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The keys to success

                      Leiden University. The university to discover.

Foreword Dean Leiden Law School                                          1

Leiden University                                                        2

Leiden Law School                                                        3

Leiden Law Programmes                                                    5
   Non-degree programmes                                                 6
   Degree programmes                                                     8

Application and admission                                            16

Student life in Leiden                                               18

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Facts about Leiden Law School                                        21

                         Leiden is known as the ‘City of Keys’: Its
                         coat of arms is two red keys, crossed on
                         a white background. The keys have been
                         used in official Leiden documentation since
                         the 13th Century. They represent the keys
                         to the gates of heaven held by St. Peter; St.
                         Peter’s church in Leiden was built in 1121.
‘It is a great honour to serve as Dean at the Leiden Law School’
‘The study of law is not merely an   As Dean of the Law School at Leiden, it is an honour and privilege to be part of an
                                     academic tradition that was started in 1575. As the oldest university in the Netherlands,
academic challenge but should
                                     it has been the house of learning for some of the greatest thinkers in history. Descartes,
also prepare students for legal      John Quincy Adams, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill were all part of Leiden’s
practice. It is the university’s     academic community. Today the Leiden Law School is one of the most respected and
                                     pre-eminent worldwide.
duty to respond to challenges of
a changing world and to offer our    Leiden Law graduates have advanced in their careers to become members of the Dutch
students the necessary tools to      Supreme Court, the International Court of Justice, the European Parliament, and
                                     to serve as diplomats, leaders of NATO and executive officers of some of the world’s
successfully participate in that
                                     largest companies. They all benefited from our high level of academic teaching and
new legal order.’                    internationally orientated approach to our law specialisations.

                                     The city of Leiden is steeped in history: Rembrandt was born here in 1606, the Pilgrims
                                     sought refuge here for more than a decade on their way to Boston, and the Constitution
                                     of the Netherlands was written in Leiden in 1848. The symbol of Leiden is two red keys
                                     that are meant to open the gates of heaven by Saint Peter. Today Leiden remains a socially
                                     and culturally diverse university city and an exciting confluence of the old and new.

                                     Our school is currently one of the world’s leading law schools that provides aspiring
                                     law students with the opportunity to choose from and excel in a broad range of law
                                     disciplines. Each year we are pleased to be able to accept more than 850 Dutch and 350
                                     international students to our bachelor’s, master’s, PhD and short term programmes.

                                     Apart from its high academic rankings our school is also rated highly for its superb
                                     teaching and library facilities. Leiden Law School has also consistently been ranked in the
                                     top 10 most popular international law schools at llmguide.com.

                                     At the Leiden Law School students from all nationalities meet with one another on a daily basis.
                                     These meetings of young legal specialists from throughout the world generate friendships that
                                     contribute to a more prosperous, honest, peaceful and – hopefully – just world.

                                     Read further for an impression of what our Law School is all about and why we are so
                                     proud of our reputation.

                                     Carel Stolker
                                     Dean, Leiden Law School
                                                                                                Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 1
   Leiden University
   Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands.
   It was founded in 1575, as a gift from William of Orange to
   the citizens of Leiden, for their heroic endurance during the
   Dutch struggle for independence. It was the first university
   in the Netherlands where freedom of belief and religion was
   practised, as reflected in the University’s motto, Praesidium
   Libertatis, Bastion of Liberty. It was in this atmosphere
   of freedom of speech that philosophers like Spinoza and
   Descartes were able to develop their ideas.

   Leiden University has since evolved to become a world-
   famous centre of science and research. The University boasts
   six faculties and more than 150 undergraduate and 250
   master’s programmes. Leiden University is an internationally
   recognised research-intensive university.

   To fulfil its aim of promoting fundamental research, Leiden
   University has entered into an alliance with the most
   prestigious research universities in Europe to form the League
   of European Research Universities (LERU).

