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									                                   2008 SPRING EDITION

                                              SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!!
                                     Welcome to the 2008 Virginia Correctional Association
                                          (VCA) Spring Edition Newsletter called the

                                              “VCA EXCHANGE”
The sun was warm but the wind       Inside the edition of the “VCA Exchange” our readers will find a
was chill.                            very important “Message from our President” Walter ‘MAC’
You know how it is with an April          McFarlane. In addition, read about the following:
When the sun is out and the                The VCA Election is Coming Up Soon!
wind is still,                        ►
You're one month on in the
                                      ►    DCE Expansion
middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to         ►    VCA Scholarship Award
A cloud comes over the sunlit         ►    DOC and Biometrics
                                      ►    DCE Teacher Feature - Robert Anthony “Ant”
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in
the middle of March.                  ►    DCE Volunteer Profile - Scott Tilley
Robert Frost
                                      ►    2007 VCA/VPPA Training Conference Photographs
From Two Tramps in Mud Time

                                         The VCA Exchange is the official publication of the
                                     Virginia Correctional Association (VCA). It is published
                                                       throughout the year.

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MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                 Page 2

                    Message from our President!
                                There are several matters of importance to discuss in
                                           this short President’s message.

                                                      WITH MUCH APPRECIATION

                                                   The first concerns the great work of the people
                                                   you have selected to be on your VCA Board. I
                                                     have had the opportunity to observe their
                              tireless efforts as they strive to push VCA forward as a leading
                           example of what a professional organization can do for its members
                             and the agencies that it serves. Being on the board of VCA is an
  Walter A. “Mac”          honor; however, it also requires dedication to the principles of public
    McFarlane              safety and the citizens whom we all serve. In this mission which we
                             all, as employees of the various public safety agencies, strive to
  President, VCA             promote, your board members have exceeded all expectations in
                           what is expected of VCA. For this I express my sincere appreciation
                               and I am satisfied you join me in this expression of gratitude.

                                      BEST SERVICE FOR THE DOLLAR

                        The second issue I wish to discuss is the importance of our continued
                       adherence to assuring the best services for every taxpayer dollar that is
                        spent. The budget of the Commonwealth is not in the best of shape.
                            As a result we must all work steadfastly to assure that every
  dollar each of our agencies receives is applied in the most effective manner possible. There
  are no shortcuts to public safety but we can still continue to assure the public’s safety with
  what we are provided because we have the most professional and dedicated persons in the
  United States working in our public safety agencies, and I congratulate you all for being the
                                            very best.

                               2008 ANNUAL FALL TRAINING INSTITUTE

                            We are planning for our annual fall training institute (formally the
                         Training Conference) in October of this year and your Training Institute
                           Planning Committee will be advising you by e-mail, newsletter, and
                          other means about the training that is being planned so that you can
                              move forward with satisfying your various training certification
  requirements. From the initial plans that I have seen, it is evident that the training that will
  be offered will significantly advance your education and the public safety of our citizens and
                     I look forward to seeing you all at this important event.
MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                               Page 3

           VCA Officers
           2007-2008                                                         The
                                                                      2008 VCA Election
                                                                      is Coming Up Soon!
Walter McFarlane
Virginia Department of Correctional      Article II and Article III of our VCA Bylaws establish responsibility and
Education                                process for the nomination of candidates for the VCA Board and
(804) 225-3314                           Officer positions, as well as the method for election that occurs every
E-MAIL                                   two years. The Past President is the Chairperson of the Nominating
                                         Committee. A slate of nominees for each Officer position (not
PAST PRESIDENT                           counting the position of President), and nine Board Member positions,
John Taylor                              is submitted to the VCA Board by the Nominating Committee. You
                                         can view the VCA Bylaws at:
Chief Technology Officer
Department of Corrections
Corrections Technology Services Unit
                                         The VCA Board can accept the slate of nominees as submitted or it
(804) 674-3303, ext. 1127
E-MAIL                                   can modify the slate of nominees. The VCA Board has final authority
                                         to approve the slate of nominees for presentation to the general
PRESIDENT ELECT                          membership. A written ballot will be submitted during the summer
                                         for voting by VCA members. The results of the election are generally
Patricia Barnes-Goodwyn                  announced to the VCA membership during the fall Training Institute.
PPD30 - Portsmouth
Probation and Parole Office              Time is running out to submit nomination suggestions to the
Department of Corrections                Nominating Committee. If you are interested in running for an Officer
(757) 396-6845, ext. 5104                position or a Board Member position you need to submit your request
                                         to John Taylor VCA Past President at
                                         as soon as possible. You may also recommend any other VCA
                                         member that you believe would be a good candidate.

