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									              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan


Report Date: 1 July 2009


The second quarter of 2009 was much influenced by the tragic accident the programme had in BAC team 1 on 13
May. During sub surface search one of our operators stepped on a suspected Anti Personnel Mine, which
resulted in his left foot had to be amputated just over his ankle. The operator is now in Gulu, Uganda, where he is
undergoing further treatment and training, and will return to his family in Yei and the programme within July. The
internal investigation was done immediately after the accident and the Board of Inquiry in beginning of June. Both
reports conclude that NPA had followed the procedures and that this accident was unpreventable.

NPA deminer demonstrating manual demining.                    Emily (MAG) and Sunday (SSDC), pleased with the Mine
                                                              Awareness Day.

On 4 April NPA MA, MAG and OSIL assisted SSDC Yei sub office with arranging the International Mine
Awareness Day in Yei Center. This was the first time this day have been marked in Yei, and we would like to
thank SSDC for taking this initiative.

In recent period we have seen an increased number of people returning to communities in Central Equatoria,
especially along the Kaya – Juba road. These are both returnees and IDP’s, and to what degree these people
have gone through a Mine Risk Education Training Package differs. Our concern is that it will be an increased
number of incidents, and this has been informed to SSDC, UNMAO, OSIL and MAG, who have responded very
positive and about to work out a plan. For NPA the increased number of people returning has given us a
confirmation that focusing on releasing land for resettlement and agriculture is important. In most of the tasks we
have released since 2007, people are now establishing their new homes or preparing it for food production.

The issue of access to explosives (TNT) has finally been solved, and the programme would like to thank General
Malek Ruben (SPLA Engineers) and Peter Duku (SSDC) for solving this issue. We hope that a more permanent
solution on getting access to TNT is worked on in the future. Many communities are still affected with UXO’s, and
TNT is needed to clear these items.

Also this year we have agreed with UNMAO to be responsible for the site management and follow up of the UN
MineWolf during the UN stand down. To keep the machine operational throughout the year will have a big impact
on the land released – and the task it will work on in Lainya is a high priority task for GOSS and Central

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                         Page 1
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

Personnel, Capacity Building and Training

On the 30 June the programme consisted of the following staff:
     Nationals:       265
     Internationals: 9
     Total:           274 (26% females)

After a short period working as a Quality Assurance Officer in SSDC, George Awu Awile is back in NPA as a
Supervisor. He has gone back to his old position focusing on EOD. He will be the person with the main
responsibility of the stock pile / ammo dump destruction project, where we operate in close cooperation with
SPLA, SSDC and UNMAO. We are very happy to have him back in the programme.

A new Mechanical Technical Advisor has started to work for the programme – Jakkals Pretorius. He has replaced
Phillip, who stepped up as a Senior Technical Advisor last period. The skills, knowledge and experience Jakkals
brings into the programme will surly help on the capacity building of our staff and productivity on the ground.

The system of Elected Representative Meetings has proven to be a success. This has now been extended to the
country programme level. A Programme Elected Representative attended the first meeting in Juba on 29 June.

The following training has been conducted for national staff:
    Mini MineWolf Operator training for 4 operators (1 month), held by the MineWolf Senior Technical Advisor
         – Michael Kelly
    Basic demining course for 2 new Mini MineWolf operators (4 days), held by the NPA MA Manual

The medical department has started the rotation system to Kuluva Hospital in Uganda, which will give the medics
good experience. So far 5 medics have been doing “on the job training”.

The capacity building of the ICT assistant is going according to plan. During this period Khemis has been trained
     Mobile Devices Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Support
     Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Measures
     Basic VHF / HF Radio Communication Equipment Setup and Support

The following training has been conducted for SSDC staff:
    GIS / IMSMA attachment for the SSDC Malakal sub office for 1 person (3 weeks), held by GIS / IMSMA
         TA and GIS officer.
    Filed attachment for 5 SSDC operational staff (1 month), with the NPA QA officer as responsible person.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                     Page 2
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

Gender and Cross Cutting Issues

 According to the UN Resolution 1325 (2000) the Security Council emphasize the need for all parties to ensure that mine clearance and
 mine awareness programmes take into account the special needs of women and girls.