                                             Den Haag         Utrecht

   Europe and the Netherlands

2 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
                                                                        The Academy Building was Leiden University’s first residence in 1575
Leiden Law School
The university’s tradition in law dates back to the time of Hugo            During its history the Leiden Law School has continuously
Grotius. Often referred to as the ‘Mozart of International Law’,            managed to maintain its reputation for excellence by
Grotius started his studies at Leiden University in 1594 at age 11.         combining a high level of academic teaching with acclaimed
                                                                            and innovative research. The Law School has an eminent
The Leiden Law School is located in a beautifully renovated                 reputation in the training of lawyers and diplomats. Our
national monument in the historic heart of Leiden. The Law                  alumni include members of the Dutch Supreme Court, of
School also has teaching and research facilities at its campus in           international courts, the former Secretary General of NATO,
The Hague: The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies               prominent lawyers in the Netherlands and the USA, and chief
enables a unique collaboration with The Hague’s international               executives of multinational companies.
legal institutions.
                                                                                   THEY STUDIED LAW AT LEIDEN
                                                                             • Hugo Grotius, founder of the modern natural law theory
                                                                             • Rudolph Cleveringa, known for his acclaimed protest speech to
                                                                               defend his Leiden colleague E.M. Meijers at the time of German
                                                                               occupation; and the honarary supervisor of the Leiden honorary
                                                                               doctorate for Sir Winston Churchill
                                                                             • Her Royal Highness Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau, Queen of the
                                                                             • Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and
                                                                               Ambassador. Currently professor, Leiden Law School
                                                                             • Dorette Corbey, European Parliament
                                                                             • Jan Ernst de Groot, Managing Director, KLM
                                                                             • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO.
                                                                               Currently professor, Leiden Law School
                                                                             • Clementine de Vries Lentsch-Kostense, Deputy Procurator General
                                                                               at the Supreme Court
A typical Leiden tradition: Following the graduation ceremony, all           • His Royal Highness Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Head of the
graduates sign their name on the wall of the so-called ‘Sweat Room’. As        Information Policy & Economics team, RAND Europe Brussels
                                                                             • Armin van Buuren, the official ‘World’s Most Popular DJ’ in
recipients of a Leiden Honorary Doctorate also Winston Churchill and
                                                                               DJ top 100 poll
Nelson Mandela have signed this wall.

 His Royal Highness Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau
                 ‘Law and Leiden, in the Netherlands the combination        and provide me with a good approach for structuring problems. I
                 is as obvious as Pisa and its tower; not quite as old      found that in addition Leiden University offers academic tradition
                 but just as unavoidably linked. For me the link was less   and international standing. Leiden opened my eyes to such issues as
                 obvious. I chose the town and university independent       the rights of migrants, European law and institutions, and civil and
 of the study of Law. The town attracted me for its charm and student       international law. What I learnt here within the Law School and beyond
 life. Law - I hoped - would train me to take an objective perspective      provided a basis for the rest of my career and personal development.’

                                                                                                              Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 3
    Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
    Former Secretary General of NATO, currently Professor of Law at Leiden Law School
                  ‘The combination of studying Law and Leiden                still does to this day. Leiden Law School’s longstanding focus on
                  University still evokes very fond memories. Leiden,        both civil and international law provided me with a very solid legal
                  with a centuries-long tradition of excellence in           training and foundation, which have proven invaluable through the
                  both Humanities and Science, proved to pair a very         years, in very different incarnations as a diplomat, politician and as
    stimulating academic environment with living in a ‘human scale’ city     Secretary General of NATO.’
    with many possibilities for extra-curricular activities. And so it

                                                                               The Law School publishes a number of important and highly
                                                                               regarded law journals: The Common Market Law Review,
                                                                               published by the Europa Institute, the oldest
                                                                               established legal institution of its kind, and the Leiden
                                                                               Journal of International Law, which has gained an eminent
                                                                               international reputation in the area of public international law.

                                                                               Library facilities
                                                                               In addition to the facilities of its extensive main Law library,
                                                                               the Law School houses several specialist libraries: The
                                                                               Documentation Centre of East European Law, the European
                                                                               Documentation Centre, the library collection of the Van
                                                                               Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development,
                                                                               and the United Nations depository library.

                                                                               Furthermore, the Peace Palace in The Hague houses a large
                                                                               public library of material on international law and European
                                                                               law. This library, open to students of Leiden University, serves
                                                                               the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ
                                                                               of the United Nations, as well as the International Criminal
                                                                               Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

  Our Law School library

4 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
Leiden Law programmes
(Bachelor’s, Master’s and Advanced Master’s)

The Law School consists of the Institutes for Private Law,             international tax law, and air and space law. Master of Laws as
Public Law, Criminal Law and Criminology, Tax Law and                  well as specialist Advanced Studies programmes (LL.M. Adv.)
Economics, and the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law. The             are offered in these areas.
Institutes incorporate a further eighteen divisions, including
a number of prominent fields such as public international law           All Leiden University’s Law programmes are accredited by the
(the Grotius Centre), European and international business law,         Accreditation Organisation of Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

 Undergraduate programmes                                                  Postgraduate programmes

 LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)                 LL.M. (Master of Laws)              LL.M. Advanced                           Ph.D.

                                          Talent Programme                    Talent Programme                         Talent Programme

 Combination Studies:                    Law                                 European and International              Criminal Justice
 • Law and Business                                                          Business Law
                                         Notarial Law                                                                Coherent
 • Law and Economics
                                                                                                                     Private Law
                                         Tax Law                             Public International Law

 Notarial Law                            Criminology                         Air and Space Law                       Limits of Tax
                                         European Law                        International Tax Law
 Tax Law
                                         Public International Law                                                    Reform of Social
                                                                                                                     Securing the Rule
                                                                                                                     of Law in a World of
                                                                                                                     Multilevel Jurisdiction

                                                                                                                     Social Cohesion,
                                                                                                                     Multiculturalism and

