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									        Search Engine Dominance : SEO Arsenal
                                          by: Chris Miller

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                    Table of Contents

Mission Briefing – Before We Begin              4

Phase 1 – On-Site SEO                           5
Choose Your Weapons – Keyword Choice            5
Weapons Inventory – Keyword Density             7
Planting Propaganda – Domain Names              9
Quick Response – Website Load Times             10
Homeland Defense – On-Site Elements             10
Chain Of Command – Sitemaps                     17

Phase 2 – Off-Site SEO                          20
Preliminary Attack – Search Engine Submission   20
Lesser Territories – Understanding NoFollow     20
Placing The Flag – HTML Anchor Text             21
Promoting Within The Ranks – Deep Linking       21
Peace Treaties – Natural Link Building          21
Forming Alliances – Link Exchanges              22
War Registeries – Link Directories              22
Stealth Attack 1 – Blog Comment                 24
Stealth Attack 2 – Forum Profile Links          25
Art of Diplomacy – Forum Signatures             25
Robotic Weaponry – AutoFill Plugin              25
Tracking Systems – Footprints                   26
Social Propaganda – Social Media                27
Media Invasion – Article Marketing              30
Recruiting Soldiers – Link Wheels               31
Fortifying – Backlink Boosting                  33
Victory Announcement – Ping Services            33
Infiltrating New Territories - RSS Submit       34
Victory Confirmation – Checking Backlinks       34
                                           Example Site

I made an extremely basic HTML page to use for examples as we go through these steps to building
keyword density. The page is for an imaginary company I just made up called SupaGreen, and we
will pretend that they design lush tropical landscapes. Throughout this program I will use before
and after examples from this page that will look something like this:

Example Site Before: (example text or code will be here)

Example Site After: (example text or code will be here)

                    Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines are the largest source of unique traffic for most websites, and can deliver highly
targeted potential customers to your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, in order to
reap the benefits of all this traffic, you must work your way to the top of the search engines,
through the use of search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

                                       Here's the good news:

                       It's NOT as difficult as people want you to believe!

The term "SEO Expert" gets tossed around so frequently, that many webmasters think it is a difficult
and technical task that can only be done by a trained expert, but if that were the case, wouldn't
colleges offer it as a degree program? The universities that do teach SEO, generally teach it as one
section of a semester long Internet Marketing elective, but you will learn all that and more in just a
few hours with this program.
Before we start sending the search engines to your website, we have to make sure they will like
what they see!     You can build a website that is fully functional and informational to your users, but
appears to be nothing to a search engine. If this is the case, your site will never get good search
engine rankings.    But don't worry, we'll take care of that soon!

In order to optimize anything, you must first have a goal. The main goal is to get better search
engine listings... but for what? The main benefit of researching your keywords, is that it may be a
lot easier to dominate the search engine for one major keyword than another, saving you a lot of
time and making your business profitable quicker. Another huge benefit, is that good keywords
drastically increase conversion rates (which means more sales!)

Google Adwords has a great free online tool for researching keywords that is very easy to use. It will
tell you very useful information about your keywords, search volume, and your competition, plus it
will suggest other related keywords that may help you choose the perfect match for your website.

Step 1: Direct your internet browser to:

Step 2: Enter your main keyword or keyphrase in the box provided, and click the "Search" button.

Step 3: In the left column, look for “Match Types” - unc
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