TH& LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER127, 18ff6r.
*; ? f £' •-;ir "The'Barikruptcy Act, 1861 ;\ ; '." '                       Joseph Roberts, of tbe town" of, Carmarthen,. in'* the?
                                                                          county of the borough of .Carmarthen, Drape,r,."a.djadged~
 Notice of the Granting bf Orders of Discharge.                           bankrupt on the 27th day of September, 1866. Ap,Order jpjk
                                                                          Discharge was granted by the Court of Bankruptcy-fpt;r.the^
 .""The .'Bankrupts 'hereinafter named have • had                         Bristol DiVteict, aT Bristol, on the. ,20th day'pf November^
                                                                          1866.                    "'•     ' "" '      . * . _ - • - - -
Orders of Discharge Granted or Suspended § as
Hereinafter mentioned by the several Courts acting
m prosecution 'of their respective Bankruptcies!,
amTlsuch Orders will 'be delivered 'to the Bank- Lancaster,' adjudicated bankrupt "by •a1:Re'£is'trar;ofi:H
rupts unless an appeal be duly entered against the Majesty's Court of -Bankruptcy for th"e Marich'est'er 'Cistn
                                                                     Gaol, at Lancaster,
uflgment"' of the Court, arid notice thereof be attending at the and the adjudication on the 1.1th, clay ^of
                                                   September, 1866,                        being'direct.ed:^ be.;,
given to the Court:-^-                             prosecuted'of'the Court of Bankruptcy, at'Mainejiester.^ cAn.j
 ;                                                                        Order-of Discharge was granted by"the Court'of B^nk^
    Joseph Willcock, formerly residing and carrying on busi-              ruptcy, Manchester, on the 19th day of November, 18661',. >j
ness as.a Patent Agent, at No. 89, Chancery-lane, in tbe
county of Middlesex, afterwards carrying on business fit the                 .George? Yeadell, of Belle Vue-terrace,;The GreaVes,:ini"
same place and at No. 24, Market-place, Manchester, in the                the township of. Scotfortbj near Lancaster; in'the'county ofT
county of Lancaster, in copartnership with Edward Griffith                Lancaster, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Indian Artillery,rnojw
Brewer,.under the style or firm of Willcock and Brewer, as                on'the) Retired Lists, adjudicated bankrupt on "the. 22ndtdayj
Patent Agents, and residing during the existence of such                  of August.^866. -! An Order of Discharge was gran';,,
partnership first at No. 1, Leicester-terrace, Lower Brough-              the. Court' of Bankruptcy, Manchester,vonthe\21st'day3
ton^Salford, in the said county of Lancaster, and afterwards              of November, 1866. • • • ' ; '-V^';1/ .,;'.'S^ '. 'V'_*«.*"c'n>
aV' No. 19, Arundel-s,treetj Strand, in the .county of Mid-                  . John" Kay ley,- .of.Coine, jn".the county, ofc Lancasterp
dlesex,-then and now and for five months last past residing                Grocer,'and Innkeeper, Dealer, and Chapman, adjudicatedl
and during part pf such period carrying on business at No.                 bankrupt on the 17th day of April, 1862. An Order,of
 19; 'Arnndel-street aforesaid, Patent Agent, adjudicated                   Discharge was granted by the .Court Of Bankruptcy,
bankrupt on the 24tb day. of December,' 1864. An Order
of Discharge was granted by the Court of Bankruptcy,                       Manchester, on the November, 1866.L '"•'' ••_''•--* &
London, on tbe 3rd day of March, 1865.                .                        Isaac Cattle, bf No. 15, QueenTstreet, in the. tpwnVbfs
   < : . . " .        •         * -       •.            ' • '
   •-..Thomas.Ashton, late-of-NP; 1.6, Ivy-lane,;Newgate-street,           Cardiff, Jn the bounty of Glamorgan, Butcher, adjudicated?
