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                   LATUNDE OLUKAYODE

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Everybody (maybe not every) that has had the privilege of using
the Internet has been wondering how man got these extra
complex way of sending information so easily all across the globe.

But apart from that comes the wonder of the GSM. It is almost 9
years now that we started using the GSM stuff in this country.

Finally, people don't have to go down the street to use the caged
telephone service.

Also, you don' have to travel to find out how your family is
doing. All you need is a call. You can even go as far as checking
your email, bank account statement all on the GSM.

The part that I am actually interested in is that it has actually
reduced the level of unemployment in this country. But the worst
part is that people are yet to tap the full potential of this income
generating tool called the GSM.

I found out a means of how many can be made by helping people
to send text messages about 3 years ago but I never took, it
seriously until I got a message from DANGOTE during the time
they were out for the Internet public offer of 3 billion naira which
was oversubscribed.
Immediately, I went to work on it and what I found out was a
well organized, simple, easy and straight forward procedure of
making LARGE PROFITS just by sending text messages for

One thing is that I would want you to take time to study and re-
study this manual until you get a grasp of what it contains
because by then, you would have learnt how you can easily earn
as much as N50,000-60,000 weekly just sending text messages for

Don't believe me, read on. You will be dazed.

                         CHAPTER ONE

                    WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?

Sometimes, it is the little things that we ignore that are the God
given solutions of the problems we face. An example is that GSM
that you are holding or charging. I want to tell you that it can be
the tool to move you from poverty to great wealth. How can
anyone make money by just sending simple text messages you
may ask?

Have you ever thought about how you quickly respond anytime
your phone alerts you that you have a message? Don't you think
that instead of dropping notes for your friends for that birthday
ceremony that is about to take place, why don't you send text
messages to them.
You can be sure that they would be forced to read it immediately
it is delivered.

Another thing you would have to think about is that it is difficult
composing SMS messages due to the type of the size and design
of almost all cell phones. Apart from the difficulty in typing, it is
also very time consuming.

The good news is that you can now send GSM text messages from
the Internet. At cheap rates, sometimes for as low as N5 per
message/recipient, you can send SMS from the Internet.

- You type with a keyboard, so you don't have to worry about
getting stressed with typing and you will get your full 160

- You are also empowered to send bulk text messages to
unlimited number of Recipients.

- You can even schedule a message to be delivered at a specific
time and date from the day you set it.

- You can send one message to unlimited numbers, it's a single
click. So, who are your customers?

You can send bulk text messages:

1) To invite people to occasions, interviews, programmes etc

2) To help people to send “Thank you” messages after special

3) For political campaigns.
4) For publicity of upcoming events like weddings, burials,
Birthday etc

5) To notify customers of new products, services and special

6) To aware church/members of special programmes, choir
rehearsals, midweek Programmes.

7) To also help the church in following up new converts by
sending short messages, inspirational words, Bible verses etc.

8) To members of staffs of a company or organization.

9) To business colleagues.

10) To club and association members.

The truth is that the list is endless.

If you have followed the things I have been saying, you would
discover that your potential customer will be found out.

1) Churches

) Schools (University, Polytechnic, College Of Education,

Secondary School e.t.c

3) Political Parties

4) Supermarkets

5) Restaurants

6) Organization & Companies
7) Associations

8) Families

9) Friends

10) Hotels

If you are a keen observer, you would discover that there are so
many events like wedding and burials always going on every

You can do a short research and you will discover that these
people are always looking for fast and easy ways to either remind
people of these events or to thank them after the events.

Your own part is to create ways to help them in collecting and
organizing the telephone numbers needed and to send the text
messages at the scheduled time.

Immediately you do this, the result is A CONTINUOUS FLOW
                          OF CASH

So, what are the active steps contained in this business? Simple.

  1) Create a market by solving a problem (which in this case is
     to help people in contacting people easily through their GSM

  2) Help them in building a database of phone numbers
  3) Help them in sending out message to people on their

  4) Collect your cash.

In fact, the funniest thing is that you don't even have to spend
your own money in sending the SMS, the people you are dealing
with would have given you an upfront payment and they can
even pay you in full before sending the messages depending on
your relationship and Art of negotiating.

Let me give you an example. Let's assume that you are a staff of a
private secondary school and parents do not attend PTA meetings
despite the amount of letters sent out to parents, that is a problem
to the management. So, you can easily provide a solution by
offering the idea of text messaging to the people in charge.