 Leiden Law Courses                                                                                  Courses for professionals

                                                           Summer School programmes

       Dutch-taught programme    English-taught programme
                                                                                                          Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 5
   Non-degree programmes

   Leiden Law Courses                                                 Professor Edward Morrison
   The Leiden Law School offers an extensive programme of law         Harvey R. Miller Professor of Law and Economics, Columbia Law
   courses at undergraduate level taught in English.                  School, New York
   Courses are offered both in the Autumn semester, from                              ‘The Columbia Summer Program is unique among
   September until the middle of December, and the Spring                             summer programs. For nearly 50 years, energetic
   semester, from February until the end of May. Visiting students                    Columbia professors have conducted highly
   can choose whether to attend either semester, or both. About                       interactive classes and engaged informally with
   fifteen courses are offered in each semester. These include a                       students at daily lunches and other extracurricular
   broad array of legal courses, with many specialist choices in      activities in the beautiful academic environs of Leiden. With
   areas including European law, public international law,            support from a top-notch administrative staff, the program
   competition law, law and governance, comparative tort law,         creates an intense and rewarding environment in which students
   humanitarian law, criminal law, and air and space law.             create deep, lifelong friendships and make real investments
                                                                      in their future legal careers. It is the most fun and rewarding
   Upon completion, students receive a transcript certificate;         summer program I have encountered.’
   courses and the academic credits obtained can then be
   transferred to count towards the students’ degrees at their
   home institutions. These Leiden Law Courses are open to
   exchange and visiting students from around the world, as well
   as Dutch students, which gives the courses a truly international

6 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
Opening session international students

Summer programmes                                                  Anna Katharina Wolf, Germany
Several programmes are offered during the summer months in         Currently studying at Columbia University Law School, New York
cooperation with Columbia University in New York, and our                        ‘The Columbia Summer Program is a valuable
Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies in The Hague.                     opportunity to gain an insight in the U.S. legal
                                                                                 system. I learned a lot during the program and
Columbia Summer Program                                                          found the teaching inspiring and motivating.’
This internationally renowned summer programme has been
held since 1963, alternating between Leiden University (in
even years) and the University of Amsterdam (in odd years).       Summer Program on International Criminal Law
It is taught entirely by members of the faculty of the Columbia   The Summer Program on International Criminal Law is
University Law School in New York, and is designed to provide     organised by our Grotius Centre for International Legal
a general introduction to the American legal system for           Studies and is held in The Hague. Professionals from the
lawyers, master’s students, and others interested in the          International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International
programme. In addition to the high academic level, the            Court for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and other influential
Columbia Summer Program is also known for its close-knit          scholars contribute to this course. The programme is intended
and pleasant atmosphere amongst participants and professors       for graduate law students, or those who are close to graduating,
from Columbia University.                                         and young professionals with a demonstrated interest in
                                                                  international criminal law.

                                                                                                 Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 7
   Degree programmes
   The Law School offers four LL.M. programmes in Dutch, and                              Regular LL.M. programme: European Law
   six LL.M. programmes in English - including four advanced                              This programme is designed primarily for international
   level programmes.                                                                      and Dutch law students who wish to specialise in the field
                                                                                          of European law during the last phase of their studies. The
   The Dutch-language LL.M. programmes are offered in the                                 programme focuses on various areas of European law - such as
   areas of general law, tax law, notarial law and criminology.                           human rights, the internal market and the European Union’s
                                                                                          external relations - both from a substantive and institutional
   The English-language LL.M. programmes are offered in                                   law perspective. The programme aims to equip students with
   European law, and public international law. The advanced                               the necessary skills and knowledge for a future career as a
   level LL.M. programmes are offered in European and                                     European law specialist.
   international business law, public international law, air and
   space law, and international tax law.
                                                                                            Professor Rick Lawson
   A Leiden Advanced Studies degree is a highly specialised                                 Progamme Director European Law, Leiden Law School
   postgraduate qualification. LL.M. Advanced Studies students                                              ‘It is trite to say that ‘Europe’ has a huge impact
   are also involved in the research carried out within their                                              on our daily lives. From trade to the environment,
   institute. Students are taught by our most senior faculty as                                            from the financial markets to judicial co-operation:
   well as leading experts in the field, and the number of contact                                          The EU has assumed a central role in 21st century
   hours are high. The programmes are highly international,                                 policy making. Meanwhile the European Court of Human Rights
   with students coming from over 50 countries across all five                               protects the rule of law in 47 European states. Society needs
   continents.                                                                              lawyers who know how Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg
                                                                                            work. It is our aim to train lawyers who can find their way in the
                                                                                            European legal order.’

