Timeline by liwenting


									            Table Shops & Trivia -                         Time Line

            The following is a typical timeline for the project.

Weeks 1 & 2 - Table Shops Student Operated Enterprise is Established
   Students receive positions in the Table Shops™ Enterprise
   Goal setting and time line is created for the project
   Students establish time for weekly calls, emails, or faxes from Custom Resources
   Students implement marketing research on local advertising costs

Weeks 3 & 4 - Students Introduce TS to Their Local Community
   Students begin working with restaurants to become media hosts, allowing the students to
      to place acrylic ad holders on tables for the advertising period
   Create restaurants’ ad holder layout for customized front page; Custom Resources will
      assist you in any way with this
   Send information for first deadline to Custom Resources

Weeks 5 & 6 - Selling
   Students begin selling ads to local businesses
   Scan business cards (if possible in .jpeg or .tiff format) to be sent to Custom Resources
   Send in information for 2nd deadline to Custom Resources; Send scanned business cards
      with one of each original business card along with payment or P.O. from the sale of ads

Weeks 7 & 8 – Follow-Up
   Receive proofs from Custom Resources & request any changes or corrections
   Receive acrylic holders and completed ad booklets from Custom Resources
   Deliver ad holders for placement in restaurants
   Extend thanks to all supporting people and businesses. Acknowledge as many
      supporters as possible in any year-end appreciation banquets or assemblies.

       Ad Holders and Ad Booklets
               Prior to the end of the six-month advertising period, the teacher and students
       should make decisions on repeating Table Shops & Trivia™. The ad booklets are
       outdated after each six-month advertising period and each time the project is completed,
       new ad holders will be sent to replace the old ones. The outdated ad holders and ad
       booklets may either be used by the students as sales aides for the project the next time it
       is implemented, or the booklets can be disposed of and the restaurants may wish to use
       the acrylic ad holders to display information about the restaurant. (The acrylic ad
       holders are also great to display at appreciation banquets with either the ad booklets in
       them, or personalized information the school wishes to display.)


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