You will make it clear to them that parents would surely read the
text messages on their phones unlike the letters which most
students don't even deliver at home.

By the time they agree, you would be ready to move on to the
stages of database acquisition (Telephone numbers) and the
actual sending of the text messages.

You can then charge your clients whatever you want for the
service. Remember, your goal is to make profits.

Before I go on, I would like to give you some business tips that
you must learn before you jump into starting the business
because I know by now, your head will be floating with ideas.
I would like to start this chapter by making mention of a law in
the Business world known as the law of purpose. It states that
'The purpose of business is to create and keep customers'.

Does that mean anything to you?

If it doesn't I would take time to explain that what it means is that
in any business no matter how good your product or service may
be, if you have no customer to buy the product, you are lost.

But in a kind of situation whereby you can sell and resell your
products to customers because you are able to create and keep
them, you grow rich continuously.


  1) Set a goal before you ever venture into any business.

You must be able to clearly identify what it is that you actually
want. For instance if all you want is to make a profit of N1million
within 12 months of starting, state it clearly and put in where you
will always see it.

The importance of having a goal is to be able to make well and
organized plans that would lead you to the accomplishment of
your goal.

  2) Make plans: Planning is very essential to the success of your
     business. It helps you to carefully think through every step
     so that you will be able to identify faults you must correct.

     It also helps you to know the resources need and how to get
     them in terms of time, money, people etc.


Have a product or service that you know: It is not only important
that you have a product, it is also important for you to actually
have a good knowledge of what you are presenting to the market.

  2 Have an effective manes of marketing your product or
    service: This is knowing how to contact your potential
    customers. This aspect is very important because no matter
    how excellent your product or service may seem, you will
    never get anywhere if people don't buy them. Period!

  3) Be able to deliver your products effectively: If you want to
     enjoy a lifelong profit from your business, you must be able
     to deliver products of value to your customers and do it in

  4) Have a nice means of collecting payment: This should not be
     difficult for you to grasp. You need to have a functional
     bank account and be able to provide receipts if you want to
     go professional especially when you are dealing with Banks,
     companies etc.

Other thing you must know is that 'You need to do your home
assignment'. This means that you must sit down and carefully
make all preparations needed.

Another thing is that you should have a USP.

A USP means unique selling proposition. It is what differentiates
you from other people. It is reason why people must use your
service in preference to other people/businesses.

- As you would have observed from the past chapters, I have
emphasized the importance of marketing your services. In this
chapter, I would now tell you how to present your services to

- But before I do so, I would like to do some brief introduction
about some of the text messaging markets I mentioned in chapter

- Send out political campaign text messages: In a democratic
country like Nigeria, there is a wide market for text messaging
since people who are vying for one political office or another
would want to get across to people in their specific location.

For instance, you can help people with the ambition of becoming
a political office holder like the chairman of a local government to
send text message to people of that Area.

- Send out reminders for upcoming events like burials, weddings
- Burials, birthdays etc are events that take place on a regular
basis and with your unique text messaging service, you can easily
tap into these markets and make huge profits.

- People are always looking for ways to remind the invitees
continuously and that is exactly where you come in.

- Churches can send out information to members and New

This is a big business to start because it is so easy. Churches can
send out information about church services, choir rehearsals,
special programmes etc. Since churches meet 3-5 time weekly,
you can get paid as continuously at that.

This is also possible since churches want to stay in touch.

Another reason is that the church would willingly set up a
database of phone numbers for you since they can easily collect
the information of their members and they can ever help in you
grouping them into compartments.


Phone numbers of Choir members

Phone numbers of fresh converts

Phone numbers of civil servants

Phone numbers of men

Phone numbers of women
In this case, when the church needs to send out a message to civil
servants, you would know where to go.

Send out 'Thank you' messages to attendees of an event such as a
concluded wedding, seminar or Birthday etc.

After events people would want to show an attitude of
appreciation to people who spent their time in attending their

With your text messaging business, you simply come to their

When you do so, you negotiate with them and once they have
agreed, attend the event with them and use the opportunity to
collect their telephone numbers.

Immediately after the event, send out the messages.

a) By word of mouth

The first and easy way to introduce your business to people is by
word of mouth.

Talk to your friends, relatives, pastors about it and the benefits
they will get in using your service.

In using word of mouth to market your service, make sure you
are able to express yourself fully in a way that people will be able
to know their benefits from your service.

