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The Blessing that Made a Miracle Possible


									                                                                                                                                    November 2007

          The Blessing that Made a Miracle Possible
           A family’s gratitude for the Administration and Staff at Saint Mary’s Home of Erie

                                                                                 O     ur entire family considers our mothers stay at Saint Mary’s
                                                                                       Home a blessing. Our mother had undergone a very
                                                                                 successful stomach cancer operation at Saint Vincent. Then
                                                                                 after the initial recovery period she was scheduled to begin
                                                                                 chemotherapy treatments. After receiving only five treatments
                                                                                 she became very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. She
                                                                                 was very near death and stayed in the hospital for close to a
                                                                                 month with approximately three weeks of that time being in the
                                                                                 intensive care unit. It was a bad reaction to the chemotherapy.
                                                                                 After a period of time we were told that our mother needed
                                                                                 to find a facility where she could recover. We were given very
                                                                                 little time to make a decision. I can still remember the nurse
                                                                                 and social worker from Saint Vincent’s telling us that there was
                                                                                 a room available at Saint Mary’s and we would be crazy if we
Back row, left to right: Al Rush, Don Rush, Floyd Rush. Front row: Betty Rush.   passed on it. That advice and given Saint Mary’s reputation made
                                                                                 the decision a no-brainer.
“The entire staff at Saint Mary’s                                                We met with the admission staff the next morning and
                                                                                 immediately our family knew Saint Mary’s was going to be a
does not treat the residents as if                                               good place for our mother. We cannot say enough about the staff
                                                                                 at Saint Mary’s and we mean all the staff; Administrators, Social
it’s their job; they treat them as                                               Services, Receptionists, Nurses, Nurse Aides, Rehab Department,
                                                                                 Cleaning Staff, etc. If we left anyone out we apologize. The
if it’s their vocation. We consider                                              entire staff at Saint Mary’s does not treat the residents as if it’s
                                                                                 their job; they treat them as if it’s their vocation. We consider it a
it a miracle that our mother has
                                                                                 miracle that our mother has recovered to the point she has and
recovered to the point she has                                                   we consider her stay at Saint Mary’s the blessing that made that
                                                                                 miracle possible.
and we consider her stay at Saint                                                Your rehabilitation staff is phenomenal. My mother had to learn
                                                                                 all her basic functions all over again, even how to swallow and
Mary’s the                                                                       eat. They knew when to push, when to back off and when to
                                                                                 We will never be able to thank the staff at St. Mary’s enough for
that made                                                                        the great care, patience and love she was shown during her stay
                                                                                 at your facility.
that miracle                                                                     Sincerely,
                                                                                 Albert J. Rush
possible.”                                                                       Donald Rush
                  Ramona Glover, R.N., Saint Mary’s East and                     Floyd Rush                                               1
   607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
                  Betty Rush.
                                                             A sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania
President’s Message of Thanks...
 Board of Trustees
         William Flaherty, Jr.
           Vice Chairperson
             Jane Kelsey
                                                                   O     n behalf of all of the Saint Mary’s family, I
                                                                         would like to welcome our new Carriage Home
                                                                   residents. The addition of independent living homes
              Treasurer                                            to our continuum of services is finally a dream come to
            Thomas Elliott                                         life!
            Chris Coughlin                                         Congratulations to Katie Rankin, our East facility
                                                                   Laundry Supervisor, for 50 years of employment with
              John Barber                                          Saint Mary’s. No, she is not retiring!
         Rev. Thomas Brooks
       Mary Ellen Dahlkemper                                        Many of you have completed resident/family and
         Barbara Louise Drew            employee satisfaction surveys recently. Thank you for taking the time to do
            Russell Forquer             so. These surveys assist us in our on-going quality improvement and planning
         Mary Alice Glowacki
             Danny Jones
       Sister Joyce Lowrey, SSJ
          R. “Art” Lubomski             Assisted Living legislation has been passed in our Commonwealth and we await
           Carol Mingarelle             the enfleshment of this legislation in the days and years ahead. Many questions
          Owen McCormick                regarding how this will interface with our present services remain unanswered. We
    Sister Phyllis McCracken, SSJ       will try to keep you informed as regulations are developed by the Commonwealth.
             Denis O’Brien
              Susan Sutto               Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Can’t you feel the change in the air? It
              Kandy Susi                is – a time to remember all the ways in which we have been blessed; a time to offer
       James McNamara, Esq.*            thanksgiving for these many blessings; a time to simply give thanks. I am thankful
      *Non-voting Board Member          for each of you and the many ways you have touched the lives of our Residents,
         and Legal Counsel              our employees, our families, our volunteers, our Board and each other. Saint
                                        Mary’s Mission of “Loving to Care” and “fostering an atmosphere of community”
                                        could not be carried out without your generosity. We give thanks for your
                                        presence in our lives. After all, we’re Saint Mary’s and we’re all about you!
    Mission Statement
     Founded by the Sisters of
     Saint Joseph and operated
      in the Catholic tradition,
     Saint Mary’s Home of Erie          Sister Phyllis McCracken, SSJ
         is committed to an             President/CEO
   environment of loving to care
      where primarily seniors,
 their families, staff and volunteers
     participate in fostering an
    atmosphere of community.