 in the city of London, and of No. 16, Princes-square, Saint               bankrupt en the 25th day pf July,. 1866. "An,,Order ofi
 George's-in-the-East, rg the county of.Middlesex, Provision               Discharge Vas granted by tbe County., Court- of 3Gla-?j
 Dealer, adjudicated bankrupt on the 1st day of February,                  morganshire, holdeh at Cardiff, on the 22nd day. pfNovem-7
 1865. An Order of Discharge was granted by the Court                      ber/lseB.'" • ' • ' • ' • • • ' ^ ,'."-...'..',"'' . ' ' [ ' ' -.,.:\\-''^.-'.-^
 of Bankruptcy, London, on he 1st day of June, 1865. - - -                     Joseph Cook Cover, ^formerly of Canton, near Cardiff,
                                                                           in the county of Glamorgan, carrying on business in Sain|
   vThomas.Butler Arnott, "of : No. 60,' Mortimer-street,                   Mary-street, Cardiff- aforesaid, as a Wheel Wright/.and^
'Cavendish-square, previously of No. 1, Holies-street,                      Smith, and now of •Eisteddfod-street, Temperance Tb^n'«
 Cavendish-square aforesaid; in the county of Middlesex,                    Cardiff aforesaid, carrying on business in -,Saint^|4art-;
 Hair Cutter and Perfumer;' adjudicated bankrupt on' the                   street, Cardiff aforesaid, as a Wheelwright-'and Smith,3
 8th- day'of September,' 1862. An Order of Discharge                        adjudicated bankrupt on the 9th day of October,'1866/<1*'An
 •was granted by tbe Court of' -Bankruptcy, London, on the                  Order of Discharge was granted, by the..County. Court/of
 9th day of January, 1863. ' • ••• •"              •     ' . ,'             Glamorganshire; holden at Cardiff on the 22nd "day ofc
     William Beard, of Shaftesbury-villas, Richmond, in tbe                  November^ 1866. ' " "'" : • ' . . . ' . . .'..-','•.;' ;'';, '.'• ^V, ^
 cpunty^pf Surrey, Builder, adjudicated bankrupt., on-the 3rd                  William Peachey Brett, of Silver-street; in1 the •town; oiP
 day; of'March, 1866. An Order of Discharge, was granted                  , Cambridge, in -the-county of Cambridge,-adjudicated b*ank=*
 by the Court.of Bankruptcy,, London, on the 19th day of                    rupt on.the 22nd. day pf September,"' 1866;' An"-()rder5
 October, 1866. ' .-[ ,.././.- .. ..... - - .••:•.; ,.••. ,.• ' •           of Discharge was granted:by,the County<-''Conrt1'bf: Cain-°
   .;Frederick' George Gilbert Freeman,'8of Bromley, in tbe                 bridgeshire, holden at Cambridge, on the : 14th~-day ^of
 county/of Kent, and-Perry-vale, Lewisham, in the 'said                     November,-1866. •"' "' '              '"'".'•".,''•:/ ^ ^.^"^.^
  county. Builder and 'Brick.-Maker, carrying "on business
 under tbe name or style of George Freeman, adjudicated                        John William Gledhill, of Bridlington-Qaay,(
  bankrupt on- the 8th< day of. December, 1864: An ; Order                  county of York, Innkeeper^.adjudicated.bankrupt
 of Discharge was granted by the -Court bf Bankruptcy,                      18th day, of October,-, 1866..; An Order of T
 London, on the 22nd day of June, 1866.                                   j granted by the County 'Cpurt-pf Yorkshire,-ho.
                                                                            lington, on the 20th day of November, 1866.
     Francis Hoi man Green, of THurlow Park-road, Lower
  Norwood, in the county of Surrey, Carpenter, Kuilder, and               1
                                                                                 Alice Thackwray, of Low, Ha.rrogate, in 'the co'unty/br?
