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									St. John Lutheran Church
Random Lake, WI

                                                                   The Lamp
June, 2010
                                                                                           Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
Volume 2010 Issue 6                                                                              and a light unto my path.
                                                                                                             - Psalm 119:105

2010 Theme

 “Every Soul A Treasure”                                                                     Member Newsletter

From the Pastor’s Desk

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      I love this time of year when the air is filled with the smell of bratwurst on the grill and the sounds of children play-
 ing outside resonate through each neighborhood. Flowers are blooming with their abundant fragrances and lush green
 lawns are a great place to picnic with the family.

        In Luther‟s Small Catechism, he begins to explain the meaning of the First Article of the Apostle Creed in this way:
 “I believe that God has made me and all creatures; that He has given me my body and soul, eyes, ears, and all my mem-
 bers, my reason and all my senses, and still takes care of them.” Most of us don‟t appreciate how important and how val-
 uable the gift is of “all my senses” until we begin to lose one of them. Most of us know people who have some amount
 of vision loss and how that can limit options for work and leisure. On any given Sunday, there are at least a handful of
 our members who rely upon hearing aids in order to follow along with the Divine Service. One of my daughters is cur-
 rently suffering from a loss of the sense of smell and it severely impacts her enjoyment of food. Each of our five senses
 has a role to play that is important in our daily lives. It has been said that when premature infants are kept hospitalized
 until they are strong enough to go home, they still must receive human touch each day or they will not thrive.

       This summer could be called the summer of “all my senses” here at Sherman Center. There will be the abundant
 opportunities to taste and touch the bread and wine where the true presence of Christ can be found, in, with, and under
 those visible elements. We will have ample opportunity to “taste and see how good the Lord is” through hearing God‟s
 Word preached, read publicly, and taught. As we move into summer we will be able to rejoice in some long overdue im-
 provements to our church‟s sound system and the addition of some video components. These improvements have been
 made possible thanks to a number of very generous gifts that were received from members and designated for this very

                                                                                (Continued on next page)

                                                                                                   Member of -
The Lamp                                                        Volume 2010       Issue 6                           Page 2

  (Continued)                                                         June Adult Bible Study Opportunities
     Lutheran Divine Service has always taken advantage
of the full range of all our senses so that we may fully    Thursday Morning Men’s Bible Breakfast
appreciate how Christ Himself became flesh and lived        This study and format enables men to feed on the Word of
among us. He wept and slept; He heard and spoke; He         God while they are being fed breakfast. Men of all ages are
experienced hunger and thirst; all because it was im-       invited to meet in the back dining room at Midway Restaurant
portant that in so doing, He would also take our punish-    on Highway 57 from 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. on Thursdays
ment and pain by going to the Cross of Calvary in our       with Pastor Laska as the leader. After ordering breakfast off
place.                                                      the menu we will have a 45 minute study while we eat. Our
                                                            summer study that is just starting is based upon the New Tes-
                                                            tament Epistle to the Hebrews. This Christ centered letter
       Later this summer, our Vacation Bible School will
have as its theme, “All My Senses”. Our VBS Director,       leaves the reader convinced of the deity of Jesus. Bring a friend
                                                            and let‟s have a good time of fellowship as we study God‟s
Kris Vojnovich, has developed a wonderful and original
curriculum based upon each of our fives senses. She is
calling out for adults and older youth to be part of the
staff for VBS. She will appreciate that many of you will    Thursday Morning Mid Week
call her saying that you are willing to give some of your
time to this important community outreach to children       Pastor Laska is leading this ongoing joint study this month
and their families. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will   with members of St. John and Emmanuel. This month the
open hearts to volunteer and to register their children,    class will meet in the Friendship Room on Thursdays from
grandchildren and neighbors for this Christ centered        9:15 A.M. to 10:15 A.M. We will be studying the Scripture
week. It is scheduled for July 26-30 in the mornings with   readings for the upcoming Sunday. This is a refreshing way to
the VBS Closing Service on August 1.                        prepare for worship. Men and women of all ages are welcome
                                                            to attend.

In Service to Christ,                                       Sunday Morning, Women’s Bible Study and New Life

Pastor Greg Laska                                           These groups will not meet during the summer and will start
                                                            up again the week after the Church Picnic in September.