    The Advanced Studies programmes differ from the       aimed at those participating directly after completing   are specifically designed for excellent students
    regular LL.M. programmes in their level of teaching   a bachelor’s programme in Law.                           with legal experience and for qualified lawyers who
    and learning. The regular programme is the final                                                                wish to enhance their career prospects. They cater
    part of the Dutch law curriculum, and is a required   In terms of level of study, the Advanced Studies         exclusively for a group of students who are able to
    programme for Dutch students wishing to gain the      programmes are substantially more in-depth and           benefit from close contact with their professors as
    right to enter legal practice in the Netherlands.     demanding. In just one academic year they offer a        well as with expert practitioners from the relevant
    The regular programme is also accessible for          thorough and focused education on a specific area of      legal field. There are very few universities that offer
    international students (and attracts many!), and is   legal expertise. The Advanced Studies programmes         LL.M. programmes at this level.

8 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
 Current information about the degree programmes can be found at   Regular LL.M. programme: Public International Law
 en.mastersinleiden.nl                                             Public international law is the law that governs international
                                                                   relations. In the not so distant past, this was more or less
                                                                   limited to relations between states. In recent years international
The programme consists of the following subjects and a thesis:     organisations, peoples, enterprises and individuals have also
• Capita Selecta of European Law - Privatissimum                   become part of an increasingly complex global society and
• EU Institutional Law & General Principles of EU Law              consequently have entered the realm of international law.
• European Protection of Human Rights
• The Union in the World                                           The programme comprises the following courses, and a thesis:
• EU Substantive Law                                               • Public International Law
• European Law in Practice - Practicum                             • International Criminal Law
                                                                   • International Dispute Settlement
                                                                   • Protection of Victims of War
                                                                   • International Relations
                                                                   • Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition,
                                                                     or Telders Moot Court Competition
                                                                   • The Law & Practice of International Organisations -
                                                                   • Theoretical Perspectives on Human Rights Law -

                                                                    Professor Nico Schrijver
                                                                    Academic Director Public International Law, Leiden Law School
                                                                                  ‘The intercultural character of this programme
                                                                                  serves as a strong motivation both for students and
                                                                                  lecturers. We make considerable demands of our
                                                                                  students, but they respect this. In my experience
                                                                    they want to be challenged.’

Graduation ceremony 2010

                                                                                                  Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 9
    Advanced LL.M. programme in European and
    International Business Law
    The Master’s programme of Advanced Studies in European                 This Leiden programme has several unique characteristics.
    and International Business Law is aimed particularly at                Firstly, it has a clearly defined focus on the interaction of
    lawyers who wish to specialise in the area of European and             international, European and national law, with a deliberate
    international business law, and who desire to become, or               choice of compulsory courses, thus allowing for depth of
    already are, international legal practitioners in internationally      study and coherence of the subject matter chosen. A second
    operating law firms and companies, as well as (EU)                      distinction is that, without compromising academic standards,
    organisations.                                                         Leiden pays specific attention to professional applications,
                                                                           particularly through its assignments and teaching methods.
    The programme focuses on the impact of the law of the EU
    on government and enterprises in a global economy, and its             The programme consists of nine courses, mandatory work on
    repercussions on, and interaction with, other international            the European Law Moot Court, and a thesis. The courses are:
    institutions, in particular the World Trade Organization. The          • The Legal Foundations of the European Union
    curriculum provides students with a thorough knowledge of              • The Internal Market and Harmonisation
    EU law and the legal systems governing international business          • European Company Law
    transactions with an EU component. Students become                     • European and International Intellectual Property Law
    confident in the handling and presentation of complex legal             • WTO Law
    materials, orally and in writing, using the specific vocabulary         • European Competition Law
    of European and international business law.                            • International Arbitration
                                                                           • European and International Private Law
    The programme is offered in association with the Europa
    Institute, which forms part of the Law School. It is the oldest
    European institution devoted to the study of European law.
    The Institute publishes the renowned Common Market Law
    Review, generally considered the best law review in its field.

                                                                            Dániel Dózsa, Hungary
                                                                            Associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Budapest
     Professor Christa Tobler                                                              ‘The LL.M. programme in European and
     Programme Director European and International Business Law,                           international business law gave me the competitive
     Leiden Law School                                                                     edge I was striving for. Besides having been taught
                    ‘Leiden has a legendary name within the field of                        by professionals of unrivalled expertise in their
                    international and European law. It is therefore                        given field, I’ve had the privilege of studying with
                    particularly well situated to offer a programme that    bright people from four different continents in perhaps the most
                    deals with the challenges faced by businesses in a      beautiful and livable city in the Netherlands. I think this is what
     world of multilevel juridiction.’                                      they call the experience of a life-time.’

10 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
                                                                            Advanced LL.M. programme in Public
                                                                            International Law
                                                                            The programme of Advanced Studies in Public International
                                                                            Law offers both law graduates and practitioners the
                                                                            opportunity to acquire an advanced knowledge of this branch
                                                                            of law, while at the same time allowing them sufficient freedom
                                                                            to specialise in one of two areas: International Criminal Law,
                                                                            and Peace, Justice and Development. The programme is
                                                                            partly taught at Campus The Hague, from where there is easy
                                                                            access to the nearby Peace Palace Library. This dual campus
                                                                            location offers students a unique combination of the academic
                                                                            expertise of Leiden University with the practice of the various
                                                                            international legal organisations in The Hague, ‘City of Peace
                                                                            and Justice’. Guest lecturers from these institutions are a
                                                                            regular feature of the programme and students frequently visit
                                                                            the institutions.

