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					  The Greatest Internet Marketing
     Created by Rex Harris and Joe Sansoucie in support of our members at:

             Copyright 2010 – – All Rights Reserved

Legal Disclaimer and Restrictions: This document may be redistributed as a free incentive for
              the purpose of building a list but it may not be sold for profit.

… and now,

    The Greatest Internet Marketing Truth Never Told
There's a question that hangs in the air, of the Internet marketing industry, that
has been passed down over the years but has NEVER been answered in full,
undisclosed truth. Many have tried to answer it. Some have answered it in part
only. Others have pretended to know it but the truth has NEVER come out
because there's ALWAYS a reason to hold it back.

The question, in question?

   What is the SECRET to making money online?
Those who DO know the CORRECT answer to this question DO NOT want
you to know it because to give you the answer is to create competition
and LOSE YOU as a willing, paying subscriber. All of the top GURU
marketers know this and they take full advantage of you, and the answer, by
NEVER sharing the WHOLE TRUTH with you. This way they can continue to profit
from the answer by distributing partial truth for pay.

You might be asking yourself, “are Rex and Joe just blowing smoke here or do
they really know the answer to this question?”

We know the answer and we are going to GIVE you the answer, today, without
cost or obligation, in pain staking detail. Once you have finished reading this
report failure will only be an option with a decision, on YOUR part, NOT to take

While the answer is simple through basic query, the answer, while not
complicated, must be given in sequence of concept because the answer is about
UNDERSTANDING how things are done.

If we break the ANSWER down in bare simplicity, it would sound something like...

 “The Secret To Making THE BIG Money Online
  Is To Solicit Others To Build Your List, Your
      System And Your Empire For You.”
 In other words, the key to making great money
           is an ARMY OF AFFILIATES.
Don't just run off, now, and think you have it all figured out, because we have
told you just enough to go out and get your butt kicked (kind of like they
taught us in Army Basic). Making this happen takes more than just knowing the
basic answer to our age old question.

The truth of the matter is this...

… the key to making five figures per month, as an Internet marketer, comes
through a sequence of correct actions and events that lead to the development of
your own system, whatever that system may be. It could be a big safe list, text
ad exchange or other Internet marketing resource, product or service, but the
KEY is that IT MUST BE YOUR OWN! Furthermore, you must put in the time
required to sell yourself before you will EVER sell a system.

Unless you are willing to get on the phone and talk to MLM leads all day, for the
rest of your life (and hope that's enough), the only alternative is to step up, step
out and brand yourself as an expert Internet marketer.

This is easier said than done. And, unfortunately, most will never take this report
seriously enough to realize its' incredible value. We are LITERALLY handing you
the keys to the kingdom without having to spend a penny for the info.

Most people will continue to take short cuts and believe false GURUs, mentors,
coaches and sponsors who offer “sneaky, underhanded” methods of marketing
that “supposedly” generate fast results. Just a quick FYI, the only reason they
tell you they can get results faster is because they know that you'll spend
money if you believe them.

If you have the right formula, however, and are willing to invest the time to put it
together and see it through (because it's going to be slow going in the beginning)
then you probably have what it takes to become a five figure earner.
Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for everyone else), you won't have to
worry about a lot of competition because the majority of the people that attempt
to step out and make a name for themselves usually quit or give up because they
don't see instantaneous results. Thus, the doorway of success is wide open for
those who have the guts to walk through the fire and reach the promised land
that awaits.

If you are the type of person who is willing to walk through the fire then we're not
going to hesitate. Here's the formula listed as the BASIC TRUTHS of Internet

Let's examine, first, the DOMINANT TRUTH concerning BUSINESS in

           You CANNOT Start A
            Business For FREE!
The Internet, especially, has been riddled with lies concerning the ease of starting
a business from home. It's made to sound, in most circles, much more
glamorous than it really is, in the beginning anyway.