Jo G. Holland                            The Board needs nominees to represent the following correctional
Chief Probation and Parole Officer       disciplines;
Virginia Department of Corrections
PPD31 - Chesapeake                         A.    Adult Community Based Services - probation and parole, local
(757) 424-6760, ext. 5064                        detention, residential care and community diversion
                                           B.    Juvenile Community Services - prevention, probation, parole
SECRETARY                                        and aftercare, local detention and residential care
Barbara Wheeler                            C.    Adult Institutions
Virginia Department of Corrections         D.    Juvenile Institutions
Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
(434) 984-3700                             E.    Administration and Support
                                            F.   Education
                                           G.    Private Correctional Programs
Wendy Brown
                                           H.    Other areas identified by the Board of Directors
Court and Legal Manager
Virginia Department of Corrections
Offender Management Services               Time is running out—step up and be a contributing
(804) 674-3218, ext: 1504
                                                      member of your association!!
MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                      Page 4

   VCA Board Members                            DCE Expansion
       2007-2008                                Submitted by Dr. Christopher Colville

Kimberley Lipp                                                      In the past year the Department of
Capital Planning and Finance Director                               Correctional Education has opened
Virginia Department of Corrections                                  schools at two new correctional
                                                                    centers in Virginia, Green Rock
                                                                    Correctional Center and
Donna Anderson
Retired from DOC                                                    Pocahontas State Correctional
E-MAIL                                                              Center and added staff to an
                                                existing facility due to its expansion.
Wendy Hobbs
Warden                                          Correctional Centers were built on basically the same
Virginia Department of Corrections
                                                floor plan will have a capacity of 1,024 inmates and
Virginia Correctional Center for Women
E-MAIL                                          will be level three institutions. The Department of
                                                Correctional Education will have two of its larger
Ed Wright                                       staffs at these facilities.
Lawrenceville Correctional Center               The schools will be staffed administratively with a
                                                full-time Principal, Assistant Principal and a Program
                                                Support Tech. The schools will also have five full-
Alton Baskerville
                                                time Academic teachers, five full-time CTE teachers,
Deep Meadow Correctional Center                 a fulltime librarian and transitional specialist. The
E-MAIL                                          schools are also projected to have part-time teachers
                                                for each of the academic classroom, CTE programs
Gwynne Cunningham                               and office personnel and run a full compliment of
Department of Correctional Education            programs at night.

Joyce Fogg                                      Each school will have some of the standard courses
Virginia Employment Commission                  currently offered by the DCE, but each will also have
E-MAIL                                          a program unique to the DCE system. Green Rock
                                                will have Custodial Maintenance, CAD, Electricity,
Randy Myers                                     HVAC and Surveying which is a new CTE program for
Vice President/Religious Advisor
Chaplain Service of the Churches of Virginia,
                                                DCE. Pocahontas State Correctional Center will have
Inc.                                            Plumbing, CAD, Building Maintenance, Floor Covering
E-MAIL                                          and Motor Cycle Repair, which is a new program for
                                                DCE. It is projected that both schools will have a full
Michael A. Eaves, CJM                           evening program in addition to their regular day
Virginia Department of Corrections              programs. The full-time and part-time staffs at
Offender Management Services
                                                these schools will make them the largest staffs in the
                                                Adult systems.
MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                    Page 5

   DCE Scholarship Award                             DOC and BIOMETRICS
   Submitted by Jo G. Holland
                                                        Coming to DOC in March, 2008
   The Virginia Correctional Association has
   awarded a $200 VCA Scholarship to
   Jeffrey Autry for completion of
   coursework at James Madison University
   (JMU) to support his Vocational Teaching
   License as a Vocational Instructor at
   Beaumont Juvenile Correctional

   Our congratulations to Mr. Autry.
                                                     Two Palm Printing pilot sites (St. Brides
                                                     Correctional Center and Sussex II State
   DOC and BIOMETRICS                                Prison) will be participating in the DOC Palm
   Submitted by Jill A. Hartzell                     Printing Pilot initiative.
                             The Department of
                             Corrections (DOC)       Based on the success of the Livescan
                             has partnered with      project, the Virginia State Police has
                             the Virginia State      approached the DOC about also allowing a
                             Police in using state   "mobile LiveScan Palm Scanner" into DOC
                             of the art biometric    facilities to capture fingerprints and collect
                             technology at a total   palm prints from DOC's inmate
                             of 8 Institution        population.
                             Reception Centers
                             and 14 Community        This critical public safety initiative would
                             Corrections Offices     allow the DOC to verify all of the State
                             statewide.              Identification Numbers (SIDS) of inmates
                                                     in our custody as well as to populate the
   “Livescan provides for the electronic             new palm print database currently being
   capture and transmission of arrest and            developed at the Virginia State Police.
   applicant data and fingerprints to the
   Central Criminal Records Exchange
   (CCRE) at Virginia State Police. This data
   both checks and updates Virginia’s
   Criminal History (CCH) and Automated
   Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)         VCA wants to hear from you. What are you
   in an automated manner. Identification                           up to? Any new training,
   information is returned electronically to                        projects, etc.
   the Live Scan agency that requested it.”                             Please let our webmaster
                                                                         know so we can include
   - State Police Website                                                your contribution in the
                                                                            next newsletter.
MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                             Page 6

DCE Teacher Feature -                                     DCE Teacher Feature -
Robert Anthony “Ant” Fauntleroy