     Vision Statement
      Saint Mary’s Home of Erie,
          through partnership,
       networking, and referrals
       will be a principal enabler
           to primarily seniors
         in the Erie Community
    aiding them in living their lives
        in a respectful, dignified
          and fulfilled manner.

                                                          607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 • (814) 459-0621
Saint Mary’s Employee Reaches
Golden Milestone
Katie Rankin, Laundry Supervisor, Celebrates 50 years of employment at Saint Mary’s

W      e are in a day and age where
       organizations face high turnover
and loyalty seems harder and harder
                                                                                bring them inside to thaw out.” explained
                                                                                  Katie. She noted that the clothes seemed
                                                                                    softer and lasted a lot longer because
to come by. This is why certain                                                      they did not go through a dryer every
milestones for employees need to be                                                   time they were washed.
touted when they come around.                                                            Today, what is considered the simple
Meet Katie Rankin, Laundry                                                               task of ironing was a much more
Supervisor at Saint Mary’s East.                                                        tedious process 50 years ago. When
Katie has worked in the Laundry                                                        Katie ironed she used an iron mangle.
Department at Saint Mary’s for 50 years                                              This was a large machine for pressing
as of October 2007.                                                                sheets of fabric by means of two heated
Katie witnessed many changes that occurred                                      rollers through which the material is passed.
at Saint Mary’s throughout her 50 years of service,                         You had to manually light it and then wait a half
including four different Administrations. When she started       hour for it to heat up.
at Saint Mary’s in 1957, on pay day employees received a         Despite the many changes that Katie has observed, not only
manila envelope with cash in it. “The biggest changes were       in her own department but in the organization, she has
advancements in technology,” said, Katie.                        always enjoyed coming to work. “I really enjoy working
When Katie started working for Saint Mary’s the Laundry          at Saint Mary’s. I work with a lot of good people who have
Department used a tunnel washer. This type of washer             become family to me. This is my home away from home,”
washed clothes but did not wring them out. After the             Katie said.
clothes were washed they were taken to an extractor to           The Administration and employees at Saint Mary’s would
wring out the water. At the time there was only one dryer,       like to congratulate Katie Rankin on her 50 years of service
but that was sufficient. All clothes were hung outside to dry,   to the organization. She is an exemplary model of our
even in the winter. “As long as there was no precipitation       Mission, of “Loving to Care”.
we would hang clothes out to dry, even in bitter cold
weather. The clothes would freeze and then we would