 Advertisements targeting lazy people with “get rich in only minutes per
day” don't share the fine print that says, “but in the first 1 to 3 years you
will have to work your ass off... and oh, if you do it wrong, you could lose
            your house, car, savings and even your marriage.”

Not only has it been made to look easy, it's been told that it can be done for free.
This is a LIE straight out of the pits of Hell. You CANNOT Start A Home
Based Business For Free. Nor, can you join a business opportunity and expect to
market and advertise, with success, free of charge. Nor can you start a business,
treat it like a hobby and expect exceptional results.

In ALL walks of life, there is no business without people. You can't
 treat your customers and clients with half-ass regard and expect
                they will continue to buy from you.

If you don't believe us, just ask Donald Trump or Ross Perot. Donald Trump built
his empire through investors. Ross Perot built his fortune on his last $1000.

So, if you have downloaded this report expecting us to show you the easy way
out, you might as well quit reading now, because it's not easy. It requires work,
patience, commitment, dedication and sacrifice, especially in the beginning.
 The up side is this... building a business from home,
using the Internet, will cost you tens of thousands less
           than building a business off line!
Starting a business from home is only expensive when you do it wrong. When
you do it right, by committing to invest in the RIGHT TOOLS and INFORMATION,
before you start, not only will it cost less, it will return GREATER dividends,
in the future, with less work, creating MORE FREEDOM!

Now... let's look at the TRUTH about advertising and marketing yourself and
your business using the Internet!

 The Sales and/or Sign Ups You Are Looking For
   Are Found In YOUR Personal Mailing List!
This is the first basic truth of Internet Marketing. As an Internet marketer,
your number one priority must be the building of your list...

Advertising your affiliate links directly does not work for the selling and/or
promotion of products/opportunities/services DIRECTLY to your traffic resources.
If you want to convert traffic you must first convert the traffic to a lead (lead
=prospect, opt in) by grabbing their attention with something “THEY NEED to
be successful” FIRST!

“Internet marketing is the art and science of empowering, communicating and building a
 relationship with another human being based on THEIR wants and needs, NOT mine or
                     yours.” Val Smyth – Mentors In Motion Founder

 You must utilize a free incentive (GIFT) that you can give
   away (targeting your niche market) that answers a
      question or solves a problem for others first.
This is the key to generating opt-ins. Opt-ins are needed to build your PERSONAL
list. YOUR PERSONAL LIST is the resource you will use to promote your SYSTEM
once it has been developed. Once your system is in place you can build any
business opportunity and/or sell any product you wish. People will buy from
you because they trust you. Why? Because you have already GIVEN of
yourself before asking of them.
In this report we will be addressing two types of systems. The first system is
your marketing system and the second system is your personal, branded business
system with affiliate program.

To build a mailing list you will need a marketing system. A marketing system is
the combination of a splash and/or lead capture page and an auto responder.
These are two tools, along with a web hosting account, that EVERY Internet
marketer must have. Think of it like this...

… back in the days of the great gold rushes, millions of people dropped
everything in pursuit of the fortune buried in the hills. In order to get the
gold, though, it required the right tools. Shovels, pick axes, hammers,
buckets and other tools were required if you planned to stake your claim

  No one in their right mind was going to just head for
    the hills and start digging for gold with their bare
   hands! Yet, MOST Internet marketers believe that
  they can make the big money without the right tools
      required to harvest GOLD from the Internet.
If you want to strike gold then you need the right tools. If you aren't
willing to invest in the right tools then you shouldn't be marketing online.
Without the right tools, failure is the ONLY outcome.

*Remember, you CANNOT start a business for free and expect great results. You
     must be willing to invest in your business if you want it to return a profit.

Therefore, if you are going to follow this report to the letter, you need to acquire
a marketing system.

You can do so by following these links:

Step 1: Click here for instant access to everything you need to utilize the
information contained in this report. For only $44.95 per month you will be able
to manage your business from one location with access to an unlimited auto
responder, web hosting, splash pages, lead capture pages, conference room and
more. All of the training you will need to set up and utilize these tools will be
provided for you also.

