MAH Mahoney Daniel butter merchant Eockgrove terrace Lower

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					MAH                  ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                                               ALPHABETICAL SECTION                    MAN

Mahoney Daniel, butter merchant, 5 Eockgrove terrace, Lower         Mahony Michael, fishing tackle maker, 3 Mnrdyke street
    Glanmire road                                                   Mahony Paul, butter dealer, 2 Chapel hill, Eoman walk
Mahoney Gerald, builder, 17 Dyke parade                             Mahony Peter, labourer, 28 Millerd street, Bachelors quay
Mahoney Mis. Hannah, 34 Gardiners hill                              Mahony E., lodging house, 2 Graftons alley
Mahoney Jeremiah, storekeeper gas works, 127 Lower Glanmire rd      Mahony Thomas, butcher, Sober lane, Sullivans quay
Mahoney John, labourer, 36 Clarence street                          Mahony Thomas, steward, 16 Ashburton hill
Mahoney John, labourer, 37 "Windmill road                           Mahony Timothy, clerk, 10 Popes quay
Mahoney John, saddle and harness maker, 5 Coburg street             Mahony Timothy, dealer, 117 Barrack street
Mahoney John, tailor, 92 Lower Glanmire road                        Mahony Wm. jun., builder, 5 Drawbridge street
Mahoney John F., spirit dealer, 25 Nile street                      Mahony Wm., sen., ship carpenter, 5 Drawbridge street
Mahoney Mary, potato dealer, 11 Gill Abbey street                   Mahony Wm., V., printer, 9 Summer hill south
Mahoney Michael, carman, 56 Three Hatchet la. and 36 Barrack st     Maith Thomas, shopkeeper, 100 Bandon road
Mahoney Patrick, clerk, 3 Panorama terrace, Sundays well road       Maloney John, pensioner, 1 Devonshire street
Mahoney Patrick, coal dealer, 8 Pair lane                           Maloney Walter, plasterer, 48 Pair lane
Mahoney T., wool merchant, Harts villa, Blackrock road              Malony A., 8 Eockcliffe terrace, Blackrock road
Mahoney William, engineer, 3 Richmond terrace, Gardiners hill       Malony Arthur, porter, 51 College road
Mahonny Timothy, cattle dealer, 68 York street                      Malony David, customs officer, 95 Quarry road, Douglas road
Mahony Martin and Brothers, wool merchants, &c, 3 Camdea            Malrose Thos., printer, Snugville, 6 Sundays wellavenue, Blarney st
    quay, and Carrols quay                                          Maney Jeremiah, drover, 3 Winters hill, Blarney street
Mahony and Son, butter merchants, 18 Dominick street                Mangan James, watch, clock & chronometer maker, 3 St. Patrick st.;.
Mahony and Son, printers, bookbinders and stationers, 36 Cook st.       residence, 2 Eockboro terrace, Blackrock road
Mahony Miss, 32 Grattans hill                                       Mangan Richard, jeweller, 2 Eockboro' terrace
Mahoney Miss, dressmaker, 48 Grand parade                           Mangan Robert, watch &c. maker, 2 Eockboro' terrace, Blackrock rd.
Mahony Cornelius, tailor, 23 Old Chapel lane, Shandon street        Mangan William, advertising agent, 10 Hardwick street
Mahony Daniel, shoemaker, 131 Barrack street                        Manley Denis, labourer, 51 Spring lane, Dublin street
Mahony Ellen, clothes dealer, 22A Kyrls street                      Manley J. A., butcher, 4 & 5 Meat market, and 47 Ballyhooly rd.