       “I really enjoy working at
       Saint Mary’s. I work with a
       lot of good people who have
       become family to me. This is
       my home away from home.”
                                                                 Iron Mangle
607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
Adult Day Services Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
Erie Mayor, Joe Sinnott, presents official proclamation to ADS
I  n the late 1970’s and mid-1980’s, a new concept of caring
   for frail older adults was emerging. Adult Day Care Centers
existed in only a few U.S. cities, addressing a growing need
for community-based care as an alternative to nursing home
or other institutionalization options. Largely modeled on the
Child Day Care concept, the Adult Day Care Centers targeted
clients who needed assistance with activities of daily living
such as toileting, medication administration, and feeding.
They helped those who could no longer derive benefit from
a Senior Center and served people in need of structured
activities in a supervised setting to remain as independent as
Because of forward-thinking, Saint Mary’s Administration
and Board of Trustees were aware of the need for adult day
care in the Erie community and opened the Adult Day Care
Program at Saint Mary’s East in November 1987. At that time,
four other Adult Day Programs were also operating in the Erie
area. Saint Mary’s program was the largest in the area, licensed    Pictured above: Maura Pelinsky, Adult Day Services Director and
for 49 clients. The name changed to “Adult Day Services”            Mayor Joe Sinnott
in 2002 to better describe the scope of available options for
clients and their caregivers, such as bathing, shaving, and a       •	customized care plans to address needs and strengths of
full breakfast. Several other Adult Day Centers opened and            individual clients
then closed during the 20 years of existence. Since enrolling       •	full-time, certified nurse aides to provide personal care
the first client in 1987, there have been over 600 participants
to benefit from participation in Adult Day Services. Some of        Saint Mary’s Adult Day Services employees are proud to
the changes and improvements to the program include:                celebrate 20 years of providing quality care for dependent
                                                                    older adults in the Erie community! Saint Mary’s employees,
•	addition of monthly field trips to various Erie area locations    clients of Adult Day Services and their families recognized
•	special guest speakers/performers, including: Caryn               the longevity of the Adult Day Services program during the
  Kadavy (Olympic figure skater), Eiji Oue, Peter Bay, and          Annual Caregiver Luncheon that was held Friday, September
  Hugh Keelan (past Erie Philharmonic conductors), Bruce            21st when Erie Mayor, Joe Sinnott, presented an official
  Baumgartner (Olympic medalist in wrestling)                       proclamation heralding this achievement.

                                  It’s All About You
                                   New Development Department created to help you achieve your philanthropic goals