Also, present yourself as an expert and a professional who knows
what he is doing. You can even go ahead to do a test transmission
for them by sending then text messages from your Internet GSM

This implies that you must make every attempt to build
relationships with people in your church, place of work, school

b) By Handbills

Another effective and inexpensive way by which you tell people
about your service is by carefully expressing the benefits of your
service to targeted customers in form of handbills.

To do this and get the most result out of it, you will have to be
able to compose a heart winning advert that will attract
customers. You will find a sample below that you can trust and
add your own elements to.

Once you have composed the handbill, take it to a good printer
who will help you in the printing. You can start with 1,000 copies
and distribute it in churches, schools and through friends.

However, if you know a little about printing, you can minimize
the cost of printing by going ahead to print the handbills for

For instance, a friend of mine knows how to produce 1,000
handbills with just N1, 000 only 2 years ago. I do not know if it is
still possible know.

A sample of a handbill meant for advertising your GSM text
message biz is below.



- Members of a church

- Reminding people of your Birthday, Wedding or Burial

- Saying 'Thank you' to attendees of your Ceremonies

- Say complements of the season to your numerous customers
and loved ones.

- And others.

We can do it for you at a much reduced price.

Simply call 08068101618 or e-mail



This might be strange to you due to the fact that you have not
been involved in selling before but it is quite simple.

A sales letter is a letter that is written with the aim of convincing
the other person to buy your product or service.

This means you can also use a sales letter to market your text
messaging service.

How do you use it?

It is simple.

Simply use a letter head paper to write a sales letter to the person
you want to do business with. For instance, maybe you attended
a church for the first time and you discovered that the church has
a lot of congregation.

Due to the fact that you know how to be of service to the church,
but you do not have a means of seeing the Pastor or the people in
charge of church, you can write 2 sales letter explaining how your
service would be of help to them. Send the letter to them and wait
for a reply.

If there is no reply, send a second one to follow up and even a
third one to follow up the second.

An example of a sales letter that is meant for this purpose is the
one written below.

But before that I would want to quickly give you a few important
details about a sales letter.

- A sales letter is aimed at winning a particular customer.
- A sales letter must have a captivating headline

- A sales letter should have a compelling introduction.

- A sales letter should not focus on yourself. It should focus on the
benefits and the customer.

- A sales letter must be written with one person in mind and that
is the customer.

- A sales letter should be able to show the customer his problems
and how they can be solved.

Now, let's check out this example of a sales letter written to a
church below.

The Pope,

NFA Cathedral,


Dear Sir,

'At Last! There is A Way For Church Members to Be In Touch
With One Another Like Never Before'

This letter has been written to assist the church in solving a
problem of togetherness due to so many other activities so that
sharing and interacting can be met like never before.

What does this mean?

We have just discovered a way by which messages can be sent to
members through their phones on a daily, weekly or monthly

Church members can now receive devotional thoughts,
inspirational messages, weekly boosters, opening programmes,
subgroup meetings, Night vigil awareness etc. all as a text
message on their phones.

Also, new converts can now be easily followed up with this
service which would make them grow and feel cared for.

We would only set up a list of numbers which will be packaged
into different subgroups by which it would be easy to send
messages to the groups needed. e.g. Workers, men , women, civil
servants, etc. If the church also wants to send message to the
whole church, the whole church will receive the message based
on the database. It does not matter the amount of members even
if they are up to 5 million.

We don't mind giving you a test of operation so that you can
know how effective this works.

Each text message will cost - (Your price)

However, if you still need further information concerning our
operations, call us and he will set up a meeting with you.

It is our firm and sincere believe that the body of Christ will grow
deeper on fellowship through this service.


Company Name

- Did you observe how that sales letter was written? You can use
the one above for your business and you can also develop yours.

After all, the major aim is to get customers.

But remember something, you will need to go ahead and meet
one on one with these people so that you can fully persuade them
of your service.

Questions to Ask Before Going Out

Before you go out to meet a customer, answer the questions

- Who is this person I want to meet?

- What are the likely questions he will ask?

- Do I have answers to these questions?

- What problems does this business, church or organization have?

- How can I solve these problems with my service?

- How much do I want to charge with my service?

- What kind of business identity do I want to create?

- What target market do I want to touch? Is it schools, churches,
- How can I fully satisfy my customers?

- Am I willing to go the extra miles?

These are compulsory questions you should ask and answer you.