Mahony Henry, butcher, Cattle Market street                         Manley John, butcher, 360 Blarney street
 Mohony Humphrey, provision dealer, 22 Georges quay                 Manley John, clerk, 286 Blarney street
 Mahony James, journeyman cooper, 2 Newsonis quay                   Manley John, journeyman baker, 23 Quakers rd, Summer hill south
 Mahony James, painter, 71 Grand parade                             Manley Michael, chandler and tobacconist, 33 Gt. Georges street
 Mahony Jeremiah, labourer, 6 Colemans.lane, North Main street      Manley Michael, chandler, 86 Shandon street
 Mahony John, basket maker, 10 Brunswick street                     Manley Timothy, shopkeeper, 77 Clarence street
 Mahony John, lodging house keeper, 11 West View place, St.         Manning Cornelius, 5 Anglesea street
     Patricks hill                                                  Manning David, butcher, 122 Bandon road
Mahony John, mariner, 18 Lower Georges street                       Manning Denis, mariner, 20 Lower Georges street
 Mahony John, printer, 31 Nile street                               Manning J. B., printer, 9 St. Finn Barrs place
 Mahony 11., silversmith, 1 Bowling Green street                    Manning Michael, paperhanger & decorator, 20 Pine st.. Camden quay
 Mahony Mrs. Margaret, 11 Dunbar street                             Manning Patrick, pensioner, 3 Kerry hall terrace
 Mahony Martin, wool merchant, Hose lodge, Blackrock road           Mannix Bridget, the Lee Hotel, 2 Merchants quay
 Mahony Miss Maryann, 6 Woodland view, Western road                 Mannix Mrs. Letitia, lodging house, 11 Sullivans quay
'Mahony Michael, gardener, Leahy's road, Shanakiel                  Mannix M., fisherman, 57 Corn Market street
 Mahony Michael, spirit dealer, 77 Grand parade                     Mannix Stephen, fish merchant, 18 & 19 Harpurs lane,Lavitt» quay
 Mahony Michael, wire worker, 4 College square, College road        Mannix Timothy, fish dealer, 1 Corn Market street
          96                                                               »                                                 97
 MAN                     ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                                                    ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                    M E It

Mansfield John, cooper, 4 Drinan street                                     Massey and Son, booksellers, 56 South mall, and 110 Georges street
Manzer Mrs. Eliza, Kim view, Blackrock road                                 Massey B., Woodbine cottage, middle Glanmire road
Market Inspectors Office, Meat market                                       Massey N., bookseller & stationer, 110 Georges street, and 56 South.
Marks James C, Mus. Doc. Oxon, 15 South mall                                    mall; residence, Upper Clifton, Montenotte
Marks John, attorney, Chancery & Law Commissioner, 20 Cook st.              Mathews Maurice, 6 Bank chambers, South mall
Marley Maurice, labourer, 21 Clarence street ,                              Mathews Eoger, stone cutter, 37 Nicholas street
Marrian Edward, pianoforte tuner, 25 Academy street                         Mathews Thomas, shoemaker, 1 College square, College road
Marrot Wm., Ballintemple hill, Blackrock road                               Mathews Wm., shopkeeper, 3 Corn Market street
Marryfield Wm., agent, 53 Duncan street                                     Mathews Wm., tailor, 33 Old Chapel lane, Shandon street
MARSH W. and SON, agricultural and general                                  Matson Benjamin, shopkeeper, 9 College road
  auctioneers and valuators, house and land                                 Matthews Daniel, nail maker. 10 White street
  agents, insurance agents, and proprietors of the                         MATTHEWS EIAZA, bookseller & stationer, 104
  Cork Farming and Horse Repository, 70 South                                   Georges street
  mall                                                                     Maultby Henry, cooper, 48 and 47 Popes quay
Marsh James, cooper, 35 Phillips lane; residence, 17 Adelaide st            May Albert, professor of music, 1 Great Vincent view, Mardyke walk
Marsh W. J., (Marsh W. & Son), auctioneer, valuator, &c, Kockville,        Maybury Bichard, corn merchant, 13 Devonshire street; residence
     Boreenmanna                                                                Hillsboro place, Blackrock road
Marsh Wm., (Wm. Marsh and Son), auctioneer, valuator, &c., 36               Maybury Wm., corn merchant, 13 Devonshire street
     South terrace                                                         Maylor Mrs. Anne, Chipley, Blackrock road
Marshall James, solicitors clerk, G Rockgrove terrace, Lower Glan-         Mayne George, stone cutter, 5 Brown street, Lavitts quay
                                                                           Mayne Robert, loan office, Wellington place, 7 St. Patrick street and
     mire road
Martin Charles, slater, 5 Peter street                                          16 Lavitts quay