                                  S  aint Mary’s Home of Erie has enjoyed a growing philanthropic support of its Mission.
                                     Because of this growth, the Administration has created a department dedicated to
                                  providing you (our donors, residents, families and the community) with helpful information
                                  and expertise. The employees will be available to help you achieve your philanthropic goals
                                  and keep you up-to-date on the impact your gift is having on our residents.
                                  In addition, a volunteer Development Committee, comprised of Board, employees, and
                                  community members, has been formed to help ensure that every person in the community has
                                  the opportunity to donate. The spirit of giving is alive and well at Saint Mary’s Home!
                                                                   607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 • (814) 459-0621
  One-on-One                                                                                 70 ½
   A closer look at the new Director of Development                                         Years
                              Are you from this area? Yes, I was raised in Girard by my
                                                                                           or Older
                              wonderful parents – Anne and Jacque Peters.
                              What happened after you left the nest? I joined the Army
                              right out of high school. After my tour was completed, I
                              received my bachelor’s degree in communications from
                              Slippery Rock University. I moved to Edinboro and served
                              as the Director of Development for the Girl Scouts of Penn
                                                                                           I f you are 70 ½ years or older,
                                                                                             and you have a traditional
                                                                                           Individual Retirement Account
                              Lakes Council for sixteen years.                             (IRA), the Pension Protection
                       What motivated you to work for Saint Mary’s Home? My
Kim (Peters) McCaslin, CFRE                                                                Act allows you to rollover up to
Director of Developmentgrandfather, the late Russell Peters of Oil City. Grandpa lived     $100,000 to Saint Mary’s Home
814-836-5312           alone until he died at the age 100. Saint Mary’s would have                                                                  of Erie. This charitable rollover
                       been the perfect home for him. Though his health and spirit         qualifies toward your minimum
were strong, he would have loved the companionship and activities available at Saint       required distribution.
Mary’s Home.
                                                                                           Your greatest benefit? You will be
Why did you make fundraising your career? The IRS, Congress or the
                                                                                           able to see first hand how your
Constitution doesn’t mandate citizens to donate their money to charity, yet millions
                                                                                           charitable gift of $1,000, $5,000
of people do. It’s a privilege to help someone make a charitable contribution to a
cause that they feel strongly about. America is a land of choices and it makes me          or even $100,000 will improve
feel good when a donor chooses to give to a project that I know will make our              the life of Saint Mary’s residents.
community a better place to live.                                                          Contact Kim McCaslin, Director
                                                                                           of Development, at 814-836-5312
What areas will the Development Department focus on in the upcoming year?
                                                                                           to receive a sample letter for your
•	Design	a	Donor	Recognition	Program	to	honor	our	philanthropists.                         IRA custodian.
•	Develop	a	communications	plan	to	let	donors	
  know how their gifts impacted the residents.           Career
•	Create	a	volunteer	fundraising	group	that	will	
  help offer everyone the opportunity to donate.
•	Assist	major	donors	in	identifying	programs	or	        v In 2003 The Association of
                                                           Fundraising Professionals
  projects they would like to fund.                        recognized Kim as
                                                           Outstanding Fundraising
•	Create	policies	outlining	how	we	will	solicit	           Professional of Northwestern
  gifts (ethical standards) and what type of gifts         Pennsylvania.
  we will accept.
What do you do in your spare time? My                    v Kim led the Girl Scouts first
                                                           capital campaign raising $2.2
husband, Kevin, and I are renovating our 1911              million—exceeding the goal
farmhouse in Girard. We also are having a blast            by $500,000.
with our sons Buxton (6) and Silas (4).
                                                         v She earned the credentials
                                                           of Certified Fundraising
                                                           Executive (CFRE), the                 IRA Rollover expires
                                                           professional credential for
                                                           philanthropic fundraising             December 31, 2007

607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
Employees Honored for Service
T   his year, 67 employees representing more than 600 years of commitment, were honored for their years of service at the
    annual Saint Mary’s Employee Recognition Dinner.

5 Years           Back row: Robert Cox, George Chilcott, Daniel Krasinski, Patricia Seremet, David Progar, Lori Hawkins,
                  Leroy Kehm, Debra Saltsman, Diane Lutz, Sister Marie Eileen Moyer, SSJ; Sister Pierre Dembinski, RSM;
                  Barbara Elliott, Jeremy Pasi, Sandy Garrastazu, Jane Jackson, Alison Halter, Laura Lachesky
                  Front Row: Donna Ciukaj, Florence Grygier, Cynthia Stone, Debra Greenwald, Sandra Palmer
                  Absent: Reale McGhee, Bisera Skaljic, Diana Deberry, Mirjana Lazarevic, Mandy Rossi, Eileen Magrum,
                  Richard Whiteside, Christine Klofft, Michael Alloway, Talaya Barnett, Mellisa Kaster, Michaele Giles,
                  Marlene Sienkiewicz, Lynne Brown, Mary Yetter, Matthew Tighe

10 & 15
                  Back Row: Amy Erdely, Richard McKinney, Maura Pelinsky, Maxine Hubbart, Marian Husted
                  Front Row: Patricia Bakka, Margaret Moore, Barbara Chaney, Carrie Argeny, Marlene Miller
                  Absent: Sharon Furyesz, Shelley McKane, Nancy Wolfersteig, Edward Bednaro, Jon Spellman,

                  Geoffrey Schaaf

                                                                  607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 • (814) 459-0621
                                                                              Dedicated volunteers honored for
                                                                                their service to Saint Mary’s

