contact person for all information technology issues
              ⋅ Maintained the Chapter’s social networking pages. Included on these sites are officer positions,
                contact info, calendar of upcoming events, and photos from past events

              Crown Royalties Investment Club, St Lawrence University                 August, 2007 – August, 2008
              Active Member
              ⋅ Participated in the management of $30,000 equity portfolio as part on the university’s endowment
              ⋅ Qualitatively analyzed potential investments and evaluated the diversification of the portfolio

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