                                                                        Based on the evaluation of the Task Impact
                                                                        Assessment Teams results in 2007, we decided to
                                                                        establish a fully female team to do assessment of
                                                                        the future, ongoing and finished tasks released by
                                                                        NPA MA. In the communities we are operating in,
                                                                        the females and the girls are responsible for most of
                                                                        the work related to the household – collecting water
                                                                        and fire wood, and maintaining the garden. Because
                                                                        of this they can have critical information about
                                                                        already registered dangerous areas or new
                                                                        dangerous areas. By having a female team doing
                                                                        this we manage to get a higher percentage of
                                                                        females attending the meetings, and because of that
                                                                        access to information we did not get when the TIA
                                                                        team consisted of men. The programme priorities
                                                                        are based on the TIA, and with more females
                                                                        attending the meetings, their priorities automatically
                                                                        becomes registered in our database.

The programme has agreed to have the other NPA camps close to our camp to connect to our generator, to
reduce the number of generators running in Logobero. The area that was used for training the operators on the
Mini MineWolf has been planted with corn. The project of implementing energy efficient stoves in our camp
kitchen has been started, and we have stopped procuring bottled water, and are now only drinking water from
bore holes to reduce the amount of plastic waste.


The security situation has not changed since the last reporting period. The inter tribal fighting is still taking place in
Jonglei, Upper Nile and Lakes. In May we also had a tribal conflict in the close perimeters of Juba, when Bari and
Mundari clashed. The issues seem to have been solved. The government still reports this as “cattle rustling”, but
reports from UN and media are stating that the conflicts also have a political aspect.

The LRA activity in the Equatorian states is still ongoing, much focused around the border regions to DRC.

The lack of payment to certain government positions is still ongoing, and local strikes / markings has happened in
different places in Sudan – mainly in connection to bigger centers or towns. In Juba we have seen an increased
numbers of robberies, lootings, car hijacking and rap.

The establishment of a new political party SPLM – DC has had influence on the political climate, especially in
Juba. Involved in this new party is Lam Akol.

The programme have not been heavily affected of the security situation, but indirectly it has had an impact in
sedond quarter: On the 29 June the programme had to stop operations on all sites that have Yei Hospital in the
Med.Evac Plan – about 80% of our operations. The reason was a strike among the employees for not getting their
salary for the last 3 months. On the night to the 30 June our team in Loka had their medical trauma bag and the
generator stolen.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                                           Page 3
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan


Operations are conducted according to the Programme Plan for 2009. The following projects were worked on in
this reporting period:
      Morobo project                          - ongoing
      Kenyi project                           - ongoing
      Loka project                            - ongoing
      Juba – Kajo Keji resurvey project       - completed
      Nile River Hydro Power route survey     - completed
      Yei project                             - started
      Bele / Bungo project                    - started
      Lainya project                          - started

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                  Page 4
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

Sketch map of Kenyi Project 8 June 09.                       Task in Kenyi just after clearance but before completion.

The NPA MineWolf has worked in Kenyi Project during the whole period. The area is more contaminated than
expected, and we have had to extend many of the dangerous areas to secure the area is free of mines. The
number of people returning to the area is much higher and intense than we could imagine, and people are moving
in and starting cultivating the land as soon as we have cleared the land but before completion and handover. It is
very motivating for the programme to see that the work we do have immediate impact for the people in the

                                                             The Bagger has worked on different tasks assisting
                                                             the manual teams with clearance of low risk areas in
                                                             Morobo. It has also worked in Kenyi, to clear areas
                                                             that are not accessible for the MineWolf. The Bagger
                                                             was very successful when it assisted MineTech at
                                                             Yobu Stream outside Yei, when supporting the
                                                             UNMAO contractor in processing areas that was not
                                                             accessible with any of the other machines in South

On 29 May the Mini MineWolf team started its first
mechanical demining task, under close supervision
of the MineWolf Senior Technical Advisor. The task
is just outside Yei, so that we can have a close
follow up of it and gain some experience on the
machine before deploying it further away from the
camp. So far the machine has proved to be a very
useful asset for our programme.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                            Page 5
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

On the 18 June the programme took over the responsibility for the site management and follow up of the UN
MineWolf. The machine is now working on a task in Mafao, north of Juba, where the Bangladesh deminers have
worked for the last two years. This is a single task, and as soon as the machine is finished in Mafao it will start up
the Lainya Project.

Visual search after the MineWolf.                                                            Picture taken by: Benjamin Dixi

The manual teams are involved in all clearance projects, either to do a standard manual demining, technical
survey or follow up after one of the machines. Morobo Project has also this period been focusing on manual
clearance following the mine rows on the different tasks.

The accident had a setback on the BAC clearance. All tasks were suspended until after the BOI had taken place,
and the teams were retrained and tasked to follow up the mechanical assets. Now with the recommendations, the
BAC operations will continue as before.