Martin Christiana, ladies' school, 12 North mall                           Mayore Joseph, clerk, 11 Castle View terrace, Lower Glanmire road
Martin Cornelius, labourer, 19 Dublin street                               Mayors office ; John Franklin, secretary, 20 South mall
Martin Edward G., architect & builder, Wellington terrace, Sundays         Mazon Abigail, 14 Dyke parade
                                                                           Mead Mrs. M., spirit dealer, 2 Lavitts quay
     •well road
                                                                           Meade John, carpenter, 7 Georges street
Martin Eliza, 10 James square, Tower street
                                                                           Meade Mary A., 21 Roman street
Martin Mrs. Francis, 6 Verdon row
Martin Mrs. Gr. B., Arbutus lodge, Blackrock road                          Meade Mary Ann, spirit dealer, 4 Cove street, Mary street
Martin Garrett B., provision dealer, 18 Winthrop street                    Meade Pati ick, builder, 43 Paul street
Martin Helena, ] 6 Cook street                                             Meade Patrick, car owner, 1 Smith street
Martin James, lodge keeper, Mardyke walk                                   Meade Richard, coal dealer, 39 Barrack street
Martin Joseph, potato dealer, 92 Barrack strert                            Meade Richard, spirit dealer, 2 Barrack street
Martin Joseph, potato salesman, 85 Georges street                          Meanhy Jeremiah, clerk, 129 Lower Glanmire road
Martin Jos. F., drapers' assistant-, Blairs hill avenue, Sundays well rd   Meany Daniel, provision dealer, IS King street
Martin Mary, confectioner, 17 & 18 Marlboro street, and South mall         Meara Ellen, 39 Commons road, York street
Martin Bus-ell, baker, 71 St. Patrick street                               Meat Mr., carpenter, 67 Lower Glanmire road
Martin Whatley, greengrocer, 25 Georges street                             Mechanics' Hall, 47 and 48 Duncan street
Martin Wm., labourer, 36 Commons road, York street                         Meeh Henry, nail maker, 5 Douglas' street
Maskill M. J., draper, 16 Sidney place                                     Meghegan James, master mariner, 6 North Abbey square
Masner Robert, corn merchant, 17 Fitton street east                        Mehegan Mary, shopkeeper, 23 Leitrim street
Mason Miss Mary A., dressmaker, 8 Tuckey street                            Mercantile Marine Board; Office, Deane street, Captain S. P,
Masonic Hall, 31 Maylor street                                                 Townsend, K.KT., secretary
       98                                                                                                                            99
 MER                   ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                                                  ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                 MOR

Mercer Mrs. Margaret, 2 Eockgrove square, Lower Glanmire road           Mollard Ellen, glove, and boot and shoe maker, 77 St. Patrick st.
Mercy Hospital; 20 Henry street                                         Moloney Thomas, master mariner, 15 Margaret street
Meredith Robert, 63 Friars walk                                         Molyneux John, shopkeeper, 15 Ballyhooly road
Merrick Mrs. Eliza, Smiths villas, Sundays Well road                    Momber Louis F., watchmaker, Marlboro' street
Merrick Jeremiah, engineer and millwright, 6 Warrens place -r           Monks School and Monastery, Peacock lane
    residence 12 Hard wick street—See Advertisement                     Montgomery Garratt, corn broker, 23 Dublin street
Merrick Jeremiah, spirit dealer, 7 Drawbridge street                    Montgomery Mrs. Martha, Buxton hill
Merrick John, ironmonger, 9f) North Main street                         Montgomery Richard, smallware dealer, 36 North Main street
Mescal David T., clerk, 16 White street                         9       Monton Charles, wine agent, 1 Anglesea street
Methodist Chapel, French Church street                                  Moore Miss, 12 Dyke parade
Methodist Sunday and Day School, 12 French Church street                Moore Ann, 37 Watercourse road
Methuen James, fish merchant 21 Lavitts quay                            Moore Charles, clerk, 4 Thomond square
Meyers E, Berlin wool warehouse, 12 Grand parade                        Moore Dorah, 32 Great Britain street
Meyers Jeremiah, hair cutter, 102 Georges street                        Moore Edward, boot and shoe maker, 65 Bandon road
Meyers R. T., oil & colour & plate-glass dealers, 112 St. Patrick st.   Moore George, journeyman printer, Salmon View terraco, 12
Meyrick Edward, physician, M D., 8 Southern road                            Sundays well avenue, Blarney street
Michael John, bookseller and circulating library, 2? Tuckey street      Moore Jeremiah, clerk, 35 Dunbar street
Mickels Dinah, shopkeeper, 68 Friars walk                               Moore John, police pensioner, 43 High street, Douglas street
Middleton William, wiremaker, 18 Lower Glanmire road                    Moore John George, provision and game dealer, 41J Princes st.