20 & 25           Pictured above: Karen Shrum, Lisa DiGello, Sandra
                  Guerrein, Susan Orlando
                  Absent: Margie Chmielewski, Katherine Fachetti, Sherry

Years                                                                       I
                  Pursell, Deborah Dentler, Linda Mulligan, Cheryl Truett
                                                                               n 2006, Saint Mary’s Home of Erie
                                                                               had 79 volunteers, who donated
                                                                            more than 4150 hours of service.
                                                                            More than 60 volunteers and guests
                                                                            attended Saint Mary’s Home of Erie’s
                                                                            2007 Volunteer Recognition Dinner.
                                                                            Receiving special recognition for
                                                                            completing 100 volunteer hours
                                                                            this past year were (Back row, left to
                                                                            right) are Katy D’Urso; Saint Mary’s
                                                                            East Activities Director Diane Lutz;
                                                                            Bruce Meyer; Rita Kaiser; Saint Mary’s
                                                                            at Asbury Ridge Activities Director,
                                                                            Dionna Durr and Renee Calabrese.
                                                                            Seated, left to right, Rita Fitzgerald;
                                                                            Saint Mary’s President and CEO, Sister
                                                                            Phyllis McCracken SSJ, and Carol
                                                                            Davis. Not included in the photo are
                                                                            volunteers Ernest Smith; Cathy Taylor

30 & 50
                                                                            and Cindy Hartman, who were also
                  Pictured above: Linda Barnes, Katie Rankin, Carol Mills   recognized for completing 100 hours of

607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
Around Our Home
Shall We Dance                                                     ADS at Presque Isle

Saint Mary’s at Asbury Ridge Residents dance the night away at
Annual Senior Prom.
                                                                  Adult Day Services enjoys a beautiful afternoon at Presque Isle.

T   he Third Annual Senior Prom was held this Spring for the
    Residents at Saint Mary’s at Asbury Ridge. Residents were
served a delicious four course meal followed by an evening of
                                                                  S  aint Mary’s staff and members of Adult Day Services
                                                                     (ADS) spent an afternoon on a field trip to Presque Isle.
                                                                  A visit to Presque Isle is one of many field trips that are held
music and dancing.                                                throughout the year for members of Adult Day Services.

Spotlight on Shingles                                 Saint Mary’s sponsored Program draws the interest of
                                                      Erie Community

                                                                  P   ictured at left, Saint Mary’s intern and LECOM student,
                                                                      Dan Anderson, is presenting a Community Program,
                                                                  “Spotlight on Shingles”, that was sponsored by Saint Mary’s
                                                                  Home of Erie. Over 95 guests attended this community event
                                                                  that was held at Saint Mary’s East and Saint Mary’s at Asbury

                                                                 607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 • (814) 459-0621
Houses change. Home remains the same.

The Preakness and The Belmont model homes captivate the public at Open House.

T    he anticipation of The Carriage Homes at Asbury Ridge was evident when 500 guests walked through the doors of the model
     homes at the Open House in June. Three styles of homes are available to choose. Pictured above is, The Belmont, the largest
of the three homes. Ongoing open houses for the two model homes will continue every Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm or
by appointment.

Keeping Erie Beautiful!                                   Saint Mary’s employees clean up Erie neighborhoods

S   aint Mary’s East employees participate every year, rain or
    shine, in cleaning up their neighborhood on East 26th
Street from Ash Street to East Avenue. This year’s volunteer
crew was (left to right) Steve Donahue, Gina Cassarino,
Patricia Watkins, Susan Ortyl, Rick Whiteside and Sister
Nancy Prenatt SSJ.

607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
Around Our Home
Happy Halloween!

                                                                                    From Left to right: The Assisted Living Nursing
                                                                                    Department takes a page out of Pirates of the
                                                                                    Caribbean. Mr. Ralph Cooney goes incognito
                                                                                    as a monk. The Finance Department gets
                                                                                    locked up.

