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									Be aware of your own habits. Ask
  yourself “DO I”?

  • Touch my face or squeeze my
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   • Wipe my hands on my clothes?
   • Fiddle with my earrings?
    • Play with my hair?                     Port Stephens Council
    • Pick my nose?
                                                   PO Box 42

     • Lick my fingers?
     • Spit?
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                                                 Fax: 4987 3612                 Hygiene
           Customers think—
         Clean looks = clean food


One of the keys to safe food is the personal         sneezing                                          Nail Varnish
hygiene of the people who prepare and sell it.   •   Handling garbage                                  Nail varnish hides dirty nails and can chip off
Bacteria that can cause food poisoning are       •   Smoking                                           and fall into food. Do not wear nail varnish
easily transferred from the hands and clothes    •   Touching your hair, face or other body parts      and keep your fingernails short as they are
of the people handling the food.                 •   Handling money                                    easier to clean.

It is therefore important that everyone who      Remember to wash your hands when changing             Hats and Hair Nets
handles food has a high level of personal        disposable gloves. Avoid using cloth towels for       Customers do not like to see hair in food.
hygiene. Some principals of hygiene are          hand drying as they are usually full of germs.        • Keep hair short or tied back.
listed below.                                                                                          • Wear a hat and/or hair net.
                                                 Cuts and Wounds
Illness                                          • All cuts and wounds should be covered at all                     Smoking and Eating
Anyone who handles or                              times with a clean, waterproof, brightly coloured                Germs are around your      mouth
prepares food while sick can                       plaster or band-aid.                                             and will pass to your      hands
transfer their germs to the food                 • Change the band-aid often during the day.                        when smoking or eating.
and cause the consumers of that food to also     • Use disposable gloves over the wound.                            • Do not eat, drink or     smoke
become sick. Therefore any food handler who                                                              while preparing food or while        in the
displays symptoms including vomiting,            Coughing and Sneezing                                   kitchen or shop.
diarrhoea, sore throat, fever or jaundice must   Coughs and sneezes spread diseases!                   • Do not spit on food.
not handle food.                                 • Do not cough or sneeze near food.                   • Do not chew gum.
                                                 • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or
Hand Washing                                       sneeze.                                             Appearance
Always wash your hands before handling                                                                 Germs are on your clothes, even though they
                                                 • Wash your hands before
food. Wash them completely, remembering                                                                may not look dirty. Wear clean clothes and an
                                                   touching food.
the backs of hands, wrists, between the                                                                apron to protect your clothes and food.
                                                 • If you are sick, do not go to
fingers and under your fingernails. Use
liquid soap and warm water for thorough                                                                Disposable Gloves
hand washing, then dry with single-use                                                                 If you choose to wear disposable gloves,
          paper towel.                                                                                 change them as often as you would wash
                                                 Jewellery such as rings, bracelets and earrings can
          Wash your hands after:                                                                       your hands. Alternatives to gloves are:
                                                 trap dirt, food particles and germs as well as fall
          • Visiting the toilet                  into food.                                            • Tongs and other utensils.
          • Handling raw food                    • Jewellery should be left at home.                   • A plastic bag i.e. a butcher handling mince.
          • Using a tissue, coughing or          • Wear jewellery on a short neck chain.               • Clean paper i.e. a baker handling bread.

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