   The Second Truth Of Internet Marketing: You Must
   Sell YOURSELF Before Trying To Sell Anything Else
Most of the people who are working to make money online do so in fear and
trepidation, and justifiably so. It's unfortunate, but there are a lot of people,
in the world of Internet marketing, who have no problem screwing you to
reach your wallet. Therefore, in order to build an awesome mailing list, the
incentive that you create to give away must GIVE BIG! Giving big does several
things for you as an Internet marketer...

   •   It brands you as someone who is here to help, not to hurt, securing your
       reputation as a “hero” and not a villain. This is very important.
   •   It generates trust within your audience that forms a relationship.
   •   It brands your name to your face and generates positive feelings within
       your audience when they hear your name, see your picture or talk with
       someone who speaks fondly of you.
   •   It sets you up to build a business brand because the trust and relationship
       have been built first.

There are a ton of people, in this industry, who are taking the “fake it until you
make it approach.” That approach is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! There are serious
Universal consequences when it comes to lying and deceiving others so
don't do it. Take the time to do the research, absorb as much knowledge as you
can and then begin the sharing process.

Learning to use the social networks as a traffic resource is vital to the building of
your reputation and your brand. Therefore, if you plan to make the big money
then you will also need...

   •   A Professional Blog – this is part of the reason why you need to learn to
       set up and manage your own hosting account. A blog on the Internet is like
       a profile to a social network. The Internet is a network and your blog is
       your profile to the Global Online Network. Your blog is an electronic
       representation of you. They are easy to search engine optimize for the
       purpose of indexing based on your name (or unique brand) which is very
       important for the development of credibility. It's very impressive when
       someone goes to Google, types in your name and finds that you have the
       first five pages dominated.
   •   A Facebook Account - Facebook is a huge source of traffic for the
       targeting of any niche market so it's a network in which you will want to
       participate. Driving traffic to your blog, from Facebook, is easy when you
       are providing REAL content to any interest group.
   •   A Twitter Account – Again, Twitter is another huge source of traffic where
       you can easily reach any niche market. Sending the right Tweet can bring
       thousands of hits to your blog in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it's a
       must have for any serious Internet marketer.

  Selling yourself is crucial if you ever expect an army of
 marketers to sell you and your products and/or services.
Affiliates are an army of marketers who go to work because there is POTENTIAL
money in it, for them. The results will be HUGE if that army of affiliates believes
in you and what you are doing. It's much easier to keep them committed to your
mission if you have treated them to incredible value that they have been able to
use to turn a profit first. If your audience does not believe in you then any
system developed, by you, will be short lived.

The Internet marketing industry has too many “villains” and is in serious need of
some “heroes.” By making the choice to become a hero, and not a villain, your
financial future will be secured through your actions. By the same token,
your future can be destroyed by your actions. Therefore, the choice is yours.
Taking the high road is ALWAYS the best option!

The Third Truth Of Internet Marketing: You Must Become
     An Expert By Acquiring The Right Knowledge.

It's totally unreasonable to think that you can simply join a business opportunity
and expect thousands of people to follow you into that opportunity just because
you say it's great! WHO ARE YOU that I should follow your advice?

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone tell me “well, my sponsor is
making $10,000 per month!” I might be retired right now. Who cares how
much money your sponsor is making? How much are you making? Can you
show me how to make that much? How much AM I going to make?

As you can see, the same old recycled lines bring nothing more than resistance
and objections. Therefore, it is in your best interest to become a “customer
support specialist” … an ambassador, if you will, to the Internet marketing
community. This is the required mindset if you wish to establish yourself as an

  You can lead people ANYWHERE you want them to go when
   your opening question to them is “how can I help you?”

Now, let's explore the need for knowledge. In my experience, most of the people
I talk to are only interested in the fast, easy way to wealth. I've got news for
you, it doesn't exist. Just ask Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie or a
host of others who have gone before us only to realize that they had to put on
their THINKING CAPS and tap into the creative resources to bring about the
wealth desired.