EOD team working on a spot task.                               Stock pile in Lainya. One of 4 containers soon finished,
                                                               when a 2 meter long snake temporarily disrupted the

Due to delays on the arrival of the EOD Technical Advisor from the Swiss Army, the EOD training was postponed.
The training will take place in July. Because of this the EOD teams have had to focus on assisting the manual
teams in demolition of mines and UXO’s on the respective tasks. With the arrival of TNT the EOD teams are back
on track on the spot tasks, and the stock pile at Lainya is soon to be finished.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                               Page 6
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

The survey teams have completed the resurvey in Morobo, the resurvey of Juba – Kajo Keji Road, and the route
survey of the access roads leading down to the planned hydro power stations along the River Nile. With the
increased productivity we are expecting in the coming period with 4 machines in the programme, one of the
survey teams will be trained in registering completion of tasks, so that the handover back to the communities is
not delayed. The rest of the teams will continue according to the Programme Plan.

                                                            With 14 active tasks the TIA team has had full focus
                                                            on the TIA phase 2 assessments. The team was
                                                            much involved in the handover ceremony of Loka
                                                            Secondary School, which was done during the
                                                            NMFA audit. The TIA phase 3 where we are
                                                            evaluating the post demining activity has been
                                                            conducted in Miles 38, and we are very pleased to
                                                            inform that the area that we have released is now in

Land recently take in use in Miles 38.

Productivity in 2nd Quarter

        Manual teams have cleared 21,437 m2, verified 1,413 m2 and visually searched 353,571 m2.
        MineWolf machines have processed 353,571 m2
        BAC team have surface cleared 3,750 m2 and sub surface cleared 4,975 m2.
        EOD teams have completed 11 spot tasks.

Land Released in 2nd Quarter

During the reporting period we have competed 4 tasks, and the following have been achieved:
Area released by clearance:              12,586 m2
Area released by tech survey:           144,687 m2
Area released by non tech survey:             0 m2
Total Land Released:                   157,273 m2

The tasks completed are:

        Wuriba, Morobo County
        Midigo, Morobo County
        Jomi 4, Lainya County (Kenyi Project)
        Kenyi 4, Lainya County (Kenyi Project)

Findings in 2nd Quarter

        Anti- Tank Mines:                4                         UXO’s:                  118
        Anti- Personnel Mines:          36                         SAA:                      0

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                      Page 7
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

Stakeholders and Visitors
On 15 April our GIS / IMSMA Technical Advisor - Ikram Shehu presented the NPA Tech Base for representatives
from UNMAO – Reiko Kurihara, Christina Green and Johan Maree.

Auditors visiting SSDC office in Juba.                        Caroline and Elsebeth talking to the TIA team in front of
                                                              the handover in Loka. Taban and Sunday from SSDC
                                                              assisting with local knowledge.

Between 21 – 28 April representatives from COWI did an audit on our programme on behalf of Norwegian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This visit was a part of a bigger audit, on the NPA mine action activity in the last 10
years. During the visit the auditors manage to meet with representatives from NMFA, UNMAO, SSDC,
communities we are working in and other NGO’s in Yei, and NPA MA would like to thank all involved in this visit
for the assistance. The draft of the report is out and gives a very good feedback on the programme, but also
advising on how we can improve, especially on the interaction with other NPA programmes in Sudan. When final,
this report will be available for other donors and stakeholders.

                                                              On 8 May representatives from the Japanese
                                                              Embassy in Sudan visited our project in Bungo,
                                                              where one of our female teams is working, clearing
                                                              an area for rebuilding a primary school.

                                                              Between 4 – 6 June the UNDP Mine Action Advisor,
                                                              Ralph Hassall, visited NPA MA in Yei. This was the
                                                              first time since mid 2007 that a representative from
                                                              UNDP has visited Yei, and was really appreciated by
                                                              the programme, and the southern region. Ralphs
                                                              visit was a part of UNDP and SSDC head office visit
                                                              to SSDC Yei sub office, and on returning to back to
                                                              Juba the delegation lead by the SSDC Deputy
                                                              Chairlady – Margaret Mathiang, visited our Kenyi


NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                             Page 8
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan

Between 8 – 11 June the Board Of Inquiry took
place. The chair person was Graeme Abernethy
from UNMAO. In addition Sunday Roseline
represented SSDC and Kjell Ivar Breili represented

                                                              Graeme and Sunday being given a site brief as a part of
                                                              the BOI.

                                                              Between 15 – 16 June the SSDC Public Relation
                                                              Officer - Sarah Chan, UNMAS Programme and
                                                              Public Information Officer – Severine Flores visited
                                                              our female team in Bungo. Sunday Roseline from
                                                              SSDC Yei sub office and the UNMAO Operations
                                                              Officer – Johan Maree also attended the visit.