As a child Robert Anthony “Ant” Fauntleroy dreamed        Mr. Fauntleroy reminds his students constantly that
of teaching. But a funny thing happened the day he        the field is wide open, that today’s hairstylist can be
picked up a pair of his father’s cutting shears. He       much more than a hair cutter. “They can be a
                                     realized that he                                     masseuse, a store
                                     had a gift for                                       manager, a store
                                     barbering. He                                        owner or even a
                                     followed his                                         teacher,” he said.
                                     instincts and                                        “This is a really
                                     before he had                                        lucrative field,” he
                                     graduated from                                       said. “In the ‘70’s
                                     Washington and                                       people got their
                                     Lee High School                                      haircut about once
                                     in Montross, he                                      every two months.
                                     had established                                      These days people are
                                     himself as a                                         much more aware of
                                     hairstylist. To                                      their appearance.”
                                     this day he still                                    And there is no lack of
owns and operates his business, Ebony & Ivory, in                                         enthusiasm for his
Warsaw. But another curious thing happened nearly                                         class. For that
15 years ago. The Virginia Department of                                                  matter, there is no
Corrections opened a prison at nearby Haynesville,                                        lack of enthusiasm for
and of all things the school sought a barbering           the use of his students’ services. “We cut the hair of
instructor.                                               many staff members. We cut about 10 or 12 each
“When I got here, I knew my dream had come true,”
said Mr. Fauntleroy. And he teaches like a man            Part of that might stem, Mr. Fauntleroy believes,
living in a dream. He has posted a high success rate      from his own enthusiasm. “I love my job,” he said.
with his students primarily by ensuring that they         “I found my purpose in this job. And my purpose is
gain their licensure before leaving his tutelage.         helping these men to get back in society and be
About 24 students graduate the 12 to 14 week              successful.”
course learning much more than the basics of how
to handle a straight razor and give a haircut. His        He has always recognized his gifts – finding his
students delve into cosmetology and the wide array        talents as a stylist and then finding his job as a
of chemical services such as hair coloring,               teacher. “They say you can only find success when
lightening, waving and the use of relaxants. “And         you love what you are doing, and I am in love with
we teach a lot more about the business aspects,” he       this job.”

Haynesville Principal Timothy Donley offers high
praise for his barbering instructor. “Mr. Fauntleroy is
an outstanding role model for his students. He is
highly trained, highly successful, highly popular and     ============================
is quite unique in several ways,” Mr. Donley said.        Do you know of an employee you would
“Mr. Fauntleroy gains the respect and the                 like to spotlight in the next VCA Newsletter. Send
cooperation of his coworkers, and he is an integral       us an article and picture and we will print in the next
part of the school and this facility. He "leads by        edition!
example," and I am proud to serve with him.”
                                                          (Limited to two spotlights per newsletter).
MARCH, 2008 (Spring Edition)                                                                            Page 7

DCE Volunteer Profile -                                  DCE Volunteer Profile -
Scott Tilley
                                       The first time    become better writers – and some perhaps are now
                                       Scott Tilley      better men. Mr. Tilley is in line with a long list of
                                       entered a         writers and educators that believe such introspective
                                       prison, he        work can strengthen and heal people. He has seen
                                       wasn’t too        many of his students improve themselves through
                                       sure what to      this work, and he feels a similar positive effect.
                                       think. In his     “This is always exciting,” said Mr. Tilley, whose
                                       volunteer         students recently held a recitation. He earlier had
                                       efforts as a      the men’s writings placed in public libraries in
                                       writing coach,    Goochland and Lawrenceville. The weekly classes
                                       he sought to      seem to do as much for him. “There are nights
                                       help men “peel    when I go home charged!” he said.
                                       back to the
truth.” And the truth for him was something that
jumped out at him everywhere in the sometimes                   2008 VCA/VPPA FALL
strange but always interesting James River
Correctional Center. “There is a clock there that was           TRAINING INSTITUTE
installed in 1906. It has no hands. I tell them,
‘There’s a story in that.’ For them time has stopped,                ANNOUNCEMENT
at least temporarily.”

Each Tuesday night, his students meet for two hours
in a conference room in the institution’s treatment
building and work at the night’s prompt – Mr. Tilley’s
word for the men’s suggested assignment – usually
to write about one of their favorite things, an
important person, or something as simple as their

“I don’t let them just tell me what a nice guy their
uncle was, I ask them to tell about him and who he
was.” His phrase for all this is creative non-fiction.
“From a factual basis, we seek the truth,” he

At any given time he has seven to nine students in
his weekly class he began in mid-2005. The men                                    
keep journals and each week with Mr. Tilley, they
apply the five R’s of CNF: reading, (w)riting,                        Mark your calendar now!
research, reflection and real-life. “This is more than
writing. I want them to delve into who they are.”                 The 2008 VCA/VPPA Fall
Mr. Tilley is a retired federal government worker
                                                                     Training Institute
who lives in Goochland and likes to write. He                   is scheduled to be held at the
believes in giving back to others because his life has            Norfolk Marriott Waterside
been so blessed.
                                                                      Norfolk, Virginia on
He has tutored approximately 30 men since he                       October 23 - 24, 2008.
began, and he knows their work has helped them
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