As one of my senior pastors used to tell me back in the street ministry days,
“Leaders Are Readers!” Anyone who has gone before us, in the way of wealth,
has taken the time to read important books such as...
   •   Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
   •   The Master Key System by Charles Haanel
   •   The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

… and, as an Internet marketer, there is a host of other great books by top
Internet marketing legends like Ewen Chia, Yanik Silver and more.

NOTE: All of the authors (mentioned above) and their books, are featured in the video and
resource center at MP3 downloads are also available to all of our Platinum

Absorbing knowledge takes time just like building a business requires planning.
Part of the planning that goes into your business SHOULD be the acquisition of
knowledge so you can do things right, from the start, and eliminate struggle
and failure.

Following the formulas of those who have gone before is a great way to
expedite the road to riches. It might seem like it's taking longer, but I'm here
to tell you, from experience, that trying to figure things out on your own takes
much longer, costs more money and leads to more frustration and failure.

This is one of those situations where “the road less traveled” is the fastest
road to prosperity. You need to study and become a student of this industry.
You must learn it's bells, whistles and formulas and then apply them. You must
also set yourself up to teach this knowledge. Passing this information to a
team of even three people, on the first level of your down line, could be the key
that empowers them to make you all wealthy beyond your dreams.

Therefore, if you are serious about being one of the 3% who actually find
success as an Internet marketer then it's time to take action. Using this link,
visit Traffic Surge and create your account. There you will have access to all of
the information and training materials needed to start the building process. Not
only will you find the resources listed above, you will find full length video courses
on everything from using safe lists to build a mailing list to driving niche specific
traffic using Twitter, Facebook and more.

Before you join Traffic Surge, let me make you aware of something. When you
log in to your account, for the first time, you will be presented with a one time
offer. The offer is for a lifetime membership to Traffic Surge for $499. While this
seems like a lot of money to many people, think about this...

The regular Platinum membership is $49 per month for access to everything,
which isn't much when you consider that, in total, you will still be spending less
than $100 per month for business resources when we include your marketing
system. At $49 per month you will pay $588 per year for your Traffic Surge
membership. At $499, your year only costs $42 per month for the first year and
then the rest of your life, it's free. It works out to about $1.50 per day for one
year. I'm here to tell you that it's worth EVERY penny, I wouldn't be distributing
this report if what I've learned through Traffic Surge wasn't working for me.

Don't just take my word for it... here's actual e-mail correspondence with some of
our members:
You can read more testimonials at

As a Platinum member at Traffic Surge you will be able to plug in to three live
desktop trainings, every week, where Joe and Rex let you watch what they do

I HIGHLY recommend that you take the lifetime offer, if it's at all possible for you,
but I'm not going to push the issue or try to talk you into it. It shouldn't take too
much thinking to realize that the savings are huge.

      Internet Marketing Truth Number 4: You Must
           Embrace Incentive Based Marketing
Back about three years ago I (the author of this report) went through a bit of a
slump as an Internet marketer. Up until that point my Internet marketing career
could have been best defined as a “feast and famine” experience. My first
four years in business online were huge. In total, my former partner and I
generated more the a half a million in total sales. Then, things got a little ugly for
a while.

At the pinnacle of what we'll call “the ugly days” I was blessed with the
opportunity to fall under the wing of a mentor who was able to help me turn the
page. I'll never forget the night it happened. It only took one sentence to turn
everything around for me. That night, he told me “Rex, you have to become
the Oprah!”

I INSTANTLY got what he was trying to tell me and the light came on. The very
next day I began to rebuild my entire marketing strategy online. I worked night
and day for a week and a half. By the end of the second week I had generated
$8000 in sales, $4000 of which was mine via commission.

Allow me to explain what “become the Oprah” meant to me...