M I L L R I C K H E L E N A , grocer and confectioner,                  Moore M., commercial traveller, 9 Academy street
      95 Georges street                                                 Moore Patrick, lithographer, &c., 34 Marlboro' street
 Miller George and Co., pawnbrokers, 4 and 5 Devonshire street          Moore Patrick; shopkeeper, 69 Dominick street
 Miller George, pawnbroker, 4 and 5 Devonshire street; residence        Moore Patrick, spirit merchant, 40 Marlboro' street
      G Lower Glanmire road
       O                                                                Moore Peter, Victoria villa, Blackrock road
 Millerd John, water inspector, 16 Friars walk                          Moore Richard, clerk, 14 Blackrock road
 Millerd Michael, spirit dealer, 29 Quakers road, Summerhill south      MOORE W . B , i m p o r t e r of R a y m o n d ' s Canadian.
 Millerick Helena, grocer and confectioner, 95 Georges street               Sewing Machines, 28 Grand parade—See Advertisement
 Millerick John, paper hanger, 92 Georges street                        Moorhay Elizabeth, 25 James square, Tower street
 Millett Mary, 3 Drummys lawn, Shandon street                           Moran David, draper, 61 Shandon street
 Millikin Henry, working window blind maker, 2 Old Post Office lane     Moran Frs., shopkeeper, 63 Duncan street
 Mills Amelia, 44 Douglas street                                        Mordan Mrs., 65 Lower Glanmire road
 Mills Richard, cooper, 4 Chapel hill, Roman walk                       Morgan Misses, 6 Charlotte quay
 Milner S. and Sons, coopers and butter merchants, 45 Easons hill       Morgan Isaac, J. P., Tivoli gardens, Lower Glanmire road
 Milner Samuel, cooper & butter merchant, 45 Easons hill; residence,    Morgan Mrs. Jane, glove cleaner, 43 Grand parade
      45 Upper John street                                              Morgan Joseph, 3 Lincoln place, Grattans hill
Minahan Cornelius, agent, 3 Fitton street                               Morgan Mrs. Julia, lodging house, 16 Drawbridge street
Minehan Ann, shopkeeper, 27 Cattle lane                                 Morgan Mary, lodging house, 2 Cove street, Mary street
Minton Mrs., dressmaker, 49 Great Georges street                        Morgan Patrick, shopkeeper, 40 Clarence street
Minton Michael, fishermnn, 26 Brown street, Lavitts quay                Morgan Robert F , accountant, 27 Bachelors quay
Mitchell Miss, ladies boarding and day school, 49 King Street           Morgan S., Clifton view, Blackrock road
Moffitt Thomas, hat and cap manufacturer, 5 Great Georges street        MORGAN THOMAS, m a n a g e r of Cork Religious
Mohan John, shoemaker, 328 Blarney street                                   Book and Tract Society, 35 Grand parade
Mohegan Dennis, carpenter, 12 James square, Tower street                Morgan Wm., Drummond hill, Blackrock road
        100                                                                                                                  101
                                                                                           ALPHABETICAL SECTION.                   MTJL
lLOE                  AXrnABETICAL SECTION.