  General Decorator, trading under the-style, of .Greenland                   York,,Lodging-house Keeper, adjudicated bankrupt "on the71
  Deacon,'formerly residing at No. 1,'Auckland-hill,'-Lower                   18th day of November,, 1866,., An Order of DiscliafgeWas^
  Norwood ' aforesaid, -afterwards of Np. 8, Lavender-road,                   granted by the County .Court of Yorkshire, holden 4rfi
  Bftttersea, and now bf No.' 2, St. Mary's-terrace* Church-                  Knaresbrpugb, on .the. 21st day of January,"l864.;' ot-lLiar>^
  road, Efattersea, the county of Surrey, adjudicated
  bankrupt on the 6th day of -February,' 1866. , An Order                          William Booth, of No. 39,'Mill-street, in the borougVof
 -of Discharge was granted by the Court of Bankruptcy,                           Hanley, in the county of .Stafford, S.hoemak;er^ andr-'ifi'tfffir-
  London, on the 10th day 'of July, 1866."       ,'.' /                          dasber, previously .thereto of Stoue, in the conntyi6f*Staf-I
                                                                                 ford, Manager for tbe Stone' Cooperative Society (Limited)!8:
    Edward Withers, of No. 28, John's-niews, Little James- and previously of the London-road, Stoke-ton-Tr«nt."in^the'
 street, Bedford-row, Holborn,'in the county of Middlesex, county of, Stafford, Shoemaker, adjudJcared^bankrupt'ba-th'e^                           8
 Job Master, adjudicated bankrupt On fhe''l'2th-day of Octo- 26th day of. February,; 1866. An- Orderiof Discharge'^was
 ber,-1865. r Ah Order of: Discharge- 'was. granted by ; the granted by the County Court o f , Staffordshife,?lold'enl
 Court of Bankruptcy, London, on tbe 6th day of'December: at .Hanley, Burslem, and ' Tunstall,! on -the:-11th vday&bf'
 1865." .. • •"-• • • • < • ' • • ; '-'•;• •'--•- ' ' • • • '•;' '•';; _ '       April, 1866.; . - . .-. _.. *.,-.-. .-• I -,^- -r,- 7.1 ,^t arj
    John Caspar Decker, late of No. .10, Regent's Park-road,                        Charles Howard, now aud forihree^years test'p'ast 'of'thj^
                                                                                 Market-place;                      'county11 bf?
 iib the county bf Middlesex, General Merchant, a petitioner nn tliA'-*ra>1a Tunstall,'in-theJ.j:™W!.«*_ *''Stafibrd» ••-'•••-'»• =       c'airyl r in        ri
                                                                                                  nf a xRnfnn^'i.''               - ' -'
 (in formfi pauperis), adjudicated bankrupt .on,the 21st day
 of'Jiily, 1864. An Order pf .Discharge .granted by
 the Court of Bankruptcy, London, on the 24th day 61
 November, 1864.                  _. " " . , " " '
                                                                              IBDU    •   '• ' '   ' }< It   L   •.   '   - •   •? .   . >   -   •••   ' H»        I   *   ^ t-tt.i£ iT.wi

    Edward Coombes, of Leading-street! Farriij' Meopham',
 near Graveseud, in the county of Kent, formerly a Farmer, ."! Thomas' Reece, of^Orme-stfeet, Dale Hall; Bursleml iff
 but now Manager to a-Farmer, adjudicated bankrupt on the the. coimty of. Stafford, Carrier and .Coal-Dealer,-adjui
  12th day of December, 1863. An Order of Discharge was dicated bankrupt, on the'Tth day of\.March,* 1866.-«^'Aip
 granted Jby.the Court pf Bankruptcy> London; on the 24th Order of Discharge was granted by the.County Go'urt-o'^
 day of-March, 1 8 6 6 ; - - ' • •                        ' '•                   Staffordshire,' holden at Hanley,' Burslem,Land Tunstall, oil7
     Thomas Whitby, formerly of "West Mailing, in the county the 17th day of May, 1866.                                                ..      ^
  of Kent, Miller and Corn Merchant, then of the same                               William Higginson, of .MilliStrcet, Haniey'inrthe conity.'
  place, out of .business, and then and now of Upper Thames- of Stafford, Blacksmith and 6rocdr,;adjudicated bankrupt m&
  street, in tbe city of London,' Merchant's Clerk, adjudicated the 5th 'day of April, .1866. An Order of DiscliargeD
  bankrupt on tbe 4th day of March, 1862. 'An Order bj was granted by the County Court of Staffor.ds"hire,-holderf)
  Discharge; was. granted by the-. Court of Bankruptcy, at Hanley;' Burslem,' and Tunstall, on the 17th day.Iof
  London, on the SOtiLday.of.April,.J862                      • ;- - • • ' • - -  May, 1866.

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