When you think of Oprah, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? For
me, it was AUDIENCE. I was missing my audience because everything, up
until that point, it was all about selling for me. I made a lot of money
selling Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, back in the day, so sales came naturally.
Unfortunately, the Internet market place was no longer receptive to direct sales
practices, like it was around Y2K. Back then, people trusted the Internet. It
didn't take long before people realized that the Internet could be as dangerous as
dark alley if they turned the wrong way, so things changed rapidly.

What Val taught me that fateful Sunday night was that I need to start putting
the needs of others before my own. I need to stop worrying about the money
I was going to make and go out, do my due diligence, and share the knowledge
I'd gained, over the years, with people who needed to know.

Zig Ziglar once said “if you help enough people get what they want
 out of life, you'll get everything you want!” Jesus Christ said “do
 unto others as you would have done to you.” You'll notice that in
      both of these statements, the benefit of others is FIRST!

When I began to treat my mailing list audience differently, they became
responsive again. It didn't take long before we were filling conference rooms with
50 to 60 people, four nights per week. Once our webinars were completed for the
day, my phone would start ringing within minutes and people would be lined up,
with credit card in hand, because they wanted what I had been given. It was a
beautiful thing for EVERYONE, not just me.

Therefore, it's of the utmost importance that you understand just how important
incentive based marketing really is. To get the great results you must give. From
this point on, if I were you, I would NEVER send another ad for anything other
than a free informational incentive (report, video, ebook, etc.) again.

All of the traffic you wish to attract must be driven to a place where people can
enter their name and e-mail address, into a form, and then be added to your list.
Once this has happened, your auto responder will send them the requested

Whatever you decide to offer, GIVE BIG! Give value! Answer questions and solve
problems. As Val also told me on the night of my big break through... “be the
pain killer! People are in pain. They are hurting for money and they need
someone to show them the way.”

 Internet Marketing Truth Number 5: The REAL Secret
    To Making Money Online Is To “Build An Army!”
Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Rex and Joe, why would you guys
willingly tip your hand like this?” It's simple... our mission is to help OTHERS
succeed before ourselves... that's the REAL TRUTH concerning success! The Bible
teaches it, the Master Key System teaches it and even the wealthy practice and
teach it...

    Making the big money isn't about
      TAKING, it's about GIVING!
If you carefully examine every legitimate GURU marketer, in the world of
Internet marketing, they all have one thing in common... a web! (Web =
System) GURUs are like spiders. They build their web, bait it with the right
incentive and then the people willingly fly right in.

Before I set myself up for a boat load of hate e-mail, I'm not saying that all GURU
marketers are evil because that is not the truth. There are a couple at the very
top, in fact, whom I admire and respect greatly. In fact, Joe and I are using
everything we've learned from them to educate you and build our empire.

Let's look at this “spider web” analogy. Think of an Internet marketing leader
whom you respect. Does this person have a system in place? If they are using
the Internet as their primary source of marketing and exposure, then you can
only answer the previous question with an overwhelming YES! You, most likely,
subscribe to their list or belong to their system if you've been around the industry
for any length of time. Chances are you've probably bought something and
promoted something for them, as well.

Now, let's take that a step further. When you see their products, services or
systems advertised online, who's links are filling the address bar in your browser?

That's right! Hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of affiliates
are spending their money, time and marketing resources to build the list
and system of SOMEONE ELSE!

As a smart marketer, the development of a system that will put others to work for
you MUST be part of the overall planning for your success. Why? Let's look at
some numbers...

It has been said that there is a 97% failure rate in the Internet marketing
industry. However, every one of the 97% who fail ALWAYS TRY before giving up.
So, even IF all of those who are going to fail (hundreds of thousands per year)
find your program and tell only three people each...

3 tell 3 = 9 : 9 tell 3 = 27 : 27 tell 3 = 81 : 81 tell 3 = 243 : 243 tell 3 = 729 :
729 tell 3 = 2787 : 2787 tell 3 = 6561 : 6516 tell 3 = 19548 : 19548 tell 3 =
58644 : 58644 tell 3 = 175932 : 175932 tell 3 = 527796 : 527796 tell 3 =

people have received word that you are providing people with an opportunity to
   learn how to (and or) make money online! There is a percentage of these
 people that will do nothing, a percentage that will look and a percentage that
will join you in your endeavor. Those who join and successfully convince others
            to do the same? Those who join will go tell more people!