                                                                            With a view to further developing practical and professional
                                                                            skills, students may also benefit from the LL.M. (Adv.)
                                                                            Internship Programme. The number and duration of
                                                                            internships vary, although each year around five to ten
                                                                            students are institutionally endorsed in their applications
                                                                            for intern positions at institutions such as the International
                                                                            Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Permanent
                                                                            Court of Arbitration, the Organisation for the Prohibition of
                                                                            Chemical Weapons, and law firms.

                                                                             Professor Carsten Stahn
                                                                             Programme Director Public International Law, Leiden Law School
                                                                                           ‘There is almost no day without legal news from The
                                                                                           Hague or fresh developments in international law.
                                                                                           Drawing on on a global student body and faculty,
                                                                                           this programme seeks to connect new generations
                                                                             of international lawyers to the legal and real life challenges in
                                                                             this dynamic field.’
Ni Haifeng: ‘Equilibrium’, symbolising the balance between legal practice                                  Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 11
(the sword) and academic doctrine (the books)
   One wall of the Law School’s ceremonial room in the Academy Building is adorned with portraits of several of the Law School’s professors.

   The programme consists of the following courses:                                 Specialisation International Criminal Law:
                                                                                    • Advanced International Criminal Law
   General Courses:                                                                 • International Criminal Litigation
   • Public International Law: Capita Selecta
   • International Institutional Law
                                                                                      Arielle Silverstein, Israel
   • International Criminal Law
                                                                                      Associate Legal Officer at the International Criminal Tribunal for
   • International Dispute Settlement
                                                                                      the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
   • International Humanitarian Law
                                                                                                    ‘Studying in Leiden has opened up many exciting
   • International Protection of Human Rights
                                                                                                    avenues for me that would otherwise not have been
   • Privatissimum: UN Peacekeeping
                                                                                                    possible. The LL.M. (Adv.) Public International Law
                                                                                                    has provided me with the right tools and specific
   Specialisation Peace, Justice and Development:
                                                                                      knowledge to be admitted first as an intern at the War Crimes
   • International Relations
                                                                                      Chamber in Sarajevo, and later as an Associate Legal Officer,
   • International Economic Law and Sustainable Development
                                                                                      working for the ICTY.’

12 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
                                                                    Advanced LL.M. programme in Air and Space Law
                                                                    The Advanced Studies programme in Air and Space Law
                                                                    provides an international and European perspective on public
                                                                    air law, private air law and space law. It is one of only a few
                                                                    programmes in the world offering this kind of specialisation,
                                                                    and is embedded in the Law School’s renowned International
                                                                    Institute for Air and Space Law. The programme is specifically
                                                                    designed for graduates and legal practitioners pursuing careers
                                                                    in law firms or in consulting firms engaged in aviation and
                                                                    space law practice, legal departments of airports and airlines,
                                                                    aerospace companies, civil aviation authorities or ministry
                                                                    of transportation authorities, and international, regional and
                                                                    national organisations. With a view to further developing
                                                                    practical and professional skills, students benefit from the
                                                                    LL.M. (Adv.) Internship Programme. Both a full-time and
                                                                    distance learning version (for professionals) of the programme
                                                                    are offered.
                                                                    The programme consists of seven courses (some including
                                                                    practicals), an internship and a thesis:
                                                                    • Public Air Law
                                                                    • Private Air Law
                                                                    • Internal Moot Court Competition in Private Air Law
                                                                    • Air Transport Competition Law and Policy
                                                                    • European Aerospace Law
                                                                    • Space Law & Policy
                                                                    • Space Law & Policy: Case Studies

                                                                     Mildred Troegeler, Germany
Professor Pablo Mendes de Leon                                       Resident fellow, European Space Policy Institute
Progamme Director Air and Space Law, Leiden Law School                             ‘The LL.M. programme strikes the right balance
               ‘The programme pays attention to all legal aspects                  between academic rigour and real-world
               of air and space law and policy in a varied and                     applicability by exploring different, interlinked areas
               multi-faceted programme in which modern teaching                    of aviation and space law and looking beyond its
               and research methods are applied. The programme                     purely legal aspects. Besides academic excellence
has a global reach in more than one respect; it is devoted to the    and direct contact with leading experts, the programme provides
study of this multilateral field of law, whereas its participants     you with the opportunity to build a professional and personal
come from all parts of the globe, as do their teachers.’             network all over the world.’