                                                                      COOKBOOKS FOR SALE
                                                            Our new cookbook has arrived. You can see a copy
                                                            in the school office or in the church narthex. The
                                                            book contains a variety of recipes and it only costs
                                                            $10. All profits from the sale will be going toward the
Attendance — April                                          operating budget of our church and school.

Sunday 8:00 AM Worship                               374          Random Lake Area Interfaith Food Pantry

Sunday 10:30 AM Worship                              450    Every month we receive a thank you letter to the members
                                                            of St. John saying, “Thank you for your generous contri-
Wednesday Evening                                     62    bution of food to the Random Lake Area Interfaith Food
Special                                              292    Pantry. The need for food has been increasing every
                                                            month. In these difficult and uncertain times, your dona-
                                                            tion is received with open arms. Thank you for „Helping
TOTAL for April                                     1178    Us Help Others‟”.
The Lamp                                                        Volume 2010           Issue 6                     Page 3

The members of St. John Lutheran Congregation pray that all those who are celebrating birthdays and anniver-
saries during the month of June will continue to be blessed by the Lord in all ways. He is the source of all that
we need and has richly supplied us with the gifts of family, friends and faith. May each of you celebrating in
June enjoy your special day in good health and by giving honor and glory to God.

 June 1 - McKenzie Mitchell                                   June 16 – June Krueger, Edward Haase
 June 2 - Sheri Horn                                          June 17 - Kyra Depies
 June 3 - Janice Habeck, Sherry Scholz, Kristine Vojnovich,   June 18 – John Kaufmann, Alan Daniels
          Kristie Parker, Ava Daggett                         June 19 – Megan Kannenberg, Elizabeth Schmitz
 June 4 - Todd Robertson                                      June 20 – Linda Arends
 June 6 - Walter Friedemann, Matt Reseburg, Linda Sommer      June 21 –Jeff Kappler
 June 7 - Tom Silver, Gabrielle Tock                          June 22 – Kyle Backhaus
 June 8 - Heidi Kannenberg                                    June 23 – Paul Pannier
 June 9 - Amanda Heidemann, Tammy Peters,                     June 25 – David Goedde
          Thomas Robertson                                    June 26 – Deborah Wilke
 June 11- Preston Fitzgerald                                  June 27 – Ruth McKenna, Eugene Raess
 June 12 – Eric Habeck, Kaelynne Maxwell                      June 29 – Samantha Arndt, Josie Horn
 June 13 – Joan Vorpahl, Janice Voelzke, Jack Schigur,        June 30 – Lisa Nytes, Laura Mueller, Robbie Bauer
          Dylan Robertson, Jacob Pannier,
 June 14 - Tyler Fitzgerald
 June 15 – Keith Bauer

                     June 1 – M/M James Geib
                    June 5 – M/M Bill Habeck                         June 17 – M/M Dennis Hartmann, M/M Larry Sanders
                    June 7 – M/M Jason Becker                                     June 18 – M/M Elroy Herms,
          June 9 – M/M Roger Scholz, M/M Don Vetter,                              June 19 –M/M Ed Liermann
                         M/M Gary Depies                                June 22 – M/M Alan Cirra, M/M Justin Brooks
                    June 10 – M/M Doug Tock                                      June 23 – M/M Gary Schallock

                  June 11 – M/M Wayne Sramek                                      June 24 – M/M Paul Pannier
                  June 12 – M/M Mark Schmitz                                      June 28 – M/M Mike Priaulx
                  June 13 – M/M Norman Jagow                                     June 30 – M/M Ralph Zimmer
                   June 14 – M/M Ron Vorpahl
        June 15 – M/M Ron Jentsch, M/M Allen Muench,
                     M/M Jeff Kappler
The Lamp                                                           Volume 2010          Issue 6                  Page 4

                                                 .Evangelism             Committee News
                                                                 PLAY BALL!
                                              St. John Sherman Center Verses St. John New Fane

                                            Mark your calendar for the last Sunday of each month.