                                                                     Mowle Captain S. S., 5 Waterloo terrace, Wellington road
Morgan Wm., wheelwright, 113 Shandon street                          Moxly Michael, lodging house, 31 Paul street
Moriarty Captain, 1 Myrtle hill terrace, Lower Glanmire. road        Moynahan Timothy, LL.D., teacher, 133 Georges street
Moriarty Hannah, clothes dealer, W8 Kyrls street                     MOYNIHAN             CORNELIUS, butter                merchant,
Moriarty Patrick, flour dealer, 383 Blarney street                       27 Dominick street; corn merchant and miller, Eishamble lane;
Moriarty Timothy, provision dealer, 35 South Main street                 residence, 2 Park View terrace, Wellington road
Morlay Captain G. L., 2 Wellington terrace, Wellington road          MOYNIHAN JAMES M., boat builder, Brickfields
Morloy Cornelius, labourer, 19 Cottage row, Watercourse road            —See Advertisement
Morley John, labourer, 21 Winters hill, Blarney street               Moynihan Michael, spirit dealer, 86 Old Youghal road
Morley Timothy, tobacconist, 11 Georges quay                         MOYNIHAN TIMOTHY, grocer and spirit dealer,
Moroney Jeremiah, boarding and day school, 25 King street                 17 Corn Market street
Moroney Michael, carman, 33 Barrack street                          Moynihan John, butter dealer, 2 Maylor street
Morris Captain, 1 Alma villas, Giirdiners hill                      Muckfords Manures, Frederick Buck, agent, 26 Dunbar street
Morris Daniel, gardener, 7 St. Finn Barrs square                    Muir Wm., marine engineer, 13 Richmond hill
Morris Mrs. Eitz, 4 Wellington terrace, Grattans hill               Muirhead John, custom house officer, 8 Magnolia ter., Mahonys lane
MORRIS H£NRY, wine and spirit merchant,                             Muirhead William, manager to R. Scott and Co., 1 Sunview place
     36 Maylor street; residence, Eglington, Douglas road                east, Ballyhooly road
Morris James, labourer, 2 Drummys lane, Shandon street              Mulane Cornelius, cooper, 4 Tobin street, South Main street
Morris John, boot and shoe maker, 34 Grand parade, and 92 North     Mulcaher James, 31 Richmond hill
     Main street, Cork; 105 Chapel street, Salford, 192 Stretford   Mulcahy Daniel, bookseller and stationer, 36 St. Patrick street, and
     road, and Bury New road, M anchester                                138 Sundays well road
Morris William R., spirit dealer, 27 Warrens place                  Mulcahy E., grocer, 88 South Main street
Morrissey John, relieving officer for north district, 5 Ladyswell   Mulcahy Edniond, cooper, 17 Dunbar street
    place, Leitrim street                                           Mulcahy John, butch, r, 6 Cattle market street
Morrissey Thomas, shopkeeper, 41 Wellington road                    Mulcahy John, labourer, 1 Monks school lane, Peacock lane
Morrison Mrs., 4 Summer hill                                        Mulcahy John, spirit dealer, 24 Warrens place
Morrison Patrick, merchant, 32 and 33 South Main street             Mulcahy Jonathan, butcher, 68 Meat market
Morrison William, drapers' clerk, 99 Blarney street                 Mulcahy Mary, lodging house, 42 Maylor street
Morrisson Mrs., butcher, 18 Meat market                             Mulcahy Thomas, saddle and harness maker, 63 Georges street
Morrisson Edward, cattle dealer, 92 Fair lane                       Mulcaney Thomas, spirit dealer, 34 Georges street
Morrisson Julia, 29 Gill Abbey street                               Mulchay Patrick, blacksmith, 16 Tobin street, South Main street
Morrisson Roger, butcher, 25 and 92 Meat market                     Mulchin Andrew, shoe maker, 34 Shandon street
Morrisy John, cork cutter, 27 Duncan street                         Mulchin Patrick, painter and spirit dealer, 33 Shandon street
"Morrogh Miss Helena, 65 Sundays well road                          Mulcihy Margaret, 33 Dublin street                               •
Morrogh Henry, Crosses Green House, 1 Crosses Green quay            Mulhare Thomas, coachsmith, 101 Douglas street
Morrogh James, land agent, 44 South mall; residence, Sundays well   Mulishinough Mrs. Hannah, 3 Bronze market
Morrogh Miss S., 13 Summer hill                                     Mullan Felix, commission agent, and agent for Alexander Blair,
Morrow Mrs., 9 Belgrave place, Wellington road                          Alloa; and Alexander Perry & Co., Dublin; 61 St. Patrick st.
Morton William, gun maker and cutler, 51 Georges street             Mullane Daniel, foreman at gas works 19 Nicholas street
Morton William, refreshment rooms, 54 Georges street                Mullane Daniel, grocer, 89 North Main street
Moss Captain, B.N., Wellington terrace, Sundays well road           Mullane Jeremiah, shopkeeper, 19 Great Britain street
Moss Joseph, excise officer, 6 North mall                           Mullany John Patrick, supervisor of Inland Revenue, 1st district,
Mountjoy Garrett, 114 Shandon street                                    21 Bachelors quay
Mountjoy Mrs. Susan, 2 St. Lukes place, Summer hill
       ]02                                                                                                                   103

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