                                                                                                     Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 13
    Advanced LL.M. programme in International Tax Law                      Professor Kees van Raad
    This programme has been designed to provide indepth                    Progamme Director International Tax Law, Leiden Law School
    training for lawyers with an economics background and                                ‘There is never a dull moment in the world of an
    economists with a legal orientation who are interested in                            international tax lawyer: Developments take place
    expanding their knowledge of the theory and practice of                              much faster than in most other areas of law. I
    international tax law. The emphasis of the programme                                 find it enormously gratifying to contribute to the
    is on tax treaties, transfer pricing and EU tax law issues.            international developments in the field of cross-border taxation.’
    International tax law is an area that is still only partially
    covered in postgraduate law and economics programmes at
    most universities, though its importance in both public and           The programme consists of the following courses and a thesis:
    private sectors has grown enormously in the past two decades.         • Fundamentals of International Tax Law
                                                                          • Tax Treaties
    At Leiden, tax law has long been a prominent area of teaching         • Transfer Pricing Rules in International Tax
    and research. In 1986, Leiden University created the first chair       • EC Tax Law
    in the world exclusively for international tax law, and in 2001       • International Estate Taxation
    the International Tax Center Leiden - located in a beautifully        • Customs Duties and Excise Taxes
    restored landmark building alongside the Rapenburg - was              • US International Tax Law
    set up to accommodate the rapidly increasing interest in              • International Tax Planning
    teaching and research in international tax law. International         • Thesis International Tax Law
    tax specialists from around the world teach this unique               In addition, students must choose between one of the
    programme, which can be followed full-time as well as on a            following two courses:
    course-by-course basis.                                               • US Domestic Tax Law
                                                                          • Value Added Tax Law

     Katri Aarnio, Finland
     Manager at KPMG Zürich
                    ‘The Leiden International Tax LL.M. programme
                    has an unparalleled reputation, and is able to
                    attract distinguished academics as well as top
                    international tax lawyers to lecture in their fields
     of expertise, providing for a second-to-none learning experience
     for a multinational group of students. The teaching takes place in
     the state-of-the-art new International Tax Center building located
     in the centre of Leiden along the historic Rapenburg canal. Class
     sizes are small and there is a friendly and convivial atmosphere
     among the students.’
                                                                          Annual procession of faculty in academic regalia at the opening of the
                                                                          academic year
14 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
Moot Court competition (Peace Palace, The Hague)
                                                                  LEIDEN AND THE MOOT COURT COMPETITIONS
Recent prizes and awards                                          Leiden wins Telders International Law Moot Court Competition
                                                                                                 On 12 April 2008, Leiden
                                                                                                 University’s international law
There is a great deal of talent both amongst students and
                                                                                                 team won the finals of the 31st
faculty of the Leiden Law School, as is apparent from a
                                                                                                 Telders International Law Moot
prestigious list of recent prizes and awards:
                                                                                                 Court Competition.

• Leiden team wins Max Huber Award for Best Overall Score        2009
  at Telders International Law Moot Court Competition            • University of Cambridge awards Leiden Law Professor
• Common Market Law Review wins British & Irish                    Wijffels with honorary doctorate degree
  Association of Law Librarians’ Legal Journals Award            • Professor of Law and former Minister of Economic Affairs/
• Leiden Law student wins national ECHO Ethnic Talent              EU Ambassador in Japan Laurens Jan Brinkhorst is awarded
  Award for most excellent, ambitious and socially involved        Japanese national decoration of ‘Grand Cordon of the
  student                                                          Order of the Rising Sun’
• Leiden Law PhD candidate wins Montesquieu Europe Prize         • Professor Carsten Stahn is awarded the international
  for best scientific article                                       Ciardi Prize for his book ‘Law and Practice of International
• Professor John Dugard wins Gruber Justice Prize. He              Territorial Administration’
  stood up for the victims of apartheid, helping to challenge    • Leiden team is runner up in Telders International Law Moot
  apartheid laws and participating in the negotiation that led     Court Competition
  to the adoption of a constitution based on human rights in
  post-apartheid South Africa.                                   2008
• Leiden team wins International Air Law Moot Court              • Leiden law student wins Max van der Stoel Prize for best
  Competition in Delhi, India                                      PhD dissertation in area of human rights law
• Leiden team wins International Criminal Court Trial Moot       • Leiden team wins Telders International Law Moot Court
  Court Competition as best Non-Native Speaking Team               Competition
• Leiden team wins Best Oralist prize in Philip Jessup           • Leiden team wins national rounds of Philip Jessup
  International Law Moot Court national rounds                     International Law Moot Court Competition

