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									                             The Kettle
               Straits Area Audubon Society newsletter dating from 1983
                                                                                                         April 2010                    Vol. 11 No. 4

President:                       Kathy Bricker
                                                    April Meeting – “The Weather Machine Shifts Gears ”
Vice President:                   Jim Bricker
627-4830           by Jim Bricker

Treasurer:                   Rosanne Rynerson
                                                                     On Wednesday, April 14, at the Cheboygan Area Public Library
627-3741                           will be the premiere event of Earth Week Cheboygan County.
                                                                     See the enclosed or attached Earth Week file for other events
Secretary:                        Amy Durant
                                                                     that week.
                                                                     When I first became SAAS vice-president, several people ad-
Past President:                        Ben Lillie                    vised, if there's any way you can get Dave Barrons to speak, do
627-5128                                  it. Now at last, he is coming, thanks to an anonymous sup-
Executive Com. At-Large: Gloria Cadwalader          porter who will pay most of Dave's travel costs from Traverse City.
597-0426             Dave Barrons retired a few years back as the weatherman for television Chan-
                                                    nel 9 and 10. His program, “The Weather Machine Shifts Gears,” will tell about
Michigan Audubon Society Rep.: Art Frock
627-5128                   weather change, the driving forces behind it, and what we can do about it.
                                                        As he explains, and we all know from the light winter and the premature
Youth Outreach:               Mike Supernault       spring in Michigan, weather patterns are increasingly topsy-turvy. You will be
                                                    entertained as well as educated, so please plan to join us.
Greeter:                         Marie Bartlett         All attendees are eligible to win the door prize. Raffle ticket sales will sup-
625-9078              port SAAS nature education activities. After the program, refreshments will be
Field Trips:                      Steve Baker       served thanks to Steve and Sue Baker, Eloise Davis, and Will Mandrick.

Bird Reports/Counts:                   Ed Pike
                                                    Saving Starlight Education
                                                    by Kathy Bricker
Conservation:                Maureen Conklin             On March 2, SAAS members Jim Bricker
                                                    and Mark Stormzand assisted me in pre-
Raffle/Door Prize:            Judy Vanderhart       senting a 12-minute, localized version of the
627-6249            talk given to SAAS in November 2009 by
Hospitality:                   Alice MacFarland
                                                    Mary Lou Tanton of the Outdoor Lighting
597-8173           Forum. We spoke before the Inverness
                                                    Township board of trustees and a small au-
Kettle Layout:                     Linda Baney
                                                    dience of citizens. Besides giving the
Kettle Printer/Producer: Ann/Roger Benter           PowerPoint, we passed out pamphlets from
627-3992             the International Dark-Sky Association on
                                                    light pollution and its effects on human health, safety, energy, and wildlife.
Audiovisual/Web Master: Roy MacFarland
597-8173                Trustee Tim Borowicz agreed to research how the township could improve its
                                                    night lighting and educate people about this issue. Non-member volunteer Jolie
Website:        Hile now is approaching Aloha Township to offer the program. Anyone else
Meetings: PLEASE NOTE that SAAS meetings            could share this material or talk to your township, church, or other organization.
are held at the Cheboygan Area Public Library,      I would be happy to help with the presentation and provide handouts from the
starting at 6:30 pm. We thank the Library for       stock obtained by SAAS. These materials also will be distributed during Earth
providing this space at 100 S. Bailey St.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Straits Area Audubon Society is to educate the community, including its children, about conservation and
enjoyment of the natural world with emphasis on the local natural communities of wildlife. This will be accomplished through regular seasonal meet-
ings and by sponsoring fieldtrips, classroom studies and field studies.                                                                                1
    What you missed at the March meeting
    by Gary Lee Williams - substitute secretary