Remember, this isn't counting the few who are successful. The few who are
successful, who decide to get on board with what you are doing, can reach
numbers that STAGGER the number we generated above.

What generally happens is that someone OTHER than you is benefiting from
all of that traffic and advertising. In most cases, IT'S you doing the work for
someone else and it's someone else who is cashing in because the work you are
doing is

              Building THEIR List...
… and, as we have already determined, it's the LIST that DETERMINES the
SUCCESS and it's SUCCESS that equals the FREEDOM we are all looking for!
Sadly, most people are WORKERS, they are not LEADERS. This is why this
works... but here's the HARD TRUTH:

  In essence, what we are telling you to do here is to
 TAKE ADVANTAGE of the people who are going to fail
      and UTILIZE the work they are going to do.
It's an ugly truth, but a truth nonetheless that you should understand how to use
to your favor.

Many people, once they have been confronted with this truth, will have a difficult
time using it to their advantage. Some will even feel guilty for thinking about
using it. Most WILL NOT USE IT because it FEELS morally wrong and they will
allow FEELINGS and EMOTION to govern another life decision which is why the
world is going to Hell in a hand basket, in the first place.

Remember, this is one of those cases where we will implement a NECESSARY
EVIL, so to speak. Your mission, as a TRUE Internet marketer is to reach as
many as you can with the TRUTH if you want to build a successful business. It's
about putting the success of others before yourself. That's the KEY that opens
the door to the Kingdom. You need to understand and utilize EVERY channel you
can to share the truth that leads others to success even if it means exposing, and
then utilizing, a weakness for the greater good of all.

Remember, that THIS TRUTH will ALWAYS reach the hands of ALL of those who
fail because YOU are distributing it to all of those who may potentially tell
someone else. They will GET THE KEYS, but MOST will never put them in the
door and turn the lock.

Utilizing affiliates, even though we recognize that the majority will never find
success is THE ONLY CHANCE we have of helping the FEW who will actually do
something with this information. What's EVIL about this is when the majority of
the GURU marketers also recognize this TRUTH and take advantage without
providing the ENTIRE, UNDISCLOSED TRUTH to their audience. What we are
doing is the equivalent of fighting fire with fire.

Think about it... how many people would respond to a message like...

   “We've got great news! There is HUGE Money To Be Made
 Online. Unfortunately, 97 out of every 100 of you ARE GOING
        TO FAIL in trying to find it. Good luck anyway!”

That's the truth, but you don't see headlines written like that. Headlines paint a
much prettier picture of success, in most cases. Pictures of flying cash, boats,
cruises, yachts and life luxuries grace the headlines and images on most sites.
Those sites have been created to entice based on greed, lust and selfish desire.
Talk about a web of deception, yikes!

When the foundation of a business has been built upon LIES and
DECEPTION the ONLY possible outcome is its' demise. Think about all of
the business opportunities that have come and gone over the last 3 years alone.
You can't bait people with LIES and expect a positive outcome. The Universe
DOES NOT allow that.

Deception and evil are short lived. Yes, they may do some long term damage,
but somehow, someway, they always fall eventually. The Bible teaches that “the
foolish man built his house upon the sand. Eventually it crashed!”

So, there you have it... the complete, undisclosed truth concerning Internet
marketing. Our hope is that you take this information and make a decision to
share it with as many as you can, turn a profit and build the life you've been
dreaming of.

This is only a fraction of the information we offer through Traffic Surge. We
encourage you to create your account today, get plugged in to our group and
learn all that you can so can build your empire!

Here are the links mentioned in this report, one more time, for ease of access.

Click here to get all of your tools and resources

Click here to join Traffic Surge!

Best of success and God bless!

Joe and Rex

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