                                                                                               Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 15
    Application and admission
    Applications for all programmes can be completed online.         Columbia Summer Program
    Specific entry requirements per programme are given briefly        The Columbia Summer Program is open to law students at
    below, but full details, including tuition fees and required     an advanced stage of their studies; or to law graduates who
    documentation, can be found on the Leiden University             are professionally active in the practice of law, industry,
    website. law.leiden.edu/prospectivestudents                      commerce, government, international organisations or
                                                                     related activities. The Columbia Summer Program has its
    Leiden Law Courses                                               own website, from which applications can be made online:
    The Leiden Law Courses are open to students who have             columbiasummerprogram.org
    completed at least two years of academic education.
    Depending on the course level, you may be expected to have a     Summer School on International Criminal Law
    higher level of related (academic) background knowledge.         Graduate law students, or those who are close to graduating,
    law.leiden.edu/current-students/courses/llc.html                 and young professionals with an obvious interest in inter-
                                                                     national criminal law can register by completing the regis-
    You need to demonstrate your proficiency in English, preferably   tration form, which can be found at grotiuscentre.org
    by means of an IELTS test (also acceptable are: TOEFL and the
    Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English).                  Please add your c.v., a list of the courses you have taken in
                                                                     national and/or international (criminal) law, and a letter of
                                                                     motivation. If you are a student, please also add proof of
                                                                     your university registration.

                                                                     LL.M. European Law and LL.M. Public
                                                                     International Law
                                                                     Applicants who have obtained a bachelor degree in Law (or
                                                                     equivalent in the country where it was obtained) can apply for
                                                                     entry. The English language requirements are the same as for
                                                                     the Advanced Studies LL.M programmes.

                                                                     The team of the Leiden Law School’s Office for International Education.
                                                                     From left to right: Esther Sibbel, Magali Dirven, Wouter Oude Alink,
                                                                     Sheena Bruce, Els Lemaire
16 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
International students enjoy a boat ride on the Rapenburg canal

Advanced Studies LL.M. entry requirements                           a place on the programme on the condition that they attend
• Full degree in Law, offering access to legal practice in the      a one or two-month pre-sessional English course at Leiden
  country where it was obtained, from a recognised university       University.
  or Law School                                                   • Information on full entry requirements, how to apply, tuition
• In special circumstances graduates from fields other than law      fees, scholarships, visas, housing, FAQ’s, useful addresses can
  may be admitted, provided their previous studies included a       be found at en.mastersinleiden.nl
  substantial legal component.
• Applications will also be considered from outstanding           Scholarships and funding
  candidates offering substantial evidence of a work history in   There are a range of funding opportunities for top law
  the legal profession.                                           students. Leiden University has its own scholarship
• Proven English-language proficiency, validated through           programme, and also works with a wide range of (external)
  a TOEFL test (100 internet-based) or IELTS test (7.0),          scholarship and lending agencies.
  occasionally complemented by a telephone interview.             Please visit en.mastersinleiden.nl for current information.
  Students who do not meet this level of English but who have
  a minimum score of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent may be offered

                                                                                                 Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 17
    Student life in Leiden
    Leiden is located in the western part of the Netherlands, about      The Law School is located at the end of this 17th Century
    40 km south of Amsterdam. It is very conveniently situated in        canal, in the heart of the historic centre of Leiden.
    terms of public transportation. The cities of Amsterdam, The
    Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht are all just a short train journey      Housing
    away, and Schiphol International Airport can be reached in           Leiden University mediates in finding housing for
    fifteen minutes by train, Brussels and Paris are now only a           international students. The university also advises on private
    short train ride away on the high speed Thalys service (three        housing arrangements. Full information on university
    hours from Schiphol to Paris).                                       managed accommodation, including room descriptions and
                                                                         photos, can be found at studenthousing.leiden.edu
    Leiden is a beautiful and historic city with many 17th
    Century houses along its cobblestone streets. From the Burcht
    (Leiden’s old fortress) there is an excellent view over the many
    canals, church spires, narrow alleys, historic buildings and
    private almshouses that define Leiden. The city has excellent
    bookstores and museums and a wide range of delightful cafés
    and restaurants.

    Leiden University does not have a central campus but is woven
    into the city itself, especially the historic centre and close to
    the Rapenburg, a beautiful canal along the banks of which the
    University had its origins.

                                                                         Sport facilities
                                                                         The University’s sport centre offers extensive outdoor and
                                                                         indoor facilities and classes, ranging from football, basketball,
                                                                         tennis and rugby, to self-defence sports, sailing and ice skating.
                                                                         Full information is available at services-facilities.leiden.edu/sport

    View of the courtyard from one of the international student houses
18 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success
The most recent independent research assessment rated the
Law School with an overall grade of 4.5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) for
both the research institute and the research programmes. The
assessment, based on such criteria as relevance, productivity,
originality, content depth and international orientation, even
resulted in the highest score (5) for the International Law
research programme.