         Jim Bricker introduced the evening          end positions of the
    program: Monty and Ollie Najar, father and       strike.
    son team that had taken a snake study trip            It was noted that a
    to Kenya.                                        lot of people do die from
         In April of 2009 when Ollie was 10          snakebite but the bites
    years old his father, Monty, decided it was      are not always a death
    his turn (Ollie is one of 3 kids) for a learn-   sentence, especially
    ing adventure. Monty believes that what          when with proper treat-
    you learn during 5 minutes with an animal        ment. For example, al-
    is better than 50 hours at the library.          though the black mamba
         Monty and Ollie spent 3 weeks in Af-        venom attacks the nerv-
    rica; part of that time was spent at Bio-Ken     ous system controlling
    Snake Park and Research Centre (          muscles, it does not af-                           Attendees gather around Ollie and Bio-Ken is part tourist attrac-       fect the heart and the effects wear off af-        Monty Najar Photo by Marilee Lillie
    tion, part snake farm, and part venom re-        ter a couple days. There is a story of a
    search center. Ollie learned that Bio-Ken        whole village taking turns using a squeeze
    maintains an antivenin trust, does educa-        bag manual ventilator to keep a patient
    tion and seminars on snakebite for people        alive for four days. The patient survived.
    from around the world, and provides free              Monty and Ollie also told about several
    consultation to local snakebite victims          other snakes, including the spitting cobra,
    when needed. He believes that Bio-Ken            pythons, puff adder, and the green mam- 
    has saved hundreds of lives around the           bas.                                             by Roy MacFarland
    world through their research, work and                Monty compared amateur herpetology               Some people have had
    consultation services.                           to bird watching. He said, “Everybody            trouble getting to our web-
         Monty said that as a father he loves        should have some hobby or outside inter-         site. If so, try going to
    the fact that he can do "fantastic, super-       est. For my son and me it is herpetology. A      Google and typing in Straits
    natural, and impossible things” in the eyes      big part of this trip was to get some first-     Area Audubon Society. Or
    of his kids. He said that when he travels        person, hands on skills and see things with      complete the following steps
    he likes to support local causes and to help     our own eyes. People don’t do this enough.       on your computer.
    his kids develop a sense of responsibility       Go see and smell and touch the things that            Press green start key in
    by helping the world just a little bit. On       you’ve studied or seen on TV. Scrape to-         lower left. Click on Control
    this trip they donated a large quantity of       gether some time and money to go explore         Panel. Select Delete Cookies.
    snake handling and safety equipment,             the real world. Get out there!“                       OR
    some of which was provided by U S manu-               Monty lives in southeast Michigan with      1. Go into Control Panel.
    facturers.                                       his wife and three children. He travels for      2. Click on Internet Options
         One of the fascinating things Ollie dis-    work as well as for play, and chases             3. Click on Browsing history
    played to the SAAS audience of 54 people         snakes wherever possible. His next big trip           A new window will come
    (24 members and 30 guests) was the               is planned to Brazil with a younger son.         up...Under Browsing History,
    speed of the strike of the Gaboon Viper.         He invites contact at yTomRa-                    click on Delete. Select any or
    This snake can strike faster than the hu- As he likes to say, “I          all of the files to delete.
    man eyeball can record. They showed a            Smell . . . ADVENTURE!”                          Then click on Delete again.
    close up video of the viper striking a rat.           SAAS President, Kathy Bricker opened             Feel free to contact me
    In slow motion, we saw only the start and                                 (Continued on page 4)   for additional help if needed.
                                                                                                      Especially with Earth Week
    SAAS Nominating Committee Seeks Input                                                             coming up, you will want to
                                                                                                      know the latest news on all
    by Dorothy Woosley                                                                                the events, since the Earth
        The nominating committee is accepting        tions, and pass along recommendations for        Week website is part of the
    candidates for leadership and volunteer          other volunteer posts to the new President       SAAS website.
    roles in the SAAS. If you are a member of        replacing Kathy Bricker, who has reached
    SAAS you can nominate someone, or vol-           the end of her term limit time of three
    unteer yourself, for any of the roles listed     years. Contact Jim Bricker (627-4830) or
    on the front page of "The Kettle.” We will       Dorothy Woosley (627-9909) by April 18th.
    nominate people for the President, Vice          We look forward to hearing from you.
    President, Secretary, and Treasurer posi-