                                                    1st Game: Sunday May 30
                                          3pm at Kiwanis Park in Kewaskum

 We would like to invite anyone over the age of 13 to join us as we represent our congregation, by playing on the St.
John softball team. All ages are welcome to cheer on the players. Come join us for an afternoon of fun and
fellowship. Call Tom Maxwell at 920-994-4955 for more information.

                                               Bring A Friend!
St. John Float:        Plans have begun for designing an interactive St. John float. We will be participating in the
Random Lake Firemen’s parade on Sunday July 25. The float theme is; “Come Follow Me”. Watch for more
details in the upcoming weeks.

 Fellowship Sunday: Come take time out of your busy summer schedule and join us for worship each week.
After the Wednesday June 9; Saturday June 12, and Sunday June 13 Worship Services, plan to stay and visit with
friends and family, while enjoying some tasty treats.

 A Night of Laughter and Fellowship: On May 1, the Fish Sticks Improv comedy group visited St.
John. 112 people came and had a wonderful time. The audience participated by providing topics and suggestions
for skits and games. The highlight of the evening was at the close of the show. Two of our members were invited
on stage to act as puppeteers for the Fish Stick actors. No one could keep from laughing, not even the puppeteers.
      We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the night a success.

                               Pastor Laska was invited on stage to participate in a word game
The Lamp                                                Volume 2010     Issue 6                         Page 5

                                             JOIN US at the   ALL MY SENSES                 VBS!

                                   ALL CHILDREN AGES 3yrs-12yrs ARE WELCOME
                                                  BRING A FRIEND!
                                         Date July 26 – 30 Time 8:30-11:30 AM
                                We hope that your child/children will be able to join us for another exciting
                                and fun session of Vacation Bible School. Each day the Lord leads us, and
                                reminds us of His love and care through our five Senses. Each day of the
                                “All My Senses” VBS, the children will explore God‟s Word through interac-
                                tive Bible stories, games, crafts, songs, and sensational snacks. Extra Sign-
                                up sheets are available in the school and church office. They are also on
                                the               Welcome Center in the church narthex.

  ALL HELPING HANDS WELCOME! Come join us as a teacher or teacher‟s helper.
 Contact Kris Vojnovich at 920-838-2855 for more information..

                              TRASH AND TREASURE SALE

      Our High School youth group is planning to have a TRASH & TREASURE (Rummage)
 Sale and Brat Fry in the school gym on Saturday, June 26. This will be the final fundraising
 activity before attending the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans this summer. Profits
 will go toward paying for convention meals.

     Clean out your closets, and basements. We need your stuff!!! The more stuff we have,
 the more we can make. You can drop items off in the school gym from Monday June 21-
 Thursday June 24 from 4-7 pm and on Friday June 25 from 8-12 noon. Bags are also
 needed (especially paper grocery bags for the Bag Sale). You will receive a receipt for your

 Help is also needed to sort merchandise, and on the day of the sale.

 For more info, please contact Chris Pannier 920-994-9764 or Anne Rosso 920-994-2614.
The Lamp                                              Volume 2010    Issue 6                        Page 6

              Treasurer's Report
                 as of 4/30/10

  4/12 Current Budget                                                            $168,717.48
  4 mo. Current Receipts                                                         $126,011.43
  Bill Tree (included in numbers above)                                                 $2,310.00
  Matching Funds (includes in numbers above)                                            $2,550.00

  4 mo. Disbursements                                                            $173,629.84

  Unpaid Bills as of 5/14/10                                                              $0.00

  Line of Credit Balance as of 4/30/10                                            $57,000.00
  Mortgage Balance                                                               $174,374.50
  Private Loans Balance                                                          $100,000.00

  Budget through 6/10                                                                 $253,076.22

                               Laughter is the Best Medicine
       One Sunday after church Mom asked her very young daughter what the lesson was about.

       Her daughter answered, “Don’t be scared, you’ll get your quilts.” Needless to say, Mom was

       Later in the day, the Pastor stopped by for tea. Mom asked him what that morning’s Sunday
       School lesson was about.

       He said, “Be not afraid, Thy comforter is coming.”
The Lamp   Volume 2010   Issue 6   Page 7
The Lamp   Volume 2010   Issue 6   Page 8
The Lamp   Volume 2010   Issue 6   Page 9

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