The Leiden Law School has six broad research programmes
within which all of our researchers work, also in collaboration
with international visiting researchers.
• Criminal Justice
• Coherent Private Law
• Limits of Tax Jurisdiction
• Reform of Social Regulation
• Securing the Rule of Law in a World of Multilevel Jurisdiction
• Social Cohesion, Multiculturalism and Globalisation                 Master Talent Programme 2009-2010

Also, the Law School has one specific ‘profile area’: Interaction       Studies LL.M. degree programme. The Talent Programme
between legal systems. It aims at understanding the complex           selects students, who have an interest in legal scientific
interaction between the various levels of jurisdiction and at         research, on the basis of academic merit. The aim is to equip
solving the resulting problems and questions.                         them with advanced research techniques during their Master’s
                                                                      studies in order to provide them with a head start when
Master Talent Programme                                               pursuing a PhD, or a profession requiring excellent research
The Talent Programme is an extracurricular incentive, offered         skills. Further information can be found at
to outstanding students alongside their LL.M. or Advanced             law.leiden.edu/research/talent-programme

                                                                        Professor Janneke Gerards
 Professor Koen Caminada                                                Constitutional and Administrative Law, Leiden Law School
 Law and Economy, Leiden Law School                                                    ‘The Leiden Law School provides a wonderful
               ‘Measuring the effects of social policy is a tricky                     environment to conduct research into this
               business, requiring a creative combination of                           challenging and difficult subjects. It is highly
               science, craft and art. When done well, it produces                     inspiring and stimulating to discuss with colleagues
               both truth and beauty. My inspiration is to motivate     from a variety of legal backgrounds and to work closely together
 others - researchers, policy makers, students - to apply empirical     with excellent researchers in the field of interaction between
 work themselves.’                                                      legal orders. I could not think of a better place to work!’

                                                                                                       Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 19
    PhD                                                                       SARFaL Research Network
    The highest academic degree awarded in the Netherlands is                 The Leiden Law School is the founder and secretary of the
    that of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Earning a PhD at Leiden               SARFaL network. SARFaL, the Strategic Alliance of Research
    takes about four years of study and consists of independent               Faculties of Law is an active network of research-intensive
    and original research under the supervision of a professor. If            law faculties working together to facilitate and enhance
    you wish to pursue a doctorate at Leiden University, you can              international research cooperation. It offers opportunities
    either respond to an advertised vacancy, if there are no suitable         for joint research, participation in conferences, cross-border
    openings, approach our Graduate School with a (detailed)                  reviews of written material as well as research visits abroad by
    research proposal.                                                        senior researchers and PhD candidates. SARFaL consists of the
                                                                              Universities of Aarhus, Barcelona, Bologna, Galway, Geneva,
                                                                              Leiden, Leuven, Oslo, Oxford, Poitiers, Prague and Vienna.

                                                                               Applicants who have graduated from one of the SARFaL partner
                                                                               universities are entitled to a reduction (10%) of the tuition fee for
                                                                               any of the four Master of Laws Advanced Studies programmes.
                                                                               This reduction would be in addition to any fee reduction to which an
                                                                               applicant may be entitled when in receipt of a Leiden Alumni bursary.
                                                                               Candidates should mention on the application form that they wish to
                                                                               apply for a SARFaL bursary. More information: sarfal.net

    PhD graduation ceremony
                                                                               Professor Bob Wessels
                                                                               International Insolvency Law, Leiden Law School
                                                                                              ‘After twenty years as a law professor in Amster-
      Professor Joanne van der Leun                                                           dam, and 12 years as a partner in an international
      Criminology, Leiden Law School                                                          law firm, I joined the Leiden Law School. My first
                     ‘I joined Leiden Law School as a sociologist actively                    impression: Devoted staff, engaged education, fine
                     engaged in criminological research. Being at Leiden       research output, a marvellous library and a very attractive study
                     really turned me into a criminologist. I enjoy working    and living environment in the city of Leiden. Moreover, in my field
                     closely with criminal law scholars and discussing         of research - comparative and international insolvency law -
      normative and empirical issues. We are offering a stimulating            Leiden now is the only law school on the European continent that
      research environment for PhD students, in particular for those           includes international insolvency law in its master’s programme.
      who have an interdisciplinary training and who are attracted by the      This results in an active student community which forms a bree-
      integration of criminology and criminal law.’                            ding ground for inspiring and successful research.’

20 | Leiden Law School: The keys to success

Staff numbers
Professors                                             75
Other academic staff                                  129
PhD researchers                                        59

Student numbers
Dutch first-year (propaedeuse) students                879
Total Dutch graduates (LL.B. and LL.M.)               961

International students (undergraduate
and postgraduate)                                     410
Leiden Law Courses                                    130
Intake regular LL.M. specialisations                  135
Intake advanced LL.M. programmes                      145

Dissertations                                          20
Academic publications                                 554
Other publications                                    479

Latest figures at time of publication: November 2010

                                 Leiden Law School: The keys to success | 21
Leiden Law School
Postal address
P Box 9520
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Visiting address
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
The Netherlands                                  Relevant links
T +31 (0)71 527 7512                             en.mastersinleiden.nl
F +31 (0)71 527 7600                             students.leiden.edu
E international@law.leidenuniv.nl                grotiuscentre.org
November 2010                                    columbiasummerprogram.org


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