                                                              Between 19 - 23 June NPA assisted UNMAO and
                                                              MineWolf to transport the flail for the UN MineWolf
                                                              from Wau and back to Juba.

                                                              On 23 June NPA attended a meeting with UNDP
                                                              and Crainfield University for planning the future
                                                              capacity building of SSDC.
Sunday, Severine and Sarah ready for following the team
leader Besta in to the minefield.

On 25 June the NPA Gender Project Manager – Siri Vasshaug and a journalist from BBC – Peter Martell visited
the female demining team in Bungo.

On 26 June a “reconciliation meeting” was arranged by SSDC, between the community in Mundri and NPA MA
Sudan. This to sort out all remaining issues related to the incident in 2008, and to agree on the future operations
for NPA in this region. The meeting was successful, and NPA will do a resurvey of the communities of Lui and
Armadi, and based on this prepare a clearance project for 2010. This project will hopefully also make way for
other NGO’s to go back and work in this region.

Between 27 – 29 June Colonel Markus Schefer from
the Swiss Armed Force visited our programme, in
preparation of assisting the programme with one
EOD technical advisor. During the visit the Colonel
also informed the programme of other ways the
Swiss Army can assist the programme, which we will
follow up.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                           Page 9
              Norwegian People’s Aid
              Mine Action Programme in Sudan


During this reporting period we have had a financial audit on the following projects from 2008:
     German Federal Foreign Office              – Sudan Project
     German Federal Foreign Office              – Rwanda Project
     Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs          – Sudan Project
     Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs      – Sudan Project
     United Nations Mine Action Office          – Mechanical capacity

All financial audits have been conducted by KPMG.

The USDOS Project 2008/2009 has been closed and the project for 2009/2010 been started. In addition to fund
the BAC and EOD, USDOS has approved to fund the Jonglei Project we had to postpone in 2009. Hopefully this
will happen first in 2010, and we are at the moment working on solutions to make this possible – even if the
security situation is as it is today.

An internal audit was initiated by the programme manager in May, based on the USDOS audit that took place in
2006/2007. The objective was to check the level of improvement or deterioration and to find solutions to the
outstanding challenges.

The establishment of bank accounts for all NPA MA employees are ongoing. The only thing that is remaining is to
test the system, and then to have it fully implemented for the August salary. The programme will us KCB, which is
a bank approved by NPA HO.

The changes in tax exception, increased import taxes, the bad road conditions and the tense situation in South
Sudan, has resulted in a general increased cost on all goods used / consumed by the programme.

The programme is on track with the Programme Plan 2009 and Capacity Building Plan 2009. On capacity building
of SSDC, we have been requested to also assist the SSDC Yei sub office with the priority settings. This has
already started, but the first step of the process will be finished in the next quarter, when the priorities for next
demining season from GOSS, UNMIS, UN agencies and NGO’s will be agreed upon in the Transport and
Demining Steering Group (TDSG).

The start up of the Yei Project, and the survey of a ring road around Yei, working close with the County
Commissioner and his engineers is a very interesting development project. The roads we are surveying are based
on the City Plan for Yei, and will enable the people to access and return to their plots. The cooperation with SPLA
on destruction of stock piles and ammunition dumps is another project just started, and that will run into next
reporting period. Lainya Project will start in mid July, and we hope to finish 1,4 mill m2 within the year. To be able
to do so we will in periods have 3 MineWolf machines working on the task, processing the area.

On behalf of the programme I would like to thank all my staff and representatives from Yei Hospital that was
involved in the accident and the process after for all the support. It is unfortunate when accidents happen in a
programme, but we have now gone through the whole process of investigation and team building for the BAC
teams. It is a reminder for all of us that we are in a risky business.

NPA Mine Action Sudan
Logobero Camp
Yei River County
Central Equatoria                                                                                         Page 10
               Norwegian People’s Aid
               Mine Action Programme in Sudan

 NPA Mine Action Sudan thanks its donors for the 2009 funding period:

Dutch Ministry of        German Federal Foreign Office    Norwegian Ministry of Foreign   US Department of
 Foreign Affairs                                                    Affairs                    State

                         Japan’s Official Development      The United Nations Voluntary
                                 Assistance                Trust Fund for Assistance to
                                                                   Mine Action

 NPA Mine Action Sudan Partners:

South Sudan Mine          United Nations Mine Action     World Food Programme        MineWolf Systems AG
 Action Authority                Office, Sudan

 NPA Mine Action Sudan
 Logobero Camp
 Yei River County
 Central Equatoria                                                                             Page 11

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