A sample sales letter for a supermarket/company


Your letter Head

The Manager,

Mr Biggs.


Dear Sir,

  'How to Automatically Increase Customers Response

         By 200% This Year And Dramatically Cause a

      Windfall of Profits Without Wasting Money on


This letter has been written with the sole aim of helping your
business to get more customers, keep more customers and make
more sales while keeping down advertising costs.


We have just introduced a super service that will help you set a
database comprising of the phone numbers or customers which
will be continually updated and securely managed.

Doing this will help us to send greetings, new products, words of
encouragement to your customers such as:

- Saying happy birthday to people celebrating their birthdays

- Saying happy Christmas at December.

- Saying happy new year at the start of the year.

- Introducing new product, services, offers to customers.

This will definitely work very well for the promotion of your
business since the laws of purpose which is the strongest law in
business states that 'The purpose of a business is to create and
keep a customer'.

This means because you have the contact information of your
customers, you can easily call them back for repeat business. It
does not matter how plenty they are.

In addition, you can also build a rock solid relationship with your
customers by sending them special thank you messages and
special customer’s only discounts.

We believe strongly that this is a vital and sure means through
which you can add a boost to your profits only if you embrace it.

In case of any need of additional information, call us for a
meeting and we will be there.



Company's Name

            A Sales Letter That Can Be Used For A School.


Your letter head

The Principal/Headmaster

Ali College



Dear Sir,

   ' A Guaranteed Way to Increase Response Rate
A Guaranteed Way To Increase Response |Rate To
    School Fees Payment and PTA Meetings

If your school is not facing problems in terms of payment of
school fees or parent's response to PTA meetings then I guess this
letter may not be useful for you.


This letter has been written to provide a means of solution
towards the problems mentioned above.

In most schools, a lot of money is being spent in printing costs
just to send information to parents on to discover that parents
never actually read them because of two reasons.

1) Parents do not have the chance or patience of doing so

2) Most students never deliver the letters at home. From our
research, we have decided a means of helping you to increase
response rate and solve these problems.


We have provided a means of sending GSM text messages to a lot
of people using a Reliable system.

Since most people are sure of reacting instantly to the alert tones
produced by their GSM phones when a message is delivered, we
are sure of them reading the messages.
So, each time the school wants to send messages to parents such
as shift of resumption date, demand for school fees, invitation to
PTA meetings etc, all that need to be done is send a message to all

This will immediately produce an upward improvement on the
school like.

- School fees would be paid faster

- Reduction of printing costs

- Low cost transfer of information to parents

- Increased perceived value added to the school

- Word of mouth publicity of your school since parents would
talk all over about your organized system.

The list of benefits is actually endless. We believe that finally, you
can put those hurting problems in the past.

All you need to do is give us a try.

For more information, call (Your number)




These are samples you can use. Study these ones in order to
compose your own sales letter. Just make sure it is filled with
benefits that the receiver will like.


Since data would always be different in each case depending on
situation, location, client etc.

For instance data collection in a church is much easier since the
church officials simply help in collecting the data needed.

But for the case of saying thank you to attendees of a birthday or
burial, the only thing needed here is the name and phone number
of attendees. A short questionnaire like the one below would be

Thanks for Coming. Please Fill this Form


Phone No…………………………………..

Format for a church Questionnaire


Phone No…………………

Marital status……………..

Employment status……………

Birthday month……………………..

Format for a supermarket

Thank for coming. Please fill this form

Phone No…………………………

Birthday month………………….


But in case you need to send messages that does not require a
specific location, you can get access to large database of number
from us. Not only that, we attached an affiliate member manual.

Kindly call LATUNDE on 0803-430-3422 or


Right now, you have been handed the necessary information
needed for you to start making continuous tons of money just by
sending text messages.

But I must tell you that nothing happens until you make a move.

This means that you will not start making the money all by
reading this manual.

You need to go ahead and take action on what you have learnt
from this manual.

To this cause, I hereby present to you what I call the 4 step to

  1) Set a definite objective/Goal/Target

  2) Organize plans to achieve it based on the information you
     have and can get

  3) Take action immediately.

  4) In case of any set backs, re-organize your plans and keep
     going. (Be persistent)

  Remember the words of a sage that says 'Winners never quit
                 and Quitters never win'.

Remember to ask questions when you are confused. I know for
sure that this book has been a solution to your financial problems.

All you need to do is ACT NOW!!!

I Wish You Success In 2010


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