                                       Presidential Chirpings
                                       by Kathy Bricker

Rare Bird Sighting                          When someone recommends a book or              climate changes.
by Darlene and Gary Nordberg           a movie, I try to pay attention. Luckily, the            One recommendation in particular
                                       book about climate change recommended               struck me, since it underlays our SAAS
                                       by Richard Riker of Mackinaw City was               work to protect places like the Red Rock
                                       available through the library. Richard, an          Wilderness in Utah, the dark night sky over
                                       Earth Week presenter on home energy                 our heads, and species like eagles and
                                       conservation and savings (see separate              coyotes. Page 188: “Saving some excess
                                       schedule or visit                                   capacity is an insurance policy. Nature
                                       www.earthweekcheboygancounty), is an                gives us fossil fuels, land, water, air,
                                       avid and critical reader, so I launched into        plants, animals, nutrients, and more. If we
                                       The Two-Mile Time Machine by Richard                use everything that nature gives us, and
Photo by Gary Nordberg
                                       Alley. I found it dense reading, but with           then nature takes some back, we will have
                                       the Audubon climate change program com-             nowhere else to go. If we leave some ex-
     A strikingly beautiful par-       ing in April, it seemed important to better         cess capacity out there, then we will have
tridge-like bird with orange           understand the extensive studies of past            additional resources on which to draw if we
legs arrived at our home on            climate. Dr. Alley explained how quickly            need them. And those resources can be
Long Point, Mullett Lake on            the earth can both cool and heat, and how           used by the other species with which we
March 19. It left 2 days later,        rarely it stays as stable as this period that       share this globe and on which we often
after feeding on sunflower             humans have enjoyed. In the last chapter            rely.” Hmmm – setting aside a “rainy day
and other seeds from the               the author opined what humans might do              fund” for our planet and ourselves – makes
ground below the feeder.               either to forestall or adapt to the coming          sense!
Looking into my bird book, I
was surprised to see it was a
chukar, native to the far
                                       Reminder: 2010 Ornithological Congress in Petoskey
western states. It was quite           by Thomas Funke, Director of Conservation, Michigan Audubon Society
tame, and when it moved, it
                                           The 2010 Ornithological Congress is                 A Bird Monitoring Orientation on Satur-
walked or ran along the
                                       April 7 to 10 at North Central Michigan Col-        day April 10 will help birders interested in
ground rather than flying.
                                       lege in Petoskey. Topics include:                   helping monitor birds and/or coordinate
We assume it escaped from
                                            monitoring for nocturnal birds and           regional monitoring volunteers.
some farm or game ranch
                                                pest species of insects and plants             Call 517-886-9144 for more informa-
and wonder if Audubon mem-
                                            how to recruit "non- traditional"            tion about the conference. A single day
bers have seen others in the
                                                audiences into wildlife conservation       registration costs $30; full registration
area? (Note – please alert
                                            falconry and raptor rehabilitation           costs $75. Both include lunch and dinner
Kathy Bricker if you have
                                            impacts of non-native insects on             on-site.
seen a chukar in the wild.)
                                                Michigan's forests

                                       Superior: Land of the Woodland Drummer by Tom Sterling
                                       by Jim Bricker

                                                          Straits Area Audubon Society     grouse, the woodland drummer, but about
                                                          thanks Tom Sterling for pre-     sharp-tailed grouse that court by gathering
                                                          senting Superior: Land of        in leks, and many other amazing creatures
                                                          the Woodland Drummer to          of Superior country. We appreciate every-
                                                          600 Cheboygan Middle             one who attended and brought friends.
                                                          School students and 104          Many people helped to make the event a
                                                          members of the public on         success, including Roger Benter, Jim and
                                                          March 18. Because of Tom's       Connie Boyer, Kathy Bricker, Gloria and
                                                          gracious offer of a dis-         Tom Cadwalader, Linda Chase, Mark Dom-
                                                          counted rate of $300, we         broski, Cyndi Kress, Ben Lillie, Alice and
                                                          raised enough in ticket sales    Roy MacFarland, and Rose Rynerson.
                                                          to cover bringing this classic
                                                          nature education program to
                                                          Cheboygan. Tom taught us
Sharp-tailed grouse on lek, Photo by                      not only about ruffed
Kathy Bricker
    Field Trips
    by Steve Baker
    Friday, April 9                                 and plan to en-
    SECOND ANNUAL Headlands Park                    joy the spectacle
    potluck, owl banding, stargazing                of hawks and
         At 6:30 pm on April 9, SAAS members        eagles as they
    and guests will gather at the Guest House       kettle high over-
    at the Headlands Park for a potluck dinner.     head on ther-
    Afterward, we will help Ed Pike set up mist     mals. We may
    nests and an owl calling station nearby.        also see north-
    Saw-whet owls will be the main target,          ern shrikes, blue
    with boreal and long-eared owls also possi-     jays, northern
    ble. The first net check will be about 30       flickers, and
    minutes after sunset. Any captured owls         other migrants.                                                 Photo by Kathy Bricker
    will be measured, aged, sexed, banded           Around noon,
    and released. Ed will demonstrate tech-         join a brown-bag lunch back at the Guest
    niques that biologists use to learn more        House and help rake leaves or clear trails
    about these nocturnal hunters. In be-           in return for the use of this fine facility. In
    tween checking the nets, star-gazing and        inclement weather, instead of watching
    constellation identification will take place.   hawks, we will take a nature hike on the
    Stay as late as you like. A limited number      extensive Headlands trails. Anyone who
    of people can spend the night dormitory-        wishes may stay overnight again on Satur-
    style. The Emmet County Headlands Park          day to help Ed with owl banding and do
    is located just west of Mackinaw City.          more star gazing.
    From the entrance, follow the signs to the      Wednesday, May 19
    Guest House.                                    Big Birding Day
    Saturday, April 10                                   This annual event is an all day, all out
    Hawk Watch and trail pickup at Head-            effort to see as many species of birds as
    lands Park                                      we can in one day. This is a fund raiser for
         At 10 am on April 10, Headlands over-      the Straits Area Audubon Society where
    nighters and any others are invited to help     members pledge an amount per species
    survey hawks as they migrate over the tip       seen. Typically around 100 species are
    of the mitt. Drive down the dirt road into      found. For those that want to participate,
    the Mackinaw City historic park opposite        we will meet at 6 am in Mackinaw City at
    the entrance to the Headlands. Dress            the highway rest area . More details in the
    warmly, bring a lawn chair and binoculars,      May Kettle.