S  aint Mary’s Employees and Residents celebrate Halloween with style. Every year employees and residents at Saint Mary’s put
   on their creative caps and celebrate Halloween. This year several departments and residents decided to have a theme with
their costumes.

Saint Mary’s at Asbury
Ridge Talent Show
Residents show off their talents and hobbies

E   mployees and residents get together every year to share
    their talents and hobbies with each other. This year’s show
included singing, musical instruments, paintings, crafts, and
stand-up comedy routines. Pictured above is Con Piazza with
his award winning 1956 Packard. Mr. Piazza gave his Packard
to his son and daughter-in-law, Russell and Lori.

                                                                  607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 • (814) 459-0621
Saint Mary’s First Carriage Homes Resident
                                                                 lifestyle and at the same time alleviate her family’s worries.
                                                                 She needed to find someplace that would give her family
                                                                 peace of mind knowing that help was close by if she ever
                                                                 needed it.
                                                                 “I wanted to find a place that is on the west side of town,”
                                                                 noted Mrs. Peters. “I love to cook so I also wanted to find
                                                                 a place that was big enough for me to still have family and
                                                                 friends over for dinner.” She looked into several different
                                                                 options the Erie area had to offer. None of them seemed to
                                                                 fulfill all of the criteria she wanted except for The Carriage
                                                                 Homes at Asbury Ridge.
                                                                 Mrs. Peters discovered that as a resident at the Carriage
                                                                 Homes she would be able to continue living the lifestyle she
                                                                 was accustomed to. The services and amenities included with
                                                                 the Carriage Homes would give her even more independence.
                                                                 “I won’t have to worry about shoveling snow or repairs and
                                                                 updates around the house anymore,” Mrs. Peters shared. The
                                                                 best part was her family would be at ease knowing there is a
                                                                 24-hour emergency call/security system and staff on the same
                                                                 campus if she needed them in an emergency.
                                                                 “I love the location of The Carriage Homes at Asbury Ridge
O     ne evening Mrs. Georgina Peters decided to go with
      some friends to a classical music concert at Gannon
University. Mrs. Peters always informs her son, David, when
                                                                 and that a shopping center and bank are located close by,”
                                                                 said Mrs. Peters. “I am also looking forward to volunteering
                                                                 in the gift shop on campus. I am a people person and will be
she leaves her home, especially in the evenings. On this
                                                                 able to interact with people of all ages.”
occasion she forgot to call him.
                                                                 With the love and support of Mrs. Peters five children, she
David called his mother, as he usually does, at 7:00 pm. No
                                                                 became the first resident of The Carriage Homes at Asbury
answer. He called again at 8:00 pm and again there was no
answer. Now, very concerned, David consulted with his wife
Kathy who suggested his mother might be in the shower.
David thought an hour was too long for a shower, but
decided to wait until 9:00 pm to call again. David became
very worried when she did not answer this time so he
decided to drive from his home in North East to his mother’s
residence in Fairview.
David was not able to locate his mother when he arrived
at her house. Terrified, he was about to call 911 when he
noticed a car pulling in the driveway. It was Mrs. Peters
arriving home from the concert. Mrs. Peters felt terrible when
she realized she forgot to call David.
This episode made Mrs. Peters start thinking about
alternatives to living alone. “I was not ready to move, but
realized how strenuous it can be on my family that I live
alone,” Mrs. Peters explained. She decided to take action and
look into options where she could still live an independent

607 East 26th Street • Erie, Pennsylvania 16504 •
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                                             E    very year the Alzheimer’s Association holds a Memory Walk at the Erie Zoo to raise
                                                  money for support programs and treatments for those affected by the disease. This
                                             year over 70 Saint Mary’s employees and family members raised a team record of $7,480
     1-800-MEDICARE or visit                     for the Alzheimer’s Association.
                                             Thank you to all who supported the event with their generous donations. The Saint
                                             Mary’s High-Steppers would not be stepping so high without you!
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