A joint Law Society AGM LAW JOURNAL Student Survey!!! by rottentees


									                                                           A joint

publication of the unsw law society and law faculty

                         week seven session one two thousand and three
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                                                              E i e by R t L                 akman
    Law Society AGM
When: Thursday 8th of May (We k 9
                             e )                        ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT
          eoe p a rns
         B f r 6 ml wd i k !                           h a aut ol ie o eid tdns
                                                      T eL wF c l yw u dl k t r m n s u e t
Where: Level 9 common room                             ht lgaim osiue cdmc icnut
                                                      t a p a i r s c n t t t sa a e i m s o d c
                                                       n a eut n eiu eate, nldn
                                                      a dm yr s l i s r o sp n l i s i c u i g
 UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH W ALES                        x l s o r m h n v r i y.
                                                      e c u i nf o t eU i e s t
           LAW JOURNAL
                                                       lgaim novs sn h ok f nte
                                                      P a i r s i v l e u i gt ew r o a o h r
           Appointments to the UNSW                    e s n n r s n i g t s n ’s w , . .
                                                      p r o a dp e e t n i a o e on eg
                  Lw Junl
                   a ora                               utto ihu h s f utto ak,
                                                      q o a i nw t o tt eu eo q o a i nm r s
                                                       infcn aahaig ncnwegd s f
                                                      s g i i a tp r p r s n ,u a k o l d e u eo
The UNSW Law Journal is pleased to announce            nomto n da, iig ore hc o
                                                      i f r a i na di e s c t n s u c sw i hy u
t ef l o i ga p i t e t t i sE i o i lB a d
 h olwn ponmns o t dtra or:                            ae o ed ihu cnwegn h
                                                      h v n tr a ,w t o ta k o l d i gt e
                                                      “secondary” source from which knowledge had
Roslyn Cook                                            en band olbrtn n h rtn f
                                                      b e o t i e ,c l a o a i gi t ew i i go a
David Hume                                             ic ih nte tdn, t.
                                                      p e ew t a o h rs u e t e c
Lara Kostakidis-Lianos
Claire Morgan                                          o oe nomto, lae ee o h
                                                      F rm r i f r a i n p e s r f rt t e
N k iv nR o j n
 ik a oie                                              nvriy ue t
                                                      U i e s t R l sa :
Anna Saulwick
C r s i a Tr h n s
 hitn aaa                                                   suetus eua/cdmcie
                                                      w w w. t d n . n w. d . u a a e i l f /
The Law Journal will make more appointments at
                                                      The Australian Human Rights
 h einn f eso
t e b g n i g o S s i n Two.
                                                      Centre presents:
Premier Sponsors:
                                                          “Humanitarian Aid Work in Tanzania:
FREEHILLS                                                          hlegs n potnte”
                                                                  Calne adOpruiis

                                                                                         nn ak
                                                      Former UNSW law student, Daniel Ty a , t l s
MALLESONS STEPHEN JAQUES                               bu i eet i ok n nai, pnoe
                                                      a o t h s r c n a d w r i Ta z n a s o s r d
                                                      by the Katoke Trs.
Major Sponsor:
                                                             -p,                5 pi 03
                                                      When: 1 2 m Tuesday, 1 A r l 2 0
C L AY TON UTZ                                        Where: Hal Wootten Moot Court, Room 1039,
                                                                ee 0 a
                                                               L v l 1 , L w Tower, UNSW
                                                               Student Survey!!!
 f o ol ie o umt aeil o
I yuwudlk t sbi mtra t                                 eebr o ik p uvy f o ae’
                                                      R m m e t p c u as r e i y uh v n t
 noiae lae mi t o
Inmnt,pes eali t:                                      led opee n n o no h rw o
                                                      a r a yc m l t do ea dg i t t ed a f r4
unsw_innominate@hotmail.com before 6pm                $50 book vouchers!
Thursday of each week.
            SESSION 1 2003 – Week 7

Things to do this week …..                    WINTER (June/July) 2003

Apply for Winter UG electives                 Hamburg Summer School
                                              Applications close on Wed 30 April.
Apply for Hamburg Summer School
                                              UG Electives:
Apply for KLC in Session 2                    Industrial Law & Tort Liability
                                              for Damage to the Mind
Apply to go on Exchange in S1 2004
                                              Applications open Tues 15 April.
Read the new rules relating to                You can collect a form from Level
supplementary exams for S2 2003               10, or download one from the Law
                                              School website.
Complete a “Wellbeing of Australian
University Students” survey                   **The other UG elective scheduled
-------------------------                     for Winter - Law and Bioethics has
CHANGE TO SUPPLEMENTARY                       been postponed until Winter 2004.
The supp exam dates for S2 2003               ** The PG course International
have changed and the gazetted week            Human Rights has still to be
is now 19-23 January 2004. Failure            finalised. If it will run in Winter,
to attend a supp. exam on the                 we will open up applications on
date prescribed will result in a              Tuesday.
FAIL,(other than in exceptional
cases).                                       ** Applications for Advanced Legal
Full details relating to these changes        Research closed on 11 April.
can be found on the Law School                Successful applicants will be
website (www.law.unsw.edu.au) under           notified shortly.
general information.
Student Information Assessment                Wellbeing Survey
Policies & Procedures, Section                During Weeks 6 and 7 the UNSW
10.3.3. Supplementary Exams.                  Counselling Service is conducting a
-------------------                           university wide survey of students’
Exchange Programs for 2004                    mood and wellbeing. The eventual
If you wish to go on Exchange in S1           goal is to develop better treatment
2004 you must submit your                     for depression. Survey forms are
application to the Law School by 30           available on Level 10.
April. (For S2 2004 the deadline is
30 Sept).

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