        (Continued from page 2)                     cation work.
    the meeting promptly at 6:30 P.M. Alice             Rose Rynerson gave the finance re-
    MacFarland told about the quilt raffle and      port. Kathy announced that Jim Bricker
    the blue bird house program and the dis-        and Dorothy Woosley are the nominating
    play on it at the Cheboygan Area Public         committee lining up candidates for 2010-
    Library. She explained the Department of        2011 offices. For more information or sug-
    Environmental Quality criteria for use of       gestions, please contact them.
    wetlands relating to the proposed Cheboy-           Thanks to Ben and Marilee Lillie for the
    gan RV Park. She thanked Gloria Cad-            beautiful framed print of two eagles they
    walader, B.D. Gillig, and Rose Rynerson for     donated for the raffle. Guest Tammy Paw-
    providing refreshments tonight.                 lowski selected it as her prize. Roy
        Ed Pike handled bird sightings; Com-        MacFarland won the other raffle prize of
    mon Grackles were noted as spring arri-         the glass painting of an artist's rendition of
    vals.                                           a bluebird. Guest Nick Dankert won his
        Steve Baker announced the March 20th        choice of the bird house and feeder door
    maple syrup field trip by Will Mandrick.        prize, while Rose Rynerson won the St.
    Jim Bricker urged people to attend              Patrick's Day kitchen mitt and hot pad door
    “Superior: Land of the Woodland Drum-           prize donated by Alice and Roy
    mer” at the High School on March 18th. A        MacFarland. Special thanks go to Ed Pike          Nick Dankert with his brother Chris
    small admission fee will be split between       for donating back one of the items which          and door prize, Photo by Marilee Lillie
    Cheboygan Schools and SAAS nature edu-          he won.
                                      Bluebirds Help Youth
                                      by Molly and Gary Ferguson

                                                 SAAS is partnering with the Che-      wood on one of the box’s doors and Sean
                                                 boygan Youth Center, which pro-       pointed out how we could to fix the error.
                                                 vides after school activities for     He built two boxes and was feeling confi-
                                                 kids in 5th through 9th grades.       dent. Kyle built a box. He started slowly
                                                 When boys and girls were asked        and gained confidence. “This is fun” he
                                                 to sign up to build bird houses,      said, and built another one. He would
                                                 Kyle wasn’t sure he wanted to         have built more, given the opportunity.
                                                 participate, asking “do we have to        Painting was something that everyone
                                                 use hammers”. We told him yes,        wanted to do. Here is some of the conver-
                                                 you are building a bird house,        sation that took place: Can I paint camou-
                                                 decorating it, and placing it where   flage on the box? Sure, it’s yours to deco-
                                                 birds can build their nests. He       rate. How about the back? There’s no
Gary Ferguson helps at Cheboygan
Youth Center bluebird box construc-   wasn’t sure about that hammer.                   need to since you won’t see the back. No
tion, photo by Molly Ferguson              We expected this project would appeal       you will see the back, another student re-
                                      mostly to boys. Seven kids registered with       plied, because they are going on posts.
                                      a good share of girls. We had hoped for          OK, you'd better paint the back also.
 Call for Grant-Worthy Projects       10 kids who would work in teams of two           Where are you going to put these boxes?
by Kathy Bricker                      with one person being a little older and         Who’s Alice? (Since her name and phone
     Once again, members are          able to help the younger one. We deco-           number was the information burned into
asked to submit ideas for             rated the Center’s bulletin board with pho-      the bottom of each nest box.)
how to best use Audubon               tographs of bluebirds, their eggs and                “Can I wood burn the front of the box
funds we will raise on our Big        nests. Our goal was to make this fun and         since it isn’t painted yet?”, asked Mike.
Birding Day on May 19. Your           let learning follow as the kids got into the     Sure, it’s yours to decorate. He wrote--
vote on projects last May was         building process. As the project began,          “My name is Bob - Welcome birds”. We
honored, as we donated $545           other kids started to wander into the area,      don’t know what it means, but Mike has
to projects you selected:             became interested and asked to partici-          established ownership of his nesting box.
$150 for owl migration re-            pate.                                                The kids built 10 houses. They asked
search, $135 for public edu-               First, we wood burned the contact in-       many questions about bluebirds, their eggs
cation materials about Saving         formation on the bottom of each nest box.        and where the nest boxes will be placed.
Starlight, $100 on field trip         Everyone wanted a hand at wood burning           The kids have started on a journey, thanks
honoraria, and $80 each for           with the partners alternating in the burn-       to this project, which involved improving
cleanup supplies and field trip       ing. Hammering began. Sean pounded               their motor skills, their self confidence, and
supplies, which included buy-         nails like a carpenter. We had split the         their knowledge of bluebird behavior.
ing SAAS bookmarks. Please
send me or Maureen Conklin
ideas for projects you would
                                      Building Your Own Bluebird Boxes
like to see us fund in the            by new SAAS member Jackie Andrzejewski
coming year. Then watch
                                           I love to feed and watch the birds in           P.S. We would like to build bluebird
the May Kettle so you can
                                      our yard. Attending meetings and func-           nest houses for our yard as we do have
vote even if you cannot at-
                                      tions may not be feasible for me – but I         bluebirds visit our birdbath – but need a
tend the annual meeting.
                                      want to receive the Kettle and support           design and dimensions, especially the
                                      your efforts. I've been doing the Christ-        opening size. A template would be
                                      mas bird count in my yard for the past two       great!...and assembly instructions.
                                      years.                                               Response: Full bluebird box instruc-
                                           The blue jays and mourning doves            tions are available at http://
                                      have been chipping and eating the paint
                                      off of our garage door. Thanks to your tip       nestboxspecs.htm. Or you may call Kathy
                                      re: crushed eggshells (calcium), the chip-       Bricker for a mailed copy. Boxes for this
                                      ping has stopped and birds are really eat-       year should be up by late March or early
                                      ing the shells. Thanks!                          April.

                                                               Earth Week Schedule
                   Besides printed brochures available at libraries, please visit www.earthweekcheboygancounty for the full
                   schedule, event descriptions, sponsor list, and registration information. Also, call 231-627-4830 for more
                   information or to volunteer.

                            Kettle Contribution Due Dates
                            In order to deliver The Kettle in a timely matter,
                            please submit your photos and articles by the
Join Straits Area Audubon   following due dates: 4/26/10
         Society            Send your submissions to
NAME:                           SAAS thanks Benter Chiropractic for
                            hosting AND
                            to the Benters and Williams Office Supply
                            for printing the Kettle.
                            Coming Events
                            Mark your calendars now to be sure you can
TELEPHONE:                  attend.
                            4/10 & 11 Field trips: Headlands potluck, owl
                                 banding, stargazing, hawk watch, hike, trail
E-MAIL:                     4/14 Monthly program: “The Weather Machine
                                 Shifts Gears” by Dave Barrons, Retired
                                 Channel 9 and 10 weatherman
                            4/15 to 4/21 Earth Week activities to be an-
Make checks payable to:          nounced
                            5/12 “International Lessons in Caring for Water:
Straits Area Audubon             Great Lakes in U.S. and Africa” by John
Society                          Gannon, Ph.D.., Acting Director, Interna-
                                 tional Joint Commission and former Chief
                                 Scientist, University of Michigan Biological
Please mail checks to:

                                                                                  Straits Area Audubon Society
   Rosanne Rynerson,        5/19 Field trip: Big Birding Day

                                                                                     c/o Rosanne Rynerson

                                                                                     Cheboygan, MI 49721
   Treasurer                6/9 Field trip: Grass Bay Nature Preserve
   10490 E. U.S. 23             and Member Potluck at Cordwood

                                                                                     10490 E. U.S. 23
   Cheboygan, MI 49721
                                 SAAS meetings are held at the Cheboygan
Single Membership: $12      Area Public Library.
                                 The scheduling of a meeting or program in
                            the Cheboygan Area Public Library does not in
Family Membership: $15      any way constitute an endorsement by the li-
                            brary of the group or organization; its activities;
                            or of the ideas and opinions expressed during the
                            course of meetings or programs.


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